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SLEEP spurt his pre teen cum the


Do not continue if you are under 18! This is the only warning so if you
DO continue, it's because you are 18 or older, or you are some horny kid.
Either way, I tried, so don't get offended by my stuff.

Warning: This story contain explicit sexual acts of a heterosexual nature
between two pre-teens. If the above offends you, then don't continue.
Story - Sleepaway Camp Blues

Sleepaway Camp Blues

Mike sat on the bench outside the camp main office with his head in his hands,
crying. He had spent 4 days there, and nobody liked him, even the counselers.
He was only 12, and didn't like sleepaway camp in the first place, but his
parents had insisted that he try it so he could get involved in sports and
meet other boys his age. He had just been talking to his mom on the phone, and
she had told him that she would come down and pick him up, but all the kids
had been calling him a baby. His mom wouldn't be there for another few hours,
and he knew that when she came to get him, she'd be mad. Suddenly he felt the
bench shift beside him, and he spun around to see Carli Jenkins sitting there.
Carli was only 11, and it showed. She had shoulder length light brown hair,
green eyes, and wore a short top that showed her flat stomach, and her small
tits that were just starting to grow. She wore green tights that pulled up
into her ass crack. Mike, embarrased by his appearance, brushed his long
blond hair out of his face and wiped his eyes. She reached up and put her
hand on his shoulder, "Are you ok?" she asked. He was a little shy around
Carli because he had a bit of a crush on her. The way her green eyes shone
with concern made him turn his head away. "It's nothing." She moved her hand
from his shoulder down to his knee. Suddenly, a group of kids walked down the
path in front of the office and saw Carli and Mike sitting together on the
bench, and the tallest of them sneered at them, "Look, it's Mike and his

At this, Mike's face turned bright red, and the guys just laughed at that.
Carli jumped up from the seat and yelled, "Why don't you leave Mike alone you
bunch of creeps!" They just smiled at her weak insult and said, "Hey, can't
that wussy Mike defend himself without using his slut of a girlfriend to hide
behind!" At this a counseler ran out, and told the boys to get out of there,
then he told Carli to get back to her bunk and leave Mike alone. After the
counseler left, Carli turned to Mike and put her hand back on his knee, and
said, "Wanna come back to my bunk for awhile. We can talk there...I don't like
to see you like this." Mike wasn't sure what that meant, so he just nodded his
head and followed Carli down the hill to her cabin. Mike walked slowly behind
her because he was still depressed, but by doing this he saw how Carli's small
ass shook as she walked. This sent a shiver of heat that ended in his penis,
and caused it to harden. He tried to clear his mind of sexual thought to make
it shrink because he didn't want to embarress himself in front of Carli.

When they reached her cabin, he walked in with his hands in his pockets
adjusting his cock against his stomach. She walked over to her bed and
motioned for him to sit down next to her. He slowly shuffled up and sat down
on the mattress next to her, but his weight shift cause the soft mattress to
shift, and she fell forward onto his jeans. When she pulled herself up she had
a smile on her face. "What?" He asked even though he was sure of the answer.
"Your cock is hard!" she said giggling. "What?" he asked dumbfounded. She
gave him a push and he fell backwards onto the bed. She climbed on top of him
and smiled wickedly, "You know...Your penis...Your dick...Well, it's hard, and
that must mean you like me, and my sister told me that when you like a guy,
you have to fuck them!" "Some sister." Mike thought to himself, but decided
against resisting Carlis gropes, and didn't resist when, while still on top
of him, he kissed him full on the lips, and even stuck her tongue into his
mouth. "Carli," Mike began, but Carli shushed him with her finger and said,
"Don't worry Mike...We're too young to do real fucking, but what we can do is
you can like my cunt, and I can suck your cock."

Mike was still unacustommed to this new terminology, but nervously nodded
because the only thing he'd ever felt on his penis was his hand when he
would masturbate occassionaly. Carli got up to her knees, and pulled off
Mike's bermuda short and underwear. "Mmmm" she said in a low growl, and then
she started to lick the almost hairless crotch of Mike causing his penis to
throb with each heartbeat. After licking around the area of his cock for a
few more seconds, she plunged headfirst onto his dick, but just focusing on
the head, causing him great pleasure. His dick head throbbed in her mouth and
drops of his pre-cum started leaking out which she was quick to lick up. As
she rubbed her soft tongue across the slit at the top of Mike's penis, he
let out an involuntairy groan and bucked his hip up against her face, causing
his dick to spurt his pre-teen cum to the back of her throat. He lay there
breathing heavily for a few seconds. She stood up and removed her tights and
panties revealing her completely hairless slit, already glistening with
her juices. "Where'd you learn to do that?" Mike gasped in between breaths.

Carli turned her sticky mouth up to a smile, "I watched my sister do it to
her boyfriend!" Mike was so surprised that a girl who was younger then him
knew more about sex then him. He had very little time to contemplate that
thought before Carli sat on his face. "Just push your tongue around my pussy and i'll tell you when it feels good." Carli instructed. Mike probed his
tongue through her labia and probed the wet pussy until his tongue brushed
against her clitoris, upon which she squealed in delight and grinded her
pussy into his face. "YES! Lick me there!!" she screamed. Mike did as he was
told, flicking his tongue across her tiny bump, but still sticking inside her
pussy to taste her juices. Within moments, she was streaming with wetness,
and grinding her pussy into Mike's face. "Keep going Mike, and going to cum!!"
She hollered. Mike then grabbed the tiny bump in his mouth and set her off,
and she kept slamming her crotch into Mike's face while a waterfall of juice
flowed for her spasming pussy. "OH GOD I'M CUMMING SO GOOD!!!" She screamed.
Then she feel forward onto Mike, and gave his dick a few playful strokes
before getting up and getting dressed again. Mike groggily got up and got
dressed as well, then he and Carli kissed goodbye, tasting each other's juices
, and left the cabin. Mike went back to the bench to continue to wait, and
Carli wrote down her phone number. "Maybe we can get together someday" Mike
smiled and said, "Ya...I'd like to meet your sister!"
Remember: Sexual acts always carry the risk of STD's. Be careful! Also,
it's not advised to kids under 18 to engage in any sexual acts,
and that goes double for kids under 13. Don't let our babys
ruin there lives by losing thier virginity at too early a date.


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