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SHOWER sucking them gently making


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\f0\fs24 \cf0 \ Archive name: shower.txt\ Authors name: Bettie Pen
(\ story title : Shower Fantasies\ \
------------------------------------------------------\ \'a9 2002 Bettie
Pen - Please do not remove the \ author information or make any changes to
this \ story. You may post freely to non-commercial\ free sites, as long
as it is posted in its entirety.\ Thank you.\ \ Bettie Pen,\ 10/30/02\ \
\f1\i \ \ Beep Beep Beep! \f0\i0 \ \ Ugh.\ \ Another morning. Its 7 am
and its dark outside my window. Its been getting darker and darker as the
season progresses into winter, but today its overcast, and you'd think it
was the middle of the night. I roll out of bed, and step into my slippers.
\ I slept straight through the night, and I'm really upset about it. \ Its
not that I didn't want a full 9 hours of sleep. On the contrary, it was
refreshing. However, I'd been hoping for a phone call from my boyfriend.
We're about 5 hours apart, temporarily. I'm finishing up my last semester
of school before the lease on this apartment is up, and I'll be forced (oh
horrible) to move to Rochester, NY to split the rent with my boyfriend
while he finishes up. One more semester. I've already gone through 6,
you'd think that one more would be easy, but its proving to be the hardest
one yet. To finish early I had to take on more classes than I had
expected, and that means that I have very little social life on campus, and
I'll only leave campus to go home for thanksgiving. I haven't seen my baby
in 2 months, and I've got another month before I can even shake his hand...
but of course I'll be home with my family, and working on my senior
project, so its unlikely that I'll be able to do much more than that. I
sigh, and make up my empty bed, thinking how much more fun it'd be if I'd
really messed it up with him. \

I close the door to my room, walk over to the bathroom, and lock the
door. I pull off my nightgown and shake out my hair before tossing it to
the side and kicking my slippers over with it. I stretch up, enjoying
being naked for a while. I really like it, probably my boyfriend's
fault... but I'm more comfortable naked than I am clothed, sometimes. I
rub my hands over myself, and enjoy the feeling of my nipples under my
fingers. When they get cold, they feel so hard and springy, I love it.
Ok, maybe they're a little too cold. I get into the shower, and turn on
the water. Not much relief yet, its fucking cold. I let it warm up, and
continue lazily feeling my right nipple, wishing it was him, while letting
the water run over my feet. I like showers, I don't know what exactly it
is, but something about the warm water makes me feel so... sexual. Its
taking the water a while to warm up, but finally it does, and I step under
it letting myself relax in the warmth, and just enjoying the feeling of
getting wet. No no, I mean from the water. I close my eyes and start
lazily shampooing my hair while I think about him. I miss him so much.
Its friday, and I've only got two classes, one at 8:15 and the other at
6:30 tonight. Maybe I should just just leave at 12 after my class gets
out, and skip my German class tonight. But, I've got a section test on
monday, so I really need to go, and then be here to go to a study group on
saturday. Fucking classes. Its always something. I just want him to be
here. I want it to be his warm hands running over my breasts, not the
water. Maybe its not the water that makes me horny. Its just my
imagianation. Ever since the first time we had sex in a shower, Its all I
think about when I'm bathing. Well, we didn't actually have intercourse in
the shower, it just works better in a bed, but we definitely did everything
else. I can just feel his hands on me, caressing me. Playing with my
nipples and running down my sides, then gently raising my face to meet his
lips. I love his lips. I love how he kisses. Even when we're fucking
like porn stars and screaming so loud that the hotel manager calls us and
asks us to be quieter (oops), his kisses are always so soft and loving. I
want him now. I want him to come into the shower and kiss me, his hands on
my waist. I want get down on my knees and suck on his cock, not to tease
him, just because I love the way that plump head feels in my mouth. I love
how I can swirl my tongue around the soft squishy head, and still feel the
top of the shaft, rock hard. I love the contrast. He'd rinse the soap out
of my hair and tell me "I think you're wasting your time, you're just going
to get sweaty again". I want him to pick me up, and carry me in his arms
back to my bed, and then lay me down kiss me, kissing my lips and my cheek
and my jaw and my collar bone -- really kissing me. And then licking my
tits and sucking on them gently, making me moan and writhe, begging him to
fuck me. He won't give in yet, but he knows he needs to give my pussy some
attention or I'll go mad. So, being a considerate boy, he crawls down and
(without \f1\i much \f0\i0 searching) finds my clit, and sucks on it.
Ooooh... it feels so incredible. He sucks it and flicks it with his
tongue and tortures me. He keeps it up, maybe until I cum, maybe until I
make some noise or do something that makes him feel like he needs to fuck
me. Either way, I'm begging him for a fucking, and he's finally given in
(what a man). He kisses me, and I can smell myself on his lips, but he's
licked all the taste off. I grab his cock and pull him inside me... oooh
yes. He pushes into me, and it feels like... like I've got my finger up
my pussy, wishing it was a dick. I sigh, turn off the water, and grab my
towel from outside. I'm still imagianing his face as he fucks me, still
imagining his cock pumping in and out of me, feeling myself instinctively
fucking back at him. And moaning, and squeezing his dick as I cum, and
watching him thrust once more before he pulls us on to our sides and tries
to kiss me as he explodes in me. I love it. I love everything about it.
God I want to be fucked. Somehow, despite drying myself off, I'm still
quite wet. \ Yes, that wet. \ Once I'm out of the shower I start
shivering, its not the same steamy warmth outside! I throw my towel around
me, step into my slippers, grab my nightgown and head back to my room. \
My door is open, just a crack. \ I see a brown jacket slung over the edge
of my bed... is it? \ I look out the window, and see a little red car
parked next to mine.\ His car. \ \ I think I'll forgive him for not
calling me. \ }


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