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SIBLINGS movie with me That

Siblings (MF, Inc, cons, mf, mff, MFF, Oral, Mast,)

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

(MF, Inc, cons, mf, mff, MFF, Oral, Mast,)

I was completely pissed off with women! Not only had I been dumped
hard by my now ex girlfriend, but she had done it after I had wined
and dined her at one of the most expensive restaurants in fifty miles
on the first day of my vacation, dashing any hopes I might have had
of spending a good deal of time in bed with her over the next few
days. Thatís why, when I heard a rather gentle knocking on the door
to my apartment I ignored it. At least I did the first three times,
on the fourth, louder knock I went and opened it to find my sister
Sarah leaning against the wall looking as if she had been dragged
through a hedge then rolled across a dirt road. As we were in the
middle of town that was simply preposterous, but whatever had
happened to her she looked as if she needed help. As I stepped up to
her and scooped her into my arms she gasped out "Go and help Sally
please Jack, she's at the top of the stairs." I carried Sarah into my
bedroom and laid her down on my double bed, gave her a tender kiss on
the forehead saying "Just lay still for a minute Sarah darling, I
won't be long." I then rushed to the door to the stairwell, saw a
young woman huddled into a tight ball and bent to lift her in my
arms. As soon as she realised I was there she began to try to fight
me off with flailing fists and arms. "Hey, steady on Sally, Sarah
told me to come and get you, I'm her brother, I won't hurt you."
Still looking very scared she allowed me to help her to her feet,
then when it was obvious she was going to have trouble walking even
the short distance to my apartment, I scooped her into my arms and
quickly carried her in, taking her to lay her beside Sarah. As soon
as I released Sally I went back to close and lock the door, looking
out to see if there was anyone about that might have had something to
do with the state the girls were in. Seeing no-one I closed and
locked the door then went into the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee
before going to my bedroom to try to find out what was going on. As I
walked in without knocking, after all it was my apartment, and my
bedroom, I soon turned round and left the girls on their own, having
walked in just as Sarah had stripped off her bra, and stood there in
just her panties. As I closed the door I paused and said "Sorry Sis,
I didnít expect you to be getting undressed. Can we talk please, the
living room would be best I think." The next thing I knew Sarah was
standing at the door, one firm breast poking round the edge as she
smiled at me and said "I'll be there in two minutes Jack darling, but
Sally needs to rest so I'm going to tuck her in tight before coming
to tell you what happened." She then closed the door while I went to
the kitchen and poured two cups of coffee which I took into the
living room to await Sarah's joining me.

It wasnít long before she was sitting beside me, snuggling up tight,
her arms round my chest and her head laying on my shoulder. I placed
a tender kiss on the top of her head then said softly "OK Sis, are
you going to tell me how come you look as if you've been in a cat
fight, and Sally looks as if she's been helping you?" By now I was
laying back against the corner of the sofa, and Sarah was snuggled up
against my chest. She looked up into my eyes, and I could see she had
tears in her eyes as she said "Well Jack darling, if we look like
that it's because we have been, in a fight I mean. At least I have.
Sally was being attacked by a couple of guys, who had managed to get
her panties off and her skirt up round her waist, when I drove up,
saw what was happening and stopped to see if I could help. I suppose
the fact I had a jack handle in my hand when I got out of the car
helped, but one of them still tried to get it off me and I had to
fight him for it. I was lucky enough to hit him on the head, which
made him collapse on to the ground, I then hit the other one the same
before getting Sally into my car and driving like crazy to get to the
nearest safe place I could think of, here with you." She paused for a
moment then said "You donít mind me coming to you like this, do you
Jack, I just couldnít think of anywhere else to go, where I might
find someone I could trust?" as I lowered my head to kiss her on the
top of hers, she looked up and I ended up kissing her on the corner
of her mouth. "Donít be silly Sis, you know you're always welcome to
come and stay, any time you like. Now how bout we see if Sally's
feeling a bit better, and see if we can find out just what happened
to make her need to be rescued." As Sarah stood up the robe she was
wearing, one of mine, and much too big for her, fell open and showed
me she was naked underneath. In the brief moment before she closed it
I could see her breasts were just as firm as the last time she had
been naked with me, and that she still kept her pussy shaved almost
clean apart from a small triangular patch covering her firm rounded
mons. That Sarah knew what she was doing was quite evident when she
said "Donít you get too many ideas Jack darling, at least not while
Sally's here. I'd hate her to get the wrong idea about us, wouldnít
you?" I smiled as I stood up, took her in my arms and placed a firm
hot passionate kiss on her soft warm lips before replying "In that
case keep that wonderful body of yours covered up or I'll get the
impression you want to go back to playing games with me." Sarah
blushed bright red as she looked into my eyes, then said in a soft
voice "Oh, believe me Jack darling, I do, and very soon my love. Just
donít go to sleep too soon tonight will you, I'd hate to have to wake
you up in the middle of the night." We parted, Sarah tied her robe
tight and we walked hand in hand to my bedroom where we saw Sally
laying curled up into a tight ball. As we got closer we could see
that Sally had been crying, and Sarah sat on the bed beside her,
slipped an arm round her back and said softly "Sally darling, could
you manage to sit up and tell us exactly what happened tonight. We
really want to see if we can help, even if it's just by reporting it
to the police."

"NO!" cried out Sally, as she quickly sat up, then slipped down again
when she realised she had no clothes on. I went to my chest of
drawers, rummaged about until I found a couple of my old pyjama tops
that I never wore these days, and handed them to the girls telling
them they could wear them as sleeping wear while they were with me. I
left the room for a couple of minutes, then came back to find Sally
sitting up in bed, and Sarah sitting cross legged beside her, giving
me a nice clear peek at her wonderful bare pussy lips. After some
prompting Sally told us how she had been set up on a double date with
a girlfriend and her boyfriend, and his best friend from out of town.
As it was arranged that Sally was to be picked up before her
girlfriend she thought nothing of it when the guys drove off the road
and said they had a flat. She got out of the car when they asked her
to and suddenly realised what was happening when her supposed date
grabbed her and told her to strip so they could have some fun while
his friend changed the wheel. Thatís when she started to scream and
fight, and when both guys started to strip her, and when Sarah turned
up. "Did they actually do anything to hurt you Sally?" I asked
softly. She shook her head, "No Jack, at least I've got a few
bruises, and a couple of scrapes on my butt where they dragged me
across the hard ground, but they never actually touched meÖ that
way!" "Would you like me to call the police?" I asked once more, and
again Sally refused. When I asked her why she blushed and said "Well,
my Dad warned me about one of those guys, you see my dads a
lieutenant in the police, and I told him I wasnít going out with him.
If he found out I'd lied to him he'd be mad at me for the rest of my
life. I told him I was staying with a friend for a couple of nights
so he won't worry when I donít come home until Sunday." Sarah looked
at me, smiled and said "Can we both stay here for a couple of nights
please Jack. I donít think Sally wants to be on her own, and I donít
think she wants to go and stay with her girlfriend under the
circumstances, do you?" I looked across at Sally, who was shaking her
head, then said "OK Sis, but I'm damned if I'm sleeping on the sofa,
Sally can use the guest room, you can use the sofa, fair enough?"
giving me a tender kiss Sarah said "Sounds good to me brother mine.
Come on Sally let's go and get your bed made up." I got some clean
bed linen out and stood there watching the two of them as they made
the spare bed up. What both had forgotten, at least Sally had, was
that the pyjama tops they wore rode up quite nicely whenever they
bent down. Needless to say I got a few nice long looks at Sally's
butt and down covered pussy lips, as well as nicer and longer looks
at Sarah's naked ones. In the end I had to leave, my erection was
beginning to cause me a problem, one that demanded instant adjustment
inside my pants. A short while later I was sitting on the sofa in the
living room when Sally and Sarah came in, Sarah carrying a bundle of
bedding. "Sally's going to bed now Jack, I told her to take a shower
first, and I'd come and rub some salve into the scrapes she got,
unless you'd like to do it for her that is?" "SARAH!" gasped Sally as
she blushed bright red. I laughed "Donít worry Sally" I said "No
matter how much I'd like to do it, I'd wait for you to ask me before
I laid a finger on you. Just ignore my baby sister, she still acts
like a brat even at her age." "Jeez Jack, you're no fun these days,
what's happened, did your girlfriend dump you or something?" the look
on my face told her how close she was to the truth, and she blushed,
then began to apologise, until I told her it was OK, and not a
problem. I stood up, kissed Sarah and said "I'll let you make your
bed, give me a shout when you two are finished in the shower, then I
can get mine." I went and lay on my bed for a while, trying to get my
erection to die down. I just managed when the door opened and Sarah
walked in, her robe open and her glistening naked body in full view.
When she reached the bed Sarah leaned over, placed a soft sensuous
kiss on my lips and said "Good night Jack darling, sleep well, if not
for too long." She then swept out of the bedroom leaving me with
another harder erection to deal with as I walked to the bathroom,
hoping that Sally wasnít going to be at large as I walked down the
passage. Ten minutes later I was laying in bed, lights out and
wondering what Sarah was going to get up to before morning came.

I soon found out, in fact I had only been in bed for twenty minutes
when I heard the door open, then close then someone getting into bed
beside me. "Kiss me Jack darling" said Sarah softly as she snuggled
her naked body up close to mine, I obliged, gasping as I felt her
grasp my suddenly erect penis in her soft warm hand, and begin to
move it gently up and down the shaft. "Donít do too much of that Sis"
I said breathlessly, "Why on earth not" she replied. "Because if you
donít stop soon I'm going to give you a damn big cum shower, thatís
why" I replied. She stopped, I sighed with relief, until I realised
she was up on her knees, naked, and had switched the light on my
night stand on. "Right, let's see about this cum shower you just
promised me. You know Jack darling, I haven't had one for months, not
since the last one you gave me. To be honest darling, I haven't
actually had sex in all that time either. Well, apart from a quick
session with Mary last week when we both got desperate." As she was
speaking Sarah showed me she'd changed her mind, by impaling herself
on my hard throbbing erection. "Ohhhh.. Ahhhhhh.." she gasped as she
slowly sank down, my hard manhood forcing it's way deep into her
still tight vaginal passage. "OH, GOD, that feels so good Jack
darling" she gasped as she finally sat her buttocks on my thighs and
wriggled them about making my cockhead move against the mouth of her
womb. As she sat there I reached up and placed the palms of my hands
over her wonderfully firm rounded breasts, pressing hard so her rigid
nippled pressed into my flesh. As I moved my hands round, her nipples
were forced to move too, this made Sarah gasp even louder each time
she felt her nipples fold and bend. Leaving my left hand to work on
her firm swollen titties I moved my right down her body until I was
able to press my thumb against her hard throbbing clitty, making her
gasp out loud, and getting her to begin moving up and down on my hard
throbbing cock. It didn't take long before I was gasping out "Hurry
Sarah darling, I'm going to cum any minute darling, I can't hold back
too long, I've got to cum my love, I've got to cum.. NOOOOWWWW!!"
and I gave a mighty thrust upwards of my hips, ramming my cock deeper
into her so I was suddenly shooting a stream of hot sticky semen deep
into her womb as she also screamed out as her climax hit her hard.
The combined effect of our two orgasms was enough to make us both
pass out for a few seconds, and I woke up to find Sarah laying full
length on my body, breathing deeply, and with her eyes closed but her
eyelids fluttering gently as her eyes rolled round and round beneath

Despite the fact that we were both covered in cum we didnít bother
having another shower, and just fell asleep where we lay. I donít
know what time it was when I woke up next morning, but it was to the
sound of a firm knocking on my bedroom door. "Come in" I called,
completely forgetting it had to be Sally, and Sarah was still laying
wrapped in my arms. "Do you know where Sarah is.." Sally started to
say, then, seeing her friend laying in bed with me blushed bright red
and, after a few seconds to get herself together, stepped back and
closed the door. "What's going on?" asked Sarah sleepily, and as soon
as I told her what had happened she jumped out of bed, slipped on my
robe and rushed out to see where Sally was. I got up and went for a
shower while Sarah was doing what damage limitation she could. I was
quite sure Sally wasnít aware of the fact that Sarah and I were
having an incestuous relationship, in fact had been since we were in
high school. By the time I was dressed they still hadn't appeared
from where I knew them to be, in the guest room where Sally had
slept. When I'd set breakfast cooking I went and knocked on the door
and called out "breakfast will be ready in five minutes, donít let it
spoil please" then went back to the kitchen to lay the table for
three. A few minutes later Sarah brought Sally, who was dressed, into
the kitchen and they sat as I placed plates of bacon and eggs in
front of them. When we were done eating I suggested we go into the
living room with our cups of coffee and discuss the matter. Sarah
came and sat on the sofa beside me, while Sally sat in an armchair
opposite us. I sat back with my cup of coffee, looked at Sarah who
gave me a tiny smile, then said "I'm sorry if you were shocked Sally,
but I completely forgot it would be you that was knocking. I guess
Sarah has told you how things are between us?" Sally nodded as she
blushed prettily, "I'm sorry too Jack, it really has nothing to do
with me, it's just that it was such a shock to see brother and sister
in bed together." She paused for a moment then said softly "To be
honest Jack, it's the first time I've ever known anyone that has sex
with a brother, or sister. I've read about it of course, but always
thought it was just some-ones fantasy." "It's no fantasy Sally" I
replied, "We started a long time ago when Sarah had a couple of bad
experiences on dates with other guys at school. It ended up with me
taking her to dances and so on, because she was frightened of going
out with other people she hadn't learned to trust. Things just grew
from that, and we began to make love as often as we could after she
asked me to be her first lover." Sally gasped softly, then said to
Sarah "You asked your brother to take you cherry?" Sarah grinned as
she nodded, "You bet I did Sally, he was a real hunk when he was
sixteen, and I knew that he would make it as easy as he could,
whereas someone else wouldnít bother how much I got hurt. Besides,
I'd been getting myself off for months thinking about having Jack get
his tender loving hands in my panties. Getting his hard manhood there
instead was always going to be so much better." Sarah leaned back,
closed her eyes and smiled as memories of when she lost her virginity
came flooding back to her.


Sarah was horny! She hadn't felt a male hand touch any normally
covered part of her firm young, and very good looking body, for
months. The fact that the last time this had happened was when she
was almost raped, made up for some of her frustration. After all she
didnít want to have to go through that again. Since then Sarah had
been taken out and about by her big brother Jack, and she had begun
to feel safe again, but not so safe she would trust any of the guys
from school to behave when on a date. "Damn it" she said under her
breath, "Who am I going to get to rid me of this problem? I know Jack
won't let me get near any of those animals I used to go out with. I
wonder if he knows anyone trustworthy enough to make out with me?"
as she lay there on her bed, her hand inside her panties, and two
fingers pressed on her hard throbbing clit, she heard a knock on her
bedroom door. Quickly removing her hand, and wiping it on the sheet
beside her Sarah called "Come in" knowing it had to be Jack, as their
mother would still be at work. As Jack stepped over to her bed Sarah
sat up and patted the space beside her, then snuggled up close to her
brother as he sat in the place indicated. As she sat there, her head
resting on Jacks shoulder she gave a tiny sigh of contentment and
then said softly "What was it you wanted Jack?" he lifted his arm and
slipped it round her shoulders, hugged her and said "Well Sis, I
donít have anything on Friday, and was wondering if you wanted to
take in a movie with me. That is if you donít mind being seen with
your brother instead of a date?" This was typical of Jack, he
understood how a fifteen year old girl might get teased at school if
she was seen out with a sibling, especially if it was somewhere she
would normally go with a 'date'. Sarah looked round at Jack, then
scrambled round to straddle his lap, placing her hands on his
shoulders and smiling lovingly at him. "Brother mine, I'd rather be
seen out with you than any of the boys I see every day at school.
You're much more good looking, loads more fun and always treat me as
if you love me. I donít get any of that from anyone else, so why
would I not want to be seen with my brother?" Jack grinned as he
lifted his hands, placed them on Sue and Sarah cheeks and drew her
face close to his, before placing a soft gentle kiss on the end of
her nose. "Well Sis, I donít know about the rest of what you said,
but I do love you, and you know I'd never hurt you. I'll also make
sure no one else does, ever again." As Jacks hands dropped Sarah
threw her arms round his neck and pressed her soft moist lips to his
in a hot passionate kiss, the like of which he'd never experienced.
The fact he was enjoying what was happening was son apparent when he
felt Sarah beginning to rub her crotch against the suddenly appearing
bulge in his pants.

Many things might be pointed out as the start of a series of events
that change peoples lives. This was the one as far as Sarah and Jack
were concerned, and it was a little scary for both of them later that
week. Right now though it was Sarah that had the initiative, and
before Jack could prevent what he knew was going to happen Sarah gave
out a loud cry of ecstasy as her first real orgasm exploded inside
her, sending lightening bolts of pleasure to every corner of her
being. Her climax was so intense that Sarah didnít even experience
the end of it, she simply collapsed in a limp heap in Jacks
encircling arms. As he held Sarah, Jack leaned back against the
headboard of her bed, and allowed her to lay on his chest and
abdomen. This meant that his clothing restricted erection was getting
very uncomfortable, almost painful, so her gently eased his sister on
to the bed beside him, smoothing her skirt down to cover her now
sopping wet panties, and her similarly moist inner thighs. Quickly
running down his zipper Jack eased the restriction round his cock.
This meant that he had to allow it to snap free of his pants and
stand erect and proud, throbbing rhythmically to the beat of his
heart, as he adjusted the set of his pants and underwear. This was
the moment that Sarah chose to open her eyes and take notice of her
surroundings. As she opened her eyes the first thing she saw was her
brothers seemingly massive erection waving about lewdly in front of
her face. Jack was so busy with his clothing he didnít realise Sarah
was awake and very interested in what was going on before her eyes.
Until, that is he sensed a movement beside him and felt a soft warm
hand wrap itself round his manhood.

"NO!" he cried out, as he twisted his hips away from where Sarah lay.
"You can't do that Sis, I'm your brother, it's not right!" lifting
her hips Sarah stripped off her sodden panties and threw them on the
floor beside her bed, then she knelt up beside Jack as he tried to
stuff his hard throbbing cock back into his pants, not very
successfully either. "Oh, come on Jack, you didnít seem to complain
while I was getting off against the bulge in your pants. If you
didnít want me to see it, why did you get your penis out in the first
place?" By now Sarah had her hand on Jacks, holding tight so he
couldnít hide his now shrinking cock. "It wasnít for your benefit
Sis" he gasped, "I was in pain because I was getting hard while you
were doing what you were doing. I was just trying to get comfortable,
thatís all." Despite that fact her heart was beginning to beat
rapidly Sarah moved her hand to Jacks flaccid cock and touched it
with the tips of her fingers. Her gasp of surprise was echoed by Jack
gasping as he felt like a bolt of lightening had hit him as his penis
suddenly began to swell faster than he had ever known it to in all
his life. Mind you, this was also the first time his sister had
touched it, something that made a big difference. He also realised
this had never happened when he'd let one of his dates get their
hands on his prick, and this made him wonder if Sue and Sarah touch
was so very different after all. "Just be careful Sis" was all Jack
said, and an instant later he had a massive erection that throbbed
and jerked in Sue and Sarah soft tender grasp. "OH, WOW, it's so hot"
she gasped, "It's so hard, yet soft and silky at the same time." Jack
just sat back, his eyes closed, his breath coming in short tremulous
gasps as he experience the most wonderful feeling ever in his life.
All of a sudden he reached for Sue and Sarah hands and held them
still as he said hoarsely "No Sis, please stop or I'll cum all over
you." "Oh, please" cried Sarah as she shrugged his hands away from
hers and continued what she had been doing, only just a little
faster. Jack was correct, he did cum, in fact he shot more hot creamy
cum in the air, and all over himself and Sarah, than he'd ever
ejaculated before.

Sarah was in ecstasy. She was covered from nose to waist in gobs of
her brothers hot sticky semen, covered in more than she should have
been because she had leaned over Jacks cock as it began to spray his
cum like a garden hose. As it had spattered on her face Sarah had
opened her mouth as she gasped in surprise, and got more of a
surprise than she bargained for when she felt something warm and
creamy land on her tongue. This made her jerk her head back, and
instinct made her close her mouth and swallow. That was the instant
Sarah realised she liked the taste of her brothers semen. To prove
this to herself Sarah looked down at Jacks penis as it pulsed in her
hand, saw the head was streaked with cum and lowered her head to
engulf it in her soft warm moist mouth and suck all she could from
Jacks glans. Almost as soon as Sarah had Jacks cock in her mouth he
was crying out "Oh, God, Noooo.." and Sarah felt his hips jerk a
second before she felt a spurt of warm creamy cum hit the back of her
throat as Jack once more shot his load. As Sarah felt her mouthful of
man flesh start to shrink she lifted her head so she could look Jack
in the eye. As Jacks eyes opened he became aware of his sisters
intense gaze, and blushed as he looked at her. "Oh, Sarah, I'm so
sorry darling, I didnít mean for that to happen, I donít know what
came over me. I'll never do it again my love, I promise." The look in
Sarah's eyes, and the smile on her face confused Jack. Her words
certainly didnít though. "Jack darling, brother mine, if you keep
that promise I'll never speak to you again, and I'll be going out to
find the first guy I can and have him do what you just did, all over
my naked body. If there's one thing I want from you, it's for you to
teach me all you know about sex, and tonight was as good a time as
any to start, understand?" Before Jack could say anything they heard
the sound of the front door being slammed shut, and knew their
younger sister Mary had got home from visiting her friends house
after school. A mad scramble ensued so Jack could get back to his own
room, and Sarah stripped off as if getting ready for a shower, which
she really needed anyway.
The rest of the week dragged for Jack and Sarah, it seemed as if
Saturday was never going to arrive. It did of course, and on the
Friday evening, as they sat down for a family evening meal their
mother said "I'm taking Mary to see your Aunt Susan in the morning,
do either of you want to come with us?" "Not me Mom, if I donít have
to. I've arranged to meet some of my friends at the mall after lunch"
said Sarah in a quiet voice. "Thatís OK darling, I donít mind, just
so long as you behave yourself. I donít suppose you'll want Jack to
go with you and look after you, will you?" "Oh, Mom!" wailed Sarah,
"I'm almost fifteen you know. I donít need a babysitter, especially
my big brother, I can look after myself." Their mother grinned, "Well
OK darling, if you say so. Just remember that it's always nice to
have a big brother to turn to in moments of real need. I'm sure Jack
would be only too happy to help out with anything if you asked him
nicely, wouldnít you Jack?" Sarah's look was so expressive Jack
almost blushed, and in the end murmured "Yes Mom, of course I'd help
Sarah out if I could, Mary too if she needed it." Little did Jack
know it, but he'd just sealed his fate, and his life was never going
to be the same again. Saturday came and Mary was whisked off to visit
her Aunt, while Sarah and Jack did their weekend chores as quickly as
they could. As soon as everything was cleared up, and their chores
done Sarah took Jacks hand and almost pulled him upstairs and into
her bedroom. "What about going to meet your friends" said Jack as he
was pushed back on to Sarah's bed. "Oh, forget about them Jack
darling, I didnít say I'd definitely be there, just that I'd go if
nothing more important turned up. Believe me brother, this is far
more important than meeting people I've seen every day of the week."
Sarah sat beside Jack, her hands demurely in her lap and she turned
to him and said softly "Would you show me what it's like to be eaten
out please Jack darling. If you donít mind doing that, did you ever
do it for your girlfriends?" Jack slipped an arm round Sarah's waist
and bent his head so he could kiss her tenderly on the lips, "No and
yes" he said softly, "No, I donít mind doing it, and Yes, I did do it
for some of my girlfriends. After all if they were prepared to give
me a blow job, why shouldnít I do the same for them." Sarah grinned
inwardly, then pulled herself from the encircling arm to flop on to
her back on the bed, with her legs dangling over the edge, bent at
the knees. "Show me please Jack" she gasped breathlessly and Jack
slid off the edge of the bed on to his knees and positioned himself
in front of her legs slipping his hands between her soft smooth

As Jack tenderly forced Sarah's thighs apart she resisted for a
second or two, then relaxed and sighed as she felt her brothers hands
slip up the inside of her legs until they were touching the crotch of
her skimpy french cut panties. Hooking his bent fingers into the
waistband of her underwear Jack slowly drew then over her hips, made
possible by Sarah lifting her butt off the bed to allow herself to be
denuded, at least in part. As Jack got the panties close to Sarah's
ankles her lifted each leg out of the garment, replacing each foot
well wide of where it started. This opened her thighs enough for Jack
to see what was on offer once he had pushed Sarah's skirt hem up over
her waist. There in front of Jack was the most wonderful sight he'd
ever seen, his sisters pussy was peppered with tiny tufts of soft
downy fur, so light it was almost impossible to see them. Only the
dampness caused by her feminine emissions darkened her pubic hair,
and that also increased the musky scent of her arousal he got as he
lowered his face to her vagina. It was good for Jack, but it was even
better for Sarah, and the instant Jack placed his lips on hers she
gave a scream of extreme pleasure, followed by another as he pressed
his tongue between her swollen labia. Slowly, inch by wonderful inch,
Jack moved his mouth up the length of his sisters glistening pussy,
never pausing until he reached his goal, her hard swollen pulsating
clitoral bud that poked out from it's protective hood, just calling
for attention. Jack gave it that, and more. The instant his tongue
touched her clit Sarah gave a loud scream and bucked her hips against
Jacks lips as she reached the first of many orgasms she was to
experience that morning. Jack was enjoying himself so much he was
oblivious to the fact that Sarah had fainted away. He just kept on
licking at her clit, then moved down and pressed the tip of his
tongue as far into her virgin passage as he could. At the same time
he was in heaven as he sipped at Sarah's almost constant flow of
juices, lapping at her lower lips like a cat at a bowl of cream. It
was Sarah's strong twitch as she recovered from her faint that made
Jack look up at her to see what was happening. "Oh, God, donít stop
Jack darling, keep doing that please Jack, keep doing that!" Jack
grinned and lowered his head once more. This time pursing his lips as
he placed them over her clit and sucked hard as he gently nibbled it
with his front teeth. This took Sarah over the top once more,
although this time she stayed conscious, if a little 'out of it' as
she lay there, spread-eagled and gasping for breath. After a few
minutes Sarah heaved herself up to rest on her elbows, look down at
Jack as he still knelt between her feet, smiled and said "If it's
that good with you just using your tongue Jack darling, I can't wait
until I feel your wonderful penis doing the same thing."

This frightened Jack. He's till didnít know why he'd agreed to do
what he'd just done for his sister, now she was talking about them
having intercourse! That was going a little bit too far, and he got
up and sat beside Sarah as he told her so. "Oh, please Jack, you
can't leave things like this, it's not fair. You agreed that you'd
teach me all you knew, and I kitchen now you used to fuck at least
one of your girlfriends, Mary and I used to hear the noise you used
to make. Please darling, you've got to show me everything, or I might
end up asking one of the guys from school to show me instead." Sarah
made a point of keeping a deadpan face when she said this, as it
seemed to be the ultimate weapon in getting Jack to do as she wanted.
She knew he'd go to great lengths to keep her safe, and her
suggestion just made certainly wasnít in that category. "You wouldnít
really do that would you Sis?" Jack asked softly, looking very
worried as he spoke. "Oh, Jack, I'm so horny, I just donít know what
I'd do if you didnít help me to get rid of it, just like you did the
other day, remember?" Jack remembered, and so did his cock, which was
once more fighting to gain release from the constrictions of his
pants. The fact that Jack was still kneeling between Sarah's thighs,
and almost constantly gazing at her wonderful soft warm moist and
very swollen pussy lips, made it very difficult for him to deny his
sister the fulfilment of her dream. Heaving a huge sigh of
resignation Jack said "Well, OK Sis, but I have to go fetch a condom
from my room, and we have to do it on something that can be washed so
we donít get blood on your bed. We donít want mom to get too many
clues about what we've been doing, do we?" By the time Jack was back
from his room with a couple of small foil packets in his hand Sarah
had fetched an old towel and laid it out on her bed and was laying
naked on top of it. "Oh, damn!" gasped Jack under his breath as he
looked down at the wonderful sight of his naked sister laid out
before him, the aloud he said "God, Sis you look so beautiful and
sexy laying there, I can't wait to get my hard cock inside you."
Sarah smiled up at him and said "Well, if you hurry you can get it in
me at least three times before mom gets home, stop talking and get on
with it, I can't wait." Jack stripped off and knelt on the edge of
the bed displaying his hard pulsating cock to his sister as he rolled
the thin latex sheath down the full length of his hard erect manhood.

As Jack moved across the bed on hands and knees his cock waved lewdly
about between his thighs, making Sarah gasp and giggle as the thought
of a bull mounting a heifer flashed through her fertile young mind.
Before Jack could ask what she found funny Sarah was biting her top
lip and turning her thoughts back to what was happening at that
moment. Jack had laid on his back beside Sarah and was saying "Come
on Sarah darling, you better be on top so you can go as fast or slow
as you like, that way you can stop as soon as you like instead of
trying to get me to do as you say, OK?" Sarah scrambled to her knees
and allowed Jack to move across on to the towel then quickly
straddled his hips and held position above his waving cockhead. As
Sarah moved her hips about trying to get the tip of Jacks cock at the
entrance to her pussy Jack smiled, reached down and held on to the
bottom of his shaft, looked at Sarah and said softly "Try that Sis,
just donít go too quick, or you might hurt both of us." Reaching down
between her own thighs Sarah held the lips of her sopping wet pussy
apart as she moved around, looking for Jacks cockhead to touch her
labia. At last she made contact and gave a quick thrust of her hips,
lodging two inches of man flesh inside her body for the first time.
The thickness of Jacks glans surprised Sarah, and she gasped as she
felt it jab itself between her tight lower lips with an almost
audible 'plop'. "Oh, Jeez, that feel so good" said Sarah
breathlessly, and she gave a couple of short sharp jerks of her hips
to move Jacks cock inside her vaginal canal. Slowly, inch by inch
Sarah lowered herself further and further on to Jacks penis, suddenly
stopping as she felt his cockhead pressing against her maidenhead.
"Whew" gasped Sarah "That feel so strange, what do we do now Jack
darling?" Jack smiled up at his beautiful sister, his protective
instincts taking over as he said softly "Stop where we are Sis, if
we go any further there's no turning back, for you at least. Once
your hymen is torn it can't ever be repaired, and you'll never be
able to give your virginity to someone you love." Sarah stopped
moving for a moment, as if digesting what Jack had just said, then
she smiled down at him and said "Oh, well, that's OK, I guess that's
what we'll do then." Jack looked up amazed and said "You're going to
forget all this then Sis?" Sarah shook her head, grinned and said
"Oh, no Jack darling, I'm going to do this.." and she gritted her
teeth and pressed down hard on his erection, taking him by surprise,
and making herself cry out loud at the pain she experienced. As Sarah
sat her wonderful firm rounded butt on Jacks thighs he jerked
upright, wrapped his arms round Sarah's body and cried out "Oh, no,,
I'm so sorry darling, I didnít mean for it to hurt like that."

For a moment or two Sarah lay with her head on her brothers shoulder,
taking deep breaths as she tried not to cry, then she gave a deep
sigh, lifted her head so she could kiss Jack on the cheek and said
softly "Oh, it wasnít you Jack darling, I did it myself, like you
said, this is something for me to give to someone I love, and I love
you more than anything darling brother of mine. Now, how about you
show me what it's like for a virgin to be fucked senseless by the man
she loves?"

Sarah lay snuggled up close to me as she finished tell Sally her
story, in conclusion she said gently "And boy, did he show me. We
both ended up so completely spent we didnít get to launder the blood
stained towel until just before mom got home with Mary. In fact we
were still in the shower together when we heard her car pull up
outside the house" Sally looked astounded, then said "And?" I smiled
as Sarah sat up, looked at me and said "Well, after that Jack had to
start buying his condoms by the box. We made love every chance we
could when mom wasnít around. Even when she was we still managed to
get some great sex in, especially at night when she'd gone to bed. I
used to wait until Mary was asleep then creep into Jacks bedroom and
get into bed with him. The problem was that I had to be gagged on
those occasions, so I didnít scream and wake mom and Mary, and get
ourselves caught." "But didnít you go on the pill, or did your mom
stop you?" asked Sally with a frown. Sarah chuckled "Oh, I went on
the pill, but only because mom thought I might have a problem with
dating boys that weren't trustworthy, and might take advantage of
me. It was ages before she realised I never went out with anyone but
Jack. By then it was too late, and the doctor told her it was helping
to regulate my periods, and I should stay on them for a while. In the
end mom just forgot about it, especially when Mary began to have the
usual 'girl troubles'." Sarah looked up lovingly at me and said
"Since then I haven't been with another guy. Jack is so considerate,
gentle and loving I just donít see why I should take the chance of
someone else not being what I'm used to. That's why I was so horny
last night and couldnít wait to get him between my legs, and his
wonderful cock in my pussy."

By now I was beginning to wonder why Sally was asking all these
personal questions, and why Sarah was so prepared to answer them.
Before I could say anything Sally said "But didnít you say earlier
that Mary and Jack make love too. How did that happen?" Again Sarah
grinned, and slipped down to lay across my lap, covering my hard
throbbing cock with her head as she looked up at me, then turned to
look at Sally. "Well, it seemed I wasnít as clever as I thought I'd
been, especially regarding my waiting until Mary had gone to sleep.
It turned out that one night she woke up when there was a storm and
missed me being in bed. She got up and looked all over the house for
me, coming to Jacks bedroom last. When she stood outside she heard
strange noises and opened the door so quietly that Jack and I didnít
hear a thing. Mary saw lots thought, certainly more then we wanted
her to see. Mind you it wasnít until weeks later that she let on
about knowing what we were doing. We managed to get her to promise to
keep it a secret, but I had to promise I'd get Jack to do the same
for her as he'd done for me. I was lucky that she understood that he
wasnít going to be easy to convince, and managed to keep her libido
under control for quite a long time. In the end we had a bit of luck
in that our Aunt Susan was taken I'll and mom went to look after her
for a few days during the summer vacation. Being as Jack was over
sixteen now mom trusted him to make sure that Mary and I behaved
ourselves while she was away, and we promised faithfully that we
would do just as Jack said, and agreed that he was in charge until
Mom came back home." Sarah and I both chuckled here, as we remembered
that moment when our mother stared in disbelief at the was Mary and
Sarah acted so uncharacteristically in accepting me as the
'responsible adult' figure. "Yes, well OK girls" said Mom, "But if I
hear about any of your escapades coming to the attention of the
neighbours I'll take some very stern measures to make sure it never
happens again." With that mom drove away and stayed at Aunt Susans
for more than a week, extending her mercy visit over the few days she
originally agreed to, after calling me and getting an assurance that
the girls were being very good. Once more Sarah and I laughed loud
and long, explaining to Sally that my words had a double meaning mom
didnít know about. "Oh, we were good" said Sarah with a grin. "In
fact I was very good, and Mary was almost as good as I'd been on my
first time with Jack." By now Sarah was laying with the back of her
neck pressed on my cockshaft as it lay throbbing away in my pants,
and she had taken hold of my hand and was holding it firmly against
her breasts, pressing the palm against her hard pulsating nipples.
"What happened?" asked Sally as she stared at the way Sarah was
acting in front of her. "Well" said Sarah "almost as soon as mom was
out of sight we went indoors, locked everything up tight and went
into the living room where Jack and I started to make out on the
sofa. We didnít want to go too far as Mary was still about, but Jack
hadn't thought about anything Mary and I might have planned." Sarah
looked up at me and grinned, then returned to her story. "I had Jacks
pants almost down to his ankles, and my shirt off and my panties
round my knees, waiting for Jack to put his wonderful hard cock into
my sopping wet pussy from behind. I knelt on the sofa, my skirt up on
my back, and my naked butt stuck out ready for him, when he suddenly
stopped and said 'What about Mary?' I looked back at him, grinned and
said 'Let her wait her turn Jack, I want your cock in me right now
before I scream with frustration'. Seeing as he wanted it as much as
I did I guess he let his cock rule his head, and he stepped up behind
me, pressed the head of his cock between my swollen pussy lips and
gave a great thrust of his hips, burying his cock balls deep in my
cunt. I was so aroused that as I felt his prick moving inside me I
gave a loud scream of pleasure, and almost came on the spot." Sarah
lifted my hand to her lips and kissed it tenderly before continuing,
"Thatís when Mary came running into the living room to see who was
being murdered. As she came round to the front of the sofa, Mary
stopped, gave a shriek of surprise and stood watching as Jack rammed
his cock in and out of my hot swollen cunt."

As Sarah paused I bent down and kissed her tenderly on the forehead,
she smiled lovingly at me then went on, "Well, Jack and I were so
horny, even having our young sister standing watching couldnít cool
our ardour, and Jack kept on pounding at my butt until I screamed
with ecstasy and came like an express train as Jack filled my cunt to
overflowing with his hot sticky semen. After helping me to sit on his
pants on the sofa Jack flopped down beside me, and for the first time
we saw Mary standing, staring at my naked, cum oozing pussy, and at
Jacks still half hard cum coated cock. I donít know why I did it, or
why Jack actually allowed it to happen, but I suddenly took it into
my head to clean Jacks cock. Thatís why I bent over, took his slowly
shrinking penis in my fingers and lowered my wide open mouth over it
and noisily sucked and licked it clean and dry. Mary stood there
totally amazed at what she was seeing, and it wasnít until Jack
suggested we both get dressed and go and talk about it, that Mary
looked at the pair of us, blushed bright red and ran crying out of
the living room and up to her bedroom." Sarah rolled off the sofa and
my lap, stood up and said to Sally "Why donít I let Jack tell you the
rest, while I go and make us all a nice pot of tea?" She them walked
out, leaving me and Sally together. Realising something had been
arranged between Sarah and Sally, I bowed to the inevitable and sat
back, gathered my thoughts and said
"Well, Sarah and I went up to find Mary laying on her bed still
crying. Sarah went and sat beside her, sat her up and hugged her as
she asked what was wrong. Mary just kept on saying "I'm sorry, I
didnít mean to stare. I know it was wrong, I just couldnít help it."
I went and sat on the other side and slipped my hand round Mary's
back, hugging her tight and kissing her on the top of her head.
"Donít worry Sis. You didnít do anything wrong, we should have made
sure we had a door locked or something. Now stop crying, and come
downstairs and we'll talk this thing over." I got up, and left Sarah
to bring our sister down to the living room, in the mean time I made
us all some tea which we all drank before I said to Mary "Well Sis, I
guess you know that Sarah and I have been making love for some time"
Mary giggled softly and nodded "Yes, I've been hearing you two making
loads of noise in your bedroom, for ages" she said, much to Sarah's
consternation. I grinned and said "And?" Mary looked at me and said
simply "Well, I want it too. I donít see why Sarah should have all
the fun. I want you to do the same for me as you did for her." I
shook my head slowly, then said gently "Donít you think you're a bit
young for that sort of thing Sis?" Mary pouted, "I'm only a year
younger that Sarah, besides I know lots of girls my age that lost
their cherries when they were thirteen, one was even twelve." I
showed my surprise at this information, but Sarah was very shocked,
and wanted to know which girls Mary was talking about. After a
whispered conversation the girls sat up and Sarah looked at me, then
said "I think she's right Jack, besides, it'll make our lives a bit
easier, we won't have to hide away or wait for her to get out of the
house, if she's doing the same thing." I saw the logic of this
argument, but still said, "I donít know Sis, donít you think Mary's
still a bit small.." I didnít have a chance to finish what I was
going to say. "Donít be so silly Jack darling" said Sarah with a wide
grin, "Just think what has to come out of where you're going to be
getting in. Believe me brother mine, it'll be no worse for Mary than
it was for me."

Ten minutes later we were in Mary's bedroom and I was sitting on the
edge of the bed slowly removing Mary's clothes, item by item. Her
shirt had been shrugged off her shoulders and lay on the floor behind
her. Her skirt was laying in a pool at her feet while I slipped my
hands behind her to open the catch of her bra with a practised flick.
This made Mary giggle as she crossed her arms and drew her bra off
her chest and dropped it on the bed beside me. As she opened her arms
I got my first glimpse of her wonderful breasts. The size of
grapefruit halves topped my dollar sized aureoles and rigid nipples
that were the size of pencil erasers. As she dropped her arms I
gasped as I saw her breasts move sensuously, gently moving from side
to side a couple of times until their firmness held them steady. I
opened my thighs slightly and, slipping my hands round her hips drew
her a little closer. This enabled me to lean forward and place my
lips on her nipples in a soft tender loving kiss rather than the
suckle I was tempted to inflict. As it was my kiss made Mary gasp
with pleasure, and in return I placed a line of kisses from between
her breasts down to her navel, stopping just above the waistband of
her panties. Thatís where my hands were by now, hooked into the top
of her panties, ready to remove than with a single stroke downwards.
As her panties touched her ankles Mary started to lift one foot when
Sarah whispered into her ear. As a result, Mary placed her foot well
to one side of where it had been, then did the same with the other.
This meant she was standing by my knees, naked and with her legs wide
apart, all ready for me to touch her womanhood for the first time. I
donít know if I was the first to get my hands on Mary's vagina, but I
know she reacted strongly to my touch. As she was directly in front
of me I turned my hand so it was the back that touched her pussy lips
first, and the knuckle of my middle finger that first pressed between
her swollen labia. This brought a soft cry from my young sister, then
a louder and longer one as I moved my hand up and down her sopping
wet slit, pressing on her anus at one end, and her swollen, rigid
clit at the other. It Sarah hadn't stopped me I'd have brought Mary
off to her first male induced orgasm. As it was she stopped me before
I could do this, and told Mary to lay down on the bed with her thighs
wide open and her legs hanging over the edge of the bed. As Mary lay
there Sarah stood up, pulled me to my feet and said "Right Jack
darling, Mary's naked, donít you think it's fair that we're the
same?" before I could answer Sarah had my pants down, and my shirt
off, leaving me standing with just my shorts on, and my erection
tenting them enough to make Mary gasp with anticipation. Before I got
naked I pulled Sarah to her feet and stripped her completely,
kneeling in front of her to draw down her panties, kissing her hot
swollen pussy a few times to show Mary what she could expect. As I
stood up Sarah knelt down, pulled my shorts to my ankles and took my
hard throbbing cock in her mouth, getting another gasp from our
sister as she lay watching every movement we made.

It was in my mind to hitch Mary's legs over my shoulders, but I
thought about my ears and decided against it, holding her legs apart
with my hands on the inside of her thighs and my elbows resting on
her knees. That turned out to be a good decision, as I got such a
massive reaction from Mary as I lowered my lips to her swollen and
sopping wet pussy lips, pressing my tongue as far between them as I
could. Her scream was suddenly stifled, and as I looked up to see if
she was still awake, I saw Sarah had her lips pressed hard to Mary's
in a hot passionate kiss. As she kissed Mary, Sarah had slipped one
hand over one of her breasts and was playing with the nipple with
her finger and thumb. As I kissed and licked at Mary's pussy I
reached up and placed my hand on her spare breast, rolling and
pinching the nipple between finger and thumb. This double stimulation
of her breasts, along with my sucking and licking at her clitty
turned Mary into a screaming writhing mass of orgasmic womanhood. For
some time Mary seemed to have lost control of her body as she just
kept on jerking and trembling for some minutes after I had given her
cunt one final tender loving kiss. True Sarah still had her lips
firmly locked on one breast, and she was suckling like a baby, but
Mary's reaction was still something I'd never seen in a girl before.
In the end Mary lay still and Sarah lay beside her gently caressing
her cheeks and breasts, occasionally placing tender loving kisses on
her sisters soft warm lips. I got up, went to my bedroom and slipped
on a robe, before going to the kitchen and making a pot of coffee to
revive us when Mary finally recovered her senses. At least she was
sitting up when I returned to her bedroom and I got a hard on the
instant I walked into the room seeing the pair of them sitting there,
naked, cross-legged and chatting away as if this was a normal state
of affairs. I sat at the foot of the bed as we drank our coffee,
mainly so I could keep getting a good look at their wonderful
pussies. "You feeling alright Sis?" I asked Mary as I took her empty
cup from her. She smiled lovingly at me and said softly "Oh, yes Jack
darling, but I'm a bit pissed at you not getting rid of my cherry,
how much longer do I have to wait?" As I returned to the bed I sat
beside Mary, slipped an arm round her waist and hugged her to me,
then placed a long hot passionate kiss on her lips, "I couldnít do
something like that when you weren't conscious darling, it wouldnít
have been fair to you or to me. If you're really determined I guess
we could do something about it right now, assuming you're ready?"
With a broad grin on her face Mary took hold of my hand and brought
it between her thighs. As she pressed my fingers between her lower
lips she said softly "Well Jack, does it feel as if I'm ready?" I
retrieved my hand and brought it to my face where I sniffed it then
licked it clean. "OK Sis, I guess you've proved your point, any
thoughts as to how you want to do this?" A moment later Mary was
straddling my lap, her hands on my shoulders pressing me back against
the headboard and our sister laying with her head level with our
groins. "Oh yes brother mine, I have very definite ideas about how we
do this, and Sarah's going to help me. All you have to do darling, is
to lay back and enjoy yourself watching your sisters have the best
fun in the world."

So I did, and boy did I, enjoy myself I mean. As I leaned back Mary
shuffled about until I heard Sarah tell her to stop. I then felt
Sarah's hand between my groin and Mary's as she grasped my cockshaft
in her soft warm hand and move it round slightly, rubbing the tip
against Mary's soft pussy fur, and her sopping wet pussy lips until
she found the entrance to her virgin love tunnel. When Sarah stopped
moving my cock about Mary smiled sweetly at me and very slowly
lowered her body inch by inch until she gave a gasp of pleasure as
she felt my glans slip between her lips and her lips snap tight
around my shaft. With a soft sigh of contentment Mary relaxed
slightly and we both moaned softly as we enjoyed the feeling my her
lips sliding down an inch or so of my cockshaft. Suddenly Mary
stopped and lifted herself up a fraction as she felt my cockhead
touch her maiden barrier. "I guess this is it then Jack darling" she
said with a grin. I nodded "Fraid so Sis, it's now or never, would
you like me to do what's necessary, it might be better for you if I
do?" Mary looked lovingly onto my eyes and said softly "Would you
please Jack darling, I've always dreamed it would be you that made me
a woman, I guess if I do it myself it won't quite be the same, will
it?" I smiled as I shook my head, then I reached out with my arms
and placed my hands on her hips pressing down slightly as I pressed
my butt as far into the mattress as I could. As Mary followed me
down, not wanting to break the tight contact she had with me, and
which she was enjoying so much, I held her firmly in place with my
hands and gave a sudden quick upwards jerk of my hips, spearing my
cockhead through her hymen and lodging it deep inside her tight warm
moist virgin passage. "Aghh.. Ohh damn that smarts!" gasped Mary as
she hunched her shoulders and bent her chin to her chest to hide the
tears that were starting to run down her soft smooth cheeks. I looked
at Sarah as she knelt beside us, and she put her arms round her young
sisters body and kissed her tenderly on the cheek, then kissed away
the tears saying "It's all over now Sis, no more pain, just lots of
pleasure. Why donít you lay down with Jack until you feel better?"
Mary nodded silently and leaned forward until her firm naked breasts
were laying against my chest and she could lay her head on my
shoulder. "I'm sorry Mary darling, I wouldnít hurt you for the world,
it's just that this is something that we couldnít avoid. Will you
forgive me for hurting you like that?" Mary lifted her head, smiled
lovingly at me and said in a quiet voice "Oh, donít be so silly Jack,
I understand you had to do it, and I donít blame you for hurting me,
anyone else would have hurt me loads more than that, and still
wouldnít love me any more." As we lay there locked in each others
arms I suddenly felt my cock twitch, and so did Mary, as I
experienced a soft warm hand stroking the inside of my thighs, then
cupping my pendulous balls, "Come on you two" said Sarah "Get on with
it or you'll still be there when mom gets home." Mary giggled as she
sat up on my hard erection and said "OH, dear that will never do will
it Jack darling, I guess you better fuck me now while Sarah keeps
watch from the window?" a few minutes later Mary was screaming out in
ecstasy as she experienced her first penetration orgasm, and stared
open mouthed as she felt me shoot a massive stream of cum into her.
"Oh, god Jack there's so much" she gasped as she felt it running from
between her lips and over my groin on to the bed. She looked down
between her thighs and watched as our mixed cum oozed out and over my
cock, then grinned as she used her fingertips to mix it into my
coarse curly pubic hair. Mary then gave a jump as she felt something
warm and wet touch her ass and pussy, turning round to see Sarah was
trying to stem the flow with a wet washcloth. As Mary rolled off me
and lay beside me Sarah grinned at her sister then bent down and
engulfed my cum soaked cock in her mouth, cleaning me up in a much
more enjoyable manner than if she'd used a washcloth and towel.

Half an hour later and we were all in the shower together, and once
we were dried off we climbed into my bed and slept for hours. After
that day it was inevitable that I was making love to both of my
sisters any chance we got, sometimes all three of us in bed together.
How we never got caught I donít know, we were just lucky I suppose.


By now Sally was sitting beside me and had her head laid on my
shoulder as her hand rested on the erection that had manifested
itself while I was telling my story to her. I also hadn't noticed
Sarah come back into the room with a tray of drinks for us, and had
sat back listening to me, enjoying every second of the memories she
had of what happened. As I realised what was going on I sat up,
forcing Sally to remove her head and hand, then looked at Sarah and
said "I could do with that tea right now Sis", took the cup offered
and spent some time sipping it as I tried to collect my thoughts. I
wasnít given too long though because as soon as I was holding an
empty cup Sarah took it from me, returned it to the tray then came to
kneel beside my knee and look up into my eyes. "I donít know about
Sally, Jack darling, but listening to all that has made me really
horny, and I need a real good hard cock slipped inside me to satisfy
me." She then turned to look at Sally and said "How about you Sally,
would you like to come and join us for a lot of fun?" Sally blushed,
looked at me then said "Well, if Jack doesnít mind, I'd love to come
to bed with you, maybe he could help me with a problem I've been
trying to get sorted for ages at the same time." I opened my mouth
and put both feet in it when I said "Of course I'll help Sally,
what's your problem?" she grinned then said "Well Jack darling, I
can't seem to find a nice gentle guy to help me get rid of my cherry,
that's what I was going to try to do last night, but things got out
of hand and Sarah had to rescue me." 'Oh, shit' I thought, 'Another
woman to satisfy' as I looked at the way Sarah and Sally were
grinning at me, "Yes Jack darling" said Sarah, "Sally wants to become
a non family member of your harem, do you think you can manage the
three of us, if we behave and take it in turns, that is?" I stood up,
looked down at the pair of them and said "I donít know Sis, but I'm
going to have a fucking good try, why donít we go and start
practising right now?"


In the end I married Sally, we then moved to the large house she had
inherited from an Aunt some years before. Sarah and Mary moved in
with us, saving money on their housing costs, and keeping everything
we did much more private. We still make love every chance we can,
sometimes three or four of us in bed together. This means that the
girls have to take it in turns to help each other out, seeing as I'm
a mere mortal male only able to cum once without needing longer and
longer periods of rest before I'm ready again. Is it wrong of me to
say I'm glad those animals tried to rape Sally that night? It
certainly changed my life, and hers too.


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