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SIX hurt your eyes reveals that


SIX (A Romance)

Original Sin, Punishment, Humiliation, Revenge, Love, Eternity...


"Please", You blush...

I relish your embarrassment, your obvious conflict of feelings. You are
bent at the waist, your impossibly beautiful ass available for my use, your
skirt and panties down around your ankles. I reach back there, massaging,
fingering, as you coo little regrets and entreaties. I stop and take your
face in my hands and bring it to mine...

"Now my dear, I hope that you realize that I will not feel guilt about
this. I will feel only pleasure. And to assure that my feelings of
pleasure will not be interrupted in any way, you will assure me. You will
assure me with your voice and your body. If at any time you fail to assure
me, you will go home immediately. Do you understand?"

"But what shall I do?"

"You will beg. Begin."

"Jesus Christ, I told you I want to do it. Don't make me make a fool of

"I sense that you are heated up from me touching your cunt and ass. If
you wish me to continue, you'd better get to begging"

"Alright, jerk. PLEASE finger my pussy some more..."

You hate me for this but you can't help's been to long.
Five visuals and five audios:

Audio: "oooh....god...please don't stop....oh shit...I could hardly
remember what this felt like...don't tease me.....please keep licking..."

Video: On your back, your luscious legs are bent back and pinned almost
to your shoulders. Under my mouth, your cunt spasms and your entire lower
body quivers and shakes...

Audio: "'s fucking big...aaagghhh....shit...put in
again....aagaghhh....yes...gag me...."

Video: On your knees, I tease you with my cock, working in and out of
your mouth, giving you just enough time to keep begging...

Audio: "Please don't keep me waiting ....god it's been now...I don't care anymore...fuck me....OH

Video: You are again bent at the waist, this time on your knees. I
comply with your begging and enter you from behind in one long slow

Audio: "yes...I'm coming...please fuck me...don't stop....i'm getting
off on your fucking cock...OH MY GOD"

Video: You are on top of me, riding out the years of
frustration...cumming like crazy.

Audio: "now, I'm gonna make you cum....fucker"

Video: I claim you for my own. You supplicant on your knees. Sucking,
Swallowing. Reveling in my cum...

You go home puzzled. You never thought you would do this...


My doorbell rings. It's you of course. You look sad, beautiful,

"I told him."


"He won't even punish me."

You are bend over a low table with your hands chained to the far legs.
It will be my hands that punish you. Five hard spanks. Your ass turns a
delightful rosy red under my fingers. Is that a tear? Five more. You are
sniffling and crying. Five more. You move your ass. I think you are
trying to avoid, but then realize you're grinding your cunt against the
edge of the table. Another five. You are cumming and crying at once...I
pull out my cock and masturbate until I cum on your red ass.

I loosen the bonds...and marvel at your petulant lips and the mascara
running down from your beautiful eyes.

"You're done...get out."

The hurt in your eyes reveals that this is the worst punishment of


You've just walked in to my house again, but this time I'm not alone...

"Who the hell is she?", my guest wants to know.

"Well, since she showed up unannounced, I guess she's the

Your wanting does not allow you to leave...

You are naked on the floor licking and sucking my guest's toes while we
make out on the couch...

Your wanting does not allow you to leave...

You are on your knees with your ass in the air, masturbating furiously
in front of us with one hand while pumping a vibrator in and out of your
upturned ass with the other...

Your wanting does not allow you to leave...

My guest takes great delight in pinching your nipples, slapping your
face and giggling...

Your wanting does not allow you to leave...

My guest takes great delight in immobilizing you completely and the
sucking my cock just inches from your face...

Your wanting does not allow you to leave...

You service my guests cunt until she orgasms on your face. It seems my
guest is not a "dry" person.

Your wanting does not allow you to leave...

I fuck the guest in front of you until she decides it's time for you to
get the hell out, while the real festivities begin.

I suppose this was inevitable...

I'm on my knees hogtied in front of you, and I assume that this evening
will be a pain-filled, biting, scratching, foot licking, trampling,
smothering, ass worshiping, dildo sucking, ass cropping, face slapping,
piss drinking, strap-on fucking, cum eating nightmare...

And of course I'd be correct...


Doorbell again.

You're standing in the rain. Soaked through. You and a bag. I look in
to your beautiful eyes and somehow I know what you're about to say.

"I'm home."

"I know...Just don't mess up my CD's...They're in ORDER."


"I'm ready. How do I look?"

I look at shiny black patent leather spike heeled boots caressing
knock-out long slim legs. A black latex mini hugging the perfect waist,
exposing creamy thighs. A tightly cinched corset constricting a tiny waist
and pushing up and pronouncing beautiful tits, protruding delicious nipples
exposed. A high black latex bondage collar producing perfect posture and
grace. angelina Jolie mouth. Dark cat eyes shaped for seduction. All
topped with a little modified Bettie Page bob...


We stay home...


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