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SDIS12 thick rubber shaft slid with increasing


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read it.

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 12 * * * * *

Two hours later the manager brought the finished
manuscript to the owner. The girl was left to wait in the
little cubical with a can of coke.

Madam Zeldona was impressed. She herself had been an
English Literature major in college and knew good writing
when she read it. The girl, Amy Hartigan, had talent.
Zeldona picked up the phone and recontacted the Hong
Kong dealer. She wanted to close the deal before recruiting
the girl. The dealer offered her exclusive first rights, but
final approval would have to come from the buyer. That
seemed fair to Zeldona. She told Nan to send in the girl.
Outside the one way mirror, things were beginning to pick
up in the main bar of The Coven.

* * * * *

For almost an hour they talked. Madam Zeldona
listened more than she spoke. When she did speak, she only
said things which were common knowledge. Amy was
getting frustrated. She had been promised all she wanted to
know and then some. How long was it going to take? Her
mother would be frantic. She was just about to complain
about this when the conversation suddenly got interesting.

The dark intense woman reached over and pulled some
stuff out of a large bag which had been lying next to her

"Do you know what these are?"

"Handcuffs, I think."

"Yes. And what's the difference between them?"

"Well, these are metal. They look like the kind
policeman use. These are leather straps--thick wrist bands,
connected with a short metal chain. And these are some
kind of fur-lined cuffs connected by a wire cable. Is that

"But what's the difference?"


"You've described the differences in appearance and
construction. That's entirely superficial. What are the
differences in performance and usage?"

"I don't know."

"Exactly. You don't know. But that's why there are
different types in the first place." She pulled out the metal
cuffs and handed them over. "Put these on."

Amy did so without the slightest hesitation. Her only
thought was, 'This is great. Now I'm finally getting what I
was looking for. mom will just have to understand.'

"How do they feel?"

"Not very comfortable."

"That's right. They are the most common, but they are
quite uncomfortable and very limited in applications. For
example, if you were to hang someone with those cuffs and
leave them for any length of time, they might have to have
their hands amputated later." She reached over, unlocked
the cuffs, and handed Amy the next pair. "Try these on

Half an hour later they were entering one of the ready
rooms used by stage acts before going on. It was a medium
size room with various items of bondage paraphernalia
hanging from three of the walls. The fourth wall was set
with rings, hooks, and bars. There were a variety of
pulleys, lines and other interesting gizmos dangling from the
ceiling. Amy was fascinated with everything.

Madam Zeldona had carefully assessed Amy's body
earlier. "Let me guess," she said, "you are 5'6", 115
pounds; bra size 36-C, almost a D; . . ." there followed a
relatively complete list of measurements and sizes."

Amy was impressed. "That's pretty much it," she said.

"Pretty much?" Madam Zeldona repeated. "Is anything

"Actually, I don't know all of my sizes," Amy said.
"Everything you said that I knew was right."

Madam Zeldona smiled at the girl and said, "Wait just a
moment." She left for a few minutes and returned with a
pile of folded garments. "You want a full interview? I'll
give you one. Put these on. I'll go get dressed
appropriately. Then we'll go through the equipment in this
room. And if you're still interested, I'll let you watch a
couple back stage acts."

Amy was ecstatic. This was the payoff. To get a chance
to see first hand what goes on back stage at one of these
B&D joints. She was going to write one hell of a story.

The outfit she had been handed was mostly leather,
fishnet, and buckles. Amy changed. Everything fit
perfectly, although she wasn't exactly sure how some of the
stuff was supposed to be worn. There was a leather bra
which was mostly straps. Her breasts poked completely
through and were then covered with leather cups which
snapped on. The matching leather panties worked the same
way. It was little more than a leather belt with an irregular
piece of leather which snapped across the back of her belt
covered her behind, came up between her legs, and snapped
across the front. There were fishnet stockings which
hooked to the sides of the belt. There was also a strange
looking fishnet garment which seemed to be designed for
her arms. It was little more than two sleeves connected by a
narrow strip of fishnet. Amy assumed the strip was to cover
her upper chest. After she had changed, she admired herself
in the full length mirror on the back of the door. 'How
kinky,' she thought. 'I'll bet I look just like a real

Madam Zeldona returned a few minutes later. She
looked almost scary. She was dressed in a matching outfit,
but her version contained metal studs and had a slightly
different cut which seemed to suggest a more sinister
purpose. She wore a studded collar. Amy realized by
looking at Madam Zeldona that the fishnet strip was
supposed to run across her back instead of her front. She
quickly stripped it off and corrected the error.

Madam Zeldona inspected the result and seemed

Before either of them could say anything, there came a
knock at the door. The manager entered with a camera.

Madam Zeldona said, "I thought you might like a picture for your paper. Or for your own files, at any rate. There
are no unauthorized pictures allowed during the back stage

Amy was delighted. Madam Zeldona removed a collar
and leash from the wall. "For the picture." She fastened the
collar around Amy's neck. Amy lifted her hair out of the
way to make it easier for her. Then she connected the leash
to the collar and they struck several poses for the manager
including one with Amy on her knees and Madam Zeldona
holding the leash and a whip.

"I'll get these processed," the manager said as she left.
Two hours later copies of the pictures were on their way by
encrypted fax to Hong Kong.

Madam Zeldona removed the leash and hung it back on
the wall. She put the whip away. She left the collar where
it was. She started taking items from the wall and
explaining their use. Occasionally she would fit an item
onto Amy, but nothing painful or uncomfortable. Once she
had finished her explanation, the item would come off and
get rehung. They came to a series of gags. Amy tried
several of them. Madam Zeldona had her scream while
wearing each. None was particularly effective. They were
all surface gags and were more for show than function. By
this time, the young girl had come to trust the older woman
completely. She was about to have that trust abused.

Madam Zeldona looked at a small clock on the wall and
told Amy that the back stage acts would be starting soon.
She wanted to tell her something about what to expect and
show her how the submissive would be prepared. She
showed Amy an inflatable gag and had her put it on. Unlike
the other gags this one fit into the girl's mouth before
strapping around her head. It wasn't inflated, however, so it
was only a little uncomfortable. It too was not particularly
effective. She cuffed the young reporter's hands together
behind her back using a pair of fur lined cuffs. Madam
Zeldona talked constantly as she worked, describing
everything she did and what it was for.

The leash came back off the wall and hooked first to the
cuffs which were pulled up to the middle of Amy's back and
then to the back of the collar. For the first time Amy was
rather uncomfortable. She assumed it wouldn't last long.

The woman hooked Amy's leash to one of the ceiling
hoists and cranked it up so that the young girl was stuck in
the middle of the room. The leash didn't pull as long as she
stood strait and still.

Madam Zeldona smiled sweetly and then put her finger
through the ring that would inflate the gag. "Now, Amy. I
want to give you as authentic an experience as possible. So
I want you to try to act the part of a reluctant slave girl."
She pulled the ring and the gag almost exploded in Amy's
mouth, effectively preventing her from speaking. It was
damned uncomfortable and scared the girl more than a little.
She tried to protest, but could only whine.

"Excellent," Madam Zeldona said approvingly. "You play
the part beautifully." Amy was trying to tell her she wasn't
playing, but of course could not.

Madam Zeldona pulled out a pair of black high heel
shoes. She put them on the floor in front of the trussed girl and said, "Please, step into these." Amy would have
refused, but she knew the added height would make her
confinement less difficult. She struggled into the shoes,
which was quite a task since she couldn't look down very
easily to see what she was doing.

"Now give me your right foot." Madam Zeldona was
down on one knee at Amy's side. Amy didn't move her foot
and whined again. "So you want to play this out
completely. That's fantastic." Amy felt a sudden stinging
pain on the back of her leg, just below the ass. The woman
had hit her with a switch. "That's what we do if a slave girl doesn't cooperate. Now give me your foot." Amy
screeched and still didn't move. "What a professional,"
Madam Zeldona said as she laid on the switch until Amy put
her weight on her left foot and raised the right. Amy was
crying and blubbering into the gag as Madam Zeldona
pulled her right foot to the side, tied a leather thong around
it and lashed it firmly to a ring in the floor. She repeated the
process on the other side so that Amy's feet were anchored
about 30 inches apart.

"Now it's quite common," Madam Zeldona said to the
whimpering girl, "that some of our customers prefer to
remain in the closet. For this reason we have a number of
tricks to help them stay anonymous. The stage lights will
change your skin tone completely. It will also disguise your
hair color, but we can do more." She took out a spray can
and liberally sprayed the back of Amy's head. Then she
started brushing the hair which worked the tint in. Within a
couple of minutes Amy's hair had gone from light brown to
dark black. The woman quickly braided the long hair into a
long ponytail.

"You keep your armpits shaved I noticed, but what
about your pubic thatch?" She unsnapped the leather piece
from the front and back of the belt and tossed it aside. Amy
was so scared, she peed uncontrollably. "Amazing," said
Madam Zeldona. "Such control, such art. I'm impressed
that you were able to guess that may of the newer girls do
lose control during an initial work up. That's why there's a
drain in the middle of the floor directly under you. But, of
course, you must have figured that out for yourself. Clever
girl!" Amy was frantic, but could do nothing as the woman
dried, dyed, and brushed her pubic hair.

"We also have some fake tattoos. Most of the store-
bought tattoos look too bright and garish to be real.
Tattoos have a tendency to fade and stretch out a bit over
time." She held up a sheet of fake tattoos for Amy to look
at. "These are beautiful fakes. They look like the real thing.
They all contain imperfections and the colors and borders
give the appearance of having been done years ago." She
took a pair of scissors and a damp cloth and affixed several
tattoos to Amy's body. One on her upper thigh. One on her
opposite ass cheek. Another on a bare shoulder. She pulled
off the leather bra cups and stood back to admire Amy's
large breasts and decide which one to put the last tattoo on.
Amy screamed again into the gag to no effect. "The right
tit, you think?" Amy screamed again and shook her head.
"The left." Another scream and more shaking. "Well don't
worry about it. It doesn't really matter." She put the tattoo
on the right breast.

"Now these are really clever for camouflage." She held
up a different set of tattoos which looked like two large
brown donut shapes with small center holes. "These are
areola extenders. They'll change both your size and color.
Now stand very still while I put them on.

Amy shook her torso to try to get the woman to stop.
Madam Zeldona only smiled, said something else about how
well she acted the reluctant slave, and then whipped her ass
until she held perfectly still. By now Amy's feet and legs
were straining at having stood in the heels for so long, but
she did her best to remain motionless. She didn't want to be
struck again.

The final step was make-up. Madam Zeldona did a few
things which would make Amy almost unrecognizable under
the stage lights. She looked at least ten years older and
vaguely oriental. She also gave her a fake mole for one
shoulder. When she was finished no one would be able to
recognize the girl on stage as having any similarity to the
young reporter who had walked in earlier that day. In heels
her height was wrong. The hair color was wrong, the age
was wrong, the face was wrong, and anyone who knew
Amy well enough would say the mole, the breasts, and the
tattoos were wrong as well. Amy's own mother would not
have recognize her.

Madam Zeldona unstrapped Amy's ankles. The girl gratefully moved her feet back together and took some of
the strain off of her neck.

"Now don't worry," Madam Zeldona hissed into her ear.
"You don't need to know anything. Just do exactly as I tell
you. And if you want me to continue lashing you the way I
would an uncooperative slave, all you have to do is resist.
Do you understand?"

Amy screamed into the gag and shook her head again.

Madam Zeldona chuckled good naturedly and mumbled
something else about Amy's commitment to her profession
as she lashed her some more.

Amy screamed again and quickly started nodding her

"You do understand?"

Amy nodded, tears running down her cheeks.

Madam Zeldona unhooked the leash from the ceiling,
took Amy in hand, and led her out of the room and down
the hall. A bell rang in the distance. "Ah," said Madam
Zeldona, "the phones must be working again."

* * * * *

Amy found herself standing with her leash fastened to a
ring in the wall. She was in the wings of a small stage
watching a B&D act. The theatre wasn't terribly large, less
than half the size of the barroom. Every table was filled.
The stage was moodily lit but very visible. The tables were
obscured by darkness.

The tall redhead on center stage was standing proudly as
her mistress extolled her virtues to the audience. The tough
looking mistress squeezed the girls breasts, fingered her
pussy, and then made her bend over while she stuck stick a
finger up her ass. Through it all the tall redhead smiled and
seemed to be enjoying herself. The mistress spanked her
with a flat wooden paddle. The sounds of the cracks
echoed throughout the little theatre. There were sounds of
heavy breathing from the dark tables and the redhead's
muffled grunts could be heard quite plainly. Amy winced
with each sharp crack of the paddle. She hoped to God that
Madam Zeldona wasn't going to do that to her. The
spanking stopped. The redhead had tears running down her
face but hadn't lost the smile. The audience applauded.

The mistress stepped out of her leather pants. She was
saying something else to the audience which Amy didn't
catch because of the roaring in her ears. The redhead got
down on her knees and removed the mistress' panties with
her teeth. The mistress spread her legs and the tall redhead
wormed her face in and licked and sucked at the other
woman's cunt. The mistress looked over at the audience
and smiled. She had the attitude of someone riding a
bucking bronco. The audience applauded again.

After a while the mistress pulled the redhead's face off
and turned around. She bent over and the redhead repeated
the performance by licking and sucking the woman's ass.
Amy felt ill. There was more applause.

Madam Zeldona appeared at Amy's side and removed
her leash. "It's almost our turn." She locked eyes with the
young reporter. "I assume you don't want me whipping you
on stage, is that right?" Amy nodded vigorously. "Just
follow my directions exactly. No one will recognize you, so
you ought to have a lot of fun. And if you change your
mind about being whipped--a lot of girls get excited about
being publicly punished once they're on stage--so if you do
change your mind, just start resisting and that will be my
cue to start whipping."

Amy's head was spinning as she heard Nan announce
them. "Ladies and gentlemen. We now have something
special for your enjoyment. Mistress Z and her reluctant
submissive, Tricksie."

Amy heard applause and felt herself being tugged on
stage. She followed as well as she could in her pain and the
unfamiliar heels. Overhead lights half blinded her. It was
almost comforting. The applause died down.

"Thank you so much for that kind welcome," Amy heard
Madam Zeldona say. "It's been years since I've been on
stage and I really had no intention of making a comeback.
But then I met Tricksie here. She's a Hindu from
Mangalore and came to the United States to escape the
sexual boredom of her native India." Amy heard laughter.
"She tells me there were some untouchables in her family tree," she felt a hand fondling her breast, "but she's certainly
not one of them." Amy tried to pull back, but Madam
Zeldona grasped her nipple with considerable force and
almost yanked her back in place. Amy yowled into the gag.

"As you can see," Amy heard the voice continue,
"Tricksie's specialty is playing the reluctant slave girl. I'd
never seen a more convincing actress. It was her talent
more than anything which persuaded me to come out of
retirement." Amy felt her chain yank to the side and she
found herself eyeball to eyeball with Madam Zeldona who
was grinning at her. The woman stuck out her tongue and
licked the side of Amy's nose. Amy flinched back again.
She felt her chain get pulled straight down toward the floor.
Amy bent over to keep from falling down and felt a couple
of quick lashes on her ass. She was yanked upright again.
The tongue came back, but this time Amy held perfectly
still. The tongue traced a line up her cheek, across her
tightly closed eye and into her ear. Amy trembled but didn't
move. Zeldona quietly hissed, "Excellent, girl. Keep up the
good work."

Amy felt the tongue move down across her jaw, up over
the gag, and then played first in one and then the other of
her nostrils. She wanted to run away. She was afraid to
even try.

Amy could hear heavy breathing in the audience. She
was suddenly keenly aware of her nakedness. Her breasts were fully exposed. She was standing with her legs slightly
spread and was wearing no underwear at all. Despite the
disguise, she was more embarrassed than she had ever been
in her life. She was also afraid. The gag was really hurting
now and so were the various lash marks she had received.
How long was this going to continue? The tongue

"But I don't want to keep all the goodies for myself,"
Amy heard. "And hence the most unique feature of our
act." Nan came out with short metal pole which she
inserted into a hole in the center of the stage. She heard it
lock in place with a sharp click. Amy was pulled over to the
pole and bent down. Her neck collar was attached to the
top of the pole so that her back was almost parallel to the
floor. She was positioned sideways to the audience.

"Spread-um girl," she heard.

'Spread what?' she wondered.

She felt another sharp crack of the whip. "Spread the
legs, now, or I'll give you more of the punishment you so
richly deserve." Madam Zeldona was being intentionally

Amy quickly moved her legs apart.

She felt her ankles being cuffed. She looked down to see
they were now connected by a metal bar which forced her
to keep them fairly far apart.

"And despite her experience," she heard, "this ass is still
pristine." She felt Madam Zeldona's finger against her anus
and heard the audience laughter. "I'm not kidding about
that. Judge for yourself. You're all familiar with this kind
of anal plug. I'm going to grease it well. Now listen." The
room went silent. Amy felt the tip of something being
positioned against her asshole and then the same feeling as
when she went to the bathroom. Only this time it kept
coming until that was almost all she could feel. She
squealed into the gag and felt her sphincter suddenly
contract around a grove in whatever had been shoved up
her ass. She felt the ring pull back out off of the grove and
back in again several times. She became aware of a slight
sucking sound. She heard quiet animated talking from the

"And tonight," the voice continued, removing the anal
plug and tossing it lightly aside, "by special arrangement
with the management of The Coven, we're going to auction
off this virgin ass. The proceeds will go to the legal defense
fund of your own Mistress Arabella." Amy heard the
audience make noises of approval. In the back of her head,
through her pain and humiliation, she wondered who
Arabella was.

Amy felt Mistress Zeldona reach down between her legs
and begin massaging her vaginal lips and clitoris. No one
had ever touched her that way before. Certainly not on a
stage. She was saving herself for marriage and couldn't
believe this was happening to her. But as she heard Nan's
voice conducting the auction, she began to feel herself
overcome by a warm sexual rush. After a short time the
voices in the background just became noise. Amy's nostrils
were flaring as she approached the most intense orgasm she
had ever imagined. But just before she came, the hand

Amy was sweating and shaking, completely in the
throws of her arousal. She whined into the gag, not
knowing herself if it was because of the abuse or because it
had stopped. She came to her senses enough to become
aware of activity on the stage behind her. A tall heavyset
woman in a black leather jacket had removed her leather
riding pants and underwear. She was still wearing her
riding boots and there were spurs, for goodness sake. She
was in the process of strapping on a thick rubber dildo with
a special knob that would stimulate her own clit as she used
it. It took Amy a couple of moments to realized that the
dildo was intended for her. She was going to be raped on
stage by this thugish looking dyke.

Amy started to howl into the gag and tried to move out
of the way. "Isn't she great, folks?" Madam Zeldona said,
"really playing the part for sister Vulga." She lashed Amy
some more until she again held still. The tall dyke grinned
and moved in. Then Amy felt tip of the rubber dildo against
her anus. She could feel herself puckering at the intrusion.
There were large coarse hands at her hips, holding her firmly
in place.

Then, slowly, almost tenderly, almost as an anti-climax,
the rubber tip began sliding into her warm slippery hole.
The anal plug had left plenty of lubricant, so the intrusion
wasn't too painful. But the feel of the tall dyke's thighs
slapping against Amy's fresh lash marks stung terribly. As
Vulga rutted away, Amy felt the hand move back to her
crotch. This time it came from the side. Her pussy was
completely soaked in her own juices from before. The
fingers slid easily through her folds of soft rippling flesh as
the thick rubber shaft slid with increasing speed in and out
of her rectum. The sexual high had returned. She was soon
back on the edge of an orgasm. But the hand just held her
there waiting, waiting. Waiting for the big rough woman
with the strap-on to reach her climax first. Amy groaned in
frustration and was completely out of her mind with pain
and lust.

Amy felt one of the big hands move off of her flank and
come around to her breast. The big woman had bent over
as she pumped and was now mauling her tit. It was soon
joined by the other hand. The big woman was getting close.
The hands at her breasts were squeezing her tightly. The
hand sliding over her clit was keeping her completely off
balance. She felt her gag suddenly deflate. She tried to
speak but could only grunt loudly. Hands were removing
the gag. She could see Nan's legs in front of her. She heard
the big woman behind her grunt harshly a couple of times
and then freeze. The hand at her crotch pushed her over the
edge and Amy screamed with the most intense climax she
had ever had. The big woman joined her. The audience
applauded wildly. This was one of the best shows they had
seen in months.

Amy quickly tried to catch her breath so she could call
for help. But before she could she heard a small click in
front of her face and smelled something strange and vaguely
unpleasant. She became aware of Nan holding something
under her nose. Amy snorted and tried to turn her head, but
it was already too late. She could feel herself spacing out.

The next few minutes would forever remain a blur in her
memory. The hand at her crotch was gone. So was the
intrusive feeling in her ass. Her shackles were gone. She
was standing facing the audience arm-in-arm with Madam
Zeldona on one side and Nan on the other. They were all
bowing to the enthusiastic applause of the audience. The
big course woman was standing on the side of the stage
applauding as well. The dildo bobbing from her crotch
glistened wetly in the stage lights.

And then she was back in the ready room, a new gag in
place. She was sitting dumbly with her neck collar shackled
to the wall. Years later she would remember that for a brief
while she started to come out of the fog. Madam Zeldona
was back at her side telling how well she had done. She
remembered actually feeling a little proud at that. She could
only remember Madam Zeldona's face, but she must have
been given more drugs. Consciousness faded.

When she awoke, much later, she was far away and
completely naked. Her hair was back to its natural color.
The tattoos and fake mole were gone. Her wrists were
bound together had affixed over her head. Her legs were
spread and tied to the legs of the bed she was lying on.
There were painful clamps on her nipples. There was a
vibrator churning away in her vagina and another in her ass.
She tried to scream but her mouth was filled with a rubber

Amy's new life had begun.

* * * * * End of Part 12 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.


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