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SEAWITCH2 split her wide open and then




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Author's Note: This story was developed several years ago, as a first
try at writing erotica. It was posted in several UseNet newsgroups for
such material, and was quite well received. I've really hoped it was a
great introduction to my religious beliefs for a lot of people. Judging by
the lack of negative response (and wealth of positive response) I received
at that time, it may indeed have been so.

The Sea Witch, Part 2 by The WhiteRose (all rights reserved -- public
distrubution strictly prohibited without prior written permission)

Griffin pulled one of her hands free from his brother's head. She let
him have it, not knowing what he had in mind, but trusting him and wanting
whatever he wanted. He came closer to her, kneeling at her side while
Brendan continued his ministrations at her breasts. He brought her hand to
his lips and kissed it. She looked at him, watching his face as he pulled
her hand down toward the sand, and then she understood. She wrapped her
hand around the base of his penis, stroking lightly up the shaft. He was
already rock-hard, and she worried at whether he'd have her jerk him off
before she could get his big cock inside her.

She wished he was in there now, but if he thought her hand on him was
right, then she trusted him. She loosed Brendan's head completely,
reaching her other hand down for his penis. He was as big and hard as his
twin, and he moaned against her breast when she began stroking him up and
down with the same rhythm she stroked on Griffin's cock. When she ran her
finger over the slit in the cock's head, his soft nibbling on her nipple
left her sensitive flesh clenched tightly between his teeth. She moaned in
pain, but he'd already released her, and was making amends with his lips
and tongue, running circles around the hard nipple with his tongue while
sucking lightly at it with his mouth.

She continued to stroke both cocks lightly. She wanted them inside her
when they came, not spewing on the sand. She hoped they weren't planning
to waste their semen on the beach.

Griffin had no intention of coming in her hand. He knew his tolerances
down to the last second, and he wanted to be inside the beautiful witch
when he came. He and Brendan were enough alike even in this that he knew
Brendan could hold out as long as he could himself. But that wasn't going
to be much longer, at the rate she was pumping on their cocks. He moved
his hand back to her sex, starting the teasing and stimulation again. Her
clitoris had shrunk only a bit since he'd left it, and his first touch
brought it back to its engorged state. Her thighs were coated in juice
from all of the stimulation, and he began to spread it around her whole
pussy again.

Brendan was still doing his best on her tits. He had one breast mostly
in his mouth. He'd taken in as much of it as he could, and now he was
working on it with his tongue. Her other nipple was poking his hand, where
it continued to squeeze and massage her tit. They were both reddened now,
from all the rough handling. Her hand on his penis was rather distracting,
but he was managing to keep his focus on sucking her hard little tits. If
she didn't stop soon, though, he'd have to really work just to keep himself
from coming right in her hand. She continued to stroke them, feeling the
cocks harden, lengthen and arc upwards under her attention. She wanted
them in her. Both of them. And right now, neither of them were.

Griffin's renewed torment of her nether realms had her so hot she was
ready to skewer herself on whichever of their cocks was closer. And
Brendan's suckling on her tits was feeding right into her sex. As if he
was reading her mind, Griffin loosed her hand from his penis. She took
that as a signal to release Brendan as well, and did so. At that, he
raised up from his loving attention to her breasts, and one look at Griffin
let him know what his twin had in mind.

They raised her up to a kneeling position, her thighs spread wide apart,
facing Griffin, as he continued to work her slit with his hand. She was
still arching forward a little to meet his hand. Brendan grabbed her
breasts from behind, crushing and caressing them against her while he
kissed and licked at her shoulders and neck. She was whimpering in her
need. That was what they were waiting for.

Hallie leaned back into Brendan's loving arms, letting him support her
weight while he continued to work her breasts. Her sex she ground into
Griffin's hand, hoping he'd realize that she was more than ready for him to
pound her with that big cock. He must have, because he pulled his hand
from between her thighs, still covered with her juices, and used it to pull
her face toward him. She leaned forward, pulling Brendan with her, taking
her weight on her arms. Griffin kissed her, the demanding kisses he had
given before returned to captivate her. Brendan continued to caress her
breasts from behind. They stayed like this for what seemed an eternity.
It was wonderful, but the dripping on her thighs reminded Hallie that what
she wanted most of all was to have these two big cocks fucking her, hard
and rough.

She continued to kiss Griffin passionately, their tongues a small parody
of the in and out to come. She reached behind her, grabbing Brendan's rear
and pulling him forward until his rigid penis poked her. She spread her
legs for him, and pulled him forward by his cock, pointing it at her slit.
He was ready for her, and steadied himself, letting some of his weight rest
on her back, so that he could have his hands free to continue to caress her
breasts. He pinched her nipples lightly once, then pushed forward with his
cock, inserting the head into her. She gasped with pleasure, wanting
desperately for him to thrust it into her fast and rough.

Griffin continued to feed off of her mouth. She opened her eyes while
awaiting Brendan's next thrust, and found Griffin looking at her, passion
seething from his eyes, as well as his kisses and tongue thrusts. Griffin
braced her by her shoulders, preparing her for Brendan's next thrust. He
knew from his intimate examination that she was too small to take either of
them easily. It wouldn't be painful, but without all of that juice flowing
out of her, it could well have been.

Brendan leaned lightly against her back. He took his hands from her
breasts, hooking them over her shoulders from underneath instead. She knew
what was coming, and to encourage him, pushed her rear back against his
belly, telling him with that gesture to hurry and fuck her hard. He knew
what she wanted, and he was ready to give it to her. Holding tightly to
her shoulders, he thrust deep into her, sinking himself into her right up
to the hilt in one quick, violent movement. His balls bumped up against
her rear, and he felt her tighten with the tension of being completely

He moved his hands back to her breasts. Griffin continued to brace her,
while he explored her mouth and face with his lips and tongue. She split her focus again, mouthing at Griffin as he licked and kissed his way across
her face, and back to her mouth again. They were practically breathing for
each other. Brendan's hugely swollen cock impaled her from behind. She
felt filled, as the member continued to grow inside her. Her juices
continued to flow, and she could feel him pulling back to thrust again.
This time, she thought he really would pierce her heart. She was panting
from the strength of the sensations inside of her. Griffin busied himself
licking around her jawline, and mouthing at her lips. Once more, Brendan
pulled back, thrusting home with a force that knocked all three over onto
the sand.

It might have broken the mood, but as it turned out they couldn't have
planned things better if they'd tried. Hallie fell pressed against
Griffin's big hard cock. It wasn't inside her, but it was so close.
Brendan pulled out of her, making her cry out at the loss. She wanted the
big organ back inside her. But Griffin silenced her with a look, one that
carried the message of love and trust as clearly as if he'd spoken. He
leaned back onto the sand, stretched out full-length beneath her, his rigid
cock trapped right beneath her sex. Brendan helped her into a position
kneeling right over the pointing organ. She understood now. She wanted
that big hard cock inside her, and she was going to be able to get it, by
impaling herself onto it from above. She knew that coming onto it from
above would cause her own weight to push it as far within her as it could
get. And she wanted that.

Brendan kneeled behind her, taking her breasts into his hands again. He
sucked on the back of her neck and shoulders, while his hands worked her
tits, the nipples still hard and responsive to his touch. He encouraged
her to raise herself up above his twin's waiting cock, while Griffin's
hands joined his own to caress and squeeze her tits. Hallie raised up
until Griffin's penis was aimed right at her opening. The juices were
running down her thighs in small streams now, She wanted him in her, and
she was going to get him as far in her in a single thrust as was physically
possible. She wanted him to split her wide open and then fuck her brains

With a quick, deliberate movement, she impaled herself on the rigid
penis. The head passed through her opening, then kept on going as she
pressed herself down to Griffin. Finally, she was resting most of her
weight on Griffin's hips, her pubic hair sealed tight against his, the
liquid bathing her thighs spreading across his hips where she straddled
him. She moaned as the head of his penis hit her cervix. Griffin's eyes
were shut, as he enjoyed the sensation of this tight, wet, hot hole sliding
down to sheath him. He wanted to flip her over and just screw her until
she begged him to stop. But he didn't. He used his hands to caress and
squeeze her gorgeous breasts. His brother really loved tits, but he wasn't
exactly adverse to them himself. Both pairs of hands worked her breasts,
while she rested impaled on the length of Griffin's cock.

After a minute, she raised herself up again, until only the head of the
organ was still inside her. Then she lowered herself onto it again,
thrusting it into herself until there was no space between her and Griffin.
Their pubic hair mashed together, and they were frozen in pleasure, both
with their eyes tightly closed. She began to move faster, going up and
down on him. It rubbed against her g-spot on the inside, just like he'd
done before with his fingers. The friction inside the hot, wet channel
rubbed his penis like she'd done with her hand, and he knew he wasn't going
to be able to hold off indefinitely.

He began to thrust into her as she settled down on him, aiding her in
getting into her as far as they could. He took one hand from her breasts,
and laid it against her sex, using his thumb to rub her clitoris. She
moaned and began rubbing up against his hand while they thrust at each

Brendan continued to work her breasts. He was a breast man, true, but
he still wanted to get back inside her. He was rigid even after he'd
pulled his penis out of her, covered in her juices, still aimed upwards
with erection. He watched his brother sawing in and out of her tight
little opening, rubbing her clit with his hand. He let his hands leave her
breasts, dropping them instead to her buttocks. He caressed and squeezed
them for a moment or two, just like he'd been doing with her luscious tits.
Then he parted them, noting the tiny bud between. He reached between her
legs, his hand brushing his twin's penis as he ran his fingers up the
insides of her drenched legs. He collected the juices on his finger, then
opened her ass up to his view again, and applied the slippery stuff to her

Hallie was pleasuring herself well on Griffin's big organ. He was
helping her now, working to bring them both the most pleasure they could
have, trying to get himself so far inside her it would pop out of her
mouth. She was starting to think it might. The rhythm quickened. They
were both grunting in their pleasure. She felt Brendan move his hands from
her breasts to her rear. When he pulled the cheeks apart, she knew what he
had in mind. She'd never done it before, but she wanted both of these
magnificent men inside her, and to get both at the same time was a chance
she wasn't going to turn down.

When Brendan's hand had bumped Griffin's cock and her thigh, she's
almost come right then. She was close enough now that she was hoping
Brendan would hurry up and get himself inside her, no matter what the cost.
But she was glad that he'd taken the time to spread her nether realms
juices onto her. She knew she'd be even more glad when he was actually
inside her.

Griffin felt Brendan's hand bump his cock. He'd figured out what he was
doing quickly enough, even if he couldn't see it. They'd never even slept
with the same woman before, not even at different times. Thinking about
taking Hallie from both ends with his twin was an incredible turn on.
Hurry up, Brendan.

She felt the touch at her rear again. This time it was well greased
with her own wetness, and it continued to dash back and forth between her
dripping thighs and rear. Brendan's fingers applied the slippery juice to
the outside of the little bud, collecting as much as he could from her
thighs, even running his fingers over her vaginal lips where Griffin's cock
pumped in and out of her. He had her well greased now. He reached again
for her juicy, dripping sex, running fingers around her slit, even as his
twin continued to thrust up into her. His fingers were as wet with her
juices as his brother's penis was, as his own still was, even though he was
no longer the one pounding into her tight opening.

He raised his soaked fingers to her tight virgin rear, probing lightly
with them, bringing the juice from her sex with him as he began to finally
insert his middle finger into her. Hallie was waiting for the invasion.
She pushed back at his hand, working hard to flex the muscles and open
herself to his fingers. A single finger first. A tight fit, but not
painful, certainly. Not even terribly uncomfortable. He pulled it back to
insert again, bringing the juice he'd slathered on her inside with him to
smooth the way, and driving it up to the knuckle in her. She moaned at the
deeper penetration. He heard it and kept on working, pulling back to add
more nether realms juice, and then adding his index finger to the first.
She stiffened as the larger probe began to push into her. But she relaxed
into it, pushing backwards and flexing then muscles to help him get the
extra finger in. Slowly he worked them both up into her, inch by inch
until they were both lodged in her all the way to the knuckles.

She was panting from the exertion of fucking Griffin, and from the
intense concentration of helping Brendan pave the way for that huge cock to
get into her from behind. She wasn't sure she'd manage as she felt him
begin to work a third finger into her. He wasn't sure it was a necessary
measure, but he didn't want to find out later that he should have stretched
her out further to keep from hurting her with his penis. The tip of the
pseudo-cock entered her easily, well-greased by all of the juice he'd
collected. As he pushed deeper, her panting came quicker, and he felt her
push hard back against his hand, trying to force the muscles in her to
relax and allow him deeper. He moved slowly, inserting his three fingers
little by little, allowing her time between advancements to get used to the
new level of penetration. It seemed to take forever, but their combined
efforts finally brought success. He slowly fucked her rear with his hand,
managing to thrust the fingers in to the knuckles each time.

Her panting had turned again to groaning, as the sensation of being
penetrated front and back carried her into ecstasy. She was really loving
it, he saw, but he didn't want her to come while he fucked her tight rear
with his hand. He continued to thrust slowly in and out of the
formerly-virgin hole with his hand, but he used the other hand to go again
between her legs and gather more of her slippery lubrication. This time he
didn't spread it on her ass, but instead added it to the juice still on his
cock. It was slippery under his hand now.

He grabbed for her hand and pulled it behind and wrapped her fingers
around his organ. She was startled at how hard he still was, even with out
the stimulation. She pumped up and down lightly on his penis, just a few
times. Then he removed her hand, taking the cock in his own free hand, and
running it up and down along her slit, drowning it in the juice that still
flowed freely there. Griffin felt his brother's hand and cock rubbing
along the soaking sex. He was just trying to keep up his own pace, holding
back to give Brendan time to get inside her. He could feel the fingers
thrusting in and out of her rear through the thin membrane that separated
the two canals, and the added stimulation was starting to make him lose his

She was still pumping tirelessly on his cock, only a little distracted
by his brother's attention her previously virgin rear. His hand still
rubbed her sex, carefully avoiding her clitoris, lest he make her come
before Brendan could get into her. But he didn't have long to wait.
Brendan's big, hard cock was coated in her juices, slippery as if he'd just
pulled out of her hot sex. He worked it lightly with his own hand,
enjoying the sensation as his fingers slipped and slid up and down the
rigid 8 inches. But he was rock-hard for a reason, and he wasn't going to
wait any longer.

He stopped fucking her with his hand, pulling his fingers free, and
using them to hold open her cheeks instead. They were still coated in her
woman's juices, and he caressed them with both hands now as he spread them
to give his penis free access to her . She felt him pull her cheeks apart,
knowing that his hand was gone from her hole, and that his big cock was
going in next. She braced herself against Griffin's chest as he continued
pumping beneath her. His hips were soaked by the juice from her thighs,
and he gritted his teeth, grunting in time with each thrust into her.

Brendan positioned the head of his penis at the little opening. It
gaped just a little from the recent invasions, waiting for him to bury his
length in her bowels. She felt him push against her, and pushed her rear
back towards him, focusing on relaxing onto his hard organ. The head
cleared the opening, and she gasped in relief as he paused before pushing
any deeper. The feeling of him inside her was nothing she'd even dreamed
of. She steadied herself against Griffin, trying to minimize the movement
of her rear and hips even though Griffin continue to pump into her with
considerable force.

Brendan took up the assault again, wanting to get his cock inside that
tight, tight little hole. He pushed against her again, glad that she
seemed to be able to relax her muscles enough that once his head was
inside, it was easier for her. Inch by inch, he pushed into her. She was
panting again, unable to contain the sensations in her rear and sex and
remain silent. He had about five inches of himself buried within her now.
She couldn't take it anymore. She wanted him to impale her with all of
him. Do it quick and rough, and then fuck her hard. She reached behind
herself and grabbed his balls, squeezing and massaging them in her hand.
He understood the message. Even if he hadn't, the added stimulation would
have driven him on. He thrust himself into her.

The three remaining inches disappeared in an instant. She moaned,
feeling him buried up to the hilt in her bowels. His balls rested against
her rear. She froze for a moment, her eyes locked with Griffin's as he
too, felt Brendan slide home in her rear. Sure that her expression was one
of supreme sexual arousal, and not discomfort, be started to thrust into
her sex again. Brendan pulled back and started to thrust slowly and
rhythmically inside her rear. They could feel each other through the thin
layer of flesh that separated the two holes. It aroused them both further,
and the pace quickened. She was caught up in the sensation of being
trapped between the two of them, Griffin beneath her, and Brendan behind.

The two cocks bumped up against each other through her interior walls,
as they each began to work in rhythm. First Griffin, then Brendan, then
Griffin, then Brendan. On and on it went. She had no control over her own
movements. Griffin's penis bumped again and again against her cervix.
Brendan was buried deeply in her bowels. She rode the feeling with nothing
more in mind than enjoying every moment of the double-fucking. She got
caught up in the rhythm herself, front and back, front and back. She
pressed herself down on Griffin's cock, then back against Brendan. She
could feel the orgasm building, working endlessly toward the high peak
before she would roll slowly and exquisitely downward again.

The rhythm built between the three of them. They functioned like a
single being, not separate ones. The rhythm tied them together, and they
all became supremely aware that orgasm was imminent. Griffin was thrusting
quickly in and out of her nether realms. Brendan's pace was equally fast.
She impaled herself on both cocks, as each of their owners worked to impale
her further on their own organ.

The sound of the ocean was drowned out by the blood flowing through
their ears. The only thing they could hear were the sounds of sex, as they
grunted and moaned their pleasure to each other. Hallie felt herself
approaching her peak, building and building until she didn't think it could
go higher. Griffin was no longer consciously controlling his movements, as
he worked her on his cock with a feverish pace. Brendan's quick thrusts
were equally instinctive, as all three built further and closer to their

Suddenly, she reached the top, moaning loudly as it took her and her
muscles began to clench at Griffin's penis. That was all it took to send
him into the final quick thrusting, his hips slamming up and down trying to
push himself through her. The grasping muscles in her sex impacted on
Brendan's organ in her rear, and the sensation sent him over the edge to
join them. His hips thrust into her with the same uncontrollable rhythm
that his brother's pounded into her from the other side. She felt the
muscles clenching again and again at Griffin's big cock. Both organs
continued to thrust into her, hard and fast.

Then, all at once, they pumped a final time, and exploded within her sex
and rear. thick rivers of semen squirted out of both cocks. Griffin's
coated her interior walls. Brendan's sprayed into her bowels. The small
pumping motions mirrored the spasms in her sex. Fast and violent, then
slowing and softening. Then a final pulse from each of them, and it was
suddenly still. They remained as they were for a moment, completely
drained of energy and the ability to think.

Then Hallie collapsed on top of Griffin, carrying Brendan down with her,
until they lay in a stack, one atop the other, like fallen dominoes. Both
organs were still inside of her. They were soft and deflated now, but
still they did not leave her. They lay like that for minutes on end, their
hard breathing the only sound besides the pounding of the surf in the dark
of night.

Finally, energy returned in some limited amount. Brendan climbed off of
her, falling beside his twin in the sand. She rolled off of Griffin,
sliding into the small channel between the two male bodies. They all lay
on their backs, staring at the moon. Not a word said between them. Then
she looked over at Griffin, and found he was looking at her as well. He
grasped her long hair in one hand, enjoying the silken feel of it, then
pulled her face to his, and gave her a soft, sensual kiss. Their eyes
spoke wordless volumes to each other, and the only speech was Griffin's
murmured "forever." She looked over at Brendan. He was watching them both.
Then he pulled her face to his, and delivered his own version of that soft,
sensual kiss. "Forever," he repeated. She grasped both of their hands in
hers, and crossed them over her bared breasts. "Forever," echoed the
chorus of three. And the Moon was witness to the pact and the promise, and
so it was sealed.

Author's Notes in seawitch.notes.txt


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