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Too-Kay's Web

A Sexual Exploration

Chapter 2

The Companion (F/F, bond, Dom, M/F/F, M/F)

A month after her first introduction to Henry and Francesca Summers,
Nancy Maitland took up the post of companion to the wayward girl. Now,
three weeks later, she was sitting in her room considering how she would
pleasure Francesca. She wanted to ensure that that evening, she herself
would be pleasured by Henry. Brushing her long hair, she contemplated
simply masturbating the girl ruthlessly, but decided that she needed
something to torment her with, to ensure her own pleasuring.

At that moment the door-bell rang and she heard Jack Washburn's deep
voice asking the manservant whether Henry was in. Dashing to her bedroom
door, she called down to him, asking him to come up to her room. When Jack
came in, Nancy explained what she wanted his help with.

"All right, but I must see Henry first. All the same, though, you are
most temptingly dressed in that negligee; come here and give me a cuddle."

"No, Jack, not now. Later. After you've seen Henry." She pushed him
out of her room and stood, watching as he went down to the office. Then,
turning along the corridor, Nancy went to Francesca's room. She found the
girl lying on her bed, waiting for her.

"At last, Nancy. I was wondering how much longer I'd have to wait," the
girl said petulantly. "I was getting bored."

"Never mind. I am here now. Are you ready? Then get up off that bed
and stretch across the arm chair. Face up," Nancy commanded.

The girl complied, and Nancy pushed cushions beneath her back to support
her. Then Nancy produced some ties and strapped Francesca's arms and legs
to the legs of the chair.

"What shall I do now? Francesca, what do you think I should do? Slap
your belly, or caress it? Suck your bosoms, or pull them? Or should I
simply leave you like that and play with myself?" She knew that she was
taunting her, but that was part of her plan.

"Don't just leave me here, please. Do something to me, anything."
Francesca begged.

"Anything?" Nancy asked.

The other nodded.

"Very well, but no complaints later."

With that she began massaging Francesca's breasts. As the girl's
nipples grew, Nancy began pulling at them, lifting them upwards and feeling
the skin pulling slightly. Francesca moaned in enjoyment, and then jerked
as Nancy grasped both breasts and tried to lift her victim up off the

Satisfied that she had got her attention, Nancy slid one hand between
the bound girl's legs and probed for her cunt, while she sought for her own
opening with her other hand. Finding both openings, she began moving her
hands to stimulate them both. She moved the hand in Francesca's body
slower than her other hand, with the result that Nancy climaxed before
Francesca did. Continuing to stimulate Francesca very slowly, Nancy pushed
herself to an ever-increasing number of climaxes, while holding Francesca

Taking a deep breath to steady herself, she stopped her fingering, and
untied Francesca's limbs. Telling her to turn over, Nancy inserted her
hand between the other's buttocks and pushed two fingers into her cunt.
Jabbing in and out, she roughly pushed her towards a climax, but stopped
before she reached it. Francesca was protesting at the continual
tantalising assault when Jack came into her room.

"Jack! How wonderful!" Francesca tried to get up to embrace him, but
Nancy stopped her.

"Stay there. Jack, take her half way there then leave her." Nancy
commanded. The man obeyed willingly, and, as he slid his erect member into
Francesca, he felt Nancy fondle his sac through his clothes.

Thus doubly stimulated, Jack thrust deep into Francesca and heard her
cry out in pleasure at being taken so. Then just before she climaxed he
withdrew his cock very reluctantly from her. While he was withdrawing from
Francesca, Nancy left him and laid on the edge of the bed, legs splayed
wide. Turning towards her, Jack saw her fingers open her lips wide so he
saw her hot, wet opening in invitation. Without hesitation, he plunged
himself into her and took her rapidly, before turning back to Francesca and
re-entering her and driving them both to climax.

Weak now that her long-withheld climax had been reached, Francesca said
in a slightly muffled voice,

"I'll tell Henry how you concentrated on your own pleasure and not mine.
He'll have you in his private study tonight - and I'll be there too!"

"That, my dear Cesca, was the whole idea," Nancy replied smugly. "I
want Henry to invite me into his private study, and what better way than to
torment you when all you wanted was a quick take. I knew you'd want to
report me for my treatment of you, and I'm looking forward to my
chastisement tonight."

Getting off the bed, she swept out of the bedroom before Francesca could
reply. Jack looked at Francesca and commented,

"We have unleashed a demon in her, I think. Oh well, let's plan what we
can do to get our own back tonight."

"I think she needs a sound thrashing on her lips," Francesca said
viciously. "Either that or to be had by about four men in succession,
while tied and gagged."

"Be charitable, my dear, you did enjoy it, didn't you? Of course you
did, so stop being so nasty. Although you have got a point, I think its
time to consider introducing her to our friends. She'd enjoy having the
choice of more men."

That evening, Nancy sat in her room, waiting to be summoned to Henry's
private study. Dressed in a simple night-gown, her hair falling down her
back, Nancy's mouth was dry in anticipation of what would happen. Would
Henry tantalise her for hours, or would she be strapped to an iron frame
and whipped till her buttocks were raw. Would Francesca suck her lips and
chew her, making her leap at the nips, or would she sit on her face and
make her suck her while Henry or Jack penetrated her. She didn't care; she
was looking forward to this evening. Rubbing her thighs together, she sat,
waiting for someone to summon her.

At last, there was a knock at her door and it opened. It was Francesca,
carrying a shockingly short coat-like dress. She said abruptly

"Put this on. I'll stay and watch and then take you downstairs."

Nancy took the garment and slowly took off her night-gown. Picking the
other garment up she saw that it was a pseudo-Greek tunic, sleeveless and
cut so that her breasts could be seen and touched without disturbing the
fabric. It was so short that it barely covered her buttocks when she was
standing upright. The tunic was fastened by means of a belt, which
Francesca tied very tightly, before leading her by its ends down to Henry
Summers' private study. All this was done in silence that both heightened
Nancy's expectancy and made her a little nervous.

The study was reached by going through the downstairs bedroom Nancy had
seen on her first visit to the house. It was panelled with light wood
panels and had various pieces of furniture not usually found in a study in
it. Among these was a narrow four-poster bed, and what looked like
gymnastic apparatus. This room was never cleaned by the servants, so
although tidy, it was not as immaculate as the rest of the house.

The two men were waiting for them, each smoking a cigar and lounging in
armchairs. It was Nancy's second visit to the room, but she still looked
around uncertainly as Francesca led her in.

"Here she is, brother mine."

Henry paused in his smoking to ask,

"Well, Miss Maitland, I take it you know why you are here?"

"I do, sir. Indeed, I want to be here." Nancy replied. "Look. I am
eager for you." As she spoke she parted her buttocks with her hands and
leant forward to display her moistness.

"You are arrogant, miss! You need to be taught not to push yourself
forward simply because you want a man to pleasure you. Jack, Cesca, take
her to the bed. Put her over the bolster."

As the two pulled her to the narrow bed, Henry stubbed out his cigar and
followed them, admiring the glimpses of bottom Nancy was involuntarily
showing. He watched as they pushed her forward onto the bed, and slid a
large bolster under her hips, raising her now exposed bottom to an inviting

"Francesca, as you are the complainant, you may start."

Francesca smiled at Jack and her brother, and knelt across Nancy's back.
She stroked the other's buttocks for a few moments before beginning to
smack her. Lightly at first, but increasing in force and speed until
Nancy's buttocks were fire red. Then she slipped one hand into the other's
cunt and probed her until she felt the beginning of a climax. She stopped
and then administered a fierce slap on the already tender bottom before
getting off the bed.

"There, that's paid you back. Jack, come into the bedroom, I want to
play with you while Henry does whatever he wants with her."

Once they had left, Henry came to the bed, and gently stroked the girl's
red bottom.

"Did she hurt you? If she did, I'll reprimand her later."

"Not too much, sir. I was expecting it. I was nasty to her this
morning. I knew she only wanted a quick take, but I wanted you - in here -
and I used her to get it." Nancy replied, turning onto her side. "Do
whatever you want to with me."

"What do you want to do, though? Oh, and do call me Henry. You must
have got some idea, if you deliberately set this up."

"I want to undress you, and touch Jumping Jo, and watch him grow in my
hand. Then I want to lick him and feel you touch me intimately and torment
me with your feathery kisses until I feel I'm about to burst. Then I want
you to take me and ride me long and slowly, plunging Jumping Jo deep into

"Anything else?" Henry smiled.

She shook her head, embarrassed now.

"Come here. Undress me." He stood by the bed, and assisted her up.

With uncertain hands she undid the buttons on his shirt. He helped her
take it off him, and then waited as she fiddled with the buttons on his
trousers. Pulling his clothing away from him, she reached inside for his
cock. Impatient now, he pushed his clothes off, and stood naked with his
growing member in her warm hands. She watched him grow, and tenderly
stroked him like a cat until she heard him start to breathe more heavily.
Bending down, she took the tip of him into her mouth and licked his slit.
She could taste him oozing in anticipation of her.

He swept her into his arms and carried her to an armchair. Putting her
down, he untied the belt and pushed the tunic to the floor before kneeling
before her. He nuzzled his face into her bush, holding her steady with his
hands round her buttocks. She sighed with pleasure; she enjoyed the feel
of his face between her legs. Partly opening her thighs in response she
felt him burrow deeper between her legs, tongue flicking in search of her
lips. Sinking down onto the chair, she spread her legs wide for him to
find her opening. He tongued her gently, sucking her lips and her bud, and
she felt a climax build within her in response. Teasing her gently, he
held her climax at bay while he inserted a finger into her and rotated it
inside her. She moaned at him as she climaxed over his finger. Kissing
her face gently, he withdrew his finger and replaced it with his stiff

Feeling the aftershocks of her climax around him, he pushed himself deep
into her. He pulled out again and carried her to the bed.

"Jumping Jo wants to kiss you inside, deep inside you," he whispered as
he inserted himself again.

Lifting her so he slid deep into her warmth, his cock searched for the
rim of her cervix. Touching it briefly, he felt her shudder with enjoyment
at this deep penetration, and one of his hands sought out her clitoris and
rubbed it. Her body reacted instantly and her muscles contracted in orgasm
and he heard her stifle a cry. Releasing the bud of her clitoris he began
to thrust himself deeply into her. Continuing to do this, occasionally
grazing her rim he pushed her towards a mighty climax with him. Increasing
momentum rapidly as his desire mounted to breaking-point, he pounded in and
out of her, feeling her cascade in contractions around his shaft. With a
final powerfully deep thrust, he came into her. She climaxed almost
instantly afterwards and she squeezed him dry with her contractions.

As they lay together, exhausted by their lust, he asked

"Are you ready to meet some of our friends, do you think? We have
parties at our country house in the summer."

"If they are as good lovers as you are - yes. I like being taken by
you, much more than Jack."

"That's good. He and Cesca are engaged you know, and you know how
jealous she is." Henry commented.

"What sort of parties are they?" Nancy enquired, "and what do the
servants say about them?"

"We look after ourselves at the Quadrant, no servants at all while we
are there. It means we can dress as we want, do what we want. Our parties
are often weekend ones, and if it is really sunny we bathe naked in the
sun. That's the wonderful thing about the house; we've got an enclosed
garden courtyard, which is a glorious sun-trap. Interested?"

"Mmm, it sounds fun. When were you thinking of having one next?"

"After I've had you again, definitely. How about the next time you plan
what you want me to do, and then just tell me to come here. No more
bullying my sister to get me. Right?"

"All right, Henry."

Copyright Too-Kay, 2000 All rights reserved. Do not reprint or post
without permission. -- Pursuant to the Berne
Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author
unless explicitly indicated.
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