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SLEIGHT cum pants front


Pleasure Cruise - Sleight of Mind

by (anonymous)

Disclaimer - Adults only - if you aren't old enough to vote - go
elsewhere. Do not try this at home - hypnosis does not work this way -
this is a work of fiction.

Cruise ships. A goal that many strolling entertainers strive for -
until they actually work a contract on a cruise line and find out just how
much work is actually involved.

Usually, the deal is with the line, not a particular ship and you
transfer every three days from one ship to another. Work is often six days
in a row, sometimes more. Accommodations are Spartan, often amounting to
crew quarters, which are very minimal, to say the least and do not allow
for any extracurricular fooling around, something which can get you fired
on the spot from most lines anyway. Policy is strictly hands off the
passengers, regardless of what you may have seen on old episodes of the
Love Boat.

So I was surprised when an agency that I rarely worked with faxed me a
proposal for a two week booking on a cruise line with no transfers between
ships and bottom level cabin space as opposed to the closets they give the
non-ranking crew. Add to that fact that I would be the only finger flinger
on board other than an illusionist who only did big stage work, the fact
that travel to and from my home in Indianapolis was included along with a
paycheck that was about average for cruise lines and I jumped at the
chance. Holly, the agent, was not surprised when I called to find out what
the catch was.

She chuckled and said, "How's your tolerance for unusual life styles?" I
asked her what she meant and she explained that this was a hypnoerotic
cruise - adult kinkos who were into hypnosis. I was being booked as part
of the "normal" entertainment package that was going to be on board for
those times that people wanted a break from being hypnotized - or
hypnotizing each other or whatever.

I looked over the contract once again and noted that the usual hands off
the passengers clause was missing. She chuckled again. "It's my guess
that it's you who will need to be protected from the hypnotic advances of
the passengers!" I laughed back, not having a clue as to just what I was
getting into. I faxed the contract back, signed, while we were talking.
The other nice part of the deal was that I only had to put on four formal
cabaret magic shows and do strolling magic three nights of the cruise. The
rest of the time was mine to do with as I pleased - "unless one of these
hypnodominatrixes gets her claws into you, of course," Holly joked. Little
did I know...

The first night out, I missed a performance by a Mistress Ursula -
something that I am still kicking myself for, I might add. The word on
deck the next day was that she was HOT - and so was her show! I was also
told that Rob and Toni, two therapists from California, had put on an
impromptu demonstration in the dessert bar after the show that even
entranced one of the cruise hostesses!

Like an idiot, I had gone to my cabin early, having just completed a
week doing strolling and stage magic at a chain of resorts in the

The next morning, I was having breakfast on the Promenade Deck and
watching one of the passengers run a very advanced yoga class. Several of
the exercises they did were painful just to watch! Since an injury several
years ago, I cannot do many of the yoga postures and have to content myself
with just watching and doing some very basic Tai Chi Chuan, to use the old spelling. The guy was good, and very flexible. Several of his students
were quite attractive, which made breakfast even more enjoyable.

I met several of the other passengers while strolling around the ship,
including Mistress Ursula, who I was surprised to find was someone I had
met during the two years I had lived and performed in New York! One does
not forget a face or figure that gorgeous, no matter how fleeting the
meeting! We had met at a fund raiser for a hospital. She was on the
psychology staff at the time, while I was doing the strolling magic thing
in the crowd. We had chatted for a few minutes back then and had then
wandered off to our various commitments - me to play with a deck of cards
and the other guests and she to schmooze potential donors to the hospital.

I held back from introducing myself, as we had not really been formally
introduced, plus she was trailing a sizeable entourage of people anyway. I
simply bowed slightly and she rewarded me with a smile that would have
blinded me had I not been wearing shades.

My first show was held in one of the smaller cabarets on board. The
seating was tiered, to allow fifty or so people a good view of the table,
two chairs, one on each side of the table and one for me at center.
Because of the tone of the cruise, I had decided to open my first show with
some of the more occult-appearing material I use in my more serious

I invited two people a rather portly man and a petite lady in a low cut
top and short- shorts to be my tableside assistants. After going through
the usual introductions, I asked the lady if she knew her astrological
sign, which got a huge laugh from the crowd. It seems she was an
internationally famous astrologer along with being into the whole hypnosis
thing. I had her select a card and keep it face down on the table while
the gentleman shuffled the remainder of the deck and dealt it out onto an
astrological chart in front of him, placing all the cards except the one
dealt onto the lady's sign, face up. The one on her sign was face down.

"Ladies and gentlemen, while this may seem strange to you, while
watching the yoga class today, I got the distinct impression of some things
that were to happen this evening. I jotted them down and sealed them in
the envelope sitting in the center of the chart before you. M'Lady
Elizabeth," I said, addressing the lady on my right, "Would you turn your
card face up, please? The six of hearts? Very good. Please hold it so
that everyone can see it." Turning to the man on my left, I continued:
"Paul, you shuffled the cards and dealt them fairly onto the chart
randomly, dealing only one card, face down, onto Janice's astrological
sign. Did I attempt to influence you in any way? No? Excellent! Please
turn over the one card you dealt face down. The SIX of HEARTS?!" I paused
for the applause, which was generous and sprinkled with a few gasps.

Dramatically, I picked up the envelope. The two of them looked at me
wide-eyed. I tore open the envelope and dumped the contents onto the
table. "Paul, would you select someone in the audience - preferably someone
you don't know? Thank you. Would the lady in the blue dress please take
the letter and in a loud voice, read its contents to the rest of us?"

The lady in blue, an attractive red head with big blue eyes, started to
read in a voice that could have melted lead, "I, Julius Bey, have received
the impression that a large gentleman will select a card that will match a
card blindly selected by a petite lady in a deeply scoopnecked top. That
card will be the six of hearts, her sign will be Gemini and the lady
wearing the blue dress reading this note will almost faint when she gets to
this part!" The lady in blue sat down, hard, mouth agape as the audience
applauded enthusiastically. In the back, I saw the illusionist nodding
approvingly, a spectacular blonde on his arm.

After the show, I went into the upper lounge to see what the midnight
show was to be, not having looked at my schedule. As I entered, the lady
in the blue dress caught my arm and drew me onto the Cascade deck. She
smiled up at me and said, "That was some presentation. Do you always read
the minds of those around you?" She was toying with a little pendant,
making the light flash into my eyes. I smiled in return, getting a good
breath of her perfume and replied, "Only the attractive ones - and you, my
dear lady, should be ashamed of yourself!"

She chuckled and replied, "Well, you're the mind reader. You should
know!" She turned a little more serious. "Have you done any psychic work
with the pendulum?" When I admitted I had not, she guided me to a seat at
one of the concourse tables near the stern, well out of the traffic
patterns and took off the pendant. I decided to see what she was going on
about. My tolerance for New Age stuff isn't particularly high, but what
the hell, she's very attractive, I was between relationships and the hands
off policy didn't apply to this cruise, so I figured I'd see what happens.
If nothing else, I'd probably learn something I could use in my mentalism

She had me hold the pendant up above the table and asked me to think of
a direction that the pendant would swing, then had me close my eyes. "Just
imagining that there's a magnet pulling on the pendant now, Julius.
Pulling it so that it starts to swing back and forth in the direction you
decided on. Pulling it so that it swings back and forth further and
further with each breath you take. Listening to my voice, following the
pendulum in your mind as it swings back and forth, back and forth wider and
wider." She paused, allowing me time to imagine the pendant swinging. I
swear, I could almost feel it moving in my fingers.

"Now, slowly, open your eyes and look at the pendant, Julius." I opened
my eyes and was amazed to see the pendant swinging widely, back and forth
in front of my eyes. I opened my mouth to say I hadn't moved it when she
started speaking in that oh-so- sexy voice of hers. "Don't speak yet,
Julius. Just watch as I make the pendulum start to change direction.
Watch as it responds to my voice, starting to move, to change directions,
to circle round and round, following my voice, following my words. Keep
your eyes on it, Julius. Follow it as it circles round and round, as your
arm begins to float higher and higher, following my voice, following my
voice higher and higher and higher, circling, following my voice
automatically, following my directions automatically ..."

I watched, eyes glued to the glittering pendant as it circled now,
rising higher and higher, my arm moving entirely on its own. I was amazed
and awed, following her voice automatically.

"And now, Julius, watch the pendant closely. So closely you can't look
away, even if you try. Try to look away now, Julius, try. The harder you
try, the more locked to the pendant your eyes become as your arm rises
higher and higher, following my voice automatically, just as you are
following my voice automatically." I couldn't look away. I didn't even
want to try, the gem was so fascinating. Coming so close to my face, I was
having trouble keeping my eyes focused on it.

"Keep watching, Julius. In a moment, I am going to have the pendant do
something you will want to watch very carefully as you follow my voice
automatically. I know your eyes are tired, but just keep focused a few
moments more and you will see something that will amaze you completely."
She moved behind me, warm hands on my shoulders sending waves of relaxation
through my body. It felt so very very good.

"Now, Julius, when the pendant touches your forehead, your eyes will
close automatically, just like your arm followed my voice automatically,
just like the pendant followed my voice automatically. And now, as your
pendant touches your face, your eyes close automatically, following my
voice, as you follow my voice deeper and deeper into relaxation..."

Things got warm and fuzzy at that point. I remember her talking softly,
but I couldn't quite seem to hear the words as I floated in the dreamy
relaxation she had led me to. I knew I wanted more. I knew I wanted to
follow her voice again and again and would do just about anything for the
opportunity to do so. I knew I had never been more relaxed. I knew that I
would follow her voice automatically. I knew that I wanted MORE!

I opened my eyes to see the sea foam off the fantail of the ship. The
lady in the blue dress, whose name I didn't even know, sitting next to me,
smiling a cat-ate-the- canary smile. It was only after a couple of minutes
that I realized that my right arm was sticking straight up and that I could
not make it move - at all. What really surprised me was that I wasn't
surprised at all.

I looked at her with a mixture of amazement and awe and said, "So THAT'S
what it's like to be hypnotized! NOW I understand why there are so many
people on this cruise!" She laughed and asked me if I wanted my arm back.
Of course, I replied that it would be pretty difficult to do card tricks
with out it. She grinned and said, "Then all you have to do is kiss me."

I leaned over, arm still straight up, and kissed her gently - at first.
The moment our lips met, I was consumed by a lust the likes of which I had
NEVER experienced before. The kiss turned passionate, then electric, then
downright near-orgasmic. Finally, she broke the kiss and looked at me
smokily and said, "Are you all right with this? Last chance to back out."

Back out of what, I asked myself as my mouth took over on its own, "Yes,
I am quite all right with this. I do not want to back out."

She smiled a wickedly gleeful smile and passed her hand down over my
face. I went diving into that pool of delicious relaxation, vaguely aware
that I was following her voice, standing and following her voice down the
passageway and into a stateroom.

When the room came into focus as I drifted out of the dreamy trance she
had sent me into, I was sitting on the bed. She moved next to me and moved
her hand hotly over my chest, exciting my nipples with gentle pinches and
massaging the muscles. Suddenly, she moved her hand away, but I could
still FEEL it massaging and pinching and arousing me. "Holy shit!" I
exclaimed as I gasped in arousal.

She next caressed my neck and ears, always a big turn on for me and
again, when she took her hand away, the sensations continued as though a
pair of invisible hands were still teasing and caressing me!

When she did the same thing to my thighs, I almost came right there, but
she whispered, "Follow my voice, Julian. You will not cum until you follow
my voice as it cums." And I plateaued at somewhere near Pike's Peak level
of arousal! I was moaning heavily now as she played the same invisible
hands trick with my back and then - my cock!

I was begging her to either take me or allow me to cum. I pleaded,
cajoled and outright begged, tears of need running down my face as she
unzipped my fly and freed my cock, running her hot hand up and down its
length, driving me to near unconsciousness!

With a sudden hard shove, she had me flat on my back. She mounted me in
a single catlike move, riding down my shaft in serious heat. Harder and
harder she rode me, first slow, then faster and faster as I cried out for
release, but she only laughed and rode harder, driving herself into a

Suddenly, she slammed down hard, her body trying its best to pull me
fully inside her as she arched her back and screamed - "CUM NOW!!!"

I came! And I came and came and came! It seemed to go on for hours as
she bucked and howled on top of me. Finally, I passed out, blissfully!

I opened my eyes to see a crowd gathered around me on the fantail, at
the table where she had first shown me the pendant. She was sitting next
to me as the mob applauded - her smile was that cat that ate the canary
deal again. When I shifted in my chair, I felt something wet and sticky in
my pants. Realization dawned and I tried to beat a hasty retreat, but her
voice stopped me cold. "You have a wonderful imagination, Julius. It
follows my voice so easily"

I drifted off, slumping into her arms as her voice enveloped me again.
When I awoke, I was in my cabin, a note on my freshly cleaned and pressed
tux pants. It read - "You follow my lead very well - I am looking forward
to our next meeting. I know you are!" It was signed with an ornate MJ.
Funny thing was - the note was right.

I made a note to send Holly a thank you bouquet.

Part Two - High Stakes Game

I wandered into the main dining room, off the leeward side and sat down
near crew country for breakfast. The night before had been my introduction
to erotic hypnosis and I was still processing the event. The Lady in Blue
had certainly shown that hypnosis is a remarkable tool in her manicured
hands and I had to admit, it was probably the most intense sexual
experience of my life -but I wasn't sure I had even HAD sex with her or
whether it had been an intense hypnotic dream!

I looked over the crowd in the dining room, recognizing several people
from the group that had gathered around me at her impromptu show, one or
two of them smiled and raised their glasses of orange juice in salute. The
Lady in Blue was nowhere in sight.

I wasn't sure whether I was disappointed or relieved. While the night's
events had been quite incredible, I was certainly embarrassed about having
cum in my pants in front of a crowd of strangers - big time.

I turned as a shadow passed over my plate and found Rob and Toni
standing over me, friendly smiles on their faces. Rob asked, "Mind if we
join you?" I allowed as how it would be okay with me and smiled back. Rob
looked at me with professional concern as Toni poured them both coffee from
the carafe on the table.

"We heard about the little show you were in after your formal one and
wanted to check with you and see how you felt about it," he said. I looked
at them both carefully. I knew that they were professional therapists, but
I wasn't sure about opening up to them right off, so I hedged the issue.

"To be honest, I'm not sure. I do know parts of it were incredible, but
I am more than a little embarrassed about waking up with my shorts full of,
well, you know..." my voice trailed off as I blushed furiously.

Toni put a warm hand on my forearm. "We both know MJ. She's quite safe
to play with and we asked her if she checked everything out with you before
she went forward with the - interesting - part." She smiled and I felt
better immediately. "She asked you, while you were in trance, whether you
wanted to do this or not and she told us you were quite enthusiastic about
trying it." She made a little pout with her mouth as Rob picked up the
line, "But, we both take it that you do not remember giving your okay?"

It was then it hit me and I started to laugh! They both looked at me
with varying degrees of concern as I laughed so hard I damn near cried!

After a few minutes, my mirth suppressed itself enough for me to gasp
out, "Now I understand! At one point, she woke me up and asked if I was
all right with this. I didn't know what she was talking about, but my
mouth spoke right up and said - YEP! Sure am! So I guess she did check it
out after all and at least some of the contact was real!"

Rob chuckled, as did Toni. "It seems MJ was being very careful and made
sure your unconscious mind was in line with everything else. Glad to hear
it. We're" he nodded to Toni, "both a little tired of cleaning up some
folks' sloppy work. Toast?"

I coughed slightly and took the toast, as I did, Toni placed a hand on
my cheek and said something. My eyes closed and I found myself in the same
drifty, relaxed state as before. I remember nodding and coming back up to
the table from my relaxation, slightly bewildered. Toni smiled at me and
said, "MJ left a suggestion that would allow me to check, to make sure you
were okay. You gave me permission by coughing when Rob asked if you would
like some toast. I hope you don't mind?" Her giggle was infectious so I
joined her. I also coughed when she said the word toast.

About that time, another person walked up to the table and sat down. It
was MJ. I smiled, stood, took her hand, bowed over it and kissed it
briefly saying, "Thank you for last night, MJ. That was the most intense
thing I have ever experienced!" She smiled and gracefully accepted the
coffee I poured for her as the waitress brought her order, which she had
obviously placed before joining us at the table.

We chatted about this and that, Rob's hobby interest in ham radio,
Toni's training and my showbiz background. I was relieved that none of
them asked me how I did the things in my show the night before - the show
in the cabaret, that is. After we had finished, Rob and Toni headed out
for a seminar they were going to attend, leaving me alone with MJ for the
first time since last night.

"Well," I started, "I'm not sure what to say or where we go from here."
I blushed again, feeling my pants tent like something from Ringling

MJ looked at me with those delightfully blue eyes of hers and said,
"Well, we could always play follow the leader..." I drifted off again,
blissfully following her voice as she led me from the dining room, this
time quite certain I was walking in trance, eyes open, but not caring about
much of anything.

MJ's stateroom was on the Carnival deck, inboard. I knew that, but, for
some reason, my eyes did not register which stateroom she was in. She led
me into the room and had me sit in the plush chair next to the doorway. As
I sat there, drifting blissfully, she took my hand and quizzed me on my
background, education and how I had come into showbiz. She also asked some
very straightforward questions about my sexual history. I dimly recall
hearing a familiar voice answering.

When I awoke, she was standing next to the chair and smiling. "I have a
proposition for you," she said in that lead-melting voice of hers. "I'm
all ears," I replied.

"What I say in this room is private and must not be discussed with the
other passengers on board. I am currently working for the cruise line as
well, in the security division. It seems that one of the guests has been
cheating the other passengers in a private game in his stateroom, but he is
so careful that we can't prove a thing. The line is not happy about this
and wants to put a stop to it. Unfortunately, we do not have the authority
to do much about it without some hard proof. Our problem child in this
matter is NOT here on the cruise the rest of the passengers are - he got
bumped on through a travel agency in Miami over the objections of the Line
itself. We checked with Suzerain, the other magician and he is not
qualified to help us on this as his specialty is illusions, not sleight of
hand. If you help us, there will be a reward from the cruise line and,
perhaps other," she paused and looked at me with a coy look, "compensation
as well. If not, there will not be a problem or any repercussions - we
understand that performers are not all that happy about having to appear in
court. Regardless of whether you can catch him cheating, there will be
compensation for your time. Nail him, with solid proof, and there will be
a sizeable reward from the line. Nail him really well, and your position
with the company will be quite assured."

I looked at her carefully. She didn't seem to be a security type, but
that's what makes a good security agent. My concern wasn't about getting
paid, but for the safety of my own hide. People in the trade as it's
called, can often be rather truculent about getting busted. MJ smiled and
said, "If you are worried about your safety, we can rig you with an
emergency signal that will let us know that something is wrong. Someone
will be there in seconds."

I thought about it. Cheaters of this type make me sick. It's one thing
to try to move in fast company - cheating amongst pros that is, but
trimming the rubes is altogether another thing completely. In one case,
it's a battle of wits and skill. In the other it's more like sheep to the
slaughter. I have always had my sympathies with the sheep.

"Well, it's been a few years since I did the expert witness schtick, but
- what the hell. MJ, you have yourself a magician. Let's just hope this
bozo hasn't seen my show!" She laughed and said that the bastard had been
fleecing several of the passengers during my shows last night - both of

I looked at her, blushing badly. "I've been meaning to talk to you
about that..." but her hand did something funny in the air and I drifted
off again. I distinctly remember her saying - "Then let me make it up to
you..." and the most glorious nipple in the world being put to my lips!
Details of our lovemaking blurred into a warm, hazy cloud of lust and
fireworks and deep satisfaction. I remember thinking - if this is only a
sample - I'm going to die when we get to the main event!

Hours later, I made my way on deck, glowing warmly. MJ had told me that
this guy had been fleecing passengers on the line for about a month, but
this was the first opportunity to take a shot at him using a professional
like me. "He seems to know every one of our people by sight," she had
said. I headed down to the Lido deck to check out our target.

The guy was big. Really big. Like over six-foot four and was built
like Ohio State's front four. He was wearing a Mr. T Starter Kit of gold
chains around his neck, several large diamond rings and one of those single
horn necklaces that many gamblers are so fond of. His tan was tanning bed
perfect and his hands could probably palm an entire deck easily. I knew
that if he decided to get physical, I would have to be very fast and
probably very lucky as well. I decided that being lucky and not getting
caught was the best way to deal with this.

We struck up a conversation, remarking on how lame the action was in the
casino, he nudged me and said, "Well, I have a little side game on for
tonight at 9, want in?" He gave me a stateroom in VIP territory, nudged me
in the ribs and said, "the other players are pretty inexperienced, so you
should do pretty well. Drop by IF you're interested." His grin showed
perfectly aligned teeth - caps or a plate probably, judging from the way
the guy's nose had been busted at least a couple of times.

9 o'clock came fast. I had spent the rest of the afternoon and evening
working on some sleights - second deals, bottom deals and the like. His
stateroom was more like a full apartment - four rooms, including a lounge
with wet bar and the like. Seated at the table were two other passengers:
a gorgeous twenty-something brunette who was introduced to me as Sasha.
She smiled up at me from under her derby hat, her goth makeup and frilly
blouse seeming a bit out of place in this setting, but I smiled back and
another man named Brock, who was a software engineer from Silicon Valley
introduced himself as well.

I knew it was going to be an interesting night when the host placed a
case of playing cards on the table and told us the rules. "This is a
serious game. We play poker - draw or stud. Wild cards at the dealer's
discretion. Minimum ante is $50." He took the case and opened the first
deck. He spread the cards across he table and removed the jokers and the
advertising cards, tossing them on the floor behind him. Sasha grinned at
me and winked. She KNEW who I was! I was a little concerned, but she
smiled and nodded at our host and made a little scratching move with her
fingernail. I got the message. She was here to take him out as well, but
wouldn't get in my way. I smiled back.

The first couple of hands, our host played straight, winning one out of
five small pots. It was when the deal came back around to him that he
started getting serious. His target seemed to be Brock for the moment.
Brock lost with three of a kind to a high straight, Sasha having folded, as
had I. Our host's glasses were the big giveaway. They were tinted
slightly pink.

He was using readers - cards that are marked, but can only be read
through glasses with that kind of tint! I KNEW I had him at that point. I
pressed the button in my pocket.

Unfortunately, the big man noticed the move, even though I covered it by
coming up with a box of TicTacs. He stood up, growling. "I HATE people
who come into MY stateroom and try to accuse me of cheating!" His massive
fists closed and I knew that life was about to get very hectic, when Sasha
simply said, "Brockie-poo - do your thing!"

The software engineer slammed his foot into the giant's knee, dropping
him to the floor. Almost casually, Brock moved around the man, staying
away from the arms that were trying to crush him and slapped away a kick
from the monster's other leg. The seemingly mild mannered software geek
then snapped a punch into his opponent's solar plexus, knocking the wind
out of him and rendering him helpless.

It was then that the other man entered the room. He was holding a knife
and looked like he knew how to use it. Brock moved away, warily. Sasha
moved back, her eyes big. I, on the other hand, moved forward. The man with the knife was fast, but he telegraphed his move and I was gratified to
see my opponent go flying across the room from my wrist throw. I was
moving forward to follow up on him when a batch of ship's security people
came slamming in and took matters in hand.

I looked at Brock. Brock looked at Sasha. Sasha grinned her impish
grin, grabbed Brock and headed out the door only to be stopped by MJ, who
escorted the three of us to the Security office, where we gave our

It turned out that Sasha's travelling companion had been cleaned out by
Mr. Thompson the night before. Sasha had decided that she would check
things out and see if she could get back at the monster. Brock, it turned
out, aside from being a software engineer, was also a world-class Tae Kwon
Do champion. Sasha had asked his help and he had readily agreed, although
I think Sasha might have been playing hypnotism games with him as well,
from the way he responded to her as Mistress Sasha at least once.

When we were through, it was almost two in the morning. MJ took my arm
and led me back to the Promenade deck. We stood here for some time,
looking out over the moonlit ocean. After a while, I turned to her and
asked, "Well. Where do we go from here, MJ? I don't want to lose you."

She smiled her sun-rising-on-the-world smile and said, "Well, we could
always play follow the leader..."

As I drifted into trance, my head falling into her breasts, she laughed
and said, "And I have no intention of losing you either, my dear!"

She was right - there were more compensations than just the reward from
the cruise line!



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