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SHE cum her mouth when


She {John Jabbin} {Inc Father/daughter Caution}

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She saw the door open. The light flooded into her
bedroom briefly. It was late at night. mother would be
asleep by now. It was time for Daddy's visit.

He had been coming to her room ever since she could
remember. Her first memories of Daddy were memories of
his tongue. Daddy's tongue could make her feel so many
things. There had been a tenderness about it back
then. He loved her. It was obvious in the way he used
his tongue on his little girl.

As she got older, it was mostly Daddy's fingers. His
fingers could be as gentle as his tongue or they could
be very cruel. At first they were only gentle. As she
got older, she began to fear Daddy's fingers. Then she
began to anticipate the cruelty of those fingers.
Sometimes she would miss it if he only did gentle
things. She began to like the fear, the uncertainty.

There were never bruises, never lasting damage. Daddy
never struck out in anger. Everything that happened
was very controlled. The fear was not the fear of the

Steps echoed in the darkness. There was the rustling
of clothes. She knew what to expect. There was a
ritual to Daddy's visits. Everything happened in a
certain order, with a certain pace. Daddy controlled
her from the moment he opened the door. She lived for
his control, his approval.

First came the kiss.

Along her face came feather touches, fingers finding
her in the darkness. Then the insistent hand on the
back of her neck, raising her up. Her lips parted
expectantly. Then there was the full contact of
Daddy's lips on hers, possessing her, taking control.

There was a time when Daddy's lips were so big
compared to hers. At that time, his tongue could
barely enter her mouth.

Not anymore. Now Daddy's tongue entered her mouth
commandingly, familiarly. Her own smaller tongue
leaped to meet him, to welcome him in. She caressed
him intimately within the space of her mouth, trying
to entice him to stay, to linger. But Daddy never did.
He always knew what he wanted. Only rarely did his
pace vary.

Fingers against the back of her head drew her forward.
She opened her mouth to accept him. His penis was
already hard. It's always hard. Every time he let her
see or touch it, it was thick and erect. The head of
his penis rubbed her lips. It was soft and hot. She
longed to reach out and lavish it with her tongue, but
this was not allowed. She must wait for what she
loved. Daddy's hardest lesson was patience.

Finally, when she was trembling in need, Daddy pressed
his penis between her eager lips. She felt the head
enter her waiting lips. Now she could taste it with
her tongue. Now she could lavish the head, swirling
her tongue around, searching desperately for every
flavor, every taste.

When she was six, Daddy grew tired of licking her
pussy and rubbing himself at the foot of the bed. One
day he pulled her face toward his crotch and told her
to open her mouth. Daddy's hand pumped his penis
slowly and in moments she received the first warm
taste of his semen. It had startled her and she didn't
like the taste. Within weeks she was craving it.
Before long, she needed the sticky taste of him in her
mouth or she couldn't fall asleep. When Daddy was
away, she would whimper at night, missing him --
missing the flavor of his semen in her mouth.

Mother would get mad on those nights, with her pouting
when Daddy wasn't near. mother hated that she missed
him. She never understood why mother was never eager
to please Daddy. mother was always cruel to her when
Daddy was not around. She was never too cruel, though.
She was Daddy's girl and even when he was gone, mother
still feared him.

Fingers tapped the hinge of her jaw and she opened
wider to accept his penis deep in her mouth. When she
was eight, Daddy had begun to use her mouth fully. It
was very hard for an eight-year-old to take Daddy's
full cock into her mouth, but over time she had
learned to do it. Now it slid into her throat easily.
She was proud of the fact she could take him
completely. For a while, Daddy had been proud of her
as well, but that was long ago.

With Daddy deep inside her mouth, she had to breathe
through her nose. Her nose pressed into his pubic
hair, her forehead against his hard stomach. The smell
of him filled her lungs. It was like taking him
deeper. He was in her chest, filling her lungs, and
entering her bloodstream. One day she wanted to have
Daddy's baby, to feel a part of him growing inside her
womb. Until that day, the scent of him filling her
lungs was as close as she would come.

For a moment, she wished it would end like this. It
was sacrilegious, she knew. It was scandalous to even
think that she would decide, but often she wished that
Daddy still spurted his seed into her mouth and
throat. She still received a small taste every time as
she cleaned him before he left, but it was never
enough to satisfy the craving of the little girl that
lived in her belly -- the little girl that could only
be satisfied with Daddy's yummy cum in her tummy.

Even now, sometimes late at night, she found herself
whimpering when there was not enough of the taste of
his cum in her mouth when he was done.

As Daddy drew his penis from her mouth, her tongue and
lips clung to it, trying to coax it to stay. But
Daddy's penis couldn't be seduced. It was always in

When the head had cleared her lips, she scrambled
around to quickly lie on her back, her knees pressed
up around her chest. Her fingers spread the lips of
her vulva like a flower hidden in the dark. The bed
bounced with his weight and soon she felt the head of
his penis press against her vagina. She held her
breath, hoping he will be gentle this time and knowing
that he wouldn't be. Truth be told, if he were ever
gentle, she would probably be disappointed. Daddy had
not been gentle since she was eleven years old and he
had first begun to enter her with his penis.

At first he was tender and loving. That was always
Daddy's way with each new step. But there had been so
many steps at this point that she knew that eventually
Daddy would stop being gentle. At every step there
came a point when Daddy just took what he wanted,
firmly and forcefully. It had always been his way. She
didn't know any other and wouldn't feel loved and
cared for by anyone else.

It took her by surprise, Daddy's quick hard thrust.
Even knowing it was coming didn't help. Daddy's cock
filled her so completely, so suddenly, that it was
always a shock. From anxious emptiness to immediate
distention. He bounced off of her with a grunt. His
arms snaked under her back, gripped her shoulders and
pulled down on them for leverage to thrust harder.

As Daddy's cock pistoned in and out of her cunt, his
checks brushed across her face. She wasn't allowed to
kiss him. If she kissed him, she usually could cum as
he fucked into her hard like this. It wasn't as though
Daddy didn't want her to cum. He had never cared one
way or another about that. But when she was thirteen,
for some inexplicable reason, he quit kissing her as
he fucked her.

Now his cheek brushed across her own as he worked
himself into her wet cunt and the bristles on his
cheek scratched her. She welcomed the rough sensation.
When he left her bed, it would be another memory her
body would have of his visit. She wanted every portion
of her body to be branded by him, to be permanently
scarred by his presence.

Her vagina wanted his cum. It pushed her hips up to
meet his every thrust, hoping he would reward the
effort. Occasionally, even now, she would be bathed in
his life-giving essence. If she were wet enough and
hot enough, if her hips moved the right way against
him, occasionally he would still cum inside her pussy.
She slept well on those nights, knowing she had
satisfied her Daddy.

But Daddy had quit cuming in her cunt regularly when
she was fifteen. That had been the year he had first
turned her over and lovingly prepared her bottom to be
fucked. It had been a gentle thing, a tender thing,
and she had felt so loved. Even when she knew that it
would only be this way a short time, the first time
Daddy had pressed his tongue into her anus and licked
her, it had been pure joy. She had cum every time.
Even while she were cuming Daddy insisted that she
stay very still and let him keep licking.

Tonight, as he had for a long time now, Daddy simply
turned her over and thrust himself into her ass
quickly, firmly. She used the lubricant every night to
prepare herself before his visits. Even if she didn't,
he didn't care. Daddy would enter her and fuck her
hard whether she was greased or dry. The lubricant was
for her pleasure, not his. Her ass was trained to open
and stretch to accept him either way.

Her heart beat faster, knowing he was close to cuming.
She could feel him as he pushed harder and deeper into
her rectum. His gruntings filled her room, filled her
ears with music. His hands gripped her hips and pulled
her back forcefully against him with every thrust. He
was pumping her roughly, filling her full. On every
thrust she went deeper into the pillow, being pushed
down, being filled.

Her finger snaked underneath and rubbed her clitoris.
Daddy didn't care. She could play with herself anytime
she could reach it. He was finished with her cunt for
the night. It didn't matter to him, so she did it for
her own comfort and pleasure. Her pussy dreamed that
Daddy was still fucking it like it always did when he
was near. Her pussy fucked her finger just like it had
fucked Daddy.

She also stuck a thumb in her mouth. In her mind, the
thumb became Daddy's penis. She sucked it and licked
the nail as she had the head of his cock. She couldn't
decide whether to hold it deep and suck it or whether
to thrust it in and out of her mouth at the same
rhythm of Daddy's penis.

As Daddy grunted and shot his seed inside her body,
her own finger found a special spot and pleasure
flooded her body. It was a happy coincidence. The
waves of pleasure washed through her, even as Daddy
continued to hump into her ass, the initial jet of his
semen oozing to a stop. Daddy continued to thrust into
her, only now it was slow and gentle. He enjoyed
having her ass greased up with his cum.

As she rested, she thought about the happy
coincidence. It had happened frequently lately. Daddy
didn't care when or if she had an orgasm. He had never
trained her one way or the other about that. But her
body cared. For some inexplicable reason her body
wanted to cum at the same time as Daddy. For some
reason, Daddy's cum shooting off inside her was
triggering her own orgasm. It was most unusual. Daddy
had never explained it.

Eventually he withdrew from her bottom. Daddy
stretched, and ran his hands along her back and bottom
lightly, lovingly. It felt good for him to touch her
like this. She lived for his spontaneous caresses.
They happened so rarely. A deep shiver of pleasure
rushed through her and she almost came again, even
though it was such a brief caress.

Feeling Daddy rise off the bed, she prepared herself.
Like a dutiful daughter, she was ready when he thrust
his cock between her lips. He didn't press it deep
enough to satisfy her, only just enough for her to
know she was permitted to use her tongue on him.

As she began to lovingly bathe him with her tongue,
she tasted the full flavor of their time together. She
tasted her Daddy's sticky semen first. It was the best
taste, the one she craved. Then she tasted the rich,
bitter taste of her own anus. It was never a taste
that she dwelled on. Her mind had learned to register
it and then pass along to other things. Her tongue
searched deep in his pubic hair and on his testicles
and finally she found the other taste. It was the
taste of her own creamy discharge. She had never told
Daddy how much she enjoyed this taste. He had never
asked or seemed concerned with it.

He backed away as suddenly as he always did. Her mouth
and tongue missed him already. Her pussy still ached
with the need of him. There was a rustle as he
gathered up his clothes. She waited patiently on hands
and knees on her bed. Waited. Waited.

He patted her head lovingly. Another wave of shear
pleasure flooded her body -- this one anticipated and
hoped for. It was better than her cum. She had her
Daddy's love and affection. She could tell just from
the way he stroked and patted her hair. This was why
she would always be Daddy's girl. No other man could
touch her like this, could make her feel such

"Go to sleep, girl. Now that you have your degree, you
start working at Daddy's company tomorrow as his
personal assistant. I have something special planned
for you at the office. Go to sleep now. Tomorrow is a
big day."


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