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SEPTEMBER sucked resistance


A note to the reader: This story was written originally by me in 1990.
It is published here in for the first time in December 1997.
It's a pretty straight sex story, without a lot of buildup or character
development. I've written better, but it's pretty good so I've resisted the
urge to revise it in favor of spending time writing new stories. Enjoy!
And please, send me some feedback. My email address is at the end of the


by David L

Hard work!
Sometimes it falls your way in spite of any attempts to avoid it. That
September, a bright soft month in which you can sometimes feel the very
doors of fate swinging open in the cool sunlight, it came again. I was
assigned to a difficult project in a city not too far from where I live.
Since this work would take months to complete, I contacted a friend of mine
who lived there to see if I could stay with her a few days until I could get
settled in.

I had known Betty for many years, though I hadn't really seen her for
more time than I'd like to admit. A bright girl (woman, really, older by
several years than me), professional, a little too fond of mind-altering
substances on occasion, but always a philosopher. Sometimes a poet, but
always lecherous -- not toward me though, for she was a confirmed
lesbian. I looked forward to seeing Betty again.
It didn't take long for both of us to remember what we liked about each
other. The weekend was spent catching up on affairs of the heart and the
head, debating the true form of God and the extent of Infinity, the
prospects of economic ruin and loss of all liberty if the Wrong man won the
White House (it was an election year), and the sad and untimely demise of
our latest love affairs. We were both a few years older, deeper in debt,
and once more alone in the world.

She said she had a friend I would surely like, named Susie. Susie,
like us, was single and unattached and would like to meet me. As we talked,
I could sense Betty's feelings of lust toward this pretty brunette, who as
Betty described her was lesbian like herself but also occasionally was Bi
and liked men too. While normally opposed to "blind dates", I was intrigued
(and horny) and consented readily to the proposed meeting. Too often these
things are disappointing, but if you don't try you'll never know. We spent
the rest of the evening discussing a subject of mutual obsession: the sweet
beauty of the female body.

Tuesday night, like a dream after a hard days work and a smoke or two
of Betty's good Columbian weed (these were still the days of my youthful
folly), she walked through the apartment door and into a little corner of my
life and memory forever. Not the prettiest girl I've ever met, but sweet
and sexy and real. With short brown hair, a fair-complexioned face, and a
beautiful rounded ass to die for, she was well qualified to be the balm my
pent-up libido needed for release. I could only hope she might like me as
well as I liked her.

We three talked and partied far into the night and discovered ourselves
at least for now to be kindred spirits adrift in a hostile world, lucky to
have found each other. You know the feeling, it's too rare. I forgot about
the normal stresses of meeting new people, especially those of the opposite
sex in a potentially sexual situation, and simply enjoyed the company.

That is, until somehow the talk got around to love and sex, and how
sex with love is the best, but sex without love is not to be dismissed out
of hand. Eventually, we found ourselves reviewing Betty's extensive
collection of erotica, and I sensed somehow this might not be entirely
coincidental, there might be some planning involved in this turn of events,
but I didn't really care. I was very comfortable with the situation, and
felt Susie and I were longtime friends.

Somehow, gracefully, Betty excused herself saying how tired she was
and after all she had a tough day coming up tomorrow. She left for her
bedroom, leaving the two of us, who should have felt like strangers but
didn't, alone to get better aquainted. I felt myself seduced by teamwork,
and wonderfully so.

Lacking anything else to do, we sat down on the mattress Betty had
arranged on the floor for me to sleep on (it was a very small apartment) and
took a playful look at "How lesbians Make Love - Part Two". Both of us
secretly knew by now what we wanted, and what the other wanted -- but not
knowing how to begin, we talked and pointed and laughed. In the middle of
this, in what seemed a natural gesture, I reached over and unbuttoned the
top button of Susie's blouse.

"Heeey, now!" she said, in a tone of mock reproach.

It was the mock and not the reproach that interested me, and as she
looked into my eyes, at this so critical moment, she smiled, reached down,
and undid the next button.

No clearer signal was possible, and so in a slightly more serious mood
we reviewed some more erotic art, all the while exchanging some subtle
get-aquainted touches and carresses, and little unbuttonings.

It was a slow and sensuous seduction, and before long we lay back on
the mattress forgetting the books and fitting our bodies together, kissing,
our tongues gradually exploring the sensitive interior of the other's mouth.
The feeling is so erotic, when at last the barriers of inhibition are down
and the bodies take over, feeling the sweet feelings as the two of us do
what humans only do when they're aroused and getting ready to make love.

I knew the moment I felt her experienced and talented long tongue
probe into my mouth that Susie was a woman with the divine gift of
lechery, and as her sweet lithe body pressed against mine we exchanged
saliva with a wanton abandon as if to proclaim each to the other that no
limits would be imposed; and the night would be abandoned without regard
for tomorrow to all the sensual pleasures a man and a woman can give one

When at length we broke apart, we knew we were already in what I call
the Zone, a sexual state of mind where the entire world shrinks to the
distance between two bodies and external reality is forgotten in a fog of
mutual lust.

Though we both wanted sexual contact almost desperately, we knew
that pleasure prolonged makes the experience more powerful and the
eventual (inevitable!) orgasmic release so much more satisfying. So the
sweet foreplay continued.

After removing shirts and pants, we were down to the bare essentials,
her in bra and panties, I in only my shorts. The moment of revelation,
especially the first time, is always to be savored. I watched in
anticipation as Susie, sitting cross-legged right in front of me, reached
behind and undid the snap of her sexy bra, letting her sizable but beautiful
tits swing free with a smile. I noticed her nipples pointed out hard and
proud, without even yet being touched.

"Your turn.", she said, reaching between my legs where the shape of my
hard cock was clearly visible. In response, I simply stood up, and she
peeled my shorts down to my ankles freeing my very aroused member to
stand at attention right in front of her face.

"Sooo pretty!" she murmured in a sensual whisper, taking it in her
hands and caressing the underside where the oh-so sensitive nerve bundle is
located. I almost fell down, but instead after savoring her caress for a
little sat back down in front of her and said: "Your turn!".

She slowly lay back, spreading her legs and raising her ass off the
mattress to slip off her panties, and I could clearly see in the dim
romantic light the wet vertical stain of her arousal wetting the panties between her legs, proof if proof were needed of the lust her body felt for

We were both now entirely naked, and I started to move toward her
lewdly spread body, but she told me to wait a minute, so in a fever of
desire I waited and watched. In the soft V of her raised legs lay the soft
curly brown bush of pubic hair, not quite covering the wet puffy pink labia
of her vertical smile. Looking me straight in the eye, she slowly moved
both hands down to her aroused pussy and spread the lips apart to reveal
the pink interior, at the same time moving a finger expertly up the slit and
across the top of her clitoris. The scene set me even more afire, and she
sighed and said "Come to me.".

I crawled forward on top of her as she snaked her arms around me,
pressing downward, feeling with a gasp of pleasure our hot naked bodies
melt together. Her hard nipples pressed into my chest, while below with
exquisite pleasure my stiff and aching cock slid across her hot wet pussy,
bringing a moan from both of us.

Not yet inside her, but with our genitals fused together, we kissed
with mad abandon once again, tongues caressing mouths in a sensual dance
while we held our bodies, with effort, still without motion. Unable to hold
quiet for long, I slowly began to pump my hips, sliding my dick up and down
over the full length of her sensitive labia, carressing her hard clitoral
bud, making her squirm and sigh.

"I can't help it, I want you..." I groaned, still working my hips.

But she broke our kiss, our lips coated with saliva, and said with
sultry abandon, "Not yet, sweet lover, the night is still young...".

On my knees between her legs I carressed her beautiful body with my
eyes as my cock cooled for another pleasure trip. But a little impatient
herself, she stretched her languid arm down to her dripping hot cunt and
swiped her finger through the dew, making it shine. Then bringing it back
up to her face, while watching my reaction she licked and sucked her own
vaginal secretions from her finger with wanton and seductive abandon.

"Mmmm, tastes good." she murmured, "Want to try it?".

As she dipped her finger again, I rejoiced to find a girl who liked the
actual secretions and juices of sex as much as I did -- some just
basically avoid the mess while enjoying the pleasure. I knew what she
really wanted, but I held still and watched as she propped up on her elbow
and inserted her soaked finger into my mouth. As I licked and sucked it
with the same lack of inhibition she had shown before, she pumped it in
and out like a miniature cock, and giggled.

When the finger popped out of my mouth, I looked down at the V of her
smooth spread legs, and the treasures that lay glistening in the pubic bush
where they met. Adjusting my position to a prone one, I dropped my head
down to the source of those honey musk scents and prepared to taste the
sweet slick lube at it's very factory. Up above, she lay back her head,
sighed, and braced for the coming pleasure assault.

" pretty" I said, returning the favor she gave me when she
first saw my cock.

No point in being too quick -- after all, the night is still young.
Inches from her wet aroused lips, inhaling the powerful aroma of her musk
glands working overtime, I marvelled for a moment at the beauty and power of
the female genitals -- and at their sweet attractive nastiness, too. The
thrill of the forbidden is powerful, and it seemed incredible that I would
in a moment be kissing and carressing, licking and sucking the shiny labia
before me, and that we would both love it and probably want it to go on

I pressed forward, putting my tougue at the very bottom of the wet
slit, and gave her a slow lick up to the top where the hair was thick and
the hard little pleasure button lay hidden away. The sheer wantonness of
the act thrilled me, as it always does, and I felt my hard lonely cock
twitch and throb, wanting attention. I thrust my hips down and forward a
little, rubbing my dick on the mattress as she, impatient for more licking,
shoved her hips a little bit towards me.

Another slow lick, savoring the taste this time, from the bottom of the
slick lips up past the vaginal entrance itself, where the tangy stuff is
strongest, up between the hair-lined juicy lips to the top where I gave a
special stab at her clit, causing another vigorous heave by my helplessly
aroused pleasure mate. The sweet sighs that accompanied these ministrations
spurred me on.

Using my oral probe gently, I licked all up, down and around her fully
exposed pussy, savoring the delight I was surely giving her. As the mutual
arousal climbed towards a peak, I began to want badly to slide up and
press my needy cock up inside her, but I kept the longing under control. A
wild urge struck me, and I sought the sloppy love hole and pressed my
tongue in as far as it would go, bathing my taste buds in the concentrated
essence of female sexuality. Licking around, I pressed hard against the
walls from the inside, and she shuddered, saying "please, please..." in an
altered and barely audible sigh. I drew back, and took a wild wanton look
at the mess between her legs, red lips and black hairs glistening with
saliva and vaginal secretions.

With less gentleness, but not roughly, I dove back in, aiming shots
straight for the pebble-hard heretofore neglected clit.

"Yes! Right there!" told me what I needed to know -- unlike some girls,
Susie wanted direct stimulation to bring her off.

And I gave it to her, licking rhythmically right on top of her pleasure
button. In response, she gasped "Don't stop...please...don't stop" and
fucked up against my face with little steady thrusts in time to my working
stiff tongue.

Knowing it couldn't be long before her pleasure burst, we kept it up,
in a trance of lust, with her high-pitched pathetic sighs and moans making
music that alone was a sensual delight. Such a pitch of extreme ecstasy
can't last forever, and at last with a deep groan she dug in her heels and
pressed her ass hard up towards my face, cumming violently on my tongue as I
was forced to flex my body upwards to maintain contact and keep up the
action. She thrust and writhed several times, her body stiff in repeated
orgasms, but I didn't quit until at last she slumped down exhausted and I
looked up from the frothy battle zone to see her sweet feminine face
transfixed with satisfaction, eyes closed, head back, with a thin flim of
sweat testifying to the exertions of her sexual release.

I wanted sexual release too, and again pressed my throbbing cock down
into the mattress longingly as I looked up at the seemingly comatose girl in front of me. Just as I was thinking that perhaps I had done too good a
job on her, she opened those sensual eyes and said so lovingly,

"I want to feel you inside me.".

The magic words! I walked up on my knees, till my thighs touched hers
and held them apart, opening the soaked lips even further. With loving care
I directed my sensitive cock head up to the opening there and swabbed it
lightly around, for a final tease, but she moaned "Now, please..." and so I
pressed forward lightly and the head slipped inside.

The pleasure swept both of us and I paused briefly as I heard her low
moan of acceptance before pressing steadily and slowly deeper inside.
There was no resistance, only the slippery velvet softness of Susie's hot,
wet pussy as I felt my cock in as far as it would go, our hairs mingling
joyously together as the pleasure lust filled us to the brim and overflowed
out into the room, down the hall, and into Betty's bedroom where, unknown
to us, my sensual friend listened to the gentle sounds of our loving with
more than passing interest, as we would find out later.

We didn't know and didn't care as I felt Susie's arms wrap around my
back and draw me down to meet her waiting wet kiss. Our tongues
carressed and licked inside our mouths once again as our loins began the
sweet stroking rhythm of the ultimate dance of lust. The feelings coming
out of my cock were almost irresistable as I pulled slowly back to the
head and then pushed inward to the hilt, bringing an answering heave from
my partner below each time. Again and again, each stroke giving choking
pleasure, building up each time like water rising behind a huge dam,
working to break it down with a crash.

I broke the kiss to get air, and give vent to our ragged breathing and
the soft grunts and moans that were having such an effect on our absent
friend. I didn't want to cum until she had hers again but I knew it wasn't
far off no matter what I did.

"Oh, I'm close, oh, baby, almost there..." I heard beneath me.

Saved! "Me too" I groaned, releasing the last shread of mental control
and letting the body do the rest...Push in again, the sweet wave almost
taking me, then I feel her arms tighten on my back and her hips begin to
arch up, this is it...she stiffens and cries out as her mind is wrenched
aside and the tightness fills her with supreme pleasure...I feel her pussy tighten on my cock and the squeeze sucks it out of me, I hold my eyes tight
shut as the juice spurts from my cock deep into her, again and again, I can
feel it passing out and into her...I'm lost, lost, lost...

At last, our tense, overwhelmed bodies slumped down in a sweaty heap, my
cock still twitching with it's aftershocks inside her as relaxation took
both of us and we lay catching our breath, panting hard, the world slowly
focusing in around us once again. The first thing I feel besides my
gradually softening, sated, but still dribbling cock is the slick sweaty hot
female body under me, her chest slowing it's heaves, her arms limply falling
off my back, the hard nipples softning as we both feel the warm sweet
afterglow of satisfied erotic passion. Too tired to kiss, we listen each to
the other's breathing and savor the feel of the other's body for what seems
like hours. My cock slips out of it's warm wet nest and together our hands
explore the wonderful sloppy mess we've made between our legs. As we softly
kiss, we hear footsteps in the hall...

"Are you guys ok?" Betty's soft voice came from the hallway.

"Are you kidding? Couldn't be better!" Replies my prone partner in

"Well, I need something to drink and I didn't want to interrupt

"It's ok, we're just lying here..."

We look up to see the robed figure glide past and into the kitchen in
the candlelight. She doesn't look down at us, though she could see us quite
well. We hear scrabbling in the refigerator.

"Hope we haven't kept you awake, I know you're tired. We've tried to
keep fairly quiet in here." Susie's voice has a hint of a suggestion in it.

The kitchen light goes off, and Betty walks back into our candlelit
love arena.

"That's a joke. You're lucky if there's anybody left awake on this end
of town!".

"Sorry!" we reply, with a wicked smile on our lips.

"I'm so goddam horny I'm afraid I've left a trail of goo down the
hall...I hope you guys have had enough and we can all get some sleep around

"Well, not really..." croons Susie beneath me in a voice thick with
seduction, "We'll probably just keep it up all night, if my sweet lover here
can last. Why don't you just slip off that robe and join us?".

This is an unexpected turn, at least for me! I'm not too sure about
these two, though...I suspect they've been getting it on together often...but
who cares? My cock jerks and begins to sweetly rise at the very thought.
Betty stands silently for a moment, then sets down her glass and lets
the soft silk robe slip down her shoulders to the floor. Her nude body with
it's pointy firm tits and wide, sexy hips seems to glow in the candlelight.

As I felt my cock swelling gently between my legs, giving it's usual
pleasurable sensations as it grows, my mind reeled at the prospect of two
uninhibited sexy girls, one my old friend Betty, making love both to me and
each other. In a novel I suppose I would have been simply fired with lust
and eager to start, but in reality both desire and a certain nervousness
dueled within me -- I knew Betty was mostly gay, in fact, I didn't know
she liked men sexually at all. I wasn't sure of their relationship and what
role I should play, so I decided to just let the flow roll on.

Betty knelt down with us, we were prone on the floor, and softly kissed
Susie with a passion that I could clearly see involved both tougues. It was
a familiar kiss, like one between lovers, and I knew then that they were
more than occasional sex partners.

After a long interval, Betty at last broke her mouth loving of Susie
and bent over to me, and we too melted our mouths together and exchanged
sweet caresses with our tougues. I felt and almost tasted the hot wet
passion Susie had shared there as we exchanged saliva in a wanton prelude to
what we intended to come later.

Then a surprizing we kissed, we felt a face come next to
ours, and Susie pressed her mouth into our wet junction and we felt her
tougue pressing forward. Joyfully, we turned slightly to meet her kiss, and
together the three of us merged our mouths as best we could and met our
tongues in a triple kiss...ahhh, the warm relaxed sharing made my nerves
fade away, as our hands began to grope and feel the hot bodies preparing to
come together in mutual lust.

I felt hands on my chest, back, sides, I too groped forward,
felling soft flesh on thighs, bellys, arms, feet. My hand found one of
Susie's big tits and my fingers closed around the nipple, finding it hard as
I rolled it in my fingertips. I worked my other hand to Betty's tits too,
feeling her soft flesh and pointed tip as a hand gently grasped my hard cock
and squeezed it lovingly, sending a wave of joy into my guts.

Instinctively my hands wandered lower, across two bellies down to the
hairy patch between the legs, fingers probing downward to feel if any
moisture was there. Another hand on my cock! One up at the head, the other
at the base holding me steady and gripping my balls Betty's
crotch I find a feminine hand already there, fingers working below, and I
press my finger down too, wetting it in the flowing warm juices as Susie is
also doing.

Never, no matter how jaded you get, ever underestimate what fingers
and tongues alone can do! We hadn't yet broken our strange but sweet
triple tongue kiss, but the hands and fingers working in the secret hot
places, unseen but felt by all, sent fire coursing through all our nerves.

Finally we broke apart, all hot and bothered, and Susie asked "What

I was aroused but not desperate, after all only a few minutes before
(or was it hours?) I had survived a powerful cum. I felt curious, and on a
wild hair I said "You girls go ahead, I'll just watch a bit...".

Smiles from my partners as I moved back to lean against the couch, my
cock hard but not yet in control. The playful Susie, not one to just let
something happen without any ceremony, leaned down to me and quickly
took my cockhead in her mouth and gave me a strong, sucking, smacking
kiss that made my head spin before she pulled back to Betty and they took
each other in their arms.

The two lovers kissed passionantly again as they sort of rolled over
into a prone position on the mattress. The slighty larger Susie wound up on
the bottom, and I could see them press their bodies close as they sought to
touch every square inch of skin possible together. Their tits pressed
together, nipple to hard nipple as I could see their cheeks moving with the
long tongues flicking and rubbing inside. Susie's arms hugged Betty tightly
as I could see their loins begin to fit together, Susie opening her legs and
Betty closing hers in what looked like a familar maneuver to bring their
pubic regions into contact. Betty broke the kiss as clearly their stiff
clits came together and a slight humping motion began as both worked their
hips to rub the sweet hot pleasure back and forth. The sensual Betty
planted a multitude of little kisses on Susie's upturned face, neck, and
ears and I could see on their faces the exotic and extravagant sensations
being produced between their legs.

It became obvious as I watched, cock in hand, that in the dim romantic
light I was watching not just two horny girls fucking, but also two lovers
making beautiful love together. Somehow, that knowledge relaxed what
tension I was still feeling and as I slowly rubbed and felt my hard proud
member I knew we were all definitely in the Zone.

Little sighs and movements in the still night air. A cascade of long
brown hair mixed with curly black. Slim feminine hands moving slowly
but urgently on soft feminine curves. A little sweat, and glimpses of
pointed nipples across milky skin. A haze of love and pleasure filled the
room, blinding and yet enlightning me.

For in truth, I had fucked many girls; and I loved the sweet hot
nastiness of it -- but really, I had never seen love truly made before. I
had revelled many times in the smashing of rules, playing against the guilt
my parents had so carefully instilled in me; loving the smells and tastes,
the exciting views and soaring sensations of "expert" sex -- but really, I
had never seen love before now.

But it was they who were in love, not me...and yet, I felt accepted and
wanted as I watched with increasing heat as Betty moved downward, kissing
and nibbling Susie's big nipples, pulling them hard and shiny. Kissing
down, between the mounds and down the belly, drilling the navel there with a
playful tongue. Moving down still further, to the very border of the hairy
tangle, as the legs around her spread further to allow the access. Betty
looked up, opening her eyes to reveal the love that shone there, as Susie's
hands moved to her head and pressed it downward, into the abyss.

I watched as the lips and tongue decended into the wet, hot split.
Betty's nose looked buried in Susie's brown pubic hair but the working of
her jaws spoke of the feelings being brewed in that honey pot. I looked
up, to see sweet Susie turn her head to me and smile as the tide of joy
rose from her middle to light the fire in her eyes. The eyes were too
inviting, and I moved over to them and bent to kiss Susie's wet sensual
lips again.

I could feel her moan against my face just before we kissed.

Soft tongues working together again, we tenderly made love to each
other's mouth, but I could feel the tension in her as Betty brought her
rapidly higher and higher. My hand drifted across to a hard nipple and
flipped it back and forth as my throbbing cock hung free.

But I could feel Susie's approching orgasm as she wrapped her arms
around me and held me tight. Our kiss broke, and I delved into the nook
near her ear and neck, licking there. She moaned a soft tense feminine sigh
against my ear and I thought about climbing on top to place my cock in her
mouth, but I could tell she was in no position to give any pleasure as she
was so close to her own explosion. I wanted to watch her come, but she held
me tight so I just continued kissing and licking as I moved closer, pressing
my hot cock against her leg -- if I couldn't watch, at least I could feel
her go over the edge.

There we were, Susie on her back with her lover Betty between her legs
licking her swollen drenched hot pussy, and me draped across them with one
leg over Betty's back and rubbing my hard cock against Susie's leg as she
began that hip thrusting that girls often do when they are about to come. I
was wildly excited by the whole tableau and my heart pounded as my new-found
lover squeezed me even tighter and let out an agonized groan. She was

I whispered in her ear "Cum, baby, make it a big one....cum in her
face, yes....".

"Oh YES!" were her final words as those lusty hips thrust up
powerfully, pressing into the face of her tormentor. Betty rode her up, as
I had earlier that night, holding to her legs as she licked even as the
juice flowed out all over her face and into her mouth. Again and again the
hips bucked up and down, lifting off the floor as Betty sucked cum after cum out of her, relentlessly. The thrashing was so wild I could barely hold on.
I had never seen anyone cum so long and powerfully as Susie did that night!
When at last the drained loins sank to the floor for the last time, I
was freed from my prison of clutching arms and looked up. I'll admit I was
more turned on than I'd ever even thought I could be, and I wanted
desperately to sink my hot rod into anything handy. Susie's arms fell
weakly off me and I saw her closed eyes and relaxing, transported face, a
small weak smile crossing the lips of what I thought was a totally satisfied
woman. I sat up and looked down at Betty, who was just making a last lewd
lick up the soggy, swollen, hairy pink lips. Her face was wet and shiny as
if she had just lathered up for a shave, and the look on that familiar face
was the unmistakable fiery glow of a woman in extreme heat. I bent over and
planted a big open wet kiss on her cum-drenched lips.

The smell of tangy pussy sauce was as intense as if I was actually
eating her out as we tongued each other's mouth and lips in the wildest,
sloppiest kiss ever recorded. I figured Susie was down for the count, and I
wanted the equally desperate Betty fiercely. Lost to all restraint, we
slobbered all over each other as just below our faces Susie's vulva leaked
the hot sweet musk of a woman who has been licked and sucked into outer

I reached down to finger Betty's nipples, but to my surprize she moved
out of the way and tugged on my arm. "Quick! She needs a big cock up in
there after she's cum so hard!". I was in no mood to hesitate. Quickly I
scrambled over in between the tanned legs. I took them in my arms,
bending her up and moving my cock into position. Looking down at the
reddish pink spread gash below me, I prepared to insert without hands, but
Betty's arm snaked in and took my hard cock, placing the head just at the
hot opening of her lover's vagina. I could feel my heart thump in my chest
as I pressed forward slowly. Betty and I both watched as the purple head
sank in, squeezing out juice around the sides as it disappeared.

"Don't wait, put it all the way in me!" I heard Susie moan softly.

I always do what I'm told, so I thrust my hips and drove it in out of
sight. She was so wet she practically sucked me in -- no resistance at all!

"Oh wow!" was all Betty could croak in a voice choked with lust.

I felt the head come up against her cervix, or something in there, as
the awesome heat from her whole groin area spread to my own loins. The
feeling of slipping it in was so powerful my cock began to twitch and jerk
inside her as if it was about to come immediately. To control this, I held
still for a moment and gathered what remained of my self-control. Betty
scrambled around beside us and crawled up to Susie's head, swinging a leg
over so the she straddled her upturned face, directly in front of me, but
facing away from me. The lewd sight of Betty's open wet dripping pussy inches from Susie's angelic lips didn't help any with my efforts to control
myself and give her a good fucking. I just held still and watched as Susie
sensed the situation and opened her eyes, only to see nothing but a full
view of a very aroused female pudenda in desperate need of some
attention. I could see her smile as a wet strand of honey actually dripped
down onto her chin.

I was far gone. I leaned down so that my face was inches from the
scene as the ass in front of me lowered slowly down and hands came up from
below to spread it open even further. Just before contact I saw Susie's
long pink talented tongue pop out to greet the pussy lips in a wet intimate
kiss. I felt from below the savage stings of pleasure as my hips started
humping almost by themselves, pulling out and pressing in. The loins of the
girl below me responded in kind, humping up and down in my rhythm. I heard
Betty far away groan her pleasure as at last her needy cunt got it's due
from her well-fucked lover below.

We held there for a few minutes of intense lust, until in front of me
Betty's ass slipped back a bit, so that her clit was the object of Susie's
working tongue. Only an inch from my face, the smell attractive and
overpowering, the spread ass crack revealed the puckered crinkly anus,
and below that the hair started just above the pink split. I could see the
long tongue licking directly on the very erect and visible clit below, as
Susie's fingers moved to the sides of the wet hole and spread the lips
there wide in front of my eyes. The invitation was obvious, and I dove in
without hesitation.

Our chins met gently as I thrust my tongue up into the sloppy, tangy,
slick vagina of my old friend Betty. Savoring the lusty wild taste, I could
feel and hear my partner below licking the same pussy as crazily as I was.
My position caused my nose to be jammed up against her asshole, but in my
out-of-control state that too just served to turn me on more powerfully! I
felt my hips thrusting harder, but it was strange, as if I had lost control
of my lower body -- it was on autopilot!

There we were, three lost souls driving with only one object in mind:
to give and receive the cum we all so savagely needed. If you were there
and had seen us in that position, you would have seen a tanned, tallish girl with her long pretty legs up in the air, being fucked by a stocky, fairly
hairy, athletic sort of guy who held those legs in his arms as he thrust
down into her. Looking down, you probaby could see his hard wet cock
pulling in and out of her swollen pink pussy. Following the flow of their
thrashing bodies past her large tits with their long erect nipples, you
might be surprized to find both their faces pressed together under the
white, wide, sexy rump of a black-haired girl whose hands carressed her
pointy breasts and whose face you could see was upturned and etched with the
tension of the fantastic pleasure two wild tongues were giving her.

Listening in the quiet apartment, you could hear the squishing sounds
of the liquid honey being stirred by the thrusting cock and the lashing
tongues. The heavy smell of lust, pussy juice, musk, and sperm by now would
fill the room so heavily that you could almost taste it. You could listen
to the moans, grunts, and sighs from the three sex-drenched lovers as they
aproached their final release...

Yes, we were soooo close...I could feel the walls and lips of the pussy tighten around my cock as it prepared for it's release, I could feel the cum moving in my loins, nearing the head of my cock. The tingling in my balls
told me I was going to have to let it go soon...I could hear Betty's moans
rise higher in pitch and volume as she began to start those tell-tale little
hip thrusts, wiggling and squirming against our tongues.

It was too much...I lost it all then, I remember my body stiffening and
my hips pressing hard and deep into the well as the gates gave way and the
juice flowed ecstatically from far inside me out through my cock to splash
inside her. I heard myself gasp and groan from far away it seemed.

I felt below me Susie cry out and press up with her hips again as she

Eyes closed, in my face the hips bucked wildly as Betty released her
pent-up come juice into my mouth, on my chin, and down all over the mouth
and face of the delirious Susie. We thrust, thrashed, moaned, gasped, and
let it all flow out until, all spent, we three simply collapsed in a sweaty,
sticky, exhausted heap of naked flesh.

To tired to move, we lay there a while in the sweet afterglow until,
pulling groggily apart, we curled up together like puppies on the floor and
slept the few remaining hours until the cool dawn of another September

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