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SE CHAP03 hurt bit but was


Too-Kay's Web

A Sexual Exploration

Chapter 3

In the Country (F/F, F/M, Dom, spank, M/F)

Several weeks later the four of them were at the Quadrant, Nancy and
Cesca sharing a huge dressing-room off which opened two bedrooms. The
furnishings were simpler than those in Town but equally comfortable. Some
guests were expected the following day, but at the moment they were en
famille. Nancy was dressing for Henry - a lacy dress and a ribbon around
her buttocks - when Francesca wandered into the room.

"That looks nice, Nancy, but shouldn't the ribbon be a bit tighter?"

"Yes, but I can't do it up myself. Help me, would you?" she replied
sitting on the bed with her legs parted. Francesca came over and
un-buttoned the thong. She pulled it tight, watching as the two inch satin
ribbon fold itself into the other's lips, and then threaded the lose end
around the waistband before tying it shut.

"I always like looking at your bush, its so sexy. May I touch you
before you go to Henry?" Nancy nodded, and felt the other girl's fingers
running across her bush, and rubbing her clitoris through the ribbon.

This went on until the small clock chimed the hour, when Nancy stirred
and said that she had better go. Removing her gentle fingers, Francesca
reluctantly let her go before deciding that her own lips needed attention.
Nancy left her to it, knowing that she would not be missed and wend
downstairs in search of her lover. As she walked quickly through the
corridors, Nancy felt the ribbon stimulating her and she debated weather to
finger herself in a corner before finding Henry. Deciding not to, she
walked on, finally tracking Henry down in the back living-room.

Letting herself into the room she saw that he was unclothed, clad only
in a wrap-around gown. Smiling invitingly, she crossed to where he sat and
knelt down to caress his cock.

"I want to drain you before you touch me. I want you to have to take
the whole afternoon to take me. You can decide what you do to rouse

Nancy bent to take his shaft into her mouth. sucking powerfully, she
felt him grow and cum into her mouth. Snuggling up to him, waiting for him
to recover enough to start his assault on her willing senses, Nancy felt
the ribbon cut into her buttocks. Moving slightly to increase the pressure
on her bud, she slid off his lap and landed in a heap at his feet. The
resulting display of flesh proved enough to rouse Henry enough to pull her
up and walk with her to the sofa. Indicating that she should lie across
the back of the low-backed sofa, Henry lifted the lacy dress up to reveal
the girl's buttocks.

Sliding his hands across the soft flesh, he worked his fingers beneath
the ribbon to touch her slits.

"Untie me, darling" Nancy murmured, "Its hurting now."

"In a moment, sweeting. I want to see just how ready you are to accept
what I'm going to do." With that, his hands parted the twin globes and
kissed the beribboned cunt. Fumbling with the knot that his sister had
tied in the ribbon, he finally loosed the end and dropped it to the girl's
feet. Holding her thighs together firmly, he drew the ribbon up across -
or between - her skin. The friction made Nancy catch her breath, it did
hurt a bit, but it was also pleasant. Then the button caught in her hair
and she yelped.

"Sorry. I didn't know there was a button on this thing."

Allowing her thighs to part slightly, Henry pulled the remaining sodden
ribbon through.

"Let me investigate, make sure the button didn't do any damage," he
whispered as he turned her over. Parting her lips gently, he caressed her
inside and around her bud.

Satisfied that she was all right, he flipped her again and lifted her so
that her thighs rested on the top of the sofa back and her buttocks were
lifted high. He slid his fingers between her lips, searching for her cunt.
Finding it, he thrust two fingers into her, making her jump.

"You are wet, bad girl. Now I'm going to have to spank you!"

With that, Henry reached for a fine cane that was leaning against the
sofa and flicked the tip across the back of her legs. Swinging his arm, he
brought the cane down viciously on her legs before turning his attention to
the more tender skin of her buttocks. He lightly caned her and
interspersed the switches with kisses. Soon her skin was hot and pink.
She was whimpering now, it was not going how she'd wanted it to.

"Henry, you're hurting me, really hurting." The man stopped caning her,

"Sorry my love, I got carried away. Its frustration on my part, not
being able yet to take you that made me do this to you. Come here, I'll
kiss you better."

With that, he drew her over to a soft rug, and laid her face-down and
began to kiss her wounds tenderly. At the same time he slid one hand
beneath her and fondled her bud between his fingers. She felt a climax
building in her and turned towards him, so that his hand could move more
freely. Parting her soft hair, he bent to lick the pink clitoris. He
gnawed at it for quite a while, waiting for it to open to him as she
climaxed. After the climax had dispersed, he lay along-side her and,
tearing the lace dress off, started to suck her breasts.

Concentrating on one nipple, he rubbed and pulled it until it was
standing away from her breast. Then he suckled her deeply, causing
sensations to build deep in her womb. Henry repeated this process with the
other breast and then gathered both engorged nipples into his mouth and
sucked more. Nancy moaned with pleasure and groped for his semi-soft cock.
It was just within reach and all she could do was to flick her fingertips
across the tip.

"Fuck me Henry, please. Fuck me, my dear,"

"I will, when Jo is strong again."

"Let me help him grow strong. Turn round and suck me as I suck you."

He turned around and knelt across her. His cock hung down onto Nancy's
face. She nuzzled his slightly limp shaft, enjoying the aroma of him,
licking his sac as he sucked her tender bud. He grew as she licked and
sucked him until he was as firm as he had been before she had drained him
over half an hour earlier. His ministrations to her were driving her wild
as he had inserted a finger into her cunt and, with finger and thumb,
rubbed her clitoris from the top and bottom simultaneously. This
stimulation was new to her as Henry had never tried this before and Nancy
found that she enjoyed it enormously.

"More! More!" she cried out.

"Not now, my love," Henry replied as he turned round and slid his shaft
into her eager slit. Pushing himself deep into her, he slid a finger into
her cunt as well, and wriggled it around to torment and rouse her even
more. A few powerful thrusts later, he exploded into her. She climaxed
just afterwards.

Lying exhausted beneath him, Nancy felt Henry reach for the ribbon
harness she had worn when she had entered the room. He tied the satin
ribbon around her waist and between her legs, pulling it tight against her.
The pressure on her tender parts caused her to begin to climax again. He
pulled the band tighter and ran his palm across her bound cunt tantalising

"One more time for you?" he asked.

"Yes please my darling. Fuck me with your fingers. Don't stop when I
come though," she added, "I want to feel you wring me dry before our guests

"Very well, my Nancy, I will wring you dry. However, you can't expect
our guests not to want to get to know your delicious body as well."

"I know that, but first and foremost, I am yours, Henry."

As they spoke, he had been fondling her through the ribbon. Now he
pushed it to one side of her lips and kissed the fleshy red flesh of those
lips before burrowing deep between them. Using his tongue as a tender
cane, he flicked her so-tender clitoris, pushing her towards another
climax. She moaned her pleasure in the sensations he was creating. Now,
taking her bud between his lips, he pulled at it and slid two fingers into
the deep hot cavern of her cunt. Moving his hand in the manner of his
shaft, he drew her closer to the precipice of another climax. He gradually
slid a third finger into her and opened the three fingers slightly,
stretching her cavern wider as he thrust his digits into her faster and
faster. She began to climax, but instead of slowing his movements, he
increased their speed. She came in a cascade of smaller climaxes as he
continued to drive her over the precipice into oblivion.

"More. Push me over the edge," she demanded.

He did so by tweaking her inside as he thrust his hand in and out of her
wetness. He felt her wet wash over his fingers and throb with continual
climax. He persisted with this until she gave a gasping cry and went limp.
Kissing her soaked bush, Henry held her close until she recovered from the
avalanche of sensations that had swamped her.

"Lovely, my lover," she murmured, "if I wasn't so drained, I'd want a
reprise with you doing everything all over again."

Henry chuckled,

"You are worn out, my sweet, - or are you?"

He lightly brushed a hand across her breast. Beyond moving closer to
him, she did not respond to the touch. They lay together in silence until
they heard commotion outside.

"Bother. Our guests are early," Henry slowly got to his feet. "Stay
there, Nancy, until you are refreshed. I'll see you at dinner."

With that, he left Nancy to recover while he welcomed the two men and
three women who were to spend a long weekend with them.

Copyright Too-Kay, 2000 All rights reserved. Do not reprint or post
without permission. -- Pursuant to the Berne
Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author
unless explicitly indicated.
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