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Project: SEAL Trance, Part 1

by Wrestlr and VA23456

[M/M, MC, hypno]

Disclaimer: There's sex, sodomy, and maybe a few other minor perversions
in this. If you don't like that sort of thing, read something else.
Everybody in the story is legal age. Parts of this story may be
autobiographical, or it might be all fiction---who can say?

Copyright - 2000 by Wrestlr and VA234556. Permission granted to archive
if and only if no fee (including any form of "Adult Verification") is
charged to read the file. If anyone pays a cent to anyone to read your
site, you can't use this without the express permission of (and payment to)
the authors. This paragraph must be included as part of any archive.

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Wrestlr's fiction is archived at the following URLs:

o (MC and general M/M




* * *

Project: SEAL Trance, Part 1


Even though Doc was a civilian, I stood up and saluted him crisply when
he walked over to the table. It was a combination of my military training
and the respect I had for Doc. It sort of just kicked in automatically.

As soon as he was close enough, I reached out for his hand saying,
"Fuck, man, it's sure good to see you again!"

See, I'd known Doc since I was in college, when I was just another jock
on the football team. Doc had come in and helped us with some
visualization techniques; he helped us get our mental games in gear, and
our win record that year was really impressive as a result. We came out of
nowhere as the team to beat, thanks to Doc. I owed him a lot.

Anyway, I hadn't seen him since I graduated, when I went right into the
Navy. I had started college as a shy guy--almost afraid of my own shadow.
Don't get me wrong, I was good at ball, and I got to be one of the best,
thanks to Doc. I was just your typical Frosh.

Thanks to my prowess in sports and Doc's visualization techniques, I
lost that shyness and gained confidence in my abilities. So much so that I
set some pretty high goals, one of which was to become the best of the
best, a Navy SEAL.

It took some time, but anything worthwhile is worth time and effort.
The training out in Coronado is a bitch, let me tell you. They work you
like a dog and beat you down 'til all that remains is the shell of what you
were. Then they fill you up with the teamwork and self-reliance needed to
make it out in the shit.

The best part was when the training got to be really tough, my
visualization training would kick in and I would become very focused. guys on the team had noticed it--hell, even the instructor SEALs noticed it.
After I told them about the visualization techniques I was using, they
started calling me the Viz Kid. I think they were jealous in a way. No
matter what they threw at me, I handled it. Hell, I conquered it! I
finished top in my class.

So I got my pick of SEAL teams. I of course picked SEAL TEAM 8, "Eight
Ball." They had a great reputation and Norfolk, Virginia is close to home.
So I was psyched when the detailers told me I got my first choice.

Now here he was, smiling back at me and saying how glad he was to hear
from me when I called. I had heard the Doc was now in the Norfolk area and
just knew he would want to hear from me. Okay, that and I wanted to brag
to him at how well I had done for myself. Doc always wanted us to push
ourselves to be as much as we could be.

I told him to have a seat, and we both sat down. He was saying
something about how military life obvious agreed with me, and I agreed
since I was in the best shape of my life. I was twenty-four, and I did
look damn good, especially in uniform.

I couldn't get over how Doc looked just the same as the last time I'd
seen him. He was taking good care of himself, staying in shape. His
jacket was the same one he liked to wear back then, and I was wondering if
he still kept that oversized watch in that velvet pouch in his pocket. His
hair was the same. Even his eyes, crystal-blue with these little gold
flecks like spokes in them--eyes that if I just looked a little deeper into
them almost seemed like they might start to turn like wheels.

Normally, sitting in a restaurant you can hear the clatter of plates and
people chatting at the table near you. Thing is, the more I noticed Doc's
eyes, the less I picked up on those distractions. It was as if I was back
on the football team and in Doc's visualization sessions. Full
concentration on him.

I could barely make out what he was saying to me. His words just
drifted by my consciousness, just catching a glimpse of it, like a sign
that goes by the window as you ride on a train. Doc was talking about the
good ol' days. At least that was what I could pick out of the words as
they slipped by my dulling mind.

"Remember how good it felt? When I hypnotized you? You were able to
focus and just relax and let go. Remember?"

"... yeah ..." It was a real effort an answer. My voice felt so quiet
and distant.

"You were such a very good subject. That Navy training has made you
even better. I don't even need my watch anymore with you, Chris. You're
already feeling that way again. So pleasant and so relaxed. The same way
you felt in school when you let me hypnotize you. You're letting me
hypnotize you again now, aren't you?"

"... yeah ..."

"Because it feels so good. You like feeling this relaxed, this deeply
relaxed, don't you? Just let your thoughts drift back to the old days,
Chris. Just listening to my voice helps you go back to that pleasantly
relaxed feeling you felt back then, doesn't it, Chris? The feeling you got
when you were hypnotized. The feeling you're getting again now. So
relaxed. Body so heavy. So relaxed. Getting so hard to think clearly.
Like you're drifting off to sleep, drifting back into that pleasant state
of hypnosis."

After that, it all felt so dreamlike. Doc paying the bill, walking me
to my car, and then driving back to my place. I just knew I needed to get
home. I would feel so much more relaxed at home. It was important to be

I seem to remember sitting in my bedroom, so relaxed, and talking about
the guys on the SEAL team with me: Justin, Kyle, Cole, and Josh. The voice
in my head wanted to know all about them. Justin was the tallest, leanest
in group, but lots of muscle. Kyle was short and blond like me, but had a
much larger build; he was all muscle, everyone in the gym stared at him
when he worked out. Cole was the surfer boy in the group; nice bod, lean,
not big, not small, and always tan. Josh, well, Josh was the only one with
black hair. His green eyes set it off well, and he too was the
lean-muscled type. He was the innocent one of the group--reminded me a lot
of myself when I was a freshman in college, actually.

I woke up the next morning, remembering a great dinner with Doc and a
promise to see him again soon. That's when the idea popped in my head--I
could make my new SEAL team even better than we were now by sharing Doc's
visualization techniques with them. The guys on the team had heard about
my Viz Kid reputation and wanted to know more. I was sure I could convince
them it was a great idea. We would kick ass! I only hoped Doc was cool
with this. I hadn't even asked him yet, and here I was recruiting my team
without his okay. Something just told me he would do it. After all, he
loved me.

The Team

I couldn't wait to tell the guys about my idea. It was as if I knew
just what to say. "Guy," I told them later when I met up with them, "what
would you say if I told you I had a way to turn us into the best fucking
team of SEALS ever?"

Kyle laughed and said, "Whaddya mean? We're already the best team
around," and the guys all agreed.

"No, I mean make us really the best. We can take it to the next level."

Kyle gave me a look. "Keep talking, Chris."

"When I was in college, I was this shy guy with a football scholarship.
I was good enough to get on the team but I was nothing special, know what I
mean? There was this guy on the faculty and he came in and taught us some
exercises that really helped us get our mental games in order. I know it
helped me come out of my shell and helped me concentrate on football. We
kicked ass every season."

Cole and Josh looked interested. Justin looked uncertain; he asked me,
"You're talking about those visualization exercises of yours?"


Kyle shrugged, "So? Are you wanting to teach them to us? That what
you're saying?"

"Kind of. See, last night I ran into the guy on the faculty who taught
them to me. He's here in town. I'm sure he'd be willing to teach you guys too. Think about it--it's the perfect solution."

Kyle turned away. He had started having a serious attitude problem
lately, and I knew what was coming. He said dismissively, "No, thanks.
Not interested."

"Huh? Kyle? Weren't you listening? That's just the kind of
concentration problem I'm talking about. These exercises can help. Trust
me--they worked for me back in college and they still do. All we need is
for my friend Doc to teach you guys how to do them too, and then you can do
them on your own."

Kyle gave me a hard look. He sounded a little angry. "There's nothing
wrong with my concentration, Chris." See, Kyle has been thinking he should
be in charge, not me--I could always see it in his eyes. Kyle was
ambitious. I'm a Lieutenant, Junior Grade--LT, they call it--and he
thought he should be at least my rank by now. Lately his attitude had
bordered on insubordination. Still, he was part of my team.

"Kyle, yes, there is. I'm not placing blame--we're a team and it's all
our problem. And anyway, if we're all using these exercises, we'll all be
working our peak out there. We'll be the best fucking team of SEALS this
place has ever seen."

"Chris, we're already the best. Everyone knows it."

"But we could be a lot better. If all it took was calling yourself the
best, every-fucking-body would be the best. This could be our edge. We
gotta be so in synch, it's like we're inside each other's heads. It's
worked for me since college."

"Earth to Chris. Earth to Chris. This is not college football. This
is not a game played by a bunch of college boys. It's a whole different
world out there."

"That's exactly what I mean, Kyle. But you know these exercises have
worked for me out there. Sure, I learned them in college, but they work
everywhere. I'm proof of that. They can help us get past the
concentration problems we've been having."

"Yeah, well, all I can say is, good for you, Viz Kid" Kyle said. He
wouldn't look me in the eye. "But I'm not the one with the concentration
issues, and I'm just not interested. Right, guys?"

Justin agreed. Cole looked unsure of himself but he agreed too. I was
pretty disappointed, and I guess it showed because the guys looked vaguely
embarrassed and kept looking away.

Only Josh was looking at me. Like I said earlier, he reminded me a lot
of myself when I was a shy freshman. He didn't say anything, but I could
tell he was considering my idea. All I could hope was that he was
considering what I'd said. This was somehow really important to me.

Josh came up to me later, when the others were somewhere else. "What
you were talking about earlier ..."

"The visualization?"

"Yeah. Were you serious? Do you really think it can help?"

"Buddy, I know it can. Look what it's done for me."

"Well ..." Like I said, he's really shy. "I--I think I'd like to learn
them too. If you think they would work for me?"

I tried hard not to grin. "Hell, yeah, they'll work for you!" I told
Josh to come over to my apartment that night at 20:00 hours, and he agreed.

Now all I had to do was see if Doc was free tonight and willing. I
found a phone and some privacy. What was his number? Somehow, I knew just
what to dial. I guess he told me last night at dinner?

Anyway, Doc seemed really pleased to hear from me. He kept saying how
glad he was that I called. His voice, so low and smooth, was going off
like a purr in my ear. Yeah, Doc said he was willing to help Josh learn to
relax, just like he'd helped me learn, just like I was relaxing now. Yeah,
he was right--I was starting to feel more relaxed just listening to him,
letting all the stress of the day slip away.

I snapped out of it all of a sudden. Nothing but the dial tone on the
phone, so I hung up. Guess I'd been daydreaming? I remembered Doc saying
he was willing to help and he'd meet us at my apartment.

Team Therapy

And Doc showed up just like he promised. In fact, he was half an hour
early. I had just gotten home and changed into some civvies when he
knocked. I shook his hand with a grin and invited him in.

"Hope you don't mind if I came by a little early," he said as we had a
seat in my living room. "I thought it might be best if we talked a little
about Josh in detail before he gets here." He was looking me right in the
eye, an even stare, and I was looking right back. "Details--anything
specific you can think of about him and what motivates him--will help me
select the best strategy for teaching him these exercises." You know I want
what's best for your team, don't you."

"Yes, and I really apprec--"

"Shhhh. Just relax and think about Josh. It's so easy for you to
relax, just the way I taught you, and so easy for you to tell me all about
Josh as you start relax more and more. That's it." I was feeling that
familiar feeling steal over me, and I didn't fight it. I wanted it--it was
for the best, so Doc could help Josh. "That's it. So deeply relaxed.
Now, tell me all about Josh,"

I felt so incredibly relaxed and focused at the same time. I heard my
voice from somewhere far away, describing Josh, what he was like, his
style, what made him tick, everything Doc asked about.

"That's good," Doc said. "Now, we have a little while left before Josh
gets here. I know you're so tired, so tired and sleepy. Why don't you
close your eyes for a while and sleep?" And I did.

Josh's knock woke me. Well, not woke me exactly. I opened my eyes, and
I looked around, but I still felt really relaxed. I got up. Opened the
door. Welcomed Josh inside. Introduced him to Doc. I had a seat off to
the side while Doc took over.

Doc was sitting on the couch, adjacent to Josh in the chair. Josh
looked a little nervous. Doc made small talk, getting to know him. I
could tell Doc was studying Josh's reactions and body language as he asked
Josh where he was from, why he joined the military, what he liked about
being a SEAL. Josh seemed to loosen up after a little while. See, Doc has
this way of establishing a rapport with you and putting you right at ease.

Doc said, "Josh, do you have a good imagination?"

"I think so, yeah."

"If you're ready, I'd like to try to walk you through a visualization
exercise. Do you think you'd like to try it?"

Josh looked over at me, I must have looked pretty comfortable with the
whole thing. I felt so dreamy, yet my eyes seemed to stare at Josh and let
him know everything was all right, 'cause when he looked at me he seemed to
make up his mind to give the stuff a try.

Josh said, "Sure, I guess so."

"Don't worry. It's a very easy one. Just to show you what it's like.

Seeing me smile again, Josh seemed to relax even more.


Doc said, "For now, put your hands on your thighs, just like this." He
demonstrated, and Josh copied him. "Now, I want you to look out here at my
hand. In a moment, I'm going to ask you to picture a scene in your
imagination. Visualize it and see it in front of your eyes. As you do,
I'm going to bring my hand up in front of your eyes, like this." Doc had
the index and middle fingers of his right hand pointed like a V, and he
held them just above Josh's eyebrows. "As you tell me about the scene,
I'll pass my hand down in front of your eyes. What I want you to do is
keep your eyes fixed on my fingers. I may give you some instructions, but
I don't want you to interrupt your description. It's okay to follow my
instructions, but I don't want you to stop describing the scene you've
pictured. Think you can do all that?"

"Sure. I guess so."

"Ready to give it a try?"


"Josh, just sit and relax. This is an easy way to test your imagination
in a few ways. I'll describe what I want you to visualize and, while
you're looking at my fingers and visualizing it, I'll ask you a few
questions about what you see. Okay?"


"Josh, you can drive a car, can't you?"


Doc held his hand up again, the fingers in that V. "Fix your eyes on my
fingers." Josh did, looking up to see Doc's angled fingertips. "Now
imagine you're in the driver's seat of your car. You're driving somewhere.
You know just what the inside of your car looks like, the dashboard. I
want you to imagine you're looking at the speedometer. When you see it
very clearly, just nod your head."

Josh nodded solemnly.

"Where is the speedometer? In the center of the controls, or to your
right or your left?"

"The middle."

"Is it circular, semi-circular, horizontal, or vertical?"


Doc drew his hand down slowly, a finger moving down in front of each
eye. Josh's eyes followed Doc's fingers. "Now I'm passing my hand down in
front of your eyes, and as I do, let your eyelids close." Josh closed his
eyes. "All right, what color is the needle on the speedometer, the one
that indicates the speed."


"Can you see all of it clearly in your imagination?"


"Now your eyes are down. I want you to relax every tiny muscle and
nerve in and around your eyelids. Can you feel them relaxing?"


"That's very good. Now, open your eyes."

Josh's eyelids opened but they kept slipping, blinking.

"Good. Now, let's test your imagination in another way. We learned a
couple of things about your imagination right then. This time when you
close your eyelids down, imagine you're at the beach." Doc returned his
fingers to their original position at Josh's forehead. He drew them down
again, and Josh's fluttering eyes followed them. "Close your eyes."

Josh's eyelids closed.

"I want you to imagine that you're at the beach. When you see the scene
clearly in your imagination, nod your head."

After a moment, Josh nodded.

"Fine. Now, look around you at this place and tell me what you see. Do
you see the waves?"


"Describe them for me."

"They're ... coming in ... Breaking on the ... shore ..."

"That's very good. Now, open your eyes."

Josh's eyelids opened but not all the way.

"Could you see all in your imagination as clearly as a mental picture?
That shows you have a good imagination, because you had to create the
scenes in the picture. Now, we'll go to the other extreme and find out how
well you can imagine a simple, single object. This time when you close
your eyelids, imagine that you're looking at a full moon."

Doc held his fingers up to Josh's forehead. He drew them down again and
said. "Close your eyes. Now, relax the tiny muscles and nerves around
your eyes again. When you know that you've relaxed them so much that they
wouldn't work even if you wanted them to, test them. You'll see that
you've relaxed them completely. Now, relax them so much that they wouldn't
work even if you wanted them to. Now test them."

Josh's eyes did not reopen.

"All right, that's fine, Josh. Stop trying, and just relax and let
yourself go deeper now. Josh, I want you to imagine that you are looking
out your bedroom window. It's night time, and you're looking up at a full
moon. To help you to see the full moon, I want you to now to roll your
eyeballs back up, with you eyelids remaining closed. Roll your eyeballs
back up in your head as if you could see the full moon right up here." Doc
touched the middle of Josh's forehead lightly. "Roll your eyeballs way
back up in your head and, as you do, your eyelids lock tightly closed, and
the more you try to open them, the tighter they are locking closed, and if
you try now to open your eyelids, you find they're locking tighter and
tighter. Stop trying. Just relax and sleep. Let a good and pleasant
feeling now come over your body. Let every muscle and nerve in your body
goes limp and loose. Breathe easily and deeply and send a wave of deep
relaxation from the top of your head to the top of your toes. That will
double your present level of relaxation. That's good. You've relaxed your
body, and you've relaxed your mind. You've gone into a much deeper state
of hypnosis."

Doc slid a little closer to Josh. "Josh, can you recall a time when you
were totally motivated?"

"... yes ..."

"Can you recall a specific time?"

"... yes ..."

"As you go back to that time now, tell me, what was the very first thing
that caused you to be totally motivated?"

"... team ..."

"What was the very first thing that caused you to be totally motivated?"

"... pride ..."

"After you felt that, what was the very next thing that happened as you
were totally motivated? Did you picture something in your mind, or say
something to yourself?"

"... yes ..."

"What happens when you're totally motivated? Are you the best?"

"... yes ..."

"Good, Josh. Just relax now. I'm going to help you go back to that
totally motivated place when you need to. I'm going to help you be the

Doc looked around at me. He said, "Chris, this may take some time, and
you seem to be very tired. Why don't you let yourself relax and go back
into that deep, peaceful hypnotic sleep you were enjoying so much earlier?
Yes, you can already feel yourself relaxing back into a deep, hypnotic

I felt it coming over me, like a slow, dark tide. As my eyes began to
close, a short flash of concern for Josh hit me, but it was quickly washed
away by my growing need to rest, and I slept.


To say I was a little nervous was an understatement. I mean, here I was
the youngest member of the team going over to my LT j.g.'s apartment for a
visualization session. Hell, I wasn't even sure what visualization was.
What I did know was that one of my buds that went through Coronado with my
LT said he was amazing. They never broke him. Viz Kid, as he was called,
became a legend in the time that he spent there. If this visualization was
the reason, I wanted in.

See, I'm a good SEAL, part of the team, but the other guy--Justin, Kyle,
and Cole--were so much more outgoing and self-assured. The LT was even
more so; when we hit the field, he was like a machine, Even the guys were
jealous. Yah, I guess I look up to the LT--but then, who wouldn't?

I must have stood at that door for a good ten minutes. I was so
anxious, I got there a little early. I could hear them talking in there,
but the pounding of my heart was too loud to hear over. Okay, I'm a SEAL
but, hell, this was different than anything they taught back in SanDOG.
"Okay, Josh, just bang on the door and get this thing going," I ordered
myself. The LT answered the door. He had that funny look on his face,
like he gets when we're out in the field. He must have been working on
something pretty intense.

LT made the introductions, "Hey, Josh--come on in. Doc beat you over
here. Doc, this is one of the guys on my team, Josh Schwartz. Josh, this
is Doc."

I shook his hand. Strong handshake--good sign of a strong personality.
The Doc had that air of self-confidence about him. Most SEALs you meet
have it, but Doc had a way of making you feel relaxed with it, where as
most of us SEALs use it to intimidate you.

LT just sat in the chair with a small smile on his face, like he was
daydreaming. At the time, he just looked like he was very comfortable with
the Doc. Still, it was the only time I had ever seen him not take the role
as a leader. I guess the Doc could tell I was a bit nervous. He never
mentioned the visualization stuff, at first. We just shot the shit about
this and that. Some of the usual: why did you want to be a SEAL, and was
the training hard? The usual stuff. Some of it got a bit more personal
about my goals and personal history, but LT seemed to trust him and the
more we talked the more comfortable I felt around him.

After a while, Doc brought up the visualization thing. It was so
non-threatening at this point, I nearly missed the question.

Doc said, "Josh, do you have a good imagination?"

Sorta caught me off-guard. I came up with some lame response like, "I
think so, yeah."

"If you're ready, I'd like to try to walk you through a visualization
exercise. Do you think you'd like to try it?"

Again, another lame, "I guess so," and he started to show me where to
put my hands and stuff. After a while, I started to really relax. You
know that sinking feeling in your chest and body when you're drifting off
to sleep in front of the TV? That is exactly what I felt like--part of me
wanting to wake up for some silly reason, and the other part falling away
fast. After that, I started to dream.

I dreamt of the time I was trying out for my school's gymnastics team. I
remember failing as a freshman to get on the team. That summer was the
most intense summer of my life. All I did was eat, sleep, and dream
motivation for getting on that team! I was so focused at my trials the
next year, all I can really remember is the rings. Not the crowd, the
coach, or my folks--nothing. All I remember are those rings and my body
flying around like I was permanently connected to them.

I love dreams like this. It was like I am there all over again! That's
when I heard this voice inside telling me that this feeling of motivation
and concentration will stay with me even after the dream fades. That it
will be replaced with a new image.

When I opened my eyes--why I'm not sure--they just did--I could see the
LT sitting there. Asleep from what I could tell. "That's it, Josh ..."
Doc's voice? "See Chris over there. Sleeping so restfully. He is the
symbol of all that motivates you. He is such a perfect example of what a
SEAL should be, isn't he?"

It all came together in that instant. The LT was the way I could become
a kick-ass SEAL. I was good enough to pass the initial tests, but the LT
was the reason I was going to kick it into high speed. He was the reason
my concentration was so strong. The voice in my head kept telling me how
concentrated I became when I saw the LT. Sometimes the voice sounded like
the Doc, but mostly, it was my voice. Well, I think it was.

LT started to wake up, but he still looked out of it. His body had that
relaxed look to it. His eyes seemed distant, yet to me that seemed to be
the concentration that I wanted. Doc was talking to the LT. Seems the LT
had not had sex in some time. He was horny. Doc had an amazing ability to
pick up on the very thing that was going through your mind. Sure enough,
the LT did have that look of lust I've seen on many a sailor when they get
into their first liberty port. Hell, he must have had a big cock 'cause
you could see it growing in the shorts he had on. At first I looked away
from it, but then that voice came back, telling me to keep looking, telling
me it was okay to look. The LT was my motivation, and I should follow his
lead here just like in the field. His concentration was my concentration.

"Team ... (relax) ... motivation ... (relax) ... LT ...
(relax)"--these words kept flashing in front of my eyes even though I was
staring at the LT. Doc was telling him it was okay to reach in and get his
cock out. At first, that made me feel uneasy, but those words flashed
again, and the Doc's voice was telling us to relax and enjoy the feeling,
and that soon resolved my concerns. I felt safe. I found myself mirroring
the LT. I wanted to be just like him, another Viz Kid. My hand reaching
into my pants and pulling my cock out just like my LT was doing. Soon I
had his rhythm down. We were so into each other, I forgot that anyone was
with us until the Doc mentioned how hot the LT's body was. How anyone
looking at it couldn't help but be impressed.

Doc was talking about how hot it was where we were. He was right--I was
boiling in this place. Clothes seemed so stifling. 'Course, the LT always
knew how to handle things. He started to strip off his clothes: first his
shirt, then his shorts, and socks. It was amazing how he affected me. I
found myself naked along with the LT. My hands had mirrored Chris'. So
there we stood, facing each other. I felt like I was looking at a mirror,
seeing the reflection of the man that I wanted to be. Both our hands
jerking our engorged cocks. It felt so good. So relaxing to just drift in
this state and jerk my cock. I was so horny; I hadn't gotten laid in a
long time.

Doc's voice returned to me. That smooth quiet purr in my ear. I
couldn't make out the words exactly--I was too concentrated on that body I
wanted. Following its every move. The more I watched, the more Doc
whispered in my ear. I found myself looking at the LT's cock. Doc was
talking about how a man's power is centered in his cock. That throughout
the centuries, man's power came from his cock and what it produced.

That small voice returned to the one that sounded like mine, telling me,
"Man's cock is the source of his power, his energy, what makes him
motivated. The source of his motivation." At first, it didn't make sense
to me. I had noticed cocks before, but I always tried not to, other than
real quickly to see who I was bigger than. I never wanted to deal with why
I kept wanting to look. But the more I heard the voice, the more I
realized the truth in the words. Cocks were the source of power. The LT's
motivation came from his cock. That must be where the Viz Kid got it.

Somehow, the voice walked me over to the LT. It was like floating on
air. Suddenly, I was in front of the LT. He was telling me how badly his
cock needed help. Doc was talking about how it was okay to help out a
friend. He was right. Even more so, that cock had the answer I was
looking for. It was the source of the LT's power of concentration. I just
knew it. Something inside me told me so.

I was so motivated to be like the LT, I sank to my knees and took his
hard meat into my mouth. I was new at sucking cock, but the small voice
guided me along, telling me what to do and how to do it, until I could hear
the LT moan in pleasure. I was in heaven. I was pleasing my LT, helping
out a member of the team, and going to get that power of concentration I so
desperately needed to be a great SEAL. Just like my LT.

Pretty soon, my hand pumping on my own cock and my mouth engulfing the
LT's, we both started to moan and feel that electric buzz you get when
you're close to cumming. Somehow we had both come to the climax at the
same time. As if on cue. We both blew our loads at the same time. The LT
screamed out, his cum splattering in my mouth and my own load blowing over
the LT's leg. We were so connected, if I didn't know better I would have
thought I blew a load in my own mouth.

I have to admit, after I cum I'm like any other guy. I get sleepy and
just want to crash. As I drifted off to sleep, I could hear Doc telling us
how it was okay to sleep. It was important to get lots of sleep if we were
to be great SEALS.

My eyes flew open at the sound of the buzzer on my nightstand.
Whoa!--how the heck did I get here? I scratched my head as I walked to the
bathroom. I was at home but couldn't remember how I had gotten there. I
could remember going over the LT's house meeting the Doc, talking about the
visualization techniques, and that's it. All that other stuff--that had to
be a dream.

As I showered, images would flash in my head whenever I closed my eyes
and let the hot water relax me. Nothing ever formed though. Every time I
tried to concentrate on the images, the words "team--motivation--LT" would
pop into my head, and I would lose what I was trying to recall.

By the time I was in my uniform and out the door, I couldn't even recall
what I dreamed about. What I did notice is how the colors of the day
seemed ... sharper, somehow. Like I was really seeing things the way I
should for the first time.


You should have seen them out there. We hit the field, and I was
thinking, Damn!

Okay, Chris was good, really good--always has been. The real change was
Josh. Before, he'd always been good enough out there. He pulled his own
weight but he was nothing special. Over the last week, though, something
was happening. We hit the field, and he was right up with Chris. Always
right on the mark. Chris would make a move, and Josh would be right there,
always backing him up. It was like watching two parts of the same soldier.
Like they knew exactly where the other was, what he was doing, and what he
was going to do next. They even had that same incredibly focused look on
their faces, the one Chris always gets, the one that says they're aware of
everything around them and nothing can distract them from doing what needs
to be done. They swept through like a machine. They were fucking on
it--on, on, on! It was textbook. Even Kyle was impressed--not that he
would admit it.

So afterward, I cornered Josh and asked him what was going on out there.
He seemed to be thinking of something else and didn't seem to hear me for a
second, then he kind of shook his head like he was snapping out of a
daydream. I thought to myself, Hmm, just like Chris, sometimes.

That probably should have bee my first clue. I mean, Josh is a nice
guy, but there's always been something about him that made me wonder, you
know? And he was always puppy-dogging the LT. But something going on
between Josh and the LT? Nah--Chris was too straight-arrow for that.

Anyway, so I asked Josh what was going on out there. Josh asked me if I
remembered last week when Chris was talking about his visualization stuff.
I said yeah, because I remembered how Kyle pretty much blew Chris off, and
I remembered thinking, oh shit, because you just don't do that to your LT.
I remembered I felt kind of embarrassed by the whole thing, and that's why
I was glad they let it drop pretty quickly.

Josh told me he had gone to Chris and said he wanted to learn, and Chris
and this Doc friend of his had been teaching Josh those visualization
techniques over the last week. He said it was about the team, about
motivation, and about the LT, which I didn't really understand. He said it
really helped his focus and motivation out there. If that was the cause, I
couldn't argue with the results. I was thinking, Hmm ... wonder if it
would work for me too.

So I went looking for Chris and told him I wanted in on this.


When Cole said he wanted to learn the techniques, I could tell right
away how happy Chris was. See, he really wanted to do what was best for
the team, and it was kind of eating at him that no one else wanted to try
the exercises--especially the way Kyle just sort of dismissed the whole
thing like it was bullshit. Obviously it wasn't bullshit--it worked for
Viz Kid and now it was working for me. Yeah, just call me Viz Kid Mark II.

So I went over to Chris' place, same as I had every night for the last
week. "Oh, hey," he said when he answered the door, "I was just changing
clothes." Which explained why he was in his uniform pants with no shirt on.
I was still in my uniform because I'd come directly over and hadn't taken
time out to go back to my place to change.

I followed him back to his bedroom and we made small talk while he
finished changing. He turned his back modestly to me and dropped his pants
and underwear. I couldn't help but look. His naked ass fascinated me.
The LT was a good-looking man, and he had a great body, a great ass. I
caught myself wondering what his ass would feel like if I just reached out
and squeezed it. Hard like a cantaloupe, or soft like a woman's butt? I'd
shut thoughts like that out of my head for so long, and I noticed I was
beginning to feel more comfortable with them. I mean, who wouldn't want to
touch an ass like that?

The LT pulled on a pair of gray gym shorts and a tee-shirt. I didn't
see anything much--meaning I didn't see his cock--but my own cock was
stirring, and I kept hearing this little voice in the back of my head
telling me that was all right. Sounded like my voice.

"Hey, I've got some shorts and a tee-shirt, if you want to get out of
that uniform," the LT said, and I said okay. We were about the same size,
so they'd fit. I said sure and he handed me a pair of gym shorts nearly
like his and a tee-shirt. I turned my back and stripped down. Normally, I
guess I would have kept my underwear on, but the LT had stripped all the
way, and I wanted to do it just like he did. I knew he was looking at
me--I practically felt his eyes on me, evaluating me, and I hoped he liked
what he saw. Being naked and knowing I was being watched made my cock
start to rise, so I got those shorts on pronto. The tee-shirt too. Yeah,
they fit just fine. I felt good getting out of my uniform but ...
somehow, I felt especially good in the LT's clothes. It was like I was
connected to him, carrying some part of him and his motivation close to me.
I liked that feeling.

The LT offered me a beer, and we sat around shooting the shit. We heard
these footsteps outside and I knew it was Doc--I recognized the purposeful
way he walked. I felt myself starting to relax and let go of the stress of
the day just knowing Doc was nearly here.

We both stood up and the LT opened the door, and Doc came on in. I
liked the way his eyes bored into mine when he grinned and said hello and
shook my hand. The more I looked into his eyes, the more some part of me
started slipping, and I was willing to let it go.

Doc told us to sit down, and we did. I liked listening to Doc's
voice--it helped me relax. The LT and I talked about our day, how well
things had gone out on the field. Doc said to me, "Josh, tell me your
motivation key words. Say them out loud."

I said, "Team, motivation, LT," and I felt a little light-headed, like I
was easing back into that highly focused state Doc always helped me reach.

Doc said, "That's fine. Take a deep breath. Now I'm going to help you
relax. Say them again."

"Team, motivation, LT."

When I said, "LT," Doc reached out and touched the middle of my forehead
and said, "Relax now," and everything fell away as I dropped back into that
state where my body was limp and relaxed but my mind was incredibly
concentrated on Doc.

Doc helped the LT relax too, just like me, and then he spent some time
helping us reinforce out techniques. He asked the LT to tell him all about
Cole, and the LT started talking. He sounded kind of distracted and quiet,
but he told Doc everything about him. Doc nodded and said, "Thanks, Chris.
I'll use that information to help make Cole a better SEAL. You know I want
what's best for your team."

That's when Cole knocked on the door. Doc said to us, "Just act
normally--the same way you would if you were wide awake. So easy to act
and speak normally. Chris, why don't you let him in?"

Cole must have gone by his place to change out of his uniform 'cause he
was in khaki shorts and a white wife-beater tee-shirt. We introduced him
to the Doc. It felt like I was moving underwater or in slow motion, and
Cole looked at the LT and me funny a time or two, but he didn't say

Doc told Cole to have a seat on the couch and Doc took the chair next to
him. The LT and me, we sat down opposite Cole, but Cole wasn't paying much
attention to us except occasionally. See, Doc had this strong, commanding
presence that made you want to pay attention to him--it was just natural.


So I'm sitting there and the guy named Doc is asking me a lot of
questions. Yeah, I did well in school, and math was my best subject, but I
always liked surfing a lot more. Yeah, my cousin taught me how to surf
when I was 12, and I love it. Yeah, I've always liked the ocean, and I
always knew I'd be doing something related to it. Yeah, since I love the
ocean, going into the Navy seemed like a natural choice--plus I thought it
would give me a chance to see the world. Yeah, I love being a SEAL, more
than anything I've ever done in my life, except surfing.

Doc said a lot of competitive surfers used visualization techniques and
he was sure I'd find ways to apply them to all sorts of different areas in
my life, not just SEAL stuff. When he mentioned the surfing angle, I got
to admit I was hooked.

Doc said I was pretty analytical and always thinking in the field. I
guess that's a pretty accurate assessment. Sometimes, though, I can get to
thinking too much and I can't always filter out what's vital from what's
secondary. Concentration--I guess that was my issue. He also said he
thought I liked things to be ordered and everything in its place, and he
was right there too. Maybe that's why I have some trouble filtering shit
out in the chaos when we're in the field.

He asked if I was ready to start, and I said sure. I mean, I was
getting a little antsy just sitting and talking to him. It was like he was
interviewing me or something, and Chris and Josh weren't saying much of

Doc demonstrated how he wanted me to sit--up straight with my hands
resting on my thighs. He told me to close my eyes too. Okay--that was
easy. Doc said he wanted me to think about some particular moments in my
past--things like how if felt the first time I got out on a surf board by
myself, how I felt when I passed my SEAL training in SanDOG, how I felt
after a really good exercise in the field, things that gave me a real sense
of accomplishment--and he said he wanted me to "anchor" those feelings so I
could go back to them when he asked me to in a few minutes.

Doc said he wanted to try a relaxation exercise, and I said sure. He
had me start with tensing my toes, holding it, then relaxing them. Then my
calves, thighs, and so on until we'd done my whole body. I guess I did
feel more relaxed after it, but Doc didn't stop.

"All right," he said. "That's fine, Cole. I want you to close your
eyes. Just relax. I'm going to raise your hand by grasping your right
thumb in my fingers, like this." I had my eyes closed, like he said, but I
felt him take hold of my thumb. "As I lift your hand, just let it hang
limply in my fingers." He lifted my hand by my thumb and gave it a little
shake, like a rag. "That's it--let it hang limply. That's good. When I
drop it," he said, "let it drop like a rag, a limp, wet rag. When you hand
touches your body, I want you to send a wave of relaxation from the top of
your head all the way down to the tips of your toes. That will double your
present level of relaxation." That seemed kind of weird to me, but okay--I
was willing to go along. Then he did the same thing with my other hand.

Doc told me, "Now that your body is relaxed, Cole, I'm going to show you
how to relax your mind. Listen very carefully. When I touch your
forehead, I want you to begin counting backward from 100 down to 1, like
this: 100, 99, 98, and so on. I think you'll find that after counting just
a few numbers, you'll find those numbers disappearing. You'll find your
mind has become so relaxed that you'll just let the numbers slip out of
your mind. Don't worry if that happens. Just try to keep counting as long
as you can. Think you can do that?"

I nodded. This seemed pretty easy.

Doc said, "All right, Cole, get ready now. Three, two, one."

Doc tapped me on my forehead, and I began counting. "100, 99, 98 ..."

Doc said, "Good. Slow them down."

"97 ... 96 ..."

After each number, Doc would say, "That's good," or "Fine." When I went
past "90," Doc said, "That's it. Start relaxing them out of your mind."

I kept counting, but I was starting to have trouble remembering which
number came next. Doc kept saying, "Let them relax out of your mind now,"
or "Let them fade away completely." I think I skipped some numbers or
repeated some, but I tried to keep counting as long as I could.

Finally, I couldn't seem to think of what number came next. Doc said,
"You did fine, Cole. You've relaxed your body, you've relaxed your mind,
and you've gone into a deep state of hypnosis. Just let yourself sleep
now." And after that, everything just faded out for a while.


Doc said something to me, and I opened my eyes. At some point, I had
closed them. Now Doc was calling to me. I opened my eyes, but my head
felt all sluggish. I knew I was still in that highly focused visualization

I looked over at Cole. He was slouched on the couch, his head back. He
seemed to be asleep. He must have been having a sexy dream, 'cause he had
a lump in the front of his shorts.

That voice was speaking in the back of my head, the one that started off
sounding like Doc but turned into my voice. I looked at that lump, and I
understood. Cole was a pretty motivated guy--almost as motivated as the
LT. I could take some motivation from Cole too and be twice as motivated.

I climbed out of my chair and knelt between Cole's spread legs. He
wouldn't mind. He'd want what was best for the team--he'd want me to be
motivated. I opened the fly of his khaki shorts. He would want this. He
would want to share his motivation with me.

I pushed aside the flaps of his shorts and his underwear. His cock was
hard--long, sleek, tapering to an uncut tip. The source of his power. The
source of his motivation. He was ready to share it with me. I bent over
his cock. His shorts kept me from getting more that the first three or
four inches in my mouth but that was enough. Cole groaned and stirred a
little in his sleep. He would want this. He did want it. He was about to
share his motivation with me.

That's when his rod exploded in my mouth, and I took it all into me. I
felt connected to him too, and I felt his motivation feeding into me.

When I had taken all he had to share, I looked up at Doc. Doc said
something--I don't rememberwhat, because he didn't say it to me.

I felt the LT's hand on my ass, and I understood. He was going to feed
me more motivation now but in a new way, a more effective way. I had
anchors my hands on the couch, one on each side of Cole's hips. The LT
pulled my shorts--his shorts--down off my hips and I stepped out of them. I
spread my legs to give him access. His tongue slid into my ass crack,
licking at my hole, probing it, helping it relax. Yes, all I had to do was

This was going to hurt at first. That was okay. I'd be even more
motivated after this. That little voice in my head was helping me relax,
telling me the LT was doing this because it was for the good of the team. I
was a SEAL; I could take it.

It did hurt too. When the LT started pushing his dick into my ass, it
hurt like hell. That voice in my head kept talking me through it, helping
me relax, relax more, helping me take it. His cock was the source of his
power, and I wanted to take it. Pretty soon, something happened, and the
pain became something else. I began to feel these little jolts of pleasure
up inside. I knew that was the LT motivating me, giving me more of his
motivation than before. Pretty soon, the pain is something different, some
buzz of pleasure running throughout my body. My cock was hard, and I
started jacking it too, and that helped me feel even better.

The LT started groaning. My ass was siphoning the motivation right out
of him. My voice in my head said it was okay to cum, and my balls started
boiling. The LT slammed his cock into me one last time, setting on a final
burst of ecstasy inside me as he fed me his load, his motivation. I'm
going over the brink too, and shooting my spunk onto Cole's leg and shorts.

Yeah. I could feel it inside me. The LT pulled his softening cock out
of me, and I was already missing the feel of it in me. Doc said something
about how tired we must be after all that effort, how good it would feel to
sleep after such a great orgasm, and my eyes began to close.


Yes, I've got an attitude. You can't be a good SEAL without one, if you
ask me, and I'm one of the best. In my own humble opinion, that is. I
know the other guys think it's a problem, but it's not. They're just
jealous. They think I'm immature, but I'm not. One of these days, I'm
going to fucking show them--you just watch.

Yes, I've heard all about Chris and how his damn visualization shit got
him through training. Top-ranked too. Yeah, yeah, I think everybody in
the whole fucking world has heard about Chris and his visualization shit.
Sure, he's good, but I'm just so damn sick of hearing how hot shit he is.

See, I'm good too. It's just no one has noticed yet. I should be at
least his rank and pay grade by now, but the bureaucrats in the
administration have been keeping me down. Maybe it's because Chris was
some kind of football star in college, but he's gotten a lot of breaks I
haven't. If I had gotten those breaks, I'd be right up there where he is
too--or even higher by now. I'm not in this for a damn job the way some
guys are--I'm career, and I'm going straight to the fucking top.

When Chris offered to teach his exercises to us, I was like, Fuck that!
Yeah, I could have said okay and tried them out. Maybe they would have
helped me a little. But see, I was already damn good, and I didn't think a
bunch of "picture yourself as a winner" shit would do me a bit of good. I
knew Chris was kinda pissed when I blew him off, but hey, sometimes the
truth hurts, you know?

I knew Josh started trying those visualization exercises. I mean, Josh
is always puppy-dogging the LT like he's in love with him or something, and
who could miss how his expression spaced-out sometimes in the field, just
like Chris' did. Okay, I admit--it did seem to help him. Josh was an okay
SEAL before but nothing special. He was kind of our weak link sometimes.
After he started using that visualization shit, Josh got to be pretty good.
Okay, I admit I was pretty impressed sometimes.

Then a week or so later, Cole starts turning all spacey-looking too.
Chris, Josh, and Cole were zooming through the field exercises like they
couldn't make a mistake. Justin and me, we just looked at each other and
thought, Daaaaamn!

So I thought to myself, I want what they got. See, I wasn't about to
admit it, but I was jealous. If they got that good that fast, I was gonna
be left behind. Plus, maybe this once it wouldn't hurt to brown-nose with
the LT. I thought, who knows--it might pay off later.

So I told Chris I wanted to try his exercises, and he sets up this
meeting at his apartment with this guy called Doc, the one who taught the
exercises to him.

It's just Chris, Doc, and me, but Chris is pretty much out of the
picture. He's stilling off over there and not saying much. He looks like
he's daydreaming or something, and I'm starting to think this is such a
fucking waste of time.

Doc was saying all this stuff about me. He called it "feedback" but it
was really a bunch of stuff he thought he knew about me from how I answered
his questions. He was telling me he sensed some resistance, and he was
saying if I have any reservations I should tell him about them. I kind of
blew him off by saying I was just a little nervous. That's not true,
though. I'm a SEAL--some guy named "Doc" just can't make me nervous. What
I was, was angry--I mean, I go through all this trouble to brown-nose with
the LT, and he was sitting over there not even paying any fucking
attention! Shit, I was thinking this was a huge waste of time.

Doc had been kind of subtly copying my mannerisms and the way I talk. I
knew what he was doing. He was trying to set up a rapport. Trying to make
me subconsciously trust him and pay attention to him. Well, the change
from how he was when I first met him to how he was acting then was too
fucking big--I catch on quick to shit like that, and I sure as hell caught
on to him. Trust him? Like him? Nope--it was just not gonna happen.

So he was trying to walk me through this relaxation exercise, and I was
trying to be cooperative--I really was. He started telling me how relaxed
I was feeling and how he knew how much I like being in control. He was
saying sometimes it feels good to give up control and turn it over to
someone else, just like doing what my superiors tell me to.

He was telling me I'm relaxing, letting go, giving up control, and
something in the back of my head said, hang on--this just ain't right. It
was hard for me to think--I guess what he was doing was working, kind
of--but I sat up.

"Shhhh," he said, all soothing. "Just sit back and relax."

I made my mouth work but it was so hard to talk. "You're trying ... to
hypnotize ... me ..."

"That's right, Kyle. You're already in a very light state of hypnosis,
and I'd like to help you go deeper. Don't fight it, Kyle. You were doing
so well. Doesn't it feel good to let go and relax?"

I shook my head t clear it, which seemed to help some. "No," I managed
to say. "This is total bullshit."

Yeah, I was snapping out of it all right but I still felt kind of
light-headed. I stood up. Doc stood up too, trying to make me sit back

"It's okay, Kyle. It's for the good of the team. You want what's best
for the team, don't you? I know you do."

I said something like, "Stop, dammit. Leave me alone." See, I was
pretty much awake by then and mad as hell, and he couldn't hold me. The
LT? He wasn't saying or doing a thing, and I pretty much knew why.

I reached for the door. He tried to stop me from opening it, but I
pushed him away. "Keep your head tricks to yourself, you bastard, and
leave me alone."

I slammed the door behind me, and I never looked back.


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