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SDIS07 cum dribble out Staci gulped


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read it.

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 7 * * * * *

The two slaves marched Staci through an adjoining door.
Each was grasping an upper arm. The room was not well
lit. There were lots of crates and strange looking pieces of
equipment. They passed something which looked like a
padded saw horse on wheels. They headed toward an even
stranger looking contraption. It resembled a huge letter X
made out of wood. As they swung around the side, Staci
saw that there was another huge X a few feet behind the
first. The two X's were connected by a wide padded
platform which linked their centers. From one angle, the
two X's appeared to stand side-by-side. 'This must be the
20,' she thought. But she didn't say anything. She was
being very quiet in the hope they wouldn't regag her.

They uncuffed her arms and made her lay face up on the
padded platform. Each slave took an arm and strapped it
along an upper strut of the X. Her arms were secured at the
wrist, elbow and shoulder. The platform extended only to
the edge of the X so her head hung down between the
struts. She eased her head back and found a padded
headrest set a few inches lower. Jos adjusted the platform
so the other X lined up with the top of her ass. They each
grabbed a leg and strapped it along the upper strut of the
bottom X. Her legs were secured at ankle, knee and hip.
Staci found herself flat on her back with all four arms and
legs jutting at angles up into the air along the upper struts of
the two X's. She felt tremendously vulnerable. She was
completely naked, her ass was fully exposed and hung out
past the bottom X. She tried to hold her head up to see
what was happening. It was too difficult and tiring to do
for long. The room was well heated, but Staci felt chilled to
the bone.

Staci felt hands on her body. She lifted her head and saw
the woman's hands rubbing her belly and breasts. The little
hairs on Staci's skin were now erect and super sensitive. The
woman's eyes were closed and she seemed to be luxuriating
in the feel of Staci's flesh. She leaned over and started
sucking on one nipple. Her hand slunk down and rubbed
Staci's clit arousing her almost immediately. This was sick,
but at least it didn't hurt. She let her head fall back. After a
couple of minutes the hand and mouth stopped. A few
seconds later, she felt warm breath on her pussy. Staci
raised her head and saw the woman leaning down between
her legs, getting ready to lick her. She wanted to whine in
protest, but knew it would be futile. And then she felt the
warm sexual glow of Belle's mouth. Jos appeared by her
head, holding something. Staci realized it was another gag.
She clamped her mouth shut. He bent down and looked
into her eyes. "It's going to happen. If you don't cooperate
it will hurt." By now waves of pleasure were crashing over
her. Belle's talented fingers were working at her anus and
cunt. Her lips and tongue were working on her clit and
pussy lips. Staci shut her eyes and tried to relax. She felt a
large plastic bulb filling her mouth. Jos strapped it firmly in
place. When Staci opened her eyes again, she saw a large
rubber penis-shaped dildo sticking out from her lower face.

"Ready, Belle," Jos said.

The mouth and fingers at her crotch stopped. "And I
think we're ready down here."

The two slaves switched sides. Jos cranked a lever
which caused the platform to raise up a little at Staci's ass.
Belle cranked another lever which lowered Staci's head.

Jos slid his large prick into Staci's tight little cunt.
But she was so wet, it slipped in easily. He was half leaning
over her, mauling her tits with his hands. But she didn't
have much time to think about him. Staci had grabbed the
dildo jutting out of her mouth and was carefully
maneuvering it into her own steaming slit. Staci whined
into the gag, but without effect. Jos was soon humping
away on one end while Belle was riding her face on the
other. Staci was helpless. She had been so turned on by
Belle's tonguing that all she could do is grunt through her
nose as Jos slammed his huge dick into her. She could feel
his balls slapping up against the crack in her ass. She could
feel his hands squeezing first one breast and then the other.
But most of her attention was focused on the woman riding
her face. The smell of Bell's musk was overwhelming. She
was standing facing Jos, using Staci's chin to stimulate her
clit as she ground up and down on the dildo. Bell's love
juices were running down the rubber shaft and kept
threatening to block Staci's breathing. She had to quickly
snort and catch an even quicker breath each time Belle rose
up on the dildo. Fortunately it didn't last long.

Jos came first, crushing her breasts in his strong hands as
he climaxed. The sound of his orgasm caused Belle to come
quickly afterward. Staci hadn't come yet, but it wouldn't
take much. And she couldn't breath. Belle had stopped
moving and was just sitting on her face. Staci started
struggling. The lack of oxygen turned out to be a
tremendous sexual turn on. Belle seemed in no hurry to get
off. Staci was panicking. They were going to kill her. She
was going to suffocate. Just before she passed out. Belle
rose up and let Staci draw a huge breath. She felt Bell's
hands at her nipples and Jos' hand at her crotch. In a few
seconds they had driven her over the edge. Her two
tormentors had forced her to climax in her bondage. Staci
shook and cried for several minutes.

Staci soon felt the platform being lowered at the bottom.
Jos was gone and there was a smaller man standing in his
place. He reached between Staci's legs and slathered up her
crotch and the crack of her ass with some kind of oil. He
stuck two fingers up her anus taking special care to be sure
she was well lubricated. Then the fingers came out and his
dick went in. His fingers played with her clit as he rode her.
She was soon hot and flushed again. When he finished,
Belle came back, quickly inspected her body, cleaned her a
little and called in the next customer.

Staci had become a kind of sexual playground for
Mistress Ruby's slaves. Most came in one at a time. Some
came in twos. They would crank her platform, remove or
add equipment and then bring themselves off using her
body. By far, most of the slaves were women. One of them
strapped a dildo onto herself. It had a little knob which
stimulated her own clit as she whacked it into Staci. She
entered her like a man, climbing on top and kissing her
breasts as she rutted away. Some women used her face just
as Belle had. Some turned the other direction, leaning over
and using the tip of Staci's nose to stimulate their clits. One
girl climbed up onto the platform and unstrapped a leg. She
rubbed her twat into Staci's knee while licking and sucking on her toes until she came. Staci thought that was
particularly sick, but was grateful for the break.

Every now and then Belle would return to inspect and
clean her body. Staci began to hear the sounds of
construction at the other end of the room, but couldn't see
what was going on. Boxes were being opened. There were
scrapping sounds and grunts. There was the sound of tools
on wood and metal. Later there was a vague sound of
increased activity from the big room with all the slaves.

After two hours of this, Staci had come a half dozen
times. Some of the slaves seemed to like it, some didn't
seem to care. She had been fucked in the ass five times and
in the cunt more than a dozen, and mostly by women. Only
seven men had taken her. So many woman had used her
face to get themselves off she'd lost count.

The next was a sweet looking girl with light brown hair.
She had looked down into Staci's eyes and said, "There are
two ways I can do this. I can ride you like the others. Or I
can remove the dildo and let you lick me till I come. Which
would you prefer?" At one time, the thought of licking
another woman's crotch would have disgusted Staci, but she
was well beyond that now. And the thought of getting that
terrible gag out of her mouth was irresistible. Even if only
for a short while. She tried to say something to the girl, but
all that came out was muffled garbage.

"You want me to ride your face?" The dildo swayed
back and forth.

"You want to lick me?" The dildo moved up and down.

The girl removed the gag and dropped it on the floor.
She adjusted the height of the platform and backed up until
she could look down into Staci's eyes. "OK," she said as
the warm wet folds of flesh draping over Staci's mouth.
Staci tried to open her mouth and lick the pulsing flesh. She
somehow couldn't bring herself to do it. The girl was young and pretty and was trying to be nice to her, but this was
really perverted beyond everything which had come before.
And up to now everything had been forced on her. This girl was asking her to voluntarily perform a lesbian act. "You
can start now." The girl's eyes were closed. She was
rubbing her own breasts in anticipation. Nothing happened.
She opened her eyes and looked down with sympathy. "I
understand. I know how it was for me. I'll get the dildo."
She started to move, but Staci's eyes went wide; she shook
her head against the girl's thighs. The girl backed up again.
Staci shut her eyes and stuck out her tongue. The girl settled down and started rubbing her tits again. Staci let her
lips and tongue explore the contours of the girl's pussy. She
kept her eyes shut but could hear the girl's hands moving and
the sounds of her breathing. It wasn't nearly as bad has she
had expected. Her tongue rubbed the little pearl between the
upper pussy lips. The girl gasped and moaned with
pleasure. Staci licked the clit again. She started
rhythmically licking back and forth, up and down. She felt
one of the girl's hand on her face. She felt the girl reach
down and grasp her by an ear. Her breathing was much
heavier now. She reached back with the other hand and
began tweaking and rubbing one of Staci's nipples.

Staci was licking as quickly as she could. Perhaps if she
brought this girl enough pleasure she might help her to
escape. It was an outrageous hope, but it was the only hope
she had.

At any rate, this was better than a lot of the other things
which had happened to her since she had been discovered.
The girl started to come. Her breath was jerky. Staci could
feel the girl's thigh muscles trembling against her cheeks.
She felt the girl's vaginal muscles contracting against her
chin. The girl had reached forward with both hands and
was gently grinding Staci's face into her pussy. The musky
slime of her crotch was smeared all over Staci's face. The
girl was up on her toes and leaning way forward. Her small
breasts were hanging and bobbing as she finished her

Staci found she actually took a small measure of
enjoyment in having licked this girl to a climax. She
vaguely wondered if Ms. Turner had felt that way when she
made her come. The girl hung there immobile, breathing in
little sips, while Staci kept moving her tongue softly and
slowly over her clit. Back and forth; up and down.

A strident voice said, "Christina, that's enough. It's
Phillip's turn."

The girl quickly jumped off her face. "Yes, Mistress
Synklair." The friendly little brunette scurried away. Staci
would never see her again.

Staci turned her head and saw the black slave who had
first processed her. He was covered with a light sheen of
sweat and glistened in the dim light. Standing next to him
was the scariest looking woman Staci had ever seen. She
was dressed in a kinky outfit and was holding a wicked-
looking, rat-tailed riding crop.

"So you're the feisty little bitch who caused all the fuss?"
Staci said nothing, expecting the worst. The scary woman
in the kinky outfit didn't disappoint.


"Yes, Mistress Synklair?"

"How did you like the way our little friend here serviced

"It was very nice, Mistress."

"Do you think she'd do the same for you?"

"I don't know, Mistress."

"How about it, bitch," her voice was sweet and pleasant.
"Would you like to service our hard working friend here?"

Staci swallowed hard. She somehow knew the truth
wouldn't do. But she didn't think a direct lie would work
either. "I'll do whatever you tell me to, Mistress Synklair."

The answer seemed to satisfy. "I'm sure you will, my
dear." Phillip was hanging limply the whole time. "You
see," she said, talking to Staci as she reached for Phillip's
balls, "our big black stud here has very special tastes." She
took his balls in her hand and squeezed them with what
Staci was sure had to be painful force. Instead of cringing,
Phillip smiled and his dick began to rise. "You like it rough,
don't you, pet?"

"Yes, Mistress Synklair."

She struck him across the ass with her lash a few quick
strokes and he came to full erection. When Staci looked up
from his dick she found his eyes were closed and there was
a look of pleasurable expectation on his face.

"Get ready, pet," Mistress Synklair said.

Phillip moved down between Staci's legs and placed the
head of his throbbing shaft against her anus. He grabbed
her hips and waited.

Mistress Synklair moved over to Staci's head and looked
down at her. "You're not going to scream, are you?"

Staci swallowed dryly. "No, Mistress," she answered

"That's right. Because if you do start screaming, I'm
going to plug you up with this." She held out a huge red rubber ball. Staci could imagine the pain of having it
crammed into her mouth.

"I'll be quiet, Mistress." She was she sure she could get
through Phillip's anal assault without breaking. It would be
painful, but hardly worse than getting that ball forced into
her mouth. And if she screamed, she was sure she'd get

Mistress Synklair nodded to Phillip who shoved himself
into Staci's ass. Even with her lubrication it was a painful
intrusion. She tried not to show it. Phillip banged away,
positioning himself to increase the friction as much as
possible. Staci teared up but didn't cry out.

"Good girl," said Mistress Synklair. "You just might
make a decent servant yet." She leaned down and kissed
Staci on her lips. Staci had no idea what was expected of
her. She shut her eyes and kissed back. She felt Mistress
Synklair break off the kiss. Phillip was still banging away.
She opened her eyes to see the scary woman smiling down
at her. She smiled back, through her pain and fear.
Mistress Synklair brought her crop up slowly and
deliberately and gave her one swift hard lash right between
her breasts. Staci almost cried out, but bit her lip and only

Mistress Synklair smiled again and then moved around
to Staci's side. She lashed Phillip a few short strokes across
his chest and belly as he continued to plunge into her. His
breathing quickened and so did the speed of his thrusts.

She took one of Staci's nipples in her fingers and said,
"Somehow, I don't think you're enjoying this as much as
Phillip." She did something with her fingers and Staci was
suddenly terribly turned on. She could feel the sexual heat
coursing through her body. The pain in her ass and her
other bruises were completely washed away by a sudden
surge of lust. After only a few moments of this she began
pressing her ass back against Phillips pulsing cock, as her
restraints would allow.

"Then again," Mistress Synklair continued, changing her
finger movements, "we wouldn't want to you enjoy yourself
too much." Staci's body was suddenly wracked with pain.
Every stroke of the assaulting prick was now agony. She
stifled herself as best she could, but was whimpering

Mistress Synklair had no pity. She reached over with
her other hand and took the other nipple. "We have
pleasure," she said, matching deed with word, "and pain.
We have pain and pleasure and pleasure and pain and more
pain and more pleasure," ever changing nipples and hand
movements until every hair on Staci's body was erect and
supersensitive. She didn't know whether to cry out in
passion or distress. Phillip was feeding off of her emotional
turmoil and seemed about to come. "Easy, pet," Mistress
Synklair said, "not just yet."

"Yesss, Missstresss," he hissed through clenched teeth.

Staci almost yowled at that. She then felt the pain
flooding in from one breast as pleasure came flooding in
from the other. "Of course," Mistress Synklair said, "we
can also do both at the same time." Staci started making a
noise that was a cross between an agonized grunt and an
erotic wail.

Mistress Synklair smiled again and nodded to Phillip to
finish. It didn't take long. He slapped his loins up against
Staci's poor abused ass as his shaft pressed deep into her
ass. On the third thrust he came with a shudder.

The fingers kept moving as the big black slave's dick
went limp and slipped out of Staci's anus. Staci was
gibbering and trembling under the relentless woman's

"You want me to stop?" Mistress Synklair asked.

"Oh, yes. Please, Mistress," Staci half moaned, half

"Will you suck my little pet off so that he can come a
second time?"

"Yes, Mistress, anything." Staci was beyond caring.
She just wanted the insufferable hands to stop. They
stopped. Staci was panting and puffing like a beached fish.

Then Phillip was standing next to her head, cranking it to
the height of his crotch. He moved up and pressed his limp
slimy dick against her cheek. Staci took one quick look at
Mistress Synklair and immediately turned her head and took
Phillip's prick into her mouth. She could taste his cum. She
squeezed her eyes shut and tried to concentrate on the
distasteful task.

Mistress Synklair moved behind Phillip and gave him
some light swats on his back and ass with her crop. He
quickly inflated again. He had to lean over Staci a little to
keep his dick firmly in her mouth. He started pumping
rhythmically. She could clearly taste her own love juices on
him. She recognized the smell from the many times she had
masturbated. She could also taste her anus. It almost made
her vomit. And there was another slightly sweet taste she
couldn't identify which she assumed was the lubricant they
had used on her. She felt a couple of light swats on her
breasts with the lash. They were only moderately painful.
She tried to move her lips and tongue more quickly.

Mistress Synklair would swat Phillip a couple of times
and then lash out and swat Staci. A few more swats for
Phillip and then a good hard one for the bound girl.

Staci was almost frantic, trying her absolute best to bring
Phillip off as quickly as she could. He was getting close,
she could feel it. She heard the sound of the crop on
Phillip's skin and then a brief pause before she felt it on her
own. That one really stung. It was a lash across her belly.
She grunted into Phillip's schlong. The sound of her
suffering seemed to bring him much closer.

A few more cracks against Phillip's ass and then a
sudden burning torment to her vaginal slit. Mistress
Synklair had swatted her right against the clit. Staci didn't
even have to pretend to manufacture a loud grunt to speed
Phillip along. She almost shrieked as she sucked him off.
At the sound of her voice he shot his load into her mouth.
She would have spit it out, but she could hear Mistress
Synklair's voice. "Now you be sure to drink that all up. We
wouldn't want it to go to waste, would we?"

It took several seconds for Phillip to stop climaxing and
for the last of his cum to dribble out. Staci gulped it all
down and licked his rod clean.

Phillip pulled back, his dick limp again. Staci was
breathing heavily and feeling totally lost.

"Would we?" Mistress Synklair, repeated with menace in
her voice.

"No, Mistress," Staci responded quickly, gasping for

"Good Girl." She pointed her crop at something at the
far end of the room. Phillip nodded and left. The Mistress
pulled out the rubber ball again. "It's time," she said. Staci
somehow knew there was no arguing. She opened her
mouth as wide as she could and let the woman ram the red ball home and fix it in place. It was uncomfortable, but not
nearly as much as Staci had imagined. 'Maybe I'm just
beyond ordinary pain,' she thought cynically above and
around her various hurts.

Mistress Synklair checked the gag and without another
word strode off.

Phillip reappeared a short time later with help. Staci was
unstrapped and transferred to a large wooden frame on
small fat rubber wheels. Her wrists were fixed to the upper
corners and her ankles to the bottom corners. They
removed her collar and put a metal chain around her neck.
The chain was tightly hooked to the center of the frame,
directly above her head. It forced her to keep her face up.
But at least she was able to stand on her feet. That was the
only good thing, she wasn't hanging from her wrists.

They left her waiting in the dark, alone with her
thoughts, for what seemed a long, long time.

* * * * * End of Part 7 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.


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