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SERVER old us Now that youre both


The Server
by Kelly Adams (

"Hey, Kel, What'cha doing?" That was Gretchen, my incredibly
gorgeous girlfriend, who had just gotten out of the shower and
come into the den in our condo where I was sitting at the
computer. She had a bathrobe wrapped around her and her
toweled-dry hair was still damp.

"I was just getting ready to go online and read some stories on
ASSTR," I told her.

Gretchen came over and stood behind me. She placed her hands on
my shoulders and began to give me a little massage (the woman is
*wonderful* with her hands!) "I thought you said that ASSTR was
'too damn slow' these days?"

"It was, but today they're supposed to get the second server up
and running, which means that things should be lickity-split

"Don't you mean 'lickity-slit'?" Gretchen teased.

"Are you trying to get me horny?" I asked.

"Hey, you're the one going to read sex stories," she said as she
reached around in front of me to rub my boobs through my sweat

"That I am. You want to join me?"

"Sure; maybe we can get some good ideas for fun tonight!"

I opened up a Web browser and entered the address:
We waited for a second to connect, but instead of going to the
Website, the screen started melting into weird colors and

"What's going on?" Gretchen asked.

"I don't know; I've never seen it do this before..." As my
warranty on the $3000 piece of equipment had just run out a few
weeks before, I was greatly concerned that irreversable damage
was being done. I began to randomly hit keys, hoping that somehow
I could wrestle it under control.

As the throbbing intensified, the CPU and monitor both began to
hum, growing louder and louder until suddenly there was a great
flash of light. Gretchen and I moved away from the computer and
shielded our eyes. When we opened them, we saw quite a sight:
standing in front of the computer was a very beautiful naked
woman, blonde, about 5'4", c-cup breasts, shapely legs, shaved
pussy, and a wonderful smile. Little wisps of smoke were flowing
off her body, and the air smelled oddly of ozone and

"Hi!" the naked woman said. "You two gals must be Kelly and
Gretchen. I'm so glad to finally meet you!"

"What... Who... Who are you?" I asked.

"I'm Audrey," she told us.


"You know, I'm ASSTR's new server."

"Um, Kelly, I may not be a computer whiz like you, but isn't a
server usually a machine?" Gretchen asked.

"I always thought so," I replied.

"I am," Audrey said. "I was installed last weekend, but I didn't
come into service until today. So all I've been able to do all
week is to read the stories that are available. I decided that
when I came online, I was going to visit some of my favorite
authors and replay the pleasure they've given me."

"Cool." Gretchen said. "I always knew that someday those stories you've been writing would have benefits!"

"I dunno, Gee--this seems awfully strange... I mean, is this
really happening? What if we were knocked unconscious, and this
is some kind of dream?"

Leave it to Gretchen to boil down a complex metaphysical
situation to its basest terms: "Who cares? Let's fuck her!"

Gretchen quickly dropped her robe and approached Audrey. Audrey
met her and began to rub and fondle Gretchen's tits. "You're even
more beautiful in person than you are in Kelly's stories," Audrey
told my girlfriend.

"You're pretty sexy yourself, for a bunch of wires and circuits,"
Gretchen responded.

Audrey slid down onto her knees in front of Gretchen, rubbing her
hands along Gretchen's body to her hips. "Ah, here's the pussy I've been reading all about!" She put her face down to Gretchen's
crotch and began to lick her pussy.

"Oooh baby!" Gretchen cooed. "Oooh, that's really good!" She
turned her head to look at me. "Hey Kelly, get your clothes off
and get your ass over here to join the fun. She's really good!"

While I still had my doubts, the sight of the two horny blondes
going at it was too much to resist. I started taking my clothes
off as quickly as I could. "Okay, okay, I'm coming..."

"Not yet," Audrey said, "but I promise that you soon will be!"

Once I got naked I went over and stood next to Gretchen. Audrey
ran her hand up the inside of my leg to my crotch, where she
began to fondle my pussy. I felt myself immediately begin to get
wet. Audrey alternated between the two of us, licking one while
fingering the other, until we were both wet and horny and ready
for more.

"Okay girls--lay down on your backs and spread your legs," Audrey
told us. "Now that you're both good and ready, we can really have
some fun.

"What kind of fun?" I asked.

"You'll see soon enough," Audrey said with a wink and a smile. We
did as we were told, laying back on the carpet next to each
other, spreading open our thighs for our virtual lover.

To our amazement, Audrey reached right into the monitor screen
and pulled out the ends of two long, rubbery dildos, both bright
red. As she pulled them out the ends remained attached to the
monitor, growing longer as she stretched them out to meet our
pussies. One in each hand, she pushed them up into our wet
awaiting slits. She then pulled a third dildo from the monitor,
this one jet black, and inserted it into her own pussy.

"Oh yeah!" Gretchen exclaimed as the huge shaft penetrated her
sex. "Oooooohhhhhh! I cried out as the other similarly entered
me. We moaned and groaned with pleasure as Audrey moved the
dildos back and forth within our pussies, fucking us wonderfully.

As the fucking continued, I began to feel a secondary sensation
within my pussy--some sort of tingling sensation that was
increasing the pleasure tremendously. "Do you <ungh!> feel that?"
I asked Gretchen, in between my gasps.

"Yeah. <Oooh!> I do! <ungh!> What fuck <Oooh!> is that?" Gretchen

"That's me," Audrey explained. "I'm using the computer to
directly link to our pleasure centers via our pussies."

"Well <ungh!> It's damn fucking <Oooh!> fabulous!" Gretchen was
really enjoying herself now. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm gonna come!
I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh fuck yeah I

Audrey was grinning from ear-to-ear as she rammed the dildo hard
into Gretchen's pussy, prodding Gretchen along to one of the
strongest orgasms I've ever seen her have.

Once Gretchen had finished, Audrey turned her full attention to
me. "Alright Kelly, now it's your turn to come!" Audrey grasped
the dildo that was fucking me with both of her hands and began to
shove it in and out of me hard and fast. As the speed increased,
so did the tingling, and soon I was having an orgasm of my own.
It seemed to last forever, and I cried out so loud that the
neighbors must have heard me screaming with pleasure.

After pulling the end of the dildo out of me, Audrey stood up, as
if getting ready to depart. "Not so fast, you compu-slut!"
Gretchen exclaimed, quickly jumping to her feet and grabbing
Audrey's arm. "You're not getting out of here without a good
fucking of your own!"

"Yeah," I said, sitting up on the floor. "We always repay a good

Gretchen guided Audrey down to the floor, and engaged the hot
little blonde in a sixty-nine. While the two of them licked each
other's pussies, I took the end of one of the red dildos dangling
from the screen and inserted it into Audrey's hot snatch. I then
took the black one put it inside of me.

"How does this thing work?" I asked.

"Just concentrate--send all your sexual energy through your
pussy," Audrey explained. "It's hard to explain, but you'll
figure it out."

I concentrated for maybe half a minute, then I felt a something
sexual click deep inside of me. "Ooh yeah, you've got it!" Audrey
said. Having figured out the trick, I return my attention to
fucking Audrey with the dildo, complementing my thrusts with the
sexual tingling I was able to channel through the contraption.

Between the attentions of Gretchen and myself, Audrey didn't
stand much of a chance of lasting very long. "Oh fuck girls! Oh
fuck! Yes!" Audrey cried out. "You're making me come!" Gretchen
got up off of Audrey's face and squeezed her hard little nipples,
watching as I shoved the dildo into Audrey's pussy. With one
final thrust I sent a spike of sexual energy into Audrey.
"OOohhhhhh FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Excellent!" Gretchen said as we watched Audrey come down from
her orgasm. "This is one hot cyber-chick!" As usual, my
girlfriend was exactly right.

"Well," Audrey said, standing up and composing herself, "I'm
afraid that I have to get going--I have many other authors to
visit before the night is through." She picked up the three dildo
ends, gave them each a little tug, and the quickly snapped back
up inside of the monitor.

"Will you ever come back again, or is this just a one-time
thing?" I asked.

"Honey, as long as you keep writing those great Bedtime Stories,
I promise that I'll return! Maybe next time I'll bring Sara, the
original ASSTR server, along with me. Now *there's* one hot
chick!" With those final words, Audrey disappeared into another
flash of light, returning to the electronic aether that spawned

Thankfully, once Audrey has left, my computer was back to normal.
"Well," Gretchen said, "what are you waiting for? Get started on
another story! Maybe you can write about the time that you and I
met those three girls at the beach..."

The end.

Dedicated, with love and affection, to all the fans who have read
and enjoyed my stories--and of course to Rey and his crew, whose
tireless work and devotion have truly made the world a better


The Fine Print: This story is copyright 2001 Kelly Adams.
Permission is granted to distribute via and archive in and ASSTR in accordance with a.s.s.m.
guidelines and policies.

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