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SEVILLE video shed been watching she headed


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By Darkage
(c) July, 2001
Seville stared at the ceiling. It was one of those
mornings. She'd woken up at least an hour ago, and
normally she'd be on her way to work by now. This
morning was different, however. She decided she was
staying home today. She didn't care what her boss
thought about it; she just wouldn't show up.

She sat up and looked out the window. It was a crisp
autumn morning. The flower bushes that rose up against
her window rustled in a passing breeze. Between the
flowers and the woods lay the small, neatly trimmed
back yard, bathed in morning sunlight.

Hopping out of bed and shaking the weariness out of
her limbs, she headed upstairs for a shower. She noted
the profound calm of the house this morning. Normally
she would have spent the earliest hours of a Saturday
hustling to get ready for work, and probably arguing
with her father. By this time she would have been
working the tables, waitressing in The Breakfast Nest.

She pulled off her underwear and climbed into the
steaming shower.
She toweled off after a nice long shower. On a whim,
she decided to dry her hair in front of the full-
length mirror in her father's room. She hesitated a
moment in the doorway. Her father almost never allowed
her into that room. It didn't seem right to her that
at the age of eighteen there was still a part of the
house she wasn't allowed into. She kept reminding
herself that he was gone for a month, but as she
walked into bedroom, she still trembled with
apprehension. The room itself was a reflection of her
father. It was rich with polished, dark woods; the
floorboards, the bedposts, the dresser, everything.

The room suddenly brought Seville a vague, distant
memory. She remembered tiptoeing through the hall as a
little girl, late one night. She couldn't sleep, and
she wanted to see her daddy. The hall seemed so large
and forbidding, filled with darkness. She could hear
strange noises coming from daddy's room. It sounded
like someone was crying or having a nightmare. She
reached out and twisted the knob. Pushing the door
open, she saw her father on the bed with some woman,
both completely naked and in strange positions. Her
mother had died in childbirth, and her father always
seemed to be bringing new, beautiful girlfriends home.
Her father screamed at her, roaring for her to get
out. It terrified her. Ever since that incident,
there'd been a strange mood about that room for her.

Now, years later, she felt a fearful thrill as she
walked, naked, into his room, invading the forbidden
space. She observed herself in the mirror as she dried
her hair. She really had developed into a beautiful
young woman. Her skin was a beautiful mix of her
parents' complexions, olive and golden brown. As her
arms worked at her hair, her full breasts bobbed. She
smiled at the cute perfection of her perky brown
nipples. Her eyes traveled down her tight, smooth
stomach, to her cute belly button, to her smooth
belly, which curved down to the soft, dark forest
between the smooth, dark thighs of her long, shapely
legs. Dropping the towel, she sat at the end of her
father's bed and continued looking at her reflection.

Sitting naked on her father's bed, her skin still warm
from the steamy shower, she felt a strange thrill run
through her body. The bed had always been a
threatening thing to her, since childhood. It was a
forbidden place where dangerous, forbidden things
happened in the night. She remembered many times, when
she was older and wiser than that first time, when she
could hear daddy's girlfriends screaming and moaning
in the dead of the night. She knew it was the bed's
fault. It was the bed, with its dark, polished wood
and its black satin sheets that made her father do
that. It was the bed that made him become that beast.
Now, to sit naked on that bed, to have those black
satin covers beneath her, it just sent shivers up her

Repulsed by the urges that she felt welling up inside
her, Seville quickly rose and grabbed her towel. She
hung the towel on the bathroom hook and headed
downstairs. It felt wonderful to walk around the house
naked, though she'd never done it since she was a
little kid. As she walked past the windows in the
hallway she was thankful there were no neighbors too
close by.

Slouching over her cereal, Seville stared into its
milky cheerio depths. She couldn't get her experience
in her father's room out of her mind. The smooth
floorboards and that dark bed lingered in her mind.

The phone rang loudly through her thoughts. A wave of
anxiety suddenly coursed through her veins as she
realized that it was probably her boss calling.

She picked up the shiny black phone in the living


"Hello. May I please speak to Antonio Castella?" She
didn't recognize the voice.

"Oh, he's out of town until the first. Would you like
me to leave a message for him?"

"Oh, this must be Seville, no? This is Michael, his

"Oh, hi. I'm sorry, I didn't recognize you on the
phone. It's been a long time."

"Yes it has. How is everything with you?"
"Oh, I'm fine."

"Good, good. Listen, you say he'll be back the first?"

"Yes, of August."

"Alright, then I'll call back then. You take care,

"OK. Nice talking to you. Bye."

She hung up, but her hand remained on the phone. The
black receiver was hard and smooth in her hand. It
reminded her of the bedposts in her father's room.
With the anxiety of having to talk to her boss,
Seville felt cozy and protected in the house all by
herself. No one to judge her for anything she might
think or do. She felt like she was a little girl
again, hiding in the attic, her own little space
around her, where no one could see or hear her. These
thoughts and feelings in her mind, she ran up the
stairs giggling mischievously.

Standing in the doorway, she peered back into her
father's bedroom. It was the same as always; warm,
dark, secret, and forbidden. Her eyes fell on the dark
bedposts. Approaching the foot of the bed, she touched
one of them, caressing its length with her long,
elegant fingers. She felt dirty as she smoothed her
hands over the dark, polished wood. The top of the
bedpost came to a large, elliptical tip, the shape of
a large egg. Curling her fingers around the bedpost,
Seville's knees grew week and she felt her thighs
growing warm as unsavory thoughts coursed through her

Although she was completely alone, she closed the door
securely to hide from the world's eyes the naughty
fantasy she was about to act out. Sitting on the foot
of her father's bed, she pulled off her sneakers and
twiddled her bare toes. She watched herself in the
large mirror as she pulled the white halter-top up and
over her, and dropped it to the floor, her full
breasts held in a grey Calvin Klein bra. Lying back on
her father's black covers, she giggled and watched
herself in the ceiling mirror as she wriggled out of
her tight blue jeans.

An amusing thought popped into her head. What would
her father think if he could see his eighteen-year-old
daughter lying on his dark bed in nothing but her
underwear? She stared at the reflection of her long,
beautiful black hair splayed out on the black satin
bed covers, as her arms worked behind her back to
unfasten her bra. She tossed the bra to the floor, her
large, perky breasts exposed to the foreboding walls
of her father's bedroom. Lying on her back with her
knees against her chest, Seville giggled and writhed
upon the bed as she worked her panties down around the
curve of her ass. She pulled them down, or rather, up,
her long legs and flicked them to the side of the room
with her toes.

She sat up, completely naked, upon her father's bed.
Moving to the corner of the foot of the bed, she
dropped a long, dark leg on either side of the bedpost
and lay back, her feet upon the bedroom floor. Sliding
her ass closer to the corner, she pressed the bedpost
into the crevice between her legs. Seville closed her
eyes and moaned as she rubbed herself along the side
of the smooth, round bedpost. Her hands crept down her
belly and into the soft, dark forest below. She sighed
and began to moisten as a fingertip slid over her
clitoris. As she caressed herself, she moistened, and
she slid more easily on the bedpost as her labia
spread fluid along its surface.

Seville sighed as she slipped her finger between her
secret lips, sliding it up into her tight hole.
Looking down her body to the post that rose from
between her legs, topped with a fist-sized wooden
sphere, a terribly indelicate idea came to her mind.
She wanted that bedpost, large as it might be, inside
her body. Just the thought caused milkiness to dribble
from between her labia.

Sitting up, she inspected the situation. The bedpost
rose a good fifteen or sixteen inches above the level
of the mattress. She contemplated simply standing on
the bed with her back to it and lowering herself onto
it, but she was afraid she might lose her balance and
really hurt herself, inside and out. The wooden chair
in the corner of the room offered a solution. She drew
the chair up to the bedpost, facing it towards the
bed. Then, standing on it with her back to the post,
she bent forward and placed her hands upon the back of
the chair. She held herself there, her ass just above
the top of the bedpost. Holding the back of the chair,
she slowly lowered her ass onto the post.

Her trembling lips gasped with apprehension at the
touch of the bedpost's tip upon her labia. Steadying
herself by the back of the chair, she let herself sink
onto the top of the post. The lips between her thighs
spread around its large, spherical tip as it slipped
between them and pushed itself into her vagina.
Moaning, Seville let herself sink farther onto the
post. The bedpost, its swells and cusps widening
beneath the tip, pushed itself up into her. It
elicited a soft cry from her quivering lips each time
a swell or a rounded cusp passed into her. Impaling
herself deeper upon her father's bedpost, Seville
drove herself to orgasm, her fluids dribbling down the
shaft as sighed lustfully.
"The blue whale is the largest mammal on earth. At a
weight." Seville stared at dolphins, frozen in time in
the exhibit case as the museum guide rattled on. The
rippled blue plastic ocean surface that they were
jumping from was dusty, betraying its true nature.
Lingering near the back of the group, she gazed around
the dark room with all its stuffed sea-life. The blue
whale hanging from the ceiling was terrifyingly
enormous. She wondered how they could safely hang it
there, right above everyone walking through the huge

Catching up with the rest of the class, she walked
through a long hall of geological models and exhibits.
They headed down the wide marble steps towards the
African exhibits. Sliding her hand casually down the
brass stair-rail, she was reminded suddenly of her
father's bedpost. She grasped the rail more tightly as
she followed the class, warmth gathering in her

The sound of trickling water surprised Seville and she
strained to look over her classmates' heads and see
where it was coming from. Light surrounded the high-
school class as they entered the huge greenhouse. The
steel-framed, glass-skinned building housed numerous
tropical plants and in its center stood a low, wide
pyramid surrounded by a fountain/wishing well. Seville
gazed in wonder at the beautiful structure as they
passed through the greenhouse and headed back into the
main museum building. Her excitement growing, she
moved to the front of the group as they entered the
African exhibit room.

The room was enormous. In the center of the room was a
large pack of elephants and rhino's frozen in action
as they made a charge for the entrance. The ceiling
was over two stories high and a balcony ran around the
edge of the room, with exhibits set into the wall next
to it. The first floor wall housed other, larger
exhibits. They explored the exhibits for nearly an
hour, and though most of her class seemed only mildly
interested (mostly just glad to be out of class on a
Friday afternoon), Seville was intrigued. It was the
most amazing, mysterious place she'd ever seen. She
couldn't get over the wonder of the radiant
greenhouse, with its trees, fountains, and pyramid,
and the immense, dimly lit African room. She was more
disappointed than most when their teacher instructed
them that it was time to go back to school. At least
she, being a senior, could drive directly home instead
of having to deal with the school bus.

Seville walked through the museum lot toward her
little red car. After finding her keys and unlocking
the door, she got in and sat down. The amazing images
she'd just seen kept flashing before her eyes. She'd
been to museums before, but this one was different.
For one thing, it was simply enormous. Also, it had
the most wonderful exhibits she'd ever seen. Sitting
in her car, an idea occurred to her. Being that she
wasn't driving back to school anyway, she could just
go spend a few more hours in the museum before it
closed. Hell, it was Friday afternoon. Her father was
out of town; she had no plans. Hopping out of the car,
she locked the door and headed back towards the

Donning the pin they'd given her when she first came
in, she walked back into the museum entrance. Standing
among the bustling crowd, she decided to start with
the dinosaur exhibit. She spent the next two hours
wandering all throughout the museum.
Looking down at her watch, Seville saw that it was
already five. The museum would be closing in another
half-hour. Taking one last look at the earthquake
video she'd been watching, she headed out and down the
hall, looking for a bathroom to use before she drove
home. She found a bathroom on the next floor up, the
fourth. As she sat down in the cozy isolation of a
stall in an empty bathroom, she had a wonderful idea.
If she hid in the bathroom until the museum was
closed, she could have the whole place to herself!
After finishing her business, she washed her hands and
moved to the last stall in the bathroom. Exhilarated
by the risk and rewards of such a plan, she closed and
locked the door, sat on the toilet lid and drew her
feet up onto the seat, out of view.

Forty minutes later she heard footsteps echoing in
hallway, coming towards the restroom. A person walked
into the room and proceeded slowly down along the
stalls. Seville's heart beat faster as the person
approached the last stall. She saw the shiny black
shoes of a museum guard and knew they must be making
the final rounds before closing up. Hardly breathing,
she kept still until finally the guard left, satisfied
that the bathroom was empty.

After nearly an hour in the stall, the sounds of
activity in the museum had died down. Seville poked
her head out the bathroom door. The building was dark,
lit only by the dim nighttime lights, which shone off
the polished wooden floors. Carefully, she snuck out
the bathroom and approached the balcony railing.
Peering over the wooden rail, she saw that the sea-
life room was dark and abandoned. The blue whale
loomed over the huge room, its enormous body hanging
from the high ceiling. Quietly, she walked along the
balcony, towards the stairs.

Stan awoke with a jolt as his head slipped from his
hand. He tended to doze on the night shift. Shaking
the drowsiness from his head, he eyed the security
board, lazily scanning over the multitude of screens,
all portraying the quiet rooms and hallways of the
museum at night. Suddenly, something caught his eye.
He saw a bit of movement on one of the east wing
screens. Waiting patiently, he saw someone appear on
one of the fountain room cameras. Grabbing for the
manual controls, he followed them. Zooming in, he saw
to his surprise that it was a girl; a young one too.
As the pyramid fell between the camera and the girl,
Stan shifted to another fountain room camera. Zooming
in and engaging the low-light correction, he saw what
a beautiful girl she was. Suddenly remembering
himself, he reached for the security phone. As he did
so, however, the girl on the screen began pulling her
shirt up over her head. His hand paused, hovering over
the receiver. To his amazement, the girl continued to
undress, removing her skirt and then her shoes.
Completely unaware of the hidden cameras, she sat upon
the edge of the fountain and dipped her feet in the
water. She sat there for a moment, her legs dangling
in the shallow water.
Seville, surprised at the warmth of the fountain
water, decided to enjoy it a bit more. Reaching behind
her back, she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the
floor. Lifting her legs out the water, she pulled off
her panties as well.

Stan's eyes were glued to the screen, his jaw hanging
limp, as the nude girl put her whole body in the pool,
apparently enjoying the warm water. His hand fell next
to the phone and relaxed upon the desktop, all
thoughts of security gone. After a brief dip in the
water, she got out and dried herself with her skirt.
She put on her blouse, gathered the rest of her
belongings in her arms, and began heading for the
African wing. Hoping for a better view, Stan gently
turned the lights in the African wing up, just enough
so that she wouldn't notice much change.

As she walked through the tall doorway of the African
entrance, Seville noticed that the room was a bit
brighter than the others. She figured they must just
be using different lights. Placing her things down at
the edge of the room, she began walking towards the
exhibit in the center of the large room. A herd of
African elephants stood in frozen motion, a rhino and
a couple zebra's mixed among their ranks. Stepping
mischievously over the railing that sectioned off the
exhibit, she climbed up onto the platform. She felt a
strange excitement rush through her body as she walked
among such enormously powerful animals, clothed only
in her long blouse. She stroked the back of a large
zebra, her palm running along the animal's smooth
hair. Taking a moment to gage the height of its back,
she began carefully climbing upon it. Once she managed
her way onto its back, she thrilled at the feel of its
thick body between her bare legs. Sliding up towards
the front of its body, she found herself taking
pleasure in how its stiff hair rubbed between her
thighs. Bending forward to hug its neck, Seville
sighed as its stiff mane pressed against her crotch.
Pressing the front of her body up against its mane,
she gently sighed as she rubbed herself up and down
the top of its back. Closing her eyes, she began to
become wet, wishing for some more substantial
penetration. As she opened her eyes, her gaze fell
upon the rhino standing just ahead of where she was.
Its single horn shone in the dim yellow lights.

Stan gulped with anxiousness as the girl on the screen
slid from atop the zebra and made her way toward the
large rhino.

Luckily, the rhino had its head down, as if eating
grass. Seville found that the tip of its large horn
was actually quite dull, rounded from years of wear.
Removing her blouse and letting it drop to the floor,
she stood over the rhino's head, one foot planted on
either side of it.

Stan watched in disbelief as the girl lowered herself
slowly until the tip of the rhino's horn was just
below the junction of her thighs. Zooming in and
adjusting the light correction level, he watched as
she placed her palms down upon the top of the beast's
head and lowered herself, allowing the tip of the horn
to enter her. Lowering herself onto it, she shuddered
with immense pleasure as the horn slipped into her.

Aching with lust, Seville lowered herself onto the
horn, letting it slip far up inside her. She lowered
herself until her labia hugged the base of the rhino's
horn and she could feel its head beneath her ass. Her
legs, dangling on either side of its head, trembled as
she began to come hard around the rhino's horn, her
juices dribbling down its head.
A bird's faint chirping echoed in the distance, as if
through a thick haze. The haze gradually lifted, the
chirping growing louder and brighter. Seville awoke
among a tangle of cream colored sheets. Sunlight was
pouring through the window giving evidence of another
beautiful early autumn day. She adjusted the sheets
and laid for a moment, comfortable. She couldn't
remember ever having slept quite so well as she'd been
sleeping since her father was out of town. She'd even
taken to sleeping naked, which she found to be most
The door creaked open and Seville's heart pounded with
surprise for a second before she recognized the
familiar sound of Sam's panting. The golden Lab
shuffled into her room and trotted over to the bed,
eager for companionship. Seville smiled happily and
giggled as he stuck his nose in her face and licked
her lovingly. She patted his head and he paused for a
moment before leaping up onto the bed with her. He
snuggled close, pressing his nose up against her. With
Sam's warm, comforting body next to her, Seville began
to drift off again, floating gently into a dream. She
was dimly aware of sniffing, and she felt the mattress
shift beneath her as Sam rose and moved down toward
the foot of the bed, sniffing. She felt the sheets
lift and Sam's cool wet nose was on her ankles. Soft
fur brushed up her legs as the dog crawled under the
sheets. Then a different sensation: his warm tongue
licking the backs of her thighs. She shifted under the
sheets as the lab's tongue ran up and down her skin,
approaching her upper thighs.

Seville came up from her drowsiness and realized how
heavy with lust she was becoming. Sighing, she
squirmed under the cream colored sheets, feeling Sam's
tongue on her body. She let him lick her on and on,
his tongue traveling ever closer to the junction of
her thighs. Finally, she felt him lap at her labia and
shivers of pleasure ran through her body. For a second
his tongue dipped between her secret lips and tickled
her clit. Moaning with desire, Seville pulled her
knees up beneath her and raised her ass, pushing it up
at Sam. She felt his forepaws on her ass and they
moved up her lower-back as he climbed up upon her. She
groaned at the touch of the lab's erect member on her
nether regions as he poked between her thighs. Her
face pressed into the pillow, Seville reached back
behind her and grabbed the tip of Sam's large pulsing
penis and touched it to her labia. Instinctively, Sam
thrust his hips, slipping into her body. Seville
gasped as her lips stretched around his thick member,
hot inside her. Moaning, she thrust her ass back at
the dog to receive more of him and her lips quivered
with a long sigh as he slid deeper inside her. She
whined with pleasure as he thrust fast and hard into
her body, and with each thrust she felt a thick knot
at the base of his dick slam against her labia. Then,
with one long, hard thrust, he pushed his knot up into
her. Seville gasped with intense pleasure as her labia
closed around the knot and Sam's large, soft balls
slapped against the backs of her thighs. Its knot
comfortably inside Seville's body, Sam pounded into
her with hard, fast thrusts, eliciting squeals of
ecstasy from her dark lips. So deep in the throws of
passion was she that she failed to hear the car roll
up the gravel driveway or the footsteps on the wooden

Seville came hard, moaning deeply as her juices
flowing around the lab's thick member as it thrust
into her. Sam stop thrusting and relaxed on top of her
and Seville rested her face in the pillow as she
sighed with relief. Downstairs, she heard someone
unlocking the front door. She filled with panic at the
sound of the door opening, then closing again and
being locked. She move to push Sam off of her but
found that his knot was still stuck inside her. There
were footsteps coming up the stairs and they sounded
like her father's. Reaching back and placing her
fingers around the base of his shaft, she tried
desperately to get the dog out of her body, pushing
back and squealing in pain as her labia were stretched
wide around the base of the knot. It was no use.
"Honey? I'm home. Seville?" Her dad was coming down
the hallway. Seville's heart pounded with fear and
shame as her door swung open and her father stood,
frozen in shock at the sight of his daughter kneeling
face down on the bed with their golden lab's dick
buried deep inside her, come still oozing from her
vaginal lips. "Daddy," she cried. "I'm sorry." Her
father began regaining himself, Seville broke down in
tears, and Sam began rotating his body away from her,
uninterestedly, his penis turning inside her body.

The grandfather clock downstairs struck noon and
Seville shifted in her sheets. After nearly an hour,
Sam's knot had shrunk enough to slip out of her. She'd
been lying in bed, curled up with her arms around her
knees, for hours since. All morning she'd been lying
there; lying there dreading the moment her father came
back into her room hoping for an explanation. Finally,
as the clock struck noon, she heard footsteps coming
down the hall. "Honey?" her father's voice came
through the door. "Do you mind if I come in?"
It took a while, but finally, Seville managed to
respond. "Come in, dad." The brass doorknob turned and
her father opened the door. He came in and knelt down
at the side of her bed, looking into her face and
bringing his hand up to brush her cheek.
"Hey, it's gonna be alright," he said. "Everything's
OK, alright?" Looking up into his eyes, she nodded.
"Alright," he said, "now howbout I bring you up some
breakfast, huh?"

"Yes. That'd be nice," she said softly.

He went downstairs and she heard him start frying
eggs. She loved his eggs, they were the best, and he
knew it. She stared absently at the sun falling on the
wallpaper across the room and slipped into a quiet
sleep. After a time, she was woken by her father
whispering, "Seville, honey, the eggs are ready."

She looked up and smiled at him. "Thanks, Daddy."

"No problem," he said, smiling back.

She ate the eggs quickly, not having realized how
hungry she'd been, and when she finished she curled up
on her side and rest her head in her daddy's lap. She
could hear the pulse running through his leg through
the jeans he wore, and it calmed her.

"Listen," he said. "I know you don't want to talk
about what happened, and you don't have to, but I just
want you to know that I'll never think any less of you
for it, or love you any less for it. For anything, for
that matter. So don't worry about it."
She smiled and nuzzled up against him as he rubbed her
back reassuringly. "Daddy?" she said.
"Yes, honey."

"Will you rub my back like you used to do to put me to

"Sure, honey."

She rolled onto her stomach and rested her cheek on
the soft pillow as she felt her father's hand slipped
beneath the sheets and rubbed her back. She smiled and
closed her eyes as his hard, callused palm slid along
her soft, smooth skin rubbing up and down her back.
"Daddy?" she asked. "How come you came home early?"

"Well, one of the jobs I was supposed to be setting up
fell through. Ended up there was no point in me
staying around three extra days for nothing, so I came

"Oh," she said, sighing into the pillow as his hand
slid down her bare back.

Antonio Castella stared down at his beautiful daughter
smiling, eyes closed, the midday sun falling all
around her and lighting off the yellow sheets that
held her naked body. Her back so soft and smooth, her
shiny black hair swept over her tanned shoulder, she
reminded him of her mother; her mother, who had died
so long ago. He'd never be the same again. He'd never
have her back with him. He began to sob.

Seville, surprised by her father's quiet sobs, turned
over in her sheets and looked up at him, his head held
in one hand while his other hand lay gently across her
stomach. "Daddy," she said. "Daddy, what's the
matter?" Unable to speak, he continued to cry into his
hand. "Oh daddy. Everything's gonna be OK."

"I'm sorry," he whispered through quiet sobs. "It.It's
not you.It's."

"Oh, daddy." She gently put her hands around his arm,
reassuring him. She caressed his bicep through his
shirtsleeve. He rubbed her stomach and Seville inhaled
deeply at the feel of her father's rough hand sliding
gently along her skin. Antonio, distressed and
distracted, continued rubbing his daughter's back, his
face still pressed into his palm, trying to wipe away
his tears. His fingertip rubbed over her bellybutton
and she sighed as it slid down her smooth belly.
Confused, Antonio looked down at her and through his
tears he saw her beloved mother. It was uncanny. Her
head thrown back in passion, he saw the underside of
her smooth, beautiful jaw, her deep, full lips. Her
long dark lashes, her hair, the gentle sigh that
escaped her quivering lips as his hand slid up her
stomach and between her full, soft breasts. He found
himself separated from his own body, watching as he
slid his hand up and down beneath the cream colored
sheets. He felt his hand slide along the skin of his
daughter's body and she breathed deeply. He saw her
eyes close, watched her beautiful lashes, and felt her
grab his wrist beneath the sheets, pulling his hand
down her body. He felt it slide over the smooth curves
of her stomach and down past her navel. She breathed
hard as his hand slid down between her thighs, rubbing
through her pubic hair and over her soft, delicate

Antonio watched as his daughter pushed the yellow
sheets aside to show him her beautiful body, lying
exposed before him. His right hand buried between her
smooth thighs, he brought his left hand down and
lightly rubbed her clavicle. He touched his lips to
the dark nipple atop her left breast while his left
hand caressed her neck and his right hand slid from
between her thighs, moving up her belly. He sucked
lovingly at her breast and held her body tightly to

Seville sighed with pleasure as her father's hands
slid all over her body and his kisses traveled down
her stomach. She gasped at the touch of his lips
between her thighs. He kissed her and sucked gently at
her clit, eliciting soft moans of delight from the



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