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SHOPGIRL video screens from the men


Sex Shop girl
By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by Orestes. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
story to any web site without permission from the
author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of the
contents is permitted.

If you're a respectable girl, you just have to have
a cover story for going into a sex shop to buy a

" It's a gag present, " is so cliché, I felt stupid
rehearsing it in my head.

The girl behind the counter didn't care anyhow. I
could see it in her eyes as she watched me walk by. Why
would I think she would care ? Hell, she works with
this stuff all the time. She probably eats her lunch
behind the counter, with a wall of massive rubber cocks
as her only view.

So why should I be embarrassed ?

But there it was. I had that wicked little burn of
shame in the back of my head, and my body was
responding the way I knew it would.

It was like the times I'd gone to various
convenience stores around town in the middle of the
night to buy dirty magazines. The funny thing is, it
wasn't really the magazines I was after. I mean, yeah,
I hold onto them in an embarrassing little stash in my
panty drawer that I'd die if my roommate found, but it
wasn't so much the magazines at all. It was the jittery
little burn of humiliation when I went into a corner
store, looking every bit the respectable girl, and
asked by name for the raunchiest magazines on the rack.

I'd sometimes sit in the car for a half hour before
going in to do the deed.

Sometimes I had to rub myself inconspicuously
beneath the steering wheel, just to work myself up to

The longer I waited, the more difficult it got. The
clerk would give me a funny look for sitting in the car
for so long out front of the store. Then I'd sort of
linger around the store, stealing glances at the
magazine rack behind the counter, my face going red
when the clerk catches my eye.

Finally, when I couldn't bear it any longer, I'd
blurt out my request, and then rush home with my prize,
so horny I could barely drive.

It was such a dirty little thrill. I would always
avoid the store afterwards, convinced that I'd be out
with friends, and the clerk would make some off-hand
comment or something. Silly stuff.

But when it came to the actual sex shop, I had
always chickened out. I had this vision of some middle
aged scuzzy guy behind the counter, leering at me
suggestively while I squirmed in my designer clothing
in front of the sex toy display wall.

Until this night, I had always just sat in my car,
rubbing myself nervously, trying to work myself up to
the act of going in.

And now that I was inside, trying to keep my
breathing under control as I looked at each sex toy in
turn, I stole little glances at the counter to see if
the girl was watching me.

She was about my age, but she certainly fit better
with this atmosphere. Her dark hair had purple
highlights Her nose had a tiny silver stud in it, and I
briefly wondered if she was pierced anywhere *else*...
a thought which I suppressed after it sent a little
thrill through my body. She was attractive enough, but
in a low-class sort of way.

Hell, I shouldn't think in those terms. It's just
hat I grew up in circles where cosmetic surgery,
dermatologists and personal trainers were the norm, and
it was instinct to evaluate the wealth of other girls
by these expensive refinements of personal appearance.

" I'll take ten tokens, " an overweight guy
approached the counter. He held out a bill to the girl
behind the counter, and then brushed past me with a
handful of coins on his way to the video booths in the
back of the store.

She didn't give him a second look either. Even
though she *knew* what he would be doing in that video
booth. Hell, she probably had to clean the damned rooms
at the end of the night.

For some reason, that bothered me. I mean, there I
was, my panties damp with nervous excitement. My heart
was racing. I felt so dirty, just being in a shop where
men came to jerk off, or rent disgusting videos, or buy
strap-on dildos for their wives. And she didn't care.

As far as she was concerned, I was just the same as
any of these guys. It didn't matter that I was a well-
dressed college girl. It didn't matter that I was from
a respectable family. She just lumped me in with the
steady stream of perverts she dealt with every day.

But I was different, I wanted to tell her. Unlike
these middle-aged guys with downcast eyes, this was
*below* me. I should be ashamed to be here, eyeing the
vibrators hungrily.

Suddenly, my " It's a gag present" flew out the

I wanted... needed to shock her just a little.

I reached for the largest rubber phallus on the
wall, and turned towards the counter.

" Excuse me, " I squeaked out, almost unable to
believe that I was actually doing this. " Um... do you
think this would... um..."

Oh god, why had I drawn attention to myself this way
? I wanted to drop the thing and run, but instead, I
found myself finishing the lewd question.

" I mean... would it fit in my rear ?"

Although my body was lighting up like a pinball
machine, she didn't seem shocked. Just amused. She was
holding back her laughter. I couldn't look her in the

" With a little practice, " she answered,

I couldn't stand it. I was creaming my panties under
her amused gaze. I wondered if she imagined me, with my
Tommy Hilfiger jeans around my ankles, struggling to
push this big black cock into my ass. With that
humiliating image, I had bitten off more than I could

I reached out for another package. I just chose the
fanciest vibrator I could find, as quickly as I could
find it.

" Maybe I'll take this one too... for my... um...
you know... "

She took it from my hands gingerly, and began to
punch the items into her computer.

" You'll probably want some lubricant to go with
this one, " she was referring to the big one with it's
head staring at me over the edge of the counter. There
was just a trace of a smile in her voice. I nodded
without looking up.

" Okay, that'll be $160.46. "

Shit. It was more money than I had brought. In my
haste, I hadn't even looked at the prices.

" Oh god, " I whispered to myself, desperately
wishing that I was back in the car, and able to rub
myself in private. I squirmed as I pulled out my purse,
and reluctantly handed her my gold card. Stupid, I told
myself. I should just walk away. Now she'll know my

But I couldn't go without my prizes. Just looking at
the monstrous dildo would give me nights of pleasure,
remembering the exquisite humiliation of the way she
looked at me.

A man walked through the front door as I waited for
her to put through my purchases. He stood behind me,
waiting to get some tokens. I couldn't look in his
direction either. What he must think of me, an
attractive young woman who was buying such disgusting

Would he think about me when he went back to the
booth ?

Finally, she handed me back my card. I didn't wait
for her to put my purchases into a bag. I needed to get
out of there, before I embarrassed myself further. I
scooped the toys into my arms, and headed for the door.

The clerk watched my abrupt departure with that same
sort of amusement in her eyes, holding a plastic bag in
her hand.

God, I felt stupid with her looking at me like that.
In another minute, she would have tucked these things
safely into the bag. Instead, I stumbled out into the
street with an awkward armful of sex toys and
lubricant, and hoped that no one would see me on my way
to the car.

I dropped my keys, and then the dildo as I struggled
to unlock my door. By the time I got myself and my new
prizes inside, I had convinced myself that half the
population of the city had seen me.

And I swore I'd never come back. But I was less than
half way back to the apartment before I had to pull
over and rub myself to my first orgasm of the evening.


" Angela, get your ass out of bed..." Kyla said
forcefully. This was the third time she'd tried to wake
me this morning.

Okay, I'll admit. I wore myself out a bit playing
with my new toys. Well, the smaller one, anyway.

" Come on. I don't want to be late. Do you need me
to dress you and drag you out the door ?"

I knew she was joking, but that woke me up. She was
standing dangerously close to my dresser. If she just
opened the wrong drawer...

... god, how could I be horny again so soon ?

Kyla stayed for a minute while I flopped out of bed.
I headed for the washroom, not remembering at first
that I had stripped off my pyjama bottoms during the
night. Even the breezy feeling on my backside didn't
clue me in.

" Cute, " Kyla said, sarcastically. I gave her the
finger as I closed the bathroom door.

It was just good fortune that I'd found a roommate
as cool as Kyla. We both landed in this college town
earlier in the summer, hoping to have a little fun
before our first semester began. Money wasn't a problem
for me, but having her as a roommate really helped me
into the social scene. She just had one of those
outgoing personalities that made everyone want to know

And we got along great.

We even scheduled our courses so that we could ride
to school together. Which is why she was on my case
today. We had our first sociology class to go to this

So I didn't have time to - you know - in the shower.
We just barely had enough time to get to class before
the professor began.

" I'll just begin with the attendance list... please
correct me if I don't get your name quite right, " he
told us. The guy looked awfully young to be teaching
college. Then, this wasn't exactly the academic centre
of the universe. I chose it because it was a party
school, and it was far from home. But, I suppose there
were some kids who just couldn't afford much better.

The snob in me was picking them out as I listened to
the professor call names.

" Russell Bench. "

" Russ."

" Angela Crisp. "

" Yes, " I answered.

There was an Andrew... probably here to party.
Dylan, who was dirt poor and didn't suit his name.

" Cammy, " she answered.

And my heart stopped. It was her. It was the sex
shop girl. I heard it in her voice before I even looked
in her direction.

What the hell was she doing here ?

Soon after the attendance was read, I excused myself
to go to the washroom. My stomach was doing a little
dance, and I needed a few minutes to compose myself.

In all of my flirtations with humiliation, none was
ever as intense as this one. The previous night, the
sex shop girl had filled my sexual imagination. Just
thinking of the amused look on her face made my legs
weak with arousal. But it had been harmless enough. She
had just been a human prop for my sexual thrill-
seeking, and I never expected to see her again.

She would just be a warmly embarrassing image to
masturbate myself with.

But now I knew her name. Cammy. Camellia. Whatever.
It was just wrong. She wasn't supposed to have a name.
She wasn't supposed to be here, in my social group. She
was just a sex shop girl.

I stayed in the washroom stall, trying to gather my
nerves. I tried to reason with myself. She wouldn't
want anyone else to know what she did for a living.
She'd be as embarrassed as I would. No one would
believe her anyway. I'd make sure of it.

I mean, I could convince my friends to not hang out
with this girl. She was low-class anyhow.

And then no one would find out. Only she would know,
and I'd make her social life hell if she so much as
whispered a word about it. But was it enough, I
wondered to myself. She would still know. She would
still look at me. And maybe I'd even see a little bit
of amusement in her eyes.

My hand drifted down between my legs. I was getting
so horny that I couldn't think straight. I'd definitely
have to take care of that before going back to class.


Okay, so my little plan worked like a charm. Mostly.

Ignoring Cammy was easy. In fact, before the week
was over, I had most everyone ignoring her. What can I
say ? Kyla and I were popular from the start. I had
always been able to play social politics. That's just a
survival skill where I come from.

So I was ignoring her. Kyla was ignoring her. All of
the other girls we had begun to hang around with
followed our lead, and ignored her.

The problem was, she was ignoring me too.

No eye contact. No little knowing smile. It was like
she was pretending to not even know who I was. It was
like my encounter with her in the sex shop didn't even

My humiliation was smouldering just below the
surface, and by ignoring me, she was rubbing it in. It
was like she was saying, "you're just like all the
other perverts, and not worth my attention" or
something like that.

And it pissed me off, because every day I was
showing how much better than her I was. I dressed in
better clothes. I drove a beautiful car. I was cute and
popular. I was so high above her that she should really
have been shocked by the way I behaved in the store.

But she was pretending not to be.


When the weekend arrived again, Kyla and I were
invited to all of the parties. Another little victory,
as it seems poor Cammy was left out.

I didn't end up going to the parties, though. I told
Kyla I was too tired, and she went alone. After a
stressful week, I was just looking forward to a little
bit of relaxation time with my panty-drawer stash. I
was so eager to get rid of Kyla that I even gave her a
ride to her party.

It was on the way back that I found myself choosing
a route that would lead me past the sex shop. Just a
little game of I-dare-you to get me warmed up for the
evening. I slowed down as I passed it, stupidly hoping
that someone would open the door to enter just as I was
passing, and that I could catch a glimpse of Cammy
behind the counter.

Then, a half block later, I turned around, and
passed the store again.

To tell the truth, I had no idea how far I wanted to
take this game tonight. I just was just enjoying the
shameful sensations that buzzed through me as took it
tiny steps further.

After three more passes, I finally turned into the
parking lot, my pussy damp with anticipation. It was at
that moment that I decided to go in. I needed her to
notice me. It just wouldn't do for her to ignore me. I
needed there to be an understanding between us.

She wouldn't say anything, would she ? I mean, she
had been silent so far.

Yes, I told myself. I have everything under control.

But I still sat outside for twenty minutes, daring
myself to go in.

Cammy was at the counter again, but the shop was
busier on this Friday night than it had been on Sunday.
Probably a half dozen guys were in the main sales
floor, looking through videos and magazines. I had no
idea how many others would be in the booths.

A few of the guys stole glances at me as I entered.
That kind of attention heated me up. They knew that I
was out of place here. I was too respectable for a
place like this. But the person I hoped I would get a
reaction from was busy ringing through a sale.

I tried to catch her eyes anyhow, but she didn't
notice me.

Tonight I had several hundred dollars with me, and I
was determined to spend whatever it took to shock
Cammy. Okay, so maybe I had considered coming here
beforehand, but I hadn't been serious. Taking out the
money had just been a little dare to myself, to keep
the game alive.

My eyes led me directly to the fetish attire. Cuffs,
hoods, bras, clamps... seductive leather and metal that
sent chills down my spine. Yes. This was exactly what I

I could see one of the middle-aged men watching me
as I picked out my accessories. I took leather cuffs
for my hands and ankles. My body told me to take the
studded collar and leash too. My back was turned to the
counter. God, I hoped she was watching me.

My breathing quickened when I found the nipple
clamps and a perfectly medieval looking leather gag.
What else would I need ? Just something to bring me
over the top. I reached for it before even thinking. A
beautiful leather whip, with multiple tails.

It would leave no room for doubt. She would be
forced to imagine me, cuffed and gagged, with my prissy
white ass being marked red by...

...well, I don't know who...

" Can I help you to find anything, miss ?"

She was right next to me, and I hadn't even noticed
her approach. My face went red, as I realized the full
impact of the items I cradled in my arms. I couldn't
even look in her direction. This was the part of the
game I liked most. I felt like I had been caught with
my pants down.

" Miss ? "

" Please, " I began, not sure what to say next, but
I knew I needed to take it a step further. " Please
call me Angela. "

No room for doubt. I wanted her to acknowledge who I
was. I wanted her to know that I was the same bitch who
was bad-mouthing her at school.

" Okay, Angela, is there anything I can help you
with ?"

So professional. So casual. I wanted her to be
shocked. Instead, she still just seemed amused. Or
bored. Or something.

My mind whirled.

" Yes... I'll, uh... " I looked up to her
sheepishly. " I want to take all of these... and, uh...
well, I need to try on the cuffs and clamps and make
sure they're tight enough. "

" I'm sorry, we don't really have anyplace for you
to try them on. "

She was trying to deny me my little thrill.

" Really ? I mean, don't you have a washroom or

" Yeah, but we don't normally..."

I almost came when I gave the next line.

" Please. I'll be in *so* much trouble if I come
home with the wrong thing. "

A little shudder went through me. For the first
time, I got a little reaction. It was brief, but I saw
a little surprise on her face. Then, just an instant
later, her calm, amused look returned.

" I guess I can let you into the employee washroom.
It's over this way. "

Once inside the dirty little employee washroom, I
tried to catch my breath. I could tell that the other
guys in the store were all painting delightful images
of me, dressed for bondage. But they didn't matter. It
was Cammy that I wanted to shock. I wanted the twisted
little rush of humiliation of knowing that she
envisioned me naked, clamping my nipples in this tiny

I got it too.

Tonight had been a success. I could savour in my
fantasies that fleetingly shocked expression she had
given me when I explained how I would be punished.

It should have been enough, but, of course, it

I watched myself in the mirror as I opened my
blouse. It wasn't enough just to pretend that I was
tightening the clamps onto my nipples. I needed to do
it. I ached for the extra jolt of humiliation of
watching myself apply the painful clamps in the mirror.

The sensation was exquisite. My pink nipples were
painfully erect already, and when I fastened a clamp to
the first of my sensitive nubs, I gave a little squeal
of satisfaction. By the time I had the other one in
place, my body was on fire. I reached up underneath my
skirt, and rubbed my wet pussy through the thin fabric
of my panties.

God, they were wet.

Another wicked thought struck me. If only Cammy
knew. If only she knew how shamefully wet this little
game made me, it would double my humiliation. Once the
impulse hit me, I knew that I would follow through with
it, no matter how degrading it was. I just needed her
to know how wet and horny I was.

I rubbed myself good now, making sure that the
crotch of my panties were absolutely soaked. Then I
slid them down my legs and stepped out of them. Just
having them in my hands gave me a little shudder. If I
went through with this, I'd never be able to look her
in the eyes again.

And I'd be leaving her proof. She could expose me to
my friends.

So why was I doing this ?

My body gave me the answer. I was just dying to see
the look on her face when I handed her my warm, wet

I left the nipple clamps in place, throbbing warmly
under my blouse. I only buttoned the garment about half
way, so that if I bent forward, the clamps would be

Cammy watched me come out of the washroom, and my
face went instantly red. I couldn't believe that I was
doing this. It felt so wrong and so right at the same

I dropped the other leather stuff on the counter,
and then scanned the store to see if any of the other
guys were watching. I couldn't wait another moment. As
Cammy began to gather up the items to ring them
through, I dropped my panties onto the counter in front
of her.

She froze, looking down at the stylish panties that
had only a few minutes before been snugly nestled
against my moist pussy.

" What are you... ?" Her eyes rested on the panties
for a moment before she looked up at me again.

I had to brace myself against the counter just to
stay standing, the rush of sensations in my pussy were
so intense. I but my lower lip and tried to look her in
the eyes.

Then I could see it. She knew my game. She knew
exactly what I was trying to do now. Cammy scooped my
panties off of the counter, and dropped them subtly
into her purse. Her eyes appraised me now, catching the
outline of the nipple clamps against my nearly open
blouse. I almost felt like she could see through my
skirt, to the wetness of my aching pussy.

" So you're going home without panties, are you ?
Won't you be punished for that ? "

She didn't even try to hide her mocking tone now.
She did, however, keep her voice low. Cammy was just
having a little fun with the situation now, and she
could see how it was affecting me.

" Maybe I could... " I began. Then I couldn't get
the words out.

" Yes, " she prodded.

" Maybe you could give me *your* panties...
please... I'll pay you for them... "

She remained silent, allowing me to choke myself on
my own words. I could tell that she was considering how
far to let this little game go... how much she should
play along.

" Please... I'll give you a hundred dollars for

Cammy leaned forward conspiratorially. " And what
would you want to do with my panties ?"

I couldn't take much more of this. I could feel my
moisture dripping down my thighs now, while she played
along with my game.

" I'd, um..." I couldn't think. I just wanted them
very badly right now. They would be such a prize to
take home.

A man approached from behind, carrying a couple of
videos. I wanted to tell him to go away. He was
interrupting, and I was so close to...

...I don't know what.

Cammy leaned a little closer, and whispered into my
ear. " Not now. Some other time, maybe. Show me what
you'd do with them, and I'll consider it. "

Her words burned into my body, and I suddenly needed
my orgasm desperately. I gave Cammy enough cash to
cover my purchases, and left the store quickly, the
heat of her breath still on my ear.

My body ached for this kind of humiliation. My
previous flirtations with this dirty thrill-seeking
game paled now in my memory. Now I had a playmate, and
as I drove home, I wondered how far she was willing to
let it go. I wanted desperately to convince her to play
some more...

and so I thought about her words.

' Show me what you'd do with them, and I'll consider
it,' she had whispered into my ear. Yes, I wanted to be
a naughty exhibitionist for this girl. I imagined what
a thrill it would be for her, to see a popular rich
girl like me, sinking to any depth to get her

As I pushed my way into the apartment, I knew what I
needed to do. She wanted to see what I would do with
her panties. I wanted to show her, in the most graphic
way I could imagine. For this, I needed to use another
of my new toys: the digital camera my father had bought
for me.

I set it up on my dresser, aimed towards the bed.

Cammy would see exactly how low I was willing to
sink to get her panties. To get her into the game.

I considered using my own panties for this little
demonstration, but it didn't feel right. It just wasn't
nasty enough. My need for humiliation overpowered my
growing anxiety about how far I was willing to go with
this. Feeling like a thief, I crept out of my room,
wearing nothing but my nipple clamps, and quietly stole
into Kyla's room.

I don't know why I was being so careful. She
wouldn't be back for hours yet. My eyes scanned the
floor, and a new rush of perversity filled me when I
found what I was looking for; Kyla's panties. They were
near the base of her bed, open on the floor, as if she
had just stepped out of them a minute ago.

They smelled like her perfume. Another shiver of
lust passed through me as I held them to my nose. This
was a new perversion for me, and it was wickedly
shameful. I would never have guessed that my little
games would lead me to such twisted acts. I shivered at
the thought of being caught here, kneeling naked and
sniffing my roommates panties on the floor of her room.

I retreated back to my own room, and prepared to
capture my shameful acts with the digital camera.

Even while I was doing it, I was hoping that
somehow, I'd have the good sense to delete the
pictures, and never show them to Cammy. But when I felt
as horny as I did right now, it was hard to appeal to
any reason at all.

I posed for the camera, using Kyla's panties to do a
little show for the sex shop girl. With every image, I
imagined what she would feel like, seeing me sink to
these acts to win her panties. I held them to my nose
and rubbed myself.

I gingerly touched my tongue to the crotch of the
white panties, trying to overcome my revulsion at
licking my roommate's used panties this way. I made
sure the camera got a good shot of my tongue exploring
the inner lining

Laying back on the bed, I opened the panties over my
face as I used a vibrator on myself. I hoped the camera
caught how wet this scene was making me. Finally, in a
scene that made my body quiver with exhibitionist
humiliation, I bent forward, with my ass to the camera,
and my face buried in the panties. Lewdly exposed this
way, I proceeded to try to feed the big black dildo
into my lubricated ass.

" Mmmmf , " I grunted in frustration. I stretched my
rear hole against the size of the toy, but couldn't fit
it inside of myself. It was deliciously shameful to
know what it must look like on camera, to see me
desperately trying to fuck myself with the massive

I was just barely able to force the head of the
beastly dildo into my ass before orgasm swept over me.
I lost myself in that moment. I sucked the crotch of
Kyla's panties into my mouth, and enjoyed the taste and
aroma of her body, as my own body jerked up and down in

The big black cock slipped out of my ass with a
slurping sound as I rubbed myself furiously. This was
the image I so desperately wanted to share with Cammy.
I wanted her to see every bit of the contrast between
my public image as a respectable, wealthy, popular
girl, and the sick little whore I could be when I was
playing these games...

... with her, I hoped.


I slid into the next week with a sick feeling in my
gut. After I was done with the digital camera, I hid
everything away in their secret spots. I could barely
look at myself in the mirror in the morning.

How far had I let my ridiculous sexual appetites
take me ?

Remembering the most recent visit to the sex shop
really burned me up inside. Despite the hot, erotic
sensations it gave me to think about it, I was worried
that I had carried it too far. Cammy knew without a
doubt who I was. I had made sure of it. She knew the
kind of game I was playing.

It was all so dumb. She could expose me at any time.
She had my signature on a credit card slip. She had my
panties. Now I was foolish enough, on some level, to
consider printing out the horrible images of my
frenzied masturbation session, and hand them over in
trade for her panties.

On Saturday night, I struggled to avoid the sex
shop. Instead, I went to party with Kyla. Even as I
tried to forget my foolish actions, and enjoy myself, I
couldn't quite purge myself of my twisted fantasy life.
I caught a whiff of Kyla's perfume in the car, and it
reminded me of...

I tried to banish it from my mind. I was determined
to keep things normal between us. Kyla was a really
good friend, and no matter how I allowed myself to
engage in irrational thrill-seeking with Cammy, I
couldn't allow myself to drag my roommate into it.

Sunday, I stayed away too. It was torture.

I tried to convince myself that I could just go down
to the shop, and ask Cammy to forget the whole thing.
But I knew better. I felt my heart pumping with
excitement at the very thought of walking through those
doors, and I just didn't want to take the risk. I might
do something to embarrass myself further. She already
had too much on me. I just had to hope that she
wouldn't use it.

So when we went to that first class on Monday, I was
nervous as hell. I watched Cammy suspiciously from
across the room. I'd fucking kill her if she so much as
said a word to one of my friends.

But she seemed content to stay to herself,
studiously taking notes, and reading during the break.
Finally, just near the end of the class, I caught her
eye. And suddenly, my mind was set at ease again. She
just gave me this calm, amused look. And I could read
it in her eyes. My secrets were safe with her. She had
no intentions of exposing me to my friends.

What next ?

I mean, this girl was being more than nice to me. I
truly felt like I deserved to be ashamed of myself. And
she was protecting me by her silence. I felt like a
real shit for badmouthing her to the other students. I
just couldn't keep doing it.

So I invited her over to my table in the cafeteria
at lunch time.

The other girls in my group were astounded. All
through the previous week, I had been talking this girl
down. Her style. Her manner. Her social class. Now I
brought her over to sit with them. They all looked like
they were waiting for a punch line. Like it was some
big plan to humiliate this girl even more.

Cammy didn't seem to care much what they thought.
She gave me a little smile over the table, and then
kept quiet while the other girls talked.

Finally, someone invited her into the conversation.

" Do you live around here, Camelia ?"

" Yeah, I'm a local girl, " she answered. It was
weird seeing her in a normal social context. To all of
the other girls, she was just some trashy local girl.
To me, well, I had to control my arousal just being
around her.

" So, do you work in town too ?"

" Yeah. My dad owns a shop. When he's not around, I
tend the store. As long as I make sure the place is
taken care of on the weekends, he pays for my
schooling. "

I waited nervously for someone to ask what kind of
shop it was, but the topic never came up. As usual, my
friends were more concerned with the social

" That must suck, though, not being able to party
and stuff. "

" It's okay, " she assured them. " I still meet
interesting people sometimes. "

It was a verbal wink in my direction. It made my
heart flutter a little. She was thinking about me. I
was special to her.

So, just like that, my common sense flew out the
window again. Maybe I was just looking for another
excuse to resume the game anyhow. I don't know. But now
that I had done her the favour of letting her hang out
with my friends, and had the delicious luxury of her
knowing, amused smile... well, I couldn't stop myself
from imagining the next step in our game.

For the next couple of nights, I my body ached to
escalate things with Cammy. Anything for a new thrill.
But she wouldn't be at the sex shop until the weekend.
So I brought the game to school with me, tucked in my

It was just after lunch, and Cammy had hung around
with my friends again. She was actually fitting in
really well, now that I was on her side. Everyone
seemed to like her. She had a dark sense of humour, and
a sharp wit.

I waited until kept my eye on her as we headed
towards our classes, and then I saw my opportunity. She
headed for the washroom.

" What's up, Angela ?"

" Huh ?"

Kyla knocked playfully on the side of my head. "
Hello, is anyone home ? "

" Sorry. I'm not feeling too well. Excuse me a
minute. "

Then I headed to the washroom, my body heating up in
anticipation of my task. I pushed through the door, and
was relieved to see that aside from Cammy, the room was
empty. I could see her military style boots beneath one
of the stall doors. With my heart in my throat, I took
the stall next to hers.

I struggled to contain my nerves as I thought about
what was in my purse. Ever so carefully, I had chosen
four pictures from my digital camera. Then I printed
them, in living colour, to the pages I had folded in my

Every one of them was shameful, and my face was
clearly visible in at least a couple of them. If I went
through with this, there would be no going back. I sat
on the toilet seat, still holding my purse in my lap.
Slowly, I unzipped the top, and held it open to my

There, right at the top of everything, was the most
incriminating of the photos. My face was painfully
clear. My tongue explored the crotch of Kyla's panties,
while my hand explored my own crotch. An expression of
limitless arousal was on my face.

Then, sticking out from underneath this sick
invitation of mine was a crisp one hundred dollar bill.
That was the price I had offered her.

It was now or never. Careful to keep the top of my
purse open, I set it down on the floor, pushing it
beneath the stall divider so that she could clearly see
the contents. I could barely breathe as I waited for
her to take the next move.

Did she even notice it, I wondered briefly. Of
course she did. There was no way you could miss it.

After a tense minute, I saw her hand reach down. She
took the money, and then each of the four photos. It's
impossible to describe the sensation that overtook me
at that moment. I knew that Cammy was sitting in the
next stall, her jeans around her ankles, looking at
pictures that I should never have shown to anyone.

Through the thin barrier, I could hear her leafing
through them. Then a chuckle.

I almost had an orgasm at that sound. I wondered
which one she was looking at. Maybe the ridiculous
image of the big dildo popping from my ass as I bucked
for the camera. I was rubbing myself now too. It was
the only way I could stop myself from leaving the room
in a panic.

Now she could show them to my friends, or post them
to the internet, or do anything else she wanted with
them. I was such a fool for putting myself in this
position, and it was this same reckless exhibitionism
that provided me my greatest thrill.

She stood, still not saying a word. God, I wished I
had the guts to inch forward to the crack between the
stalls, and catch a glimpse of her now. I just wanted
to see the look on her face. Was she surprised ? Amused
? Even smug ?

I rubbed myself roughly through the fabric of my
clothes, waiting for some sign for Cammy. Something to
say that she was willing to play my game. When the sign
came, so did I. When her hand slipped underneath the
stall wall, and held out her panties for me, I could
barely get them to my nose in time to match my violent

The force of the climax had me whimpering and
shaking in a way that I knew Cammy could hear from the
next stall. I heard her chuckle again before she
flushed the toilet, and left me there, recovering my
breath, and still clutching her underwear against my


Our status shift was complete, and I think the other
girls in my clique could sense it. Cammy was gaining
confidence every day, and I was falling off of her like
some sort of lap-dog. I couldn't help it. I spent my
nights sniffing and licking the crotch of her panties,
and fantasizing about the next way I could utterly
humiliate myself in front of her.

The contrasts between us were delicious to my sick
sense of arousal. She was low class. Vulgar. She was
forced to work in a sex shop to put her through
college. I was wealthy and popular. I'd always been
raised to act properly. And yet, it was me who was
anxious... even desperate, to continue to embarrass
myself for her amusement.

Each day at school, I could feel her eclipsing me.
She was co-opting my role in the group, and I just
stood stupidly by, savouring my feelings of jealousy
and resentment. Somehow, this social role reversal was
feeding my appetites too.

God, I'm sick.

I even stood by, biting my tongue, as she began to
hit on Kevin, a guy I had been flirting with for over a
week. The other girls had left him alone for me, but
Cammy was blatant about her intentions. She didn't even
bother to threaten to expose me. She just gave me this
knowing look. She knew how much this bothered me, but
she also knew that I would put up with it silently, and
still crawl to her feet.

The pictures told her everything. It burned me up to
know how what this low-class girl thought about me. Of
course, it bothered me more that she was completely

Friday night, as soon as I could shake Kyla, I was
itching to crawl to her feet.

Sitting in the car outside the store again, I
reflected on how absurd this was. How did I really
expect this to turn out ? Would I ever be completely
satisfied ?

I stepped in through the front door, once again,
feeling that shameful rush as the middle-aged men
looked up from their magazines and swallow my body
whole with their eyes. Tonight, I was even dressed like
I belonged here. I wore the leather studded collar on
my neck, along with the shortest skirt I could find,
and some high heel leather boots.

Cammy gave me an approving smile that weakened my
knees. I stumbled towards the counter.

" Why don't you try one of the video booths tonight,
Angela ?"

The thought of those dark, dirty booths in the back
of the store made my pussy tingle. Everyone knows what
men go there to do. Now I was just as low in her eyes,
and I belonged there too. She handed me a dozen tokens.

" Oh, and you might want to avoid the last booth on
the left. We ran out of tissues in there a couple of
hours ago, and I haven't had a chance to clean up. "

She gave me this wicked smile. It was an 'I dare
you' smile. God, she was good at this game.

The smell of male lust filled my nose as I walked
down the narrow hallway. The place was busy tonight,
and I could hear the sounds of pornographic grunting
from behind the doors. Whether the sounds came from the
video screens or from the men who fed them coins was
hard to tell.

I passed the first empty booth, and continued to the
end of the hallway. On the left was a closed door with
an 'Out of Order' sign.

Why had she warned me about it if there was already
a sign on the door ? Because it wasn't a warning. Her
smile had told me that. It was a dare. It was exactly
what I craved.

I pushed through the door into the small video
booth, and quickly latched the door behind me. The
details of the booth were more than I could have
imagined. The electronic glow of the video machine lit
up the walls of the small room, which were covered with
graffiti. There was a seat against one wall, and I
moved in that direction.

" Fuck, " I cursed, as I fell on one of my knees.
The floor was slippery, and I wasn't used to walking in
these boots. I could feel something cool and sticky on
the knee that was touching the floor. I stood quickly,
and wiped my knee with my hand.

Disgusting. I could smell the cooling semen as I
wiped again on my skirt. I was eager to sit down, but
took the time to check the seat for the same kind of
mess. Just being here made me feel like a whore. I
dropped a couple of coins into the video machine to
complete the transaction.

" Ooooh, yeah... right there..." the black girl on
the screen moaned, as another woman lapped at her
pussy. The actresses were dirty looking, just like
everything in this place. My excited imagination placed
me in the scene, tasting the black girl's wetness.

I slipped my hand under the waistband of my panties,
and could feel how wet I was becoming too. On a
perverted impulse, once my fingers were wet, I slid
them out of myself again, and touched them to my lips.
It helped me to imagine that I could actually taste the
bitch on the screen.

Rubbing myself with my other hand now, I sucked each
finger into my mouth in turn, only realizing afterwards
that the drying residue of the male cum from the floor
was on my fingers too. It heated my imagination in a
disturbing way to know that I had just tasted the cum
of some unknown man who spilled his seed in a porn
store video booth.

I quickly fed the rest of my coins into the machine,
and then looked down at the floor in the glow of the
cheap porn movie. Glistening there were streams of
cooling semen, only disturbed by the footprints of
myself and others who came here to masturbate.

Wicked. Horrible. These thoughts were beyond
perversion. What would Cammy think of me ?

But this was her suggestion, after all, wasn't it ?
She had hinted at this particular booth. Maybe she had
even told her male customers to use this one. To cum on
the floor for me. My imagination couldn't be stopped.
In a sick way, I wanted to believe that she was
prodding me to do this.

To do the unthinkable...

I slid down the edge of the bench, and rested my
knees on the floor. On the video screen, an overweight
guy had joined the two women, and they were sharing his
cock. I watched the scene as my trembling fingers
unbuttoned my blouse.

Cammy would know. She would know exactly what I had
done in here, and that thought intensified my

My tits were exposed now, as I hadn't bother to wear
a bra tonight. It just made me feel sexier. Slowly, I
bent forward, my hands near the wall, and lowered my
breasts to the floor. My hard nipples stretched towards
the slickness that glowed in the video light.

When they touched the floor, my body shook. This was
disgusting. In my mind, I was inviting the lowlife pigs
who came here to jerk off to cum on my tits. I rubbed
back and forth, collecting their mixed cum on my
nipples. Then I rose to my knees again.

God, I wished Cammy could see me now, a prissy bitch
who was letting the cum of unknown men drip down the
undersides of her breasts. In a lustful motion, I
cupped my tits and rubbed them together, smoothing the
cream between them.

My pussy sent little shock waved through me. This
was dirtier than I had imagined, and I didn't want to
stop. My game of 'I dare you' was leading me to
unexplored territory, and I couldn't wait to sink even

I lowered myself to the floor again, but this time
it was my face. The pungent odour filled my nose as I
lowered one of my cheeks into the slop. The hair of my
bangs picked up the mess too, but I didn't care. I was
wallowing in it now.

In circular motions, I rubbed my face over the vinyl
of the floor, gathering cum on my cheeks, nose and
chin. I wondered what kind of thrill it would have
provided the men who came in her to jerk off, knowing
that a horny blonde girl would soon be on the floor,
coating her face and tits with their discharge.

" Oh yeah, eat it for me, girls, " the overweight
man on the screen instructed the two women as he came
on their chins. In my lust, I could pretend that his
instructions were for me. I now touched my tongue to
the floor, and began to trace the streaks of cum to
where they met the wall, scooping it into my mouth as I

" Mmmm... g-god, I'm such a slut... " I told myself,
as I licked at the drying jizz. Saying the words out
loud brought me a new thrill, and I renewed my efforts
to get every bit of collected cum from the floor.

Suddenly, it was dark again, as the screen went
blank. God damn. My tokens had run out.

In desperation, I slid my blouse back on, and
stumbled out of the booth towards the front of the
store. I wasn't thinking straight. I just needed to get
more tokens... so that I could finish myself in that
humiliating pose. I held my blouse closed with one hand
as I approached the counter.

Cammy's eyes glowed with laughter when she saw me,
my face and hair sticky from wallowing in cum.

" More tokens please, " I spat out, enjoying this
new depth I had sunk to in her perception.

" No, Angela, that's enough for tonight. "

" But I..." I pleaded with my eyes. I hadn't cum
yet. Surely she could see how desperate I was for

" Come over here, behind the counter, " she invited
me. There was a lull in business, and we were alone in
the front area of the store.

I stepped behind the counter, my body overheated
with embarrassment. She could make me do anything she

Cammy stepped close, and reached under my skirt.
This was it. She was touching me. My body screamed for

" You're nice and wet, Angela. I take it you enjoyed
your visit to the booth. "

I nodded.

" That's good. Now that you know how to clean the
booths, that'll be one of your jobs around here. I'm
sure they guys will be glad to not worry about tissues
anymore. "

" Ngggff, " I groaned as her hand slowly pushed
under my panties.

" I want you to come in tomorrow early, and I'll
train you to work the register. I've got a date
tomorrow night, and I'll need you to cover for me. "

God, I didn't need to ask who she had a date with.
It was obvious from the gloating ton of her voice. It
was with Kevin.

" But what about your father..."

" Oh, he won't mind a bit. As long as the store is
covered, and the money rolls in, he couldn't care less
who tends the store. In fact, the way you dress, it
might even help business. Once I've got you trained,
I'm going to have a lot more spare time on my hands. "

Cruelly, she withdrew her hand from my panties, and
wiped my juices on my already soiled blouse.

" You run along now, Angela, " Cammy told me,
patting me on the rear. " I'll expect you here at two
o'clock tomorrow. "

I needed to get to the car. I needed to finish

" And Angela..."

I paused on my way out.

" Bring along that nice little whip you bought last
week. "


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