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SDIS04 thick file each the


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read it.

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 4 * * * * *

Meanwhile, without realizing it, Deborah Turner had
already started down the road of self betrayal. She was
making notes for her future story on her home computer
and keeping duplicates in what she thought was a password
protected file on the mainframe computer at the station.

What she didn't know was that a young computer hacker
who worked for the Mart had developed what he called a
demon security virus. It was brilliantly clever. It worked
like any computer virus, replicating itself whenever files of
sufficient size were transferred or when computers were
linked. But unlike most computer viruses it was designed to
be invisible. There were absolutely no symptoms, just an
infinitesimal reduction in speed when the virus was most
active. It would insinuate itself in the blank spaces in other
files and lie dormant. Whenever that file was accessed, it
would recreate itself in the main processor and, over time,
do a complete scan of the system memory. The program
looked for references to certain key words which might
indicate an awareness of Mart business. Once found, a brief
virus message would be created which would identify the
location of the suspect file and eventually find its way back
to the Mart security center.

The demon security virus had long since been spread
through computers all around the planet. In practice it took
anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks for return
messages to get back to the Mart. Since its inception, the
virus had identified 648 false alarms. But the computer
hackers were having a ball tracking them down.

The 649th alarm suggested that a certain password
protected file, at a certain television station mainframe
computer ought to be checked out. The hacker who
followed up on the alarm was able to break into the station
computer without much trouble. It wasn't a bank or a
military establishment, after all. It was only a tv station.
When he pulled up the file and read Deborah Tanner's notes,
he knew he had a real emergency. He called the chief
computer nerd over who read the file. He in turn
immediately called Number One and reported in. Number
One called an emergency meeting of the executive cell.
Number Two was in Berlin at the time and Number Three
was in South Africa. The computer hackers quickly set up a
secure conference line.

"Based upon these notes it seems, that we are in no
immediate danger of being exposed," Number One was
saying. "The reporter in question seems to feel that it is in
her own best interest to keep tight security, so no one
knows except herself, her contact, and this girl. Would you

Numbers Two and Three were in agreement.

"Her contact is identified only as 'Derrick.' But we do
have a telephone number and some other identifying
information. I suggest we get some agents on this right
away. Two?"

"I'll take care of it."

"Good. In the mean time, the hackers are going to see if
they can find computer pictures of our other two principals,
Deborah Tanner and Staci Davis. But it wouldn't hurt to
put some other agents on the trail and see what else we can
dig out. Three?"


"Excellent. I want to be sure we've got photo ID's of
who we are dealing with before the next scheduled auction.
That gives us almost six weeks. Is that time enough?"

Number Two and Number Three both thought that it
probably was.

"And if it isn't, we'll simply reschedule that auction.
Now let's get cracking.

* * * * *

Deborah called and left a message for Derrick soon the
day after her meeting with Staci. He called back a day later
and they discussed possible meeting times. It took a couple
more days to coordinate a time with Staci. They all agreed
to meet the following weekend.

* * * * *

It didn't take six weeks to dig up the necessary data on
Deborah Tanner and her co-conspirators. The Mart's
hackers and agents were doing a good job. They would
have had all the necessary information within a week. But
Deborah saved them a lot of work by updating her files.
There was a lot of very specific information. Three days
after the initial alarm, the Mart had a complete I.D. on
Derrick and Staci. Within a few days after that their agents
came through and they had a thick file on each of the three
conspirators, including background records, current
information, and lots of photographs.

Number One was reading the updated files and shaking
his head in amazement. The other two executive security
officers had returned to home base to deal with the crisis.
They were sitting around a large table, looking through he
latest materials. "Two. Please be sure that everyone
connected with this operation receives a nice bonus.
Especially that young man who developed the virus and the
hacker who tracked it."

"Already done, Number One."

"Really? That is most impressive. When I leave in the
very near future, I shall go with the greatest of confidence in
my successor."

"Thank you, Number One."

"Three, let's hear your views on what ought to be done."

Number Three had a well earned reputation for taking
quick and effective action at plugging leaks. "The bitch
wants to penetrate our security. I say let her. In fact, let's
make it easy for her."

Number One nodded. "Two?"

"I agree."

"OK, set it up. I'm going to leave this completely in
your hands, Number Two. I have absolute faith in your
abilities and judgement. Let's just keep it clean and
decisive. No trails and as few risks as possible."

* * * * *

Derrick knew of an empty mob warehouse. There had
been a large bust a few months before and it would be a
while before the warehouse would be used again. It was
perfect for his meeting with Deborah and Staci. It would be
as deserted as a ghost hotel and there was a large carpeted
office which was clean and quiet. He met them at a
roadside cafe and drove them to his secluded meeting spot.
He didn't tell them ahead of time where it was. That was
for his own safety. Only he knew where they were going.
This way he could be sure no one followed either of the
other two. They said nothing until they were safely locked
into the enormous structure.

After introductions, Deborah had Derrick repeat his
story so that Staci could hear it from his own lips. She had
Staci remove her clothes and repeat the dance she had done
the week before. Staci came through like a trooper. She
had been practicing.

Derrick said that Staci was moving around too much.
None of the slave girls he had seen on the little stage
covered that much distance. He also said that the routine
was too long. Five minutes was plenty. Otherwise, he
thought it was fine. Staci said she could make the necessary

Deborah asked if Staci was physically right for the part.
She was confident that she was, but wanted Derrick to
verify it.

"Oh yeah!" was his enthusiastic answer. "But can she
handle the big finish?"

"Watch," was Deborah's answer.

Staci turned to face Derrick, feet spread, arms at her
sides. There was no hesitancy, no shyness. Deborah came
up from behind and started on her. After a half minute
Derrick said, "Put your feet a little closer together."

"Like that?"


After another minute he said, "Why are you holding your
arms down at your sides like that?"

Staci answered in a labored voice, "Isn't that what I'm
supposed to do?"

"I don't think so. Most of the girls would hold their
arms out to the sides, like a dancer." He showed her.
"Some would rub their own tits. There was this one rubbed
her tits with one hand and used the other to spread her cunt open for the girl behind her. But none of them just stood
there like that."

Staci brought her hands up and started fondling her
breasts as Deborah continued her finger actions. Her
fantasy changed only slightly. It was actually easier with
Derrick there. He was large and dangerous looking. His
voice was harsh. She didn't have to work very hard to
imagine he was the big boss. By the time the job was over,
Derrick was impressed.

"Will she do?"

"Yeah, definitely. OK, here's the scoop."

"Hang on," said Deborah. "Can we get cleaned up and let
Staci get dressed before we discuss this?"

"OK, but hurry it up," said Derrick.

When they returned, Derrick told them that an invitation
for the next auction had just come in. It had been delivered
by special courier three days before and looked like a
harmless enough newsletter for rare book dealers. He
showed them a photocopied page. It was an announcement
for a special exhibition which was going to be held in the
Caribbean on January 3. There was an unusual little logo in
the corner of the ad. It looked like a padlocked book. This
was the slave auction, he told them. It included a number to
call for information and reservations.

"When you call," he said, "tell them you're interested in
'tightly bound specialty items.' That lets them know you're
interested in the slave auction. Otherwise, they'll assume
you're an innocent and you'll get routed to a real book
exhibition. They'll ask if you're a buyer or seller. I'm not
sure what happens after that if you tell them you're a seller.
They had me call in the reservation for the boss, so I got as
far as 'buyer.' Buyers have to put up $10,000 good faith
deposits to attend. If they make a purchase they get their
deposit back. If not, the ten grand is their ticket price.
From what I heard the last time, sellers don't get charged
anything. They just show up with their slaves and put them
on the block.

Staci wanted to confirm that she wasn't going to end up
getting sold into sexual slavery.

Derrick leered at her, "You'd probably fetch a good
price. But the decision whether or not to accept a bid is up
to the seller. She could turn down any bid at all and no one
would give it a second thought. As far as anyone would
know, she would just be hoping for a better price later.
Even if they thought she was passing up a deal, or out of
her fuckin' mind, they still wouldn't think anything of it. It's
her slave; it's her decision.

They discussed the date. January 3 was perfect all
around. The boss was thinking about going so Derrick
might be there. And if there were some last minute change
or he wasn't picked to go, it wouldn't matter. The show
belonged to Deborah and Staci. He was just an observer.
The date was perfect for Deborah since she was scheduled
for vacation during the first week of the new year. January
3rd was a Wednesday. It was exactly in the middle of her
week off. And spring classes wouldn't begin until the
middle of the month so Staci had no conflicts.

Staci was looking at her pocket calendar. "We've got
just under seven weeks. All we need to do is make the
reservation and finish getting ready."

"Pretty much," said Derrick.

"We'll need aliases," suggested Staci. After a little
discussion they decided that Deborah Turner would be
Rachel Trask and Staci Davis would be Alice Summers."
Derrick thought these names would pass without any

"When should I call?" asked Deborah.

Derrick picked up a phone off of a nearby desk and
handed it to Deborah. "It's a toll free number, call now."

She did. It was easy. So easy that Deborah was more
than a little suspicious.

"Don't worry about it," Derrick assured her. "It's easy
because it's secret. If you call the right number and have the
right code your in. If not, your out. They figure that no
one who doesn't belong is even going to find out about
them. The ass-holes don't know anything about security

* * * * *

"So they're coming?" Number Three asked.

"So it seems," Number Two replied. "We pushed the
auction back a week to fit their schedules better.

"Anything new in her files?"

"Nothing worth worrying about. She was a little
concerned that it was so easy to get in."

"Do you think we ought to do anything about that?"

"We'll keep monitoring her notes. If it looks like a
problem we can deal with it later."

"Very good."

* * * * *

For the next month, Deborah became a regular feature in
Staci's life. She showed up at her little apartment every
Saturday afternoon. They would discuss the project and
trade ideas. They talked about how a slave was supposed
to act. They worked out elaborate background stories about their aliases. In the evening they went out for dinner.
After dinner Staci would practice her routine and Deborah
would beat her off. It was a great confidence builder.
When the time came, she would be ready to go.

Whenever Derrick remembered something from the
auction or when new information came in he would call
Deborah. She would pass the information along to Staci at
their regular meetings. A slave would always address her
owner as Master or Mistress. The owner would always call
the slave by her first name. So they began practicing, Staci
always referring to Deborah as Mistress Trask. The next
week Derrick reported that it should be Mistress Rachel,
not Mistress Trask, so they practiced that.

Sometimes they got nervous about what would happen if
they screwed up some simple protocol. But Derrick assured
Deborah that every owner had his or her own rules and that
some of them were pretty strange. He said, just don't act
guilty. If they got caught doing something which someone
else thought was unusual or wrong, just act like that was the
way they did things and fuck everyone else. All they had to
do is get through the one evening and they'd be fine.
Derrick assured Deborah and Deborah assured Staci. Of
course, Derrick didn't really know what he was talking
about--but none of them realized that.

Deborah put her concerns down in her computer notes
and the folks at the Mart read them as they came in.
Nothing in the notes suggested she was about to cancel the
project, so they let it alone.

With two weeks to go, Derrick finally remembered to
mention that everyone at the auction was dressed formally.
Did that include the slaves? He didn't know. They were
naked once they got on stage, but he wasn't sure how they
dressed to get there. His boss had arrived late for the
auction and left as soon as it was over so he hadn't seen
much of the arrangements. Deborah and Staci went
shopping and bought two very formal dresses. It was the
Christmas season so they had to pay extra to be sure to have
them altered in time for their departure.

Everything else was arranged. Deborah had gotten very
specific instructions from the man at the other end of the
toll-fee number concerning what to do when they arrived.

* * * * *

On Saturday, December 30th a hired photographer left
for the island of Guadeloupe. Three days later Deborah and
Staci followed.

They were met by a woman holding a large card with the
name Trask. She was tall, slim, and well muscled. She had
a strong, almost masculine face. She was wearing a
conservative business suit. She, of course, knew exactly
who Deborah and Staci were, but pretended not to. She
waited until the two of them came up and identified
themselves. There were so many flaws in their masquerade
that they would have stuck out like crazy, even if they
hadn't already been exposed. But the woman seemed not to

"So, Mistress Rachel," she said, "we're glad you could
join us."

"It's very nice to be here."

"Your baggage tickets please."

Deborah handed them over. The woman gave the claim
checks to a rather attractive girl in a flowered dress who
took them and left. "Niccole will see to your luggage." It
was easy.

An hour later they were sitting in a bar in their hotel.
Their tall escort had bought them drinks and was giving last
minute instructions. She didn't try to engage them in
conversation. She didn't ask difficult questions. A half hour
later they were shown their accommodations--a luxury two-
bedroom suite. Their luggage was waiting. That was easy,

"Remember, the car will pick you up at three o'clock.
There is an early dinner at five-thirty. The auction will
begin at seven. I'll see you there. In the mean time, if you
need anything just pick up the phone. If you require special
services, ask for Gregory. Sleep well." And the tall, strong
woman in the conservative suit was gone. It was all so very

Deborah and Staci kept to their room after that. No
point in taking additional risks. They had a room service
dinner and a room service breakfast the next morning. Staci
did her warm up exercises and practiced her routine. They
didn't practice the masturbation business. They hadn't
practiced it the previous Saturday. In fact, Staci hadn't
beaten off for almost two weeks. They wanted to be sure
that she would be ripe and ready for the big show. They
had a room service lunch.

After lunch, Staci got ready. She took a long hot bath.
She dried herself carefully. She put on minimal make-up
and got dressed.

Deborah had gotten ready long before lunch. She was
pacing and fidgeting. That feeling of everything being too
easy kept haunting her. A little voice in the back of her
head was screaming to get out while there was still time.
But nothing was wrong. They hadn't seen their
photographer, but that was according to plan. He was in
disguise and supposedly getting a whole series of candid
photographs of them from their arrival at the airport
through their triumphant return. If possible he was going to
get pictures of the auction as well. So why was she so

With a half hour to go, she checked on Staci who almost
ready. "How are you feeling?"

"Just fine, Mistress Rachel."

"No last minute fidgets? Nothing out of the ordinary?"

"No, Mistress. Is anything wrong?"

Deborah looked at her young partner and marveled at
her calmness. Was she really that confident? Or was she
simply too naive to appreciate the danger? Either way, it
was better to draw on her calmness than to infect her with
her own jitters.

"There's nothing wrong, Alice. I'm just double checking
everything before we leave." She forced herself to smile
with warmth and confidence.

Staci smiled back. "This is going to be fun."

* * * * * End of Part 4 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.


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