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SIMONSEZ movie drill sergeant with new



(c) Copyright 1999 by Wiseguy

PART I: The Bet

The absolute hottest, most erotic events of my life came about because
of a children's game at a company picnic. Strange, isn't it? It would
seem even stranger if you knew me. Within my social circle I'm considered
nice, quiet, a little dull but reliable. Certainly the last guy anyone
would suspect of getting mixed up in hypnotic domination scenarios ... but
in a nutshell that's what happened.

A little background might help you to understand better. I've always
been very good with numbers and organization, even as a child, so it didn't
surprise anyone when I picked Accounting as my college major. I'm also
quiet and a bit bland by nature; I remember when Linda agreed to marry me,
her friends gave her some good-natured ribbing about marrying a walking Ken
doll. It didn't bother me much, mostly because I was busy passing my CPA
exams and gaining experience in a small independent firm. The firm
ultimately dissolved in a dispute between the partners, but the experience
made it fairly easy to find a new job.

I started working in a regional office of a major insurance company
about 3 years ago. One of the things that attracted me to this company is
their commitment to helping the community. We sponsor a number of
charity-related events during the year, but the most popular one with the
staff is the annual summer picnic.

For the most part our picnic is like any other corporate get-together.
Employees and their spouses are invited, food and refreshments are provided
by the company, and there are various sports and games for entertainment.
What gives our picnics a unique twist is that employees are actively
encouraged to participate in the activities and to bet on the outcome.
Each event has a pool associated with it, much like a regular office
football pool. Whoever wins the pool gets half the money and names the
charity to receive the other half. Since no insurance company wants to be
seen as promoting physical injury, so we don't do contact sports. Instead
the events tend to be things like singles and doubles tennis, volleyball,
3-legged races, variations on carnival booths, and simple children's games
like Simon Sez.

My first year I volunteered for softball, since that and golf are the
only sports I'm reasonably good at. It was great fun, but Frank broke his
ankle trying to do a bent-leg slide into second base and Sally got pretty
bruised up trying to beat a tag at the plate. That convinced the company
to reclassify softball as a contact sport.

Last year I didn't know what to sign up for, so I went the route of all
the undecided and drew a slip of paper from a basket. At the time I was
amused to have drawn "Simon Sez." I'm a little too gangly for tennis and
not quite fast enough for volleyball, so it seemed safe. My friend
Marlene, who works in HR and coordinates these events, said it would be

And it probably was for most of the onlookers. A huge crowd of them
watched, probably for the kick of seeing their bosses and coworkers taking
orders instead of giving them. The contestants were assembled in a group,
and then a tiny little guy in a white warm-up suit took the improvised
stage before us and started barking out commands. This guy was an evil
genius. He'd say "move right" while moving left, preface a commands with
"Someone says" instead of "Simon says", use common, body language to invoke
an incorrect response -- any way he could trick somebody, he'd try it. I
was way out of my league and it showed; I set a new record for the quickest
elimination which will probably stand for a generation. It was several
weeks before I could walk around the office and not hear about my pathetic

The whole affair left such a bad taste in my mouth that I was determined
not to repeat it, so I went to see Marlene as soon as the picnic date was
published. Marlene is an old friend of mine and Linda's; in fact, I met
Marlene first. We dated casually for a few weeks back in college. We
became very fond of each other, but our styles were too different to
sustain a satisfying relationship. Marlene was (and still is) a firebrand,
a daring and playful lady with a natural talent for mischief and I was,
well, pretty much the opposite. When it seemed like we had reached the end
of our road, Marlene cleverly engineered a date between me and her roommate
Linda. From that first date everything just seemed to work for us. We
stayed together through college, lived together for a couple of years while
I was getting my start, and were married seven years ago with Marlene at
our side. She is still best friend to both of us.

She was keying something into her computer when I walked into her
office, memo in hand. She shoved the keyboard aside and turned to greet
me. "I'll bet I know what you want, Michael."

"I'll bet you do, too. Can you sign me up for volleyball?"

"Are you sure?" she asked, "That's not really your speed."

"Neither is Simon Sez, in case you didn't notice."

Her eyes twinkled at the reference. "You're not still mad about that,
are you?"

"Not mad, no ... but why risk further damage to my fragile male ego?"

"Because I had you pencilled in for Simon Sez already and most of the
other events are filled up?"

"How can they be filled up? The notice just came out this morning!" I
showed her the paper memo in my hand bearing that day's date.

Marlene looked up to see where I was pointing. "Oh, that. It's a typo
-- the memo actually went out last Monday while you were in Seattle. I
guess you didn't see it when you got back, huh?"

I groaned loudly and painfully.

"Let me see what's still open." Pursing her lips in mock sympathy,
Marlene started flipping through a spiral notebook. After a few moments
she had a proposition for me. Her eyes locked onto mine with a familiar,
playful expression that she always uses when she is up to something.

The first time I saw that look, we had been dating about 2 weeks. I was
trying to show her that I could loosen up and be fun, so we were in this
redneck bar and pool hall on the outside of town. Marlene and I were
probably the only people in the place with high school diplomas; the rest
of the patrons were rough-looking men in dirty denims, power drinkers and
similar types. We'd had a beer or two and I mentioned that I played some
pool as a teen. She gave me that now-familiar impish look, then she walked
up to the biggest, meanest-looking guy in the place and bet him $100 that I
could beat him at nine-ball. While the tough guy was lining up his first
shot, Marlene commented on how hot it was inside and slipped off her
jacket, revealing a lacy see-through top that concealed almost nothing.
His eye kept wandering from his shot to her chest and he scratched in no
time. I still don't know how we got out of there unharmed.

"Tell you what," she offered, bring me back to the present. "Jay Vogel
is looking to get out of the water balloon toss. If you want, you can have
that spot. But I'd like to offer you an incentive to stay with Simon Sez."

"I don't know, Marlene. It would have to be one hell of an incentive."

"How about dinner for three?" She mentioned the name of a very
well-known, very expensive, premium steak house. "If you don't win, it's
my treat. There's only one catch -- you have to let me coach you."

I was impressed. If Marlene was willing to risk a 3-digit dinner check,
I reasoned, she must be very sure about the probable outcome. I thought
about it for far less time than I should have.

"Okay, you're on. You must fancy yourself one helluva coach."

Marlene beamed. "You don't know the half of it yet. Why don't you come
back here this afternoon after the budget meeting and we'll start your

PART II: Training

The budget meeting started at 1:00 and lasted until after 4:00. Let me
shatter at least one of the CPA stereotypes by saying that by 2:05 I was
bored out of my mind. Our budget meetings seem deliberately designed to
squeeze the minimum amount of productivity into the maximum available time.
Sitting through one is more than merely dull; it involves the kind of
oppressive tedium that is more tiring than physical exercise. Once or
twice I glanced across the conference table at Marlene only to find her
eyeing me, her mental gears visibly turning.

You've probably already guessed her plan, but when I walked into her
office at 4:30 I had no clue what to expect. Marlene was the only one
around -- no surprise, our budget meetings are enough to make anyone want
to skip town in a hurry. Nonetheless, she closed and locked the office
door behind me.

"We don't want to be disturbed, do we?" she said and gave me another one
of those looks. I was starting to feel toyed with.

"Okay, you've had your fun, now give -- what exactly do you have in

"You've been trying to figure that out all day, haven't you?" I couldn't
deny it. "I knew you would, you've never heard or seen anything in your
life that you haven't tried to define, categorize, or analyze until you
felt comfortable with it."

I started to interject. "Wait a minute, now --"

"Easy, big fellow. That's not a knock, it's just the way your brain is
wired. It makes you great at understanding and following complex
processes. It just leaves you a little handicapped in the area of
spontaneous action."

I wasn't quite sure how to take that. "So you're proposing ... what?
To rewire my brain?"

"Not completely." Marlene rose up from her chair and came around the
desk to me. "I want to teach you how to relax." Gently, she loosened my
tie and unbuttoned my top shirt button. "To loosen up and have fun, to
just go with the flow." Her hands slipped under my jacket and started
sliding it off my shoulders. With any other woman I'd have been out that
office door in seconds, but Marlene and I had the kind of intimacy that
comes from years of close friendship, so it didn't feel like a come-on.
Instead of backing away, I just asked "What does that have to do with Simon

She took my jacket and hung it on the back of her door. "It's simple,
really. The reason you have a hard time with Simon Sez is because you
spend too much time trying to understand the instructions before you follow
them. There's no point in doing that, the caller's orders and movements
are all designed to confuse. What you need to do is relax, accept every
word at face value and above all don't think too much. You'll do better
that way and you'll have fun too."

It seemed reasonable to me. "Okay, maybe you're right. How is a guy
like me going to learn to do that in 2 weeks?"

"With the help of a little modern technology," she answered, then
pointed to the chair behind her desk. "Have a seat in my chair and get
nice and comfortable. Face the computer." She had a very nice high-back
leather office chair, just worn enough to feel soft while still looking
new. My arms rested naturally on the arms of the chair. When I swung
around to face her PC, my feet fell right into place on a footrest under
the desk.

"Comfortable?" she asked.

"Mmmmm. Who did you bribe to get this chair?"

"I won it in a bet." From the other side of the desk, she reached for
her mouse and clicked Start, Run. Before I could read the name of the
program, she clicked OK and the screen blanked. A few seconds later it
filled with a strange pattern of multicolored dots on a black background.
As I watched, a brief flash of bright yellow lit the screen for an instant,
then vanished. Then it flashed again. My mental timepiece told me it was
flashing about twice per second.

Marlene dimmed the office lights and closed the blinds, making the
impact of the flashing image more dramatic to my eyes. "The trick here,
Michael, is to learn to ignore some inputs while focusing on others. You
see a lot of dots on the screen, don't you? Let your eyes wander over the
screen at random, not paying any particular attention to what dots they
see. As you do that, I want you to count the flashes in your mind. Don't
think about anything else, just count the flashes."

That didn't seem too difficult. I did exactly what she said, letting my
eyes wander slowly from dot to dot, counting the yellow flashes to myself.
After 50 flashes, my mind started wandering a bit and I had to concentrate
to avoid losing count. Around 120 flashes the combination of the dim room
and a 21-inch CRT blasting yellow light was starting to irritate my eyes; I
found myself trying to blink between flashes so I wouldn't miss one. I
became aware of a voice behind me.

"You're doing wonderfully, Michael. I can see that you are
concentrating hard, keeping count of the flashes. Soon your eyes will grow
tired and heavy, and that's okay. When you're ready, just let your eyes
close and rest. You will still be able to sense the flashes even through
your heavy, heavy eyelids. Let them close now, and feel yourself sinking a
little deeper into the chair."

My eyes dropped shut immediately, and I felt a wave of relief and, yes,
a sensation of sinking into that chair. She was right about my being able
to sense the flashes with my eyes closed, so I kept counting. I felt a
pair of hands begin gently massaging my shoulders and neck. Instinctively
I sighed and almost lost count of the flashes as I felt the tension leaving
my upper body. The voice came back -- Marlene's voice, but not quite right
somehow. Instead of her usual lively tone this voice was soft, slow,
soothing, like a lullaby.

"That's good, Michael, just relax. Let go. Feel your whole body
slowing down as you concentrate on counting the flashes. Feel each flash
as it washes over your face, each one relaxing you a little bit more.
Don't try to understand, just let it happen."

I felt the hands moving down over my chest, down my forearms, all the
way with that magical, soothing touch. I became aware of my own breathing,
slow and quiet, and almost forgot to keep counting flashes.

"You're doing so well, Michael. Much better than I hoped, much better
than you know. Let your body go limp now, Michael, limp and loose and
lazy. Feel your mind starting to drift off to a safe, comfortable place.
You may find that you start to lose track of the flashes. If you do,
that's okay, you can just start over from the last number you remember.
Feel the freedom, feel the peace, feel the comfort. Drift away with me

I did lose count then, several times. My mind just wouldn't stay
focused anymore. Then I heard a soft buzzing sound, maybe it was a voice,
maybe not. Counting the flashes was no longer important, I just let the
pulses soak into my body and drifted off for a while.

"Three, four, and five. Wide awake now, feeling great."

My eyes snapped open. It was no longer dim in the office, it was almost
completely dark. I blinked the heaviness out of my eyes and looked at the
clock on Marlene's desk.

"Holy shit, it's a quarter after six! Linda's gonna be ticked."

Marlene flicked on the lights. "No problem. I called her a little bit
ago, told her you were going to be late coming home. She said to pick up
some chinese on the way." She sat on the edge of the desk and studied my
face. "How do you feel?"

"Now that you mention it, pretty good. Kind of like waking up from a
Sunday afternoon nap. I don't remember much, though. Was I doing it

"Absolutely. Let's see what you've learned so far. Simon says stand

Even as I was starting to get up, I felt something click in the back of
my mind. Instead of slowly rising, I almost jumped out of the chair.
Marlene saw that extra snap and seemed pleased.

"Very good! Now, Simon says lift your left foot." Another click, and
before I realized it my left foot was already in the air. Marlene picked
up the pace.

"Simon says hop 3 times ... Simon says clap your hands ... Simon says
stop clapping ... Simon says touch your nose ..." I'm not sure how long it
went on, but I was getting into it. Obeying "Simon" seemed to get easier
and quicker with each instruction. Finally, she said "Put your right foot
down." Something was wrong; I didn't feel the little click I'd become
accustomed to. Some part of me didn't want to, but I put my foot down.
Then I realized that Marlene hadn't said "Simon says" on the last command;
I was out. . "Oops," I said. "Guess I'm not ready for prime time yet."

"Not yet, but it's a good start." She tossed my suit jacket back to me.
"Now Simon Says go home and take Linda out to dinner."

That was the best suggestion I'd gotten all day. I was out of the
office in nothing flat, and instead of stopping for greasy carryout I took
Linda to the Royal Hunan Palace.

The next few training sessions went pretty much the same as the first
one. I'd come down to Marlene's office on a quiet afternoon and practice
counting the flashes for a few minutes, then she'd test me with some Simon
commands. With each session I got a little quicker and a little smarter. I
was starting to realize that the mental click I was feeling was a good
instinct that could be trusted, and gradually stopped thinking as much
about the actual commands. I still didn't believe I'd win the contest,
mind you, but I was pretty sure I wouldn't embarrass myself.

The picnic was set for Saturday. On Friday at about 4:45 I poked my
head into Marlene's office. "One more practice before the big show?"

"Absolutely," she said. "But how about a change of venue, just to make
things interesting?"

"Sure, why not?"

"I was thinking of my place. You're on your own this evening, right?"
She was right -- Linda, a high school computer science teacher, had been
helping out at Computer Day Camp all week and would not be home until late.
So we went to Marlene's apartment and warmed up some leftovers. We ate
quickly and shared the cleanup chores so we could get down to business.

I started walking toward the spare bedroom which was Marlene's home
office, but she stopped me. "There won't be any flashing lights tomorrow.
Let's see how you do without them." She had me move the coffee table aside,
creating a big open space in the living room, and stood there a few feet
away facing directly at me. She pointed to her own eyes. "Now keep
looking right here, Michael, and focus on what I am saying to you.
Remember how it feels when you are locked in, that nice relaxed feeling,
that locked-in feeling. Remember it now, relax, and you will do well."

It was working. I thought about how I usually felt at the beginning of
a practice, and just as she said, the feeling flowed through me again even
without the benefit of the flashes. I was focused, ready, in the zone --
pick your favorite athletic cliché.

Marlene started throwing out test commands: raise one foot, turn around,
bark like a dog, do 5 pushups. I lost track of how many commands I obeyed,
but I knew I was nailing them all. Several times she tried to trick me by
omitting the "Simon says" or substituting "Someone says", and every time I
responded correctly. Gradually, I became aware of an extra sparkle in
those lovely hazel eyes.

"Simon says give me your right hand," Marlene commanded, extending her
left hand as if to shake. Before I could even think about it, my right
hand came forward to meet hers even as I was realizing that it was the
"wrong" hand for a real handshake. Cool, I thought -- my new instinct is
smarter than I am.

"Simon says kiss me." I don't even remember closing the gap between us;
just hearing her voice one second and my mouth locking onto hers the next.
Then I realized what I was doing and jumped back, startled and very
surprised at myself. "Where did that come from?"

Marlene let out a low chuckle as she licked her lips. "Think of it as
the acid test. You were so tuned in that you didn't even think about what
you were doing until after you'd started doing it. And doing it very well,
I might add."

"Um, thanks. I guess." I still felt unsettled, like I'd just been
groped by my sister. Then I heard Marlene's voice again.

"Simon says kiss me again."

Instantly I felt her lips against mine. This time it was harder to pull
back, but I did. All I could think was, this isn't right. I needed to get
away fast before something unforgivable happened.

"Simon says once more, with tongue this time."

I felt my body lunge forward and reach for her, but I was already
resisting and managed to turn my face away. "No, Marlene! You've made
your point, I think I'm trained enough." I knew I needed to get out of
there, but all I could think about was how much I wanted to kiss her again,
exploring her mouth with my tongue. As she watched me, I also became aware
that another part of my body seemed to be out of control and looking to
explore her.

"It's okay, Michael. Simon says never mind."

It was like turning off a light -- one second I was frozen, obsessed,
straining to resist and the next I was free, sighing deeply and wondering
what happened. I looked back at Marlene and started to speak, but she cut
me off with a gesture.

"Relax, Michael. Simon says relax, and return to your special place.
Simon says relax, trust me, listen to me. Simon says I will take care of
you." There was more, but none of it registered. One moment I was fully
alert, the next moment I felt myself falling into darkness. The sensation
was like being put to sleep for an operation.

" Four, becoming aware again. Five, fully awake, quiet and still."

I was sitting in a recliner, Marlene perched on the arm while holding my
hand in her lap. I tried to say something -- what, I don't remember -- but
she stopped me, putting a finger up to her lips. "Don't try to talk,
Michael. You can't until I let you, so just listen. I need to tell you
some things."

I stopped trying to talk and fixed my gaze on her face. As she talked,
my analytical self finally starting putting the pieces together.

"Did you ever wake up in the morning and feel like something was
missing, Michael? I do, quite a lot, especially since Ron."

Oh yes, I thought, remembering Ron. Marlene had dated him for nearly 2
years. He seemed like the perfect guy for Marlene -- easygoing, quick to
lay down a dare and even quicker to take one up. He had an inexhaustible
library of stories in his head and could keep any crowd in stitches telling
them. Toward the end he was practically living with her, but we could tell
Marlene was getting frustrated and wanted more. Then, while he was away on
a "business trip", a pair of sheriff's deputies came to see her.
Apparently Ron was the perfect guy for a number of women; he had
outstanding warrants against him in two states for failure to pay child
support. Within a couple of days, the police picked up Ron as he signed
for a package he had ordered over the Internet using one of Marlene's
credit card numbers. Marlene seemed to have handled it well but Linda and
I noticed that aside from an occasional outing with us, Marlene didn't seem
to date anymore.

"The debacle with Ron got me thinking, I suppose," she continued. "Did
he really have me fooled for almost 2 years, or was I helping him by
fooling myself? And what about the guys before him? They were all pretty
much the same. Reckless, unpredictable, spontaneous, maybe even a little
unsavory -- and, in the end, unsatisfying. They weren't grownups. The
more I thought about it, the more I realized that the only real man I have
ever dated is the one I set up with my roommate. Don't get me wrong, I
love seeing the two of you so happy together and I don't want to hurt either of you. All I want is a small taste of you for myself. I'm
offering you a little walk on the wild side in return.

"Simon says watch me, Michael." My gaze locked onto her as she rose up
from her perch on the chair side, gently laying my arm down on my lap. She
took a few steps, then turned to face me. She was still wearing most of
her outfit from work -- white blouse with embroidered highlights tucked
neatly into a navy wrap skirt with a slit that was daring but still
elegant. Dark hose disappearing up into the skirt. Her all-business jacket
and shoes had been discarded before dinner, as had my sport coat and tie.
As she started fingering the buttons on her blouse, I tried to look away
but my eyes wouldn't cooperate. Instead they focused in closer and I
realized anew how sexy my friend really was.

"Have you ever wondered what we could have been like, Michael?" The
answer was yes, but I couldn't say it. I was still effectively bound and
gagged, but certainly not blindfolded. I watched very closely as her hands
started undoing the fastener that held up her skirt. "I know you have.
Not for long, not seriously, you are too good a husband for that. But
sometimes, in your deepest dreams, you imagine what it might be like to
have sex with me. I know you do, because you told me so. Simon says
imagine it now." I didn't remember telling her any such thing, but it was
certainly true now as images of myself and Marlene in various erotic
positions began parading unbidden through my mind. Before long I had a
major hard-on, my body making a mockery of my will.

The skirt dropped to the floor. Marlene flipped it away with a foot
then started slowly unbuttoning the blouse, all the while still keeping eye
contact with me. "Tonight, Michael, we are going to act on our fantasies.
One time only, no regrets and no guilt. You know you want to. The more
you think about it, the more aroused you become. Simon says your arousal
keeps building as you watch me undress."

As she said the magic phrase, she slipped the blouse off her shoulders
and let it fall to the floor. There was no containing my penis now, it
strained hard against the front of my pants. Meanwhile, the analytical me
was too busy wondering what she would take off next to be of any help.
Marlene saw the bulge in my pants and smiled as she stepped a little
closer. She was down to a sheer satiny bra, matching bikini panty and the

"You like my body, don't you? I've lost count of how many times, in how
many ways, I've tried to show you bits of it. Remember the pool hall by
the college? The camping trip when you caught me skinny-dipping? The tiny
little swimsuits I wear on our beach weekends? I told you I wanted people
to notice; what I never said was, I wanted you to notice too. Are you
noticing now, Michael? Simon says look very closely at my body and feel
your arousal increasing." The hose went next, smoothly and cleanly, joining
the pile of clothes on the floor. She was half-sitting on the arm of the
chair again, giving me a great profile view of her thighs, the flat rise of
her abdomen, the perfect curve of her breast. I caught a hint of a
familiar scent; I wasn't the only one whose arousal was increasing.

"Do you know what I want right now, Michael? I want to feel your hand
on my breast. You like my breasts, don't you? Simon says you like them.
Simon says you want to explore them, feel them, excite them. And I want to
know the gentle touch of a loving man looking to give me pleasure as I do
the same for him. Simon says caress my breast." She reached behind her,
unhooked the bra and let it fall. Marlene always did have exquisite
breasts. They were average in size to my eye, probably a 34C, but they had
that perfect teardrop shape and, I half suspected, would fit perfectly in
my hands. I was right. My left hand, acting completely on its own, rose
up to cup her left breast. A tingle like a mild electrical shock ran down
my arm as my palm came into contact with her already erect nipple. Marlene
gasped a little, then exhaled with a long, slow moan. Her right hand
covered my left, guiding me into massaging her breasts one at a time. I
tried to pull my hand away, tried to make it stop, but I was clearly not in
charge here.

Marlene remained silent for several minutes, eyes closed, enjoying the
sensations. After a while her breathing deepened and the pace picked up.
She moved my hand faster and more insistently, dividing time between her
nipples. Next she reached down with her left hand and started gently
squeezing and stroking the bulge in my pants. "You are getting me very
excited, Michael. I think I am going to come just from your hand. Simon
says kiss me deeply until I come."

I was so hot and horny at that point that I not even token resistance
was possible. She drew close and our mouths locked together, tongues
exploring one another, as I continued to attend to her breasts and nipples.
In just a few minutes I felt Marlene start to shudder and sit up. I knew
she was coming, and I wouldn't be far behind. At the last second, she
realized it too. "No!" she gasped in mid orgasm, "Not yet! ... Don't come
yet. ... Simon says ... you can't come ... until Simon ... says so ...

I let out a massive, soul-stirring groan. My dick felt like a fire hose
with a knot in the middle: too much pressure, no way to relieve it. All I
could do was sit there and watch Marlene recover her breath, my hand still
mindlessly caressing her breast. "Simon says you can stop that now" she
said, using her hand to disengage mine. The arm went limp again. My dick,
on the other hand, continued to stand at attention.

"Whew!" she sighed, wiping some real sweat from her brow. "You have
very talented hands, my dear. That was very intense." She look at my face
with something like contrition. "But not too much fun for you, was it?
I'm sorry, I let myself lose control a bit there. We're not done yet,
though. Simon says stand up."

I was on my feet before I had time to realize my body was moving. She
stood right before me, naked except for the now soaked panties, and toyed
with my shirt front for a moment. "Simon says take off your shirt." Of
course I did, immediately and without conscious thought. It had been a
warm day, so I wasn't wearing an undershirt. Marlene ran her hands over my
chest, squeezing my nipples lightly in the process and, if I'm not
mistaken, purring a little. "Simon says take off your shoes and socks."
Out of nowhere, my almost forgotten analytical self noted that while I
could easily move to obey Marlene's commands, I still had no ability to
speak or move by my own desire. I remembered the hypnosis lectures from
college, where we were all sternly reminded that nobody can be hypnotized
into doing something against their will. Maybe not, I thought, but you'd
be amazed what some people are secretly willing to do.

"Simon says take off your pants." God, was that a relief! Before my
slacks had even hit the floor, my dick shot forward through the front of my
boxers, a little bit of pre-cum oozing from the tip. "Simon says hold me,
" Marlene commanded as she reached around and embraced me, pressing her
hips against mine. I felt the sweet sensations of my dick against her
pelvis and her breasts against my chest, and I wanted her more than I'd
ever wanted a woman before. I would have been content to hold that
position indefinitely, but after only a few moments I heard "Simon says let
go" and my arms dropped to my sides.

She moved back several steps, being careful not to trip on discarded

"Here's the problem, Michael. I've been very selfish. That flashing
light program on the computer is designed to induce Delta pattern brain
waves, which are normally associated with deep sleep. I used the program
and some script suggestions from a book to hypnotize you and condition you
to obey me whenever I say 'Simon says'. I was going to use that
conditioning to make you fuck me and then forget that you'd done it, so you
wouldn't feel guilty and Linda would never get hurt. But I don't think I
can go through with it as planned. I still want you, but I want you to do
it willingly.

At this point all we've done is kiss and indulge in some heavy petting.
By the Bill Clinton definition of adultery, we haven't done anything wrong
yet. But I know you, Michael, and I'm sure that by your standards we
already have crossed the line. In a moment, I'm going to give you back the
ability to talk and act independently. Before I do, I want to offer you
one final choice: do you want to continue this fantasy to completion by
making love to me, or do you want to stop, get dressed, and forget
everything that's happened since dinner? Simon says you may answer when
you are ready."

No man is at his intellectual best when most of his blood supply is
holding up his dick. I thought, probably too briefly, about Linda. Never
in my memory had I consciously thought about cheating on her with Marlene
or anyone else. I loved her deeply and completely. Perhaps it was my
raging hormones or the lingering effect of Marlene's 'Simon says' commands,
but I realized that I also loved Marlene in a way, and a large part of me
(so to speak) was completely in tune with her "haven't you ever wondered?"
reasoning. She was right about something else, too -- in my mind, I had
already committed adultery. He that is down fears no fall. I swallowed a
couple of times as Marlene watched, holding her breath.

"Marlene, you are one of the two most wonderful women I've ever known.
All of the happiest events in my life have involved you in some way. If
this is my chance to give something back to you, then I'll take it. I
think Linda will understand." The raw emotion was getting to us both,
although I noticed the pressure and throbbing in my dick hadn't diminished

She ran back over and kissed me fervently. "Simon says you can speak
and move freely. Now fuck me, Michael. Simon says fuck me."

I lifted her up immediately and carried her to the bedroom, kissing the
side of her neck as we went. Playfully I tossed her onto the bed, deftly
relieving her of the sopping wet panties in the process. She bounced right
back up again and slid off the edge, landing on her knees facing me.
Within seconds my boxers were around my ankles and Marlene's mouth was
around my dick, working its way up and down the shaft. The sensation was
incredible. Linda doesn't care much for oral sex, whether on the giving or
receiving end, so our few forays into that area had been brief and not that
satisfying. Marlene must love it, because she was incredibly good. I felt
my body responding to her in a way I didn't know was possible. Soon every
muscle and nerve was screaming that I needed to come, but for some reason
the fire hose didn't burst. Then I realized -- not until Simon says so.
And just then Simon's mouth was otherwise occupied. I babbled something
semi-intelligible about the odds of my having a stroke if she kept that up.

She pulled her mouth off my dick and blew gently on its wet surface. I
groaned loudly and felt my knees start to buckle. Marlene stood up, still
holding my throbbing dick in her hand, and pushed me over onto the bed.
"The only stroke you're going to have is THIS kind," she proclaimed, and
climbed right on top of me taking my entire length into her easily. We
started slowly, then established an ever increasing rhythm of thrust and
return, thrust and return, never coming completely out, just enough to
tease my sensitive head. I could tell Marlene was losing control again as
her face went slack and her breathing got louder and louder. Watching her
breasts heave in front of me along with the sensations in my groin left me
speechless, all I could do was grunt and hang on. She started talking to
me. "Here we come, get ready, we're almost there, any second now ... COME
NOW, Michael, Simon says COME NOW." She sat up and flung her head way back
as we came together, making it look for a moment as though I'd blown her
head off with my explosion. I literally saw spots before my eyes, and I
think we both passed out briefly.

When I came to I was still lying on my back. Marlene's spent body was
draped across me and she held on tightly as her breathing slowed back to
normal. I let us both enjoy the glow for a little while before speaking

"Things will never be the same between us, you realize."

She rose up to one elbow and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. "Of
course they will. You've forgotten something. Simon says relax, Michael.
Simon says relax deeply and listen to my voice..."

"Wake up, Michael, it's time to go home."

As I blinked the sleep out of my eyes, I tried to roll over to climb out
of the bed. To my complete surprise, I couldn't do it -- I wasn't in bed
at all, I was in the recliner in Marlene's living room. I was fully
dressed except for my sport coat and tie. Marlene was standing over me in
her navy skirt and white blouse, looking at me inquisitively. "Are you

I sat up and put down the footrest, trying to work through the confusion
in my mind. Very shortly I gave up hope of figuring this out myself and
looked to Marlene. "Will you please explain to me what just happened

"We finished your training, like you wanted. I hypnotized you again and
reinforced all the suggestions you will need to stay sharp and focused
during the game tomorrow. Then I let you rest a little before waking you
up just now."

This wasn't working, I was getting more confused instead of less. "But
wasn't I ... didn't we ... I remember ... sort of ... "

"Having wild, joyous sex in the bedroom?" Marlene finished for me. "Is
that what you think happened?"

"Sure," I answered, and then was suddenly less sure. "I mean, I think
so. I remember it vividly."

"Of course you do, dear. You are an amazingly good hypnotic subject.
Nobody touched you, nobody moved you, but in your mind you were kissing,
stroking and screwing yourself into a stupor. You almost had a real orgasm
from an imaginary experience."

"Imaginary? Then we didn't really ... "

She shook her head and held up her right hand in the traditional
gesture. "You were a perfect gentleman at all times. Scout's honor."

"Okay, I give up." Still shaking my head ruefully, I used the bathroom
to freshen up then headed home.

Linda was already there when I arrived, catching a late dinner of Lean
Cuisine and browsing through the newspaper. "And where have you been,
young man?" she asked in her best hall monitor voice, a mock scowl coming
over her face.

"Would you believe obedience school?"

"Long overdue in my opinion." She got up and met me half way in the
living room, wrapping her arms around my neck in a tight embrace which I
was more than happy to return. We exchanged a few kisses, then Linda went
back to her newspaper and I announced my intention to go to bed.

"By the way" she said, "there should be another bottle of after shave in
the bathroom closet. Third shelf, left side I think."

I stopped in my tracks, wondering what prompted that remark. "Okay,
I'll dig it out when I finish the open one."

"Oh, you still have some? I'm sorry. I just noticed you're not wearing
any now and thought you might be out."

Now it was my turn to be puzzled. "Could have sworn I put some on this
morning. All these Simon Sez drills must be turning my brain into Jell-O.

PART III: The Big Show

The next day was the picnic. It was probably a good thing, since it
kept me too busy to think too much about what had happened the night
before. We picked up Marlene at her place and arrived at the picnic ground
just as things were starting to get interesting. I did my shift on the
grill while Linda and Marlene wandered off by themselves. At two o'clock I
handed my apron over to my relief and headed for the Simon Sez area.

Marlene and Linda were already waiting for me there. "Time to strut
your stuff, pal," Marlene said.

"You sure you want to do this?" I asked. "You can still call it off."

"I'm not going to do it, you are. You're going to win. My only
reservation is a table for three at eight o'clock."

Linda gave me a kiss for luck and a gentle shove to get me started into
the play area. I wasn't at all surprised to see the same "Simon" who had
presided over the game last year; someone told me he does this
professionally, like a Little League umpire. He didn't recognize me (why
should he?) as I lined up on the outside of the third row.

When everyone was in position Marlene, acting as MC, introduced the
players and the caller. I felt the butterflies beginning to churn in my
stomach while Marlene was describing the rules and the stakes.

"Now, players, relax and focus, pay attention, and have fun. The game
begins now." At the words "relax and focus" the butterflies fell quiet and
I felt that familiar, locked-in feeling again. I saw Marlene hand the
caller the microphone and fixed my attention entirely on his voice.

"Simon says let's give Marlene a hand," he said, applauding as he
watched her step off the improvised stage. Of course we applauded too --
the game was on. Simon then addressed someone in the first row. "Should
we start out easy, or get wicked right away?"

"Easy, please," she answered, then slapped a hand over her mouth -- too
late. My analytical self was amused to observe that my record from last
year had just been broken.

"I hate to deny someone their last wish," Simon continued, "so let's
start slow. Simon says face left ... Simon says face right ... Simon
says touch your toes ... Simon says touch your neighbor's toes ... You
can stand up now ... okay, Simon says stand up now ... Simon says turn
around 360 degrees (this while himself turning only 180) ... Simon says
everybody not facing me is out.

"Simon says do jumping jacks ... Simon says keep doing them until I
tell you to stop ... Simon says I'm taking a lunch break, see you in an
hour. (The crowd laughed heartily, but the players dared not.)

"Simon says you put your left foot in ... Simon says you put your left
foot out ... Simon says you put your left foot in and you shake it all
about ... You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself about ... And
those who just did, YOU'RE OUT!"

Like I said, the guy is good. The players' ranks thinned steadily over
the course of about 15 minutes until only about six were left. He had us
close up ranks, then hopped off the stage, microphone in hand, and selected
each player in turn for a few minutes of personal attention.

"Simon says where'd you get that T-shirt, I like it ... The shorts too?
... okay, Simon says did you get the shorts there too? ... Very good.

The next victim was Natalie, a clerk in my department. "Simon says how
do you like it so far? ... Simon says hold your breath ... " Simon
lowered his voice until I could just hear it and spoke into Natalie's ear.
"Simon says did you hear about the constipated mathematician? He worked it
out with a pencil." Her reaction was completely predictable -- a groan
burst out of her mouth, and she even got as far as "That's sick!" before
realizing that she was out.

Simon worked his way down the line until he came to me, putting his face
in mine like a movie drill sergeant with a new recruit. "You're doing all
right for yourself, aren't you? ... Simon says what's your name?
('Michael', I answered) ... Simon says take 3 steps backward, Mitch ...
Why didn't you move back? ... Simon says why didn't you move back?
('Because I'm not Mitch.') ... Hang in there, Fred, you may just win this

It was down to just me and someone Marlene had introduced as Jennifer, a
junior manager from one of the claims departments. He started with her.

"Simon says let me shake your hand, honey ... Simon says you can let go
now ... (Indicating me) Simon says do you know this guy? ('No') ...
Simon says are you afraid of this guy? ('No') ... Then why don't you step
closer to him? ... Okay, Simon says take three steps left." As he said
this, Simon took 3 steps to his own left, toward me. Jennifer's eye
overrode her ears and she took her 3 steps toward me -- to her right.
Simon pounced. "That's your left? You're out."

He grabbed my right arm and raised it high. "Simon says we have a
winner!" I had no idea it would feel so good to win a stupid kid's game.
It felt even better a few seconds later, when Linda broke through the crowd
and wrapped her arms around me. "You were brilliant, " she praised.

"Actually, it was more like the opposite. I was hardly thinking at

Marlene spoke up from behind me: "That's why it worked. I knew you had
it in you." She gave me a sisterly kiss on the cheek. "Damn good job. I
have to go take my turn in the dunking booth. I'll see you two for dinner,
right? Eight o'clock."

I started to suggest someplace less fancy, but Linda cut me off. "We'll
be there, and dinner's on me." Beaming, she showed me her pool ticket.
"See? I was the only one who picked you to win." Her share of the pool was
enough to cover our dinner and then some.

Shortly thereafter Linda and I were heading back to our car. We went by
the dunk tank to say goodbye to Marlene. She was still in position,
sitting suspended over a tank of cold water, a small bullseye connected to
a lever at her side. Her hair and her eye-popping red bikini both looked
disappointingly dry. I saw on the sign next to her that the current
jackpot was worth $37 to the person who could dunk her.

Marlene saw us and waved. We waved back and started shouting goodbye.
"Hey, champ!" Marlene called, "Simon says try and dunk me."

To everyone else present, it was a cute reference to my victory in the
game. To my body, though, it was a command which had to be obeyed. As if
through a hidden camera, I watched myself give the cashier 5 dollars for 3
baseballs. I heard Linda address Marlene. "Aren't you freezing up there?"

"Nope -- nobody's been able to get me wet yet. Not the way Michael
can." Marlene's laughter at her own double entendre was cut short when my
first pitch hit squarely on the target. The ropes holding her perch aloft
let go, dumping her instantly into the water. She thrashed around for a
minute while the attendant reset the perch, then climbed back into
position. "SHEESH that's cold!" the exclaimed, giving a mock shiver before
reaching out to either side for the ropes that helped her steady. With so
much skin in view, the water streaming off her body captured the attention
of every straight male within 100 feet, easily. Yes, mine too -- even with
my wife standing there, I took a long, lingering look at that splendid
body. "You ready for some more?" I asked, holding my second ball at the

As she was saying "Go for it" I threw the ball, again hitting the sweet
spot. The bench was released, Marlene dropped like a stone and wild cheers
erupted from the audience. I was becoming a hero to my coworkers,
apparently -- the males ones, at least. They started chanting "Do it
again, do it again, do it again ..."

Marlene was a little slower climbing back on her perch this time. Her
nipples were clearly trying to poke through the triangle bikini top and I
thought I caught a hint of goose bumps on her arms. That water must be
frigid, I thought. "Maybe you should put on something warmer."

She shook her head. "No need. One more dunk and my tour is over.
Think you can do it again, stud?"

I grinned. "You bet -- I owe you for yesterday, remember?" I reared
back and fired my last ball. Once again it pounded the center of the
target, sending Marlene into the drink. My cheering section went wild,
continuing to applaud and whistling loudly as Marlene climbed out of the
tank. Waving back at them, she retired to a cabana behind the stage.
After making sure Marlene had a ride home, Linda and I left the picnic and
had a very normal, pleasant Saturday afternoon. I had gotten even with
Marlene for her Friday night trick, so I was ready to dismiss the whole
thing from my mind. I should have known better.

PART IV: Celebration

The mood of the evening was festive as Linda and I prepared for our
victory dinner. I figured we had about 15 minutes to finish when I heard
the doorbell ring. Since I was more dressed than Linda, I went down to
answer it.

A young man in a black chauffeur's uniform waited at the door. I could
see a long, silver gray limousine parked at the curb. He introduced
himself as Charles and offered me a small note card.

The handwriting on the card was Marlene's. 'Surprise! Since Linda's
buying dinner I thought I'd spring for some classy transport. See you

I hurried upstairs to finish getting ready. Coming out of the bathroom
after a quick shave, I caught site of Linda in front of our dressing
mirror. Four years of dating, seven years of marriage and she can still
take my breath away.

Tonight she was in what I think of as her angel suit. The main element
is a simple white dress, modestly cut in front but wide open in the back,
slit on both sides to accentuate her lovely legs. The fabric shimmered as
she moved, clinging just the right amount in all the right places. She
added a few color accents with diamond earrings and a small corsage we
picked up on the way home. White stockings and elegant heels completed the

She saw me staring. "Stop that, you'll make me self-conscious," she
joked. "Is my hair all right?"

"More than all right. It's gorgeous." I wasn't exaggerating. Normally
Linda wears her hair tied back and more or less straight. Tonight, she was
going all out. The hot rollers and curling irons came out shortly after we
got home, and the result was a cascade of blonde curls that framed her face
as naturally as a lion's mane. "If this were a movie, they'd be playing
'Wonderful Tonight' in the background."

She told me to shush, but I knew she enjoyed hearing it. I was ready
too (3-piece suit, charcoal gray, with polished Navy Last shoes and emerald
tie). Charles' eyes opened just a little wider when he saw Linda come out
of the house. I think I saw him say a quiet "wow" to himself as he hustled
to open the door for us.

The inside of the limo was every bit as luxurious as the outside
promised. We sank into a soft bench seat covered in light gray crushed
velour. Another such seat faced us, its back to the compartment where
Charles was driving. Between the seats, like a coffee table in someone's
living room, was a bar stocked with every major spirit. A bottle of
champagne sat chilling in an ice bucket next to the bar. To my left, a
console built into the side of the limo held an intercom and a TV/VCR. The
remote control rested in a cradle attached to the side of the bar.

Our first stop was Marlene's place. As she emerged from the building it
was my turn to mouth a quiet "wow". If Linda's look suggested 'Wonderful
Tonight', then Marlene's theme had to be Foreigner's 'Woman in Black.' She
was in a tight black strapless dress, plunge cut in the front and laced up
the back, with one long side slit going almost to the waist. Her dark
brown hair, which normally falls to just above the shoulder and ends in an
inward curve, was pulled back tonight and tied into a tight bun. A shining
silver pendant adorned the expansive skin area above the dress, pointing
down into the valley immediately below. Charles in particular seemed to
appreciate Marlene's dress, getting an eyeful of black ultra-sheer leg and
thigh as she climbed into the limousine. It's good to see a young man enjoy his work.

After an exchange of compliments, Marlene indicated the unopened
champagne bottle with mock dismay. "Is this a party or not, people? Crack
that bubbly!" I'm not a big drinker, in fact I usually volunteer to be the
designated driver; with Charles on duty, though, I was free to indulge as
well. I opened the bottle and poured three glasses.

"To adventure," Marlene proposed, holding her glass up to us. "To

The champagne was superb. I'd like to tell you what it was, but I'm a
complete oaf about wines and such. All I can say is that I couldn't begin
to pronounce the name on the label. We had been talking and sipping from
our glasses for maybe 20 minutes when Charles announced over the intercom
that we had reached the restaurant.

We were a few minutes early but our table was ready and waiting for us
when we walked in. Even in a glamorous place like this, most of the male
patrons and staff seemed to look twice at my companions. The hostess led
us through a minor maze of semi-private booths and settled us in one of
them. The partitions lent an extra measure of intimacy to the place. I
sat between the two women, giving them both easy access to come and go.

We took our time browsing the menu. Linda ordered a bottle of wine for
us all; I didn't recognize the name she used but it definitely impressed
the wine steward. He opened the bottle and poured the first glasses
personally. Linda and Marlene tasted theirs and pronounced it perfect. I
didn't pick mine up right away.

"Try the wine, Michael," Linda prompted.

"Not yet. It's been a long time since lunch and I'm still feeling that
champagne a little."

"Party pooper."

Marlene's eyes lit up as she leaned toward Linda and, in a conspirator's
whisper, said "I'll bet I can get him to try it." Then she turned to me.
"Michael, Simon says drink your wine."

You know what happened next. I am normally a slow, deliberate drinker
when I do it at all, but I felt that little click in my mind and before I
knew it I was drinking deeply from the wine glass. I put it down empty.
Linda stared wide-eyed at the empty glass for a few moments before noticing
the satisfied smile on Marlene's face.

"You look way too pleased with yourself," Linda observed. "What just
happened here?"

"I gave him an order," Marlene answered, "and he followed it. He's very
well trained, aren't you dear?"

"Brainwashed is more like it," I retorted. "The novelty has pretty much
worn off now, Marlene."

Linda was now looking at both of us quizzically. "Will someone please
let me in on the secret?"

Marlene volunteered to tell the tale. She told Linda about our first
meeting concerning the picnic, when we made the bet, and provided more
detail than I remembered about the sessions we had prior to that last
Friday night. Hearing how she had hypnotized me and the suggestions she
had used to condition me was eye-opening. She was about to launch into the
last session when our dinner was served. Saved, I thought.

For the next half hour or a little more, our conversation was limited to
how very delicious the food was. The steaks were amazing; we heard the
sizzling before we ever saw the waiter bringing the tray, and they
continued for several minutes after being placed before us. By the end of
the meal we all agreed that this steak house had earned its premier
reputation. Allowing our dinner to settle a bit, we started a second
bottle of wine and discussed the options for dessert. Just when I thought
the subject was well and truly closed, Linda had more questions about

"So Marlene, what other neat tricks did you teach Michael to do?"

"The sky's the limit," she replied. "He'll do anything I tell him to as
long as it starts with 'Simon says...'"

Linda looked incredulous. "Surely not ANYthing."

"Watch this. Michael, Simon says go limp." To Linda's amazement, my
arms dropped to my lap and my head started pitching forward onto the table.
I felt a strong arm catch me and push me gently backward, steadying my
rag-doll body against the back of the chair. My eyes had closed and
wouldn't open for anything. My mouth gaped open as my jaw muscles let go.
I could feel a little bit of drool starting to form at the corner but was
powerless to do anything about it. Meanwhile, Marlene continued the
demonstration. "He's a superb hypnotic subject, you see. He can carry out
any suggestion, even control his body in ways that people normally can't
do. Here's a demonstration of how good he is. Michael, I know you can
still hear us. Simon says you find this situation highly erotic and it's
giving you a hard-on. Simon says when I count to five your penis will be
fully erect and will stay that way until Simon says otherwise. One, two,
three, four, five. Check him out, Linda."

I felt a hand -- hopefully my wife's hand -- rub lightly along my
crotch, discovering quickly the bulge that had just formed. I heard Linda
say "Wow!" and felt the hand measuring my erection. Then Linda laughed, a
little nervously. "Can you do that to him over the phone? Say, on Monday
nights in the fall?"

"Why not? Actually, all hypnosis is self hypnosis. It's his mind doing
all the work, I'm just offering him some suggestions. Michael, Simon says
start playing with yourself."

Linda gasped as she saw my left hand grab pull down my zipper and slip
inside my pants, rubbing up and down. "I thought you couldn't hypnotize
someone into doing things they don't want to. He never does anything like
that in front of me."

Marlene thought for a moment before answering. "I'm a little surprised
too, now that you mention it. I think it's a combination of things.
First, we're really close friends. Deep down we trust each other, and he
knows I would never do anything to harm or seriously embarrass him. That's
probably pretty liberating. It's also possible that he enjoys this kind of
sexual domination. Maybe it's been a secret fantasy of his, perhaps an
unconscious one, and on some level he's having fun playing it out.
Speaking of which -- Michael, Simon says you can't come. It will make an
awful mess if you do."

That last was spoken none too soon, as I thought I was going to explode
in the next few moments. Once again I had that kinked fire hose feeling,
that need for release with no means of achieving it. I managed a tortured
groan through my slack mouth.

Perhaps fearing that some well-meaning waiter might come to investigate
the sound, Marlene released me. "Simon says you can sit up and stop
playing with yourself now, Michael." I think my face turned eight shades of
red as I sat back up and saw Linda still staring intently at where my dick
was pushing through my open fly. She was right, I'd never done anything
like that in front of her, or any other woman, before. And yes, dammit, on
some level I was feeling a strange sort of thrill. "Excuse me," I began,
"but am I supposed to spend the rest of the evening this way?"

Linda and I both looked at Marlene. "Of course not, dear, it must be
horribly uncomfortable for you. Simon says as I count to five your penis
will relax and return to normal. One, two, three, four, five. Better?"

I was extra careful zipping up. "Much. When are you going to give me a
magic phrase that will force YOU to do MY bidding?"

"I wasn't planning to, " Marlene responded. "But if you're very good,
I'll arrange a little ... compensation for you later." She winked at
Linda, but I'm not sure Linda understood what she meant. I know I didn't.

The human experiment continued through dessert. Marlene -- or should I
say Simon? -- said that a cherry, which I normally dislike, would taste
like chocolate and it did. Simon told me that Linda's cheesecake was
delicious and I believed it, though cheesecake doesn't appeal to me at all
normally, even to the extent of enjoying a sample bite. Through it all
Linda's eyes kept growing wider and an extra shine of excitement started
coming through.

"You can do it too, " Marlene told her as they sipped the last of the
wine. "Try something." Linda thought for a second. She looked around and
spied a modest dance floor nearby with perhaps half a dozen couples swaying
to a slow tune. She stood up, offered her hand to me, and said "Simon says
dance with me."

I hate dancing. I'm not good at it, for one thing -- all arms and legs,
not much fine coordination between them, and absolutely no sense of rhythm.
I felt like every eye in the building was on me as my body stood up and
accompanied Linda to the floor. Linda could tell I was tense. "Simon says
relax and enjoy the dance," she suggested. Great, I thought, I still dance
like a dork, but I don't mind anymore. And, of course, I didn't. (Mind,
that is.) After our one test dance, Linda released me and we rejoined
Marlene. Linda settled the check and we emerged from the restaurant to
find Charles waiting for us. He slipped me an envious look as we climbed
back into the limo.

Linda seized the champagne bottle. "Oh, look, we can't waste this." She
poured three more glasses and handed them out. "To a terrific dinner", she
offered. We clinked and drank. As I put my glass down, I heard Linda say
"Simon says give me a big, romantic kiss." Finally, I thought as my lips
melted into hers, an order I want to obey.

The ride home took a bit longer than the ride up, thanks to a
late-ending baseball game. By the time we reached Marlene's building, the
ladies had finished off the champagne and were feeling no pain at all.
Marlene gave Charles an exaggerated goodbye hug, which he made no effort to
dodge, then handed him an envelope before going upstairs. As Charles
closed the limo door, Linda giggled girlishly. "You know what, honey? I'm
feeling a little naughty."

"You're acting a little smashed, my dear. But I'm glad you're having

She leaned into me and put her hands over my cheeks. "The fun is just
beginning, lover. Simon says let's make out like we did as freshmen." And
the rest of the way home we did just that. Mind you, the limo was a lot
more comfortable than the back seat of my old Oldsmobile, but the rest was
magical. Kissing, petting, grinding hips together. Me trying to reach
beneath her dress, and her laughing as she pushed my hand back into view.
By the time we got home, I was so hard I could barely see straight and
Linda was clearly in full attack mode, her nipples straining against the
shimmering fabric of her dress. She nibbled freely on my earlobe as I
fumbled with my keys. Then, as I turned the knob, she whispered "Simon
says carry me to the bedroom."

So I did, though perhaps not as smoothly as she imagined, kicking the
front door shut behind me. I took her straight to the bedroom and laid her
out on the bed, kissing her deeply at the same time. Then I climbed on top
of her, still fully clothed, and continued necking and petting until she
signaled time out.

"Just a minute," she said, her eyes still a little dilated from the
alcohol. "Time to get rid of some champagne. Simon says wait here for
me." I sat obediently on the bed to wait. When she came out, she asked if
I needed to go too.

"Right now all I want to do is come, not go."

She laughed at my joke. "Simon says you can't come until I say so,
remember? You're going to have to persuade me to say so." I'd never seen
this side of Linda before, and it was driving me crazy. It was also
turning me on even more, I realized, even without another Simon command.
Linda reached behind her neck and undid the clasp for her dress, then slid
it over her head and draped it carefully over a chair. Now topless, she
slowly rolled the panty hose down her legs and pulled them off, leaving
only a pair of G-string panties. I reached out to touch her loveliness,
but she stopped me again. "Simon says take off all your clothes."
Naturally I complied, although I was a lot less neat about it than she had
been. She disappeared into the bathroom again while I was stripping, then
returned with a bottle of scented baby oil. When I was completely naked,
she handed me the bottle. "Simon says give me a massage, Michael."

By no means am I a professional masseur, but I'd read a book or two and
long ago learned exactly where and how Linda most likes to be touched. I'd
practiced on her a few times, usually when school matters left her feeling
grumpy and I wanted to coax her into sex. It works astonishingly well.

Linda lay out on the bed, face down, and invited me to remove her
G-string. I spent a good half hour then caressing the back side of her
body, using the baby oil a lubricant. I paid special attention to her neck
and shoulders, feeling her relax under my touch, then moved slowly down her
body. As I kneaded the firm flesh of her bottom and the backs of her
thighs, I could see she was already very wet. She was sighing as she
breathed, a picture of complete contentment, as she slowly rolled over to
give me access to her front. I spent a like amount of time there, starting
with her temples and working my way down slowly, gently rubbing the oil
into her shoulders and arms. I paused to pay special attention to her
breasts and nipples, giving rise to another series of delighted sighs. I
was already straddling her and tried desperately to slide my raging dick
into her, but I couldn't seem to stop the massage. Goddamn Simon, I
thought, this is torturing me. What seemed like years later, I completed
my assignment by rubbing her feet.

Linda lay on the bed in total relaxation, nipples pointing straight
upward as her chest rose and fell. She was still sighing contentedly,
feeling the coolness of the oil soaking into her skin. I had a "naughty"
thought of my own and gently moved forward and down, placing my face in
close proximity to her mound. Savoring the smell of her excitement, I
brushed her erect clitoris with my tongue.

The lick seemed to hit her like a lightning bolt. Linda's whole body
arched and rose up off the bed, squeezing my head between her convulsing
thighs, as she gave in to her first orgasm of the night. I gave her a
minute to catch her breath, and when her body flopped back down I started a
repeat performance. She grabbed my hair in both hands and gasped, "No
more. Simon says stop." Still winded, she reached for the bottle of baby
oil. "It's your turn now, lover. Simon says lie down on your stomach and
don't move until I tell you to."

So I lay there, helpless, while a beautiful naked woman applied baby oil
to my whole body. If I hadn't already been painfully aroused for such a
sustained time, it would have been heaven. It was still pretty great,
especially as she dug her fists into the cheeks of my butt. After she
flipped me over I was able to watch her working me over, her own body still
glistening, and I could tell this was turning her on even more than it was
me. I groaned loudly as she got to my crotch area and skipped it,
proceeding down each leg instead. "Don't worry, " she assured me, "I'm
saving the best for last." Finally she applied a generous amount of oil to
her hand and wrapped it around my throbbing dick. Squeezing just the right
amount, she worked her hand up and down the shaft while the other hand
teased the seam in the middle of my scrotum. The sensation was
indescribable; I went completely non-verbal. When I heard Linda ask "Simon
says do you like this?" I just nodded uncontrollably. She followed up with
"Are you ready to come?" Of course I was ready to come, I had been since
the ride home, so again I started bobbing my head up and down. "And you
will, my darling. But not just yet. Simon says now do for me what I just
did for you."

Rising up, I grabbed Linda and pulled her down to the bed, rolling over
half on top of her in the process. The baby oil was not necessary, she had
plenty of natural lubrication available. My right hand dove between her
thighs, exploring, looking for the buttons that when pushed would driver
Linda over the edge. Meanwhile, I decided I should keep her mouth busy
before she started using the magic words again. Hooking my left arm around
her neck, I drew her face to mine and started a long series of passionate
kisses. She responded as I hoped, her tongue enthusiastically dancing with
mine as the tension built up again in her overheated body. In a few
minutes she tried to pull away and I could feel that she was about to come
again. I pressed my mouth against hers and reached way up into her canal,
gently rubbing the magic spot on the upper side of the tunnel. The result
was immediate and just as powerful as any of the hypnotic suggestions I had
followed -- Linda's body jerked again, her thighs locking around my hand as
every muscle went through a coordinated rhythm of tension and release.
After a few more spasms, she flopped back onto the bed again, apparently
spent. Dammit, I thought, I wore her out before she let me finish!

At this point my dick was hard enough to drive railroad spikes, and it
wouldn't ease off no matter what I tried. So I lay down next to my
exhausted, semiconscious bride and started absent mindedly fondling her
breasts. I've always liked Linda's breasts. They are small, but perfectly
formed and very sensitive to touch. Her nipples, which had relaxed
somewhat, reacted to my touch by growing hard and standing out again. Soon
she stirred and opened her eyes. Becoming aware of I was doing, she placed
her hand on my face and said "That's enough foreplay, darling. Simon says
get on your knees and put that magnificent cock into me NOW." It was her
favorite position, me on my knees rocking up and down, her legs wrapped
around my waist as she rose and fell with me. It usually made her come
hard and fast, but after two mind- blowing orgasms I was surprised to see
the telltale signs that she was about to have another. I was ready to beg,
and I did so.

"Let me come with you this time, Linda, please. Say the words, Linda.
SAY ... THE ... WORDS ... PLEASE!"

Linda panted and started to convulse as she felt the climax begin.
Summoning all of her strength, she gasped, "Simon says come NOW." My dick
fired like a shotgun, complete with the recoil. Linda's legs crushed me as
she felt the furious burst of my orgasm, touching off another one of her
own. We stayed locked together until neither of us had the energy to hold
on anymore. I saw Linda collapse into sleep as my own body went limp and
dropped down next to her, absolutely spent. Somehow as I drifted off, my
face found enough energy to smile.

PART V -- Compensation

We woke up together, dazed by the sunlight streaming in the window and
stunned to find ourselves lying naked on top of the bed covers. Linda has
always been modest, even around me, and had never been comfortable sleeping
nude. Even after sex she would always get up and slip back into her
nightgown and under the bed covers before going to sleep. We shook our
heads to clear them, gazed into each other's eyes, and voiced the exact
same thought: "Wow!"

The doorbell sounded below, followed by a loud knocking. That must be
what woke us up, I thought as I poked my head out the window.

"Who's there?" I inquired, turning my body to allow a view of the front

Marlene was standing on the front porch a cardboard box and a paper bag.
"Room service," she called. "I bring sugar and caffeine to fortify us so
we can face the barbarian hordes. Can I come in?"

"Sure. Use your key, we'll be down in a minute."

"Who was that?" Linda asked as she emerged, still nude, from the

"Marlene. She's got a box of doughnuts and a bag, said something about
getting fortified before facing the barbarians."

Linda smacked her own forehead lightly. "What time is it?" The bedroom
clock read 10:10am. "Oh my god, we were supposed to go to the mall this
morning. I completely forgot. I've got to get a shower. Honey, would you
go keep her company? Tell her I'll be ready in a flash." With that, she
ducked back into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

I threw on some boxers and a bathrobe before joining Marlene in the
kitchen. She took one look at me and grinned that Cheshire cat grin.
"Holy cow, you look beat. Somebody must have kept you up half the night."
She was clearly enjoying herself.

I told myself to force a smile, but it was actually pretty easy. In
fact, the more I moved around the better I felt. Marlene opened the
doughnut box and slid it toward me, then removed three lidded coffee cups
from a cardboard holder inside the bag. "Black for you," she said, "and
cream only for Linda. From the looks of you, I should have made it a

We munched in companionable silence for a few minutes before Linda
joined us, having dressed quickly in green running shorts and a light gray
polo shirt. Her hair, still damp from the shower, was tied back under a
green bandana. Still a bit flustered, she ate a plain donut, drank her
coffee and pronounced herself ready to go.

I walked with her as far as Marlene's car. She turned and planted a
warm goodbye kiss on me which promised much more to come. Marlene grinned
at me and promised, "I'll have her home before bedtime, loverboy. Enjoy

And enjoy myself I did. I spent most of the day at the computer,
sifting through the Web for information on hypnosis. I found lots of
hypnotists with home pages hawking their tapes and books, also lots of
stage hypnotists for hire. Finally, and most interestingly, I ran into a
series of sites devoted to the erotic side of hypnosis. Things were making
more sense after that then they had in a while. The more I thought about
the power Linda (and Marlene) had over me, the more at ease I became with

Well after sunset, I heard Marlene's car pull up into the driveway. I'd
already had a simple dinner, but I offered to fix them a meal.

"That's sweet of you, " Marlene said, "but we've already eaten. Sorry
we're so late."

"It's my fault," Linda chimed in. "We actually got done hours ago. We
went back to Marlene's and talked for a while, then the next thing I knew
it was dark outside."

"It happens," I shrugged. Hell, it had happened to me just recently.

Linda hefted a large shopping bag at me. "Come on inside, I've got a
new dress that I'm just dying to model for you." She scurried into the
house as I turned to Marlene.

She anticipated the question. "No thanks, Michael, I don't want to
cramp you guys' style. Get in there and enjoy the fashion show."

As I turned to go, she stopped me. "Oh -- one more thing." She
whispered in my ear for a minute, then stepped back to watch the wicked
grin spread over my face.

"Really?" I asked, incredulous.

She winked at me as she climbed into her car. "Really. Go get 'er,

I settled myself on the living room couch, pulled the curtains and
waited for Linda. She came down in just a few minutes wearing a stylish
gold slip dress. It was very smooth, like satin, with lace trim around the
bust and spaghetti straps that crossed in the back. Very chic, very Linda.

"What do you think?" she asked, a little apprehensively.

"I love it."

She let out a little sigh of relief. "I was hoping you would. I want
to wear it to the Johnston's party next month."

"It looks great, honey." She made a move toward the stairs. Here we go,
I thought.

"Linda," I said firmly. "Simon says stop."

And she did, right in her tracks. I felt the blood rushing to my groin
as I considered the possibilities.

"Simon says face me." Her face was a picture of confusion. I knew
exactly what she was thinking, because it had happened to me too. Which
reminded me...

"Simon says you can't speak until I allow it." Her mouth, which had
begun to form a word, went slack and her eyes widened as she realized what
must have happened at Marlene's that afternoon. "Now, Linda, Simon says
strip for me."

As I said earlier, Linda is very modest. I don't think I've ever seen
her naked outside of the bedroom. Even if she needed to fetch underwear
from the dryer, she'd put on a robe to go get it and put the clothing on
back in the bedroom. And now there she was in the middle of our living
room, slipping the gold straps down off her shoulders and letting the dress
fall to the floor. I double-checked that the blinds were all drawn so that
Linda could feel a little more secure knowing that no random passers-by
would see us. She hadn't had 2 weeks of conditioning like I had, so I
assumed she would be able to resist if I made her too uncomfortable.

"You enjoyed controlling me last night, didn't you?" Linda nodded, her
arms working autonomously to remove her bra. "Did it excite you?" Another
nod, and a perhaps a glint of fear in her blue eyes, as she slipped off her
panties to complete her assignment. She started toward me with arms

"Simon says stop right there. I like to look at your body. Simon says
act like a model on a runway, showing off your beautiful body just for me."
She placed on hand on her hip and took several steps forward, adding some
extra sway to her hips. She stopped and turned, then with the same walk
went back to her starting point. God, she looked good.

"This is scaring you a little, isn't it?" Another nod and I saw her eyes
tearing a little. "Simon says don't be scared. Simon says you know that I
love you and will never hurt you. Simon says trust me." That seemed to
calm her down measurably. Her deer-in-the-headlights look faded and she
fixed her gaze on me, waiting quietly for her next command.

"Simon says you are becoming very aroused by all of this. Simon says
your level of sexual desire will increase with every command you obey." I
heard a hitch in her breath as the first command took affect. Her hands
absent-mindedly cupped her breasts for a moment as she savored the feeling.
I started giving her a series of simple, oddball commands just to watch the
signs of arousal increasing as she obeyed.

"Linda, Simon says pick up your new dress. Now Simon says fold it
neatly and drape it over the banister. Simon says pick up your underwear.
Simon says take it to the laundry room and return. Simon says bring me a
glass of brandy. Good. Simon says get one for yourself as well." When
Linda returned with her own brandy snifter in hand, her nipples were
standing full at attention and she was breathing heavily. I could see and
smell the moisture between her thighs. When I continued with "Simon says
drink the brandy," I could see her thighs pressing together and heard a
lusty grunt from her throat. Maybe the brandy was overkill, but I wanted
her inhibitions totally lost for the next hour or so. I had a thought.
"Simon says that is not ordinary brandy, Linda. Simon says it is three
times as powerful as normal brandy. Do you understand?" She nodded again,
already starting to look dazed as her mind amplified the anticipated
affects of her drink. I decided it was time to turn up the heat. "Simon
says come over and kiss me."

My naked wife practically leaped at me, throwing her arms around my neck
and locking her mouth onto mine. Still she strained to press closer
against my body, lifting her legs up and wrapping them around my waist.
Our tongues danced and teased each other. I slid my hands down her back
and cradled her butt cheeks, partly to support her weight and partly
because I wanted to. I felt her crotch grinding hard against the bulge in
my pants. We kept it up for several minutes, then I put her down. "Simon
says stand still now." Another wincing grunt as another wave of desire
flowed through her. She was just standing there, eyes closed, breathing
heavily. I sensed that she was very close to orgasm.

"Would you like to come now, Linda?" She nodded so hard I had a sudden
fear she would injure her neck. "Very well, darling. Simon says when I
count to five you will have a thundering orgasm. One ... two ... three
... four ... FIVE." With each count her lungs convulsed, sucking in a
huge breath and blowing it out while her hand reached down to press on her
mound. At five, she squealed and moaned as her muscles jerked. Her knees
started to buckle and I steadied her, holding her tightly in my arms and
kissing her face while she writhed with pleasure. After a few minutes her
breathing returned to normal. Her face was blank, her eyes staring emptily
at the ceiling, but she was smiling too. I let go and let her stand on her
own feet. She shifted unsteadily, as if her balance was off. Of course, I
remembered, she thinks she's had the equivalent of 3 glasses of brandy.

I held her chin in my hand gently. "Did you enjoy that?" Her head
nodded again slowly but deliberately, as drunk people tend to do. "I did
too. Would you like to make me come now?" Again she wrapped her arms
around my neck, and I could feel her nodding as she pulled me close.
"Simon says pleasure me."

Her left arm reached down and opened my zipper, then went searching for
the slit in my boxers. At the same time our mouths met and her tongue
started working in and out again. I felt her hand find the opening and her
fingers slip through it and around my aroused dick. Things were getting
pretty crowded in there, so I undid the clasp on my pants and let them
drop. Linda used the extra room to improve her grip on me, pulling the
shaft out of my boxers and rubbing my engorged head against her mound.
Let's go for broke, I thought. "Simon says take my dick into your mouth."

There was a very slight hesitation, then I felt my boxers being pulled
down followed by the warm wetness of Linda's mouth closing down on my
shaft. She was doing it, albeit a little tentatively. "Simon says in and
out, Linda, work it in and out." She got a good in and out motion going,
moving her tongue just right. It was starting to feel very, very good, but
I wondered how she was taking this. "Simon says you enjoy doing this
because you know how much it arouses me. Simon says having my dick in your
mouth is as arousing for you as it is for me." She started making moaning
noises as she worked harder, sucking and licking. My barometer was about
to burst, and I decided not to press my luck. "Simon says you can stop
now, I'm about to come." And stop she did, for about 2 seconds. Looking up
at me with those dazed, sleepy eyes, she grinned and plunged her mouth back
over my dick, sucking harder than ever. I tried to hold off, but it was
way too late -- I came hard, right into her mouth. As I felt the first
shot letting loose, I shouted "Linda, Simon says COME NOW!" I felt her body
convulsing against mine, her mouth hungrily sucking every spurt of semen
from my dick. She sucked, licked, and swallowed as we both savored our
joint climax.

Then my conscience kicked in. I knew Linda didn't like giving head very
much and never even dreamed of asking her to swallow my semen. I had let
things get too far out of hand. I pulled her close to me and started to
apologize. To my surprise, she shook her head vehemently and pointer a
finger toward her chest, her mouth forming the words "I wanted to, my
idea." Such selflessness deserved a reward, I decided. But I chose my
words carefully just the same.

"Linda, Simon says when I snap my fingers you will be able to speak
again. Simon says, however, that you will not be able to say the word
'Simon' until I give you permission. Do you understand?" She nodded, fully
understanding the implications. I snapped my fingers, mentally preparing
for what I was sure her first words would be.

I was wrong. She swallowed a couple of times, worked her jaw a little,
and said, "I love you Michael. Please hold me some more."

I slipped my shirt off first, then held her close for a while without
speaking. After a very long time, I broke the embrace. "Ready for another

She looked surprised. "I don't think I can come like that again this
soon. It was out of this world what you did -- what we did."

"I think you can. Simon says you can come again and again, as often as
you wish. Simon says that even now you are becoming highly aroused again
and want to make love." Her eyes narrowed as she drew in a sharp breath and
let it out slowly.

"You drive a hard bargain," she commented, as her hand reached down and
started working my dick again. I was erect again in no time from her
expert touch. "What's your pleasure this time, oh Master?" She was
grinning, mocking me in her loving way.

"Quid pro quo, " I answered. "Simon says lie down on the floor, face
up, and don't move." I'd been admiring Linda's naked body for over an hour,
but I still enjoyed watching her stretch out on the floor in full frontal
glory. My dick was telling me to plunge in hot and fast, but first things
first -- I owed Linda a big one and now was the perfect chance to pay up.

"I hope you're not waiting for me to make the next move," Linda said.
"I feel like my strings have been cut."

"Sorry, hon. I was just thinking about how lucky I am to have such a
beautiful woman to love. And now, to show my appreciation." I dropped to
my knees. Parting her legs gently, I crawled up into position, my face
hovering over her damp mound.

"You don't have to do this, Michael," she said. There was an extra note
of tension in her voice.

"But I want to, darling. Relax. Simon says it will bring you the
deepest, most arousing pleasure you have ever experienced. Simon says you
will feel more and more pleasure the longer I keep doing it. Simon says
relax and enjoy." I heard her sigh deeply, saw her head relax against the
thick carpet and a smile form on her lips.

"Mmmm, " she sighed. "Ready when you are."

I started by teasing her outer lips with my tongue. Each long stroke of
my tongue resulted in an "Ooooh" from Linda. I worked her inner lips,
hearing her moan more urgently as I continued, and worked my way gently
teased her clitoris. She was about to come, I could tell. "Simon says you
can't come until I tell you to."

Linda raised her head and let out a half-groan, half-cry. "That is SO
cruel," she pouted.

"Paybacks are hell, hon."

"If this is hell, screw heaven. I'm staying."

I went back to work on her dripping genitalia. Soon she was writhing
and gasping with every breath, begging me to let her come. I just kept
going, sending her further and further over the edge until she could no
longer speak coherently. Finally I stopped, put my face near hers, and
gave her the next command. "Simon says climb on top of me and ride me
until we come."

I don't know if her conscious mind understood a word, but her body
certainly did. She jumped me like a predator, pinning my shoulders to the
floor and impaling herself on my rigid dick. I felt my boiler pressure
rising faster and faster as she pumped up and down, her eyes staring
blankly ahead and her jaw taking on a determined set. I reached up and
squeezed her breasts in my hands and felt her tighten her pelvic muscles in
response. The sensation was delicious, and I could tell we were both
teetering on the brink of another explosion. As soon as that any-second-
now feeling hit me, I released Linda. "Linda, Simon says come now."

Linda shrieked again and again as another total body orgasm rocked her.
My own release came even as I was speaking, and we both went far over the
edge. We lay there for ages, staring into each other's loving eyes, too
exhausted to move. Finally we worked up the strength to climb the stairs,
flopped onto the bed and passed out together.

PART VI: Epilogue

I awoke Monday morning to the sound of the telephone ringing. Straining
a little, I forced my eyes to focus on the alarm clock: 6:15am, time to get
up. Moving slowly, I lifted the phone from its cradle and managed a sleepy

It was Marlene, of course. "Good morning, sleepyheads. Rise and shine.
I thought you guys might need a wakeup call after last night's fireworks."

"Marlene!" I just couldn't get mad at her, so I tried another tack.
"Why don't you get a sex life of your own, eh?"

"Because, darling, I'm having all kinds of fun living vicariously
through you. Kiss Linda for me, and I'll see you at work."

Linda was still asleep, her naked body huddled against mine. I could
get used to waking up like this, I thought wistfully. Then I gave my
sleeping beauty a kiss.

She stirred, opened her eyes, and with some effort looked around. "A
girl could get used to waking up like this," she said. "What a night."

"What a weekend."

My first stop when I reached work was Marlene's office. When I strolled
in she grabbed a pair of dark glasses and quickly put them on. "You are
absolutely glowing, do you know that?"

"I feel like I've been on a 3-week Caribbean cruise," I responded.
"Most of that is thanks to you. Before we close the book on this, though,
I need to ask you something. How do we get de- programmed?"

"Are you sure you want to be?" she challenged, that famous devilish look
stealing over her face again. "It's up to you and Linda. If you don't use
the trigger, it will get weaker over time until it wears off completely.
Otherwise it will last for as long as you continue to exercise it. Once
practice session a week should be enough to keep you both sharp."

I imagined some of the possibilities briefly, then got back to business.
"Okay, last question. This is the only time I'm going to ask and I want
the truth. Did you use hypnosis to seduce me Friday and then convince me
it was a fantasy?"

Marlene pulled off the glasses. "I thought I explained that. What
makes you ask?"

"The skin around my neck and under my chin gets irritated very easily.
Every day I apply a medicated after-shave lotion to keep from getting all
red and itchy. It has a distinctive scent. When I got home Friday, Linda
didn't smell any after-shave. Also, when I used your bathroom that night I
noticed that the shower stall was wet inside, but the towels were all fresh
and dry. So what was it, fantasy or reality?"

She considered for a minute, then locked her eyes on mine. "Simon says
it was all in your mind."

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