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SHEILA split open and every reverse thrust



Chapter 1

I met Sheila, shortly after my divorce. She was everything I was
looking for in a woman. Her figure made men drool and her personality was
bubbly and refreshing. It wasn't until our third date that I found out
that I had a desire for cock.

I had invited her over for dinner, preparing my specialty Chicken Cordon
Bleu with rice and a chilled bottle of wine. I finished cleaning up and
joined Sheila on the couch. Out of nowhere, she jumped into my lap and
forced her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue seemed endless as I felt it in
my throat. I fought to force her tongue out of my mouth but I failed. I
let her have free rein of my mouth. After what seemed an eternity, she
pulled back and laughed as she shook her mane of hair. Taking my hands,
she pressed them to her tits as she assaulted my mouth again. This time
she stiffened her tongue and fucked my mouth. Instinctively, my cheeks
puckered and I sucked on her tongue, trying to keep it from withdrawing.
My hands weren't idle either and my dick tented my pants. My fingers
squeezed her tit flesh, in time to her tongue assault. With each squeeze,
her nipples seemed to burn into my flesh.

“You'll do nicely." She cooed I was hot, lust filling me with desire for
this woman. Getting of my lap, she pulled her top over her head exposing
the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. They were large and well
proportioned to her body. Her nipples were like erasers extending a full
inch from her flesh.

Shaking her hair out, she said "You like"? I was enthralled. With a
quick flick of the wrist, her skirt fell to the floor, leaving her in white
silken panties and shoes.

Standing inches from me, she tore off her panties exposing a semi-hard
cock. My mouth must have dropped because before I knew it, her dick was
lodged in my throat. My first reaction was to gag but before I could, her
dick withdrew to my lips only to force it’s way back in. I wanted to break
free but her hand had a tight grip on my head. “Shush baby, let it
happen,” She continued talking to me, her voice was hypnotic and I felt the
last of my resistance slip away. With each thrust, I found myself trying
to get more of girlcock down my throat. I was applying more suction with
each thrust. Sensing my submission, Sheila fucked deep into my mouth until
she was fully embedded.

“Look at me,” she said in a commanding voice

I didn’t realize my eyes had been closed. Opening my eyes, they
traveled up her body, between her breasts until I made eye contact.

“My beautiful cocksucker” she smiled down at me. She stroked my head
and then pulled her dick out my mouth.

I was numb. This woman with a dick had just raped my mouth. I wasn’t
disgusted or revolted. I wanted more! My eyes took in this fleshy
appendage. The head was shaped like a mushroom. The skin was soft and
smooth. Behind this was a roll of flesh, veins ran it length to where it
attached to her body. She didn’t have any public hair and her balls were
tight against her body.

Giving into my lust, I kissed the tip, tentatively at first, then more
assertively. All my energy was focused on making love to this rod with my
mouth I wanted my rewarded to be a volcanic eruption of man juice which I
wanted to be savored like a good wine. My whole being was centered in my
mouth. I kept repeating my suctioning, each time moving a little faster. I
heard Sheila begin to moan, which only spurred me on.

“Yes, my darling cocksucker, you need it, you want it.” Sheila’s hips
moved in and out and her cock went further down my throat. I was in
heaven. I never wanted it to leave my mouth. I tasted her salty precum and
knew it would not be long before she emptied herself into me. After a few
more thrusts, she grabbed my head and with one final thrust, spewed her
girl come into my mouth. My forgotten cock erupted in my pants making my
hips jerk in rhythm to Sheila’s. Her semen tasted like nectar as it flowed
down my throat to my belly.

Sheila withdrew her cock from my mouth and bent down kissing me with as
much passion as I had her dick. She licked the insides of my mouth trying
to catch any remnants of her seed. Pulling away, she said, “Next time it’s
my turn”, with that she threw on her clothes and headed out the door,
stopping only to smile at me and blow me a kiss.

It was only then that I realized that I had cum in my pants and a smile
came to my face. Later that night, lying in bed, I reviewed the events of
the evening. As I thought about it, my hand instinctively went to my cock.
Within minutes, I blew another load into my hand, which I savored as it
flowed to my belly.

Chapter 2

Over the next few days, I didn’t hear from Shelia and I was struggling
with what I had done. Every time I thought about her and her dick I got
hard. A whole new world had opened up for me. My work suffered as all I
could think about was cock. I was going to various gay bars at night. I
sucking guys off in bathrooms which did little to quench my thirst.

I needed to be fucked and called Shelia. She was happy to hear from me
and would love to come for dinner again. We made a date for the next

Over dinner she told me how she became a transsexual and I related how I
enjoyed sucking her cock and that I couldn’t think about anything else.
Smiling, she said she was a top and loved being the “fucker” but
occasionally liked to be the fuckee. We continued to discuss the gay lifestyle and how my attraction was waning toward women.

After cleaning up, she excused herself and went the bathroom. I got out
a bottle of wine and poured two glasses. I handed her the wine as she sat
down on the couch and crossed her legs. As we talked she unbuttoned her
blouse exposing her cleavage. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples
were hard but my cock never noticed. We continued to talk and she leaned
back against the sofa, her arms spread across the sofa forcing her breasts even more tightly against her blouse. But what I noticed most was that she
had spread her legs exposing her girl cock. She wasn’t wearing any
panties. I stopped talking in mid sentence. My eyes glued to her crotch.

“You want it, don’t you” she purred. She had me and she knew it. “Then
come and get it”

In a flash, I was on my knees stuffing my mouth full of cock meat. I
couldn’t get enough of it. “That’s it baby, you’re a natural. My mind was
totally focused on sucking this beautiful pole. “Take off your clothes,
I’m gonna fuck you.”

Without releasing my prize, I somehow got out of my clothes. Sheila
grabbed my hair, pulling me of her love pole. In one swift motion, she had
pushed me onto my back, lifted my legs and thrust her hard dick up my ass
to the hilt. The pain was excruciating and I almost passed out.

Sheila began speaking in a low voice, “This is what you wanted, isn’t it
baby. You love my cock in your mouth and now you’ll love it in your ass.
It hurts now but just wait. You won’t be able to get enough”

All I could think of was that I had this pole up my ass splitting me
apart. She slowly began to fuck in and out of me. With each thrust, I
felt like I was being split open and every reverse thrust left me feeling
empty. My mind felt the pain but my cock felt the pleasure. My hips rose
and fall in rhythm with Sheila’s fucking. The pain eased and my legs
automatically wrapped themselves around her waist and my hands found her

“Fuck me” I cried!

“That’s it baby, feel my girlcock. Your manpussy loves it; you love it,
don’t you?“

“Yes,” I hissed, thrusting my hips for emphasis. “Fuck me, dammit” I

With that Sheila fucked me even harder. “Take my cum, you slut, I going
to fill your man cunt.”

She fucked me so forcefully that I moved a few inches along the floor.
Again and again she rammed in and out of me. I was a cunt to her dick.
All too soon, I felt her empty herself into me, coating my guts with her
semen. After a few more thrusts, she collapsed on me, kissing me deeply.

I couldn’t believe it. I had just been fucked andI loved it. I was
still hard; the lust overwhelming. I reared up and threw Sheila onto her
back. My cock found her ass and ploughed into ass pussy.

“No! please don’t” She cried.

This just spurred me on. I fucked as hard as I could. After a few

Sheila moaned and cried, “Fuck me! Fill me up!

I kept pounding into her. It was like my brain had move to my cock and
I wanted to hurt her, split her open. With each thrust, the pressure built
in my head. I needed release. I arched my back and my cum flew out of me.
I half expected to see it come out of her mouth, I came so hard. With one
final thrust, I collapse on her. She stroked my head as my now limp dick
slipped out of her.

We stayed that way for a long time then went to bed

Tyler Thane <>


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