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SLAVWIFE sucked into her mouth She knows


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     └ F Microsoft Works MSWorksWPDoc Ї9▓q Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underer the cover. She moves me halfway between the shade and where Annibel suns on her chaise lounge and then urges me to the desert floor. Oh well, not every dream has to come true for this to be a good thing.
She arranges me with my feet to the sun and then climbs over me. I can feel the warm rays of the sun on my balls as she slides down my cock and leans forward over me.
"It's so warm- can you feel it?" Harriet asks.
"Yes, honey," I say with more conviction than I can ever remember using while deliver■'N╕Г ╕Г а░TЫ ╨           ┐Д ZЙ АИ
КИ ( ▓И ▓И ▓И ▓И  аар=╨/ ╨8 d ▓И       ╨─И Ц ╜Д Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

My Slave and My wife My wife, Harriet, has a dirty little secret. Even if she wanted to, I don't think she could explain it to you. It is so 'not her'- at least in the public eye. I am just as much at a loss. Of all the women I brought home, I thought she would be the most likely to run screaming when she found out.
And mostly she hasn't changed. Just one concession to the man that she hit it off with. And how it was she could accept this to get me is her own secret, which I can only guess at. But it is as if Annibel doesn't exist in her part of the world. We still have regular, if not frequent, sex like most couples. Harriet is not very adventurous, going only so far as giving blow jobs. I believe that she would 'allow' me to fuck her ass, but she has no personal interest in it herself.
That isn't such a bad deal, if you compare it to getting none. Fortunately, that isn't what I am comparing it to. I have Annibel. And unlike the rest of the married men, my little addendum to the okay, but a bit boring and identical bouts of wedded sex is known and accepted by my wife. And she lives in the basement.
She also does the laundry. Harriet seems to ignore the magic of dumping clothes down the laundry chute and finding the folded clean washing on the top step a few hours later, but that's a different story. Annibel's 'quarters' are actually quite nice. Apart from the utility room and the furnace, she has two finished rooms. I do not make her sleep on a rug on the cold concrete floor.
My toys are all there and I include Annibel in that list. She is mine, body, mind and soul. As the gnarled little man who bestowed her on me said, I own her like I own my pick-up truck. Which is an interesting comparison since they both figure prominently in the story I came here to tell.
Annibel was getting a little sallow and pasty spending all her time in artifical light and the tiny bit of muted sunlight that reached her through the basement wondows. It isn't attractive or healthy, so I knew it was time for a sunlight escape for a week or two. But I had married Harriet ten months ago and it would be the first time to add her to the equation of a trip with Annibel. Would she prefer staying home while I was on my extended jaunt? What would I do with Annibel if my wife wanted to come along?
My wife thought it too romantic to miss. I was planning on camping in the lowlands of New Mexico and she dearly wanted to come. When I mentioned Annibel, she assured me I under-estimated her ability to ignore the girl.
Still, Annibel spent the drive in the back of my truck under a cap that covered her nudity. She sat naked, as always, among the bags like one more piece of gear- which I suppose she was. I still find myself perceiving her as a person despite her proving to me again and again that the entire concept of self-awareness was foreign to her.
Harriet's true level of self-induced blindness was evident as Annibel in her naked glory helped to set up our tent and then her own tiny dome to the rear. The sunlight glared off her white entirety in such an ovbious display that it was only a joke that Harriet did not notice, yet my wife stared past my slave as if she did not exist and in her own natural way Annibel never lifted her eyes to see my wife.
The entire falseness of her facade came out as we settled down to sleep on the first night.
"Are you going to have sex with her in front of me?" Harriet asked with no lead-in.
I stopped moving the hand that was stroking her breast and replied, "No, of course not. I'm not going to rub your nose in anything."
"You don't understand," she said with the patient tone of someone talking to a child, "I think I want you to. I'm sort of asking if you will. It would be so natural out here in the open that I would be watching. I mean I wouldn't have to go anywhere like I was interested. It could just happen to be where I could see. I don't think I'd mind it, really."
I knew she was saying much more than that. Her eyes were not blind as she watched my slave's breasts bounce and sway as she walked. He had not missed the intimate views as Annibel squatted and knelt in putting up the campsite. She was aware of the partners and she was curious how they would look in conjunction. She wanted me to fuck Annibel for her. She just couldn't allow herself to ask straight out.
"She will be out in the sun a lot tomorrow, I'm sure the view won't be obstructed," I said in as indirect a way as I could before resuming my fondling of her breasts.
It was more than the romantic setting. Her wicked little fantasy had me as excited to take her as on our wedding night. I'm sure she felt the vigor as my erection throbbed against her thigh harder and more insistent than usual. And she returned my kiss with greater passion as I tried to climb between her legs, despite holding me away.
"I want to go out under the stars," she said as we broke the kiss.
She also wanted an air mattress, saying it was her butt that we were going to rock on. That was only a small delay as we joined quickly once the bed had been prepared under the wide sky.
"Do you want Annibel to watch?" I asked roguishly as I settled between her legs.
"Certainly not," she snapped, "I'm the one that gets to have you to myself."
I was not the only one energized by the naughty pleasures of her plan. As throbbing and anxious as my cock became thinking about fucking my slave in front of my wife, Harriet was just as wet and receptive as I was eager. I slid slowly and surely into her until our bellies rested together and then I leaned down to plunge my tongue into her mouth. She did the squirming under me as our tongues chased and caught each other in a lusty game of tag and I only moved my hips a little in a circle to help her grind my cock to every crevice in her pussy.
I let her go on rubbing against me in her pursuit of pleasure as I nibbled down her earlobes to just that spot on her neck that always makes her explode into motion like a madwoman. She was nothing if not more intense than usual. She bucked against me frantically enough to break through my wall of composure. I set my knees and added my own strong thrusts to her commotion under me.
Harriet was right. It would have been nothing to watch. Just two straining people trying to become the same beast. But those beasts were having one of the best fucks in their marriage, and my climax was thigh-jerking and totally draining when I finally emptied my balls deep into Harriet's womb.
Then she looked up at the star-scattered sky and oohed and ahhhed over the night sky in the desert as I lay recovering in her arms.
The sun brought back the heat and soon I was jealous of Annibel's lack of attire. But that was only my ignorant side talking. I knew the real reason I was exposing her in the desert and I wanted no participation in that. She was going to warm my evening tonight with the heat pouring off her over-exposed skin. I expected her to respond with increased animation as I irritated the painful skin.
But I was not going to keep her in the sun the whole day through. I didn't wan't her burned to death and besides, my wife had made a very special request the night before. I saw Harriet returning from a walk and I called Annibel under the shade of the dining fly.
"Are you getting too hot out there?" I asked as I handed her a bottle of cold water.
"No. It feels good. I can feel the heat touching me everywhere," Annibel said.
"Take off my shorts," I said, neither of us noticing any change of subject. As she unbuttoned, unzipped, I picked back up, "You be sure to drink a lot of water all the same. You're sweating a lot without knowing it."
When I was standing there in T-shirt, tennis shoes and socks, Annibel knelt down in front of me in anticipation, but waited for me to tell her what to do next. I looked down into her expectant upturned face and grinned.
"Go ahead," I prompted, "You can suck it."
I genuinely believe that Annibel looked forward to the chance to serve me. She was never any less than eager to perform whatever I wanted from her. She was quickly pressing her nose into my belly as my enitre cock was sucked into her mouth.. She knows how that pleases me to be engulfed, enveloped and fully held in a warm mouth on a rolling tongue as my cock fills and then pushes out of her lips.
I was quickly erect and let Annibel kneel and suck me until I was sure Harriet was back in our camp. Then I decided to make an extra point while I satisfied my wife's kinky desire.
"I want you like a dog," I said simply and Annibel gave my cock one last kiss and turned to get on her hands and knees.
Harriet had never voiced an objection to this position, but she deflected attempts to get her into it. Since her preferred position- flat on her belly over a generous pile of pillows- provided perhaps even more of the benefits of that deep rear entry, I just stopped trying to get her on her hands and knees. But Annibel didn't care what position she was in.
I got down behind her without appearing to look over my shoulder, but I did see Harriet out of the corner of my eye. I hoped she would creep a little more towards Annibel's head so she could get a better view of my cock sliding into my slave. Annibel was hot and inviting as she always was. I do not think I fucked her with any more imagination or art than at any other time, but I know I was aware of Harriet watching me perform.
That was hard to escape as she abandoned any pretense and came and stood beside us to watch Annibel's ass wiggle as I pumped it full of my hungry cock. I may have slammed into my slave with the intent of making her butt wobble with the impact because Harriet was watching, but overall I think it was a pretty normal session for Annibel and I.
I considered taking my cock out of her and showing my wife how easily Annibel could take my cock into the tight little brown bud of her asshole, but I decided against it. It would be so obvious that I was either campaigning for Harriet to do likewise or belittling her with Annibel's accomplishments in that rear area. And I didn't think it would be the last time my wife watched as I fucked my slave.
I sent her back out into the sun when we were done and sat down in the louge chair without bothering to put my shorts back on. I had a suspicion that my sexual activity wasn't over yet. Looking up at the gleam in Harriet's eye only confirmed my intuition.
"There really is no reason to wear all these clothes out here is there?" she asked with a straight face.
"Not as long as you stay in the shade," I agreed, "There isn't another soul around for miles so you don't have to feel modest."
She was only wearing a loose shirt and shorts under a wrapper anyway, so she was nude within 30 seconds of thinking about it. Now was I to seduce or be seduced? I couldn't remember ever having two women one after the other this quickly. I guess we were all enjoying the landscape of new experiences.
"Stand up and let me arouse you like she did," she asks and I comply.
It is not the first time she has knelt and sucked my cock, but it is the first time she has referred so directly to Annibel. She was watching for a long time it seems. She repeats the trick of sucking my entire organ into her mouth and her tongue is even more adamant in teasing it into rising for her. I am hastened by my wild fantasy that she will now get down on all fours and take me like a bitch.
"We can stand the sun for a little while, can't we?" she asks as she takes her mouth off my renewed hard-on.
I look forward to the 115 degree heat burning down on me in the sun as she leads me out from unding that line before. "And I need you to fan my hot balls by fucking me real good right now."
She tries to be contrary and start slow, but it doesn't take long for her to remember where she is and who she is fucking me in front of and bounce up and down on my cock at a frantic pace. And I do my best to refrain from helping. If she wants a load up her greedy cunt, she will have to milk it from me on her own.
I do a very good job of laying with a minimum of thrusting up at her until the jizm is rushing up my rod and then I have to fuck into her to pump out my liquid offering into her hot center. She has little mercy fucking on to one more orgasm on my still-stiff prick and then collapses on top of me.
Her skin is beginning to heat when I shake her off and drag her back under the protective cover. I will have one lobster. I don't want one that is free to complain about her irritation and pain. When seated in the cool shade, I try another step on the path to co-existence.
"Can I have someone bring you a beer?" I ask, but the real question is if she will admit to Annibel's presence now.
She nods assent and I call my slave into the shade to fetch two Coronas for Harriet and me. I see Annibel is already an alarming pink as she makes face to face contact with Harriet for the first time. It seems some factor in my calculations was way off. Another couple of hours would raise blisters on the poor girl's pale skin. I decide that she has had all the sun she needs.
I call her over to spray her down with cool water from a misting bottle as my wife and I sip our icy Mexican beer. Perhaps dousing her would be a better idea, but, while not precious, water is a few minute drive away and not to be wasted. Then we need a second beer. It goes down smooth and easy in this heat.
We actually discuss supper as we slow a bit on the third beer, but the reserve deserts us as we swill a fourth in spite of the growing thunder of the sun-aided alcohol in our brains. Harriet is more than a little tipsy and I am looking for a nap myself as the alcohol keeps coming into our blood. I faintly remember to mumble instruction to Annibel to stay out of the sun and be ready to cook when we come back.
Harriet was all sorts of a hot bitch as we fell into the tent and onto our bed. Unfortunately she was ineffective in her drunken state, but I mistily heard some pretty revealing dialogue as she tried to rape me.
"Your little bitch is so hot," she slurred as she nestled her spinning head on my shoulder, "Watching her take it like a slut made me so wet."
Harriet was trying to touch me and get me back into her saddle, but we were both blinking in and mostly out as the need to sleep came over us. But it was also then that Harriet's deepest thoughts escaped uncensored.
"I wish I was fucking her red little ass..." Harriet mumbled, "I want her to serve me like a lap dog and I want to fuck her"
The dream of just that went on in my mind until I stirred some two hours later. Well, hell, it was a vacation. Naps are a good thing too. But I woke up in a different frame of mind that when I laid down. I guess one need had replaced another because it was my belly and not my dick rumbling to be satisfied.
That was a shame since Harriet was sprawled on her back, snoring like a longshoreman and openly available. I could have hopped up an her and been half done before she woke up, but it wasn't like she was going to get away from me. I could fuck her after I got Annibel working on our supper.
That was a nice change for Harriet too. Now that she could see the girl, Annibel could take over more of the routine duties- like cooking our supper. I got the stove started for Annibel and showed her the food. She was already an uncomfortable looking shade of red from the sun. I told her to wait.
"You hungry yet, pumpkin?" I asked her as I poked my head into the tent.
She groaned and looked at me with one eye open. "Mrrr mmpff annammaa nann erunmphff" she mumbled. I took that to mean, why pookums, if you'd like to go stuff your bitch, go right ahead, I'll just relax her for a little while longer.
She did drop back into unconsciousness and I backed out of the tent and zipped it closed. I called to Annibel.
I wasn't going to let a little excessive burn change my plans. I might be a little more gentle, but I had been craving the feel of her burning flesh all day. We went into her tiny tent so we could lay out in comfort and I began to stroke her. Masochism is a slave's best friend and I could see both the pain and radiant pleasure as my hands caused her scorched nipples to tighten and the nipples pop up. My tongue must have felt like an oasis in the desert of her glowing skin to judge from her sighs as I licked the erect nubs.
Her hairless crotch glowed an even brighter pink as the sun had spared no part of her exposed body. She whined a few times as my finger found her slit and stroked it, but as I continued, her natural reaction coated my finger with her secretions. She was ready enough.
I rolled on my back and pushed her a little and she understood instantly and slid down to take my cock in her mouth. It is an amazing thing, but it is different with a slave. Annibel sucked me very much the same way time after time, but it never was boring. Even though I knew when she would pause for a moment to lick me from balls to top and when she would go back to bobbing up and down on me, it was still good because I told her to do it and could tell her to do something else if I wanted.
And that moment rapidly approached. I got her back to where she was before and climbed over her to put my cock inside this hot package. It was even more than I hoped. Her mons hot on mine was wonderful, but her buttocks as they met my balls with hot kisses was a divine sensation I had not dreamed of. The rest of her body gave me heat when I hugged her to me as I had anticipated and she was the wonderful warm of fucking a hot water bottle with a wet pussy.
I enjoyed the sensation for quite a while before I let myself punish her into an orgasm for her and for me. And then I had the real fun. Quarts of Solarcaine- I had packed plenty for the burn I knew she would get. I told her to lie quiet and started with each toe. Coating and rubbing, massaging as I moved over feet, ankles and calves, stroking up the front of thighs and then her pubes. Deadening the cry in her pounded pussy, mixing sunburn lotion and sperm as I coated her nether lips and then up for belly, torso, breasts, neck and face.
I started at the top as I covered her back in the anesthetic lotion and then worked up from her knees along the back of her thighs to reach my ulitimate challenge, her butt. We were both pretty grease-covered and the joy of caressing every bit of her skin had grown an erection of great solidness from between my legs. As I worked extensively on her left cheek, I opened her ass and saw there was one little spot where the sun didn't shine. I traced the untouched streak deep in the cleavage and circled the wrinkled brown sphincter.
I was working on her right cheek with imminent plans when the tent opened and Harriet poked her head in.
"So here you are, I thought we were having dinner," she said.
"I asked you if you wanted to wait and I thought you said yes," I explained, "But look at this. See what that sun can do if you keep going out in it?"
"From the looks of things I interrupted you going into it," she countered as she gazed at my hard-on.
"That had crossed my mind lately, but I assure you it was first aid that prompted me to start," I defended myself.
"Well, don't let me stop you, I just wanted to know about dinner," she said.
Sure. She thought we were cooking dinner in Annibel's tent. I knew what she wanted and I wasn't going to let her back out of it.
"Why don't you go over her back- it's pretty bad and I think the lotion has burned off already," I told her, "I'll go on if that's what you want, but I haven't done her arms or anything."
It was what she wanted and it wasn't. There was a deep desire to join us covered with an exterior that was disgusted that she could even think that way. But the deep desire had surfaced in our isolation and found the way to put the exterior Harriet in a trance to passion. She struggled past us in the cramped little tent and knelt over Annibel's head to stroke her back with the lotion again.
This time she was going to get the whole show. The only kind place to fuck Annibel was in the ass and Harriet was going to get to see another thing she didn't like in action. I wasn't going to make a big production out of it. Lord knows Annibel was used to being butt-fucked. I must have fucked her ass three times a day with blow jobs in between for the first month after I got her.
And there was that matter of logistics. With Harriet squatting over Annibel's head, there wasn't any room to lean over my slave's back to fuck her. I moved up closer, straddling her ass in a sitting position, and pushed my hard cock down between her greased asscheeks. I knew Harriet was watching curiously, but I didn't look up to catch her. I wanted to allow her a private reaction as I rubbed the head of my cock in the lotion covering the wrinkled sphincter.
Annibel knew what was coming and I felt the muscle twitch as she bore down to help her anus open for my entry. I wished I was watching my wife's face when I heard the quick intake of breath from her as I leaned into Annibel and the head of my cock disappeared into her asshole. I pressed forward at a leisurely pace as Annibel's ass swallowed my whole cock smoothly until my pubic har was jammed down into the crack of my slave's ass.
The heat of her ass made this a tantalizing experience too. Her butt was like a custom-designed crotch warmer, arching up along each thigh and dipping down to give my balls a groove to rest in as my cock burrowed in the heat of her bowels. As I rocked up tight against the swell of her butt, my balls settled on her fresh-fucked cunt in an oven of shiver-producing heat. I looked up at Harriet sheathed balls deep in the heaven of Annibel's toasted butt. She met my eyes for a moment and then dropped hers.
When our eyes met, all that was in hers was lust. I had expected some questioning or fear, but my wife was one lump of desire as she stroked Annibel's back and looked where my cock disappeared out of view into the swollen bulge of my slave's asshole. I moved to let her watch the sphincter pull out to prevent me from leaving and pucker down to keep me from pushing my cock back in.
"Why don't you let her up?" I asked Harriet, noticing she was pressing her pussy down on Annibel's head.
She shook like I had broken a trance and grinned sheepishly at me as she moved back off Annibel's head. She began to move to the poor girl's arms with the soothing sunburn lotion. But I hadn't been trying to catch Harriet doing anything. I had something else in mind.
"Look up," I said and both women obeyed.
Now there was a question on Harriet's face, but it turned to the wide-eyed look of shock as Annibel turned her head up to see Harriet's pussy in front of her and automatically began to lick it.
"Why don't you sit down and make it easier for her?" I asked Harriet as Annibel strained to reach inside the lips with her tonguetip.
It was the grand concession for my wife, but she made it without a pause. She sat down and slid her hips toward Annibel so the girl could look down into her pussy and lick her without straining her neck. She was having lesbian sex in front of me and more, she was openly sharing my slave. I think my cock grew two sizes in Annibel's ass.
My cock felt so good in the hot grip of my slave's ass that I was still able to feel that while caught up in the excitement of watching Harriet get head from my slave. We traded off locking lustful gazes and then dropping our eyes to watch each other's genitals being stimulated by Annibel. Harriet was still absently rubbing lotion on Annibel's arms, but she had pulled the girls arms up to lie along her torso and the slave's hands were cupped over my wife's breasts. Harriet was using the motion of applying the lotion to stroke her own breasts with Annibel's hands.
Harriet was very near cumming and I had barely started to move my cock in Annibel's ass. I reached down to hold Annibel and steady myself as I got my own ass in gear. The intimate clench of her hot sleeve was hard to leave and I felt like I wanted to just ram my cock deeper and deeper up her butt until I exploded spontaneously, but Harriet's growing passion was making me want to join her. I started to fuck Annibel's ass and that only made Harriet hotter.
"Make her take that big cock," she began to hiss at me, "Ram it right up there- stiff that big meat in her tiny little assssssshole."
It turned Harriet on no end to see me bury my bone in Annibel's back yard. She was openly covering Annibel's hands with her own and massaging her tits. Her hips were jerking against my slave's face as Annibel fucked my wife with her tongue.
"Oh God eat me!" she yowled as Annibel made her climax for the first time.
There was no let-down as Harriet twitched through an orgasm. Annible kept licking and fucking with her tongue as if nothing had happened. My wife looked like she was vibrating as Annibel kept at her after she came. But I left her to the oral ministrations of my slave and turned all my attention to drilling for oil in my slave's ass.
I suppose you could describe my fucking as brutal, but I plead an excess of stimulation making me lunge up against the generous swell of Annibel's butt like I was riding Secretariat to the pole. Harriet is no longer the stimulation as she is lost in her own pleasures at Annibel's tongue. It is the hot hole in her hot butt that is the sole source of my compulsion.
Except that this compulsion has its catharsis in a spine-tingling climax that makes me buck against Annibel like I was riding her at a gallop. Her flinching or her sweet sensitivity to my state has her buttocks clenching on me as I am pouring out my liquid lust and that hot little grip has me pouring out more cum than I thought was left in my balls at this late point in the day.
And the strangest thing came into my head as the shivers began to subside. I saw my slave still busy between my wife's legs and I knew what lay in store for Harriet later. Not that it was strange in itself, but it was a damn funny time for my mind to turn to carnal matters.
We ended up with a cold supper as the day turned toward night. It was an interesting meal, however, since it was a nude al fresco under the awning. Watching the two women that I could pretty much have when I wanted go about naked and ready was a subtle kind of thrill. Seeing Harriet and Annibel together was a huge turn-on as it opened a host of fantasies in my mind for what heights of sex I could reach in the future.
I guess it was a flash of intuition that came over me as I came into Annibel. As we lay down for the night, Harriet was very attentive, but at the same time skittish. There was no question that she wanted something, but she was having trouble telling me what it was. After her mumbled confession as she passed out earlier, I was sure she had designs on Annibel. Of course that was a little bit of wishcraft as well.
It was just as out of character, but it wasn't Annibel she wanted. She had been fascinated by watching Annibel's asshole swallow my cock and she had a first hand feel of what Annibel thought about it. Judging by the way my slave dived into her muff as I was sliding into her ass, Harriet thought it must be something pretty good.
"But not like you want," Harriet said, "I'm not ready for you to put your cock up there- not yet, anyway."
Never close the door completely is her motto. I knew what she didn't want. I was just unclear on what it was she couldn't bring herself to say that she wanted.
"So what do you want?" I ask, "I guess I'll have to know if I'm going to do it."
That is the part that Harriet sticks on. She obviously has an imagination that is full of scenes she doesn't reveal, but I can't act on the things she keeps to herself.
"Just hold me and I'll show you," she said, preferring to demonstrate than to form the words.
As we embraced on the mattress, she manuvered my hand down her back to her ass. Then she pushed my fingers into the cleft as she leaned forward and covered my mouth with hers. It was was if she wanted to prevent either of us from speaking the unspeakable.
I stroked over the puckerd nub and she stiffened as if not to move and ruin what I was trying to do- or perhaps to better sense how it felt. As I circled her asshole, her tongue became most insistent in my mouth and sent a thrill right down to my cock. She was spurred on by my finger, there was no question about that.
I denied myself my first impulse, which was to roll her onto my hand and give it to her fast and hard. Given the way she was trying to suck out my tongue, I don't think she would have minded that at all. But I was patient and decided to give her the whole tour.
She jumped in surprise when I touched her with the finger I had licked. She was uneasy while I wet the round muscle and seemed concerned as I tapped her asshole with my finger in preparation to pushing the tip inside. When I did invade her asshole with my fingertip, she was caught between wanting to stop me and her unwillingness to say the words.
But she got used to it quick enough. When I distracted her by sliding down to kiss her breasts, she lost sight of what my finger was doing and relaxed. I suppose that would have been different if she had known where I was headed. I took my time travelling down her body, playing with her asshole the whole time.
She was getting used to the gentle prodding of her back door by the time I had kissed my way down to her cunt. But no amount of lulling her to sleep was enough to squelch her protest when I put my tongue in where my finger had been.
"Oh yuck! Don't do that!" she broke with her self-imposed silence to protest.
I didn't take my tongue out of her ass long enough to answer. Where my finger had been toying in the first half inch of her rectum, my tongue was slithering as far as I could get it inside the crinkled ring of her anus.
"Oh gawwwd- oh gawwwd," she was wailing and I could hear both the discomfort at the thought and the pleasure of the act in her whine.
Her asshole shared none of the trepidation at my oral ministrations. The rubbery little muscle actully seemed to stroke my tongue back as I probed my tongue through it. After a bit Harriet's asshole was relaxed, open and sloppy with saliva. Then I moved up.
With Harriet bent double and her ass high in the air, it was the perfect time for me to introduce her to the pleasures of anal love. But I knew now that it was only a matter of time before I would be sticking my cock in my wife's ass as normally as I put it in her twat now. And she had said she didn't want that.
She was going to have to ask for it- with words and everything, that was my decision as my aching cock slipped deep into the swamp that her pussy had become as I ate out her ass.
"Ohhhhh, honey, that feels so good," she sighed as I pushed in until my belly was on hers. "I was afraid you were going to put it in the other place."
"No, baby, you said you didn't want to try that yet," I told her softly as I set out on an easy pace that I fugured would make her cum three times, as hot as she was.
It certainly didn't take long for her to have the first one. I had hardly started hitting bottom solid when she flopped and yipped like she does when she cums. Any thought of trying to finesse me into putting my cock in her ass probably died at that point. After one ride on the electric roller coaster, Harriet likes to get right back in line so she can ride again as quick as she can.
She got a lot of rides as I fucked her with my over-used dick. If anything, my passion was greater after my ground-breaking day with my slave and my wife, but my balls were still flesh and blood and it took a while for them to respond to the writhing woman beneath me. Not that this is in any way a complaint. While she was losing sight of what she thought she wanted in the middle of what felt real good, I was enjoying her pursuit in a calmer light on the slower path to my own.
And then we slept. It was that fine sleep of a day well-lived, of things well done- to sound like Hemmingway. It wasa the dawn of my new life I was looking forward to.

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