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SITTERS camera angle showed Molly from the


Sitters by Aameal

We have two babysitters for our one-year old son Pete. He likes them
both... and so do I.

Molly is 15, a perky redhead whose sexuality is just eginning to emerge
along with a nice set of tits topping a round young ass. I catch myself
staring at her, imagining what it might be like to explore the warmth
between her thighs, running my fingers through the patch of what I know is
natural red hair, licking her girlish slit.

Samantha is taller and leaner and seems a lot more experienced than her
17 years might suggest. At 5'6" she has a good three inches on Molly-and
they're all in her long legs. Sam has dark hair, which she wears long,
almost emphasizing her height. Atop her legs is a trim ass, probably the
result of running. If she's lacking in anything, it's a bust. She seems
almost flat-chested, but from the couple of times I've seen her in a
tee-shirt, I know she's not.

Anyway, Molly and Sam split babysitting chores for us. My wife, Carin
uses them in the afternoons, after school. Pete naps then and Carin, who
runs her design business from home, uses the time to do errands and see
clients. I travel a lot, too much, and the arrangement with the high
schoolers has worked out well.

Even if she doesn't have anyplace to go, Carin has one of the girls in
so she can concentrate on business.

About two weeks ago I got home from a business trip a day early, landing
at 2 p.m., and decided not to even bother to go to the office. The trip
had been a good one, but tiring, and I decided my law firm could do without
the six hours I might be able to put in. Instead I headed home. I didn't
expect to find Carin home.

I knew Pete would be napping and let myself in quietly. I figured
either Molly or Sam would be in the den, keeping tabs on him through the
intercom. I recognized the sounds almost as soon as I came in the door. I
had heard the soft moans quite often: Carin was moaning softly, deep in the
throes of raw lust.

"Oh yes, yes, yes. Lick me. I love your tongue there. Oh, that's it.
Make me cum. I love it when you eat me. Yes. Yes. My clit. Oh my

There was more.

"That's it. Stick your finger in my ass. Fuck me there. Oh yes. Yes.

The sound was coming from the den. I was standing at the doorway to the
room, facing the back of the couch. Molly was on it, kind of slunk down. I
could see just the very top of her head, shaking lightly.

Carin was no where in sight. Could she be upstairs getting it on with
someone while Molly was eavesdropping through the intercom?

The sound was too loud for that.

I crept forward. Now I could hear Molly moaning softly, no words, just
guttural noises. She too was lost in sexual passion. It hit me. She was
masturbating! I moved forward. Carin's voice became louder. Then I could
see her, on the tv screen. She was completely nude on her back, a woman
with long dark hair lapping away at her. Molly was watching a tape of my
wife being eaten, fingering herself as she watched.

Molly's jeans were at her ankles, her fingers working feverishly beneath
her simple white panties, white that is except for the dark stain at her
crotch. Her sweatshirt and bra were pushed up over her tits and I could
see the mounds of her firm, young flesh. Her nipples were extended
slightly. Silently I ran my tongue over my lips. What I wouldn't give to
suck on them.

My eyes darted from the screen to Molly and then back again. I didn't
immediately recognize the person giving my wife so much pleasure, but then
Carin helped me out. "Oh Sam you're so good. Eat me baby. Let me cum in
your mouth. Stick your tongue deep in me.

I love it when you eat my pussy. I can't wait to watch Molly suck your

The tape took in the scene from different angles. It couldn't have been
done from a tripod. Someone else was there taping Carin and Sam in their
torrid lesbian encounter. It was Molly.

Carin put her hands on Samantha's head seeming to pull the girl into her
pussy and cried out again as another orgasm shook through her.

My cock was almost tearing through my pants. It was all I could do to
keep from gushing as I watched my wife on tape have two orgasms with a hot
teenager and watch another teen, live and in person, bringing herself to a
thunderous climax.

Then the tape stopped and Molly relaxed in front of me. She seemed to
be expecting the pause.

Before I could do or say anything though a new picture appeared on the
screen. Sam again. I recognized her because this time she was on her
back. She was gently massaging her nude form. Then Molly joined her on the
screen and the two of them began to hug and caress each other. Molly had
on a too small red bra and equally skimpy pair of red thong panties. It
didn't take Sam long to remove them.

Sam pressed her mouth against Molly's chest, going from one nipple to
the other. The camera angle showed Molly from the waist up, following
Sam's mouth, but I could tell by the expression on Molly's face on the
screen that Sam's hands were probably busy elsewhere.

"Why don't you eat her, Molly?" It was Carin off camera.

Molly gently pushed Sam down onto the bed and spread her legs apart,
preparing to feast on her dark- haired muff.

"No," the off-screen voice said, "from behind."

Molly leaned back on her haunches as Sam shifted position. Sam was on
her knees now, her tight ass facing the 15-year old. Molly reached forward
and separated Sam's legs, then leaned in to sample her tasty cheeks.

"Oooh, ooooooh." It was Sam on screen, reacting as Molly's tongue found
its mark. Molly had both hands on Sam's lean thighs and was pulling the
older girl to her. Molly's nose was pressed against Sam's asshole, her
tongue seeking Sam's slit.

"Oh god. Lick my ass Stick your tongue in my ass. Finger my pussy.
Fuck me."

Sam was quickly in passion. Molly pulled her face from Sam's cheeks and
then leaned in again, slightly higher this time. Her mouth was once again
between Sam's cheeks! She was sticking her tongue into Sam's puckered

On the couch, the real live Molly had resumed her solo assault. She had
both hands at her crotch and was frantically pushing her panties down. Her
red cunt hairs glistened with her own moisture. She put her right hand
over her mound, moving her left to her breasts. She began to rub her
nipples fiercely as she drove her right hand between her thighs. I
couldn't hold back any longer. I just had to have this hot teen.

I stepped forward and reached down, grabbing handfuls of her tits. She
looked up, startled, but instead of crying out, began to moan, begging me
to rub her tits, to suck on them.

I released her for an instant and moved to the other side of the couch,
quickly pushing down my pants and underwear and stepping out of them. My
cock jumped free and she smiled as she leaned forward to take it into her
mouth. I was on top of her in an instant, my head between her legs and
hers between mine.

I slurped greedily at her bush while she swallowed my engorged dick. We
were both worked up and I came quickly, too quickly, filling her mouth with
my spunk.

"I want you to fuck me," she said, licking the remains of my cum off of
her lips.

I didn't know if I could but Molly quickly brought me back to life,
wiggling her ass at me. I mounted her from behind, feeling my newly
revived cock frictioning against the tight walls of her cunt. Each thrust
seemed to make me harder and she had no complaints, urging me on. I felt
her warm liquid surround my throbbing dick and then erupted myself,
shooting another load of cum into her.

Molly fell forward and I followed, turning to the tv just in time to see
Molly grinning from the screen, her face shining with Sam's juices.

Molly told me the tape had been made two weeks earlier. She had
forgotten one of her schoolbooks and come to the house on one of her "off"
days to retrieve it, letting herself in with the key we had given her. It
was Sam's day to babysit and Molly found her in the bedroom with Carin.
She just watched them and got hotter until, without saying a word, she took
her clothes off and joined them. They were surprised at first but soon the
three of them were sucking each other off.

It was Carin's idea to make a tape and she "directed" it. What was on
the tape, Molly said, was only part of the action. After a while of taping
they got hot for another threesome and abandoned the video-tape camera.
Molly said off camera Carin fucked Sam with a strap-on while Sam ate her.
Then, she said, she and Sam each put on a strap-on and fucked Carin, Molly
getting to fuck her in the ass.

Molly did though find a scene in which Carin ate her and showed it to

They'd been together a few times since then, Molly said, and she had
been alone with Carin a couple of times. They were supposed to have a date
for a threesome that night she said but now that was probably off.

I told Molly to get dressed and said she should come back at nine-after
Pete was put down for the night-as planned. It might not be just a
threesome, I added.

Carin got home about an hour later. She never looked sexier. Her short
blonde hair framed her face and she was made up perfectly, almost as if she
was expecting a date, or just returning from one. She was wearing a simple
light blue wrap-around skirt-easy to remove I observed-which picked up the
highlights in her blue eyes. Her top was simple too, a white pullover
through which it would be easy to see her bra-if she were wearing one.
Instead I could clearly see an outline of her tits and despite my session
with Molly felt the cum welling up in my cock. I wanted her and quickly.

Carin went into the den, expecting Molly and was surprised to see me
home. If she was disappointed because of the plans she had for the
evening, she didn't show it. Instead she gave me a hug and playfully
squeezed my growing dick.

"I was going to ask if you missed me," she grinned. "I'm glad to see,
or should I say feel, you did."

I rubbed her back, confirming she was braless and then moved my hands to
her chest, feeling her nipples harden.

"Do you want to see what I brought home for you?"

"I'd like to unwrap it."

With that, Carin dropped to her knees and pushed me back to the couch
where just an hour earlier I had fucked the luscious Molly. It was working

Carin reached into my pants, tugging at my cock as I pulled the shirt over her head, freeing her full tits. She lowered her head and quickly
began to suck. I hadn't bothered to clean up after fucking Molly. It took
Carin just an instant to realize my cock had been busy and another instant
to realize where. Before she could say anything though I reached out for
the remote and pressed. The tv came to life with the picture of Carin
eating Molly's succulent pussy.

"You've tasted that before," I said.

Carin just went back to work on my cock as I spun her around for my
second 69 of the afternoon.

And, while I knew she had not been wearing a bra, I hadn't realized she
also wasn't wearing panties. I wondered briefly where she had been but her
pussy tasted so sweet. Well...

It has long been my fantasy to have Carin there while I fucked another
woman and then watch her clean my spunk out of the other woman's cunt. I
was almost there. I had fucked the young Molly and here was Carin cleaning
my dick, licking the mixture of my cum and Molly's juices off of my stiff
rod. And, she was going to get a fresh load.

I might have wanted to fuck her right there, but just as I shot my load
into her throat and felt her juices coating my tongue, we heard Pete stir.
Timing is everything.

We fed and bathed the baby and played with him until he was ready to
sleep again. I told Carin what I had seen that afternoon, what Molly told
me and that I knew she expected company.

"Molly and Sam won't mind that you're here," she grinned. "At least I'm
sure Molly won't."

Sam arrived first wearing her sexiest come-fuck-me clothes. She had on
a short skirt which barely covered her ass and blouse which buttoned down
the front. She had three buttons open and I could see her very frilly bra.
If it hadn't been that she lived next door to us, I would have been
surprised that she would go out in the street that way.

Carin had told the girl's mother that she had to attend a dinner that
evening and would need a sitter overnight. Since she had done that before,
neither mother was concerned.

Sam seemed a bit embarrassed but relaxed considerably when Molly arrived
moments later. I noticed that when she greeted the older girl, Molly
slipped her hand beneath Sam's skirt. Molly had on a pair of tight jeans
which seemed to show each dimple of her thighs and ass. She too had on a
blouse which buttoned up the front but no hint of a bra. I understood why
just moments after she arrived when she removed the blouse to reveal a
tight-fitting tank top barely containing her tits. The blouse had been a
concession to her mother.

After groping Sam and shedding her conservative cover-up, Molly gave me
a kiss, shoving her tongue deep into my mouth. If it bothered Carin, she
was too busy wrapping her arms around Sam to show it.

Sam began to get more comfortable and I found myself staring at her
legs, wondering what might be under her skirt.

"Molly and I already checked," Carin said seeming to read my mind,
"she's not wearing panties."

Sam reddened.

"It's all right, Sam. Steve found Molly watching our tape, Carin said

"I've always preferred live performances," I added.

With that, Molly moved to Sam and began to resume fondling the leggy
brunette. Sam began to moan softly returning the attention. In a few
moments it seemed as if the two teens forgot we were there, with clothes
quickly flying around the den.

Sam was even sexier in person than on the tape. After Molly undressed
her-and Carin and I took off our clothes-Molly began to suck on Sam's small
breasts. I got to Sam's slit before Carin did and began to nuzzle against
her sweet pussy. Carin moved up on Sam, straddling her face and in a
moment the three of us were all working on the sexy seventeen year old.

sucking her pussy was one thing, but I wanted to feel her tight cunt around my cock. Sam wanted it too.

"Oh please stick it in me, fuck me," she said between licks of Carin's
slippery twat.

I slipped two fingers into her, swabbing up some of the combination of
her juices and my saliva, using it to coat my dick. I positioned myself
between her legs, gently separating them. Her pussy winked up at me,
invitingly and I pressed the head of my cock against her, feeling it being
sucked into her hot gash. She groaned as I sank my pole further into her.

It was just the two of us. Molly and Carin were on the floor licking
each other with Molly on top.

I was pumping into Sam now grateful for the two loads of cum I had shot
off earlier in the day. I wasn't going to finish too quickly.

Sam was grateful too as she grabbed on to me and I could feel her spasm.
She came twice before I exploded into her, exhausted.

Molly and Carin meanwhile had switched positions-and equipment. When I
looked at them, Molly was on her back and Carin, sporting a thick dildo,
was thrusting in and out of her until Molly cried out announcing her

After a brief rest we took turns with each other-and the toys,
interrupting only to check on Pete.

During one of the breaks Carin surprised Molly and Sam-and me-by telling
us she was thinking of hiring a new sitter since Sam would be going off to
college in the fall. She said she would need Sam though to help in the
selection process. It seems a new family had moved in down the street and
Carin noticed they had a 14-year-old daughter. We smiled at the thought.


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