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SE CHAP01 hurt her unless she wanted


Too-Kay's Web

A Sexual Exploration

Chapter 1

The Beginning of Things (M/F)

Sitting on the sofa in the plush living-room, the girl was feeling a
little afraid. She was with Sir Henry Summers, a man she had only met an
hour ago and he was touching her neck and breasts in a very familiar way.
They were in his apartment and servants hovered discreetly in the
background. He had told her that he could teach her things she would not
learn elsewhere, and had convinced her to come back with him. He paused in
his attentions as a servant announced a visitor.

"Send him in, man, send him in. After that you may leave us: no more
visitors until further notice."

The servant withdrew and then a young man came into the room.

"Ah, Jack - welcome. I am just about to begin this young lady's
education, have you time to join us?"

"I would be delighted to help in this delightful lady's education,
Henry. Would you introduce us, please? Manners, old chap, manners"

"Certainly. Jack, this is Miss Nancy Maitland; Nancy, this is my
friend, Jack Washburn. Happy now Jack?"

The two men sat each side of the young girl on the sofa. Henry fingered
her fair hair, allowing his fingers to brush her neck, and then he let his
hands slide to the young girl's shoulders. Jack took her hands and assured
her that they were not going to hurt her unless she wanted it later.
Confused, she just looked at him.

"You really don't understand, do you? Never mind, you will."

With that he lifted one of her hands to his lips and kissed the palm of
her hand gently. Feeling her muscles quiver, he lifted the other hand and
kissed that palm as Henry slipped his hands into the top of her bodice.
Startled, she pulled away, but Henry calmed her.

"Relax Nancy. It isn't going to hurt. I just want to feel your skin;
you see, I like skin, I'm always touching it."

Deftly undoing the buttons on her dress, he opened the top of her
neckline. It revealed a pale skin and small, but shapely breasts.
Brushing his fingers across her neck and gradually drifting towards her
breasts, he felt her relax slightly.

"That's better, isn't it?"

His eyes signalled to Jack to continue kissing her wrists. Soon Nancy
was actually enjoying the sensations these men were creating in her and
leant back so that Henry could undo the rest of her bodice. This he did,
and once the garment had been taken off she sat in her tightly laced corset
and skirt. Her breasts were lifted upwards by the corset and Henry took
them tenderly in his hands. As she felt the warmth of his hands enfold her
breasts, she became conscious of Jack's hands running up her stockinged
legs, over her pantalets.

The door burst open and a young woman ran into the room. She stopped
when she saw Henry was not alone.

"Henry - oh; sorry, I was not aware you were entertaining. Hello Nancy.
How are you?"

"Get out then, Francesca. Wait, what was so important you had to barge
in like that?" her brother enquired.

"It's that beastly woman, Ida Baker. She must go. Now. She is useless
as my companion, she won't do what I want her to do." Francesca pouted.

"What did she refuse to do this time?" Jack asked.

"She refused - point-blank, too - to, er, indulge me," the young woman
replied, uncertain of how open she could be before the strange girl.

"In that case, I agree, she must go. One can't have the fair Francesca
un-indulged, can one?" Henry retorted slightly mockingly.

"I mean it, brother. She must go. In fact, she has already gone. I
have discharged her." As she said this, Francesca turned and fled before
her brother's wrath.

"Honestly, Jack, I fail to know what to do with her - apart from to
spank her."

"She's a bit old for that, though, isn't she? Shall I go to her, and
pacify her. Do whatever that Baker woman wouldn't do?" Jack offered,
"After all, you will be all right here with the delightful Nancy, won't
you?" Henry agreed and Jack hurried after his friend's sister.

Turning to the bemused Nancy, Henry started to apologise.

"Forgive the intrusion, girl. My sister tends to go through companions
as I go through collars. Since our parents died I have spoilt her and this
is the result, sadly. She shows no inclination towards marriage either, so
I must employ companions for her."

"I can understand her reluctance to marry, sir. I, too, am my father's
nightmare on that count," came the surprising reply. "Now, may we continue
my lesson? I am enjoying it." Henry came to sit beside her again.

"You are remarkable, Nancy Maitland, you truly are!"

He reached for her, and as she leant against him, his hands commenced
the caressing of her breasts again. Kissing her forehead, he caressed the
bare skin of her shoulders, before unpinning her hair from its coiffure to
permit it to fall around her like a cape. Tugging at the fastenings on her
skirt, he managed to undo them; then, lifting her to her feet, he slid the
skirt down over her petticoats to fall at her feet. Stepping delicately
out of them, Nancy stood directly in front of the man, clad in just corset
and petticoats. He felt stirrings within his body at the sight. She was
very desirable, more so as she was unsullied and malleable to his wants.

"Sir? What comes next?"

"Don't keep calling me 'sir', call me Henry. Next comes some wine, I
think, and then we will retire to the side room."

Pouring some wine and handing it to her, Henry sauntered over to the
door of the side room. Nancy soon joined him, and he opened the door to
reveal a room fitted out as a bedroom. She looked around her,

"What is this room for? There is a bed in it."

"This is where I rest if I come in very worse for wear after a night on
the town. Come, sit in this chair."

He directed her to a large wing-backed chair.

Nancy looked lost, sitting in it. He perched on one chair-arm and bent
to kiss her.

"I won't hurt you, we won't go the whole way either, if you are afraid."

She nodded, and nestled into the cushions. Unconsciously, she parted
her knees a fraction as she enjoyed the feel of his hands on her shoulders.
Carefully he undid her corset and removed the heavy garment to unveil a
slender body that barely required restraining. Dropping to the floor at
her feet, he slipped a hand up her leg. She shivered slightly at the
feather light touch, but made no move to stop him. His hand rested on her
knee, as, with the other hand, he caressed her breasts gently. Gradually
moving his hand up her leg until it rested on top of the fabric of her
pantalets, he felt the warmth of her. She opened her now half-closed eyes
as she felt his hand rest intimately in her lap. Henry smiled reassuringly
at her and tweaked one nipple teasingly.

Reassured by the playful action Nancy allowed her legs to relax further.
Henry very slowly sought to get his hand into the pantalets, and to his
delight he discovered they were gusset-less. Inching his way in, his
fingers probed for her mound and bush. Discovering it, he paused and
waited for her to relax again. Crooning softly to her, his fingers played
with her pubic hair and rubbed against her mound. She started to pant
heavily as emotions began to overwhelm her. Mentally cursing that he could
not see the sensuality his fingers told him was there, he continued to
caress the innocent girl and introduce her to sensual delights.

All the time, his body was demanding release, but he knew better than to
force her. If only his sister had not taken Jack off: he could have done
with the other man to take over for a while. Pausing, he spoke softly.

"Nancy, I need to know. Do you want to stop here now, or do you want me
to continue? If you say you want to stop, that is fine with me; we can
continue another day. If you say to continue, I may not be able to stop.
Do you understand?"

She said, equally quietly,

"I want you to continue. Honestly, I do."

"Then stand up and take those dratted petticoats off for me. Will you
do that for me?" Nancy mutely did so, hypnotised by what he was doing. He
was unfastening his trousers and pulling a stiff fleshy thing out of them.

"This is me, girl. This is what I will put into you soon, it will give
you the most wonderful feelings inside. Truly it will. Feel it, feel how
soft my skin is." He reached for one of her hands and put it on his erect
cock and wrapped her fingers around his shaft.

His skin was soft and warm. As she touched him, his member jumped.

"I call him Jumping Jo, and he is very pleased to meet you. Very
pleased indeed." Henry explained.

"Stroke Jumping Jo as if he was a pet cat, and watch him grow with

She did so and watched, intrigued, as his cock grew in length and width.
Henry was breathing slightly heavily now, she was pushing him to the limits
of his endurance.

"That's enough, Nancy. May I touch you now? I want to take your
pantalets off and look at you."

She nodded and slid the garment off. She stood almost naked, clad only
in her stockings and suspender-belt, looking quite breathtaking. He led
her to the bed in silence and laid her on it. Carefully arranging her legs
so he could stand between her knees, he murmured,

"You are beautiful." He lightly ran his hands over her thighs and mound,
then, as she did not stop him, he began to probe between her legs. He
found the warm opening of her cunt and delicately stroked the opening,
sending wonderful feelings through her body. She felt an amazing warmth
building up as he fingered her. Closing her eyes in contentment, she
surrendered herself to this exquisite touching of her body. Surely this
could not be wrong, she wondered briefly, it was too heavenly.

Henry inserted a finger into the opening of her cunt and stretched her
slightly. Then, very carefully, he put the tip of his cock against her
opening and, holding her lips apart, gradually entered her. Waiting while
she relaxed and accepted him, he slid into her, breaking her hymen.
Tenderly caressing her shoulders, he reassured her that it would not hurt any more. He then began to move in and out of her, sending cascades of
pleasure through her body. He brought her to a small climax, which felt to
her as if her entire being had torn itself apart from the inside outwards,
before reluctantly withdrawing his swollen cock. Pushing his protesting
member back into his trousers, he then lay beside her.

"I think that is enough for now, I don't want to overload you on the
first lesson," he said as he kissed her. "I'll take you further next time,
teach you more. You are a very apt pupil, you know. Totally unafraid.
That's unusual, you know."

After a while he got up and assisted her to dress, permitting his hands
to explore again that delightful body as he did so. He noted that she did
not object and filed the information away for future use. Watching her put
her hair up again, transforming herself back into the well-dressed young woman who had entered his home, he sighed. She asked why.

"I like your hair down. You look so - wanton. With it up like that,
you look so ordinary and dull."

"I'm not dull, though, am I? If I were, I would not have let you do
what you did do to me, would I?"

"No, lass, you wouldn't. Now come back into the living room and we'll
have something to eat."

They were joined by Francesca and Jack half an hour later. He sauntered
in behind Francesca who was far more composed than previously. Francesca
was about two years older than Nancy, at 21, and was charming now that she
had got what she had wanted.

"What did she want, Jack?" Henry asked in an aside.

"A jolly good rogering. She got it too, complete with a few stripes of
belt. Asked for it. Must've terrified that Baker woman!" Jack chuckled.
"How did you get on? Any good?"

"Definitely. She is a rare jewel, completely unafraid. Mind you, I
feel as if I am bursting. Wonder if we can get Katherine Hunter to pop in
this evening." Henry replied.

"Henry - when may I come again?" Nancy interrupted.

"Shall we say tomorrow afternoon at 3.30? Or can you come to dinner?
We dine at 8.30."

"I'd love to dine, but I don't know whether my father would permit it."
Nancy replied. Francesca suggested,

"Why don't I invite you to dine, Nancy, your father could not object to
you accepting a dinner invitation from me. Besides, I could do with some
female company - "

"Oh no you don't, young lady. You are not going to tamper with Henry's
teaching," Jack broke in. Francesca pouted.


"I know. Though you have an idea about you issuing the invitation. It
would be more appropriate for Nancy to be invited by a woman."

It was agreed finally that Francesca would send an invitation to dine on
the following evening. Nancy went home, feeling curiously aroused.

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Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author
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