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SINFUL4 girls there use


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Author: Altan
Title: Sinful
Part: part 4
Keywords: MF
Date: July 2002
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This story is a work of erotic fiction. If you are not allowed to
read such material, or if such material offends you, please stop
reading now.

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granted for this story to be reproduced and archived in the
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Sinful (part 4) (MF)
by Altan

Tom's life changed the day he won the Big Game. Who would have
thought a week ago that he would be buying a house today?

After signing all the paperwork at his accountant's office this
morning, he walked into one of the bigger local real estate
offices. He had chosen this realtor mainly because he had seen
their name under many of the highest priced houses in last week's
Real Estate section of the newspaper.

"I would like to talk to the manager here," he introduced himself
to the receptionist. "Tell him I want to buy a multi-million
dollar house, I'm sure he will have time."

The receptionist looked doubtful but picked up the phone anyway.

"A young gentleman here to see you, sir," Tom overheard her
saying. "He says he wants to buy a multi-million dollar house."

A moment of silence, then "Yes, sir," and "yes, immediately,"
after which she put down the receiver.

"Mr. Hammerston will see you in his office," she announced.
"Follow me, please."

The office was in the back of the building. Tom looked around for
attractive associates while he followed the receptionist. Most of
the women looked older, but there was one young girl he saw, with
blond hair and pretty big boobs. She looked up when they passed
and smiled pleasantly at him.

"Jim," the manager introduced himself, holding out his hand. "You
must be the guy who won the big game. Heard a lot about you."

"You did?" Tom asked surprised. "On TV?" He hadn't known he was
such a celebrity.

"No, not on TV. I was playing golf with my friend Jonathan last
night, he is the president of an accounting firm here in town,
and he told me all about this new client of his."

"Oh," Tom said, smiling.

"Seems like you stirred up things there."

"I did?" Tom asked innocently.

"Having one of the associates walk around naked? A pretty one as
well, I'm told? What do you think?"

Jim now had a big grin on his face. "Do you know that when word
got out about that stunt, Jonathan got dozens of applications
from people asking for a transfer to his office? And before the
day was over, at least five women had volunteered to help out
with your account."

"They did? Wow," Tom exclaimed. "Why would they do that?"

"What do I know? But yes, you sure created some excitement there.
Are you planning to do the same thing here?"

"Well, I don't know," Tom stuttered. "I didn't plan any of this,
it just like, you know, happened."

"Too bad," Jim responded. "We can use some excitement around
here. But anyway, what can I do for you?"

Putting his mind back to business, Tom explained he wanted to buy
a house, kind of secluded, where people wouldn't have to worry
about keeping their clothes on, and where he could throw "wild

"Hmm, I see what you mean," Jim said, when Tom finished. "At
least, I think I do."

"Now, it seems there are two ways we can take it from here," he
continued. "I can ask Debbie to show you some houses. You may
have seen her in the office. She is young, blond, and I'm sure
she'll do whatever it takes to earn her percentage."

"Or I could take you out myself. I may not be young and blond,
but I think I might be a lot better at understanding what you
want and finding the right house for you."

"Hey, I'm not here for sex," Tom responded. "What happened at the
accountants is wonderful, and I loved every second of it, but
that is not what I set out to do. I'd rather take experienced
advice than an easy pussy, if you don't mind me being blunt." And
after a moment's thought, he added, "but don't tell that to your
accountant friend. The girls there use me as an excuse for their
naughty games, and I don't want to spoil their fun."

"My lips are sealed, sir. Well, in that case, let's go."

* * *

Jim collected a pile of listings from his secretary and Tom
followed him to the realtor's red Explorer.

"When we look at these houses," Jim explained as he started the
car, "just tell me what you think. What you like about them, and
what not. The more you tell me, the better I understand what you
want. Don't hold anything back."

The first house was a suburban mansion on an acre of grassland.
"The house is nice," Tom said, after walking through it, "but it
is all open. I can't walk around naked here, I would get

The second house was in the woods, on a five-acre wooded lot. It
had an indoor swimming pool, lots of rooms, and was very

"Much better," Tom commented. "I just wish there was some grass
around the house. There is almost nothing you can do outside."

The third house had a large lawn, and a nine-foot high stone
fence around it. Nobody would be able to look over that fence.

"This one definitely has potential. Just, you know, with that
fence, it is almost like a prison. I know, I said before that
that other house was too open. But I don't need a wall like that,
I only want to prevent people from accidentally seeing what is
going on. If someone wants to look, by all means, let them."

They had lunch in a small diner and then went on for many more
houses. Jim seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of energy.

Finally, he announced, "this will be the last house. And from
what you have said, it might be the best one yet."

They entered through a gate onto a lane with old trees on both
sides. The lane widened onto a large lawn, in the middle of which
sat a big mansion. Behind the house, the lawn gently sloped down
to a lake. A wooden pier went out into the lake.

The lake was about half a mile wide and two miles long. On the
other side, less than a mile away, was a small town.

Tom took one look and knew this was perfect. The immediate
neighborhood of the house was deserted, but he was sure people in
the town would spy on the mansion. Specially when they knew the
kind of things that would be going on. The house itself was large
enough to entertain many people.

"Can I borrow your cell phone for a moment," he asked Jim, then
dialed his accountant's office and spoke with Sarah.

"Listen, can you possibly come over here?" he asked. "I'm looking
at this house, and I love it, but I want a second opinion. You're
the only one I can think of to call right now."

"No problem," Sarah said, and he handed the phone to Jim to give
her directions.

"She'll be here in about forty-five minutes," Jim concluded.
"Meanwhile, shall we look inside?"

He opened the door with the key from the keybox and followed Tom
into the house. They were standing in a large foyer with hardwood
floors, looking at large glass doors leading to the living area.
An open staircase at the right led to the second floor. On the
left was a bathroom and a coat room.

"I have to explain," Jim said, "that this house was custom built
for a man and woman only a few years ago. They didn't have any
children and liked to entertain a lot. Unfortunately, they are
now divorcing, and have to sell the house to split the assets. He
moved out last month, she left just a few days ago."

"Hardwood floors in most of the house," he continued, "and
independent climate control in each room. The house is wired with
high-speed voice and data networks, and is ready for wireless

They went up the stairs to start with the bedrooms.

"The main bedrooms are on the right side of the house, each with
their own bathroom. The rooms on the left are simpler and share a
bathroom in the hallway. These rooms were used for live-in
servants but can of course also be used as guest rooms, office,
and so on. All rooms have cable tv and computer network access."

"The master bedroom and bath are on the back of the house, which
is the east side. Shall we start there?"

They entered the master bedroom, which was huge. The long wall of
the room consisted of full-size glass windows and sliding doors,
opening up to a balcony which ran along the whole back of the
house. The hardwood floor of the hallway had given way to a soft
carpet that would be a pleasure to walk on with bare feet.

When they entered the master bath, Tom's jaw dropped. The
bathroom was almost as large as the bedroom, and it was light! In
most houses, bathrooms are hidden in the inside of the house.
This bathroom had the same sliding doors opening onto the
balcony, and windows on the side to let even more light in. It
had an openness, an exposure that immediately appealed to him. He
would be able to take a hot bath and breath fresh air at the same
time. In the summer, he would be walking from the bathroom
straight onto the balcony, without having to think about drying
off or getting dressed.

Jim watched Tom's expression and knew immediately the house was
as good as sold. If this bedroom didn't do it, the room
downstairs would give the last push. The rest would only be a

"The tile floor in the bathroom is of course automatically kept
at a pleasant temperature, warm in the winter and cool in the
summer," he mentioned.

"Of course," Tom responded, hardly taking in the comment.

After the master bedroom, the other bedrooms seemed simple. There
were three large bedrooms, two at the front of the house and one
next to the master bedroom in the back. Each of these bedrooms
had their own private bathroom and ample closet space. On the
other side of the house, the five simpler rooms were still

They went out onto the balcony, overlooking the back yard and the
lake. Tom could make out the people moving in the town at the
other side, and knew that with good binoculars or a telescope
they would be able to see everything. In his mind, he imagined
the house and garden filled with people wearing next to nothing,
and how they would soon be the subject of scandalous talk in the

Looking down, he saw the swimming pool that seemed to go all the
way into the house.

"Indoor / outdoor pool," Jim confirmed. "In the winter, the
outdoor part can be closed off and you have a smaller indoor
pool. In the summer, the partition is removed and you have a
large pool."

A car horn sounded and they hurried back to the front door. Two
scantly clad young girls were standing there, waiting to be let
into the house. They were Sarah and Lucy from the accounting

"I hope you don't mind me bringing Lucy along," Sarah said. "I
thought you might want a third opinion as well."

Looking at the women, Jim understood what his accountant friend
had meant when he said they were remarkable. Sarah was a tall
dark woman who wore her almost transparent summer dress without
any trace of shame. Her firm breast were clearly visible through
the thin material and even her neatly shaven pussy was
unmistakable. Lucy was short and very thin. She was wearing a
tiny denim mini skirt and a loose top that was barely long enough
to cover her nipples. She too didn't seemed to be the least
concerned about the amount of skin she was showing.

"Just in time, ladies," he managed to say, "We are just about to
look at the first floor."

"You should see the master bathroom," Tom interrupted. "It's
great. It is more than great, it is fantastic!"

Jim smiled and let them through the foyer to the living room. On
the right they walked through the family room, the office and the
library. The library had built-in shelves on three of the walls
and an old-fashioned ladder on wheels to reach the top shelves.

Then they returned to the living room and went to the other side,
the dining room and behind it the kitchen.

Finally, they stopped at a door that was closed.

"I think you'll like this room," Jim said mysteriously.
"Supposedly, the previous owners kept it locked whenever they had
guests. I think you will keep it open, thought."

Slowly he opened the door.

At first, Tom didn't see anything special about the room, except
that the carpet seemed to be thick and soft.

He took a step into the room and felt his foot sink into the
floor. He stumbled and fell head first into the room.

It didn't hurt.

In fact, it was as if he had fallen on a soft bed.

The others had seen Tom bounce when he fell, and they all looked
at Jim.

"This room," the realtor said gravely, trying to hold back a big
grin, "is one big bed. The floor is a huge, custom-made mattress.
The special cover is soft and cool to the touch. Try it."

Sarah took a careful step into the room, then kicked off her
shoes and jumped. Lucy took off her shoes too and followed her
boss. She landed with her legs spread, leaving Jim to look at her
delicious pussy.

They all laughed. A bed the size of a whole room!

"Oh, this is sinful!" Lucy cried. "This is just too much!"

Tom tried to get up and walk over to Sarah, but she pushed him
and he fell back. She then started to crawl away and he followed
her on his hands and knees.

Lucy meanwhile had seen the lust in Jim's eyes when he looked at
her wide spread legs. She pulled him down onto the bed.

"Guys," she called, "if this is a bed, you'll have to try it
before you buy." With that, she sat down on Jim's legs and
started to undo his pants. Quickly, she pulled out his hard dick
and started stroking it.

That was all the encouragement Jim needed. He got up, pushed Lucy
on her back, and spread her legs. "I'll show you the bed," he
said, as he pinned her down and moved inside her.

Tom was still pursuing Sarah. The bouncing mattress made crawling
the best way to go, but he couldn't go very fast. Finally, he
lurched forward and grabbed her dress.

The thin material of the dress ripped as Sarah got away and she
laughed at him. Again Tom pursued, ripping off another piece of
clothing. Finally, he got hold of her foot and held on to it. For
a moment, she dragged him over the "floor," then she gave in and
he pulled her towards him.

* * *

Half an hour later, the four emerged from the "bed-room." They
all looked rumpled. The rips in Sarah's dress made her look even
more indecent than before.

Jim continued the tour of the house through the lower level. He
showed them the pool that was half inside the house and half
outside, the wet play room, the sauna, the bar, and the other
rooms. Finally, they walked out from the basement towards the
lake. On one of the benches on the pier they sat down.

"I'm sold," Tom said, looking at Sarah and Jim. "You guys work it

While his accountant and realtor were going over the details, Tom
leaned back and closed his eyes. He was suddenly feeling tired,
very tired. So many things had happened in so short a time, so
many changes.

Lucy sat down beside him and leaned her head on his shoulder. He
put an arm around her.

"You are really going to live her?" she asked quietly.

"I guess so," he said, trying to imagine it. "It doesn't seem
quite real yet, but I guess it will be soon."

"It is a big house for one person."


He looked at her.

"Are you trying to say something?"

She just smiled but didn't say anything. Tom thought for a

"You're welcome, if you want to," he said. "Actually, you said
you are in college, right?"

She nodded.

"How many years?"

"I'll be a sophomore next year, so three more years."

"How would you want a job as a part-time personal assistant? I'll
need a lot of help the next few weeks, setting things up here,
but by the time school starts again, ten or fifteen hours a week
should do it. You could live here, take care of things, go to
college, and make some money at the same time."

"Could I bring friends over? boy friends?"

"Sure, if they are not embarrassed. I don't want to hire you as
my personal prostitute but as a personal assistant. I really mean
that. The fun stuff would be optional," he added with a grin.

"I love it," she said. "When can I move in?"

He nodded at Sarah and Jim, who were wrapping up their
discussion. "Ask them."

"I'll have some sanity checks done," Sarah told Tom when she
walked over. "You know, title search, that kind of thing.
Assuming that doesn't turn up any skeletons, you should be able
to move here in about a week. How are you going to call this

"Call it?"

"A mansion like this should have a name," Sarah explained. "It
used to be called 'Terra Mia,' but that doesn't seem to be

"No, that's not it," Tom agreed. "I want something more, you
know, what was the word Lucy used in the mattress room?"

The all thought for a moment. "Sinful?" Jim asked.

"Exactly. It has just the right naughty ring to it."

Everybody looked at him expectantly.

"That is how you will call the house?" Sarah asked finally.

Tom looked surprised.

"That is not quite what I meant, but hey, why not? I like it. If
people ask me where I live, I'll tell them, 'I live at Sinful.'"

"Great. Now you should start thinking about furnishing the place.
Jim mentioned an interior decorator he thought you might like."

"Sounds good," Tom said. "Lucy, can you get the details and set
up an appointment? Lucy's my new assistant," he explained.

Sarah raised her eyebrows for a moment, then smiled. "She's
good," she said. "I'll miss her, but this will be more
interesting for her than working at a stuffy accountants office."

Tom thought he detected a hint of jealousy.

"Hey, you're still my accountant," he said. "And you can come
over as often as you want to discuss financial stuff, investment
strategies, whatever."

She laughed.

"I will," she said. "Don't worry, I will."



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