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Archived Sex Stories

SEXSPY hurt Rod badly she thought She


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

OTHER DISCLAIMER: Any resemblance between this Agency and any
other Agency would be shocking and totally unexpected because these
cases aren't from anyone's files. Really, I don't know anything. I
have no secrets. Please don't torture me. Unless you send Vanessa.
Vanessa D'Light- Sex Spy (sexspy.txt) Vanessa's first assignment
finds her infiltrating the fashion trade to uncover a spy and the
shocking events when she finds them. Meet Vanessa, boss Rod Steele and
see how a sex spy plies her trade. M/F, F/F, BDSM, SM, oral, anal.
Vanessa D'Light- Sex Spy

Vanessa threw the long sheaf of her hair through the air with
a definite toss of her head. As it settled, her hands came up to stroke
the hair over her ears. Shutters clicked and motor winds whirred.
She was busty for a model, Rybert Angelena complanined when she
had arrived. No woman would think they could do justice to the
fashions she modeled. But it was not his decision. Mysterious
immigration problems had left him no other choice.
Vanessa pretended to skip in front of the studio background as
the photographer strived to catch her breasts at the highest point. It
was always smooth getting inside with the agency. The bumpy ride
started as she went about her assignment.
Secrets were being transmitted from this organization. Vanessa
turned and touched her hair. Perhaps she was looking at the person as
she stared back from the set out over the crew at the shoot.
The simple thing would have been to rip open the gowns and
intercept the message sewn in one of the linings, but Vanessa was
never wasted on simple things. She needed to identify the agent so
they could be "removed" quietly.
Vanessa looked at the head seamstress, Madame Nefti. She was the
obvious choice since she had control of the gowns as they moved from
country to country for the shows. Hair pulled severely back, with a
hawk nose and hard eyes, Madame Nefti looked more German than her
French name would indicate. She even looked like a spy.
"Okay, that's it," said Burton Moore, the photographer. "You can
take a break."
No one was very formal in Angelena's house. Vanessa knew she
would make only a mild stir when she stripped off the beach dress she
was modeling without a screen. She got few looks as she crossed the
studio to the refreshment table clad only in the glue-on crescents
that pushed her breasts up and shaped them.
Wearing panties was a no-no that Vanessa welcomed. She preferred
to advertise her assets before bestowing them on a lover. She filled
a paper cup with fruit punch and waited to see who would join her.
"You move beautifully, but I still say the women will feel you
are unfair competition," Rybert was the first to approach.
She thought it was a hierarchy. Rybert had first choice and then
she would be passed down the ladder until she refused at last. Rybert
was the other obvious choice since it was his salon. She would have
to seduce him if he did not choose her first.
"I am so glad to work with you, I do hope it works out," Vanessa
gushed. "You are such a star of the greatest magnitude."
You couldn't lay it on a designer too thick with a dump truck.
A simply vain man would have an inferiority complex in the face of
such egregious self-importance.
"And you are..," Rybert looked her up and down as if to assure
himself it was true, "Beautiful. My fear is that women are not such
fools as to believe they could look like you. I find you enchanting.
Perhaps you could grace me tonight for cocktails?"
Cock tales was more like it. Vanessa assumed he had an album with
glamor shots of all the models he had bedded. She wondered if she should
ask Burton to take some nude shots of her so she could stand out in
Rybert's book of memories.
"Miss D'Light!" Mme. Nefti summoned her sternly, "You have a
costume to wear for the next pictures."

Angelena was prepared to discuss how much nicer his villa in St.
Tropez was than his suite all night long. Vanessa wondered if she should
be flattered that he thought she needed so much boasting to get her into
his bed.
"But there's one thing in this suite that your villa doesn't
have," Vanessa said and then answered his questioning look, "You."
She had been waiting for him to become familiar for an hour. She
was posed and ready for his advance. Now she made her own. It was one
thing for her to fuck this vain little man. That was her job. It was
beyond the call of duty for her to be bored by his lack of imagination.
"Well... Um, oh my!" Rybert stuttered as Vanessa used his shirt to
rub down the top of her dress and rested her breasts on his chest.
"Well, Miss D'Light, if you say so," he was strangely girlish when
she became the aggressor.
It was an impression that never left Vanessa as she brought her
mouth down on the designer's. She was the active one as she opened his
shirt to kiss his chest. She was the one that pulled him to the bed and
directed him on top of her.
He was aroused and eager, but plainly unused to determined women.
Vanessa guessed his usual tactic was to leap up on them late in the
evening and ravish them while they decided if their career would
survive rejecting him.
He did hit the ground, as it were, running and thrust furiously
into her as soon as she drew him into place. She didn't try to slow him
down. If that was his way, then she was all the better for it. He would
be quick and then she would have her excuse to snoop around.
"Oh my Lord, that was sudden," he said after it had been, "I feel
like a schoolgirl seduced by an older man."
Vanessa had already decided that Rybert likely swung both ways.
He had been workmanlike in achieveing his own pleasure, but she sensed
that he would have been perhaps more comfortable if she was on top
playing the part of the man.
Unfortunately, his exercise had not tired him. He was even more
chatty after sex, but at least his topic changed from his villa. Vanessa
cut off his gossip about the industry but putting her suspicions into
"Shut up! Lie back and shut up!" she said suddenly, pushing him
on his back and rising over him. "I'm not done with you yet."
She felt his cock quiver against her thigh as she barked out the
sharp orders. She hadn't missed the mark with this one.
"Make this hard! I want it hard!" she ordered him as she
grabbed his cock and squeezed it quite roughly.
He was gurgling as his cock responded to the rough treatment.
When it was hard enough, Vanessa swung her leg over him and sat down
abruptly on his cock.
"Now I'm going to fuck you!" she announced. "I'm going to fuck
you and you're going to lie there and take it."
She could see goosebumps come up on his skin. She was tweaking
the right string. Angelena was in ecstacy and she hadn't even
begun to drive her ass down on his cock.
He wailed like a woman as she made him cum inside her. Then he
rolled onto his side, drew up his knees and went sound asleep. Mission
accomplished, Vanessa carefully searched his suite.

She didn't expect to clear it up in one day. In fact, she would
have been disappointed if she had found incriminating documents in
Rybert's suite. Not that she cared if he was guilty. Vanessa liked
to work assignments a little longer. It made her feel more necessary.
There was a change in Rybert at the studio. Obviously their night
together had altered his opinion. Vanessa felt that he was still in
awe of her after the way she had handled him. Not that he let that
reach her. Now he relinquished control to Mme. Nefti and Moore.
"You should have these cut off!" Mme. Nefti fumed as Vanessa's
right nipple poked her in the eye for the third time. "You would not
miss them. Then we could stuff your bodice with cotton for the desired
Vanessa was used to the mean woman's spiteful utterances. She was
a dresser. They always felt that it was their genius that the models
took the credit for- and the designer too, for that matter.
"I never wanted them to be so big. I was always ashamed of them
as a girl," Vanessa nattered to further enrage the seamstress.
She was sewn into a princess gown, apropos of what she was not
sure. She wore elbow-length gloves and a tiara and held a rose. The
only motion in this session was turning her head and lifting her chin.
Burton made minute changes and took another roll of film. He
was burning more stock for this one shot than he had for the whole lay-
out the previous day.
"Okay, I suppose it's in there somewhere," he said glumly, "I've
used every trick I can think of."
The poor man certainly sounded like he needed some support. This
time Vanessa drew a robe over her near-naked body and looked for Burton.
She would be demure and dainty with Mr. Moore.
"I hope I didn't ruin everything," she said sadly when she found
Burton, "I know Mr. Angelena doesn't like me."
"You're not the problem," Burton said, still a bit stiff.
"I'm glad. I was afraid you wanted me to cut off my breasts too,"
She said in her best little girl voice.
"Did he say that?" Burton was suddenly interested.
"No. Madame Nefti," Vanessa reported.
He seemed to thaw after that confidence. There was a smile on his
"Your breasts are the right size for you. Anyway, it isn't you
that is all wrong," Burton said.
He was aching for her to draw him out.
"What is it then?" she asked.
"That gown!" he exploded. "Snow White wore that gown in the 50's.
I've never seen anything as out of step with the trends."
Everybody was a better designer than the designer. Vanessa found
it amusing. But she had another purpose in going to Moore. She'd play
on his other vanity.
"Then if you don't hate me, can I ask you something?" Vanessa
was kitten-like.
"Sure. What?" Moore responded.
"I'd like to ask you a favor," Vanessa drew it out, "I'd be ever
so grateful."
"What do you want?" Burton was on the edge of impatience.
"I've always wanted some nude shots for my portfolio, but I never
trusted a photographer to make them, well, tasteful," she said.
"Oh," said Burton.
The look in his eye had changed. He was seeing her as a woman. Now
she had to let him know how she was going to pay him.
"I think I could let you know the inner me, because I think that's
important for this kind of thing," she said.
She made her pose soft and sexy. She gazed into his eyes to fill
in any blanks left by her speech. He knew what she was offering.
"Where would we take these pictures?" he asked.
"You're the master. Where would be the best place for that kind
of pictures?" Vanessa played dumb.
"Meet me here at 7:00 tonight. There's no place better than a
studio," Burton surprised her.
Actually, it was better than Moore's room. She could probably get
invited there if she needed to. A chance to snoop around the studio
would be harder to arrange without Burton's invitation.

Burton Moore was a piece of work. He looked harried and
professional with two cameras hanging around his neck when she arrived,
but there was champagne chilling and two robes laid out in the back.
He looked at her critically and then pulled down the beige paper.
"This should bring out your skin tones," he said.
They stared at each other for a long minute. The Burton broke the
"Would you like to get ready for the shoot?" he asked.
"I thought you'd want to know the inner me before we started,"
Vanessa offered.
Burton brightened. He had finally gotten his read. It was time to
throw the switch and become Burton Moore, seducer.
"Then let's go in the back and relax for a bit," Burton suggested.
He let her strip for him and then handed her a robe. Then he took
off his own clothes. He opened the champagne without comment and they
lounged on an old couch that had once been a prop.
"So what is hiding in the inner you?" he asked after they had
drained their first glass of champagne.
"No one knows how scared I am, inside," Vanessa began, "I'm always
afraid that people will find out I'm a fake. That I'm not really
beautiful. I know I'm not."
Burton lit up. She had thrown him a soft one. A lot of praise,
instant fondling and she would be putty in his hands. He was eager as
he began to coo over her.
Vanessa was satisfied with the instant reaction from Burton. She
didn't want to waste time on small talk. She did her impression of
melting in ecstacy as his hand slid into her robe and touched her
She didnt want him to dawdle. By the time he had satisfied his
natural fascination with her breasts, she would be ready for him. She
threw open the robe in invitation as he went back and forth sucking the
breasts he held in his hands.
"Show me I'm desirable," she sighed as she opened her legs
wide for him.
He either misunderstood or had motives of his own. He responded
to her spread-legged pose by sliding down and covering her pussy with
his mouth. Okay, if he had to dawdle, this was the best way. Vanessa
gave in to his inquisitive tongue searching out the secrets of her
She was as aroused as he was supposed to be when he slid up to
kiss her mouth. His cock slid smoothly inside her until their bodies
"I'm supposed to say something sweet here, but you've taken my
breath away," Burton said.
It sounded too practiced to be an honest reaction. It sounded
like he had honed it until it produced the best effect. Vanessa
tried to re-create that effect with a surge of her hips.
He kept her tongue engaged as he slid his cock slowly in and out
of her. Whatever turned him on, Vanessa thought. She wanted him
fucked out and he probably knew the best way to do that for himself.
She only helped him when he began to moan and grunt and drive
into her with urgency. Then she dug her fingers into his back and
moaned like she was being whipped. Her hips began to thrash and she
gave him a virtuoso rendition of a thunderous orgasm.
He slammed into her a few more times and then collapsed on her
for a few seconds before pushing his weight off her. There was a big
grin on his face.
"You're wrong. You are beautiful, outside and in your inner self,"
Burton said. "I know exactly how to shoot you."
Chrome tubes and angled shiny black boxes were a high-tech
contrast to Vanessa's soft curves. She did several poses for Burton,
all tasteful, all art studies.
She only flashed her crotch at him between takes, letting them
both laugh at the irony of Burton's semen leaking from her snatch as
they shot the subdued, almost proper, nudes.
Then she thanked him for the favor. This time she used her mouth
to get him ready before she lay back and gave herself to him again.
She knew he liked to feel control.
She was much more active this time. She matched his thrusts with
her own and kept her hands active over his back and butt. She did
everything to play the enraptured lover as he fucked his cock into her.
"Let me take it... In my mouth... When you're ready," she
panted out as he began to slam into her with passion.
He was trembling on his knees for the second it took her to
roll off her back and bring her mouth to his cock. She cradled his balls
as she went down on his throbbing cock. She only reached the top half of
his cock easily and easily was what Burton wanted in his fit of passion.
She sucked staunchly and rapidly and Burton grunted each time
his cock sank into the warm wet of her mouth. He had been two sucks
from cumming, but Vanessa skillfully delayed him to work him into
an even greater frenzy with her mouth.
She added her finger to Burton's anus as the first spurt of cum jetted into her mouth. He lurched up and jammed his cock into the back
of her throat. He howled as she sucked him deep and his cum poured
out in gobs down her gullet.
He was definitely dead to the world when she began to snoop
around the studio.
There was one complication to searching the studio. When Vanessa
found the transmitter, cleverly disguised in a hanger, there was no
person connected. She already knew someone in the fashion house was
an agent. Her discovery did little more than tell her that information
was correct.
She would have to set a trap for the agent and wait for it to
be sprung. She barely had time to disassemble the device and make her
alterations before she heard Burton stirring. She had just settled
back down against him when he sat up and stretched.
"Gee, it's getting late," he said. "I don't want to be responsible
for you having circles under your eyes in the morning. You better go
back to the hotel and get some sleep."

Neither Angelena nor Moore seemed interested in an encore
performance as they went about getting ready for the runway show.
Vanessa had one more day before she would run out of excuses to be at
Angelena's company.
She spent every spare moment in a storage closet just outside the room with the dress racks hoping for an alarm and the chance to catch
the agent with the malfunctioning radio. Then it would be over. Vanessa
would finger the spy and her job would be over until another day.
Rod Steele, her boss, had promised her two weeks in Martinique
when she had the assignment wrapped up. Vanessa was anxious to feel the
sun on her naked body and dreamed that Rod would join her and finally
consummate their smoldering relationship.
She must have been lost in that dream because she was caught
completely unawares by the young gaffer. She only had time to resort
to her most lethal weapon, her sex appeal.
"Finally, I thought you'd never get the hint," she said to the
shocked young man. "Come in and close the door. Time's precious."
He was no longer questioning anything when she got his cock in
her mouth. He was counting his blessings that whatever had made her
pull down his pants and suck him had happened. When she opened up her
robe and lay back, he jumped on her like an answered prayer.
Vanessa guessed he was 20. She could imagine how badly this beat
out the second most exciting thing that had ever happened to him. She
helped his scoring rise by moaning softly and pulling him into her
with her legs. She didn't think he remembered anything strange about
finding her in the closet. She was sure she had erased his doubts and
replaced them with a legend he would tell for the rest of his life.

Her problem came in how quickly he began the legend. She had
escaped the first danger, but now his loose lips threatened to alert
the agent that something strange was happening. They would be doubly
suspicious when the radio no longer functioned.
And there was only one source of their trouble, Vanessa. She was
in real danger of being unmasked.
She ducked out of the studio for a minute to leave an urgent
message at the drop. She might need immediate recovery. She asked the
Agency to stand by.
All she could do was wait. And the best way to wait was to stay
on the offensive. Any change in her character would be a clearer
alarm to her opponent than the buzzer glued under the support panel
of her left breast. And if she had to gut it out, she might as well
stay on the case.

Rod Steele read the communique and then threw it on his desk.
"What do we do, chief?" the operative asked.
"We don't compromise a local agent going in there," he said.
"That would be two for the price of one and that's bad business."
"So what are your orders?" the operative asked.
"We watch and wait. Keep agent D'Light under surveillance and
we'll make our move when we know we can be in and out like ghosts,"
the agency chairman ordered. "It doesn't say she's been burned. Vanessa
could still pull this out without a hitch."

The hitch was standing in the doorway when Vanessa spun around
to seek what made the creak. She had a shiny little pistol in her
"Now I wonder what little Miss D'Light could be doing in the dark
with all Rybert's wonderful creations?" Mme. Nefti purred. "Could she
be from a rival designer, stealing his ideas- a spy?"
She put a particular emphasis on the last two words. She seemed
to be savoring the irony of a cover story and the reality aligning so
perfectly. They both knew what she was saying on each level.
"Fuck you, Helga," Vanessa sneered.
She didn't want to play the game any more. It was pointless now.
Mme. Nefti- whatever her real first name was- wasn't going to fall for
any story. She couldn't let Vanessa go. Vanessa knew the rules they
played by. She vaguely wondered what had delayed the recovery team.
"You will beg to fuck me before I'm through with you," Helga
Darkness came with a loud thump and Vanessa never heard the
second thump of her own body hitting the floor. She did have disturbing,
swirling visions as she fought her way back up from the dark sea of
Helga- Mme. Nefti was saying: a spy...a spy, as if she was in an
echo chamber. You will not miss them, Mme Nefti was saying and Vanessa
saw herself looking down at the flat bloody torso where her breasts had always hung.
Things were no less bleak when she jerked to consciousness and
found herself bound to a heavy wooden chair. Her wrists and elbows
were tied to the chair arms and the ropes covered in gaffer's tape.
She tested her legs and found her ankles were also secured, presumably
in the same fashion.
It brought back her last memory. Mme. Nefti had been across the
room when her world had exploded into lights. She had an accomplice.
There were two spies at the salon. She looked at the tape over the
ropes and wondered if she had fucked one of them before her capture.

"Our bird is awake, Rudy, are you ready to hear her sing?" Mme.
Nefti said to her co-hort.
"You know I won't tell you anything," Vanessa brazened, "You
might as well shoot me now."
"My dear, I am convinced you don't know anything of any interest
to us," Mme. Nefti said in a silky voice, "But think of all the fun
we'd miss if we didn't pretend to try and break you."
With more irony, Vanessa understood what she meant. Peeling
back layers and forcing out truth was the most exciting part of the
job. It was the ultimate achievement. Brute force could physically
control a person, but it was real control to pluck the thoughts from
inside their heads.
The departure was in method. While her side was becoming very
adept at drawing out information with drugs, the other side still
preferred old fashioned pain as a facilitator. Choosing a bullet in
the head over the slow agony of their methods was a no-brainer.
The only speck of relief came as Nefti's accomplice came foward
to tape wires to her naked body. Rudy was the lighting man. It was his
assistant that she had fucked in the closet. At least she hadn't given
the enemy the comfort of her body- yet.
"This will be so boring for me, I'm afraid," the agent smirked
at Vanessa, "Nothing to do but watch you dance."
Vanessa looked down. They were so typicial. Bare wires were taped
to each nipple and two more wires were taped to her labia. It was the
same old story.
"All right, Rudy, go ahead and play for a while," she instructed
her accomplice.
Play is what he did. The first current was a trickle that caused
a tickle in her breasts. Rudy was sitting off to her right in front
of a panel that let him control everything about her torture.
"You're not turning me on, you dickless idiot," Vanessa shouted
at him.
Then he switched the current. Her butt shifted involuntarily as
the trickle went through her pussy.
"You seem to like that," Mme. N taunted her as she reacted.
Vanessa set her jaw. There was nothing to be gained by calling
her captors names. They were not going to be tricked into killing her
or goaded into releasing her. She was determined to remain silent as
they tortured her.
The next jolt through her nipples made her back arch. Rudy was
playing with the current as he switched between sexual areas. Vanessa
began to sweat as she waited for him to apply the same shock to her
It was like her cunt was clamped with a heatless fire as the
current ran through her labia. Her mouth opened, but she held back her
cry. It wasn't much pain, but Vanessa knew the offer to hurt her was
there. And she knew they had the power to turn up the current until
her pain was accompanied by the smell of burning flesh. It was just a
matter of time and their sadism.
"She looks bored, Rudy," Mme. N observed, "Can't you make it more
interesting for our over-endowed friend?"
They were going to let her terror steep. They were in no hurry to
make her scream. Things went so fast at that point. They wanted to
savor the anticipation of what Vanessa knew was surely coming.
Rudy began a series of pulses, some tickling, some a bit more
through her nipples. Despite herself, Vanesse could not stop the
reactions that set her tits to jiggling. She looked like a dancer in
some sadist's sex show.
Then Rudy began sharing the current with her cunt. Vanesse felt
the bite in her breasts and then it would drop between her legs. She
could not predict where the next jolt might come. It was straining her
resolve to remain silent.
"You're only pretending, aren't you," her nemesis said, "You're
not even wet."
Mme. Nefti grinned and stepped forward with a water bottle. She
opened the cap and directed a stream between Vanessa's legs. Then she
pushed the top inside and squirted again.
"Now you look excited," Mme. N said.
It was part of the plan. It had to be. When Rudy applied the
current to her cunt it felt like ants, mean, red, biting ants were
crawling around inside her. Vanessa couldn't stop a moan. The current
ramped up and the ants became rats gnawing at her sex. She screamed.
"Now she's in the mood," Mme. N laughed.
Vanessa arched back as the elevated current surged through her
breasts. Play time was over. They were going to torture her now.
Vanessa jerked like a rag doll as the current jumped up and down,
eased off and then hit her hard again. Rudy gave her no time for
recovery. She was buffetted by the jolts until she could not think.
Then it ceased.
"You looked very lively dancing in your chair," Mme. N taunted
her as Vanessa panted to catch her breath. "Perhaps it is time for a
Vanessa knew better than to expect mercy. She found out the
meaning of Mme. Nefti's cruel jest as the woman put her foot on the
chair between Vanessa's legs and pushed it over backwards. Vanessa'a
head cracked on the floor as she went over on her back.
Vanessa was still groggy when Mme. N stood over her face and
lifted her skirt to reveal her naked crotch. Her torturer lowered her
sex to her face.
"Perhaps you'd like to show me your skills," she suggested.
Vanessa bit her. She received an immediate kick in the head for
her impulsive act. Then her nemesis smiled and produced a metal tube.
Vanessa began to fear her mistake as Mme. Nefti pushed the tube into
her cunt.
She wished she could take it back. She wished she had submitted
to Mme. N's desires. The metal was a much better conductor than the
water. Each burst of current now felt like it was cooking the walls
of her cunt. There was searing pain down her sheath to her cervix.
There was no thought of withholding her screams now. Each new
surge of crackling pain forced a howl from Vanessa. Her breasts were
forgotten. Rudy had turned his attention and his malevolence solely
to her genitals.
Vanessa again emerged into alertness as if breaking the surface
of a pool. The world was bathed in a red mist from her bloodshot eyes.
The shocks had stopped for the moment.
"Now would you like to show me your skills?" Mme. Nefti chided.
Pride was stupid. Resistance was stupid. She wasn't betraying
anything. They hadn't asked her a question. They were toying with her.
It didn't mean anything. Vanessa nodded consent.
"Now you're being a good girl," she said, not making a move
toward Vanessa. "But I think Rudy deserves his reward first. After all,
he's the one that has given you so much excitement."
Vanessa could see the controls where Rudy sat more clearly from
her position on her back. When he stepped toward her, he could see the
proceedings had given him a monstrous hard-on. It was just as evil and
impressive when he pulled down his pants and let it swing free.
Rudy pulled up on her knees to slide her into a position that
left her crotch protruding over the edge of the chair's seat. Then he
pulled the tube out of her sex.
Vanessa winced at the thought of his cock abrading her tortured
sheath. Then a colder fear washed over her as she felt Rudy press a
lubricated finger into her anus. She was sure that was for his comfort,
not hers and that he would leave her unprepared when he took her ass.
"Now nothing over one-tenth, or I'll let her up and watch her
kill you," Rudy warned Mme. Nefti and Vanessa saw the woman had taken
over for Rudy at the controls.
The little jolt Mme. N gave Vanessa as Rudy ripped open her
asshole was actually a welcome distraction. It split her attention
between the, by now mild, shock to her pussy and the horrible intrusion
of Rudy's large cock in her anus. But the cock did not go away.
Rudy forced it all into her rectum and brought back the sweats,
this time of exertion, to Vanessa. It could have been so easy, but that
was not what her tormentors wanted. She found their true evil as
Rudy started to thrust into her protesting sphincter.
Each little surge of current through her pussy made her lose
control. There would be no adjusting to the girth of the cock in her
ass. She would feel the initial pain for as long as Rudy wished to
jam his meat in her rear. It was as if they had made her a continual
virgin with their shock therapy.
There was no reason not to cry out. Vanessa had lost her battle
to remain silent long ago. She protested each painful spearing of her
ass with a howl. She no longer cared if they heard her admit the pain
they were causing her.
"She likes it," Mme. N cackled, "Now give her what she wants."
Vanessa felt several quick pulses in her cunt. Rudy groaned
"You keep that up and see if I don't ream her a new one," Rudy
said, her spasms obviously stroking his cock deep in her ass.
There was no pause, no let up, no time to breathe. Rudy plundered
her rectum and Mme. N kept the flicks of current surging through her
sex. Vanessa was insensible when Rudy held deep inside her and came
in her ass.
The gaping hole in her butt was only one more barely noticed item
in the long laundry list of her ills, but it was her focus in all the
confusion. Vanessa's mind cleared again from her butthole up to her
head as sensing her anus' torment became realizing her whole sad
This time Mme. N was hovering inches from her face as her mind
"Ready to try this again?" Mme. N said, starting her cunt toward
Vanessa's face.
She paused just out of contact.
"You surely know I will be more upset if you try to bite again,"
she warned Vanessa.
Vanessa had regretted her mistake the instant she had made it.
It was a stupid, prideful act. Perhaps Mme. N respected her more, but
it was respect Vanessa didn't want. Vanessa was ready to do whatever
it took, at least sexually, to stave off more of the electric torture.
She stuck out her tongue to lick Mme. N's twat in surrender.
"That's a sensible girl," Mme. N purred and settled down on
Vanessa's mouth.
Her tongue was sore at the root and her face was bathed in Mme.
N's juices. She had been licking and sucking at her cunt for what
seemed hours and the old woman couldn't get enough. Vanessa had tired
of licking her to the crest and then sucking her clit until she came.
Mme. Nefti must have orgasmed half a dozen times that way and her
cunt still covered Vanessa's face. Vanessa had changed to shoving her
tongue deep into Mme. N's cunt. The old woman had manged to ride that
to orgasms as well.
After an age, it was her own cramped legs and not the
accumulation of climaxes that made Mme. Nefti move off Vanessa's face.
"You have quite the stamina," Mme. N mocked Vanessa. "It is a
pity we do not have a brothel for women. You would do well there."
Vanessa was too beaten to respond. She lay helpless and fatigued
in her confinement.
She was almost grateful when Rudy lifted up her chair and untied
her. Certainly they were going to kill her now, but she was almost
grateful for that as well. She had only a moment while Rudy was re-
tying her hands behind her to glimpse her surroundings.
She saw she was in some kind of warehouse before a bag was pulled
over her head and down over her shoulders. Her ankles were tied
together and she was thrown over someone's shoulder.
She had a moment of panic when she realized this was the uniform
for disposal in water. She prayed that they would shoot her before they
threw her in. She didn't want to fight for her last breath under water.

The fall was a nightmare. The bone-bruising thump on cement was
like the kiss of an angel. She hadn't been thrown into water. There
was a commotion all around her and she wondered distractedly what was
going on.
The bright light of the flashlight blinded her as the sack was
taken off her head. The figures beyond stood in darkness. Vanessa
was not impressed. She had resigned herself to her fate. She was
resolved to meet it bravely.
"No thanks or anything?" said a familiar voice. "You certainly
take a lot for granted."

Rod Steele, himself, had come to her rescue. He could deny it
all he wanted. Vanessa knew that meant he had feelings for her. It was
only a matter of time before he admitted he loved her as much as she
loved him.
He maintained that Mme. (Agnes) Nefti and her crony, Rudolph
Astrolabe, had led them to a prime enemy safehouse. There was so much
information to be sifted at the location that he needed to supervise
the find. Vanessa knew it was his concern for her.
"So it's off to Martinique?" Steele asked as Vanessa sat across
from him in his impromptu office.
"I could wait if a certain someone wanted to share my vacation,"
Vanessa said adoringly.
Steele smiled. His little sexpot operative never gave up. It was
gratifying in a way. He was amused at how far her devotion to him
extended. It made him feel warm- in a way.
"I hear they're quite relaxed in Matinique," he said, "Have you
picked out a suitable bathing attire?"
Vanessa liked his spicy innuendo. She matched it.
"I have it on under my clothes," she purred.
"Can I see it?" he asked.
Vanessa's heart skipped a beat. He was going to crack. That mean
old facade was coming down. She happily jumped up and began to shed her
Steele pressed the button under his desk with his knee.
Vanessa had just pulled her top over her head and was reaching
for her bra when Stewart stepped in. She looked at Steele in dismay,
but he nodded for her to continue.
She moved a bit slower as she unlatched her bra and exposed her
large breasts to the two men. Steele nodded again when she hesitated
and Vanessa took a deep breath and pulled off her panties.
"I'm going to sun-bathe in the all together," she said to Steele
proudly, as if Stewart wasn't ogling her naked form.
"I'm sure that will be quite a sight," Steele said, "Isn't she
quite a sight, Stewart?"
"Yes sir," Stewart said quickly.
It wasn't going the way Vanessa had hoped, but she wasn't going
to let it stop her pursuit of her true love. Stewart or no Stewart, she
was going to invite Steele to join her.
"Wouldn't you like to see that sight?" she giggled, "I could make
it a memorable vacation, I'm sure."
"And what would you do to make it memorable?" Steele led her on.
He stopped her when her mouth opened. She might as well know
what he had in mind before she wasted her breath.
"Show me what you'd do on Stewart," he said, ice in his voice.
Vanessa's cheeks flushed red. She held back tears. Steele could
be so mean. Then she looked at him with a rebellious stare and lifted
her chin.
If this was some kind of test of her devotion, she would pass it.
She would show him what he was missing. She would perform as if Stewart
was Steele. She'd make him come out from behind his wall. She would be
so good that he could no longer resist.
"You like?" she asked Stewart as she put his hand on her breast.
Her own hand found the hard rod in his pants and stroked it. She
opened Stewart's pants as he fondled her tits with goggle eyes.
The look of amazement was frozen on Stewart's face as she slipped
to her knees in front of him. Vanessa made sure Steele had a clear
view as she lifted Stewart's cock to her lips.
"This is just a taste of heaven," she told Stewart in her most
sexy voice.
She sucked his cock for Rod. She licked lovingly around the crown
so Rod could feel it in his own pants. She pressed the head past the
disturbing flinch of her gag reflex so Rod would feel his loss.
Stewart was ready to explode. Her show for Steele had him
balanced on the edge of shooting off down Vanessa'a throat. He clenched
his fists with the effort of holding back as her head bobbed up and
down on his cock. The moving wet carress was almost too much to bear.
Steele sat back and enjoyed the view. He did feel a stirring in
his pants. His cock was responding to the complete commitment Vanessa
was demonstrating. She would debase herself in any way he asked.
That made his cock rise.
"Would you do anything else?" he interrupted his agents.
"I'd do anything for you," Vanessa pledged.
Steele's cock stirred again.
"Then fuck him," he said, his voice becoming raw.
This wasn't the way it was supposed to be. Vanessa sadly got to
her feet and looked at Stewart. It wasn't his fault. Someone must have
hurt Rod badly, she thought. She would do whatever it took to soothe
that pain, even if she didn't understand. She looked around for a place
to lay down.
"Lean over the chair," Steele rasped.
It wasn't a kind face Vaneesa looked into as she bent over the
chair facing the chairman. He seemed to be mocking her. There was a
mean joy in his features as she waited for Stewart to take her.
She would show him. She would show him she was worthy.
Stewart took her suddenly and completely from behind. The red again rose in Vanessa's cheeks as she was buffeted on the chair by
the agent's needy thrusts. She looked pleadingly at Steele. There
was no pity in his gaze at her humiliation.
She closed her eyes until Stewart was done banging into her rear.
Whatever it took to coax out Rod's love, she pledged to herself. She
would do anything for him. He would see. And then, finally, he would
admit that he loved her as she loved him.
Steele smiled as the exhausted agent pulled his cock from
Vanessa. At least this woman was of some use.
"I'm sure you will find many men to play with on your vacation,"
Steele said coldly, "Have fun."


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