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SIL video try please Ginny


SIL (Sister-in-law)

by JS3729


Note: this story came to me in a dream, and demanded to be written. I hope
you like it. By the way, if any of you have read my earlier story, LCA, this
story DOES have sex scenes in it.

Chapter One


I'll never forget the day I came home and found Ginny fucking someone else
in our bed. I don't know what upset me more, the fact that she was doing it
in our bed, or the look of sheer ecstasy on her face as her titties bounced
up and down in rhythm to her sliding up and down on the guy's cock. I could
not see his face from the door, so I just turned around and went downstairs.
Ginny didn't even look twice, just smiled a wicked smile and continued.

I'm a salesman, so I have to travel quite a bit, but I always try to make it
home for the weekend whenever possible. I had known something was wrong for
several years, but I tried to hope it wasn't what it turned out to be.

About an hour later, Ginny and her fuckmate came downstairs. Ginny introduced
him as Dan, and said that she would come over later and pick up where they
left off. She gave him a goodbye kiss twice as hot as she had ever given me
and saw him out the door.

Ginny started before I had a chance to say anything, "Get used to it, buster.
You and I are through fucking, I no longer desire you in bed, but otherwise
you're still acceptable.

"What do you mean, acceptable?"

"Listen, we both know that our sex life, what there was of it, was terrible.
I mean, you tried your best, but it just doesn't turn me on anymore. Dan
does, and it's as simple as that. However, I still need you as a husband
to provide me with money, clothes and other necessities. You'll just have to
learn to do without sex at home. I'm sure that won't be a problem. You're a
salesman, after all, and you must have several mistresses along your route.
Well, now you can fuck them to your heart's content and it won't bother me in
the least. In fact, I hope you DO have some mistresses, or you are going to
be a very lonely man for the next few years.

"Ginny, I want a divorce! If you are going to treat me this way, why should
we pretend everything is OK and play the happily married couple? I mean, for
Christ's sake, we've been married 19 years."

Ginny laughed "Of course, you want a divorce. But you're not gonna GET one
from me, ever. You see, I have come to hate you more than I ever loved you.
If I gave you a divorce, you would be free from me, and I want to torture you
a while first. With your job, you're gone constantly, and I'm tired of
sitting home alone waiting for you to come home. So I figure a little of
your own medicine is called for, so there will be NO divorce. And don't try
to move out either, or I'll call your boss and tell him that you've been
shacked up with some bimbo and your reputation will be damaged forever." She
made a sound very much like a cackle as she said this.

Ginny knew the company I have been a salesman for was very old fashioned and
any hint of scandal or damaged reputation, would mean my job, and probably my
career. She had me. The way I saw it I had two choices, I could move out
anyway, and she would have my career over in less than a week, or I could stay
and put up with it. I mean, I loved sex, and I still loved her, but it was
obvious that me loving her didn't make a difference anymore. As for my
"mistresses", that was a laugh. I am not hunk material and being nearly
forty years of age, no longer young enough to attract mistress material.
Besides, my conscience wouldn't let me have one anyway. I was raised to
believe in the sanctity of marriage, and I still believed that cheating was
wrong. I couldn't do it. I guess I was going to have to learn to live
without sex. This would be a great burden, as I am cursed with a high sex
drive, and to be perfectly honest, seeing Ginny in her nightie had given me a
raging erection, which I was trying my best to hide from her.

Ginny saw though. "I see at least one part of you hasn't got the message yet.
Oh well, you still have your hands!" And with that she went running upstairs
laughing at the top of her voice.

She was right of course, and I proceeded to give myself a few good pulls on my
boner, if for no other reason than to make it go down and try to sort this
mess out. However, Ginny was not done with me, yet - "Yeah, Angela, come on
over now, I don't have to meet Dan for another forty-five minutes. Do you
still have that green vibrator?"

Shit, the lady across the street! She had been one of my fantasy fucks for as
long as I can remember, but I always thought that she was happily married, and
not interested in fooling around. She also had the biggest mouth in the
neighborhood, and I knew I was about to be branded as the world's worst lover.
There goes any chance of finding any relief with the neighbor women!

Angela came barging in without even knocking. I figured that her and Ginny
had been doing this for quite a while, and she felt she didn't need to knock
anymore. She gave me a look of scorn, and ran upstairs to fuck and suck my
wife. I couldn't take anymore. I went out to the back yard and cried. Ginny
yelled down from the window "Why don't you go over by the flowers, they need
a little watering today." I heard both her and Angela yukking it up at my

I decided I had to get out of the house, I couldn't stand it anymore. Ginny
yelled to me as she heard the door open "Just make sure you're back tonight,
or your boss gets a call in the morning!"
Chapter Two


I decided to visit Angela's husband, Wayne. Wayne was probably the closest
thing I had to a friend in the neighborhood, and his real estate office was a
short drive from my house. I didn't really know what good talking to him
would do, but I needed to talk to SOMEBODY!

Wayne was in a meeting, and I decided to wait. About a half hour later, he
came out and saw me and said "How's it going Ed? Anything I can do for you,

I said "Yeah, Wayne, can we talk in your office, this is personal...?"

Wayne motioned me in and told his secretary to hold his calls, unless an
emergency came up.

I ran down the story with Ginny and me, and as Wayne listened, a look of
disbelief crept over him. I also mentioned that Angela and Ginny were fucking
now, even as we spoke.

Wayne laughed "Yeah, I know about that. Angela tells me in great detail when
I get home. It turns me on and we usually get a couple of good fucks out of
it. Ginny has even taken videos so that I can watch them during slow times
at work. I thought you knew, Ginny said that you had given your blessing
to her so that she wouldn't be so lonely when you were gone. I mean, they
have been doing it for over five years now!"

"No, I didn't know, she never said a word. I always thought Angela hated me
and she never seemed that fond of Ginny, either."

"Angela told me that Ginny said you had forced her to watch you and one of
your mistresses fuck for over an hour, while she was tied in a chair, unable
to move. Ginny said she cried for a solid hour after you were done and you
left her there and went to a motel with the bimbo. You did, didn't you? I
mean the whole neighborhood knows you see women on the side in front of
Ginny's face. I'm glad she finally got the backbone to stand up to you.
Serves you right, if you ask me."

I knew that this was a monumental mistake, and I thanked Wayne for his time
and left. My wife was way ahead of me, and I was about to go through the most
miserable years of my life. The neighborhood all thought I was flaunting my
virility in my wife's face, which began to explain why I was not held in high
regard in the neighborhood, but Ginny was.

As I came back home, there was a note from Ginny "Hope you enjoy your new life.
Angela is now spreading the word about your situation. Oh by the way, why
don't you drop in on Wayne, I'm sure he'd be glad to listen to you."

Was the woman psychic or just mean?

Ginny came back a couple of hours later, looking for all the world as though
she had just been truly royally fucked and she was happy as a lark. She saw
me and gave me a wicked grin.

"I just talked to Wayne on the cell phone in the car. He told me about your
visit. You are so easy to manipulate. This is going to so much fun for me,
and so much torture for you. I LOVE IT!!!"

Chapter Three


While Ginny was gone, I thought about the options I now had left. The
neighborhood was out - I was thought of as some kind of a pervert and I knew
it would be impossible to change their opinion - I mean Ginny had been
spreading the word for five years! I had no family other than Ginny - we had
no children (she didn't want to ruin her body, she said), my parents were dead
and I was an only child. Ginny's parents and I never saw eye to eye because
I had married her just after she turned eighteen, and they blamed me for not
giving her a chance for college. That was not true, of course. I even begged
her to continue on in school, but she had said she was happy being a housewife.

I began to look like I was running out of options. The only other family
member was Ginny's younger sister, Sarah. Ginny hated Sarah, and would not
allow me to socialize with her, and wanted me to forget that she even existed.
Ginny had always been overshadowed by her younger sister, who according to
Ginny was prettier, sexier, nicer, smarter and better in everyone's eyes than
she could ever be. I think that's why she jumped at the chance to marry me -
so she could get away from home. I don't think she ever really loved me.

Sarah, on the other hand, WAS prettier, nicer, smarter, and definitely sexier
than her sister. I had been in love with Sarah on first meeting her, but I
was already going steady with Ginny at that time, and I was too much a
gentleman to make the moves on my girlfriend's sister. Sarah, for her part,
seemed to like me, too, but I was never sure how much as Ginny saw to it that
we saw as little as possible of each other. In spite of that, Sarah and I
got together one time.

Ginny would be truly pissed if she knew that I had taken Sarah's cherry (with
her blessing, I might add). I almost wanted to tell her now, but that
wouldn't change my situation any and it might give her even more ideas how to
make my life even more miserable.

Thinking about Sarah had got me excited again, and I proceeded to jack myself
off to relieve the pressure and at least drain myself before Ginny came back.
My dick is like the rest of me - just average (a little over five inches,
maybe six if I'm really excited), but I could still shoot sperm a long way up
my chest. It did help to think of the most gorgeous girl I had ever known,
and know that I had at least managed to screw her once. Knowing the way my
wife was now, I would probably be glad I had jacked off.

With Sarah's body burned in my memory, I suddenly found myself back in my
senior year of high school.
Chapter Four


It was right around Halloween time and we were all dressed in costumes. Ginny
was wearing a witches outfit (poetic justice, there), Sarah was dressed as an
angel, and I was dressed as a devil. The costumes were Ginny's idea, and she
made sure that the angel costume Sarah was wearing was at least two sizes two
big for her, while her costume was skintight. My costume was also skintight,
and I had a hell of a time getting it on. I had to have help from both Ginny
and Sarah to get into it. This, of course, gave Ginny a chance to feel me up
with her sister there, which gave Ginny a feeling of superiority. Sarah,
however, was not deterred and did some feeling up of her own when Ginny was
not looking. This was dangerous! There was no room in that costume for
a hard-on.

The party dragged on and on, but Ginny was having a great time. Her costume
got her the attention she craved, and frankly, was making me a bit jealous.
I had finally had enough, and I told Ginny I was going home. She said that
she would stay a while longer and she would call me when she got home. I was
furious and I let her know I was. She ignored me and went back out on the
dance floor. That should've told me something, but it didn't. As I was
leaving, Sarah caught up to me.

"I've had enough of this dance AND this stupid costume. Why does Ginny do
these things to me?"

I thought Ginny wanted to embarrass her, but I said "I don't really know,
Sarah, but I'll be glad to walk you home, if you want. I could use the

Sarah readily agreed (a little TOO readily, in retrospect), but we knew we
couldn't leave together or Ginny would have a fit. I left first, making a
big deal out of it, so that Sarah could slip out the back door at the same
time, unnoticed.

We met around the corner and started back.

Sarah started humming a love song she knew I liked. I was surprised and
asked her why.

"Haven't you figured it out yet?" She smiled with a lusty grin.

"No, to be honest, I haven't." I said, but a voice in the back of my mind
was saying things like (maybe you can fuck her tonight if you're lucky).
Lucky, hell, blessed was closer to it.

Sarah sighed, "You know, you don't deserve Ginny. She really doesn't want
you, you know, she just doesn't want me to have you, and that makes you very
desirable to her."

I was shocked.

Sarah continued. "You know I've had a crush on you for over a year, and it
seems to be getting stronger, not weaker. I have a hard time keeping my
hands off you. Ginny just won't leave me alone with you long enough for me
to show you what I want to show you."

I was speechless. Could my dream be cumming true (and I mean cumming!!!)?

Sarah turned to look at me and carefully kissed me. We had kissed before,
but always like friends because we did not want to incur Ginny's wrath. This
however, was no friendship kiss, This was a kiss of hunger, and I was
immediately in danger of having to pay for a rented Halloween costume.

I said, "Are you sure about this?"

Sarah's response was to put my hand on her right boob. Now I must mention that
I have been a boob fancier most, if not all of my life, and it was Sarah's
perfect boobs that got me started. They were not overly big, but they were
full (at least as far as I could tell) and they were quite heavy. If Sarah
wore a tight top, her boobs would always push it up. She usually had to
wear a size larger than she needed to avoid giving everyone a look at her
belly button.

By now, my costume was starting to really hurt.

"Sarah, where can we go? My folks and your folks are both home."

"Remember the old tree house back of the Nelsons? They are out of town 'til
Saturday, and I think that would be perfect."

Perfect for what, I didn't know and I didn't care. I would have gone with
Sarah in front of the local Ladies Auxiliary if she had asked me to. The
Nelsons were the next door neighbors to Ginny and Sarah, and I had seen the
treehouse many times. In fact we had played there as kids with my best buddy,
Scooter. This would be great - Sarah could go right home when needed, and I
could slip over the back fence to get to my house without being seen.

"Give me a minute to get this damned costume fixed, and we can go." I gasped
as I was trying to stuff my now rock hard cock somewhere where it would be
comfortable in this damned costume.

Sarah purred, "Don't you dare, I love the view!"


"Oh well, I hope it isn't too expensive" and we both laughed.

We set new speed records to that treehouse. My erection was flopping out of
the tear in the costume, and Sarah almost ran into a tree looking at it. I
almost ran into a tree myself, because Sarah whispered, "I took my bra and
panties off at the dance in the ladies room. The costume is all I have on."

When we got to the treehouse, I was out of breath from running. "Sarah, just
let me catch my breath a minute."

Sarah gave me a look of pure lust and started to pull her costume off.

"Oh, no you don't, let me! I managed to gasp.

I had wanted to undress Sarah since the first time I saw her, and she knew
it. She always let me know that she was interested, but I didn't know HOW
interested until that night.

I slowly lifted the angel costume off Sarah and I saw her bushy cunt mound
for the first time. Most girls of Sarah's age (she had just turned seventeen),
don't have that much pubic hair (or so I've read), but Sarah was different.
She looked like she had a forest down there, and I was amazed and harder than

Sarah breathed "Like what you see, so far?"

Speech was not something I was capable of at the moment, so I nodded.

"You can put your eyeballs back in your head," she laughed, "there's more to

By the time I had lifted the rest of the costume off, liquid was running down
Sarah's legs in a steady stream, and her nipples were hard. I immediately put
my mouth to her right nipple and squeezed her left nipple. Sarah was one of
those women whose breasts were one of her major pleasure centers. She went
nuts and almost threw me off her. I couldn't believe a girl could orgasm from
somebody just sucking her boobs, but Sarah proved me wrong. I stepped back
and said, "Now its your turn."

She was trembling, still coming down from her cum, and I noticed her cunt
mound was positively drenched. She came over to me and ripped the rest of my
costume off and then grabbed me in a hug and kissed me hard. Her tongue sought
mine and I returned the favor. I started to rub her cunt. It was soaked and
her pussy hair was matted. It felt so good that I rubbed it for at least five
minutes. While I was doing this Sarah came again, and I hadn't even put
anything into her yet! This was amazing!

I pointed to my cock and said "Would you touch it, it needs some warmth."

She gave me an evil grin and opened her mouth as wide as I had ever seen
a girl's mouth go. She engulfed my erection in no time flat, sinking down
to the root.

"How did you learn to do that???" I panted.

She took her mouth off long enough to say "From watching you and Ginny through
the keyhole. Only I can do it much better. I've been practicing with my
dildo. You remember, the dildo you gave Ginny on her birthday last year - she
gave it to me a month later, saying it didn't compare to the real thing. I
want to find out if she's right!" She then clamped back down again. She
looked up to me and breathed, "The dildo wasn't big enough, you know..." She
went back down again.

This was getting better and better. Sarah had sure learned her lessons well.
I don't think a vacuum cleaner could have sucked me as well as she did that
night. I couldn't last long and I started to pull her off my dick, but she
would have none of it. I yelled "I'm coming, Sarah!" The look of carnal
lust on her face was all it took. I must have filled her mouth in two seconds.
She didn't swallow my cum then, she just smiled and gulped it all down at once.
She then licked up all the rest of the cum that she had missed and smacked
her lips.

I looked over at her, in shock. "You swallowed all my cum! Ginny doesn't
do that, she says it tastes terrible. Why did you do that?"

Sarah looked up and got up in one motion. "I just wanted to. I had to know
what it tasted like. I love it. God, it tastes good! We'll have to do that

"Yeah, but not right now - I have something else in mind for you..."

My cock was even harder than it was before. I could hardly wait to plunge
into that soft forest I saw in front of me. Sarah was a brunette with
extremely long hair, that she normally kept in a ponytail (Ginny was a
blonde), and Sarah was now using her untied hair to brush against my upper
chest. What a feeling that was! It was a great turn-on. She started to
whip her head back and forth and whip my chest with her hair. It didn't
hurt, but it sent erotic sensations through my body, and my cock jumped once
or twice. I buried my head in her hair over her boobs. Did that feel good!
Her hair smelled of strawberry.

I asked Sarah to lay down on the floor.

She eagerly compiled with my request and opened her legs wide pointing at
her bush. "I'm running a little low on cum, please fill me up, Ed!"

I really wanted to eat her out to return the blowjob favor, but when I
started to move my mouth there, she cried "I can't wait anymore, please
fuck me!!"

How could I refuse such a tempting offer? I didn't want to!

I positioned my steel pole (it had ceased being just a cock) at the gates of
pleasure, but I kept missing the door. Sarah helped me and guided me into
her. The feeling was exquisite. Ginny's snatch was good, but Sarah was like
heaven. About halfway down, I met an obstacle. A HYMEN!!!. I immediately
pulled back out, or tried to. Sarah would have none of it, though and shoved
me back in with as much force as she could muster. She could be pretty
strong when she wanted to be. I ruptured her cherry (breaking it was much
too mild of a term) and she grabbed her costume to scream into. Tears were
rolling down her face, and I started to pull out again.

Sarah hissed "Leave it in there, please - let me get used to it. I want
this so bad.!!!"

I did what she asked, but I was frightened. What if I hurt her permanently,
where was all that blood coming from? (Ginny had not been a virgin when we
first fucked, so I didn't know that breaking a cherry could be bloody).

I looked back down at Sarah and the pain had been replaced by that earlier
look of sheer lust. I figured now would be a good time to resume. I figured
right. It was a good thing I was squeezing her boobs, or her reaction would
have bucked me off her. She went absolutely crazy and started fucking me
back. I fact she was doing a better job than I was, so I let her take over.
That was the only time I can ever remember being a passive fucker and being
fucked by the fuckee. Even though I had already cum a little over ten minutes
ago, I felt my second load of the night building up and I pulled out of Sarah
before she had a chance to grab me again. She wined to put it back in, but I
didn't want to get her pregnant. I stuck my cock between her boobs and came
there. She drank all the cum she could get from me and then licked up what
she could and scooped the rest off her tits and fed it to her mouth.

Sarah looked at me with the look of a very satisfied girl (no, she was a
woman now) and said "This is the single best night of my life. I have
never felt this good. I can't wait until we can do this again."

My thinking processes had taken a hike somewhere and I agreed with her. we
scooped up what was left of our costumes. Sarah helped me fix my ripped
costume as best as she could and we left the treehouse. I made it home OK.
The costume was ruined, though. It cost 15 bucks to replace, however Sarah
paid for half, and it was the best $7.50 I had ever spent.

The next day, I remembered what happened and I knew I couldn't see Sarah
again, because I had cheated on Ginny. I felt like a first-class heel. I
had even taken Sarah's cherry, for Christ sakes!. I know she wanted me too,
but it still wasn't right. Ginny never found out that I know of, and when I
told Sarah in school the next day, she started crying. I said that it was
the most wonderful moment of my life, but it had to be just that one time,
for Ginny's sake. I also told her that she was three times the lover her
sister was, but made her promise never to tell her that. Sarah beamed
and kissed me just as passionately as she had the previous night. We
never made love again, to my great sorrow.
Chapter Five


I had to figure out how I was going to contact Sarah. I had no real idea
where she was as Ginny had made sure that I never saw her. I checked our
bedroom where I knew Ginny kept her private stuff. Amazingly, I didn't feel
like I was snooping - I kind of looked on this as a bit of revenge for the
last few hours.

Finally, shoved all the way back in her lingerie drawer, I found her address
book. I had never seen this book before, and I wondered why. I soon found
out. It listed all her lovers for the last 19 years, with a rating of each.
I was stunned. I knew Ginny had been cheating on me, but I was saddened to
think she had been doing it all of our marriage. The first entry was two
weeks after our honeymoon! What was even more sad to me was that at least
a third of those entries were women. I had always wanted a threeway with
Ginny and another woman, but Ginny always seemed horrified by the idea. If I
had known, I could have lived out one of my fantasies. I started reading the ratings.
It appeared to be on a one to ten scale, and to no great surprise I was rated
a 2 (she later revised it to a 1, and then to a zero). I looked for 10s and
only found two. I didn't know the first guy, but the second one was my
boyhood chum, Scooter! This was also news to me as we had moved out of my
hometown when we got married. Ginny didn't want to stay in that hick town
one minute longer than necessary. I looked at the date on the entry by
Scooter's name, and realized that it was during our senior year of high
school. In fact, it was the same night I had screwed Sarah.

I cursed myself for letting Sarah go. How could I not have seen what Ginny
was? Sarah knew, but I couldn't see.

Finally I got tired of reading passages like "just got really screwed today
(by a woman) and now I have to face that idiot I am married to. I don't
know how much longer I can put up with that man - he makes me sick in bed."
This passage was written six months after our wedding. Ginny must be a
masochist at heart if she really stayed with someone she obviously did not
desire or even love for 19 years. I thought it over and realized that Ginny
had stayed with me only because she knew I would be gone more often that I
would be home and that would give her carte' blanche for her affairs.

I looked through the whole address book and finally in back of the book
scrawled in an almost illegible pencil mark was SARAH (in case I need to
gloat) and a phone number. The number had the prefix of our home town - was
Sarah still living at home?

I started to dial the number, but Ginny and Dan pulled up just then. I wrote
the number down on the back of one of my business cards and greeted the pair
as they were coming in. Reading Ginny's book had made me realize that I no
longer cared what Ginny was doing and I was going to enjoy this situation.
Two can play this game! I told Ginny and Dan that I had accepted the
situation and offered them my bedroom whenever they wanted it. I would just
fix up the guest room in the basement and leave them alone. Ginny was fuming
- this was not the reaction from me that she wanted. She stomped up to the
bedroom motioning Dan to come along.

Dan, however, wanted to talk.

"Look, I'm sorry things turned out this way. I love Ginny, but she never
even told me she was married until that night you caught us. Hell, I even
had a ring with me - I was going to propose to her!

This was promising - maybe I could get that divorce yet.

"Do you mean that, Dan or are you just trying to make me feel better?"

"Yes, I mean it. I have been seeing Ginny for over a year (that was a surprise)
and I have fallen deeply in love with her. I can't understand why she is
treating you like this though? Can't you stand up to her? You guys have
been married for so long."

I figured Dan could be an unwitting ally if I played my cards right. I
proceeded to tell Dan about our life and how things were really boring most
of the time. I also told him that I was sure Ginny had never loved me, I was
just the means to an end for her. I told him about finding that book of hers
and her scorecard (Dan only rated a 6, but I kept that info to myself). I
also said that getting involved with her would only lead to heartbreak, but
that it was his choice.

I then turned to go downstairs.

Dan called to me "Can I help you in any way - I feel responsible for this."

"You're not, but I do appreciate the help. The only thing I really want is
a divorce, but Ginny has vowed that will NEVER happen. She says that she
enjoys seeing me squirm too much."

Dan said, "I want that divorce too - then I could marry her if she'd
have me."

"Haven't you been listening to what I just said? She probably doesn't love
you, she is just using you as the stud of the moment to piss me off. You
know, when you left the other day, she had one of the neighborhood wives in
with her screwing her. She must really think a lot of your lovemaking skills
to get all hot and bothered with someone else before you are even a mile down
the road."

Boy did THAT last statement feel good. Dan looked me and said that I was
probably right and that he was foolish for believing her when she said that
she was his and his alone. He said he left a good marriage to come and be
with Ginny and he didn't think he could go back to his wife, now. After all,
it had been a year and he rarely called her anymore and hadn't seen her in
over nine months. What he said next made my heart sing, though!

"You know, Ginny would be furious if I told you this, but I am really your
brother-in-law. I am married to Sarah. How can two sisters be so different?"

I knew that talking to Dan was the best thing I had done in a long time.
I knew I would now be able to see Sarah, but I had to be careful how I
approached Dan about it.

"Dan, if you want, I will speak to Sarah and see if there is any chance
of her taking you back if that is what you really want. I always got along
well with Sarah, maybe I could convince her that you were sorry. Where does
she live now, anyway? Ginny wouldn't let me see her since we got married.
I've only talked to her on the phone once or twice and only with Ginny
there, so I didn't talk long. I have a question, though? How did you ever
meet Ginny? I know she wouldn't go anywhere near her sister - she can't
stand her."

"Ginny wanted to see her niece and nephew. (Sarah had kids!!!), so Ginny
called me up and asked if she could see them sometime when Sarah wasn't home.
I didn't think anything about it then, but one thing led to another and we
were screwing before she left that day. She even told me that you and her
were divorced, so that she was free to be with me. Just another one of her
lies, I guess. Hell, my ten-year-old son even saw us. It took me over an
hour to swear him to secrecy. Thank God it wasn't my daughter, she is a
tattletale and the whole neighborhood would know. As far as I know, Sarah
doesn't know who I left her for. Please don't tell her, I'd never get her
back, then." Dan had this pleading look in his eyes.

Ginny came downstairs then stark naked and as mad as could be. "You think
my husband is more interesting than this?" as she pointed to her naked cunt.
She grabbed Dan and gave me a look like "What did you have to say to HIM?"

Dan looked at me over his shoulder and mouthed "Please?"

I nodded and went downstairs.

Well, things were starting to look up. First, I didn't have to search for
her, Dan would tell me right where she was, I was sure of that. Just as I
was sure that he wouldn't be getting back together with her if I could help
it. Second, the fact that she had two kids was even better. If Sarah and I
could somehow rekindle our relationship, I could end up with the children I
had always dreamed of having. Third, even though I kind of liked Dan, I
really wanted him and Ginny to end up together - they deserved each other.
Last, my memory of the one night with Sarah made me realize that I had loved
Sarah all this time, more than I could have ever loved Ginny, and maybe that
was why our marriage was never any good. I bet I would have gotten a 10 from
Sarah's rating book!

Feeling so good, I decided to sneak up to the bedroom (it was no longer OUR
bedroom) and see what Dan and Ginny were doing. I couldn't believe my ears
when I got there.

Ginny was yelling (I could hear it in the hall through the closed door)
about why wasn't his cock getting hard? Didn't she excite him anymore?
I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing out loud. She had tried a blowjob,
tried to push his semi-hard dick in her cunt and in her ass (she would never
do that with me, but I didn't ever ask, either), but it just wouldn't get
hard. She started blaming me and wondered what I had said to make him
impotent. Thank God, Dan didn't tell her, or my chance of a reunion with
Sarah would be over. He put the blame on the fact that I was downstairs
and he was pre-occupied. I knew what was coming next, so I scooted back down
to the basement just in time to see Ginny rush down in her robe.

"Look could you go somewhere for an hour or two - Dan and I would like to
be alone."

"Let me talk to Dan, then I'll go. I think I can stay out a couple of
hours. I have to prepare for my business trip Monday, anyway, so I'll
just go back to the office."

"Thank you, honey (yeah, right), I'll send him down."

When she left, I broke into laughter for the first time since Ginny's no sex
announcement. I felt real good!.

Dan appeared in the doorway looking like a trapped animal.

I told him I heard what went on the bedroom - Ginny WAS yelling after all -
"Dan, if you don't make any effort to screw Ginny and do it good, she'll know
something's up and you can kiss Sarah goodbye. You know Ginny would just
love to tell Sarah that she was the one you left her for. Also, I thought
you loved Ginny, why are you having a problem. now?

Dan gave me a sheepish look.

"Somehow after our talk, she doesn't look that good anymore. Maybe the
love has worn off. I really want to see Sarah, again."

"Dan, look, I haven't had a chance to talk to Sarah yet - don't get your
hopes up until I know more. She may listen to me, she may not, I don't know.
By the way, you never did give me her phone number, you know."

"Here it is and here is her address. We live in the old Nelson place in your
old home town. She said something about the treehouse had always appealed to
her, but I never understood that."

My heart was flying again - she hadn't forgotten!

"It was where all of us kids played in the neighborhood. The Nelson's son had
died of some disease while he was still a kid, so they let us all use it."
Missy Nelson was one of my classmates and she had wanted to screw me, but I
didn't like her - everybody said she was a slut and would screw anything with
pants. Her brother had died of some disease when he was twelve, though.
Missy eventually ended up pregnant in her junior year; the Nelsons moved soon
after that.

Dan turned around to go back upstairs. I offered "Maybe if you think you are
screwing your wife instead of Ginny, it will help.."

"Yeah, thanks for the suggestion, Ed. I wish we had met under different
circumstances, we could be good friends."

"I already consider you one. Maybe you'll see that I was right about Ginny."

"You've got me thinking. Let me know how you do with Sarah. I really want
to correct this mistake."

I had a sobering thought What if Sarah had told Dan about us - he would put
two and two together and come after me! I had to know.

"Dan, before you go, did Sarah ever mention me? I mean it would be nice to
know what she thought of me before I see her. If she doesn't like me, I
doubt that I can succeed."

"Don't worry about that. She once told me that the only crush she ever had
before meeting me was over you. She said that she got over it, but she would
always like you a lot."

"Great, maybe this will work, after all. Now go screw my wife silly. You
need to keep her happy so we can have the time to make our plan work."

Dan smiled and left. Boy, did that last statement of mine sound funny.
I was asking a guy to screw MY wife, so that he could get back together
with HIS wife. No chance of that happening, if I had any say in the matter!

As I left, I heard (though the closed door again) "Dan, I don't know what
Ed told you, but I want it taped so we can use it again. I've just come for
the fourth time and you haven't even entered me yet!!!"

I was laughing as I got into my car.
Chapter Six

As I got to the office, I decided to call my boss. He had always wanted to
put an office of our business in my home town as it was centrally located
within the state. He had always wanted me to supervise the creation because
it was my home town. I had always refused because I didn't want to go home.
I knew it would make Ginny mad and I didn't want to be away from home for the
six months it would take to set everything up.

"Hi, Larry (my boss and I were also good friends), is that offer to start up
that office in my home town still on?"

"Good Grief, Ed! You mean you would do it?"

"Yeah, Ginny and I have had a talk. She and I are having problems with our
marriage now, and we both feel a separation of six months would do both of us
good. So if the offer is still there, I'll take it."

"Hell yes, the offer is still there. I had about given up the idea of doing
it, but it is such a natural fit, that it should really be done. When can
you leave?"

"I am supposed to go to Central City Monday for a week, but Dennis could take
that route over for me. I could leave and be there Monday if you want."

"Go ahead. I'll call Dennis. He'll jump at the chance to get away from the
hell of a route he inherited when Steve passed away."

Larry and I talked for a few more minutes, but I wanted him to get off the
phone so I could call both Ginny and Sarah.

I called my house first. Dan answered the phone (kind of a shock - I didn't
think he'd want it known that he was there with a married woman).

"I'm kind of surprised you answered, Dan. I would've thought you would want
to remain incognito."

"I'm expecting a call from my boss. I told him it was alright to call me

"I won't be long. Let me talk to Ginny."

Ginny got on the phone and said "What do YOU want?"

"Just wanted to let you know that you'll have six months to get sick of Dan
and Angela and whomever else you're screwing. I have been assigned to open a
new office in our home town. I can't pass it up. It would mean a big raise
for me (I was lying) and would mean you could have even more gifts when I came
back. You also wouldn't have me around to fuck up your fuck sessions. I
guess if you still want to call my boss and lie about my non-existent affairs,
you can."

The wheels were working in her mind I could tell. Did she still want to
torture me or did she want six months of carte blanche instead. Just like I
thought, the carte blanche won out. She can be so predictable, sometimes.

Ginny sounded almost apologetic (another act, and not well done) "I've
decided you've suffered enough for now. When you come back in six months, I
can start over again. I know you'll return. You don't like our home town
any more than I do, do you?"

"Thank you so much. I don't want to get on Larry's bad side if I can help it.
Enjoy yourself with Dan and whomever else you want. I don't care anymore.
And you're right, the six months there will be torture itself. You just won't
be there to see it.

Ginny sounded ecstatic "Yeah, knowing you're stuck in that hick town for six
months all alone will be worth it to me not having you around to torture.
Goodbye and good luck."

Dan got back on the line. "I heard some of that. Are you really going to
your home town for six months?"

"Yeah, if I can't change Sarah's mind in six months, its hopeless, don't you

"Your right, it will be bad there. (for Ginny's benefit). Guess I'll go now,
Ginny has the lusty look on her face again. I might not be able to walk
tomorrow!", he said laughing.

"Yeah, and I know what you're really laughing about. She doesn't look that
good anymore to me either. I think you're the one going through torture not
me. Good Luck to you, I think you need it more."

Dan was laughing and the phone clicked off.

I picked up the phone to dial Sarah with trembling fingers. What if she
doesn't remember me? What if she no longer wants anything to do me? All
these thoughts were rushing through my head as I waited for the phone to be
answered. finally a young girl's (at least I thought it was young) voice
said "Hello, is this Mandy?"

Laughing, I said "No this isn't Mandy unless my voice has really changed."

She got really apologetic. "I'm sorry sir, I was expecting a call from my
girlfriend. I'm Judi Wallace, how can I help you?"

So Dan's last name was Wallace. He must be one of the Wallace boys from the
farm outside of town. "I'm looking for your mother, Sarah. Is she at home,
by any chance?"

I knew she probably thought I was a salesman (I was).

"Who should I say is calling, sir? Judi was nothing if not polite.

"Just tell her it is her old friend from Halloween in the treehouse."

I knew she would know it was me quicker than if I said my name. Sure enough
about three minutes later, a voice picked up an extension phone.

"Judi, get off the phone. This is a personal call. I don't listen in to your
personal calls, do I?"

"Hello Sarah. Long time no hear." I chuckled.

"Ed, please meet me somewhere, my daughter has a big mouth and I know she will
listen in. I want to talk to you in private."

I explained to her that I would coming Monday for six months to open a new
branch of the business, and that Ginny wouldn't be coming with me.

"Oh darn! (I could hear the smile in her voice - she didn't want Ginny there
either) Meet me at the old malt shop on Monday afternoon at two. It hasn't
changed since you left...neither have I" she added with a tone that made my
cock hard in an instant.

"See you Monday to go over old times, and maybe some new ones? I asked with
a hopeful sound.

Sarah didn't say anything for a minute or two, then she made me wish Monday
was here already. "I can't think of anything I'd like more. I've been
waiting 19 years for our talk, you know."

I was choked up and managed to stammer out "Can't wait either. I'll be
there. I'll be wearing red. You always seemed to like that color, didn't

She said "Yeah I did, still do in fact. Tell you what, I'll wear light blue
and white. Think you'll recognize me?"

Those were the colors of her angel costume. There was no doubt now. "If the
place was packed, I could find you in a second. See you Monday."

"I'll wait impatiently. Oh, by the way, there is a $7.50 malt that you just
have to try. I think you will like it. I had it once, and I never forgot it.
Goodbye!" she said hanging up.

Monday couldn't get here fast enough.
Chapter Seven


Monday was finally here. I had gotten into town about ten o'clock and had
just enough time to get settled into the apartment the company had rented for
me and to eat lunch, before I was to meet Sarah (for dessert, I hoped).

I walked into the malt shop and saw her. She had changed, of course. She was
a bit heavier but the total effect was still breathtaking. One area that I
didn't mind her being a little heavier was in her chest. She was now at least
a D cup if not a DD cup. I was trying not to stare. I mean, we were in a
public place after all. She wasn't making it easy for me. She had on blue
and white all right - a blue low cut blouse that just barely covered half of
her tits, and a white mini skirt that was almost indecent. I had to remind
myself that this was a 36 year old married woman with two teenaged kids. It
didn't help. I still saw a teenager in an angel costume. I also knew I had
a raging hardon.

"Sarah, I would have known you anywhere!"

"Hello Ed. Nice outfit." I was in red alright - red shirt, wine colored
pants, bright red socks and reddish-brown penny loafers. I looked ridiculous.
I guess being in love will do that to you.

"I have a question before we do anything else: how in the world did you
manage to get all the way here without being attacked. Any sane man would
have been driven insane by that outfit." Her outfit was screaming "FUCK ME"
in large neon flashing letters.

"Oh this old thing - I just threw it on. Why, does it look good?" The look
on her face said that she knew exactly how it looked and she was ecstatic that
it was having the desired effect. My outfit looked even more ridiculous, now.

"You know the answer to that." I looked down, and she followed the gaze. A
smile of relief appeared on her face. It was obvious that she was out of the
practice of trying to turn someone on. It was working, boy WAS it working!

"Sarah, I had to come to see you. Ginny has been putting me through torture
for years and it finally came to a head last weekend."

I then proceeded to tell Sarah everything, including the fact that her husband
had left her for Ginny. As I spoke her expression changed from interest, to
incredulous, to disbelief, to outright anger. When I was finished, she was
red in the face and extremely angry. (Not at me, I hope).

My face must have betrayed that final thought because she said "No, I'm not
angry with you. I love you, I could never be angry with you. What I am angry
about is my sister, for one. I now and forever renounce that I ever had a
sister, I am also angry with my husband. I knew he had left me for someone
else, but Ginny? He must be even more stupid than I thought. She's just
using him to make you miserable. He probably thinks it will lead somewhere.
He was always gullible."

"Sarah, he had even bought a ring for her. He was going to propose to her
when he could get you to give him a divorce. Ginny never told him she was

"We've been divorced for two months. It was an absentee divorce. He may not
even be aware of it. He never showed up for any of the proceedings.

It just now hit me that she had said she loved me. "Sarah, you just said you
loved me. But you told Dan that you were over that."

"Of course, I told him that. I wanted to get married and have a family. If
the man I have always loved was unavailable, I had to find a suitable
substitute. Guess I failed, huh?" She gave a weak laugh, but was on the
verge of tears.

She wiped her face with a napkin and continued. "I have always loved you and
I always will. When you made love to me that night in the treehouse, I knew
there was no way I could ever love another man as much as I did you. When you
said it was over the next day, my heart broke, even though I knew you were
right. Why did you think I wanted to live in the old Nelson house? The
treehouse would at least remind me of the most wonderful night of my life."

"Sarah, it took me 19 years and a lot of heartache to realize that I left the
best thing that ever happened to me in that treehouse that night. I just wish
Ginny would give me a divorce. I'd marry you before the ink dried, if you'd
have me."

Sarah lost all control now and was sobbing heavily. I was worried that we
were making a spectacle of ourselves, but as I looked around, there were only
two other couples in the shop, both far enough away not to see Sarah clearly.

She finally got herself under control enough to talk. "What do you mean, she
won't give you a divorce. I think you have sufficient grounds, don't you?"

"She said that a divorce is what I would want, and since she wanted to torture
me a while, she would never give me the divorce while she could still torture
me. Why should she - she can just shack up with anyone she wants in front of
me and what can I really do?"

"Ed, the divorce laws have changed a lot in the last few years. It is no
longer necessary for both sides to agree to the divorce to make it happen.
How do you think I divorced Dan? He would never have agreed to a divorce.
It was against his principles. Wait a minute - what principles! - he is
screwing his sister-in-law while his brother-in-law is forced to accept it.
Boy, when I make a mistake, I make a doozy! And as for that marriage proposal,
I accept, and I'll do whatever it takes to make it happen. I can't lose you

"Neither can I." I thought of Dan and began to laugh.

Sarah was angry and hurt "What's so funny?"

"Do you know what Dan wanted me to do while I'm here? He wanted me to try to
patch things up between you and him. He wanted to come back. He had finally
began to see Ginny for what she was."

Sarah went from anger to mirth in a second. "You're kidding! (I shook my head
no) He is even dumber than I thought. Did he actually think that I would
take him back after what he had done? If I would have ever entertained that
thought, all I would have had to do was sic our son, Ben on him. Ben has
been furious with his father since he left. He hates to see me cry, which I
did every night for a month until I realized he wasn't coming back. That's
when I started the divorce proceedings."

"Honey (It just seemed right), do you want to go anywhere, like my apartment?
I have an old Halloween devil costume that needs mending along with a heart."

Sarah was speechless, but smiled with a happy look that I've only seen one
other time - on this same face over 19 years earlier in a treehouse.

"Seems like the costume is the only thing that will need to mend, my heart
is back in one solid piece, as I hope is yours. Let's go, I can't wait much
longer. It's been over a year since I had sex, but over 19 years since I
actually enjoyed it."

Talk about ego pumping, I could have floated to my apartment. When I got up
to pay the check, I realized I had forgotten my wallet. I didn't have enough
change to pay for the bill. I had to talk to the guy behind the counter - he
looked familiar.

As I walked up, he called "Hey, Shifty!"

Only one person ever called me Shifty - "Scooter, nice to see you again."

"Don't worry about the drinks, pal this one's on me. I hope you don't make
the same mistake twice with Sarah, I'd hate to see her hurt again."

"No way, Scooter. It may have taken me 19 years to wake up, but I'm not
sleeping again. I don't want to wake from this dream."


When we got to the apartment, I took my first real good, deep look at Sarah.
As I said before, she was heavier than I remember, but almost all of it was
in her chest and her ass. I thought the image was just as exciting to me as
her image was when I was peeling off the angel costume. I had a surprise for

"Sarah, turn around and don't look. I have a surprise for you..."

"I think I've already seen it, but I can't wait to see it again." she giggled,
but she turned around.

I got the surprise out from my luggage, and asked her to turn around.

Her eyes got wide and the smile on her face was worth the effort by itself.
I was holding replicas of my devil costume (this one was the right size) and
her angel costume (HERS was skintight THIS time).

"Feel like recreating history?"

She came over to me and kissed me with the same hunger she had 19 years ago.
The difference this time was that we weren't in a treehouse and I could really
see the body I had fantasied about for these many years. I was drooling (and
so was she!).

Sarah could hardly speak "I want to do this, but not the first time. I want
to make love with you so bad, I can't wait any longer."

She started to remove her clothes. I stopped her.

"You forgot already. I want to undress you, please let me."

She looked a little apprehensive, she must have been afraid of the way she
looked now, but I didn't care. She could have weighed three hundred pounds
and it wouldn't have mattered to me. I did notice that her blouse was a
button down type - she wasn't trying to make it difficult for me.

As I undid the buttons, I was fumbling like I hadn't done this before. (I
hadn't had sex myself in nine months - that was the last time Ginny let me
near her in bed). Sarah's apprehension gave away to mirth. She was enjoying
my difficulty with taking off her blouse. I finally managed to undo all the
buttons and pulled the blouse aside. Unlike in the treehouse, she was wearing
a bra. Her tits, however, were overflowing the bra and screaming to be
released from their confinement. One thing I have never been any good with
was removing bras. Ginny always wore front clasp bras when she wanted to get
fucked because I could at least see to unfasten it. She only wore back clasp
when she didn't care if we screwed or not. As I thought about it, she hadn't
worn a front clasp bra in several years. Sarah's bra was a back clasp. I
silently cursed. I reached around to attempt to unlock the clasp and found
that Sarah was ahead of me - the clasps were already undone. She must have
seen my look of surprise.

"One of the things I remember Ginny complaining about with you was how long
you took to remove her bra. She bitched about it enough, that I vowed if I got
you to remove my bra, it would be front clasp or non-existent. Unfortunately,
all my front clasp bras are in the laundry, so I had to make do."

I couldn't believe my ears. How did I ever leave this woman? I pulled the
bra off her and I was overwhelmed. I expected a little sag, maybe even a bit
of droop, but Sarah's boobs were high and hard on her chest just like they
were when she was a teenager. The only difference was that they were about
twice the size. She could have posed in any adult boob magazine she wanted
to without a problem. I was drooling again, and my mouth was making
incoherent sounds.

Sarah had a look of profound relief on her face. She knew that I was still
attracted to her. (Attracted, no, in awe was more like it).

"Can I suck them, please" I was begging. I was afraid she'd put the bra
back on and hide them again. (My thought processes had taken a hike again.)

"You have to ask? Please, I'm in torture!" She was in torture?!? Maybe she
didn't know what she was doing to me.

I grabbed her left boob and started to squeeze it. My mouth went to her right
nipple and pulled it into my mouth. I had forgotten that she was
super-sensitive on her nipple. She went crazy and this time she did throw me
off onto the bed. She came over immediately and threw herself on me and
stuffed her boob back in my face. "I better hold you or I'll get away again"
she breathed. I wasn't going to argue. I sucked for about a day or two (all
right about five minutes, it just seemed that long), and she threw my ego
another boost.

"God, I had forgotten how much I love my boobs sucked. Dan just ignored them,
he was more interested in plunging right in."

My opinion of Dan just took a nosedive. How can someone ignore boobs like
this? This explained his attraction to Ginny a little more. Ginny's boobs
were average size - 34B, but she had nice legs and a tight ass. It was
obvious - Dan was a leg and ass man, I was a boob and ass man. Legs I could
take or leave.

By the time I had enough of her boobs, my cock was harder that it has been in
many a year and it was uncomfortable in those ungodly wine pants. Sarah
climbed off me, slid her shorts off and said "My turn with you now."

She came over to me and started to unbutton my shirt just like I did her
blouse, fumbling just as much. I was worried about her reaction to my older
nearly forty year old body. I tried to keep in shape, but I didn't have the
time to exercise regularly. I also was heavier than I was as a teenager and
most of it was in the belly. Sarah's smile never left her face as she removed
the shirt and she put her long hair up against my hairy chest. It felt like
heaven, just like it had before. She looked up at me and said "Still like
the hair cushion?" I could only nod. My voice was not working again.

She looked at my belly and then did something that removed any last remaining
doubts I may have had about her feelings. She sucked my belly button. The
feeling was indescribable. I felt as though she was sucking me out through
my belly into her mouth. I looked down at her panties and they were so soaked,
she might as well not have had them on. She then knelt in front of me and
began to remove my pants. I tried to help, but she knocked my hand away
saying this was her job, not mine. Again, I wasn't going to argue. When my
shorts came into view, I was mortified - I had a large cum stain on the front
from where my pre-cum had been soaking them. Sarah looked up with an
expression of lust and love and exclaimed "I better get these off quick or
your gonna have to buy a new pair. These look like they're all used up."
I reached down to her, pulled her up to me and kissed her with passion and
love. I took her panties down and looked at her muff again.

Her bush was still hairy and still just as exciting as it was back all those
years ago. I laid her back on the bed and she spread her thighs and motioned
me in. This time, however, I was going to eat her and she wasn't going to
stop me. I had missed doing this the first time and I didn't want to miss it
this time. I dove in over her protests saying that she wanted my cock in her.
I just looked up and said "I have been tortured for 19 years, its time for me
to do a little torturing of my own. Quiet, you'll like it, trust me."

I started to lick around the edge of her sex, but I was careful not to touch
her vagina itself. I wanted to make her squirm a bit, but not too long. I
was confronted with a river of pussy juice and the overpowering smell of
strawberry. I was in heaven again. I licked and sucked at her pussy for
quite a few minutes until I heard her screaming at me to fuck her. I couldn't
resist any longer and I pulled up and sunk in. It was like taking a bellyflop
into a river. She was so wet, I was afraid I was going to be washed out again.
By the time I had gotten all the way it, her legs had clamped on me and I was
locked in her tight embrace. I was actually amazed her cunt was still this
tight. She had been married for several years and had two children - how
could this wonderful cunt still be this tight? I moved in and out slowly
trying to build up the tension, but she was fucking back harder and harder.
I finally asked her to please let me fuck her. I wanted to go slow, not fast.
I wanted this to last.

Sarah started laughing and said "What makes you think that this will be the
only time we do this? I don't have to be back until 4:30, that's an hour and
a half from now. I figure we should be good for at least twice more, unless
you're too tired?"

Was that a challenge? Well, I couldn't let that pass. "All right, you want
it hard and fast, you got it hard and fast" and I picked up the pace. She
was matching me thrust for thrust. I was almost there and by reflex I started
to pull out. This time however, there was a vise around my body that was not
going to let me escape, not that I really wanted to. "You're not getting away,
this time, stud!" Sarah moaned. Stud! I had been called many things, but
stud was not one of them. I came with a gusher. I hadn't come that good in
nearly twenty years, and I was smiling from ear to ear. I looked down and saw
the match to my face below me with an even bigger grin and a look of
satisfaction in her eyes that made me feel like the greatest lover in the

When we had recovered, she smiled at me "I have regretted you not coming in
me all these years. I wanted to feel that cum in me so badly. I know why you
did it, you didn't want me to get pregnant. I blamed myself for that - I could
have stolen a couple of Ginny's Pills, she would never have missed them and
you could have come in me like you were meant to."

"My God, Sarah, why was that so important to you?"

"When you stuck your cock in me for the first time I felt complete. It was
like something that had been left out of my body had been reattached and I
wanted whatever went with that. When you pulled out, I felt like that part
of me was missing again and I wanted it back. I wanted it back badly. I never
thought I would have to wait 19 years to get it back."

She reached over to my semi-hard cock and said "Now if I want that missing
part back in, I had better prepare it." and she put her mouth over my dick
just like she did back then. She was even better this time. I guess practice
really does make perfect. I reached down for her hanging boobs and started to
stroke them. She looked up and said with an evil grin on her face, "Better
not, you know what that does to me and I don't want to bite!" She then
reattached the vacuum cleaner that was her mouth, and I was hard again in
about five minutes. I pulled her off my dick before I shot into her mouth,
and positioned her to return the favor. This time, she didn't protest as I
munched on my dessert. I must have slurped for ten minutes, but finally I
couldn't stand it anymore. I pulled up and laid down on the bed. I asked
"How would you like to be on top this time. I'd really like to see those
boobs jumping up and down."

Sarah squealed "Wow, Dan would never let me do that!" She climbed on and
shoved my dick into her steamy cunt. It felt even better this way if that was
possible. I watched those huge boobs bouncing up and down on her chest and I
couldn't resist I grabbed both of them and starting squeezing. She came
instantly and when I reached up to suck one of them, she came again, even
harder. By this time I was seconds from coming again myself, and I wanted to
warn her. "I'm cumming, Sarah"

She smiled and shoved my dick down as far into her cunt as it would go, and I
shot more goo into her. I shot for a solid three or four minutes. I didn't
know I had that much semen left in me. When it was over, I was exhausted.

I looked at Sarah, and I saw a look of complete and utter contentment and more
than that, her eyes were showing nothing more than stark love. I was happy
for the first time since I was in high school, and I think, so was Sarah.

I managed to speak "Sarah, I give up. There is no way I can go for another
round. I am shot. But I am also very, very happy and content. I just wish
we could have had those 19 years back. How could I have not known about Ginny
all these years? How could two sisters be so different?"

Sarah's voice had a tone of disappointment, but at the same time extreme
happiness. "I guess I'm too much for you, huh? No matter, you're going to be
here for six months, and I don't intend to let a day go by without doing
something with you. Could I interest you in another round, if I let you take
my other cherry?"

"Other cherry, what do you mean, Sarah?"

She turned around and pointed to her ass. "This cherry, sweetheart. (gosh,
did that word sound good) Dan never wanted to, and we never had the time.
I've always wanted to feel a good hard prick up there. I've been practicing,
you know."

"What do mean practicing?"

"When you called me, I took my dildo and started stretching back there. I
think I can take that huge meat of yours back there with no trouble now, and
I want it so bad."

Huge meat? Me? God this woman knew how to turn me on. My dick was getting
hard again. I couldn't believe it.

We did screw again, and yes, I did screw her ass. Let's just say it was
everything I would have hoped for, and I hoped Sarah would want to do it again.
When I came, just little spurts came out. I was dry as a bone. I had always
fantasied about doing Ginny in the ass, but I never found the courage to ask
her. She would have probably said no, just because I wanted to do it. Never
mind that her and Dan were doing it in front of me.

We climbed off the bed and headed for the shower, together. As we were
cleaning each other off, we talked some more. Sarah explained that she had
taken a vacation day off from work today, but that she had to work tomorrow,
so we couldn't get together again until tomorrow night. That was fine by me
as I had to find some office space tomorrow. As I was soaping her wonderful
body, I started to get hard again. This time, however it hurt because I was
not used to all this action. Sarah looked a little sore herself, but she was
beaming and happy. I never knew taking a shower could be so much fun. We
got out of the shower and I looked at Sarah's naked ass. It was red and
looked like it was sore. I asked her about it, but she said she felt
wonderful, and if it hurt, it was a small price to pay for having a dream
come true again.

That reminded me. "Sarah, Dan and Ginny were ass fucking that first night I
saw them. Ginny had a happy smile on her face. I couldn't see Dan's face,
but he sure wasn't protesting. Looks like he liked to screw an ass just fine,
he just didn't like to screw your ass."

Sarah, who was dressing for home, just looked at me and said "That idiot! I
almost begged him several times to screw me in the ass, but he always acted
disgusted. I wish I could have a little revenge against him and against Ginny,
too. I am thoroughly disgusted that a woman could treat her husband the way
she treated you. I mean, to be screwing around on you two weeks after the
honeymoon, I just don't believe it."

Sarah finished dressing and came over to kiss me. "Please come over to the
house tomorrow night. I want to cook for my man, and I want the kids to meet
you. Ben will be thrilled, but I don't know about Judi. We may have to be
careful around her, she could cause us trouble." She got that evil look again,
"Oh and bring those costumes, I still want to relive history, and I think the
treehouse will be available."

I laughed and saw her to the door. "Sarah, please think about this. I have an
idea about how to get a little revenge on Ginny and Dan. Interested? If so,
maybe we can discuss it tomorrow night?"

"You want to TALK tomorrow?" she looked hurt.

"No, but we should have something else to do besides screwing, and besides, I
want revenge on Ginny so much I can taste it."

"You're right, I want revenge on Dan and Ginny and I want it bad, too. I'll
think about it, when I can get my mind off you and that big hunk of meat."
she was laughing and then she left.

I was really looking forward to tomorrow night.
Chapter Eight


I finished up my morning work, and looked through the realtor listings to find
one to show me some office space. I looked and saw "Scooter's Realty". Nah,
couldn't be, could it? He was working in the malt shoppe wasn't he - he
probably owned it. I called the number.

"Scooter's Realty." a female voice answered. She sounded awfully familiar.


"Ed, sweetheart, how did you know I worked for Scooter?

"I didn't, honey, I was looking for a real estate company for some office
space, and I wanted to see if this was the same Scooter I know. I had no
idea you were working there."

"Yeah, after Dan left, I needed money and Scooter's secretary had just left
to get married. It was a perfect fit. I had always liked Scooter because he
was your friend, therefore he was also my friend."

"Is he in, I'd like to talk to him. Nothing against you, you understand, I
just need to find some office space."

Scooter's voice came on the line "I thought you'd never ask, Shifty. Sarah
told me about yesterday (I was blushing) and she hasn't been so happy for
years. I was going to give her the rest of the day off, but I guess the
surprise is out of the bag now."

Sarah came back on the line "What do you mean? I already had yesterday off"

Scooter laughed. "I know you well enough by now to know you have something
special planned for Ed tonight, and I just wanted to give you an early start
on it. Besides, I'm going to be gone all afternoon showing Ed some properties
he might like. And I want to talk to my old buddy again, too. You're not the
only person in town who likes him, you know?"

I cut in "You don't have to do this, Scooter. I can make an appointment just
like anyone else."

Scooter sounded hurt "You just did. Now, Sarah, get home and prepare
something to knock Ed's socks or whatever else you want off. I'll lock up
behind me when I leave."

Sarah sounded amazed "Scooter, thank you. I'll repay you for this somehow."

Scooter chuckled. "You know Ed's gonna need a best man one of these days..."

I was chuckling too. "Not anymore, he's not. Sarah, see you tonight. What
time do you want me there?"

"Oh anytime after six, honey (I was blushing again, that felt GOOD to hear),
I'll be waiting with supper. I know you'll like the dessert."

I heard a door close and Scooter came on the line. "She's really in love with
you, you know. Always has been. I could even tell when she was with Dan that
her heart was elsewhere. I just hope you don't hurt her. I love her like the
sister I never had, and I love you like the brother I never had, too." Scooter
was an only child, and his parents were dirt poor. I always gave him things
that I knew he didn't have the money to buy himself. I made me feel good to
help a friend out.

"Scooter, I made a huge mistake back in high school and I have paid for it for
19 years. I will not make that mistake again. Ginny and I have been married
in name only for most of, if not all of, those years. When Sarah and I were
together yesterday, I realized that if I never saw Ginny again, I could care
less. I was always in love with Sarah, but I just didn't have the guts to
leave Ginny. I have the guts now. I am filing for divorce as soon as I can
find a decent lawyer. Do you know any lawyers in town that I could trust?"

Scooter laughed and said "Just one, my wife, Missy."

I was amazed. He'd hooked a lawyer? What was he doing in the malt shoppe?
I figured he needed the extra money. "Missy? You don't mean Missy Nelson,
do you?" I had always wondered what happened to her.

"Yep. That was my kid she was carrying in high school. We married when I
was a senior. She went to law school at nights, and I worked two jobs to put
her through. She did the same for me to put me through real estate college.
We have three kids now, and we couldn't be happier. Why don't you bring
Sarah over for a visit, if you can tear yourselves away from each other."
This last was said with a sound very much like a leer.

"Where's your office, Scooter? I'll be right over." He gave me the address
and I hung up.

Scooter's office was small, just enough for two people. There were two cars
in the driveway - an older model Honda Accord and a fairly new BMW. I
wondered who the client was that drove the BMW. That had been one of my
fantasy cars for as long as I can remember. I knew it was Scooter's too.

I walked in and was greeted by Scooter who was sitting in Sarah's desk going
through some real estate listings.

"Howdy, buddy, who owns the Beemer out front?"

"That's mine" came a sweet sounding female voice from around the corner. She
came into the room and my mouth dropped open. This was a gorgeous blonde with
big blue eyes, a drop dead figure and a smile almost as wide as Sarah's
yesterday. There was a trace of a laugh starting. "Why are you asking, Ed?"

"Missy???" This was a surprise. I don't ever remember Missy Nelson looking
this good.

"Yes, It's me. Scooter called me at the law office and asked me to come over.
I've been wanting to see you since you got in town. But I imagine Sarah's
been keeping you pretty busy." she was smiling, trying not to laugh. Scooter,
however, was laughing and laughing pretty hard.

"You should have seen the look on your face when Missy stepped in. I thought
you were gonna drool all over the carpet." Missy gave it up then and joined
her husband in mirth. I looked at the both of them and started laughing too.

"Missy, what did you do to yourself? You look like a centerfold."

Scooter had a big grin on his face, and Missy blushed about two shades of red.

"When Scooter proposed, I realized that it wasn't necessary to make myself
into a slut to keep a man. Scooter knew what I was, and he still wanted me.
That gave me the courage to try to be the best I could for him. This is the
result. What do ya think of the class slut, now?"

"Missy, if you'd have looked like that in high school, you'd have needed a
take-a-number machine just to keep track of all the guys that wanted to date
you, and I don't mean just to fuck you either. You would not have had to put
out unless you wanted to. Scooter, I always knew you had good taste, and
this just proves it."

Scooter smiled and said. "You know, you're the main reason we ended up
together. You and Ginny."

This was a surprise. I suddenly remembered Ginny's 10 rating for Scooter.
I had to ask him. I didn't really want to do it in front of Missy, but my
curiosity was getting the better of me.

"Scooter, I have to ask you something." I proceeded to tell Missy and Scooter
about Ginny, about all the affairs, about the book and the ratings. I paused
a moment and threw the kicker in. "You know, there were only two 10 ratings
ever given in the book - one for some guy I don't know, and the other ten was

Missy looked at Scooter and smiled. Did she know about this?

Scooter motioned for me to sit down. "Yes, Ginny and I screwed one night. It
was the night you and Sarah were in the treehouse. (How did he know about
that?) Ginny was pissed when she realized that you were gone, and she was
even more pissed when she found out that Sarah had left at the same time.
Ginny immediately knew what had happened. She knew Sarah was madly in love
with you, and she was insanely jealous of her sister. She guessed what Sarah
must be trying to do to you, and she knew that you were pissed at her. She
thought you would cave in, and she'd have a rival for you. She grabbed me
because she figured that I'd know where you went. I didn't have any idea at
all, but I had gone to the dance stag, and it was great to leave with a girl
- even if it was my best friend's girlfriend and she was mad as a hornet."

Missy broke in then. "I know you thought we were gone for the weekend, but
my brother was very sick then, and we decided to stay home. I heard noise
coming from the treehouse. I'm a light sleeper, and I couldn't go back to
sleep. I went to the back yard and I heard the sounds of people fucking.
Well, you know me, I was always horny, and I soon was friggin myself in the
back yard. When I heard the names being called, I was in shock. Sarah and I
had been close friends since we were both little girls, but I never liked
Ginny. I had a big-time crush on you for many years, but I knew Sarah had an
even bigger one, and when I realized that you and Sarah were finally fucking,
I felt good all over, almost as good as I felt after being screwed. My best
friend was finally getting her dream fulfilled. I swore to myself to be quiet,
I didn't want to disturb you."

Scooter picked up again. "By the time I had walked Ginny home, she was horny
as hell. How she got that way, I don't know to this day. Anyway, she pushed
me up to her room and practically raped me. I was too surprised to know what
was really going on, but this was finally my chance to really screw a girl.
Remember back in those days, I would nearly faint if a girl so much as smiled
at me. This was the best night of my life. I knew this was a one-time thing,
and I was determined not to blow it. I used every trick I had ever read about
or had seen in a porno mag or video to try to please Ginny. I think it could
have been any boy that night, and she would have given him a ten. She was so
horny that she came three times before I was even in her. It lasted about a
half hour, and she was out like a light. Believe it or not, I was still
horny, and I thought I'd go back home to jack off. When I left the yard, I
literally bumped into Missy."

Missy laughed. "That's right, he bumped into me. He bumped into me with my
hand buried deep in my pussy, my boobs flopping all over my chest and I was
just coming off my second orgasm of the night. Sarah and you were just
finishing up. I grabbed the boy in front of me, and ran for the garage. I
needed to get fucked, and I needed it bad. I wanted to be out of your way,
so that you wouldn't know I'd been there. We made it into the garage and I
began pulling his clothes off."

"I was surprised and then I was giddy. I had always heard that Missy was a
slut, but she never noticed me. I had wanted to fuck her since the first time
I knew what fucking was all about. Since Ginny had taken the edge off me, I
was able to last for a long time with Missy. I could tell she was impressed.
I guess she was used to guys just using her pussy as a cum receptacle and not
caring if she got any pleasure or not. I figured this was a safe fuck,
because I knew the class slut had to be on the Pill."

"Scooter figured wrong. I always made the guys who screwed me use a condom,
because I didn't want to take a chance at all on pregnancy. I didn't go on
the Pill, because I didn't know anyone I could ask how to get some. The only
close female friend I had was Sarah, and I didn't want to ask her. We joined
together and he stuck his dick in me without a condom. I was so worked up I
couldn't have stopped him if I'd wanted to, and I sure didn't want to. That
night was the best sex I had ever had, and I realized it was because of no
condom. I loved to feel a naked prick in me, and I realized I wanted THIS
naked prick in me. I fell in love with Scooter that night. I still am. So
you see, we have you and Ginny to thank for bringing us together."

I spoke up now. "Missy, where did you go when you left after finding out you
were pregnant?"

"I went to live with my aunt and uncle. My mom and dad wanted nothing more
to do with me. They blamed Scooter for getting me pregnant, but it was just
as much my fault as it was his. I called him every night and we met at my
uncle's place whenever we could. When I had our first son, Scooter proposed
to me in the delivery room."

Scooter had been silent for a while. "When I screwed Missy that first time,
I knew in my heart that this was what I had been waiting for my whole life.
I didn't want to leave her, and I told her I loved her that night. Thank
you from the bottom of my heart."

I was speechless. It was nice to know I had done something right for a change.

Chapter Nine


Missy and I went over the plans for the divorce. I told her that Ginny was
not gonna agree to the divorce, but I wanted to go ahead anyway. She said
that with the evidence I had, Ginny had no chance to contest. She wanted to
know if I had made any copies of Ginny's address book. I hadn't, but Dan
could help there, if I went about it right. I'd need to call him. She said
she'd draw up some papers over the week, and I could sign them. She also said
that if Ginny wanted to contest the divorce, she'd have to come into town.
Missy's eyes were flashing when she said "I hope she does. I would love to
put her through the wringer in court. If anybody deserves public humiliation,
its Ginny." I looked at Scooter and asked if it would be okay if I kissed my
divorce attorney. Scooter and Missy both laughed. She said "I'd be insulted
if you didn't, but save some of that for Sarah tonight, OK!" I kissed Missy
(no tongue) and said "I'd better stop now, or Sarah will get suspicious."
Scooter, Missy and I broke up in laughter. It was nice to have friends again.

Scooter and I looked at property until five o'clock, when he had to go back
to the office to close up. I asked him what the deal was about the malt
shoppe. He said that Missy had gotten the title to the shoppe as payment in
a case. They decided to keep it and worked in it when they could. Their kids
all worked there too.

About 5:45, I arrived at the old Nelson house. It looked pretty much the same
as it always had been, but it was freshly painted. I went around back to see
the treehouse, and it had been rebuilt. It almost looked new. That surprised
me a bit.

I knocked on the front door, and Sarah met me. She was dressed casually, but
I still found it arousing. She noticed and said "Keep that ready 'til later,
I want to introduce you to the kids."

We went into the front room, and her son Ben was waiting. I didn't see Judi.

"Ben, this is Ed. Say hello. Where's Judi?"

"She got a call from Mandy. Said she'll be down later."

"What am I going to do with that girl? Ed, why don't you and Ben get
acquainted while I finish dinner." Sarah smiled as she left for the kitchen.

"Well Ben, how are things going?" I had no idea what to say to Sarah's son.
That must have sounded awfully lame.

Ben came over to me and gave me a hug. I was shocked. "What was that for?"

"You made my mother happy. That deserves a hug from a loving son." Ben was
smiling and he looked as happy as Sarah did.

"Ben, how old are you now?"

"Just turned twelve last month. Judi's fourteen and boy crazy. Mandy and
her talk almost every night about who the stud of the week is. I think it's
going to get her into trouble if she's not careful. I am glad to meet you
finally, Uncle Ed."

That was like a thunderbolt. How did he know I was his uncle?" "How did you
know I was your uncle?" I managed to sputter.

"Mom has a picture of you and Aunt Ginny that she kept hidden from Dad. (he
spat the word Dad out - I guess he hasn't forgiven his father yet) I could
hear her some nights calling your name out in her sleep when Dad was away.
I've even seen her kiss the picture when she thought no one was around. Mom's
been in love with you for a long time, and I am finally glad to meet you. I
want to know what you plan to do with Mom. I don't want her crying again like
she did when Dad left. I hope I never see my father again!" Ben had a look
of anger on his face. Dan sure made an enemy, here.

"Ben, I plan to marry your mother just as soon as I can. I love her more than
she loves me if that is even possible. I want to commend you for sticking by
your mother. I think you have helped her get over your father as painlessly
as she has. What does your sister think?"

At that moment, the person in question came down the stairs. My eyes must
have been playing tricks on me. Judi looked almost like a copy of Ginny at
fourteen years of age. She was filled out for fourteen, and I thought Ben had
a point - she was going to get into trouble with that body if she wasn't
careful. She stopped in the kitchen to talk to Sarah for a moment and then
came in.

"Hi Ed. Nice to put a face with the phone voice." Judi was a bubbly sort.

"Hi there, yourself. What did you and Mandy talk about?" Judy looked daggers
at Ben, who just smiled and suppressed a laugh.

"You told him, Ben! Now, he'll think I'm some kind of slut or something!"
Sarah came into the room just in time to hear that last comment from Judi.

"JUDI WALLACE!!! What kind of language is that to use in front of a guest?"
Sarah was furious and looked mortified. Judi was frightened, and Ben had
given up trying to suppress the laugh. I started to laugh too. It WAS funny.

Judi was trying to save face "But Mom, Ben told him about my phone call with
Mandy!" I could tell that this was not the impression she had wanted to make
on me. She was looking at Ben like she had some kind of evil torture devised
for him. Ben just looked at her and grinned. "Can't get in trouble for
telling the truth now, can I?"

That did it. Judi leaped at Ben, and Sarah and I were laughing so hard I
thought we'd have a heart attack. It felt like I was home. I felt like I
had a family and I went to give Sarah a hug. She looked at me and gave me a
kiss that took my breath away and whispered "I think they like you."

"You and Dan did at least a couple of things right, you know." I whispered
back and got a huge loving smile in return.

Sarah took charge as her laughter finally wound down. "Do you think you two
can keep from hitting each other until you finish dinner? Judi, come help
me set the table, please." Judi smiled at me sheepishly, scowled at Ben and
followed her mother into the kitchen.

Ben was still laughing. "Ed, you know this is the first time I've felt like
laughing for months. You seem to fit in here. Please don't leave for a while.
I'd like to have a chance to get to know you better. I figure if my mother
loves you so much, there must be something in you that's worth knowing. I
would really like to talk to you about girls." He looked quickly into the
kitchen. "Please don't tell Judi I said that, I'd never hear the end of it."

"Don't worry, buddy. I had those same questions you have when I was twelve
and there is no way I'd ever tell your sister. Your mother, maybe, but not
Judi. I hear she likes to spread the news. I don't want you to spoil that
good reputation you must have. I'll leave that for you."

Ben walked over and hugged me again. "You've been here twenty minutes and I
feel like you're my father more than I ever felt that way with my Dad. Thank
you for reappearing in Mom's life again."

This was too much. I began to think of Ben as the son I had always wanted to
have, and I silently cursed Ginny for not letting us have children. Judi yelled
from the kitchen "Dinner's ready!"


Dinner went well enough. Sarah was a good cook, and I was soon stuffed.
I could tell Judi wanted to get back upstairs (I guess she wanted to tell Mandy
about me). Ben had a look of contentment on his face, and he offered to do
the dishes to give Sarah and me some time alone. Sarah almost fell out of
her chair when she heard that. She said Ben NEVER offered to do the dishes
before. She usually had to force him.

Sarah and I went into the front room. I was glowing. Her two kids had an
effect on me that I could have never predicted. I felt like the head of a
family and it was one of the greatest feelings I had ever felt. I knew now
without any doubt that this was where I was destined to be. This was the
family I had always dreamed of having, and I was not going to let it get away.

I told Sarah how I was feeling and she laid her head on my shoulder and began
to cry softly. I stroked her hair and I felt content. We just held each other
for about ten minutes, not saying much. I told her of meeting Missy and that
she was going to file the divorce papers for me. I told her Missy and Scooter's
story of that night in the treehouse, and by the time I was done, she was
happy and smiling.

Ben came in and said that he was going upstairs to watch some tv in his room.
Judi had a date, and she would be gone by seven thirty. I looked at my watch
- it was seven now. How to kill forty-five minutes? I know!

"Sarah, why don't you give me the fifty cent tour? I'd like to know where I
hope to be living." (It just slipped out, but Sarah's smile turned into a
deep kiss of contentment, Ben just looked happy and went upstairs).

We toured the house. That killed about a half hour. Judi's boyfriend came
by and picked her up. Sarah told me that she was seeing this junior in high
school who had his own car. She didn't sound happy about it.

"I get the feeling you don't approve of Judi's boyfriend."

"There's nothing really wrong with him, I guess. I just wish she'd find
someone more her age. I know what he's gonna try to do, and I don't
want a repeat of Missy in my family."

"Sarah, would you like me to talk to her? I can tell her about Missy and
about Ginny. By the way, I can't get over how much she looks like Ginny did
at that age." I was not sure if Judi would listen to me, but it was worth
a shot.

Sarah chuckled. "Yeah, she sure does look like Ginny, doesn't she? I just
hope she doesn't turn out like Ginny did. Go ahead, talk to her. Maybe
she'll listen to you, but I doubt it."

We had ended up at the treehouse. I started to climb up, and looked at Sarah.
She had that evil look on her face. I smiled inwardly. She could read my mind!

We got up into the treehouse, and I was astonished. It was decked out like
an apartment with pillows, a cot, and chairs. I looked at Sarah with a
question on my face.

"Ben decorated it when he heard you were coming. I think he wants us to be
together. I can't believe it."

"Ben told me that he feels like I am more a father to him than Dan ever was.
I can't believe it either. I've only talked to him for an hour or so."

"Well, let's not let all these good intentions go to waste!" Sarah started
to unbutton her blouse, but I shook my head.

"Uh Uh, this is my pleasure." I unbuttoned the blouse and she had no bra on
this time. Her big boobs thrust out into my face, and I was once again struck
mute. I began to rub them in my hands as Sarah kissed me using her tongue.
I steered her towards the cot and laid her down on it. I braced myself
against her and started sucking her left nipple, while I was pinching her
right nipple with my hand. My other hand went down to her shorts and I
started to pull them off. Sarah helped me and she was soon only in soaked
panties. She was also trying not to scream as two or three orgasms flowed
through her. She pushed me away, and started on my clothes. I had on my
suit that I had been wearing earlier in the day, and Sarah lovingly and
carefully removed it, keeping the pants and jacket as nice as possible.
I chuckled quietly. Sarah heard and lifted an eyebrow in question. "I was
just thinking. The first time we were up here, we were ripping our clothes
off - now, we're taking our time and trying to be careful. Talk about polar
opposites!" Sarah got it now, and began to chuckle herself. But when all
I had on was my underwear, she almost ripped those off me, while tearing off
her panties. I bet I could of squeezed a cupful of pussy juice out of those

We had a race for the cot. Sarah won, and I came in a close second. I mean
- I came IN a close second. We were huffing and puffing (it was a hot night),
but we were enjoying ourselves. As I came in Sarah, she murmured in my ear
"it just keeps getting better and better" and she attacked my tongue with her
mouth. I must have filled her completely to the brim, because I could feel
come leaking out between us, staining the covers on the cot. Neither one of
us cared. I just lay on top of Sarah content to rest with my dick in her cunt.
Sarah was blissful and she was cooing like a dove in my ear. I could see
myself doing this for the rest of my life and thanking God every day.

When we finally cleaned ourselves up and went inside, Ben was in the kitchen.
He had a Cheshire cat grin on his face, and he asked Sarah how she was feeling.

Sarah blushed and said it was none of his business, but she was being playful,
not mad. He looked and me and gave me a 'thumbs up'. I thanked Sarah for the
lovely supper and the great dessert and prepared to leave. Sarah called me back.

"Why do you have to leave? I want you to stay here, with me."

"Sarah, nothing would please me more, but I can't until the divorce is final.
I know Ginny is no longer a part of me, but I can't live with someone I'm not
married to. It just goes against the way I was raised. I even had a twinge
of guilt this morning because I was cheating on Ginny. The twinge only lasted
a second, but it was there, nevertheless. My fondest wish is to be able to
share my life with you every day, but I can't move in until I'm free of Ginny.
My conscience won't let me."

I expected an argument or at least pleading. What I got stunned me.

Sarah looked at me with the deepest expression of love I had ever seen. I
mean, I haven't seen weddings with that look between the bride and groom.
"Ed, I only asked you to stay because I can't bear to be apart from you any
longer than necessary. But I also understand that you have morals, and you
can't overcome a lifetime of beliefs in just a few days. The invitation is
always here, and when you're ready, we'll all be waiting. I think the thing
I love most about you is that whatever you believe in, you stand up for
no matter what the circumstances. I know that if I were in your situation
with Ginny, I would have left before the first year was up. The fact that
you honored your marriage vows even when your wife (that word was spat
out) didn't, and flaunted that fact in your face, just makes me love you more.
Sleep well. my love and I'll see you tomorrow."

Ben was amazed at his mother, and he turned to me. "What kind of woman must
Aunt Ginny (a look of shock on Sarah's face, she didn't know Ben knew) be to
treat someone like you that way? I have not seen her for years, and I hope I
never do. Ed, I want you to know that I wish with all my heart that you had
been my father. I would be so proud to tell my friends the kind of man you
are. I only hope that when I grow up, I can be half the man you are."

Sarah was looking at Ben and her face was ashen. "Ben, how do you know about
Ed and Ginny?"

Ben explained to his mother about the picture and the moaning in her sleep.
He also told her about the time Ginny had visited Dan so that she could meet
the kids. He told her about catching Dan and Ginny fucking each other, and
that Dan had promised him to keep quiet about it. Ben was getting angrier by
the minute, but he had nothing on Sarah. Sarah was about to explode, and I
was worried.

"Ben," she gritted through clenched teeth "please go to your room. I have
to talk to Ed in private, and I don't want you to hear the words I'm going to
use. I'm not mad that you didn't tell me this - I know you didn't want to
hurt me, and I love you for that."

After Ben had left, Sarah took a deep breath and let it out slow. "Sarah,
honey, try to calm yourself. It happened and it's over."

Sarah spoke in a flat voice. "If I saw my husband right now, I could
cheerfully strangle him. I wouldn't be that nice to Ginny. I want her to
suffer. How dare she seduce my husband in my house with my son at home!
I'm sure she waited until I was going out of town with Judi before pulling this
stunt. Knowing her, I can almost believe that her whole purpose was not to
see the kids, but to seduce Dan and prove that she was better than me again.
She never liked kids, did she? I know you wanted children, but Ginny wouldn't
want to mess up her figure, now would she? That woman is a blight to all
things female."

Sarah was on a roll, and I didn't dare interrupt.

"Well, Ed, if I had any reservations about getting some revenge on Ginny or
Dan, they have just flown out the window. What did you have in mind?"

"I didn't really have a plan, but I thought Dan would be the key. He wants
you back, but he is stuck with Ginny for the time being. I even told him to
make sure he screwed my wife good, so that she wouldn't get suspicious."

Sarah's anger left and was replaced by laughter. "You did what???"

"I told him that Ginny would get suspicious if he didn't try his best to make
her happy in bed. I even suggested that he think of you when he was having
trouble focusing." I then told her about the two times I heard Ginny yelling
- once when Dan was not getting hard, and then later when he was satisfying
her. By now Sarah was laughing harder and harder. She was pounding the
table and her braless tits were jiggling. I was getting hard again. She noticed
and led me upstairs.

When we passed Ben's room, he looked at us and said "Go ahead, I'll keep
Miss Curiosity out of your room until you've finished." I could have kissed
him for that. Sarah did. It then hit me that he said 'your' room instead of
'Mom's' room. Ben wanted us together as much as we did! Sarah must have
reached the same conclusion because she went back in and this time hugged
Ben close.

When we had shut the door, I said "Why don't we have some fun with this. You
be Ginny and I'll be Dan."

Sarah's eyes lit up. "How do I pull this off, I don't know how to be cruel."

"Let me take care of that. I've had a lot of practice."

This session lasted an hour and we were both exhausted. I took her up the ass,
with her protesting every step of the way (with a large smile on her face), and
then I "forced" her to suck my cock. She even tried to gag on my immense
length. By the time we were finished, we were both laughing so hard we had
tears in our eyes. Sarah choked back a guffaw and said "This was great. We
have to try this more often. Perfect end to a perfect day. darling."

While I was laying there, it came to me - the perfect way to get revenge. I
told Sarah - "I've got it! I know how we'll do it. This'll work. Ginny will
fall for this like a ton of bricks."

"First, I want you to call Dan and tell him you are interested. (Sarah looked
at me like I was nuts). No, listen to me. Play around with him a bit on the
phone. Get him all hot and bothered. He'll want to fuck something, and the
only thing there will be Ginny. Now here is the best part. Tell him you'll
come back to him, but only if he marries Ginny. Get him to convince Ginny to
marry him anyway he can. Tell him you don't want him unless you can steal
him back from Ginny. Meanwhile, I'll tell Ginny that I want her back. I'll tell
her that I miss her so and that she is making me crazy. I'll tell her to get
rid of Dan so that we can be happy again. She'll naturally want me back at
home so she can torture me, but I'll say I can't leave or I'll lose my job.

"Second, when Missy files the divorce papers, we'll get her to send them
overnight addressed to Dan. He'll see them and figure that the way is clear
for Ginny and him to get married. Ask him whether he got the papers yet,
but tell him not to tell Ginny or she won't go through with it. By the time
they figure this little scheme out it'll be too late, and we can be married.
I'll love it even more if Ginny and Dan end up married - they deserve each

Sarah came over and kissed me long and hard and said "It just might work.
The only hard part will be convincing Dan and Ginny that we are sincere.
I'll have to trot out my Drama club experience.

"We could even get Ben involved. I'm sure he wants to help. We could have
Ben call his father and plead for him to return. That ought to send Dan over
the deep end fast. Now, I have to go. I need to start setting up my office
tomorrow. Why don't you come over tomorrow night and we'll finalize the plan."

"I'll talk to Ben. See you tomorrow after work. I can't wait. This will be
so much fun."

As I left, I saw Judi in Ben's room. She was yelling at him to let her go
(he had her arm pulled around her back), she was gonna miss it. Ben saw me,
and grinned. I waved, mouthed a 'Goodbye' and motioned for him to let her go.
I left the house grinning, looking forward to the time when I didn't have to

Chapter Ten


This all happened five years ago.

Our plans for Dan and Ginny worked. In fact, they married the same week Sarah
and I married. Unfortunately, when Dan called for Sarah two weeks after their
honeymoon, Sarah and I were still on our honeymoon. (At the time we were in
the treehouse in the back yard in our devil and angel costumes reliving
history. Her costume was so tight, her tits ripped out the front of it. I was
pleased. Turnabout is fair play!) When we came back in the house, Ben
told us Dan had called. Sarah got that wicked look of hers and placed a call
to Dan.

"Hello Dan. This is Sarah. I heard you finally got the courage to marry
Ginny. I hope the two of you can be as happy as Ed and I are. Oh, by the
way, I've changed my mind. Ed is all I'll ever need. Enjoy your new wife."
Sarah slammed the phone down and was in tears from laughing. When she calmed
down, she said that when she said to Dan to enjoy his new wife, Dan started
sobbing on the phone. I broke up then, and Ben grabbed the phone. He called
Dan again.

"Aunt Ginny, could I speak to Uncle Dan? (?Uncle Dan? - this was still his
father!) Uncle Dan, I just wanted to wish you and Aunt Ginny a very happy and
committed life." Ben then placed the phone down. and began to laugh himself.
I figured Why Not. I picked up the phone and called.

"Ginny, this is Ed. Wanted to wish you happiness. I know Dan will satisfy
all of your desires. Oh, by the way, I just wanted to let you know that I am
staying in town here. I already talked to Larry, and I'll be territory
superintendent based out of here. You come and visit sometime, OK?" I took
the phone away from my ears so Sarah and Ben could hear the cursing from Ginny.

When we had all calmed down, I looked at Ben. "Why did you say Uncle Dan?
He is still your father, you know. (Sarah was nodding her head in agreement).

"Not any more. Like I said before, you are more a father to me than he could
ever be, Dad" Ben was smiling and came over and kissed me like a son kisses
his father. Sarah was beaming and happy. I was stunned. This boy was too

Later that night, Judi came home from her date, and she called me Dad, too.
I was accepted. I finally had my family.

Ginny and Dan lasted a year. This surprised me, really. I had given them
six months at the most. Dan moved back into town, and is seeing a woman.
They are engaged. He still comes to visit Ben and Judi, but they don't enjoy
his visits very much. I haven't heard from Ginny in several years, but I
don't miss her at all. I suppose she is screwing whomever she can get into
her bed. Dan told me that she started cheating on him less than a week after
they returned from their honeymoon. I guess some things never change.

Missy and Scooter had another child. Missy was Sarah's matron of honor at
the wedding, and Scooter was looking very uncomfortable in his suit as the
best man.

The best thing that has happened is that Sarah is pregnant with our second
child. We named our first boy Paul after Missy's brother. Little Paul is
three and is getting into everything. Ben is so protective of his little
brother that he rarely goes a day without doing some kind of fun thing with
him. Ben is seventeen and a senior. He has a steady girl and they have been
together for two years now. She is a sweet girl, and she is good for Ben. I
hope they get married when they feel ready. It would be a good marriage.
Judi is a sophomore at college. She got a full scholarship, and it doesn't
cost Sarah or I anything. She is engaged to the boy she was going with in
high school. He is an honor student, and is studying to be a doctor. Sarah
even likes him now. I always did.

Sarah and I haven't changed much. We still love each other very much and we
still have volcanic sex. We never seem to tire of sex and Sarah has said that
she had cum so much over these last six years that she could start a cum
factory. We still use the treehouse occasionally because both of us enjoy it.
We even caught Ben and his girlfriend using it one night. Like father, like
son, I guess. Judi, however, is saving herself for marriage. I would like
to say Sarah or I had some influence on her, but her fiancee and her made the
decision themselves. That's one of the reasons I like that boy!

As I said earlier. I'll never forget the day I came home and found Ginny
fucking someone else in our bed. That was the first day of the rest of my
life, and I thank the Lord every morning and night.

The End


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