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SERVER sucking with great vigor and



"He paddled his board out into the perfect waves off of Waikiki

"No, no, waitaminnit. The story is called 'The Server', not 'The

"Oh. I'm sorry. My bad. Try this--Andre pulled his racket back, and
slammed into the ball....."

"You expect me to write about Andre Agassi?"

"Yeah. He's a hunk."

"Just what I need, a Muse with a thing for bald tennis players."
Conversations with my Muse always contain lots of surprises.

"Hey, Frank, you depend on me for ideas, you get what I got. And tennis
players are servers."

"So are waiters. I don't much feel like writing about one."

"Hey, you gets what you pays for. And Muses are underpaid. Now, why am
I trying to help you write a story called 'The Server' anyhow?"

"Because ASSTR is putting a new server up for the website."

"You mean it won't take an hour and a half to upload our splendiferous
prose anymore?"

"That's the plan. So Hecate came up with this idea, to have a bunch of
people all write a story called The Server, all to be posted on the day
that the new server goes up."

"Hecate. That's the lesbian from England, right?"


"Wonder if she's cute."

"Excuse me?"

"Your Muse swings both ways."

"Oh, wonderful."

"I'm still waiting for you to let me help you write the F/F romantic
masterpiece of all time."

"Sorry. Katie McN already wrote it. It's called 'Mallory'."

"Damn. I'm going to have to punch her Muse in the nose at the next Muse

"Can we get back to this particular masterpiece now, please?" My Muse
can be difficult.

"Fine. Be that way. I just hope you don't expect me to help you write
about computers. How boring."

"Hey, if it weren't for computers, nobody would read our stuff."

"True. But I don't want to write about them."

"Good. Tell me what you do want to write about."

"I dunno. Ask Hecate. It's her idea. Heck, you haven't even provided
me with a female heroine yet, and you always do that, without my help."

"Huh? I thought you sent me Sophia."

"Nope. That was your overactive fantasy world, Frank. I just gave you
ideas of what to do with her."

"OK, fine. But can you, this once, give me a female heroine?"

"Yeah, I guess I can." Suddenly, my computer room was filled with smoke.
When it cleared, standing before me was the most beautiful girl I had ever
seen. She was about 5'10", with long curly red hair and bright green eyes.
She had D-cup breasts, a small waist, and a full, ample ass. She was
wearing a string bikini.

"So, how's this for a female heroine?" she said.

"Who are you?"

"I'm me, your Muse, silly. Who did you think I was?"

"My Muse just took human form and appeared in my computer room? I think
I hit the Bacardi way too hard tonight."

"You didn't have any Bacardi tonight, Frank. I know, because, when you
drink, it makes me sleepy."

"Since when can you do this?"

"Since forever. You just never needed my help before. Your own mind is
full of fantasy women. Sophia, Rachel, Sara, Alexandra....."

"Alexandra isn't a fantasy woman."

"Oh, yeah, that's right. But, you have so many fantasy women, and
ex-girlfriends, not to mention your wife, that you never needed me before."

"But now that I do, my Muse appears, in the flesh. You are flesh,

"You wanna find out?" As soon as she said it, the bikini was gone, and
she stood before me in all her glory. It certainly looked like flesh.
Then she sat on my lap. My hands went right to her breasts, and it
certainly felt like real flesh.

"Satisfied?" She giggled.

"About you being flesh? Most definitely." I kneaded her breasts for a
while, pinching her nipples between my fingers. She moaned softly.

"Oh, this is wonderful. I get to take human form so rarely. Sex as a
non-corporeal spirit form is just not the same." She looked around my
computer room. "You don't have a server, just a DSL hub. Does that

"Who cares?"

"Good point. Hecate will have to live with it." She got off my lap, and
undid my pants, quickly slipping them down. "Hmmmm," she purred at my
erect cock. Then she kneeled in between my legs and abruptly gobbled it

It was mind-blowing. She moved expertly up and down my cock, licking
and nibbling in all the right places, then deep-throated me. She came up
for air, and then went back at it, licking the length of the underside of
my cock, then sucking it with great vigor, and then deep-throating me. It
wasn't too long before I came, hard, right down her throat.

"Wow. That was the blowjob of all time."

"Of course, silly. We're mentally attuned, remember? I know what you

"Hmm. Do I know what you like?"

"I expect you would," she said with an expectant glimmer in her eye. I
rose from my computer chair, and motioned for her to sit. She did, and I
kneeled between her legs. I went for her breasts, suckling the nipples.

"Oh, yeah, you know what I like." I nibbled on her breasts for a while,
and then worked my way down her stomach. She spread her legs for me, and I
started planting soft, little kisses on the inside of her thighs.

"Tease," she giggled.

"You like to be teased."

"You're right."

I kept it up, kissing up her thighs, getting closer and closer to her
honeypot. I paused to take it in. It was perfect, surrounded by a small
patch of red hair, her lips already swollen, her clit poking out from its
hood. I dove in.

"Oh YEAH!" she said, as I licked my way up and down her pussy lips, and
then stuck my tongue into her opening, moving it in and out. "Man, it has
been too long."

"Too long?"

"Yeah. Shit, I've been your Muse since you were seven--and you never
felt the need to call on me before this--and my previous vessel was a damn
monk who used me to get ideas for new chants. It's been eons.

I was bringing my tongue up and down her pussy, making contact with her
clit on every upstroke. "Oh, God, Frank, now I know why all of your male
heroes are good at cunny lapping."

"I writes what I knows," and I went back to it. After a few more
strokes, I zeroed in on her clit, nibbling and sucking it with great gusto.
She wrapped her legs around my head. "Oh, yeah, you know what I like," she
said. "Ayeee! Ayeee! Oh YES don't you DARE stop I'm CUMMMIIINNNGGG!!!"

"Shit." She said after she came back down.

"That dialogue had a bit too much cliché in it, don't you think?"

"Hell, what do you expect of someone having their first orgasm in
umpteen years? Non-corporeal spirit beings can't cum, you know." She got
up out of the chair. "Now sit."

I did, and she quickly squatted above me, and sank down on my cock.

"Oh YEAH Frank! Oh that feels fantastic!" She started bouncing up and
down on my cock. I reached up to fondle her tits as they bounced in front
of my face. "Oh, fuck me! Fuck me!" she yelled, as I met her downstrokes
with upstrokes of my own. "Oh damn, here I go again!" she hollered, as she
went stiff, and I felt her pussy spasm around my cock. A few more
upstrokes of my own, and I exploded into her pussy. We both collapsed to
the floor in exhaustion.

"Oh, fuck, you are not bad, Frank."

"Thanks. You're pretty damn hot yourself."

"I am very glad I started sending you ideas for erotica down the ol'
psychic highway, instead of just songs. That was fantastic." She smiled at
me. "Think you can get a story out of this?"

"I think I can cobble something together. Can you, uh, do this whenever
you want?"

"Well, no. There are limits. However, I haven't needed to become human
for a very long time, so I've got lots of chits I can cash in. Why?" She
giggled. It was light and musical and altogether endearing. "You want to
do this again?"

"I would like that a lot, yes."

"Anytime, Frank. After all, I am your Muse, right? I'm here to



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