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Project: SEAL Trance, Part 5

by Wrestlr and VA23456

[M/M, MC, hypno]

Disclaimer: There's sex, sodomy, and maybe a few other minor perversions
in this. If you don't like that sort of thing, read something else.
Everybody in the story is legal age. Parts of this story may be
autobiographical, or it might be all fiction---who can say?

Copyright - 2000 by Wrestlr and VA234556. Permission granted to archive
if and only if no fee (including any form of "Adult Verification") is
charged to read the file. If anyone pays a cent to anyone to read your
site, you can't use this without the express permission of (and payment to)
the authors. This paragraph must be included as part of any archive.

Comments to wrestlr@iname.com and VA23456@aol.com.

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* * *

Project: SEAL Trance, Part 5


Fuck, fuck, fuck!

The more I thought about it, the more pissed-off I got! No way was Doc
gonna make me do any more of that fag shit. All I wanted was control of
the team, and nothing else. Let him have his fun with the others off-duty,
but I'm a SEAL through and through. I was going to lay the law down, and
if Doc didn't like it, well, tough shit.

So I'm standing there outside his place with the big manila envelope
tucked under my arm, and I'm banging on his door. Yeah, I'm mad as hell,
and I'm gonna give him an earful!

Doc opened the door. "Kyle. I wasn't expecting you. Come in--come

So I walked in. I had my chest pumped up and this strut in my step,
letting him know I was large and in charge. I was The Man, and he was
going to listen to me.

Cole and Justin were slouched on either side of the couch. Slumped
down, legs spread, arms and heads laying limp. Still in uniform. Large
lumps showing in their crotches.

Okay, so I knew what I was interrupting, and it made me feel sick. But
at least I knew I didn't have to worry about them for a while.

I spun to face Doc. "Look, man. I know what you're up to. I know what
you're doing, and it's--"

He interrupted, "It's what, Kyle? You're getting exactly what you

"No, I fucking am not--"

"Yes, you are. Maybe not the way you thought you wanted it, but it's
exactly what--"

"Listen up, civvie," I snarled. "This ends. Now. You back off this
shit with me, or I'm going to blow your little games wide open."

He didn't seem worried. "Think about what you're saying, Kyle. How
will exposing me get you what you want? Seems like just the opposite would
happen. A lot of bad things will happen to a lot of people, and you don't
want to be one of them, do you?"

The nerve of this civilian bastard! I stammered, "Are you--are you
threatening me?"

"No, Kyle. Settle down. Think: calm. Think: peace. I'd never
threaten you. But I think your behavior is becoming a liability. Your
teammates here"--he gestured at Cole and Justin--"are starting to think
your behavior is disruptive, that you aren't committed to the team. You're
letting these behavior issues stand in your way. Maybe it's time for us to
help you work past them."

"There's nothing wrong with my 'behavior issues,' you fuck. It's you,
making us do all this sick faggot shit."

"Kyle, I can't make you do anything you don't want to. All I do is open
doors and let you walk through them."

"Well, we'll see who gets shown the door, buckaroo." I waved the
envelope. "I got proof, and I'm going straight to the top brass. I got
enough photos of Chris getting fucked by other men off that Web site of
yours to have him court-martialed. Don't ask, don't tell, my ass! Once
Chris is history, I'll be put in command of the team--without you and
without any of your mind-games. How do you like that, fucker? I'm going
straight to the commander, and your buddy Chris is going to be in a world
of trouble."

"No, Kyle, you're not going anywhere until you calm down a little--"

I got right in his face and poked his chest. "Fuck. You."

"Kyle, you need to calm down and listen to me."

"I'm done listening." I whirled toward the door. Doc grabbed me by the
arm and pulled me back. The nerve of that bastard! If he touched me
again, I was gonna deck him! I was gonna pop him one right in the-

Doc barked, "Team, atten-SHUN!"

Years of training kicked in. My body snapped to attention--head up,
back erect, arms and legs stiff. The manila envelope fell out from under
my arm, but I couldn't move to retrieve it. Beside me, Cole and Justin had
sprung to their feet too.

"Very good," Doc stated. "SEALs, count yourselves down on my mark.

"100!" we all barked back in unison. "99!--"

What the fuck was I doing? I was letting him get to me! I had to fight
this. "No," I said, trying to shake my head to clear it. "It's not going
to happen."

Beside me, Cole and Justin continued to count out the numbers. I could
practically see the numbers hovering in the air around us.

Doc wasn't letting up. "What's not going to happen, sailor? You will
stand at atten-SHUN, until I tell you otherwise. Clear?"

My body snapped back into the stance. "Sir, yes, sir!"

"Now fall back into the countdown, sailor."

No--wait--this was all wrong. He was getting at me again. I had to
fight this. Had to fight the urge to resume the count.

But if I was fighting it, why was it so hard to move? Why were my
eyelids getting so heavy and hard to keep open?

"Don't ..." I mumbled. "You ... Stop ... trying ... t' hypno ...
'tize ... me ..."

Doc's voice purred near my ear. "I already have, sailor. If you expect
to be hypnotized, then nothing in the world will stop you from being
hypnotized. Deep down, I think maybe you want to be hypnotized, don't you?
Give in. Give it up. Relax. Let the team help you. Focus on the
numbers. Visualize them. Count them out loud. Count them on your way down
into a peaceful state of deep hypnosis. Count them."

Beside me, Cole and Justin chanted, "81, 80, 79, 78 ..."

"Fighting is such a waste of time," Doc said. "A waste of energy.
You'll only tire yourself out. Yes. So tired already. So tired. Yes.
No strength left to fight with. Focus on the countdown. The numbers lead
your down. So incredibly tired. Only just enough strength to join the
team in counting. Join the countdown."

My voice came quietly from so far away. "65 ..."

Had to stop. Had to make myself stop. So tired, though. So hard to
stop. Too hard.

"64 ... 63 ...62 ..."

"Good. Just keep counting. Focus on the numbers. Focus on the team."

What was going on? So hard to concentrate. Doc was saying something,
something about how the countdown would lead me down, so tired, no strength
left to fight. Fighting it just made me weaker, drew me down deeper. So
tired. Resistance fading. So easy to give up the fighting. So easy to
just focus and relax and let all the fighting fall away. The numbers were
slowing down a little. Getting so hard to remember which number came next.
So hard. Yes, so hard.

Doc's voice and face swam into my head. "So deeply relaxed, Kyle.
Good--just like you've been trained. You're already in a light state of
hypnosis, and it's so easy, so very easy, to just let go and sink even
deeper. So hard to resist. So easy to follow orders. You know you want
to follow orders, don't you?"

"Yes ... sir..."

"Good. Now, I know you want to be part of the team. Being a SEAL is
very important to you, and you haven't been a very good team member lately,
have you? No, you haven't. But we can fix that, make you a better SEAL.
Is that what you want?"

"... Y'sir ..."

"Good. Now, I want you to visualize all those worries and fears and
doubts--all those things that stand in your way--as being made of water.
Imagine them flowing like water. Visualize them ebbing and flowing like
water. Now, water can be drained away, can't it?"

"... uh ... huh ..."

"Exactly. In fact, sometimes all that water and liquid has to be
drained off so that other things can be built in their place, better
things. Am I right?"

"... right ... sir ..."

"So I want you to imagine those feelings as liquid inside you, just
waiting to be drained away, taken away, so we can start to build you into
someone better. Someone you know yourself to be, deep down inside. Would
that be okay?"

"... y' ... sir ..."

"Justin, would you help us? Your teammate Kyle is going to need some
assistance here, and I know you're going to enjoy it, since it will help
you bond even more tightly as a team. Justin, get down on your knees.
Right here in front of Kyle. Good, perfect. In a moment, I'm going to
tell you to begin, and you'll know what to do."

I felt something tug at the front of my shirt. Buttons opening. So far
away I barely registered it.

"Kyle. I want you to focus. Focus on that liquid inside you. It's
time to start draining it away isn't it? Yes. Past time, really."

Something at the front of my pants. Belt and fly being opened.

:All that liquid inside you. Justin here is going to help with that.
Aren't you, Justin? It's what teammates do for one another, and Justin
wants to help you return to the team. All that liquid, just needing to be
drained out. That would help you relax finally into the deepest depths
possible, and then we can start building something better in its place.
Let's get to work draining you of that liquid."

I felt something. Something warm and moist. On my cock. It responded
by stiffening.

"Yes, that's it, Kyle. That's good, Justin. Just like that."

Moist. Sliding up and down on my shaft. Flicking across the head.

"Justin here is going to suck all that liquid out of you, Kyle. All
that resistance. The fighting. The troublemaking. He's going to help you
drain it all away. That's what you want, isn't it? To be rid of all that
and just be part of the team again, right?"

All I could do was moan. It felt good, like what I wanted, but
something wasn't quite right.

"Right," Doc said. "He's doing a good job, isn't he? He's sucking at
the liquid, and you can feel it starting to flow. Starting to flow toward
where his mouth is so he can suck it out of you, so he can help drain it
away. So deeply relaxing, isn't it? Just let is all go. Let it all flow
to where Justin can suck it out."

Justin ... sucking me ...

That wasn't right. I didn't want to be sucked by a guy. I didn't want-

I tried to take a step back, but my uniform pants were down around my
ankles, and I stumbled. I would have fallen but I fell heavily into a
chair behind me. I wasn't fully awake but I was starting to snap out of

"Kyle, Kyle, Kyle. I'm disappointed. I thought you wanted to be a
SEAL, but the SEALs have no place for people who aren't part of the team. I
don't think this is working. We're going to have to try another tactic."

I was starting to move my arms and legs again.

"Cole," Doc said. "Would you count the team down again? Justin, would
you continue what you were doing, please?"

Beside us, Cole still stood at attention. "100!" he called out in his
sleepy voice.

Justin was settling over me, head bending down into my crotch again. I
was partly awake but not awake enough to fight him off. Or the count.
"100," my voice echoed.

Justin's mouth enveloped my cock. It felt so good.

"99," Cole and I chanted.

Too woozy to fight it off again. So good to just relax and let
everything flow.

"98 ..."

Getting sucked. Getting sucked in. Felt so damn good.

"97 ..."

So tired. So sleepy. Not worth the fight. Let it flow.

"96 ..."

I felt myself sinking. Doc told me to imagine I was on the beach,
beside the ocean, relaxing in the warm sunshine. He told me to look out
there and see the ocean, the waves rolling in, and I couldn't help
myself--I saw it--dammit--the beach, the ocean, the sunny blue sky, the
whole thing. He told to look over there and see this sand castle, this
really neat sand castle someone had built. He told me to put my fears into
the sand castle. He told me to put all my resistance into the sand castle,
all my fighting and my attitude and my ambition and my ego, everything.
And he told me to watch the waves come closer to the sand castle, and start
licking at it. Told me to watch the waves start to erode the castle, parts
of it starting to dissolve and fall. Pretty soon the waves were washing
over it. Nothing left. No sign of it. The ocean had taken it.

He told me to imagine the waves licking at my feet as I lay there.
Imagine them washing up over me, covering my body slowly, inch by inch. No
fear. Just liquid washing over me. He told me to imagine myself under the
waves, sinking into the ocean, sinking into the depths.

Getting ready to dissolve myself and join the ocean, just like that sand
castle had, Doc told me, and I felt it happening. All my resistance, all
my ego, all my "me"-ness, dissolving into the ocean and flowing into the
depths. Sinking into that deep state of relaxation Doc was talking about.
My balls tingling. My body tingling. Everything relaxing. Going black.
Sinking into the depths. My balls churning. Sinking deeper. No fear. My
cum rising like a little wave, flowing into Justin's mouth. Me cumming.
Everything going black as I sank finally into those sweet depths.


I heard they drummed Kyle out of the service in pretty much record time.

Seems he stormed into the commander's office unannounced. Started
waving around this envelope he said showed a gay sex ring operating right
under the commander's nose. Naturally, the commander was pretty pissed off
about the way Kyle burst in, plus all these allegations.

I heard Kyle acted really shocked when the commander pulled out all
those pictures and they showed Kyle himself being fucked up the butt by two
guys and sucking them off.

Kyle tried to deny it was him. Tried to claim it was someone else. But
that was his face, all right. In close up. sucking cock. Smiling.
Covered with cum. Doing things I never knew two men could do together. I
saw a couple of the photos during his court martial. Pretty hardcore

A physical exam proved that Kyle had been fucked up the ass pretty
recently too. His "it wasn't me" defense kind of collapsed after that.

The other two guys in the photos--their faces never showed in the
pictures, so no one could identify them. The top brass investigated, but
Kyle claimed he didn't remember anything about it or know who they were, so
the issue was dropped. Case closed. Everything hushed up. History.

Kyle, though, was history too. Good riddance. He was a good SEAL on
his own, but he was never a team player. I need guys in the field that I
can depend on, guys who will watch out for each other. Kyle wasn't that

The rest of us--well, we were in shock for a while but we got over it.
With Kyle gone, it was just a matter of selecting his replacement. Doc
handpicked this one. The request went smoothly, and the orders were issued
in no time.

This gorgeous dark-haired man approaches my desk. Nice face, nice body,
nice bulge in his pants. His uniform is immaculate--sure sign of a good

"Sir!" he barks, saluting. "Corporal Mike Johnson reporting for duty,

I salute back. "Call me Viz Kid, Corporal." I stand and offer my hand,
and we shake. "Were all glad to have you aboard SEAL TEAM 8. You come
highly recommended. Im sure youll fit right in." I lead him to the door
to the next office, where his real training is about to begin. "Before I
introduce you to the rest of the team," I say, as I open this new door, "I
want to introduce you to someone whos responsible for making me the sailor
I am today. Corporal Johnson, this is Doc."

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