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SITTER sucked gently Then the

<HTML><FONT SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>"The Baby-sitter's Bonus" (Mf, cons, teen,
oral, mast)<BR> <BR> WARNING: This is a complete work of fiction which
contains graphic sexual descriptions and language. Any resemblance between
this and a real event is coincidental. If you are a minor you should leave
this newsgroup immediately. And if you are offended by this kind of
material then.....why the hell are you here?<BR> <BR> I wrote this story.
You may save a copy of it if you like. Please don't change it or sell it
or pass it off as your own work. Nice comments are welcome. Thank you and
enjoy.<BR> <BR> NOTE: This is the beginning of a continuing series. Look
for additional stories in the future.<BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>

"The Baby-sitter's Bonus"<BR>


Copyright 1999 by Velvet Rose<BR> <BR> PART 1<BR> <BR> The summer
before I started my senior year of high school I took a job as a
baby-sitter for the Simmons Family. Mr. Simmons was my eighth grade
history teacher. All my girl friends were jealous. Most of the girls in
his class had a crush on him and dreamed of having sex with him, myself
included. <BR> <BR>

"Anna, you bitch! Why do you get all the lucky breaks?" a friend of
mine said.<BR> <BR> It was a lucky break. At 35 Mr. Simmons looked
absolutely gorgeous. I often wondered why he was a history teacher instead
of a model or something. He's six feet tall and has nicely tanned skin.
He keeps himself in good shape due to all his practicing for the teachers'
basketball team. His short raven black hair doesn't have one single strand
of gray in it. And his beautiful brown eyes make you want to melt into a
little puddle when he looks at you. I spent more than a few nights
dreaming about him while stroking my slit. Needless to say, I didn't need
to think over the offer to work for him.<BR> <BR> My job was to take care
of his two children, Jill (7) and Michael (9) during the week while the
parents were at work. Mary (Mrs. Simmons) is a lawyer and had to work
most of the day and a lot of times came home after dark. Mark (Mr.
Simmons) on the other hand worked various hours during school break at the
book store that he and his family owned. Sometimes he worked all day.
Sometimes only half a day.<BR> <BR> The kids mostly went to friends' houses
or to the park or to the arcade but they needed someone to be at home to
keep track of where they were. I also fixed them lunch and dinner. And I
did the shopping and made sure the house was pretty clean. I was by myself
for a couple of hours each day to do whatever I wanted. Not bad for eight
dollars an hour.<BR> <BR> I noticed more than once that Mark would watch
me, or I should say he watched my body. He'd stare at my ass while I was
washing the dishes or take a lingering glance at my tits when I wore a
V-neck. At first I thought it was my imagination but I hoped it wasn't. I
liked the attention I was getting from him so I wore something a little
revealing everyday. Nothing too revealing though, he is a married man after all.<BR> <BR> He wasn't the first guy who couldn't get his eyes off
me. I had gone out with several guys in the past who wanted more from me
than my mind. And why not? I've got nicely tanned skin, cute brown eyes,
wavy auburn hair, a firm ass and nice tits. They're not real big, but
they're not too small either. "Just the right size" one guy said.<BR> <BR>
About two weeks or so after I started work, Mark came home one day at about
one in the afternoon while I was tidying up the kitchen. That was much
earlier than usual. The children weren't home so it was just me and him
alone in the house.<BR> <BR>

"We are the kids today, Anna?"<BR> <BR>

"Mike is playing softball over at Fisher Park and Jill went over to
Amy's house to watch a video." Mark seemed pleased that they weren't home.
I was too.<BR> <BR>

"When do you think they'll be back?" he asked.<BR> <BR>

"I dunno. Jill left just a little while ago so she won't be back for an
hour or two. I made Mike promise he'd be home by three o'clock. So I
guess the place is ours for a while."<BR> <BR>

"Good, good," he smiled.<BR> <BR> I got up on a stool to place an empty
vase and other glassware back in the cupboard.<BR> That day I had been
wearing a light colored T-shirt and denim cutoffs, which really showed off
my round ass and firm tits. I could tell that Mark got a good look at my
ass while I was up there. He came over asked if I need a hand. I asked
him to keep me steady while I put the vase on top of the cabinet. He put
both of his hands on my hips and held my firmly. It felt so good! <BR>
<BR> When I finished my task he wrapped his arms around my waist and
brought me down to the floor. I thanked him and gave him a peck on the
cheek. He smiled and kissed me lightly on the forehead and said it was his
pleasure. We stood there for a long time looking in each other eyes. Then
he leaned in a kissed me full on the lips! It was such hot and passionate
kiss. I didn't want it to end but it did. <BR> <BR>

"Come with me to my den," Mark said breathlessly<BR> <BR> I was a little
shaky and dazed but I followed. We got to his and he closed the door
behind us. I thought that maybe he wanted to come in here and fuck me.
Was I willing to do this? Have sex with a married man nearly twice my age?
Hell yes! <BR> <BR> I threw my arms around him and started to kiss him.
He wrapped his arms around my waist and started squeezing my ass. His
pelvis was pressed up against my body. I could feel his cock through his
clothes. After a moment or two he pulled away and sat down on his chair
behind the desk. He motioned for me to come over and sit on his lap. I
happily obliged. He squeezed my breast through my shirt as he spoke to
me.<BR> <BR>

"Anna, I have to admit that I've been attracted to you for a very long
time. And I'd really like to fuck you. It's hard for me to see you here
everyday without ripping off your clothes and having my way with you."<BR>
<BR> This sent me into orbit! This was the fantasy all my girlfriend's
had, and here I was sitting on his lap listening to how much he wants me as
he fondled my tits. This was getting me real hot.<BR> <BR>

"Then let's do it!", I cried.<BR> <BR>

"I wish we could. But I'm married and you're only 16."<BR> <BR>

"No one would have to know. It would be our little secret."<BR> <BR>

"I would really like that. But I can't take that chance if one of the
kids were to come home any minute."<BR> <BR> He had a point. We could get
caught if we had sex right then in his office, but I thought of something
we could do instead. "I have an idea."<BR> <BR> I slid off his lap and
knelt down on the floor. I reached up and undid his pants revealing a
large bulge in his jockey shorts.<BR> <BR>

"Wait, Anna, I don't think you should," he warned.<BR> <BR>

"Why not? I've done it before. And I kinda liked it. And I haven't
heard any complaints." I think at that point it dawned on him that I had
sex with someone before. This made me smile. If only he knew the other
things I've done. "Just sit back and relax."<BR> <BR> He sat and thought
about it for a second before helping me remove his shorts. His cock is so
beautiful. Its about eight inches long or so and thick. The boys I had
been with weren't nearly as big as this. It bobbed just inches away from
my face. This monster was only semi hard but I knew I could make it
harder.<BR> <BR> I started by flicking my tongue on the tip. Mark really
enjoyed that. Then I took it in to my mouth. Just the head at first.
Sucking on it and popping it in and out of my mouth. Then I licked the
underside of his shaft. Long strokes up and down. I looked up and saw
that his eyes were closed and he started moaning for me to take it all in.
I bought my mouth over the head again, pausing just one agonizing moment,
then bringing my mouth down as far and as fast as I could. Mark groaned
loudly. I started to move my head back and fourth and swirled my tongue
all over his stiff prick. He placed his hands on my head and ran his
fingers through my hair.<BR> <BR> I was getting very turned on by this. My
cunt was on fire and I could feel my panties soaking. I slowed my
movements down long enough to undo my cutoffs so I could stroke my pussy.
This was wonderful! With my free hand I reached down and rubbed Mark's
balls. I tickled them and massaged them gently. He told me he was about
to cum and I let him do it in my mouth. I swallowed all his salty sperm
without loosing one drop. A moment later I cummed myself. I sat back on
the floor, amazed and a little giddy at what just happened.<BR> <BR> PART
2<BR> <BR> After I had gotten Mr. Simmons off I went to the bathroom to
clean up. When I got out he told me that I could go home early. I was
puzzled. Did he regret what just happened? I gathered my things and
headed for the door. Before I got out he gently grabbed my arm.<BR> <BR>

"Anna, I don't want to give you the wrong idea. I really like you. And
I really like what happened in there, " he smiled. "But I'm married and
you're still in high school."<BR> <BR>

"Yeah, I know," I said. I though he was gonna blow me off. But what he
said really surprised me.<BR> <BR>

"I'd like you to come back. And I'd like to do this again."<BR> <BR> I
couldn't believe it! He didn't fire me and he wanted me. I was
speechless. I just kissed him on the cheek and went out the door. I went
straight home to masturbate again. I cummed twice before my parents got
home.<BR> <BR> We continued with our little ritual for the next two months.
Two or three times a week Mark would come home when the children were out.
He'd take me into his den and I would suck him off. If I wore a shirt I
would finger myself at the same time. He loved to squeeze my boobs through
my clothes while I blew his monster cock. Mostly I let him cum in my mouth
but a couple of times I took off my shirt so he could cum on my tits. On
one occasion I placed his shaft between my breasts so he could titty fuck
me and cum all over my face. It really got me off!<BR> <BR> I was a little
uneasy at first when I was around Mary. How were you supposed to act
normal around a woman who's husband you just had oral sex with a few hours
earlier? I gradually started to feel more at ease around her. She didn't
seem to suspect anything between me and Mark. If she did I never saw
it.<BR> <BR> By mid-August I realized that my time with Mark was almost up.
Soon school would start and the Simmons wouldn't need me as their daily
baby-sitter. Mark knew this too. He promised that before summer was over
we'd do something very special. Every night when I would go to bed I would
try to imagine what he could possibly have in mind. I hoped that he wanted
to have sex with me, but how could we do it without getting caught. <BR>
<BR> It was the first week of September before Mr. Simmons called me. I
had been let go the previous week and I was getting ready for the new
school year in the following week. He said that he wanted me to come over
the day before Labor Day and we would have some time together. He
explained that the bookstore would be closed and his wife was taking the
kids to the lake for the last day of summer.<BR> <BR>

"Why aren't you going?" I asked.<BR> <BR>

"I told them I had to get a few things done before my first class on
Tuesday," he explained. "Which is technically true."<BR> <BR> I made it
over to the Simmons' house at about 11 o'clock. Mary and the kids were
already gone and wouldn't be back until late in the afternoon. I wore a
knee-length<BR> black pleated skirt and a white button-down blouse with my
hair in a braid. And I had on white lace panties and matching bra, but I
knew those wouldn't last long.<BR> <BR> Mark let me in and led me to his
office and closed the door. He wore a red and green plaid flannel shirt and faded jeans. He looked so gorgeous in them! I grabbed his face with
both hands and gave him a long, deep kiss. He started to squeeze my ass
with both hands, but I removed them and told him to wait. He looked a
little disappointed but quickly got over it.<BR> <BR>

"Anna, I hope you don't mind that we do it in here," he said referring
to his den, "I didn't want to leave any clues behind in the bedroom."<BR>

"I understand," I replied as I unbuttoned his shirt. "Besides, this is
our place." I started to kiss his chest all over, sucking on his nipples
lightly. This really got him moaning.<BR> <BR>

"Let's go over to the couch," he suggested.<BR> <BR> As we made are way
over to the other side of the room he removed his shirt and undid his
jeans. He slid them off and sat down in the middle of the sofa. He wasn't
wearing underwear so he held his semi hard cock in his hand. A small drop
of precum had formed at the tip. <BR> <BR> I kneeled down on the floor
between his legs and unbuttoned my blouse, exposing my bra-clad chest. I
took his cockhead into my mouth, sucking on in lightly. Then I took all I
could into my mouth in one fast motion. Mark groaned out loud. I held the
base of it with my left hand as I moved my mouth up and down his cock.
Then I took him out of my mouth and licked the underside of his dick until
I made my way to his cum filled balls. I flicked my tongue at them
lightly, making Mark squirm. Then I took one of if balls into my mouth and
sucked on it gently. Then the other. Then both at once.<BR> <BR> After a
minute or two of this Mark pulled my head away. "Wait, Anna," he said
breathlessly. "Wait. I don't want to cum yet." He sat there panting for a
minute and tried to catch his breath. He motioned for me to sit on the
couch next to him. I took off my blouse and sat down. <BR> <BR>

"I'd like to do something for you. Lay down."<BR> <BR> I laid back with
my head resting on a pillow at one end of the sofa. Mark moved down and
turned his body to face me. He pushed up my black skirt, bringing my
little lace panties in the open. He pulled them off of me and stopped to
smell them briefly before tossing them aside. My cunt was very wet then so
the panties must have been soaked.<BR> <BR> Mark brought his head down to
my crotch. He moved my legs further apart to open my pussy lips. After an
agonizing moment of anticipation he finally stuck out his tongue and licked
my slit. This was heavenly! He buried his tongue into my pussy until he
found my clit. Then he gave it long, gently strokes with his tongue. This
was driving me crazy! I writhed around on the couch and kept thrusting my
pelvis into his face. <BR> <BR> I squeezed my tits through the bra and
pinched my nipples until it hurt. Finally I moved the piece of clothing
down so I could play with my boobs freely. Mark continued his assault on
my clit and had two fingers inside my pussy finger-fucking me. Then he
slipped in a third finger. This was all too much for me to take. My body
stiffened and I had the biggest and longest orgasm of my life. I could
feel my cunt juice gushing over Mark's fingers. He bent down to lick some
of it up. I laid there for a few minutes in total bliss.<BR> <BR>

"I see you enjoyed that."<BR> <BR>

"Oh yeah," I moaned.<BR> <BR>

"Now for some more fun. Wanna be on top?" He sat on the sofa with his
rock hard dick in his hand pointing at the ceiling.<BR> <BR>

"Don't need to ask me twice."<BR> <BR> I got up and removed the rest of
my clothing. I kneeled over his cock with my pussy just over it. Slowly I
slid myself down on him. He was much bigger than I realized! I felt my
cunt stretching as much as it could. I took a moment to get used to the
size before I started to move. Mark told me to take my time and go slow. I
put my hands on his shoulders and started moving a little faster. Mark
held on to my hips to help support me. Soon I was slamming my ass into is
lap. I pulled his head closer to me until his head was pressed against me.
He took this as an opportunity to suck on my tits. He took one of my
nipples into his mouth a lightly nibbled on it.<BR> <BR>

"Fuck yeah! Oh your cock feels sooo good in me! Yes, yes!"<BR> <BR> I
felt another orgasm wash over me and stopped moving as I cummed. Mark
grabbed me and laid me back on the couch. He held on to my legs as he
fucked my slick pussy. He leaned in and drove his dick into me hard and
deep. I could feel his balls slap against my ass.< His chest was pressed
against my tits. Our bodies were covered in sweat. I held on to his butt
and tried to pull him into me deeper. <BR> <BR>

"Take my big cock, you little slut! You love my dick don't you? You
want it all. Take my cock in. Oh yeah."<BR> <BR>

"Fuck my pussy, baby! Deeper! Harder! Oh!" I screamed. I like it
when guys talk dirty to me. And I like to talk dirty to them. It really
gets me off.<BR> <BR> He said he was about to cum. I told him take his
cock out and fuck my breasts. He obeyed and straddled my body. He placed
his glistening prick between my tits and started to move it back and forth.
I pressed my boobs together so they surrounded it.<BR> Soon he started to
cum all over me. He sprayed his jizsm all over my face and tits. I licked
what I could off my lips and rubbed in the rest on my boobs.<BR> <BR>

"Whew! The was the best fuck I ever had," he announced.<BR> <BR>

"See what a good lay I am, baby?"<BR> <BR> He smiled. He took my hand
and lead me to the bathroom. We took a shower together and cleaned each
other off. He spent an extra long time soaping my tits and cunt. I even
gave him a quick blowjob. When we finished he tried me off. While he
dried himself off I walked back naked to the den to retrieve my clothing.
Imagine if Mrs. Simmons walked into the house right then with her two
children! Who look more shocked, me or her? The thought made me laugh a
little. When I had dressed I met Mark at the door in his bath robe. I
gave him a kiss good-bye and left.<BR> <BR> The following week I spotted
Mark at my school. It turns out that he teaches history to sophomores this
year. Since my classes were on the other side of the campus we didn't see
each other much. It would be about a month before we had a chance to speak
to each other in private. He said that his wife never suspected a thing
and he'd like to have another go at it sometime. I told him I'd think
about it.<BR> <BR> THE END.<BR>

<BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> </HTML>

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