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SERVICE thick legs and pushed her face


Tea Service

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by Orestes. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as all author related information and this paragraph
remain on the copies. I don't mind if you send it along
to a friend, repost it to an appropriate newsgroup, or
post it to your adult-oriented web site, so long as you
don't make money for any of these activities. No
alteration of the contents is permitted.

" Sex with men is just too... complicated to enjoy,
" Leah explained to Kaylin, who shook her head with
amusement. Leah was forever saying things just to shock
people. She always had some sort of story to tell.

" And I suppose that sex with women is much simpler.

" Of course it is, " Leah continued, pretending not
to catch the sarcasm in Kaylin's voice. " Think of your
teen years... "

" Thanks, but I'd prefer not to. "

" That's just it... every woman I know feels the
same way. With all the pressure to be popular with the
boys, and the way they made us feel if we actually
enjoyed sex, I'm surprised any girl leaves high school
as a heterosexual these days. "

" But most of us do..."

" Yes, but we carry those sexual hang-ups with us
through our whole lives. Don't get me wrong, but I
would absolutely hate to be single like you, Kay. guys
are all mixed up. You have to deal with all the
relationship and commitment stuff before you can even
think about sex. Then there are always risks..."

Kaylin had heard this all before from the other
women in the neighbourhood. Leah and the other
neighbourhood women who occasionally stopped over for
tea were married. In fact, most of them were married to
wealthy men, to be able to afford property in this
area. Kaylin was single, and made her own money.
Frankly, it surprised her that she fit in at all with
the other women on the block.

" So, " Kaylin played along with Leah's
conversation, " instead of wasting my time on
complicated sex with guys, I should be looking for a
tall, intelligent, wealthy lesbian. Mmmm hmmm. "

" I wouldn't go that far, " Leah smiled. " Husbands
are still worthwhile. I just wouldn't depend on the
dating game for a good, uncomplicated orgasm. "

" And who would you depend on... ?"

Leah smiled mischievously, as if she was finally
getting to a bit of gossip that she's been saving for a
while. " Actually, I've found that April gives some
pretty good head. "

" What are you talking about?" April was Kaylin's
next door neighbour, and was a respectable mother of
three. The two of them had often gone shopping
together. Kaylin couldn't believe her ears as Leah

" With April, it's just nice and uncomplicated, "
Leah was loving her young friend's shocked reaction.
" The first time it happened, it took me by surprise.
We were having tea together, the same way the two of us
are right now. April got onto the topic of a previous
lesbian affair she had enjoyed. It was a funny thing. I
could see how excited she was. "

" Then, as simple as anything, she dropped her spoon
over the edge of the table. Next thing I knew, she was
crawling up between my legs, and I was letting her. She
has the sweetest tongue. "

" Oh my god, " Kaylin shook her head. " Didn't it
feel weird ? I mean, with a friend and all ?"

" No, it just felt good. I mean, you know how I am.
I'm pretty much willing to try anything. It was really
enjoyable. Anyhow, this was a few years ago. I found
out later that she's done the same for most of the
neighbourhood women. Same routine. She drops the spoon,
and down she goes. Some of them even return the

" This is too weird..."

Leah shrugged. " It's only a big deal if you want it
to be. It hasn't affected our friendship at all. "

But that wasn't true. Just knowing that everyone in
the neighbourhood talked about it made Kaylin think
differently about her next door neighbour. Even later
in the day, when Leah's visit was only a set of tea
cups in the sink, Kaylin couldn't get her mind off of
the rumour. Of course it was a big deal. Otherwise, why
would Leah have talked about it in such a
conspiratorial tone ?

Kaylin couldn't get her mind onto work that night.
It was hard to concentrate her attention on the
architecture of yet another strip mall, when all she
could picture was the scene Leah had painted in her
head. April, with her short, black hair and a smile
never far from her lips... on her knees, crawling
between Leah's legs beneath the kitchen table. It was
probably the same chair that Kaylin took when she
visited for tea.

She tried hard not to make the connection, but it
was already there. How could she go there again, sit in
that spot, and have tea with April, knowing what she
knew ? Would April know that she heard the story ?
There would be tension. In fact, Kaylin could already
feel the tension growing.

That night, when she went to bed, she tried very
hard to think of a complicated male while relieving
that tension.

The next day, she kept herself occupied with a
couple of household repairs. Ever since she rented the
basement suite to a local college girl, she had been
meaning to fix up the hot water connection in the
suite. To tell the truth, it probably didn't matter too
much. Judith didn't care. It was just something to keep
herself busy.

Actually, Judith probably preferred to use the
upstairs washroom. It was one less room to clean - not
that she spent much time cleaning. She shared the
kitchen too. It wasn't in the original agreement, but
Kaylin didn't really mind. It was nice to have a little
company at meals. Besides, if Kaylin wasn't cooking,
the college girl would never get anything resembling
nutrition. She was going through that first-year,
spend-all-my-money-on-partying phase.

To some extent, fixing up the plumbing for the
tenant suite was really helping to distract Kaylin from
the disturbing thoughts she'd been having about her
next door neighbour. That is, until she went out to the
hardware store to get a part. As luck would have it,
she ran into April on the way back in.

" Hi Kay, " April smiled through her roses.

Kaylin didn't know quite how to react. She didn't
want to be rude, and make April feel all weird about
it. Pretend, she told herself. Pretend that everything
is normal.

They chatted for a few minutes, and as they parted,
the inevitable invitation came.

" Why don't you stop over tomorrow morning for tea

" Okay, " Kaylin answered automatically. Any other
answer would seem unfriendly.

After that, it was an impossible feat to keep April
from her mind. Did she know that Leah had talked about
her ? Would she be embarrassed ? She didn't seem
embarrassed when they chatted. But why the invitation ?
That was a silly question, Kaylin realized. The way the
women in this neighbourhood socialized with each other,
it would have been more strange if she *hadn't* been
invited over.

Nonetheless, by the time the next morning came,
Kaylin had run through dozens of scenarios in her head,
and shamefully, many of them began with the sound of a
spoon dropping to the floor. When she knocked, it took
a while for April to answer.

" Sorry... " April explained, " I thought I had time
for a quick shower after dropping off the kids. "

April was still dripping water. It looked like she
barely had time to throw on a robe before answering the

" Don't worry about it, " said Kaylin, polite as
usual. " Go ahead and finish up. I'll start on the tea.

It was hard to act this calm. Kaylin could actually
feel her hands shaking as she set up the tea service on
the kitchen table. The fact that April had come to the
door half naked wasn't helping matters. It just added
to the odd sexual tension that Kaylin was feeling. She
wondered if April had timed it that way on purpose. Was
she trying to set the tone for some sort of sexual
advance ?

Silly speculation. Kaylin attempted one more time to
shut down her imagination as she took her seat, and
April padded back into the room a few minutes later in
bare feet.

" Thanks for getting it all ready for us. Justin was
sick until yesterday, and this is the first day I've
had to relax in a while. "

" No problem. "

They settled into the familiar routine of
conversation on small topics, but Kaylin's mind was
elsewhere. She cursed herself silently for wearing a
skirt today. Why had she done that ? It just left the
possibility open. It was a long skirt, of course, but a
skirt nonetheless. Even now, as April talked about her
kids, Kaylin imagined the way it would feel to have the
woman pushing the edge of the skirt up her legs, and
the feel of April's wet hair between her thighs.

This was all out of character for Kaylin. She would
never have imagined such a thing before, but Leah's
story had opened the door. It left her feeling nervous,
and scared, and excited too. Anything could happen.

" ... and how is Judith doing in school these days

" Hmm ? Oh, yeah. She's wasting this whole semester.
She's already dropped two courses. The rest of her
time, she spends going to campus parties. I mean, I
suppose I did a bit of that too when I was her age, but
she's making an art out of it. She acts like she's
still living with her parents..."

It was hard to keep talking, and Kaylin lost her
train of thought more than a couple of times. April was
listening intently, but something she was doing was
really distracting. She was playing with her teaspoon
right near the edge of the table. She was rolling it
through her fingers slowly, almost absently. If it was
a habit, Kaylin hadn't noticed it before today.

Right now, it kept her in nervous anticipation. At
any moment, the spoon could drop to the floor. For the
life of her, Kaylin didn't know what she would do when
that moment came. Maybe she would politely excuse
herself from the table. Or maybe...

... well...

... she could feel the impulse to open her legs ever
so slightly. It would just be the hint of an
invitation. April could take it from there.

God, this was nasty, Kaylin could hear herself

" ... I mean, she never cleans up her own suite, and
I even end up doing her dishes for her... it's um...
like... having a little sister... or something..."

April nodded and smiled, still playing dangerously
with her spoon.

The tension was unbearable. Why didn't she drop it
already, the way she had for the other neighbourhood
women ? Kaylin was beginning to think that it wouldn't
be the worst thing on earth if she allowed this to
happen. God knows, she was horny enough. Besides, if
everyone else was letting April do this, it wouldn't
feel so abnormal.

Maybe it was no big deal, the way Leah had said...

... rationalizations, of course, but they felt very
good right at the moment.

" Does she do her own laundry ?" April broke in as
Kaylin fumbled for words.

" Some of the time...but really, it's not like I go
down every day and clean up for her. It's just, well,
every once in a while it gets a bit out of hand... and
I like to confirm that there's actually a floor down
there beneath her mess..."

Drop it, damn it. The conversation was drying up,
and the anticipation was killing Kaylin. She sipped her
tea nervously. Maybe she just wasn't giving the right
signals. Maybe April just needed some encouragement.

Slowly, Kaylin reached out and began to play with
her own tea spoon. It would just be a hint. April would
know that she had heard the stories.

Kaylin nervously played with her spoon, all the
while wondering why she was pursuing this at all. While
it was true that her own love life was pitifully empty,
she had never even considered doing anything with
another woman.

" Maybe you should ask her to split the food bill, "
April suggested, seemingly oblivious to Kaylin's
signal. " At least she'd have less money for alcohol at
the end of the week. "

" Yeah, I um, I guess I could do that..."

Drop it, Kaylin silently commanded. Why wouldn't she
drop it ?

April took another sip of her tea. Kaylin's heart
was beating desperately, and she couldn't control the
perverse arousal that this situation was bringing out.

Enough was enough. Kaylin decided to send an
unmistakable signal. Slowly and purposefully, she
brought her spoon to the edge of the table and dropped
it off. There. Now April would know everything. It was
an invitation to action.

A tense moment followed. April made no offer to pick
up the spoon. She just watched Kaylin.

It felt like a long moment, but it was probably only
seconds. Suddenly, Kaylin felt very awkward for having
forced the situation. " I'm sorry, " she finally
apologized, " I'll get that. "

She crouched under the table to find the spoon, her
head buzzing with questions. It was so weird. She had
really expected April to take the opportunity. That's
what she had done with all the other women. Then
another possibility hit her. Maybe, by dropping her
spoon first, she had beaten April to making the offer.

How embarrassing !

God, it made sense. The strange way April had stared
at her after the silver hit the floor... she was
waiting for something. And now, here Kaylin was,
beneath the table on her hands and knees, with April's
bare legs only inches away. Her body was warm from the
shower, and just barely covered by a white robe.

April would be expecting it now, just the same way
that Kaylin had expected it a moment before. How could
she explain backing out of it ? She paused.

She just couldn't. Not now that she had sent April
all the signals. This was obviously what she had come
down here for, and each second she paused made it more
awkward to retract the unspoken offer.

The humiliating role reversal heated her body. This
was going to happen.

Kaylin crawled forward, and placed her hands on her
friend's knees. April tensed. Gently, Kaylin pushed her
knees apart, allowing the robe to fall to the sides of
her legs. The air was filled with the aroma of arousal.
Maybe it was April, maybe it was her own. Kaylin didn't
care. Now, for the first time, she really wanted a

April had a pretty good body for being a mother of
three. Her thighs were a little heavy, but their flesh
was warm and moist against Kaylin's cheeks as she
pushed forward to her goal.

Everything that Leah had said about this seemed like
a lie now. There was nothing uncomplicated about this
act. Kaylin was on her knees... that carried all sorts
of submissive implications. She was here on her knees
for a friend and neighbour. Suddenly, they didn't seem
quite so equal. Without so much as a word, she was
crawling between her neighbour's legs, and was ready to
perform a lesbian sex act for the first time. No, there
was nothing simple about her feelings right now.

The softness of April's mound came suddenly to her
lips. Like the rest of her body, the flesh here was
warm from the shower. April tensed and gasped as Kaylin
began to explore her pussy.

It was different than her own. That probably
shouldn't have been a surprise, but somehow it was. The
folds of April's pussy were heavier and looser than her
own. Maybe it was just that April was a mother of three
children, or maybe it was just an individual thing.

Some things were the same, though. The way April's
body reacted when Kaylin pushed her tongue deep within
those folds was the same. She shuddered with pleasure
as the younger woman found all the right spots, and
caressed them with her soft tongue and lips.

Kissing, licking, worshipping... these acts
resonated through Kaylin's own body, as she imagined
the sensations they would arouse. There was excitement
in providing this kind of pleasure, and despite the
strangeness of the situation, Kaylin couldn't deny that
she was enjoying it in some perverse way.

April's hands came down now. From above, Kaylin
could hear her neighbour breathing heavily. April's
hands took hold of Kaylin's ears, and pulled her head
gently away from her goal.

" I shouldn't..." she whispered, but didn't sound

Kaylin pushed forward, ignoring the gentle pulling
at her ears. She could feel the way that April's body
was reacting to the attention, and knew that her climax
would be intense. It wasn't far away now.

" No..." April squirmed in her seat. Her thumbnails
dug into Kaylin's ears as April continued to tug
backwards, away from her body.

Again, Kaylin ignored the pressure. They were too
close now. It didn't matter if April wanted this to
last longer. Kaylin desperately wanted to taste and
feel the coming orgasm.

" Oh, god... oh, fuck... no... I shouldn't... oh
fuck... OH FUCK !"

April began to chant her coming orgasm, and
tightened her grip beneath the table. Kaylin could feel
her ass and thighs jerking with climax, and could feel
the heated juices running against her tongue.

" This is too much... god, no... please... I
can't... oh, god..."

Her words were lost in a set of squeals and grunts.
The wooden chair rocked just slightly in place as April
ground her pussy into her friend's face. Above, the tea
cups clattered against their saucers. Just as Aprils
body began to relax, her spoon fell from the edge of
the table.


Kaylin tried not to think about what she had done.
It was just too humiliating.

There was an awkward moment, just after April let go
of her head, that made Kaylin cringe every time she
thought about it. There was just no graceful way to
crawl out from beneath the table after licking a friend
to orgasm. Kaylin's face had been beat red when she
finally took her seat again.

At that moment, all she could do was excuse herself,
mumbling something about a meeting she had to attend at
one of the building sites. In her car, she could feel
the way her hands were shaking, and snuck glances in
the mirror to catch the panicked look on her face.
Kaylin paused at a traffic light to re-apply her

It all stuck with her. The twisted arousal. The role
reversal. The shameful way she couldn't meet April's
gaze when she crawled out from under the table. Through
the whole day of meetings, she felt entirely off-

Returning home didn't help. Two messages were
waiting on her machine.

" Hi, it's me..." said the playful tone that could
only belong to Leah. " Well..."


" I hear you had tea with April. Was it fun ? Call
me... "

Leah's was the very last voice she wanted to hear.
Kaylin erased the message vindictively. It was her
mischievous gossip that had led Kaylin to her knees.
The second message on the machine was no more


" Hi Kay, it's Sarah. I was just calling to invite
you over for tea tomorrow. I hope you can make it.
Let's see... I'll make it around 1:00. I'll see you
then. "

Her voice sent chills through Kaylin's body. Sarah
lived down the block a ways, and had been one of her
earliest friends in the area. In fact, she often got
the impression that most of the other women had simply
followed Sarah's lead in making friends with her. She
was a commanding woman, and carried some weight in the
community, both figuratively and literally.

The thing of it was, in all the time Kaylin had
known Sarah, she had never been invited over for tea.
Sure, there had been plenty of lunches with her, even
day trips, but not tea. It was a funny little detail.
It probably never would have occurred to Kaylin at all,
except that...

She tried to stop herself from thinking that way. It
was probably nothing. After all, none of the other
neighbours had called.

In the end, there was no way to excuse herself from
going without being rude. Sarah answered the door with
a quick informal hug.

" I'm glad you made it. Sorry, I'm on the phone with
someone from the school board. Could you get started in
there ? I'll catch up with you in a minute. "

Sarah was a municipal counsellor, and also sat on
the school board. There were very few people with more
influence in the community. The heavy set woman was
known as a tough bitch, but Kaylin had never had a
problem with her.

In the kitchen, she began the ritual of setting up
the tea service. It was hard for Kaylin to keep her
imagination under control. The whole scene was too
familiar. Damn, why couldn't it have been an invitation
to lunch or out to the gym today, Kaylin cursed

" I'm turning this thing off for the day, " Sarah
said, tossing her cell phone onto the counter. " I
don't get a moment's peace when it's on. "

" I don't even carry one, " agreed Kaylin. " I think
I'd rather not be reached sometimes. "

" Amen. "

Sarah had a commanding presence. She wore clothes
that didn't apologize for her extra weight, and had a
look of directness in her eye that seemed to cut
through all the crap.

" I haven't been visiting as much these days, "
Sarah started. " How's everyone over on the other side
of the neighbourhood ?"

" Everyone's okay. Tina finally let Mike buy that
sailboat he wanted. Leah is... well... you know

" Uh huh, " Sarah laughed. " And how is April... ?"

The tone of the question caught Kaylin off-guard,
and Sarah was watching the reaction intently. Just the
slightest of pauses was all it took to make Kaylin's
face go red.

" She's, um... she's really good... I think. Justin
was home from school for a few days, and I think she's
glad to have a little time to herself. "

The way that Sarah was watching her was too intense.
She definitely knew something. Could the rumour have
gotten around that quickly ? Of course, with Leah
involved, there was no knowing how many women had heard
it. Kaylin couldn't stand to think about it.

There was a tense silence across the table now.
Sarah didn't seem to mind at all. She sipped her tea
calmly, and watched as her young friend fidgeted and
squirmed in her seat.

Then, deliberately, she picked up her tea spoon, and
began to roll it through her fingers. Any doubt was
gone. She knew.

Kaylin couldn't decide what to do next. It was
obvious that Sarah was sending a signal... maybe even
an invitation, but Kaylin didn't want to misread it the
way she had with April. Leah had told her that some of
the other women had enjoyed sex with April, and had
even returned the favour.

Was that what Sarah was looking to do ? She played
with the teaspoon suggestively, right at the edge of
the table. Kaylin's body reacted almost involuntarily.
Since the previous day, she had been in a state of
almost constant arousal. Now, if Sarah was offering to
go under the table, Kaylin knew she couldn't refuse.
She needed a good orgasm too badly.

But what if that wasn't what Sarah was looking for ?
Maybe it was just flirtation, to see if the rumour was
true. Or maybe she was hoping that Kaylin would make an
offer. It was hard to tell.

Kaylin continued to squirm in her seat while her
older neighbour calmly toyed with her teaspoon. Sarah
was so in control. It looked like she had done this a
thousand times before. Of course, she wasn't the type
to be nervous about anything.

The tension built. Somebody had to do something,
Kaylin told herself. This was unbearable.

" I... um..." she began.

" Shhh, " Sarah silenced her. It was clear who was
in control.

Kaylin's breathing became shallow, and her face went
a deeper shade of red. All the while, Sarah just
watched her become more flustered. What was she waiting
for ?

Then, slowly, Kaylin reached for her own spoon. Was
this what Sarah wanted ? The shadow of a smile came to
Sarah's lips.

She wasn't sure if she could go through with this
again, but Kaylin also knew that she could stand
another minute of Sarah's commanding gaze. It was
obvious that she expected this. It was what she had
invited Kaylin over for, and at this moment, Kaylin
just couldn't think of any way to excuse herself from
the situation.

The sound of the silver clattering to the floor made
both women jump a little. Then, without a word, Kaylin
dropped to her knees to retrieve her spoon. Sarah
accepted the offer by spreading her legs just a bit.
For the second time in as many days, Kaylin found
herself doing the unthinkable. She crawled forward
between Sarah's thick legs, and pushed her face up
Sarah's designer business skirt.

Sarah's body was ready. She pressed forward in the
chair, forcing her pussy into the younger woman's face.
Kaylin tasted the arousal immediately. The extended
flirtation had left Sarah's hair-covered lips slick and

" That's really nice, Kay. Oh, fuck, that's nice..."

The compliment was probably meant nicely, but it
made Kaylin feel like a whore.

" A little lower, dear. Get right in there. "

Unlike the quick, tense session with April the
previous day, Sarah seemed happier with a slow pace.
She took her time, and enjoyed the attention her
younger friend was providing. She was specific in her
instructions, and even in her criticisms.

" I want to feel your lips too, Kay. Yeah, that's
right... suck my clit for a while. "

By the time the heavy woman came to a grunting
orgasm, Kaylin's tongue and jaw were numb from the
extended effort. She held on tightly as Sarah's flabby
thighs quaked in lust, and the older woman pressed her
sopping pussy against her slick face in climax.

This time too, Kaylin excused herself awkwardly
afterwards. Everything was happening too quickly. By
the time she got home that evening, after avoiding the
neighbourhood for the remainder of the day, three more
messages were waiting on her machine.

" It's me again..." said the amused voice of Leah. "
Hey, call me! I'm dying to hear what's going on with
you. "

Another spiteful deletion. There was only one person
who would have spread the rumour to Sarah, and it was


" Hi, it's April... um..." Kaylin's next door
neighbour sounded hesitant, " I didn't see you around
today. I um... I was going to invite you over for tea
again tomorrow. Russ is gone by eight thirty, and he's
agreed to take the kids in to school. I can't wait... "

Fuck. Was April expecting another session under the
table ?


" Hello Kay ? This is Julie Huong, from across the
street. I wanted to have you over for tea tomorrow, "
the asian woman spoke English pretty well, but with a
thick accent. " Can you be here around ten o' clock?"


" Hello ?"

" Hi... um, Leah... it's..."

" Jesus, Kay... I've been leaving you messages for
two weeks..."

Kaylin Paused. Maybe this was a mistake. She had
been making so many of them recently. But, mistake or
not, she really needed to talk to someone...

... and Leah was the only neighbour who she hadn't
been having tea with over the last couple of weeks.

" Sorry, " Kaylin tried to sound sincere, " I've
just been really busy."

" So I hear... every time I talk to anyone, they
tell me that you've been over for tea. You're really
popular these days. "

" I don't know how it all happened, Leah. I don't
know what to do. "

" About what ? It sounds like everything is going
great. Aren't you enjoying yourself ?"

" No... I mean, well... I guess a little... it's
just really weird. "

" Christ, you make too big a deal out of things,
Kay. This really isn't anything to be upset about. It's
just some women helping each other out over a friendly
cup of tea. "

" I know, but..."

Leah cut her off. " If you think it's so weird, why
do you keep accepting the invitations ?"

A pause.

" I guess... it would just feel too rude. I mean,
after I did it for April, and Sarah, and for Julie
Huong... I sort of thought that it would seem like a
snub if I didn't accept the other invitations..."

" You're kidding yourself, Kay. You wouldn't be
doing it at all if you weren't having some fun... is it
so hard to admit that to yourself ?"

" It's sort of... well, I don't know if I can

" Go on. "

" That first time, when you told me about April,
I... well, I have to admit it made me really curious...
and then, it made me horny. Then she invited me over,
and I was sort of expecting her to... you know..."

" Lick your pussy. "

" Um, yeah. But it didn't turn out that way. I guess
I sent the wrong signals, and I ended up doing it for
her. Then when I went to see Sarah and Julie, it ended
up the same way. Each time, I'd get really aroused just
thinking about the way it would feel, but it always
turns out the same..."

" The same ?"

" Yeah. It feels so... dirty. I come over, and they
always expect me to make the tea. Then, after I've
poured the tea... they don't really even talk to me
anymore... they just pick up their teaspoon, and sort
of tease me with it... but it never drops..."

" And ?"

" And, when I can't stand it anymore, and I'm so
horny that it hurts, I just crumble, and drop my own
spoon. And I get so ashamed, crawling under the table
for everyone... when what I really want is..."

" Mmm Hmm..."

" It's turning into a routine. I visit April almost
every morning, after the kids are off to school, and we
don't really even chat much... she's so anxious to get
started. I've done it for Mary, and Cina, and Mrs.

" Mrs. Wenzoski ? " Leah sounded amused.

" I just didn't want to be rude. And since her
husband died..."

" I don't even want to think about it, Kay. But
really, I still don't see the problem. "

" It's just that... it seems like everyone just
*expects* it from me now, and no one ever does it for
me, and I always leave needing an orgasm really badly.

" Is that all ? Don't be such a baby. Hell, I'd come
over and do it for you right now, if I didn't have such
bad knees. "

The scolding tone of her voice made Kaylin cringe.

" I didn't mean it like that, Leah. "

" You've got to toughen up a bit, Kay. Here I went,
and let you in on a secret about the neighbourhood
women... and in the meantime, you're getting all upset
for selfish reasons. It's been a long time since we've
had a new neighbour coming over for tea, and it's only
natural that most of the women would want to try you
out. Your turn will come in time, but no one is going
to do anything for you if you're going to be selfish
about it. "

" I don't want to be selfish... it's just..."

" Listen to yourself. You're making a big deal out
of something so minor. "

" Look, I've got to go. Judith's coming up for
dinner. "

The college girl's entrance was a welcome escape
from a conversation that was making Kaylin feel about
two inches tall.

It was strange to admit, but the only relationship
that still seemed normal in Kaylin's life was the one
with Judith. Even the fact that Kaylin was cooking the
younger girl's meals, doing the dishes, and washing her
laundry didn't seem so odd. It just seemed domestic.

Judith was like a daughter, or a sloppy younger
sister, or something mundane like that.

" Hey, can I borrow your car tomorrow, to go to my
chem lab ?"

" Is there a bus strike I don't know about ?"

" C'mon... it takes me a half hour by bus. If I had
your car, I'd be there in ten minutes. And I've got
half my lab done already, so it would only be for like
an hour or so. "

Kaylin shrugged. She was visiting some friends for
tea the next morning anyhow.

" Okay, but throw a couple of dollars into the gas
tank, would you ?"

" Mmmph hmm. " Judith agreed, with her mouth full.
Which, of course, meant that the tank would be empty
when she returned.


Kaylin really tried to see it the way that Leah had
explained. She tried to pretend that it was no big
deal. But it was. She could sense it. It wasn't so much
the sex acts that bothered her anymore. It was the way
everyone treated her.

For instance, April liked to take breakfast with her
tea these days, and she just expected Kaylin to make it
for her. On most days, she didn't even come down from
bed until it was ready. Kaylin could hear her upstairs,
taking a quick trip to pee in the washroom, and then
stumbling down with sleep still in her eyes, and her
robe half-open.

It was never much longer before Kaylin was crawling
between her legs, and helping to wake her up with some
oral attention. April would finish half her breakfast
before getting close to orgasm.

And when it was done, Kaylin was expected to leave.

No matter what Leah said, it felt like a big deal to
Kaylin, and she felt like a total wimp for letting it
all get this far.

Her new popularity with the neighbours was clear in
the number of messages that were left on her machine.
In the three days following her conversation with Leah,
she heard from no less than five women.

" Let's see, " she could hear Sarah on the other end
of the phone going through her daytime, " how about two
o'clock ?"

Kaylin was quick to call back.

" I'm sorry, Sarah, but I'm going over to Rebecca's
place around that time tomorrow. "

But Sarah was never one to give up her plans so
easily. " Don't worry. I'll call her up, and invite her
over. I can probably get Amy too. We'll make a real tea
party out of it. "

The thought of it was almost more than Kaylin could
handle. The dirty little one-on-one sessions with these
women were bad enough, but doing it with three of

She even considered defying Sarah, and not showing

Than again, she thought, if there's more than one
woman there, maybe someone would pay attention to her
needs. The thought made her shudder. The image of
pretty Amy crawling beneath the table for her... or
even Rebecca...

She wasn't sure she believed it would turn out that
way, but in the end, she found herself on Sarah's

Kaylin just stood there for a few minutes, trying to
convince herself not to go through with it, but she
knew that she would. It would be just like every other
time. Over the last two weeks, she couldn't count the
number of times she had resolved to keep her composure,
and resist the urge to drop her spoon to the floor.

But her body always won. Imaginations of what would
happen inside were already sending jolts of arousal
through her belly. Recently, even her dreams had been
filled with the gentle sounds of tea cups and spoons
clicking melodically. And she wanted to resist... she
really did...

Then, right on schedule, surrender came, and Kaylin
found her trembling fingers reaching for the doorbell.

" You're later than I expected... " Sarah chastised
her younger neighbour. " You'd better get started. The
other ladies will be here soon. "

Sarah led her to the kitchen, and then went upstairs
to check her e-mail, leaving Kaylin to set the table
for tea. With a flush of shame, Kaylin dutifully began
to set out the tea service. A minute later, the
doorbell rang again.

Kaylin paused in setting the table. Sarah was
nowhere to be seen. Feeling more and more like a house
servant, Kaylin answered the door and led Amy in to her
seat. Rebecca arrived not much later.

" Are you still going to the same fitness club ?"
Rebecca began a conversation with the other woman as
Kaylin finished setting up the table.

" When I have the time... " answered Amy, who had a
fit little body that didn't really need any more work.
They passed the regular gossip back and forth, just
killing time before Sarah joined them from upstairs.

" Did I miss anything important ?" Sarah joked,
taking her seat. Almost involuntarily, Kaylin rose to
pour her friend a tea. A giggle passed back and forth
between Amy and Rebecca, who had entirely excluded her
from the conversation so far.

The women launched back into gossip as Kaylin
returned to her seat. As she sat down, she accidentally
knocked her tea spoon from its perch right at the edge
of the table. That stopped everything.

" My, my... someone's anxious to get started today,
" teased Amy.

" I'm sorry... I just..."

The other women laughed as Kaylin's face went a bold
shade of red.

" That's fine, Kay. You can start over here. " Amy
reached under the table, and began to squirm out of her
panties. Kaylin made one final attempt to change the
direction this was going.

" I thought... maybe..." She couldn't choke out the

Everyone was looking at her now. Why couldn't she
just ask for what all of the other women seemed to
expect so easily ?

" ...maybe someone could... "

Kaylin just couldn't say it out loud.

" Yes ?"

" Nothing. "

Defeated, Kaylin dropped her eyes, and did what the
other women at the table expected. Slowly, and with the
deepest sense of shame, she crawled between Amy's
waiting legs.

" I can't believe I'm doing this in front of two
other women, " the conversation continued above. Amy's
body jerked a bit as Kaylin found her mark.

" I think we were all a little surprised by what Kay
is into, but she didn't seem to mind me inviting you
gals over. "

This couldn't get any more humiliating, Kaylin told
herself silently. Not only were the women continuing
their conversation, but now they were gossiping about
her even while she was under the table, licking pussy.

" When I first heard the rumour, " Rebecca joined
in, " I completely thought that Leah was just making up
another one of her stories. The last thing I expected
was to hear from April that it was true. I mean,
really, I couldn't believe that there were girls like
this in real life. "

" That's what I thought too, " Sarah agreed. "
Leah's always twisting reality in one fashion or
another. I figured she was just playing one of her
games. But when I heard it from April, I just had to
find out for myself, one way or the other. I don't mind
admitting that the rumour sparked my imagination a bit.

Kaylin couldn't believe what she was hearing. She
didn't understand. It just didn't make sense...

" I don't blame you a bit, " agreed Amy, as she
dropped one of her hands beneath the table to guide
Kaylin's tongue. " I never really even considered sex
with another woman. But when you hear that your new
neighbour from around the block gets her kicks..."

Amy gasped with pleasure, cutting off her thought. "
Aaah, mmm, slow it down a bit, girl. "

" ... and it she really couldn't make it much
easier. You don't even have to say a word, and she's
crawling up your skirt. When you hear a story like
that... well, it was only a matter of time before I
convinced myself to invite her over. "

Hot waves of shame moved up and down Kaylin's body
as she continued to please Amy's pussy. She didn't know
what else to do at the moment.

" *That* I can understand, " said Rebecca. " What I
don't get is why she does it. I mean, it's one thing
for us to allow her to do it. That's just natural
curiosity, and a little sexual energy to burn. But I
don't understand what she gets out of it, offering her
tongue to every woman in the neighbourhood, and never
wanting anything in return... not that I'd offer..."

" Me neither, " laughed Sarah. " But I'm sure she
gets her own pleasure out of it too. Haven't you
noticed the way she whimpers and grunts while she goes
? It sure sounds like she enjoys it. Hey, why don't you
check for yourself if she's wet... I'm sure she
wouldn't mind. "

Rebecca took a sip of her tea and giggled. " That
would be really bad of me, wouldn't it ?"

A moment later, Kaylin felt Rebecca's hand exploring
under the table.

Oh god, please don't, she begged, but the hand kept
searching for the hem of Kaylin's skirt.

" She's not even wearing panties, " Rebecca
announced, as she pulled the long skirt up around
Kaylin's waist. Kaylin felt completely exposed, with
her position on her knees, and the way Amy was holding
the back of her head in place.

" God, she's really enjoying this. I can't believe
how wet she is. "

Rebecca's fingers danced along Kaylin's
oversensitive flesh, bringing a shameful volley of
unexpected pleasure.

" Unnnngh, " she moaned into Amy's crotch.

Amy gasped. " Don't distract her, Becca. I'm almost

" Good, " said Sarah. " When you're done with her,
send her this direction. And I don't mind if you play
with her ass, hon, " she told Rebecca, " I'm sure it'll
just make her more eager to please. "


The sting of the deception stayed fresh in Kaylin's
mind. The worst part was, Leah wasn't the only person
to blame. Most of the deception had come from her own
head. Leah had just planted the seed, and watched
gleefully as it came to fruit.

Since the tea party, it had taken every bit of
Kaylin's strength not to return her phone messages. For
over a week, she had isolated herself from the

The problem was, time wouldn't solve this. No matter
how long she avoided everyone, as long as she lived in
this neighbourhood, everyone would tell stories about

And they were all embarrassingly true.

As much as Kaylin didn't want to believe that she
was really the person in those rumours, she could
almost still feel the erotic surge of shame those
under-table encounters brought with them.

No matter how much she tried, she couldn't resist
listening to the messages on her machine.

" Russ is out of town for a few days, so I'll have
to take the kids to school... can we make it 9:30 this
week. "

That was the first of the messages. Most of the
other neighbours called over the next few days, and
despite herself, Kaylin was tempted.

Even Leah had an invitation, delivered in a voice
full of mischief as usual. " I hear the tea party was
really wild. I'm thinking about hosting one myself. A
young niece of mine is in town for a few days next
week, and I'd love to help her get over her shyness
problem. What do you think ? You're not still cross
with me, are you ? I would have let you off the hook
sooner, but you weren't returning my calls... "

The funny thing was, in some twisted way, Kaylin
even missed Leah's friendship.

Judith's company helped to fill the friendship gap
in her life a little bit, but Kaylin could definitely
feel something missing. The college girl was more like
a little sister or a daughter than a friend. And she
had her own life. Besides, she was constantly setting
new standards in sloppiness and irresponsibility.

Being cooped up in the house, Kaylin didn't wasn't
even able to dodge Judith's infamous Sunday morning
hang-over this week. Kaylin had heard her come in at
around 4 'o clock in the morning, and she wasn't alone
when she came in. That was another house rule that she
had bent in recent months.

The guy had stayed just long enough to noisily do
his thing. As if that wasn't enough, Judith woke up
twice to puke her guts out. It was no wonder she didn't
appear in the kitchen until noon.

" Is there any juice ? " she mumbled, taking her
seat at the breakfast table as if Kaylin had just been
waiting around all day for the request.

" Look for yourself, " Kaylin snapped.

" Sorry..." Judith stumbled up towards the fridge,
bringing the smell of stale beer along with her. She
had thrown on her T-shirt from the previous night,
complete with a new set of cigarette burn holes.

" Are you back to smoking again ?"

" Only when I'm drinking. "

" So every night then ?"

" Very funny. " Judith pouted, pouring herself the
last of the orange juice.

" I'm sorry. Why don't you sit down, and I'll make
you a little something for breakfast. "

Judith didn't argue. It was easy for Kaylin to have
sympathy for the hung-over girl. Hell, she was probably
just remembering the guy she had traded bodily fluids
with about now.

In a few minutes, Kaylin had a plate of french
toast ready for her tenant.

" Thanks a lot, Kay. I don't know what I'd do
without you. "

Judith reached for her plate, but only succeeded in
knocking over her glass of orange juice.

" Oh fuck, I'm sorry. "

" Don't worry about it, " Kaylin was already getting
a towel.

It wasn't until she was on her knees with it beneath
the table that the urges hit her. When they came, they
was stronger than ever. Next thing Kaylin knew, she was
kneeling in a puddle of orange juice, and nuzzling her
face into Judith's crotch. The college girl was just as
surprised as Kaylin by the sudden move.

All of the sick emotions returned with unexpected
force. This was the surrender she had been denying
herself for the last week, and it tasted even sweeter
now coming from the used pussy of her slovenly

The odours of alcohol and piss and intercourse all
hit Kaylin at once.

" Oh my god, " the surprised college girl squirmed,
but Kaylin's well-practised tongue had already found
its mark.

This would change their whole relationship, she
knew. Maybe Judith would want her to do it again, and
even come to expect it, the same way she now expected
Kaylin to cook for her and do her laundry. Kaylin's
imagination pushed forward. Maybe it would become a
morning ritual, like it had with April.

She probably wouldn't be able to tell Judith what to
do any more, not now that the girl had lost respect for
her. No, soon the girl would treat Kaylin the same way
all the other women did.

It didn't matter. Kaylin knew she needed this now.
All of it. She had just been fooling herself by denying
it this long.

Even as the college girl began to grind her sloppy
pussy against Kaylin's face with pleasure, Kaylin found
herself wondering...

... could she still make it for that tea party at
Leah's house ?


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