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SE CHAP04 sucked her soft flesh Henry kissed


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Sexual Exploration chapters

Chapter 4 The Party Begins (FF/F, bond/Dom, voy, MMMM/F, bond)

Lady Mary Jennings, Lady Elizabeth Weekes, Lady Sonia Brooks and her
husband Sir Ian, and Sir Adam Peters were old friends of Henry and Cesca
and had spent several debauched weekends at the Quadrant in the past. They
were especially looking forward to this one, as Henry had told them they
were going to be able to 'break in' a new find of his.

Nancy heard the to-ings and fro-ings of the visitors unloading their
coaches and carrying their baggage to their apartments but she decided not
to emerge till she was sent for. Instead she had a bath and then dressed
in a loose gown that was revealing without being too improper. She was
brushing her hair when Cesca came into her room.

"Come on. Its time for introductions. Everyone is in the courtyard."

Obediently Nancy followed Cesca downstairs to meet the guests.

"Here she is. Nancy, these are Ladies Mary, Elizabeth and Sonia and of
course Sir Adam and Sir Ian. Having told you their titles, for this
weekend, we are all on first name terms. If any of our guests want you,
you are to respond as you respond to myself, Jack or Cesca," Henry
instructed her.

As she shook hands with the five visitors Nancy was aware of being
appraised – like a horse at a horse-fair, she thought. Mary and Sonia in
particular ran their hands over her hair and shoulders and smiled. The two
men's reactions were more obvious; they began to bulge as they shook her
hand. Nancy knew she was going to experience quite a lot of sex this

Once drinks were served, the group split up into pairs and threesomes.
Cesca disappeared with Ian and Jack, while Henry entertained Elizabeth.
This left Nancy with Mary and Sonia, while Adam settled down to watch the
women's fun. He said that he might join in later.

"Sit down, girl, and tell us how you met Henry," Mary commanded.

As Nancy started to tell the story, she felt Sonia caressing her neck
and shoulders. Instinctively she leant back into Sonia's arms and let Mary
undo the gown to fondle her breasts. She liked her breasts being caressed,
so she welcomed Mary's attentions.

"We are going to teach you patience – beyond what you have learned from
the Summers' and Jack Washburn. We are going to bring you to near climax
and keep you there, for as long as we choose and you will not be able to
coax us to finish it for you. Understand?" Mary murmured as she fondled
Nancy's breasts. Nancy nodded.

"First of all, we are going to put you on the padded table so that we
can both reach you easily."

They stood up and pulled Nancy to her feet and led her to the table.
Undressing her, the women laid Nancy on the table, with her legs hanging
down off the edge. They fastened her arms to the sides of the table, and
Sonia stood on one side of her and Mary on the other and they each took a
nipple and began to suck. It was heaven for Nancy. She was having her
breasts teased into life, gently and yet insistently. As sensations built
in her she started to whimper, wanting more than this.


The order was soft but there was a threat of force behind it. Nancy
obeyed. She felt hands exploring her stomach and then, heaven itself, the
top of her bush. Her legs parted without instruction and she felt a gentle
finger touch her small bud. As the stimulation continued she felt a second
hand slide beneath the first to reach her cunt. A finger slid into her
hole and rubbed against the other hand's attention to her clit. Nancy bit
back a moan of pleasure. She didn't know what would happen if she
disobeyed and made a noise. She felt herself come nearer to climax as the
torment continued. Then it stopped. Fingers and mouths were suddenly
removed from her body. Despite her intentions, she moaned in frustration.

"You were told to be quiet. Adam, lend me your whi–"

"No, Henry has some canes over here in this cupboard." Mary interrupted
Sonia. "I'll get one while you strap her legs to the table."

Sonia forced Nancy's knees apart and strapped them tightly to the edges
of the table; then she strapped her ankles to the table legs, completely
immobilising her. Nancy's thighs were parted so anyone could see – or
touch – her cunt with ease and she felt frightened.

"What are you going to do?"

"Teach you some manners!"

"Why don't you let her cum once and then teach her to wait for more?"
Adam called from the sofa on the other side of the courtyard. "It might be
more fun all round."

"No. Ah, thank you, Mary. Maybe this will teach you to do as you are

With this, Sonia began to thrash the bound girl's belly. Nancy yelped
with pain, but quickly realised that Sonia was intent on silencing her and
would continue to cane her till she stopped making any noise. The caning
carried on till Sonia was satisfied that she had silenced Nancy.

"Shall we start again?" she asked, not expecting an answer.

Nancy nodded.

"I expect no more noise from you unless Mary or I give you permission.
Failure to obey will result in a further caning, which will certainly break
your skin." Sonia ran her fingers across the so-tender skin; her hands were
surprisingly cool and somehow eased some of the fire. Nancy relaxed a

"Mary, which do you want?"

"I'll take her cunt, I think. I know you love tit-sucking,"

The women separated and Nancy felt Sonia suckle her tits while Mary
stroked her pubic hair, tormenting her by not quite touching her.

As her breasts came back to life, Nancy felt Mary's fingers probe her
lower lips and the fact that she was strapped to the table became a bonus.
It meant Mary had incredibly easy access to her hole, and she welcomed the
probing, teasing fingers. Mary found her bud and tickled it to life, and
then slid a finger deep into Nancy's cunt. In and out she slid her finger,
waiting for the signs of a climax to start. Soon Nancy was panting hard,
biting her lips to stop from making a sound. Mary stopped, but left her
finger in Nancy. Once the tide had died back a bit, Mary continued to
finger-fuck Nancy. Again she stopped before a climax. Nancy's senses were
on a knife-edge now; she had to cum. She just had to.

"Good girl. You are a quick learner," Mary said. "I wonder what you'll
do when I do this,"

'This' turned out to be sucking Nancy's cunt lips. The imprisoned girl nearly groaned as Mary's mouth touched her cunt. Mary nibbled at Nancy's
bud – making it grow so responsive and sensitive that there was another
infuriating pause while Mary waited for her to 'cool down' before licking
her way into Nancy's hot, soaking hole.

Nancy had no idea how long she was kept hovering at the edge of a
climax, but suddenly a gong sounded.

"Dinner time. We'll keep yours for you, as I'm sure the men will enjoy
you after dinner." Sonia announced, as she lifted her head from Nancy's
breasts. "Come along Adam, walk us into dinner."

They left her, strapped naked to the table, and went in to eat.

About an hour later, as the sun went down and Nancy began to feel
bitterly cold, the men ambled out into the courtyard for their after-dinner

"Look what we have here! Adam, you rogue, you knew. That's why you
suggested we come out here!" Ian exclaimed when he saw Nancy.

"Yes, the girls kept her for us. She is a quick learner, Henry old boy,
only took one caning to teach her to be quiet," Adam replied as he walked
over to the table.

"As I watched the preparation, I claim first go. Nancy, this session
you do not have to be quiet. Understand?"

She nodded.

Unfastening his trousers, he walked up to the table. Adam pulled his
stiffening cock out and rubbed its tip against the now cold cunt. He
pressed two fingers into her and roughly finger-fucked her into warmth and
wetness, then rammed his cock into her. He thrust himself into her,
demanding a release, not caring about her. He came before Nancy got close
to a climax; she was too cold for that just now. Leaving her feeling
unfulfilled, he walked away, back to the sofa he occupied earlier.

Ian came forward now. He stroked her breasts gently, but briefly, then
he too finger-fucked her, but he brought her to climax.

"Yes-ssss! Please, more sir, more!" Nancy moaned. At last she had been
allowed a climax. Then Ian pushed his cock into her, and, hands holding
her thighs, he fucked her slowly and leisurely.

"Yes! Oh-h-h-h! Yes. More – oh yesssssssss!" Nancy called out as her
body woke up and she climaxed again and again while Ian took his time
cumming. Finally he came and left her to Jack or Henry. These two tossed
for her. Henry lost and would wait till last.

"You look wonderful like that, Nancy. I must try Cesca like this." Jack
commented as he came towards her.

He bent to suck on her breasts – warming them properly – and Nancy
moaned with pleasure. Jack knew her body and knew what she liked as well
as what he liked.

"Come on Henry. Let's have a tandem," he called. Slowly Henry came
over and lowered his mouth to her cunt. A feather-soft kiss made her gasp.
She knew what would come next. Sure enough, Jack sucked her breasts till
they were tender. He loved making her moan with pleasure as he bit her
nipples while he sucked her soft flesh. Henry kissed her bush and found
her bud. With his tongue he tickled it to tightness while his fingers
explored her cunt.

"Oh Henry. Yes. More! Don't stop, Jack, I need you to torment me
more! Henry! Don't stop!"

Jack's cock had hardened as he sucked her. He knew that Henry had
well-lubricated her hole for him and quietly pushed his friend away from
her cunt and slid himself deep into her wetness. The familiarity of her
made him play with her bud as he thrust into her, listening to her cries of

"Yes. I want you to make me come again. Please. Yesssssssssssss!
Yes-ss! Oh – take me now."

Jack permitted himself to cum and he kissed her belly as he withdrew,
allowing Henry to have his turn.

Henry unfastened her legs and knees before sliding himself into her.
She wrapped her legs around him, holding him close to her. He filled her
completely and took her at a slightly different angle to the other men.
His cock grazed the neck of her womb as he thrust into her.

She scrammed her pleasure.

"Yes. I want you to make me come again, Henry. Please. Take me. Make
me come again! Yessss-ssss-sssssss! Oh yes. Yes. Yes. Yes."

She came against his thrusting cock, and again as he released his juices
into her. He kissed her as he undid her arms, and lifted her off the
table. Carrying her to the sofa, he called for his sister and asked her to
take Nancy to her room.

"Well, what do you think of my find?"

The others agreed that she had potential to be a wonderful sexual

The party had begun.

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without permission. -- Pursuant to the Berne
Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author
unless explicitly indicated.
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