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SISTERLY girls are integral part


Sisterly Love { ff fd 1st f-solo } codes codes defined at

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Synopsis: The sexual awakening of two sisters,
based on a true story related by my girlfriend.

Although under-age girls are an integral part of the story line,
I do NOT consider it "PEDO" because no adults are involved.
Also, don't expect to see any pictures of under-age girls on the web site.

This is part of a much larger story, "Science Experiment" that
a knowledgeable friend suggested might stand on its own.


Boring Legal Stuff: Under the terms of the Byrne convention all
works by this author are copyrighted. Re-posting, redistribution,
inclusion in another work, or any other use of it is strictly
prohibited without the express, written permission of the
copyright holder, except that it may be posted as part of a
review or posted to a free-access, noncommercial archive sites.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance
between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead is
entirely coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex and
is intended for the entertainment of adults only. If you are offended
by depictions of adult intercourse or if you are less than the age of
majority in your jurisdiction then LEAVE NOW! Please do not read or
download this file. Because this is a fantasy, characters in this
work may engage in unprotected sex in a universe where AIDS and other
sexually transmitted diseases do not exist. In reality sex without
protection is unwise and nothing in this work should be taken as
condoning such activity, or any of the other activities depicted herein.


Chapter 1 - Puberty

Kayla and Maya had been inseparable since birth. What happened a few months
after the onset of puberty seemed only natural to them. The girls had their
first period less then a month apart.

Harmones raged through their developing bodies. They had to cope with
physical changes, new sensations, powerful emotions, and the normal
pressures of school, parents, and friends.

One Friday night after school, Maya had just started taking a shower.
She heard her sister, Kayla (always the more agressive and outspoken)
arguing again with her parents. Recently this was a daily occurrence.
Maya tried to stay out of it as much as possible.

Maya felt the warm shower making her skin tingle. Her budding nipples
beginning to harden under the pulsating water. Knowing that she was
unlikely be disturbed, it seemed a safe time to explore her body's
strange new feelings.

Maya's hands moved between her legs. Spreading her soft thighs she reached
for the tiny petals of her lower lips, spreading them apart. The rhythmic
beating of the warm water against them increased the pleasant tingle.

Maya let her middle finger slip into the narrow slit between her petals.
Ever so slowly she rubbed down, then up, and back again.

She thought about different boys touching her there. Nothing happened. What
would Kayla think about? "Mmmmmm," it felt good thinking about Kayla. Her
entire body started tingling. She kept the image of her beautiful sister in her mind.

Maya decided to do something "dangerous" like Kayla would. She began
searching for her "special spot". The girls at school called it the
"clit". They said touching it would make you do weird things.

Once before she had touched it. The feelings seem wrong and nasty somehow.
She'd stopped immediately. Now she'd screwed up her courage to try again.

"Ooooohhhh, there it was." she thought. The "nasty" feeling returned,
but it also increased her tingling.

Maya decided to give it another, maybe two, no three little rubs then stop
before anything weird happened. "Oooooohhhh," the feeling was stronger.
"Aaaaaahhh," it was more nice now then nasty. "Eeeeeeeeee," it made her
feel weak. "Ooooohhhh", maybe just a few more.

Maya began to feel an unknown sensation between her legs. It felt wet like
her period, but it was tingling, hot and wonderful. "Aaaaaaahhhh," she
should probably stop now. "Eeeeeeeee," her finger kept moving with a mind of
its own. "Oooooohhhhh, why can't I stop?" Maya had thought to herself. Her
middle finger kept rubbing her distended little clit.

Maya's thighs parted wider and her finger began making little circles. The
sounds from her mouth became one continuous moan. What was happening to her?
Was this the weirdness?

She became frightened, but had past the point that she could stop - whatever
was happening to her. Maya threw her head back in sweet surrender feeling
the pulsating water beat down on her flesh. Her finger rubbed ever faster.

BANG! Kayla slammed the door to the downstairs "apartment" they shared in
the furnished basement. From the inside of the bedroom she screamed, "NO!

That was enough to make Maya's finger stop and pull away. The tingling
didn't stop. It had engulfed her whole body and it centered between her

One of her parents said something about "or else". Kayla screamed back
hysterically through the door at the top of her lungs, "LEAVE ME ALONE!

Hearing this, Maya got really scared. Teenage suicide was talked about
a lot on the news and at school. Kayla's fights with their parents had
been getting more and more intense over the last few months. She seemed
to be on edge and depressed all the time.

What if? No! Not her beautiful sister, the person she was closest to
in the world!

Maya flew out of the adjoining shower naked and dripping wet.
Her sister was curled in a fetal ball on their bed wearing only
a thin yellow nightshirt. Deep wracking sobs shook her body.

Maya saw she had a second to grab a nearby towel and dried off a
little. Then she circled the towel around her wet hair and went
to comfort her distraught sister.

Maya wrapped her arms around Kayla and crooned to her beloved sister,
"It's OK, I'm here. Everything will be alright." Kayla relaxed enough
for Maya to unroll her slight frame so they could lie next to each other,
stretched out on their bed.

"Nobody loves me! I want to die," sobbed Kayla piteously. "Please don't
say that. Never say that. I don't know what I'd do without you. I'll
always love you," promised Maya kissing Kayla's cheek. She showered
Kayla's face with feather-light kisses, each time whispering "Love you."

Suddenly, she was kissing Kayla on the mouth. That kiss did not end.
All the deep love she had to give seemed to pour through her soft,
unsullied lips into her anguished sister.

Kayla's mouth opened. Her hot tongue caressed Maya lips until they too
parted. Kayla's tongue found her's and they danced together.

The tingling from the shower came back stronger then ever. It compelled
Maya's hands to began moving over Kayla's chaste body. Maya's desire to
comfort her sister changed into the desire to touch her sister.

Kayla's fingers responded by caressing Maya's soft sensitive skin. The same
heat Maya had felt in the shower seems to glow wherever Kayla touched.

Each girl's hands kept moving, inflaming her sister's inexperienced
flesh. Neither maiden knew what she was doing. Both felt the
uncontrollable urge to continue.

Kayla's hands found Maya's budding breasts. "Yes," she whispered. "Oooohhh,"
moaned Maya when Kayla began caressing her aroused nipples.

Her own hand reached down below where Kayla's nightshirt had been pushed up
to her narrow waist. She cupped her sister's lightly-haired pussy. Rubbing
the downy soft fur felt like the touch of satin. "Yes," whispered Kayla,
spreading her legs apart to give Maya greater access.

Neither girl gave a thought to stopping. Each knew that what they had begin
was "wrong". Sisters were not supposed to touch each other this way. The
feeling it was forbidden somehow made it "sweeter".

Her distress forgotten, Kayla wanted to make her sister feel as good as she
did. The feeling of her sister's deliciate hand on her unspoiled skin, the
fiery heat between her legs was better than anything she had ever felt the
few times she'd rubbed herself there.

Kayla began rubbing both of Maya's nipples with the palms of her hands.
Maya responded by rubbing faster between Kayla's legs.

Then Kayla had an idea. She shifted to bring herself close enough to kiss
Maya's nipple. The moan that escaped from Maya's lips increased when Kayla
tried using her tongue.

Maya had never imagined she could feel so good. Her sister's lips kept
shooting little electric bolts straight to her pussy. Her own middle finger
had slipped into her sister's slit, splitting the lips of her Kayla's slick

The sisters were always competing. Maya wanted to outdo her sister at their
newest game. She knew how to win. Maya searched for that special spot
between Karla lower lips. She had found where her own body was most
sensitive and was going to try it on Karla.

She found it. "Aaaaaaiiiiiiii," yelled Kayla thrusting her hips into the
air. "Is everything alright girls?" called their father.

The girls froze and thought furiously. Maya walk to the door and replied,
"Yes, dad. I'm just trying to help Kayla calm down. It may take a while."
Satisfied dad had replied, "OK honey. Tell Kayla that I love her."

Maya turned on the stereo and told Kayla to take off her nightshirt. Kayla
smiled, got on her knees facing Maya, and pulled the nightshirt over her
head revealing the soft swell of her untainted breasts.

The girls looked at each other's nipples, standing out like little eraser
heads. Without a stitch of clothing between them, both were ready to
continue their game.

Maya got back on the bed as before. Kayla pounced on her sister. She rolled
Maya onto her back, got on top of her, pinned her arms, and gave her another
deep tongue kiss.

Maya's first reaction was to struggle, but there was a sudden weakness in
her limbs. The heat from Maya's nipples and pussy seemed to be sapping her
strength. Maya didn't want to let her sister trap her so easily, but her
mounting desire quickly overwhelmed her will to resist. Maya's body
relaxed in surrender as her tongue danced with Kayla's.

Kayla used her knees to spread her sister's legs apart. She positioned her
pussy directly against her sister's. Their hard nipples were already

Kayla began gently rocking her heated pussy against her sister's. The sparse
pussy hairs soon became slick with their juices. Maya raised her thighs to
clasp Kayla's body.

Kayla pace increased. She pressed her slit harder against her sister's naked
cunt. Their small tits kept rubbing together, hardened nipples pushing into
soft flesh.

Kayla broke their kiss. Both sisters gasped for breath. Maya's hips began
gently thrusting in time with her sisters. The motions became jerkier. The
pace became frantic.

Both girls were moaning continuously as their untrained bodies moved towards
something. What was it that hovered so near? Ignorant, they knew only that
they could not stop. They inched towards the incandescent flame that was
searing their flesh.

Closer, closer, faster, closer, closer, harder, closer, closer, what, what
was, "Aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" screamed Kayla, her mind dissolving
in her very first orgasm. Her hips slammed her pussy directly into her
sister's clit, setting her off.

"Oooooooohhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddd!" yelled Maya smashing into Kayla
so hard that she was hurled off the bed. It was too intense for Maya's
young body. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she passed out.

Kayla lay crumpled on the floor like a rag doll, too drained to move.
So that was sex. She had never, never, never, not even in her wildest
imagination conceived of anything so intense, so wonderful.

When Kayla recovered she cradled Maya in her arms until she awoke.
In whispered voices they compared experiences.

Their hands began moving, demonstrating each point. Without any verbal
agreement they moved to recapture the intensity of the most incredible
experience of their young lives. This time Maya was on top.

It was just as amazing the second time, and the third, and the fourth,
and the fifth. Six times before they fell asleep naked and exhausted in
each other's arms.

Over the next few weeks they went downstairs and locked the door whenever
they could. The fell asleep having sex and woke up having sex. They tried
every position they could think of. They snuck dirty books out of the
library and tried those positions too.

It was a joyous period of self-discover for both girls. Their parents noticed that Kayla's attitude dramatically improved. She was always
happy and smiling. She would do anything they asked quickly and
cheerfully before going downstairs to "study" with her sister.


Chapter 2 - Growing up

In middle school their tits ballooned. They were both solid C-cups by the
middle of eighth grade. The boys watched them constantly, trying to rub up
against them, look down their tops or up their skirts (which they wore just
for the attention).

To avoid looking weird, they agreed to go on a few dates. They always went
in a group. Later in high school, they double-dated to protect each other
from the horny guys who'd do anything to feel them up and get in their
pants. There were plenty of horror stories about girls who let boys get
them alone.

When they dated, depending on how cute the boys were, they sometime got to
first, second, rarely third base, but never struck a home run. Neither girl ever really got hot kissing or petting with boys. Their sexual orientation
had been fixed elsewhere years before. Date nights always ended with the
sisters naked in their bed relieving each other's sexual tension.

Entering college they were among the few virgins remaining in their peer
group. However, they found that their sex, although still satisfying, had
become stale and boring. So they went to spring break on the
South-east coast of Florida for "advanced sex education".

Something unexpected happened at Spring Break. Kayla and Myra did
not find out until after they got back to school. Even then, they
were unaware of the full story.

It changed their lives forever, but THAT is really someone else's story
and must not be related here. All I can tell you now is that those amoral
someones drafted Kayla and Maya as subjects for their "Science Project".


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