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SINFUL old back any longer and shot


-------- ASSTR Standard Headers --------
Author: Altan
Title: Sinful
Part: part 1
Keywords: MF FF exhib
Date: July 2002
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This story is a work of erotic fiction. If you are not allowed to
read such material, or if such material offends you, please stop
reading now.

This story is copyrighted (C) July 2002 by Altan. Permission is
granted for this story to be reproduced and archived in the
context of the newsgroup(s) to which it is posted by the author.
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Sinful (part 1) (MF FF exhib)
by Altan

The day Tom won the Big Game, his life changed. Wouldn't your
life change when you suddenly would win over $100,000,000? Of
course it would!

Tom wasn't stupid, though. He knew his life would never be the
same, but he wasn't going to ruin it. No, not Tom. The first
thing he did was stepping into the office of one of the big
accounting firms in town.

"I won the Big Game," he said to the girl behind the counter,
"and I need someone to take care of it."

Within minutes, he was taken to the office of one of the managing
partners. He looked the elderly gentleman straight in the eyes.

"What is your commission?" he asked.

The accountant started talking about investment strategies and
tax options, but Tom interrupted him.

"I am about to give you control over more than one hundred
million dollars," he said, "and I am going to make it easy. At
the end of each year, you will receive one percent of whatever
the ending balance is. In return, you guys take care of
everything. We can work the details out later. I will come back
tomorrow with my lawyer, and you will have a contract ready that
I can understand and that my lawyer will OK. If not, I will go
next door."

"One more thing," he added as he started to turn to the door. "I
want an account representative who is pretty and not prude."

* * *

The next day, Tom returned to the accountant firm followed by two
attractive brunets. Within seconds, a tall dark-skinned business
woman approached him.

"Hi, I'm Sarah," she introduced herself. "I will be your rep.
Will you please follow me to my office?"

While she led them to a bare office, Tom examined her from
behind. She must be almost six feet tall, with long, slender legs
that she showed off below the short skirt.

She motioned them to sit while she asked, "Can I get you
something to drink? Coffee, soda, something stronger?"

"Coffee will be fine, thank you," Tom replied. "Black, please."

His company also ordered and moments later Sarah came back with a
tray that obviously had been prepared in advance. She put the
tray down on the low coffee table and started poring the cups.

Tom looked at the full breasts that were hanging loose in her
jacket. He was imagining touching their soft, warm flesh, slowly
kneading them. He could almost feel the nipple hardening, the
tension rising.

With a start, he realized that she was handing him his coffee,
and quickly accepted it. A moment later, Sarah was handing out
copies of the contract and then sat down herself. While the
lawyers examined the paperwork, Sarah asked him what he intended
to do with his money.

Tom smiled. "I don't quite know," he said, "but I do know what I
will do until I figure that out."

"And what is that?"

"I'm going to buy a nice house with some land around it, and I'm
going to put a fence around it. At the gate will be a sign that
reads 'Clothing optional. Enter at your own risk.' And I will get
a bunch of servants with many beautiful girls among them."

"And then?" Sarah asked.

"I'll have parties," he said. "Wild parties. I don't know what
yet, but I'll think of something."

Sarah smiled. "I may have some ideas there if you ever need
them," she said while she un-crossed her legs. She parted them
slightly, allowing Tom to follow the curve of her upper thigh
even further.

"You do?" he asked, feeling his excitement rise.

"Huh-huh," she answered, parting her legs some more.

"I can see you are not prude," he volunteered.

"Nope," she said, and spread her legs really apart. To his
surprise, Tom found that she was not wearing panties either. In
fact, she had just a thin line of pubic hair on her otherwise
bald pussy.

One of the brunettes looked up from the documents she was
studying. She looked at Tom, then at Sarah.

"Is it me, or is it hot in here?" she asked. Without waiting for
an answer, she started opening the buttons of the white shirt she
was wearing, and didn't stop until all the buttons were undone.

"Gina," the other brunette asked, "what do you make of section

Gina returned to her paperwork while Tom looked at her small,
almost childish breast that was now exposed. He had made a
similar remark about prudeness at the lawyer's office and it
seemed to have worked too. He wished he had taken more time to
get to know his two lawyers, Gina and Carla, before heading over
to the accountancy firm.

Meanwhile, Sarah had gotten up and walked over to Gina.

"Which section do you mean?" she asked, pointing to a sheet Gina
was studying. "This one?"

In pointing, Sarah's arm brushed Gina's exposed breast, and Gina
looked up in surprise. When she saw Sarah smiling down at her,
she smiled back.

"Yes, that is the one," she answered.

Sarah looked down closer at the document. After a second, Gina
let her free hand slide up Sarah's leg to her pussy. Slowly, she
began massaging her clit.

Now it was Sarah's turn to let out a small gasp of surprise. She
looked back at Gina, who now had a big grin on her face.

While he was watching the scene unfold, Tom suddenly felt a hand
in his pant. He looked to his other side and saw that Carla had
put the papers away and was looking at him intently.

"You like this?" she asked.

This was too much for Tom. The excitement had been building all
morning, and now he was quickly coming to a climax. When Carla
opened his pants and took his member in her mouth, he couldn't
hold back any longer and shot off his load right there. She
quickly swallowed twice, then continued licking him clean.

"I guess you do," she whispered.

Later, Tom would have only a faint recollection of the rest of
the meeting. He knew Gina and Sarah must have both come shortly
after he did, and after that they wrapped the meeting up quickly.
The lawyers took the contract proposal with them and left a
message later that day that the contract looked good. The next
day, Tom returned the signed copy.



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