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SHOWER thick outer lips felt between


Story - Just Out Of The Shower

Written by Blab


I was sitting on the bed, watching something on TV. All I was wearing
was shorts - we'd just come in from a swim. She returned from the shower
and smiled to see me sitting on the bed. She dropped her towel, revealing
her soft warm tanned skin, beclothed only with the clear pale tanlines from
her bikini. "Wow," I said. "You take my breath away."

"Your breath is only one of the things I want from you." She smiled as
she said it, with the side of her mouth a little crooked. The only thing
she loves more than compliments is teasing me. She walked up to the bed,
and I wrapped my arm around her naked body and drew her close.

Her skin was hot from the shower, still steamy with the hot water she
had stepped out of minutes before. She curled into my arms and sat down
between my legs on the bed. Her hair smelled faintly of grapefruit (her
conditioner I learned later). I lightly nuzzled my face in her neck,
smelling the grapefruit smell of her hair and the hot, clean smell of her
skin. I held her in my arms and kissed her neck softly, gently brushing my
lips and then extending the tip of my tongue between them to taste her.

Wanting to take a little time with her, I pointed out what was on the
television. Notting Hill, which we'd both seen. We sat chatting,
exploring each other's memory and impression of the harmless film. While I
listened to her I would move my hands over her body, trying to elicit that
interruption in her speech that came with a little gasp when I struck the
right chord with her body. When I did, perhaps by softly stroking the soft
underside of her breast with my fingers, and she gasped, I would repeat the
motion once or twice more, then move on.

Soon we turned off the television. It's hard not to deliberately seek
out those moans, those sweet gasps and indrawn breaths. I could only tease
for so long. Keeping her on the bed between my legs, I ran one hand up and
down her side, and around over her stomach. I slid my fingers into her
hair and bent in to kiss her as my other hand moved down between her legs.

When my fingers lightly stroked the soft skin on the inside of her
thigh, she groaned loudly. Her hands clutched at my arm, but she didn't
try to move it at all. She gave me the impression of just wanting to hold
on. That thought sent a bolt of passion straight through my body, and my
hard cock throbbed in my shorts. I think she felt it move against her
back, and she clutched my arm tighter and moaned softly.

I was incensed, and I had to take control of her, take her completely. I
slid my fingers down the inside of her thigh, zeroing slowly but steadily
on the folds between her legs. She spread her legs for me as my fingertips
touched her outer lips, and the word, "Yes...", formed in her mouth. I
stroked my fingers up and down, slowly still, and whispered into her ear,
"Oh yes, I love touching you." I breathed heavily myself as I parted her
wet lips and moved a finger along between them. I felt her oily juices on
my fingers and I couldn't resist lifting my hand to taste them. She had
her eyes closed so I made a slight sucking noise as I pulled my fingers
from my mouth - she knew exactly what I was doing and groaned a little

It didn't seem possible, but she was even wetter still when I returned
my fingers to the pink swollen flesh between her legs. I loved how soft
and silky her thick outer lips felt between my fingers as I lightly stroked
them. I slipped a fingertip inside for a second and was immediately
rewarded by a reflexive squeeze with her hands around my arm. I moved that
finger back out and up to flick gently past her clit, then pushed it
between again and a little deeper. This time I didn't pull my finger out,
I merely held it still as I pulled her tightly against me with my other

Then very slowly I pushed inside a little more, stopping after I
penetrated her another centimeter. Her opening was tight around my finger.
I held still until she couldn't wait any longer, and she pushed her hips
forward. I obliged by pushing my finger inside of her, as far as I could.
It felt like all the heat in her body was focused around my finger. I
started stroking it in and out, slowly, sometimes circling up and around
her clit and then back in. Before long I had two fingers inside of her,
without remembering exactly when I had started with the second one. My
entire consciousness was focused on my fingers inside of her, her hands
clutching my bicep, and her moans near my ear. I moved my fingers faster,
curling slightly up and down every couple of strokes. Her hips were moving
now, forward and back, and her hands were no longer neutral on my arm. She
pulled and pushed with her hands as my fingers slid in to meet her hips.
She started to say, "Now, now," softly, with each breath. I knew she was
on the verge of cumming, and I held her tighter to me with my other arm as
I deliberately slowed my fingers to a slower, steadier, stronger rhythm.
As she started to cum I felt her gush into my hand, and she opened her
mouth to let out a loud, "Oooooohhhhh." The added juices between my fingers
turned me on beyond all reason, and I fucked her solidly with my fingers
through her spasms until she pushed my arm away.


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