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SHARON1 sucking from her flower all the


Sharon's Story, part 1



(Ff, Adult daughter/mother incest, 1st time, MFf)


Standard Disclaimer & Legal Stuff: The following story is adult fiction
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delete this story immediately...the following story is a work entirely
fictitious and the characters, names, places, dates, acts depicted etc.
bear no resemblance to any persons living or dead or events and acts which
may or may not have taken place at some point in time....the author who is
using the pseudonym above retains all rights of publication to this
story...individual readers of legal age my freely possess this story and
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Damn Joe…damn that Joe to hell…what an excuse for a boyfriend…I simply
couldn't believe it happened again.

I mean, he is only the fifth guy I've ever slept with and has been my
one and only since enrolling at 'State last semester. When we met at a
frat party that my mom had asked of the student temps who work in the
University president's office (where she has been his private secretary to
for the past few years) to ask me out to, Joe seemed nice enough and within
six beers each we had gone back to his room where his roommate was busy
screwing some other coed in a bed not five feet away from and started
screwing like rabbits ourselves me from not having any at all in some
months and Joe from being a horny college guy, but I knew there was a
problem when after he had come he made his apologies and exit to throw his
clothes back on and head back downstairs to drink to final excess.

The day after the next day he somehow tracked me down, knowing only my
first name I thought but catching my outside Frosh English 101 with a
bouquet of mixed wildflowers with a friendship card attached that read
"thanks for the great evening, maybe we can go out again sometime soon?"

We did and have, usually once or twice a week, though in hindsight now
as I sit here alone and bored and very horny at the kitchen table of my and
my Mom's tiny apartment we share together right across Hillsboro Street
from campus and right across the street from her office nursing a cup of
day-old drudge coffee left over from this morning I have always known Joe
had and has a problem with alcohol, his needing to drink at least a
six-pack before hopping into the sack with me being one clue among many his
multiple old puke stains tarnishing the worn carpet in the back of our,
Mom's and mine, old Toyota from multiple frat party excesses being another.

Don't get me wrong, I love Joe, but am not in love with him, neither is
he in love with me. Still, we enjoy each other's company and the sex has
always been great, but still tonight took the cake. Going to some party
off campus off Crest Road, Joe tallthroated five beers in as many minutes
as soon as we got there before puking his guts out before heading back the
keg to drink directly from the tap for a moment. I fussed at him and told
if he puked on me I'd never give him pussy any more again, that having
happened twice already in our short relationship, and damned if he not only
didn't puke on me but also couldn't get the damn thing up, trying to poke
his limp member inside me after eating my pussy for a good half an hour to
get me warmed up and then couldn't finish the job, apologizing yes but not
making any difference because I was and am warmed up and damn hot and want
to FUCK!

After he puked on me I found some old towel in the halfbath off of the
nameless bedroom where one M/F couple and two girls were going at it and
wiped myself off as best I could Joe trying to help me as he apologized but
I wouldn't hear any more words tonight from him. Being thrown up on is one
thing, not getting your reward in the form of a decent fuck in another
thing altogether.

He tried to kiss and make up, but I didn't want his smooches or his
words or his cock so limp that it couldn't have dimpled a bowl of cottage
cheese. So he took me home and wanted to come in but I knew mom was also
on a date and didn't want him there whenever she did make it back.

A single tear rolled down my cheek. Okay, well, maybe I do love Joe a
little. I really don't want to break up with him, but I'm not much of a
drinker and don't like drunken frat or other parties and as good as the sex
with Joe is, the price is becoming too high for me, Sigh.

The old rotary numbered clock on the ancient coffee maker rolled to
"8:43 p.m." My mind rolled back a little to some miscellaneous whitecaps
from the past few years of my adolescence now past and fading.

mom and dad's divorce. My sister Vicky who was seventeen when it
happened and is six years younger than me warned me for a couple of years
before it did happen that it was going to happen but I really didn't
comprehend the magnitude of how life-changing it would be for until mom abruptly left one day without so much as a good-bye kiss to me and I didn't
see her until the following year when she drove the hundred and fifty miles
back home from her new home in Raleigh where she had gotten a job in the
secretarial pool at 'State after her divorce from Dad and was making a new
life for herself albeit a hard one to come bring a small present for my
birthday, a gold charm bracelet with a "#1 Daughter" single charm attached
to it. At least I got to see her.

"Sharon, Dearest…"

"Yes, Mommy?"

"Now that Vicky's graduated high school, she's going to be leaving soon
to come to 'State, where I work now…

"Yes, Mommy, she's told me…" I remember she and I talking as if it was

"…and according to the custody arrangement your father and I have, you
can spend all your summers with me from now on if you want, when you can
also spend with Vicky too, since she's planning on living with me since my
place is so close to campus…"

"I know all that, Mommy…all I want to know, Mommy, is why did you and
Dad have to get a divorce?"

She just looked at me for the longest time, her gaze not breaking, and
fought back the tears as her hand caressed my cheek before turning to walk
away and out of my life again, I not seeing her until Christmas of that
year when Dad permitted me to go spend the Holidays with her and Vick'.

Neither mom or Dad would tell me why they had gotten divorced for the
longest time. Then, finally, a couple of years ago, as Dad and I were
making plans for me to attend 'State too like Vicky did, since mom could
get a substantial State employee discount on tuition even lower than
regular in-state tuition for me, I really hammered Dad as we were pouring
over potential course catalogs and majors and such even though I wouldn't
graduate high school for another year and out of a sense of frustration
with me and his ex-wife my Mom, he vented…

"Sharon, the reason your mom left, and she left me, I didn't leave her,
was because she got into her head that she was a lesbian, that she liked
women more than men, and she wanted to go explore that side of herself."

"But…but Mom's not a lesbian, Dad!…how can you say such a thing about

"Ask herself, Shar'ee, ask herself if you don't believe me…"

"But how….why?…I'm confused…"

Dad's eyes roamed over the open catalogs and brochures his head slumping
a little as he refused to make eye contact with me as his voice mumbled on
"…Sharon….what I'm about to tell you stays in confidence, forever…your
sister knows, but beside mom and me, no one else knows…your word, okay?"

"Sure, Dad, my word."

"Your mom and I were having a lull in our marriage so we decided to try
swinging…big mistake…you remember our friends Charlie and Lisa
Etheridge?…anyway, the first time your mom was with another woman, when she
and I were with Charlie and Lisa that first time together back when you
were much smaller, that was it…after her first taste of another woman, she
fell hopelessly in love with Lisa and wouldn't have sex with me any more
after that at all and wanted Lisa to leave Charlie for her but of course
Lisa wouldn't do that so your mom took off for the big city of Raleigh
where she hoped she could find what she was looking for…"

Silence…dead silence for a moment, then Dad's rough and callused hands
cupped his face and he just broke down bawling like a baby for several
minutes. I went over to him and put my arm around his shoulder and hugged
him best I could, he crying for the very time ever about the one true love
of his life he had lost. We never spoke of that night or Mom's lesbianism
after that.

Not that mom was a true lesbian anyway. She was definitely bisexual.
While the one bar she frequented was "Fern's" which was a true lesbian smoked-glass-and-fern bar over off Glenwood at Five Points, I knew she
dated men was well as women because sometimes she would introduce me to
them if she brought them home which was infrequent or sometimes I'd see a
half-dressed naked masculine form scamper down the narrow hallway which
separated our bedrooms the smell of sour male cologne stinking an otherwise
pleasant a.m. early rising up. What women she dated she was less shy
about introducing them to me or making lots of lovemaking noise behind her
closed bedroom door even though I knew she knew I could hear every word.
Vicky had told me it was the same when she was sharing the apartment with
Mom during the time she was going to State as I was now, that she didn't
care and had learned to ignore the sights and smells and sounds of frequent
lesbian and sometimes hetero sex that mom was so good at pursuing, she not
being the most monogamous of single women in the otherwise conservative
town of Raw-leigh.

My mind bopping back and forth between ancient and more recent memories
of things present and past and to come, my trance was broken by a wafting
of Joe's puke smell still lingering on my tits inside my blouse. I had to
take a shower.

Not bothering to flip any hallway lights on as my feet pattered down the
slightly bucking old pinewood floor, my clothes were tossed in hamper and
my body was self-tossed into the cold white ceramic tub-shower combo as the
hot water and Dove soap washed away the last little bit of Joe that I was
ever going to permit to be in my life. My soapy hands and washcloth
massaged the suds over my breasts. My nipples erected. My pussy twinged.
Damn. Still so horny. Oh, well, I hope if mom did bring home her date
tonight whoever it might be that they didn't mind a quiet background buzz
from across the hall, since tonight it was going to be Ol' Vibby and me by
our lonesome tonight, Sigh.

The apartment echoed from the quiet as I peed and wiped and headed the
ten feet down the hall from our shared masterbath back to my bedroom. As I
turned to open my bedroom door and dive onto my bed, a sliver of yellow
light glinted from the threshold of Mom's bedroom door. I knew she wasn't
in the house, not being there when I got back and not having heard any
noise during the time I was in the shower of her returning. For a moment,
I froze. Unsure whether to call the police, run out of the apartment, or
face a potential intruder one-on-one, our neighborhood being so close to
campus being a higher-crime neighborhood than many in the city. Grabbing
my custom-made field hockey stick from behind my bedroom door, I getting a
partial scholarship after my first semester at State for the girl's varsity
field hockey team after an open tryout which I easily aced because of my
play on my high school field hockey team and being very proficient at
whacking both the field hockey ball and my opponents as well, creeping to
Mom's bedroom door and listening very carefully for noises of a thief
rumbling through Mom's dresser drawers and such before planning to burst in
and collar them hard with my stick, instead I heard the sweet, gentle
sounds of "uh…uh, uuuuhhhhh, uiiiihhhh, aaaahhhhh…UHHH!…" along with
slupry-type sounds of lovemaking.

Evidently mom had brought home a date while I was in the shower who were
now in the throughs of some, slow easy lovemaking. I didn't hear any names
being screamed aloud or cries of "more!" being passioned out, just easy
sounds of cuntal slurping and easier sounds of pleasant cooing from

The door wasn't fully closed all the way or latched. My curiosity as
expressed the weight of my shoulder against the door eased it open an inch
or so more. The field hockey stick being propped up against the doorframe
outside in the hall, my ears opened up to "Jeff…Jeff!!!…oh, Jeff, that's
Sooooo…Soooo good!"

mom was making love to Jeff, an older married black guy who worked as a
maintenance man in the physical plant department and whom she got to know
because the president's heating system in his office where she worked was
always giving trouble. I knew they saw each other occasionally, she having
introduced him to one Saturday night some weeks back as he picked he up to
take her out, mom confessing to me later that she was seeing him hoping
that she could do a threesome eventually with he and his wife, his wife being a former Miss North Carolina Black Teen beauty queen but whom Jeff
said was too straight an arrow to go for that though he would suggest from
time to time they try swinging.

Moonlight from the high clerestory window at the end of the hall pumped
soft photons of potential passion all over me as I stood there naked in the
hall eavesdropping on my mother's lovemaking with her married and cheating lover the dampness from the shower and my still burbling unfulfilled
passions that Joe had left me hanging with a couple of hours earlier giving
me slight ripples of gooseflesh across my nakedness. A finger dipped low
pushing my own hotbutton as my weight eased to door open even more so my
eyeballs could bend around to watch my mother and her lover.

Jeff was on top of her, cradling her in his arms, she grabbing his
asscheeks to help pull him in deeper to her, his condomed cock glistening
in the darkened room's shared moonlight.

"Uhhhh….uuuuhhhh!!!….aaahhhhh!….Oh, Jeff…deeper, harder, deeper!" mom softly ordered him.

Three fingers of my right hand were now inside me as I was now halfway
inside Mom's bedroom, only half-hiding behind the door only ten or fifteen
feet away. Rolling mom over to her knees, Jeff spread her asscheeks and
sticking a thumb up her asshole shoved his hard member as deep as he could
push inside her cunt. God, "I was that was me on all fours instead of
Mom!" I couldn't help but silently exclaim to myself as I watched them in
the still of the peace of her bedroom.

The floor creaked a little as I eased into the bedroom, but they didn't
hear, and I didn't care if they had. Mom's fists were grasping and
clenching the bedsheets as Jeff relentlessly pounded her from behind, his
hands reaching forward to feel her boobs and massage her back.

While I had grown up seeing mom naked and she I and being naked around
each other, mom being my mom even sharing our more or less open sex lives
with each other since I had moved in with her I had never seen mom make
love or even be openly sexually affectionate with anyone else, not counting
the odd kiss given to an odd lover while semi-clothed at the breakfast
table after the odd night of previous lovemaking between she and whoever he
odd lover might have been the night before. Now, the receptive mare in
heat which was my mom was just feet away from me, getting ramrodded by her
black middle-aged stallion lover, his cock leeringly spreading her
pussylips open for his cock and my gaze as it split her open in his
lovemaking of her in our shared space in time my presence being unfelt,
just flowed with passion unbridled as she ordered, no, commanded Jeff to
fuck her even harder.

"Gggghh….uuurrggghhhh….uhhhh…" gurglings of my own lust finally escaped
from that special place deep inside my soul as my left hand spread my
cuntlips and my right one furiously worked my clit. Jeff heard my totally
unintentional low moanings (I swear!) and slowing down but not stopping his
fuck of mom craned his neck around to see me in my birthday suit giving
myself an early birthday present, he twisting his neck a bit in a silent
motion to come join them. I didn't resist.

Easing his pace to half-speed Mom's face was still buried in a pillow
her cries becoming quieter as she reached around and under to play with his
cock as his fuck of her continued as I leaned into Jeff and we kissed, a
hand of his going from Mom's butt to my breast as our lips locked. Kissing
him, my right hand went between our mouths and he tasted my feminine
essence on my fingers from my seconds-earlier frig of myself as I watched
them anonymously in the moonlit room. Jeff sucked and licked the
meat-fingers of our kissing sandwich as my other hand stroked his
half-hairy chest. sucking the life out of each other and breathing it back
into one another for a couple of moments, my left hand roamed from his
chest to his cock, my fingers touching Mom's pussylips as well as his fuck
of her continued. I didn't care.

mom pushing her shoulders up a bit off the bed she lowered her head and
turned enough to see me kissing Jeff as I played with his cock and her
pussy a bit. She smiled. She didn't care. She wiggled her ass a bit, and
my hand went from Jeff's cock to her pussy, my fingers rubbing her cuntlips
and clit as I lowered my head from Jeff's face to Mom's back, lightly
kissing the small of her back and my first incestual touching of mom continued.

Jeff pulled away for a moment and pointed to Mom's open cunt as she
still knelt on the bed on all fours. I knew exactly what he was
suggesting. Taking his place, my facial lips melded with Mom's cuntal ones,
sucking from her flower all the pollenic essence of life I possibly could.

"AAAHHHHH!!!….AAAEEEIIHHHH!!!…Sharon!…SHARON!!!!….that's so damn good,
Sharon!….AASSSSSTTTTTAAAHHHGGHHH!!!.." mom literally screamed into her
pillow as I sought refuge inside the cavern from whence I had been thrust
into this world so many years before.

Starting at my head and rolling to my toes, I felt my body literally,
shake, shiver, then snap somehow as my tongue pushed its way deep inside
Mom like cock. Whatever the hell happened to my body, I knew it was some
sort of sign that whatever had been, had been the relationship between mom and me, was gone and could never be again.

"Sharon…SHARON…" mom pleaded as she rolled over to her back, pulling me
up to kiss her "…Sharon, I…I love you, my perfect darling daughter…"

"I love you, too, Mom…" I whispered back as my mouth found and sucked on
those aging but still perky breasts of hers.

Jeff was standing to one side of the bed. I motioned to him to join us.
At least I could have some decent sex now, now being even hornier than
before my mis-capade earlier with Joe.

Each of Jeff's hands found one of our respective pussies as mom and I
just held each other and kissed and felt each other up. Jeff rolled a
fresh condom on, his member now harder than ever from the scene of two
women let alone his lover and her daughter making lesbian love in front of
him, and whispered to me if I'd like "some"…"sure" I half-laughingly
whispered back.

mom and I scooted Jeff on the bed flat, I entering him astride as she
mounted his face so as to face me. Yeah, a classic porno scene, I know,
but one that works in reality for a reason, because it works.

I kissed mom and she kissed me as Jeff licked mom from underneath her as
my hand joined his tongue and her hand joined his cock at my cunt. The
look in Mom's eyes was between that of pure passion, pure lust, and pure
maternal love. I didn't care. I was getting some cock that I had been so
hungry for from Joe and had been disappointed earlier by. And I was making
love, yes, making love to my mother who I knew was okay with it because she
was a lesbian, or at least a more or less bisexual lesbian. "Wait a damn
minute…" I couldn't help think to myself "…does this mean I'm a lesbian too?" mom grabbing Jeff's cock as he fucked me as we mutually rode astride
him and rubbing the head of his cock onto my clit put the last thought of
doubt about what if I slash we were doing was right as it also put Jeff out
his misery for the night, he grabbing my ass hard and pulling me forcefully
down on him as he pushed mom off his face and came the damndest throbbing
come inside me I had ever felt. Rolling off of him for a moment as mom slid over to me to kiss, she whispered to Jeff as we three held each other
for a perfect moment in perfect time "…Jeff…JEFF…"

"Oh…ahhh…yeah…hu?" he mangled out between obvious waves lust and passion
crescending through him.

"…thanks for tonight, Jeff…"

"Yeah, thanks, Jeff, you were great!" I chimed in as well.

"…but tonight, this time, tonight, was the first time that Sharon and I
have ever been together like this, and if you don't mind, please leave, I
want some more time with Sharon, alone…okay?….you don't mind?…I'll call you
soon, promise…but please leave now."

Jeff was so high from his unexpected menage a trois libido-drug that if
Mom had asked to jump off the proverbial bridge for her, he would have. He
leaned into give us polite gropes and sweet kisses good-bye as the sweat
from his purple-black skin soaked through his silken light blue polyester
shirt, his shoes echoing down the hall before a loud latch sound closed and
locked the front door behind him.

In the fading moonlight Mom's eyes twinkled like two perfect stars in
the universe of my life as her hand lightly brushed my face her mouth
smiling as we traded sugary kisses and my fingernails lightly scrapped over
her nipples making them erect. I couldn't help but think back to my
then-best friend Judy in seventh grade whom I learned to kiss with by she
and I kissing each other but not going any further because neither of us
expressed any feelings back then to go any further. I even thought of
Vicky and I touching each other as we sometimes took a shower together,
Vicky carefully washing my then-prepubescent pudenda, but again it was all
so innocent then, not a hint of overt lesbian sexuality. Now Mom's hand
was pushing my thighs open and her fingers were massaging my vaginal lips
and beginning their probe of my lovetunnel.

"God, Sharon, I love you…"

"I love you too, Mom…"

Our eyes searched each other's for any sign of discomfort or
squirmy-ness as we held each other close and kissed and smooched and felt
each other up some more.

"No regrets, Little One, My Little Girl…any regrets at all?"

"No, Mom…no regrets, no, no regrets at all.." I purred back at her.

We kissed even deeper and then flipped around to sixty-nine, a finger
penetrating my asshole as her mouth clamped onto my clit. Even though I
had never had a finger or cock inside me there, I was so relaxed that it
opened up for her probing touch, my own finger beginning its probe of hers
along with my tongue, something I definitely never did with any past

"You had a bad time with Joe tonight, didn't you, that's why you were
watching…you came home horny and just wanted some…that's how tonight
happened, wasn't it, Dear?" mom whispered past my cunt muffling her words
to me.


"Well, I know this is new to you, and I know you probably still want
some cock, don't you?"


"That's okay…I'll fuck my darling little one like she likes…c'mon, up on
all fours…"

Reaching forward to cut the light on the nightstand drawer on first, she
fished out a harness, strap-on dildo, and a small container of lube.

"Help me put this on, Sharon…then suck MY cock!" mom playfully ordered
with a smile.

I helping belt it on to her, she pushed me down on all fours then shoved
the silicone cock in my mouth as her hands reached around and down to pull
on and play with my smallish tits that hung down. Making muffled sounds to
tell her I was having a hard time breathing, she turned me on my axis
around and after giving my butt a couple of playful pops, unscrewed the
container of lubricant, dipped the faux cock in it, then shove it inside me
as hard and quick as she could, "uuhhhhgghhhh!" being the only sound I
could make.

Pounding away, finishing the job that Jeff had started earlier, leaning
forward her breasts pressing to my back her touch sizzling, she huskered
with low voice "…and this cock never goes down…you can have all of it you
want, forever, my love, my darling daughter!"

Making love for about an hour after that, we feel asleep in each other's
arms. Three hours later the damn alarm went off. It was a Friday, not a
Saturday after all, our dates from the night before being on a weekday
Thursday night much to our chagrin. mom got out of bed quickly and
showered and dressed and left before I could even kiss her good-bye. I
couldn't help but feel a loop-back emotion to that day she left Dad and me
and Vicky without so much of a good-bye kiss to me. I couldn't help but
wonder and worry if she was leaving me again, if last night, our night of
accidental lesbian lovemaking and incest, had somehow pushed her over the
edge and I would literally never see her again.

Thankfully, I only had two classes that morning. The rest of the day I
spent guzzling milkshakes on the patio from the snackbar beneath the
library, just sitting there and thinking, alone. Joe found me and tried to
apologize for what had happened with him the night before, but I told him
to leave me alone for a while, or I would really break up with him, to give
me some space and maybe I wouldn't break up with him, that I needed some
space right then. The clearing sunlight of day felt warm and comforting to
my face as the afternoon sun azimuthed across the sky. "No point putting
off any longer…" silent fears were expressed to myself "…might as well go
see if Mom's left me for good this time."

Smells of country-style steak and creamed potatoes and home-made
chocolate cake hit my nostrils hard as I eased the front door of our
apartment open around six-pm-ish or so. My favorite. From the threshold
of the front door and our new life together I saw mom in the open kitchen
are off the living room making my favorite dinner for me, she wearing
shorts and a skimpy bra and an apron and nothing else.

"Hi Sharon, I haven't cooked for us in a while…c'mon in, I'm making your

mom pulled the chair out for me as I sat down, she leaning in to kiss me
full on the lips as a lover and not as a mother, but left it at that for
the time being.

Being a little wound up I could tell but no more than me, she insisted
we talk about my classes, about what happened with Joe the night before,
about her work, about any and everything but what happened between she and
I just hours before.

Finishing up, I slid the chair back to stand up to help clear the table,
but mom got up quickly and ran around and literally gently pushed me back
down to my seat, with a "let me finish clearly the table…you just sit there
and enjoy your chocolate cake while I tidy up."

My eyes followed mom around the narrow spaces in the kitchen as she
pittered from the table to the dishwasher and sink and back again, our
mouths smiling as our eyes would glance across each other. Sliding a chair
next to mine as I worked on my last few bites, mom with spoon in hand
peeled off a bit and stuck it to my lips, I taking her desired-for cue and
sensuously nibbling on it, her mouth joining mine as we shared the
still-warm cake and cold stainless steel spoon oral sensations. Her arms
reached to hold me close to her as mine reciprocated in risingly lustful
ways, our hands roaming as our tongues playfully wrestled inside each
other's dental spaces.

"Sharon…I love, LOVE you!"

"I love you, LOVE, you, too, Mom!

"Ready for bed?"

"No, Mom…"

Her expression changed from total happiness to total dread before I
finished the last part of what I was trying to say.

"…I'm ready for the rest of our lives, together…" I purred back at her,
she grinning at me once again.

Clothes being shed behind us like so much a textile snail trail as we
headed lips-to-lips and arms-to-body to her's, Mom's, our bedroom together,
the rest of our lives indeed waiting for us down the hall.


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