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SKIPPY hurt inside that only wanted


Skippy's Master
by cowgirl

(With thanks to Musker for many
helpful changes and comments)

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by cowgirl. You may download and keep
copies for your personal use as long as the author's byline and e-mail
address and this paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post
this story to any web site without permission from the author. All
other rights reserved. No alteration of the contents is permitted.

A woman feels embarrassed and angry she can't control
a large dog she's supposed to be looking after.
(F/dog, humil, F/F?, cons.)

I didn't regret agreeing to house sit my friend house. I mean, it was a
beautiful old farm house sheltered by lots of lazy oaks, and a forth an
acker back yard, just outside the city limits. Very peaceful and quiet, just
what I was looking for.

I just didn't know it came with a dog.

As I stared at the thing, he looked more like a fucking moose that a dog to
me. " But....I know nothing about dogs." Cathrine was some animal expert
friend of Beth's who was showing me around the place.

" Milly, it's no sweat." She said.

"Actually it's mildred, but go on please..." I smiled plasticly.

" Okay, Just fill his dry food each morning and give him caned food and
fresh water each evening. " As she spoke, I felt guilty for taking in
Cathrinen's athletic body and percing hazel eyes, but I did my best to
pretended to be listening.

" He might jump out of his little yard, into the houses' main yard, but
DON'T let him! He'll dig up flowers, poop all over, and might escape if the
front house gate is open, so order him back into his yard if he jumps out.
" Cathrine continued. " Here's how to you've got to be with him: Speak
firmly, look at him with a stern face like I am with you and order him back!
Tell him! ORDER HIM! "

I smiled more at her than statement like a moron, before I snaped out of it
and realised she required a response.

" Say it Milly, now, loud and clear. Say "Skippy back" Say it Milly, now!

" uh....skippy back. "I stammered, feeling a littlr silly she was taking it so
far. Cathrine studied me without any sign of approval on her face for a
second, making me feel stupid for a sec.

"It's okay...I'll work on it, I promise." I shruged weakly.
Cathrine reached for my hand and grabed my arm, panicing me for a second as
I flash that I was about to be punished as if by a teacher or something, but
the she just held my wrist as she reached into her pocket with the other
Cathrine took out a large black magic marker and started to write something
on me. I tried to hide my warming cheeks over my miss reading things, and
felt a little guilty over what the firm touch of my grip was doing to me.

" Here, you call me when you things fall apart. Just remember, don't
negotiate. Dogs want a leader, not a follower! " she said as she finished
scribbeling across my arm. I felt a little silly gawking at her phone number
on my arm in large black letters made me blush over "being branded".
Cathrine clearly wasn't coming on to me, she was scolding me, and while I
was a little miffed by her drill sargent tone, I was more than a little
arousedby it too.

I wondered if Beth told her I was BI ? Didn't matter, I wasn't seriously
interested, and she wasn't offering. I just relaxed and waved her goodbye as
she drove off, leaving me with godzilla.

I turned stuck out my tongue in mock anger to the big stupid looking mutt,
and disapeared into the house.

However, things went smoothly, and Buch was no problem. He didn't even bark
much, except just before I feed him. Each afternoon, I discovered the flip
side of peacfulness. Bordom. I soon found myself watching Skippy alone in
his yard, as I ate my lunch staring out the window at him. His rythems were
much like mine.

Get up, look around, pee, eat, stare, snooze, look around some more, pee,
eat, go to bed. While it was embarrassing that my vacation was this pathtic,
I felt a begrudging kinship with this big lonely dumb animal, both of us
restless in our safe little havens.

The only sucky part is how Skippy was * all over * me during his morning
feeds, and he's so damned big, that I nearly fall over! It's a mad race to
dive for his food and scamble some into his bowel just to get him off of me!
But then I'm back in the house watching him out the window, back to normal.
One morning I noticed something different.

" Oh, Skippy has a stiffy." I giggeled to myself like an Idiot.
I wasn't shocked, just mildy curious. I'd never seen a dog's * thing *
before, at least not all red and poking out like that. It sure stood out
like a sore thumb. Wow. Pretty stupid looking really.

As the days slowly passed I'd always check and see. Sometimes Skippy was
"on", and sometimes not. It became a little game, . Would he or wouldn't he?
This was one of the few suspenceful parts of my days, I laughed to myself. I
smirked that there was something wrong with me, studying it for hours on

Luckily Skippy never got all red or frisky when he was rushing me for
breakfast! That would be a bit much. I didn't notice tried to "hug" my leg,
well, my upper waist since he's so damned big! But as soon as I threw that
food in, he forgot all about that "huging"
nonsence. I the time I was disgusted when I figured out why he was trying to
get a rythem, but later I after I calmed down and watched him safely from
inside, I felt sory for him.

Sort of.

I did wonder if he ever got to...well...releave his tensions? Did dogs
masterbate? Or just release in their sleep ? Ever ? It seemed cruel if they
didn't. I had no Idea. I felt rather randy myself, so adjurned to the sofa
and relieved my own tensions! < grin >

Just as I was reaching my peak - damn! The phone. I guess neither Skippy or
his me will be getting any relief for the moment, I smirked as I picked it
up, and it's was a wrong number too! I pouted as I knew I'd never recapture
the mood, and I sulked back out and found myself staring at Skippy's member
in a frusterated daze.
Next morning I panicked. Skippy had escaped! He'd jumped his yard and, sure
enough, was running around! I'd left the front gate open, so the first thing
was to close that, so he didn't get out into the street! Luckily Bucth
hadn't noticed! I didn't find too much damage to the flowers, but rushed to
get him back into his yard.

Skippy was so damned big and heavy, he just Ignored my tries to push or
pull him back inside. By the end I was sweating, puffing, and exhausted, my
clothes a mess with dog oders. I'm not the biggest girl in the world! I was
really starting to panic, and didn't want to call Cathrine and admit I
needed * help * putting Skippy away! It was embarrassing enough for me to
realise it! I fell to the ground in near tears.

I was tsurprised when Skippy came up and licked my salty face. I realised
he was juts a big dumb dog, not truly out to make my life a living hell..
Skippy started rubbing up against me, but in a playful way. He steped around
and over until I had to laugh at his desire to get me to scratch him. I was
a little un nerved when the brute sniffed me alot especially around her
pelvic area and crotch, But I realised it was all the same to him as he next
playfully grabbed
my arm and pants leg gentely with his teeth. I couldn't figure out if
her was frishy or not, and was this a kind of..well..almost a playful
kind of foreplay, if you will. Not that I wanted that.

Then I got my answer. I frowned at him, only to then feel him "hugging" me
once again in a down right lude way! I was really pissed off and somewhat
hurt inside that he only wanted to make it about that, as I sat there in a
embarrassed daze, letting him "hug" me for a couple of seconds angry at how
pathtic I must look.

I exploded and threw a garden hose at him which drove him off me, while I
pouted there in a humiliated heap in the drive way! After I my crying lag
stomped, I finally was able to talking baby talk and hand feed him little
bits of dry food, and luring him back by pretending to offer my upper body
to him as a "ride", (the only thing he seemed intrested enough to pursue me
for) Just as he'd get going I'd take a few steps backwords..... a few feet,
closer , closer still....

BANG - It worked!!! " HA! " I yelled.

" and you can forget what I was planning for YOU buster! " I gloated angrily
at Skippy as he stupidly stared at me. I wasn't seriously thinking of
bringing him off eariler, I was just pissed and looking for something to
hurt him with.
I'd swaer he looked pissed when he figured out I wasn't intending on playing
"huggie wuggie" in hus yard all afternoon, But I didn't care! I enjoyed my
little victory! Score on for humans. Stupid dogs zip! I only prayed he'd be
fool enough to fall for it if he got out again.

It took me a couple of days to forgive Skippy and start trusting him again.
But after a few days of him staying in his Yard, I relaxed.

I felt somewhat guilty when Skippy now tried to * hug * me, because I t
reminded me of our spat, and me luring him back with empty promisses I knew
I'd never deliver. It seemed cruel to lead him on. If only he had a female
doggie or could masterbate. I resolved not to linger any longer than it took
to feed him. Just ONE MINUTE of * hugging * my upper body per morning, since
he was so lonely. I even timed him, so I wouldn't get his hopes up.

That afternoon as I watched Skippy saoking up the rays, I too found myself
enjoying the sunshine dappeling across my the window, and allowed myself the
indulgence of pleasing myself * there * instead of the sofa. It had nothing
to do with Skippy 's mood, which mirrored my own, judging my his bright red member, peeking playfully at me.

Afterwords I felt guilty, sighing contentedly out the window, and seeing
Skippy standing all stiff and pent up in his yard like that. He may be just
a dumb clod, but he's still has feelings. Maybe *this * is why he jumped
his fence, I wondered.

I decided to phone Cathrine, and looked her up on my arm. But it was still
barely visiable, having faded a bit. Remembering Cathrine's tone, and her
assumption that calling was proof I'd screwed up, made me strangely tingel a
bit, even touching the faded numbers on her arm gave me a weird sensuous
feeling inside her, and even lower down than that.

" ...uh.....Cathrine? "

" Milly? Your really shouldn't begin a conversation with "uh" . It makes you
sound unsure. Is Skippy alright ? "

" Yeah,'s Mildred, not Milly. Nobody's called me Milly since high
school. ...uh...Damn, there I go again! Sorry. But, yeah! Everything's dandy.
I just had a question about dogs in general. "

" Okay - shoot. "

" Do dogs ever, well....."

" Yes ? "

I mean, you know when Dogs sometimes do this thing, where they "hugs" your
leg over and over, like a rocking motion. You know what I mean ?"

" Yup. What about it...? " she asked. I blushed, trying to fuge a bit.

" Well..."

" Milly, if Skippy is * hugging * your leg, your not being firm enough with
him. If your afraid of disciplining him, just come out and admit it. " she
said bluntly.

" No....Jesus, I doesn't do nothing like that. He just gets roudy, that's all.
He hasn't tried to.... mean. ...uh....he's been quite good, really. " I said,
biting my lip.

" Milly don't lie. He's a dog. They hump legs. It's no biggie. There's no
shame in admiting it. It's a simple question: Are you having problems
getting Skippy to respect your authority, or not? " she impatiently snaped.

" I'm sorry. I've offened you. I shouldn't have called." I said, feeling
like a child before her. Her use of my term " hug" was dripping with
sarcasam, but I didn't know what it was called.

" There's nothing to feel sorry about. You clearly have a problem, or you
wouldn't have called. Part of your problem is being direct. You send signals
that confuse Skippy if he's allowed to * hug * your leg. Milly, please tell
me honesty. Are you allowing Skippy to * hug * your leg? " Cathrine
demanded. I was thrown by the bizarre question.

" Uh...nope. " I said wincing inside.
" Okay, I don't have time for this. I have to go, but just remember. Your
the Master. Say that over and over to yourself. Milly's the master. Milly's
the master. You don't have to * fight * for authority, he's friggin' dog!
You already have the advantage. So PLEASE discourage * hugging* so he knows
your serious! You must establish authority in both your minds, right away,
or it's all over! " Cathrine scolded, then curtly hung up on me.

I was almost in tears when I hung up. I seemed to be bearing out Cathrine's
worst fears for me, and felt myself slipping back to my childhood self.
Weak. Helpless. Incompitant. Stupid.

The next morning I dreded facing Skippy and the whole * hugging * debate. I
honestly believed I'd found a solution to A) getting Skippy back into his
yard, and B) making his life easier since he didn't have any lady dog in his
life. I was sure Cathrine could feel my lying through my teeth on the phone.
Her kind always could spot bullshit, faster than my kind could shovel it.

I looked at Skippy , and considered asking the neibor to feed him. I even
ran calling cathrine back up - but couldn't stand the humiliation, not after
that last call. There was no way in HELL I'd let any dog problems get back
to beth. God knows how she's paint me alreadyas! I finally gritted my teeth
and decided to make a run for it, like the old days. A mad rush to fight him
off, since he already knows No doesn't mean N o, with a weakling like me!

But Skippy didn't * hug * me. He just stayed by his dog house. I was
worried that he may be sick, when I walked over and saw he had his back paw
jamed between two boards of the dog house. I felt sad, poor guy stuck back
here all morning like this! I eventually worked his paw free, and he looked
okay. No broken skin even. I stood there stunned....

I'd saved him.
Here I was, bulding up walls of fear and casting this poor dumb helpless
animal as a sexual monster, and here was this helpless puppy who needed my
help. I caught at the my reflection in the sliding glass window next to
Skippy 's yard, and the cynical girl who stared back.

I felt so....small.

Skippy came up and started licking my face. I couldn't help it. I huged
him, breaking down a little. It felt good. His doggie orders were strong
though, but I didn't care. I didn't even care when he walked over my feet,
the big clutz.

He wasn't such a bad dog. He was a perfect gentelman all day. I felt we'd
broken to a new level of trust. I wished Cathrine were here to see it. I
always felt that her nazi approch was barbaric and counter productve. I
brushed him and even gave him a bath. I even let Skippy * hug * my upper
body, although my now it was just easier to bend over on all fours, to a
whole twenty minutes, instead of his usual one minute in the morning,
because I was so moved! I'd never seen this gental side of him, and after he
realised his hugging wouldn't get him past my jeans, he gave up, and we soon
found the ourselves laying in the sun together, like two lost souls floating

I turned over and was brought back to earth.

Skippy 's had a stiffy again. I had never been this close though. I looked
at him, but he seemed uncaring. It's like two different departments for him.
Body and loins. I found myself staring at his red thing. It was cruved and
quite long.

I fought the srangest desire to touch it. no one was around. I remembered
Cathrine's warning about signals, but wern't Skippy 's kind ways after I
saved him proof we were beyond him confusing me for his lady dog? I'd just
saved him, washed him, and feed him too!

I reached under Skippy and lightly touched his prick. It felt wet. I
flinched a little, but remembered how good this must feel to him. I wanted
him to have some relief. I started towork my hand up and down Skippy 's
considerable shaft now, staring lovingly at his panting face. I was braced
that he might come, so I had him turned away from me, as my pumping
incresed. Skippy then rolled over though, and was now an all fours. I
thought about abondening the whole thing since I didn't want to lay down
anymore and get his stuff on me! But instead I got up sitting on my knees
and resumed my pumping his doggie cock.

I cooed baby talk to Skippy , hoping I could increase his pleasure, and let
my other hand start drifting down inside my pants as I worked and worked
Skippy 's doggie prick till my arm got tired from the funny angle. I was
starting to get off on the depravity of what I had sunken too as the end of
Skippy's prick was starting to form a strange looking knot, which I couldn't
resist fondeling. I was getting so close to having an orgasm as my hand came
in contact with Skippy's knot. But before Icould bring either of us off,

I heard footsteps.

I knew who it was as I hunched over and let go of both my own crotch and
Skippy's penis, trying to pretend I was just - I don't know what!

Catherin said nothing as I couldn't even bring myself to look up, feeling
like a piece total freak. I knew she * knew * what was going on by the
visable little wet stain through my jeans at the crotch area. I was
mortified that I'd actually soaked myself that much!

Cathrine didn't say a word. She didn't have to. She walked up as I jumped to
my feet, my face flushed and burning like hell. She opened the fence to
Skippy 's yard so I could come out. When Skippy tried to follow me out,
Cathrine spoke in a firm yet calm voice.

" Skippy....STAY. " And in he stayed.

Catherin then order me out of the fence.

"Milly.... Out!" And out I went, as Cathrine closed Skippy's gate.
Cathrine silently took out her black magic marker and wrote something on my
shirt, up near the neck which I couldn't read from looking down.

I asked "what's this? " pointing to my chest, like an Idiot.

" It's who you are. Go look in the Mirror after I've left and maybe you'll
remember too. " Instead of her drill sargetnt tone, Cathrine instead spoke
at me with compassion, like to slow witted little girl. " It's not just
about you now. Your going to lose everything, but what about Skippy ". she
said as I burned brightly.

"He wants a master who will be able to lead him, not play with his spunk. "
Cathrine said without even batting an eye.

" But...I...uh.....wasn't really....." I stamered.

" No, of course you weren't. and you weren't letting Skippy play huggie
wuggie with your leg either were you? " she asked in a mock sincere, mock
sarciastic tone. I blinked confused and aroused my her way of talking down
to me, drippingly affectionae and sarcastic all at once.

" Okay, let's make this simple. Who's the doggie ? " she asked as if in pre

" ...erm...Skippy . " I said frowning at how stupid I was being made to feel. "
And who's the owner of the Doggie? " Cathrine asked all bright and cheery.

" Mildred. " I said in a flat tone.

" Who ? " Cathrine asked.

" guess...uh......Milly ? " I said my face burning.
" No, you've got to be sure Milly. No "guesses". Don't just pariot my
words. If your not sure inside yourself, your just asking for more rump
humps, aren't you?" Cathrine smiled.

" rump.....what? ....Excuse me? " I said stuppified.

" You heard me. It's not a hug, and your not with your boyfriend. He's a
dumb animal, and if you wont stop him, you may as well be too. " Cathrine
coldly said gauging her words on me. I was too stunned to speak at her
coarse pornographic words!

" Oh, just go off and read your shirt and repeat what you are 200 hunderd
times, okay? It's okay, I wrote it backwords, so you don't have to * think
*. Can you be a good girl and do that for me? I really need you to promise
you will. " Catherine said as her hard exterior seemed to melt as she smiled
at me like a dumb child who it's useless to explaining things too.

Catherine touched me tenderly along her cheek, and brush my hair back and
then pat her on her head before she turned and walked away, leaving me in
tears and a fruterated haze of self disgusted anger.

After Cathrine drove off, I read my shirt. All it said was:

* Skippy 's Master. *

I sighed, knowing the words we're really true. My mother tried the same
thing when I was a teen, thinking that positive affermations of some such
balooney made people believe stuff that they never would. I thought about
weither Cathrine wanted me to leave the stupid shirt which was not totally
ruined ON, then was so pissed I'd even considered it, I angrily washed the
marker off with a scrub brush!!!
Over thenext few days I failed to re-establish my connection with Skippy .
And soon he was back to his old tricks.

I knew deep inside Cathrine was right, and Skippy would
never respect me, after our afternoon in the sun, let
alone letting my one minute morning huggies degenerate
into twenty mintues of mounting with me on all fours. I
mean, what else would a dog think, right ? I was
confusing Skippy into thinking I wanted to be his lady
dog. And that was clearly not true. I mean, come on....

Skippy just wanted to hump. Mindlessly mount me like
a stupid female puppy dog...or..... Whatever you wanna
call it. I felt the romance being stripped away, and was left
with naked uncaring male lust, only in dog form. I would be
lying if I didn't say Skippy 's stupidity and animal coursness hadn't arosed me somewhere deep inside, but
that didn't give Skippy the right to make me his....

You know.

Not really.

He's even started growling when I resisted, so I just
gave up and let him do me as long as he wants now. I
get up a little eariler, schudeuling a couple of hours of dry
humping in the morning, three after lunch, and five or six after

That's not too bad, right ? It's not like my
whole life is revolving around him, and he doesn't
enter me! Not compeatly. I can feel his long red thing sliding between my
legs from behind me, but I know better than to remove my jeans around my
head strong Skippy. I even get time to masterbate, when Skippy is through
with me. Although I get pretty worked up with
our usual dry humping sessions too, asi finger myself
quite a lot during thoughs...

Then one morning as I was on all fours with Skippy
humping me from benhind as usual, I heard those
framilar footsteps through my lustful moans. I blushed
up and saw Cathrine staring down at me, her face cold
and blank.

Cathrine they forcefully yanked down my jeans and my
undies to my ankels. I couldn't believe she was
actually DOING this, but I just passivly let her. It didn't take
Skippy long to sink his long red prick into my moist
warming pussy crack, as tears of shame spilled on
Cathrine's shiney shoes.

She then took out her lipstick and scribbeled
something across my forhead. I felt such lust I was
unable to meet her gaze. Then without another word
Cathrine marched back to her car and drove
away, leaving me sliding back and forth on my friends
doggie's long wet prick.

I turned and caught our
reflection in the sliding glass door and saw the
bizzare Image of Skippy humping his lady doggie from
behind as he fucked her humiliated sopping little puppy
pussy. I whispered my new name over and over, proudly trembeling, knowing
I'd never wipe Cathrine's words off my forhead, having finally accepted who
I really was...

* Skippy 's Bitch *

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