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SINGLEANT story about sex and love


This story is about sex and love among three people. If this bothers you, go
scoot and leave people in love alone. This story is copyrighted by me, Shon
Richards and I ask that you don't post it on your website without my permission.
E-mail is always enjoyed and sometimes it even gets framed. Contact me at

"Single Ant"
By Shon Richards

The air inside the tent was hot, and it stole my breath. I kicked
the blanket from our bodies noticing that neither of the women woke up
at the loss. They must be as sweaty as I was. The idea of sleeping in
a tent with your lovers is always more romantic than the reality. When
your arm is asleep under one woman and your balls are itching with
the sweat, the idea of a sleeping threesome looses some of its

The sun was peaking through a tear in the tent, and it hurt my
eyes to look directly at it. My arm was dead asleep under Claire, but
I didn't have the heart to move her. I could see her face in the light peeking
through the tent wall. Our redhead normally had an intense expression on her
face, but now she actually looked at peace. I spooned her, and brought my
other arm into a hug careful not to wake her or Diana who was snoring
peacefully beside her. Our bodies were hot and sticky, but I didn't
mind. Early morning light makes me sentimental.

"Good morning," Claire whispered.

I sighed. "I didn't mean to wake you up," I said.

"Then you should have put him away," Claire giggled softly. Her hips
moved against my stiff manhood.

"Would you believe I didn't know he was there?" I asked. It was
true. My underwear was bulging and pressed against Claire's tight
buttocks, but I hadn't noticed it. There's something distracting about
a hug, even in a boiling hot tent.

Claire laughed. "No," she answered. "Mostly because I can't
help but notice him. Uh-oh."

"What?" I whispered.

"There's an ant crawling on Diana," Claire whispered.

"Just one?" I asked sharply.

"Are those goose bumps?" Claire teased. "You really do hate
ants, don't you? Yes, there's just one."

I felt a little embarrassed. "I had a bite incident when I was a
kid. Ants creep me out more than I care to admit."

"Don't be ashamed," Claire said, reading my mind as well as Diana
could. "We all have our baggage."

"What's the ant doing now?" I asked.

"Just walking," Claire said. "Awww, where did he go?" She moved
her hips and rubbed her buttocks against my weakening cock.

I laughed, a little of the ant tension leaving me. "He got

"Too bad," Claire said. Her hand went behind her and gripped my
cock through my underwear. "I never did get my turn last night."

I moaned as she stroked my trapped cock. "Well, Diana did get
dibs for figuring out how to set up the tent," I reminded her. "After
she climaxed, I don't recall you having the strength to continue."

"What can I say?" Claire teased. "You two wear me out. Now that
I've had a good night's rest, I'm ready to collect my turn."

"You say the most romantic things," I teased, nipping at a
perfect bit of exposed ear. There was a spot, right under her lobe
that always worked.

"Oh!" Claire moaned, pressing back against me. "Don't tease me,
Anthony," she asked. She was squirming against me and I decided the
heat be damned.

"Just keep on eye on that ant, will you?" I asked, pulling my
underwear down under my cock.

"Certainly my love," Claire answered. Claire sleeps in the nude,
so she didn't have any tricky underwear juggling to do. Diana once
said Claire did that to make morning sex all the more likely.

"And let's try not to wake Diana, this is the first good night of
sleep she's had all week," Claire reminded me. She lifted a leg up and
balanced her foot on her knee.

"Diana would sleep better if she actually relaxed during her time
off," I said. I guided my cock between Claire's buttocks and placed
myself at her sex. "A camping trip was a brilliant idea by the way.
She was bound and determined to clean out the attic."

She reached down and took my cock gently pushing me against her
delta. Her sex was bare of hair but covered in sweat. She rubbed my
manhood against her lips, and we both were silent for a moment as we
sighed. It occurred to me that her outside skin was most likely hotter
than inside.

"Diana works too hard, so try not to scream when you climax,"
Claire teased.

I bit her shoulder and buried my face in her soft red curls.
Claire moaned, and Diana continued to snore. I thrust against Claire,
and my cock slipped over her sex. Claire hissed between clenched

"Only if you remember to be quiet as well," I teased. "Are you
still watching the ant?"

She pushed my cock inside her. I was wrong. It was much hotter
inside. The walls of her sex held onto me and I knew from the
tightness that it had been wrong of us to allow her to skip out last

"The ant?" Claire asked, shaking my thoughts. "It's crawling
very slowly on Diana." She paused as I began to move, pushing and
sliding inside her. Our bodies took a second to adjust, finding that
rhythm that was unique to the two of us.

"Right now, it's crawling on her smooth belly, heading up to her
breasts," Claire whispered. "Just imagine, it must have come up from
between her legs. I know ants have an amazing sense of smell. It
knows all about my mouth being down there last night."

I moaned, and my free hand cupped one of Claire's small breasts.

"Of course, it couldn't help but sense you down there," Claire
continued. Her sweat covered ass felt so good against my stomach. "The
poor ant must be trying to make sense of the conflicting smells; the
smell of my mouth, the smell of your cock, and the very special smell of
Diana's desire."

The air mattress squeaked slightly as we rocked together.

"Right now, the ant is beginning to climb Diana's right breast,"
Claire whispered. "It must seem like a mountain to the little guy.
Diana has plenty to offer for such a steady climber. I know what you
are thinking. You are wondering what it would be like to be able to
sink your feet into Diana's soft white breast. I'm thinking the same
thing. Would you do the same thing I would? Drop to your knees and
kiss the ground?"

"Yes," I moaned and increased my pace. Claire stopped her story
as the sensations washed through her. My mouth was on her neck,
showering the base of her hair with hot kisses. Her hand came up to my
hand clutching her breast. She squeezed my hand, pinching her breast

"Can anyone join?" Diana said, amusement in her voice.

We stopped instantly. "Shit," Claire and I said together.

Diana laughed. Claire was in my way, so I couldn't see Diana but
I could feel the air mattress shift as she rolled onto her side. It's
odd how familiarity with a loved one can tell you what they are doing
just by a shift in the mattress.

"Sorry we woke you," I said from under Claire's tresses.

"Don't be," Diana said. I felt her hand press against where
Claire and I were joined. "I'm always happy to help."

Claire shuddered as Diana's fingers pressed on our lover's

"I can always use your help," I told Diana. Claire simply

Freed of having to be silent, I was able to move as I wished.
Our pace increased, and Diana's hand pinched and stroked Claire's clit
as we fucked. Claire curled as my thrusts grew in strength, leaning
towards Diana for support.

I wondered briefly about the ant, and prompty forgot about it as Claire's
hand reached behind her and grabbed my hair. She was pulling me closer
to her like she always does right before her climax. Her back was
slippery against me; covered in the sweat of the tent and the sweat we
made together. I bit down on her neck; hitting that one spot Diana
found one special night a year ago.

"There," Claire moaned. I bit down harder, feeling Claire's body
seize up with bliss. Claire had ceased moving, but I could feel
Diana's hand still stroking us. I stopped moving, and Diana used her knowing
touch to help Claire finish.

Claire shuddered. Claire moaned. Claire whimpered. Claire

"Finish him," Claire moaned.

"As you wish," Diana answered. I felt her hand move down to my
cock and she pushed my balls gently. When I had pulled my cock out
slightly, Diana stopped me. My tip was still held by Claire's sex, but
the length of my shaft was now exposed to Diana's hand.

"Yes," I hissed into Claire's ear. Her hand pulled my hair
harder, letting me know she was there for me while Diana stroked. Up
and down my cock, Diana's fingers gripped and pulled, slipping on the
sweat and Claire's juices. Claire's sex clenched the tip of my cock
and I could still feel the spasms of her orgasm.

"Yes," I repeated as I had my climax. Diana pumped my cock with
a loving hand as I filled Claire with my desire. I shuddered
helplessly; releasing all I had to my two loves once again.

"Oh my, I may never move again," I said when I could regain my
breath. The heat of the tent had been sapping me all night, and a round
of good sex finished my last reserves.

Diana laughed.

Claire turned around and looked me with mischief in her pretty
sparkling eyes.

"You do know that I lost track of the ant, don't you ?" she asked.

I found the strength to move.

The end.

If you enjoyed this story, please let me know at


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