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SISTERS stretch river during week long


Sister's Blood Sacrifice



(MF, MFF, FF, adult bro/sis incest, very heavy BDSM, extreme torture,
caution, needleplay, fireplay, knifeplay, edgework, mild WS, consensual
snuff, euthanasia)

Copyright © 2000, NamasteMaster. ALL Rights Reserved

My sweetest and dearest kidsister Karen looked into my eyes, begging me
to finish what I had started two days ago. Begging me to finish her. No,
not finish her. Begin her. Begin to give her her release so her soul
could be free of its ravaged and diseased corpulent shell. My hands
roughly mauled her tits, her blood flowing freely from their consensual and
voluntary wounds dripping over my fingers splattering to the ground below
us as our eyes met and our lips kissed one last time as Suzy my wife lashed
her back mercilessly with the rattan cane. Leaning to one side to pick up
my large Bowie knife which was to be the instrument of my dear sister's
freedom, time froze and reality centered as Karen and I both radared our
mutual gazes to the glint of clouded sunlight highlighting off the
razor-sharp edge of the blade.

Karen and I had always been beyond close as brother and sister. Beyond
close, but not ever crossing the line into incest, at least not until very
recently. Well, not crossing our line. Our line since our teen-age years
may very well indeed be into incest according to some others, but not to

When I was sixteen and Karen was thirteen, she had come to in a funk
because Bobby Fulgum her so-called boyfriend back then in her seventh grade
had finally got her to kiss him and then broke up with her because he said
she was a lousy kisser. I tried to tell her he broke up with her because
she wouldn't let him get past second-base, but she didn't want to hear it,
was convinced it was because she was a lousy kisser. So being the nice big
brother that I was and am, I promised to show her how to kiss, not that I
had kissed that many girls but I had kissed enough to show her.

So one Saturday afternoon when our parents were gone to the grocery
store to shop and I had to stay home to mow the grass and Karen had to be
home as well to help do some laundry, we went downstairs to my basement
bedroom and I began showing her how to kiss. At first it did feel like,
well, kissing my sister, even though our kissing rapidly went from
lip-to-lip to tongue-to-tongue. My arms holding her close to me, it was a
good half an hour later after we first started before nature took its
inevitable course and she noticed a bulge poking her thigh as she sat in my
lap as we sat on the edge of my bed.

"Speedy…" she ah-hemed, using the nickname she and everyone else had
called me since I was a little kid, I not minding hating my given name
"Stephan" anyway "…is that what I think it is?"

"What do you think it is, Sis?"

"A hard-on?…Silly!"

"Silly yourself…what do you know about hard-ons?"

"I know I've never seen one…can I?"

"I don't know…"

"C'mon, p-l-e-a-s-e?…"

I have to admit that all sorts of thoughts were racing through my head
at that moment. While not a virgin, I had only actually screwed two other
girls. But this was Karen, my kidsister, if we both were turned on by our
kissing tutorial I was giving her. I thought long and hard for a moment
while grinning at her al the time to stall for a second.

"Well..maybe…under two conditions…first, we don't tell anyone, you don't
even tell Mary Ellen (her best friend at the time)…and…"


"…you have to show me yours, too.."

"Deal…I'm on my period now, though…"

"I don't care…I still want to see…"


I rose and she sat down on the edge of my bed as I flipped my cock out
from my jeans.

"Touch it, Karen..suck on it…" I half-ordered her.

"No….NOOoooo!…that's sick!….that's gross!…"

"TOUCH IT!…play with it!" I commanded her again.

"No!….I'm not going to touch your thing!…that would be incest, anyway…I
just wanted to see what a real one looked like, anyway…"

"Well, then, show me yours…"


Karen pulled her loose slipover sundress up to her waist as she leaned
back on the bed, her white cotton panties glaring in my room's diffused
light from curtains drawn. Slipping her panties down, a thin pinkish
Tampax string hung from her tiny closed labia.

"Well, if you're not going to touch mine, at least touch yourself, play
with yourself so I can watch…"

"No, I'm not going to do that either, Speed'…I promised you could look
at mine if you showed me yours…well, you've seen mine and now I've seen
yours…can we get back to our kissing lesson now?"

"Sorry Sis but I simply have to get some relief…stay just like that…I'll
be right back…"

I ran the ten steps to my halfbath in my bedroom and got a handful of
toilet paper and rushed back before she could change her mind.

"Well then, Punkinhead (a petname our father used to call her which she
absolutely hated), if you ain't gonna touch my prick at least open your
legs up some more so I can get a better view and jack off some…"

"Can we kiss some more after you finish whacking off?"

"What do you know about whacking off?…oh, never mind…sure…"

Karen popped of the bed real quick, slipped her dress off in a flash but
left her 32A bra on and lewdly reclined back on to the bed sideways so I
could see her open cunt for all its glory as I stood close beside her,
furiously beating my meat as she leaned her head up to watch and giggle at
me as I spanked the monkey all the way home, my come spurting with so much
pressure that it sprayed all over her torso and even to her face some as my
knees buckled a little and my breath became gaspy.

"Yuck…YUCK!, Speedy, yuck!…look at the mess you've made on me!…yuck!…"

"You might as well get used to it Sis…any boyfriend you have in the
future will spurt come too so might as well as get used to it."

Karen eased off the bed to scoot to my bathroom to clean herself off
before slinking back and putting her sundress back on and plopping back
down on the bed.

"Can we finish our kissing lesson now?"


We kissed and kissed and kissed. And kissed. A car door was heard
slamming shut hard and we knew mom and Dad were back with the groceries. I
still had about a quarter of the lawn to do and Karen had to finish folding
the clothes from the dryer, after we helped get the groceries in from the

Dad's eyes looked kind of funny at us as we both bob-bobbed up the
stairs from my lower-level bedroom.

"You kids been good while we were gone?…your chores finished?"

"Yeah, we' been good Daddy, and y-e-s our chores are almost finished."

He shot us continuing funny looks for the rest of the day like he was
trying to figure something out that he wasn't sure he wanted to figure out.

And from that day on, Sis and I would be kissy-face with each other for
the rest of our lives. Never past that point, but always at it. When one
of us would have a real bad day at school or one of us would break up or be
broken up by a boy or girlfriend or just needed some comfort and support we
would always wind up in each other's arms kissing away, holding each other
close, our tongues mingling and wrestling with each other's. And yes, I
would invariably get a hard-on after a few minutes of doing so and Sis did
confess to me a couple of years later that she also invariably got a little
wet too but we never crossed that imaginary and artificial cultural line.


A couple or three years later I went to State as Sis stayed home and
finished high school and we began to go our separate ways and lead our
separate lives. Still we would talk usually a couple of times or more per
week depending. Sometimes more and sometimes less. And when I came home
or the rare times she came to see me in my dorm even though I only lived
ten miles or so from home we would invariably wind up in each other's arms
kissing and holding each other close and tell each other our most inner
secrets and fears and dreams never losing that true intimacy we had
accidentally created so many years before.

Punkinhead, errrrr, Karen decided she didn't want to go college but
wanted to become a nurse instead, so when she finished high school she
enrolled in Wake Tech's RN program where she could go to school fulltime
for a semester and then co-op as part of the curriculum for the next
semester and so forth until she got her AAS in nursing degree and could sit
for the exam a year later after twelve more months of clinical experience.

A month after she graduated from Wake Tech and was second in her class
GPA-wise and had not just a job but also a three thousand dollar signing
bonus from Rex Hospital for signing a contract for two years of employment
at more money than I was then making as a high school boy's gym teacher and
assistant athletic coach at Garner Senior High that being a decent first
job to use my PhysEd degree for, Karen rented an apartment in the same
complex where I lived off Lake Boone Trail which also was near her work and
our relationship as super-tight brother and sister-friends became even

Which was great and would have been perfect, except for the fact that I
had been living with my then-girlfriend Suzy for about a year then, and
Karen's and mine intimate kissing sessions began to feel almost like
cheating to me. Hell, they did feel like cheating to me. Especially after
Suzy came home a couple of hours early from having to go in on a Sunday to
catch up on some paperwork at the wholesale fabric broker where she worked
and caught us red-handed and very red-faced.

She seemed to be angry just for second but almost immediately calmed
down. Then a sly almost wicked grin spread her across her face. Suz' and
I were planning on getting married someday even though our engagement
wasn't formal yet. I certainly didn't want to do anything to lose her.
Except for my kissing sessions with my kidsister, my sex life was pretty
ordinary if not downright dull and had always been that way. Sex with Suzy
was very nice most of the time and really great on occasion, but something
like what she had flung open the front door to witness as Karen and I were
making out like bandits albeit fully clothed in all our innocent glory was
something before that moment I'd have bet our wedding savings account on
that Suzy would have broken up with me over. But it didn't happen.

"I see you two are more than…friends…more than brother and

"Please, Suzy…" I stammered "….it's…"

"It's what, Speedy?…not what it looks like?"

"…no…it's really not…"

Her smile was now a grin as she knelt down on the floor beside the couch
we were half-frozen in position from embarrassment and fear.

"It's okay, really, Speed'…my sister and I are close like you and

I searched her eyes for any hint of sarcasm or set-up but didn't see

"Suzy…Suzy…" I coughed out slowly "…it's not like we actually do
anything but kiss…"

"I know…just like Julie and me…that's all we do too, and have since we
were kids…"

"Us too!" Karen chimed in.

"…we just kiss…like this…" and with that my girlfriend planted a nice
big one right on Karen's smackers. I knew Karen had never even considered
touching another girl and now my girlfriend was kissing her fully. My eyes
searched this weird but interesting scene unfolding before me for any clue
as to what might happen next. Either every man's fantasy or every man's
nightmare. But alas, it was to be neither, more or less. Karen reached
her hand around to pull Suzy closer to her as they kissed some more, and
Suzy did the same. Oh hell yeah it was erotic beyond belief. A wet stain
began showing through my khakis as my fully hard hard spurted inside my
briefs, its fluidity seeping through the layers of cloth that had always
protected Karen and myself from our unspoken but very real boundaries we
knew we could or would never cross.

At that point though as my future wife and forever sister still didn't
lose their liplock of each other millimeters away from my own licking lips
I was ready to risk it all and go for it right then and there and take both
of them to bed right then. Leaning in to them, they let me join their
kiss. My hands roaming a little not just to Suzy's bloused breasts but also
to Karen's the mood was immediately broken.

"Speed…Speedy!" Karen scolded.

"Yeah, what's wrong with you!?!" Suzy echoed Karen's scolding of me.

"What's wrong with me?…what's wrong with ME!…my fiance' and sister are
kissing like two long-lost lesbian lovers and I join in and you both let me
and then you scold me for wanting to touch both of you and make love to
both of you…and you ask what's wrong with me?…Jezzzzz….what's wrong with
you two?"

"We're not lesbian, Speedy…you know I've never kissed a girl before…not
until now…" Karen sniped at me.

"Yeah…I know…but why…why didn't you tell me about you and Julie, hu,

"Because it was none of your business, fee-ahn-say…and if I had, I was
sure you'd want something like this that almost happened to happen…"

"What's wrong with that?…what's wrong with making love to the two women
I really do love?"

"Nothing…brother dear…except I'm not lesbian or even bi, and Suz' isn't
either…now, let's do some ground rules…now…" she stated firmly as she
pulled me back into her and Suzy and our threeway kiss began again in
earnest as we somehow conversed through locked lips, the gist of it being
that no further lines would be crossed and Sis and I could continue our
kissing intimate sessions and Suzy could also have them with her too and
the three of us as well, as long as clothes stayed on and nothing further
went. I felt like a kid who had been given the keys to a candy store only
to find all the cookie and candy jar superglued shut, but at least things
were out in the open now and Suzy was cool with Sis and me.


A couple of months after that, after Sis had moved in a couple of
buildings down from mine in our Mission Trace apartment complex and our
lives began synching really well together, she coming over a couple of
times per week or I going over there and we just sitting on the couch
together and talking and kissing and being best friends as well as brother and sister like we had for years and sometimes Suzy joining our little
smooch sessions too and once in a great while Suzy and Karen even smooching
but never going further than that by themselves, Karen mentioned that
finally she had let her boyfriend that she had been seeing steady for the
past six months or so finally move in with her, mainly to save some on her
rent, I think.

A month or so after that, she told me during one of our suckface
sessions, she had done something to piss Tony off really bad, run his car
with the radiator running hot for a short trip because hers was in the shop
and she was borrowing his to get back and forth to work on, and instead of
blowing his top by yelling and screaming or even being a coward and
physically abusing her, he had instead overpowered her and turned her over
his knee despite the fact she genuinely fought him tooth-and-nail to keep
from doing so and had spanked her butt barehanded until she was so sore so
could hardly walk the two hundred yards over to see me let alone be on her
feet hardly all day at work.

"Want to see those near-bruises he put on my butt, Speed'?"

"No…no, that's okay Sis…" I smiled back at her, she catching finally
what she had offered to me just then. She then went on to tell me that the
harder she fought his spanking of her, the more being overpowered by him
really turned her on, so much so that after he had finished whipping her
tail that she had nearly forcibly dragged HIM to the bedroom and nearly
raped HIM she was so turned on.

"He didn't need any encouragement after I nearly tore his clothes off of
him, Speedy…he tied me up with some old clothesline cord, put clothespins
on my nipples, spanked my open pussy, whipped my back and butt and pussy with his belt, made me suck him off as he mouth-fucked me, 'just made me
his total slut and slave, and God, Speed', I just enjoyed it so much!" she
continued as we held each other close as we traded sweet kisses.

"I'm happy for you, Sis…happy that you've found what and who really
makes you happy…"

"….y-ea-h…" she sighed contentedly.


That was three years ago past. Now is three years hence. We, Karen and
now-wife Suzy and me, are canoeing down the Northeast Cape Fear River along
the Angola Bay Gameland area to a secluded spot I found with Jim my old canoeing buddy when we did this stretch of river during a week-long trip we
made from the headwater of the NE Cape Fear all the way down to Wilmington.

Three years ago past minus sixty days my dearest sister Karen was
healthier and happier and fitter than the proverbial horse. She had a job
she loved, lived with a man she loved with whom she had an unusual
relationship with but one that was based on mutual respect and was totally
valid, and lived a life she loved.

Three years minus sixty days plus one day she fell down at work
unexpectedly as she puttered down the sixth floor hall at Rex Hospital
making her way from her nurse's station to a patient room, one of the
doctors seeing her fall for no apparent reason and helping her back up only
to have her fall again, this time passing out into unconsciousness in the
process. For three days she lay in Rex's ICU as they shuttled her
near-lifeless body in and out to do assorted tests on her near-corpse. Dad
came up to see her one time and couldn't handle the sight of her just
laying there nearly flatlinning. mom came up a couple of times a day but
just for a few minutes. I took three vacation days and basically never
left her bedside, Suzy bringing me sandwiches and soup from the hospital's
snackbar to keep me going. I never stopped holding her hand. And when I
was sure the coast was clear for a few moments, my lips would bind with
hers as I tried to give her some of my own life-force even if that meant
shortening my own lifespan.

The MRI, actually both MRI's because the doctors truly didn't believe
what they saw in the first one, showed a cancerous glob at the top of her
medulla inside her brain at the back of her head and cancerous tentacles
that had progressed all the way to the frontal cortex. Way too much cancer
to even consider operating. Strange, too, because the main cancer mass
should have really impacted her vision badly, making her nearly blind, but
it hadn't, she hadn't complained of any visions problems even as recent as
the day she fell and went comatose in the hall.

The doctors didn't expect her to ever wake up. They fully expected her
to die within a week or so as she lay there with tubes running in and tubes
running out of her. But on the third day, she awoke. She awoke to my
kissing her. She kissed me back.

"It doesn't look good, does it, Speed'?"

"No, Sis, it doesn't…"

mom and Pop wanted her to come back home, but she wanted to spend her
last days with me and Suzy. mom and Pop's feelings were really, really

Her doctors, who all knew and respected her as they were colleagues who
had worked together since she had graduated from Wake Tech and took her job
at Rex, didn't pull any punches with her.

"You've got a week, maybe two, thirty days at the outside, Karen…" Dr.
Mauny who was chief of oncological surgery at the Rex Cancer Center had
told her as plainly and without emotion as he could tell her.

mom and Pop got even angrier with me that I wouldn't try to pressure
Karen into spending her last days with them. She wanted to spend her last
sunrises and sunsets as much with me as she possibly could, and I wanted
her to. They came over just twice more to see her, their only daughter,
before "the talk" happened that had placed the three of us, Karen and Suzy
and myself, in an eighteen-foot rented canoe easing down the Northeast Cape
Fear River. Tony, Karen's long-time live-in ess-ooh had freaked out really
bad too when Dr. Mauny had told him the grim to say the least prognosis
concerning his maybe-future wife. After Dr. Mauny had left, he asked me
to leave the room for a few moments, and had told Karen to more or less
move out anyway if she was dying, to go ahead and move in with me and spend
her last days with me that he didn't care that I could come get her shit
whenever but basically not to come back to their apartment. It's one thing
to be a Dominant in a BDSM relationship, it's another thing to be a jerk,

As the cancer progressed Karen lost her appetite almost completely and
began losing weight rapidly. Dr. Mauny and other physicians prescribed
morphine sulfate tablets which is almost like a legal form of heroin which
helped some. Two weeks after she moved in with Suzy and me, the three of
us now openly sleeping naked in the same bed together at night, Karen quit
taking her super souped-up narcotic pills, claiming she didn't need them
because she wasn't feeling any pain. I knew when that happened that the
end was very close indeed.

As the three of us lounged naked in bed together one Saturday night,
each night potentially being my sister Dear's last on this earth, kissing
and smooching and now openly trading happy gropes and touches between the
three of us for mutual comfort and support, she dropped a bombshell on Suzy
and me.

"Speed?…brother dear?…"


"…make love to me, Speed…"

"…but,…but Sis…"

"…no butts to it, Speed'…make love to me…get your belt and whip my tail
with it, God I miss Tony dom'ing me so much, beat my ass with your belt as
I lean over your knee in your lap and Suzy…"

"Yes, Karen?"

"…Suzy, as Speedy whips my tail with his belt, I want you to grab and
maul my tits and nipples…will you do that for me, Suzy, my best
girlfriend?" she asked if not pleaded if not whimpered from fear and pain
and frustration.

"Sure…Karen…whatever you'd like…" Suzy responded not to my entire
surprise as we three broke our kiss and smooch in the dark to flip some
lights on to a new and different night and day.

Karen's waisting-away shell of a body felt feather-light as she lay
across my lap, Suzy handing me my belt uncoiled from my Dockers dropped on
the floor. "Count, Slave, Count!" I commanded my sweetest sister, trying
to fulfill what I thought she wanted.

"Yes, my Master!…one…two…threee-ee-ee!" she began as my belt touched her
tail hard across its width as Suzy knelt down beside us to yank and maul
her tits without pity much like milking a stubborn milkcow who you want to
punish. Karen squirmed her tail and pushed it higher up, wanting me to
stroke the belt harder even to her redding flesh. In the meantime Suzy had
scooted around and now had Karen sucking on her tits, pulling her up by the
hair and holding her there to make her suck on her nipples. My cock was
pushing firm underneath as Karen continued to lay across my lap.

"On the bed, now, NOW, Slave…" I commanded, trying to give her the
role-play I thought she needed and wanted.

Somehow it didn't just feel right but also felt prophetic, a deja vu'
memory aging into itself. Suzy put a Depeche Mode CD on the ceedee boombox
atop our dresser while Karen and I climbed on to the bed before Suz' joined
us momentarily. I tried to meet Karen's eyes with mine but couldn't; her
eyes were wild-looking, looking in separate direction altogether not from
shooting passions but from the cancer increasingly steadily eating away at
her brain including the part that control vision and involuntarily muscle

Suzy and I had tried a couple of harmless tie-up games since we had
lived together but nothing really too kinky. We had both found them a
little silly to be honest, since we had always had no-holds-barred vanilla
sex to begin with. But my sister Karen lying on the bed - a quivering mass
of female formed flesh that was dying cell by cell exponentially - was
begging me her brother and best friend not for sex but for comfort and
release and I wasn't going to deny her anything she wanted and neither was
her second-best-friend-in-the-whole-world and my girlfriend Suzy.

"Speedy, please don't hold back!…" she begged so pitifully "…slap me,
beat me, abuse me, tie me up, ass-rape me!…you and Suzy too!…please….PLEASE
make me happy, Speed', that's all I ask, make me happy, do what you want to
with me, PLEASE, MASTER!"

I didn't want to hurt my precious kidsister. But I knew that for her
pain wasn't pain but was pleasure and release, release from her actual pain
of dying. All our lives since that first innocent kiss we had been in
total denial about our real feelings towards each other. But no longer.
No point in rowing down that River Of De-Nile any longer. She could die
any moment and we all knew it.

"Suck my cock, SLAVE!" I barked as Suzy pushed her over to all fours and
I rammed my cock between those sweet lips that had caressed mine so
lovingly so many times now caressing my cock equally as lovingly as my
mouth-fuck of her continued. Suzy rising to fetch some odds and ends from
the apartment came back with sweetly evil smile barking "…my turn now,
Slave…" as she flipped Karen on her back and promptly without ceremony sat
on her face with a "..fuck her, Speed', fuck Karen while she eats me!"

Scooting up to kiss my Suzy on the earlobe as my legs spread Karen's
open my member sliding inside her cunt so sloppy from heat I finally,
finally consumated all the feelings I had for my precious sister for so
long, a "aaahhhh….ooohhhhh…" being the only sounds Karen made for a few
moments as her cuntlap of my girlfriend and fuck of her continued.

"Speedy, Suzy, this is fun, but I want some fun the way "I" want it,
please!" she muffled from under Suzy's muff.

We rolled her around and hog-tied her, blindfolding her with one faux
polyester-blend silk scarf and gagging her with another. "What the hell,
why not?" I thought to myself as I shoved my cock up her asshole unlubed by
anything save her and my sex-moisture from our previous short vanilla fuck.
Slapping her asscheeks hard as I consensually anally raped her from behind,
Suzy began slapping and grabbing and mauling her tits hard before switching
to another one of my designer Coach soft leather belts and beating her
without pity as my hand grabbed her cunt from the front pulling and
squishing her cunt into the form of my hand, the only cries from my perfect
little sister being a muffled plea for "more…more!…MORE!"

The rest of the night Suzy and I used her as a wanton helpless
controlled sex-toy as either or both of us pleased. More tie-up games,
more for-real beatings, more unbridled use of whatever of her orifices we
wished, more verbal domination, more of whatever we pleased, Karen's eyes
becoming more and more focused and filled with love and pleasure as the
night progressed into Sunday morning.

"Stephan…" my sister-love whispered softly in my ear as dawn arose that
cloudy and cold morning as we three breaking crept into consciousness from
our night before our respective naked flesh being entangled with each
other's like so many wild vines.

"…yes, Sis?…" I whispered back as Suzy awoke enough to swap light spit
with each of us before rolling off the bed to head to the bathroom.

"…you know I've got maybe hours, no more than days to live, don't you?…"

"…yeah, I know the prognosis that Dr. Mauny gave you by heart, yeah…"

"…then there's something I want you and Suzy to do me, for me…something
I don't think you'll do, but if you really love me, you will…"


"Wait until Suzy gets back, then I'll tell you both…"

"Cut the crap, Sis, what is it?!? " I implored half-fearful that she'd
want to switch and return all the loving favors I and Suze had bestowed
upon her non-corpulent -waisting-away-to-air body the night before.

"…I'll tell you in a sec' when Suze gets back…if you really, Really,
REALLY love me, you'll do this for me."


Which is how now the gay blade of my paddle pushed us three
soul-group-mates along the requiem quiet of the Northeast Cape Fear River a
little less than a week later. My boss was understanding and had given me
the couple of unpaid family leave days off having been concerned about
Karen's situation since I had initially told him. Karen's head slumped
forward as she passed out for a moment before waking again to the cry of a
guardian angel kingfisher that splashed the water just a few feet away from
her near the port thwart.

We had gone to great lengths to disguise what was really going to happen
and where. That last Wednesday Karen had boarded a flight for Los Angeles
one-way that had a stopover at Charlotte's Douglass Airport, had snuck off
the flight between gates, had then caught a Greyhound bus with a one-way
ticket to Washington DC and had snuck off that too when it stopped to
refuel and take on more passengers at Petersburg in Virginia and Suzy and I
were waiting to pick her up a block away at the Hardee's there. It's not
like her movements couldn't be traced if the whole of the FBI got involved,
but between the multiple switches and her very convincing suicide note that
she had sent registered mail to mom and Pop before she left that told them
she was running off to voluntarily die in peace and anonymity somewhere
before death did take her involuntarily, it would be difficult to trace her
movements. Especially when she put a pebble in her shoe at the airport,
dark glasses, threw her old pocketbook away after fishing a smaller and
more brightly colored on out of it along with a blind person's red-tipped
folding cane and a wig of curly red hair, the old Karen had truly been
sacrificed so the new one could chrysalis free of her earthly bonds in

The only thing spoken the entire time to the secluded high bluff
campsite were tears which couldn't help but shatter the quiet of
commiseration and grieving loss and smiles which broke Suzy's and mine
solemn faces like so many plaster molds being shattered on the firmness of
the watery conveyance beneath our eighteen-foot hull.

That night, we three made sweet, open, honest, and yes, YES, passionate
love. "Vanilla" love, but real love made by real lovers love-making. As
crickets chirped and bullfrogs croaked outside out tent and a brief gentle
rain lulled us all to sleep about 2AM that early morning our heartbeats
synched next to each other's as our hearts pressed against each other's
chests snuggled inside our 2x2 doubled-wide-zipped sleeping bags.

"I'm ready to begin, Speedy…are you, are you and Suzy?"

Our three pair of eyes made twenty-seven possible connections as Karen
and I kissed and Karen and Suzy kissed and then we three kissed.

"Yes…" Suzy answered for both of us.

A thought of my own suicide raced across my mind as Suzy fetched the
various accouterments out of a couple of waterproof ditty bags. I couldn't
help it. I mean, what kind of a brother would do such a thing to his own
sister, if she had so without fear or sadness begged him to do it? If I
could be such a monster to do what my sister-love Karen had asked me to do,
then did I really deserve to live? Do monsters really deserve to live? Or
would I be a bigger monster if I didn't so completely love Karen so
unconditionally to have the strength to grant her her one last and forever
final request.

"Hey, HEY, You, Speed-eee-bro, Karen to Speedy, Karen to Speedy!!!…" she
giggled at me as she sweetly elbowed me in the ribs to bring back from my
own pain and doubt "…it's okay, it's O-K-A-Y, it's what I want…I know now
how much you truly love me, brother Dear…it's really what I want isn't it,

"Yes it is…" Suze mumbled as she continued fishing things out of the
bags and laying them out.

Karen went down to the river to bath in the chilly water. Suzy and I
made breakfast of eggs and bacon and toast. Karen drank some coffee as she
sat down naked on the blanket in front of the fire but didn't eat anything.
She hadn't been able to keep anything down anyway for the past couple of
weeks, and would have thrown it up from what was to come anyway. Karen and
I made small-talk about when we were kids and if mom and Dad would really
miss her much as we finished our coffee before Suzy naked as we all were
stood up with a "it's time, Karen".

Fifteen minutes "on", forty-five minutes "off", that was our more or
less plan. That way, we could stretch things out as long as possible,
fulfill my most precious sister's last wish as long and as fully as

"My asshole first, Slave, now!" Suzy barked.

Karen scooted between Suzy's legs and without shame shoved her tongue up
her butthole.

"Swallow everything, now!" she barked as her bladder emptied on to her
face, Karen attempting to swallow and gulp the copious yellow flow as it
spurted forth. "Do Speedy now too!"

I stood up as Karen knelt before me and began pissing on her face, her
open mouth trying to be target for my pissflow, my urine stinging her eyes
and running down her chest and bare breasts.

"Poor job, Slave, poor job indeed…" Suzy barked "…come here for your

Suzy began beating Karen with a belt of mine ferociously as she knelt on
all fours. "Suck your brother as you take your punishement". Suze's arm
got tired of the repeated thrashing of Karen's bare ass. "Time for your
next punishment".

I had been very, very squeamish about what I was about to do and other
things I knew we would do before the weekend was over, but this was what
Karen had wanted. I didn't hesitate. Suze and I lit cigarettes even
though neither one of us smoked, the noxious fumes almost making me as sick
as that time I was ten and tried an El Producto elcheapo cigar my first and
last smoking of a tobacco product before now. We three stood up. Suzy and
I puffed enough to get the tips of our respective cigs red with fire.
Karen had a look of pleading-begging in her eyes. I took a deep breath
before touching the lit cigarette to her stomach flesh.

"Yeeooowwww!!!" Karen screamed in pain.

I leaned in quickly to hold her close with a "…I'm…I'm sorry, Sis, I'm

She shot me a look of pure scold in return as payment for my concern.
"I though we had all agreed, I though you had agreed to help fulfill my
last fantasies and wishes, Speed'…"

"I had, I did…I do, Sis…"

"Then be strong for me, brother that I love, brother that I love…be

"I will.." I mumbled as Suzy touched her cig to Karen's inner thigh,
making Karen scream and yell and jump sideways from the pain.

"It's what she wants, Speed', it's what she needs…" my Suzy whispered to
me as she leaned a couple of steps over to touch Karen's whiteskin back
with a refreshed glowing tip.

I smashed my lit cig out on Karen's left breast its blister rising
evident as the ash highlighted the boundaries of it Karen gulping for air
from the pain in the process. Lighting another one and another one and
another one as Suzy did the same, we playfully chased Karen between us as
the sun continued its daily jog above us the smell of her singeing and
burning flesh contrasting mighty to the sun-washed clean smell of the river
near us and the woods around us, our blunt-tipped instruments of heat
torture bring so much seeming pleasure to Karen. After a the pack of cigs
were all used up, so was Karen for a while, so we three rested, rested in
each other's arms cuddling inside the tent for a while before heading back

"Time for switches!" Suzy cried out as she broke some thin branches off
of a nearby willow tree. And again Suzy and I worked poor Karen over so
well, this time making her crawl around between us as our stinging and
slashing branches herded her one direction and then another. And where the
switches hit a burn-blister square it tended to break the soft bulging
flesh open which I know had to be beyond painful for Sis but which also
seemed to make her butt quiver with an almost orgasmic delight.

Another thirty minutes or so of willow-rod-play and my arm began to get
tired. "Needles next!" my apparently closeted until now Dominatrix
girlfriend cheerfully chimed in. We three sat crossed-legged in front of
each other on the blanket near the open smoldering campfire as Suze and I
peeled the sealed and sterile packs of '02 and '04 needles open, freeing up
several for immediate use. Karen leaned into us as I focused on her left
breast and Suzy on her right one, her body shuddering with masochistic
delight when that first needle from my attention broke the flesh on the
first side of its entrance before breaking out on the exit side below, her
breast in my hand feeling so full and ripe and perfect and her reaction
being one of distanced observer instead of active participant as Suzy also
worked her needles into our friend and lover and my dearest sibling.

"My cunt, Speed, do my cunt!"

Leaning back Karen wantonly exposed her sopping-wet sex to us both, the
blisters from the cigarettes all over her body smelled and the open ones
from the birching bleed sometimes a clear blister fluid sometimes a mixture
of that and traces of blood as my hand now practiced a little pinned
needles through her cunt lips on either side of her labia as Suzy watched
for a moment before grabbing an '04 with a "ready now for the big one?"
asking for effect and not permission as she pegged Karen's clit completely
through not just with that one but with two more forming as a star-pattern
that made her clit visibly throb as blood trickled down the thin wire
barrelshafts, Karen finally passing out from pain and her breathing
becoming more shallow with each breath.

I prayed, I literally silently prayed that God and Death would go ahead
and take her then and there and as much as I guiltily was enjoying doing
some of the things I had been doing to her I did love her so much as my
sister and friend and lover and simply didn't want to see her suffer any
longer even though I knew the stuff Suzy and I had been doing to her wasn't
pain for her but was pleasure instead. But God didn't, not then. Two or
three hours later, her breath rate increased as she snoozed inside the
tent, and she came out to the fire where Suzy and I were sitting together,
Suze leaning into my back as I leaned back on a pile of gear.

"I'm ready for more now, you two'?"

Not having any more cigs to put focus blisters on her with, Suzy and I
used small branches put into the fire enough to redhot-coal-out at the end
before using them for more pelasurable torture on her, the firepokers
sometimes opening up a needle wound or two where we had put the needles in
too shallow previously. Stopping for a moment, we lovingly and erotically
pulled each and every needle out of my little but not-so-little any longer
sister Karen, Suzy giving me the honors of removing the needles she had
pierced Karen's clit with.

After that we had several more rounds of belt beatings, paddle
paddlings, dildo work, more needlework, tie-up and dom' sex games, another
birchrod session, and finally a couple of hits with a stungun that Suzy
gave her because I didn't have the heart to but which Karen, God bless her
painslut desires, absolutely begged her to do. Again, she passed out, and
again I begged God to take her, but while she did sleep the most restful
sleep that night as Suzy and I held her close between us in our thin
combined and rezipped sleeping bags, nope, she didn't die, but did awake to
see another day. Her last one.

Karen had oozed a crusting of blood and puss and urine all over us and
inside the sleeping bags. We didn't care. We were going to burn the
sleeping bags just in case before we left anyway.

"Good morning, brother Speed-ee-oo Dear….what a fine and glorious day it
is!" my sister chirped lively as she seemingly welcomed her last morning on
this earth. We three hugged and kissed and smooched some and with every
movement a different blister would break open or birch wound would begin
slowly oozing new blood and Sis would wince in pain but then she'd embrace
me and Suzy that much closer and harder. Her left eye was fixed from the
cancer eating at her brain at a thirty-degree angle down and to the left
but her right one freely moved to fix her gaze on to my and Suzie's. Her
breasts pressed into my chest as her oozings smeared and stuck to my chest
hair as she turned to kiss Suzy one-on-one for a moment before rising to
meet her Day Of Release.

Suzy and I didn't feel like eating even though Suze did break a few eggs
and scramble them up with some bacon bits and fix some toast on the
wirerack toaster over the bed of coals in the campfire pit. Karen walked
down to river just barely within eyesight of us from our campsite atop the
rolling bluff and patted herself a little with healing waters from the
Northeast Cape Fear but was too sore to plunge neck-deep into the three
knot-flowing current and take a soapless bath. The morning cold made our
naked flesh goosepimple. We donned jackets to shed the chill but no pants
or shoes as Karen walked back up the hillock smiling a smile so wide that
if she had just been told she had won the Powerball Lottery she couldn't
have been happier.

"I'm ready, now, Speedy, Suze, let's begin…"

And so it began. First, a good overall maul and bitchslap session to
get Karen warmed up. Grabbing her from behind, I held her firm to me as
Suzy began slapping her face repeatedly, slapping her tits, grabbing and
mauling her tits, grabbing her pubes and pulling her cunthair out by the
roots, slapping her blisters and birchrod trails and even the two sets of
dark marks where the stun gun had brought her a kind of masochistic ecstasy
yesterday that I could only try to imagine for her.

After Suzy had had her "fun" with her, then it was my turn. My breath
choked in my throat as it began. Taking a thicker rod off of the nearby
willow tree with my large Buck Bowie knife, I made the most precious thing
in my life crawl around on all fours on the cold ground, ordering her to
try to avoid the blows as the branch in my hand struck and struck and
struck her back and butt and openly splayed cunt until she started gasping
for breath, panting hard, begging me to stop. I didn't stop. No safe
words, no stopping. Closing my eyes as I did, I kicked her hard in her
ribs, my leg rocking back and forth before landing its blow squarely to her
ribcage as she tried crawl away from on all fours, the force of it sending
her flying onto her back for a moment as my gestapo beating of her
continued. Almost all of her cig and burning twig blisters were open and
leaking now, as were most of her needle wounds and birching zips. Aiming
squarely for her nipples, the rod in my hand peeled an edge of her left
nipple free as it tore into the weakened flesh where the needles had
perforated the day before. Blood gently pumped from underneath its
fleshledge as it tried to clot and Sis tried to cover herself from the
blows really, really begging me to stop but her pleadings only served to
fire my desire to finish things right then and there and spare her

"Stop!….Stephan, my God, you're really REALLY hurting me, please

She moaned as I kicked her in the same spot on her ribcage where I had
dropped her a few moments before. She writhed back and forth in very real
pain her arms and elbows tucked tight to her totally naked vulnerableness
as the blows from my Rod Of Release continued to shower down on her
breaking physical shell as Suzy stood by just a few feet away actually
smiling and seeming to enjoy the show. I kicked her legs open and landed
an open blow from the near-wrist-thick branch directly on her cunt.

"AAAIIIiiyyyeeeahhhhaaaaa!!!!" she screamed from a deeply primal place
before passing out. I smiled a smile of relief, thinking her so-wished-for
death had finally and belatedly taken her. But it wasn't to be. Bruises
showing black from where I evidently had cracked two or more of her ribs
with my kicks, her chest still lightly heaved from breath as she and we all
breathed the warming air of that perfect Sunday morning.

Picking her cancer-wasted lightweight frame back to the campfire, Suzy
and I just held her and lightly patted her bruises and bleeding sores with
damp washcloths. The sun felt warm and warmer on our naked hides as it
poked its way through the canopy of leafy shade around us. Sis just
breathed some irregular shallow breaths as the weight of her head nestled
it close to mine. For a longish few seconds or even maybe a moment she
stopped breathing altogether and I thank God for her release. But it
wasn't to be. She started back breathing, waking up an hour or so later as
I refused to let her go, Suzy's admonishings to the contrary.

Waking up from her near-coma her one good eye searched mine for any
fear, any doubt, any thing which would preclude me from keeping my word to
her. I swear, I swear on a stack of fucking Bibles that if she had asked
me to take her place and she finish me instead I would have right then and
there. But she didn't.

"Speedy…thank you, thank you so much, brother that I love so much…"

"You're welcome, Sis, you're welcome…" I whispered as we kissed and Suzy
joined our kiss as she grabbed Karen's cunt and pulled and yanked some
short and curlies out of what was left of it, Karen just smiling and
thanking Suze as she did so.

"It's time, Speed', it's time…no more stalling…I've had all the fun I
want to have…one last little bit of fun, and then it will be time…"

I started crying like a fucking baby. I couldn't help me. Out from
left field Karen's arm went back and forward slapped the living shit out of
me. "Get a' hold of yourself, dammit, now!…" my painslut sister commanded
"me"! "…you promised me, Stephan, you gave me your word, dammit, and now
you have to keep it…"

"I know Sis, I know…"

"Suzy, Stephan, let's get to it, then…don't be sad, brother…we'll see
each other soon enough on the 'other side'…I'm a goner in a few days
anyway…please…PLEASE give me my release!"

Suzy and I strung Karen up between two thinnish trees near the campsite,
her arms being strung up and her legs being strung wide at their trunks.
The first scalpel slice went teasingly in an "S" curve down and around her
chest, just deep enough to part her flesh so blood would begin leaking like
rain rolling down a window pane. She sucked a breath of pure passion. My
scalpel traced another furrows and another and another as Suzy did similar
vivisections on her back and buttcheeks.

"I don't have much longer, Speedy…minutes perhaps…more, please, NOW!"
she virtually screamed at me.

My left hand grabbed a breast and held it as the thin edge of the
scalpel's bite circumcised her nipple from her mammary flesh - it falling
to the ground like a torn butterfuly wing. Karen just smiled a true smile
of masochistic bliss as blew me a kiss as my edgework did Dakota-cuts
vertically on her right breast opening it up so her life's blood could flow
freely to the river which warbled its waiting welcome nearby. Cocking my
hand back it flicked forward slicing her right nipple off taking just a bit
of subdermis with it, blood now gushing from a subdural vein pricked open.

Suzy meanwhile was kissing Karen's earlobe from behind as her own
pre-death autopsy of my sister Dearest, her hook-bladed scalpel hooking and
tearing open Karen's back flesh with such precise ferocity that Karen's
involuntary thrashings from the medieval maeleous welcomed torture were
minimal if hardly any. A slow drip-drip of blood now spotted the ground
beneath Karen's sliced-open back and buttcheeks where Suzy had accomplished
her tasks, as similar puddles now dripped also from what was left of her
breast-mass. Her eyes now frequently rolling back into her eye sockets
deeply I could tell she was getting weak from loss of blood and the shock
of being vivisected without benefit of anything to dull her final
masochistic glory.

Mumbling to Suzy she retrieved my large Buck sheath knife and handed it
to me. Karen slumped to her knees in a heap as her bonds that had
war-eagled her for her final rite of passage were sliced into as so many of
her body parts had been. Her arterial blood refused to clot the open
channels of life's pressure, her heart pump-pumps anointing me with my most
perfect little sister's unconditional love.

"One last time?…then?" Karen pleaded with me as she uprighted herself on
her knees kneeling before me.

"Sure, Sis, that's be a perfect end…sure…"

She took my cock in her mouth as I grabbed her head with one hand and my
cock with the other and raped her mouth and jacked off in it simultaneously
as Suzy reached around finished pulling what loose tissue there now was
left of her right breast flinging it to the side as she tried to pull the
more or less still attached left breast off the body of our love, a vein
feeding Karen's heart now exposed and a peek of throbbing heart tissue
visible just a little underneath her exposed ribcage. Karen should have
been totally passed out from loss of blood and shock at this point, but
it's like she was trying to stay conscious as long as possible to enjoy
every last ounce of pain and domination. Slapping her face a couple of
times before grabbing both ears to shove my cock as far in her mouth as I
could to make her finish and swallow my huge spurting orgasm, I thought
about choking her to death with my cock instead of what she had asked for
but then thought about a possible hard involuntary bite reflex while she
would go through her inevitable death throughs, and thought better of it.

My sweetest and dearest kidsister Karen looked into my eyes, begging me
to finish what I had started two days ago. Begging me to finish her. No,
not finish her. Begin her. Begin to give her her release so her soul
could be free of its ravaged and diseased corpulent shell. My hands
roughly mauled her tits, her blood flowing freely from their consensual and
voluntary wounds dripping over my fingers splattering to the ground below
us as our eyes met and our lips kissed one last time as Suzy my wife lashed
her back mercilessly with the rattan cane. Leaning to one side to pick up
my large Bowie knife which was to be the instrument of my dear sister's
freedom, time froze and reality centered as Karen and I both radared our
mutual gazes to the glint of clouded sunlight highlighting off the
razor-sharp edge of the blade.

One last bit of fantasy fulfillment-turned-reality for my sister-love,
then it would be time. Pushing her back into Suzy's arms my hands slapped
her legs open as I pinched and pulled her clit out as far as it would
stretch before carving it loose from her body with seven or eight
saw-motions from the Bowie knife almost knicking my own fingertips in the
process. Karen let one last agony-ecstasy moan of perfect pleasure mixed
with perfect pain out, a "thank you…Brother…Speeedy…I love….you…"

"I love you, too, Sis…always remember…I love you…I will always love you
forever…" I sighed as I pulled her to me from the loving embrace of Suze,
holding her close to me as the blade of my unsheathed knife penetrated her
cunt as her multiple open wounds baptized me with her forgiveness as the
kind edge split her cervix then uterus then lower bowel open as I drove the
handpike home, twisting and bending it inside her with conical-shaped turns
of the wrist, trying to open her up as much as possible cutting as many
veins and arteries open as possible so she would go ahead and bleed out be
done with her lost pain, her lost hopes, her lost fears, her lost regrets,
her found eternal love of God and me and Suzy. Blood poured from her
reamed out cunt like a hematoid upside-down geyser, my hand and wrist and
now the puddle of red that we all knelt in being the color of life, eternal
life now as my sister I loved so much closed her eyes for one last time as
I kissed her lips and Suzy scooted around to join our kiss as Karen's soul
now free of all pain and all bonds to this earth soared into the sky, a
comforting breeze blowing fifteen or twenty knots strong out of nowhere in
the our partial clearing on the river's bluff a bald eagle coming into view
high atop the thermal currents now rising from around us the eagle being
recognized as a guide to take my sister home.

Suzy and I didn't say two words for the rest of the day or for a couple
of months after that, either. Suzy and I bathed the red and pink evidence
of us being the best brother and best friend Karen could ever have off of
our bodies in the warm but somehow chilled water of the Northeast Cape
Fear, her blood being dried and caked and not wanting to leave the comfort
of sticking to our bodies until it was rehydrated and soft and pliable
enough to be scrubbed off.

Per prior agreement with Karen, we built a funeral pyre next to the
river at the crest of the bluff, placing her cancer-ravaged and
masochistic-healed what-was-left corpse atop the pile of sticks and
branches and a few trees we had to cut down for the frame of the pyre then
lighting it and playing Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Requiem" on a portable CD as
the flames reduced my sister's evidence of being in this life to ashes so
co-mingled with the wood ash that except for bits of bone and teeth you
couldn't tell where Karen began and where the tree-pieces ended. From the
earth we come, and to the earth we go.

Then we scooped all the ashes from the pyre area up after they had
cooled a few hours later, poured them onto a wool blanket we had brought
along for this purpose, adding some rocks for weight that we also had
brought along. As the canoe pushed off of the sandbar below the hill as we
began paddling against the current to head back to our vehicle left at the
put-in bridge a couple of days before, what was left of my sister was let
slip unceremoneously beneath the mirrorglass stillness of the river, air
bubbles from blanket and ashes burping up as I turned my head astern for a
second to silently whisper to my sister one last sweet and tender and oh-so
heart-felt "goodbye, Sis, I love you…'bye…"

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