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SINFUL3 young breasts hard


-------- ASSTR Standard Headers --------
Author: Altan
Title: Sinful
Part: part 3
Keywords: MF exhib
Date: July 2002
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This story is a work of erotic fiction. If you are not allowed to
read such material, or if such material offends you, please stop
reading now.

This story is copyrighted (C) July 2002 by Altan. Permission is
granted for this story to be reproduced and archived in the
context of the newsgroup(s) to which it is posted by the author.
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Sinful (part 3) (MF exhib)
by Altan

Tom's life changed the day he won the Big Game. It was now almost
a week ago and he could barely imagine how boring his life had
been before the Event.

Tom's thirty-second birthday was coming up and he had been ready
to celebrate with his friends. None of them were real friends,
really. He had had a few girlfriends but no lasting
relationships. Basically, he was alone, and had started to get
used to it.

Now he was suddenly rich, and he knew he could have all the
"friends" he wanted. But he also knew that many of those
so-called friends would be there only for the money. He had been
thinking about this dilemma all week, without coming any closer
to a solution.

Meanwhile, he knew there were a few things he always wanted to
do, and now was the chance to do it. One of them was to have a
big house and have wild parties. He had always regretted not to
have lived in the sixties and seventies, not to have had sex
parties in college or done other wild things. Maybe he just was
never invited to any of that, but that would change now.

And to his surprise, this had already started. These last few
days, women had been taking off their clothes for him, and he
hadn't quite known what to do about it. His accountant, for
instance, Sarah. Yesterday she had walked him through a crowded
office stark naked. He had masturbated with that image in his
head as soon as he got to his car, and two more times after he
got home. He would be seeing her again in a few moments and was
wondering what surprise she would have in store for him today.

* * *

He felt his dick rise when he entered the elevator. He had
decided that, if she could walk around naked, he could walk
around without underwear, even though he knew the bulge in his
pants would be very visible. His penis pressing at the fabric
felt strained and exciting at the same time.

The receptionist glanced at his pants, her eyes widening for a
moment, but quickly recovered her professional smile. She was
young, maybe barely 20, but already had that demeanor as if
nothing could upset her. She had sat there yesterday when a naked
Sarah walked him to the elevator, and hadn't moved a muscle.

"Sarah asked me to tell you that she is making the last copies of
the paperwork right now," the receptionist announced. "She will
be with you in a moment. Her assistant, Lucy, will escort you to
the conference room."

That was new, Tom hadn't heard about an assistant to Sarah
before. In fact, he had the suspicion that Sarah hadn't been much
more than an assistant herself before she got to be his
accountant. She seemed to know what she was doing, though.

Another attractive girl entered the lobby and held out her hand.

"Hi, I'm Lucy, Sarah's new assistant," she said. "Actually, I'm
still in college and just got this job for the summer. I offered
to help out with your paperwork."

I wonder why she volunteered, Tom thought, while he shook her
hand. She was short but thin, very thin. She was wearing a brand
new denim mini skirt and a T-shirt with a large dolphin printed
on it.

He tried to find evidence of a bra when he followed her to the
conference room, but didn't see any.

"You want the door open, right?" she asked.

He remembered his veined insistence, yesterday, on not closing
the door and quickly agreed.

Lucy offered him coffee, then sat down opposite him.

Tom was trying to imagine what she would look, walking through
the office naked, when Sarah came in. She was wearing a summer
dress today, wide and flowing. The two narrow straps were all
that covered her shoulder. He realized that her breasts were only
barely covered by the thin material of the dress. She was
obviously not wearing a bra, but Tom hadn't expected one.

"Hi Tom," she said and briefly kissed him, then sat down next to
Lucy. She put a pile of paper on the table. "This is what we'll
have to go through today."

"All right, show me" he responded.

Sarah pushed the first sheet of paper towards him, leaning over
the table. She started explaining the form, but instead of
looking at the paper, Tom found himself focussing on the two
breasts that were hanging in front of him. After a moment, he
looked up at her face.

"I'm sorry, what were you saying?" he asked.

"Am I distracting you?"

"Delightfully so," he agreed. "I hope you are not in any hurry?"

"I have all the time in the world," she smiled, and patiently
explained the form again. This time, Tom managed to pay enough
attention to understand the form and agree with it.

"OK, where do I sign?" he asked.

"Lucy, can you get Tom a pen?" Sarah asked her assistant, who
walked around the table to hand Tom one of the company's engraved
pens. She then pointed out the signature line on the document.

While she was pointing, Tom found himself looking through the
short sleeve into her T-shirt, right at her right breast. He
swallowed, then signed.

Form after form followed, with Sarah explaining the purpose and
Lucy pointing out the signature line. Each time, Tom got to look
inside her shirt, and he felt his excitement grow.

By the time they were halfway through the pile, he asked Lucy,
"aren't you getting tired standing there?" He moved his chair
back a bit.

Without hesitation, Lucy spread her legs and sat down in his lap,
one leg on each side. She weighed almost nothing as she leaned
her body towards him. He could smell her hair and the trace of
perfume she was wearing.

He put his left arm around Lucy's belly while Sarah explained the
next form. Slowly, he slid his hand under her T-shirt and let it
move upwards. When it reached the small hump of her firm breast,
she giggled and said, "this sure is more fun than delivering the

He softly kept fondling her breast while scanning and signing
more papers. After a few minutes, Lucy said, "I seem to be
sitting on some kind of a bump, you think can we do something
about that?"

Tom felt himself get red as he realized what bump Lucy was
talking about. She didn't wait for his answer, though, but got up
and opened his zipper. His penis jumped out, standing almost
straight up.

As if it was the most natural thing in the world, Lucy sat down
again, carefully sliding over him. Tom felt his heart almost skip
a beat as he felt himself entering her.

After a few moments, Lucy started moving her hips slowly,
providing enough movement to stimulate his excitement even

Sarah put away the form she was explaining and looked at them.

"You two seem to be having all the fun," she said. "Lucy, leave
something for me, will you?"

She got up, walked around the table, and stood in front of Tom.
She grabbed his free hand and put it over her pubic area.He
started massaging her clitoris through the thin material of the
summer dress.

Immediately, he could feel her wetness through the dress. He saw
her smiling, and realized that was exactly what she had intended.

"Everybody will see," she whispered. "Everybody will see the wet
spot, and know where it came from. They will think I'm such a

Using the hand that was now sliding in and out of her, Tom pulled
her even closer. Then he started licking and sucking her nipples
through her dress, creating two more wet spots.

"Oh, yes," she moaned, and leaned closer. Within seconds, he
could feel her come. Keeping up his rubbing and sucking, he felt
her juices soaking her dress, and knew there would be a huge
stain at the front.

Meanwhile, Lucy had intensified her efforts as well, and Tom felt
the blood flowing to his already hard dick. He could feel it grow
even more inside her, and he could feel the surge starting to
build in his groin. His hips were now undulating in Lucy's
rhythm, and he started to loose focus.

When Sarah slumped down on the table, exhausted for the moment,
Tom started using both his hands to massage Lucy's small breasts.
He had the familiar feeling of the sperm getting ready to go. He
knew that with all the masturbating he had done lately, it would
only be a small amount of liquid he would be able to produce, but
it was coming.

"Harder, squeeze harder," Lucy moaned as she pressed his hands
closer to her breasts and moved faster and faster in his lap.

Tom squeezed the delicate young breasts as hard as he dared and
tried to keep up with her movements. Just as he thought he
couldn't go faster anymore, she arched her back and he knew she
was ready.

The feeling of the girl coming in his lap was all he needed to
push him over the edge. He felt the fluid squeezing from his loin
through his erect penis, felt the pressure wave moving through
and bursting out of the top into Lucy. He pushed a few more
times, then let go, exhausted.

Lucy was still panting, but got up from his lap and took off her
T-shirt. Now for the first time he could see her perky breasts,
see how they were tanned all over.

"I want to have stains on my clothes too," she said, as the
started to clean Tom and herself with the shirt.

"What is it with you girls," Tom asked, looking at the two
beautiful women he had just had sex with. "Are you all maniacs or

Sarah's face turned serious, and she looked straight at him.

"I've spend five years of my life, working sixty hours a week or
more in a stuffy office, surrounded by stuffy people, shuffling
stuffy papers," she said. "All that time, I was made to feel I
was nothing. Nobody knew my name, it was always 'Hey, you there.'
Now, they know me, and they look at me."

"You know," she continued thoughtful, "I wasn't going anywhere
here. Now I might still not be going anywhere, but at least I'm
having a ball on the way." She grinned at the thought.

Tom just nodded and didn't answer. He could understand that
feeling only too well.

It took a few minutes before they all got their strength back and
started on the remaining documents. When they were done, Lucy put
all of Tom's copies in a binder and handed it to him.

"That's it," Sarah said. "You're ready to go. You should get a
new, unlimited, credit card in the mail in a few days, and
meanwhile you won't have to worry about maxing out on your old one. Is there anything else you need?"

"Nothing I can think of," Tom answered. "And if I do, I'll call.
Or I come by the office, if that is O.K."

"Please come by," Sarah said, grinning. "I'll tell my boss we can
expect you any moment."

Tom smiled too. They would keep making people notice them, he was
certain of that. He would soon have to think of an excuse to come

They walked with him through the office to the elevator. Just
like the day before, people were doing their best not to notice
anything. But the big, wet, crumpled spot in Sarah's dress was
difficult to overlook, and the wet stains on Lucy's T-shirt were
just as obvious. It was as if they were shouting they had just
had sex, and were proud of it.

Just thinking about it made Tom's excitement rise again, and he
knew he was looking as conspicuous as they were. But that didn't
bother him, it just added to the excitement.

He kissed both women goodbye when the elevator came. When the
doors closed, he shook his head. What would be next, he wondered.
What would be next...



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