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SMUGLER3 vids which were pretty good


by SupMario

Chapter Three

It was three in the morning when I opened my eyes and rubbed them, trying
to wake myself up. Something was on top of me and I quickly realized it
was Carrie. She and Mary, her twin, had talked and carried on for hours
and around eleven my mother finally chased them both to bed, where Carrie
slept with her sister, and I was relegated to the couch in the living

Carrie was on top of me and looking at me with her great big green eyes
flashing at me, as if she were greatly amused by something.

"I have a secret." She said seductively, while lowering herself down
on top of me so that she was looking right into my eyes, her face level
with mine. She softly pressed her lips against mine in a tender kiss
and I responded eagerly. She put all of her energy and enthusiasm into
the kiss and I just sat back and enjoyed it. One thing I could say
about her, she was a really good kisser.

I ran my hands along her slim back and up under her night shirt to feel
the sides of her small breasts which were pressed against my chest. She
cooed into my mouth as I slipped my hand down into her panties and cupped
her wet sex in my hand, slowly rubbing my fingers up and down her slick
love tunnel. After a minute, she broke off our kiss and laid her head
down on my shoulder and enjoyed my attentions. I continued rubbing her
labia and reaching down, giving attention to her just emerging clit.

Suddenly, she arched her back and sighed contentedly as she melted into
my arms and purred. After catching her breath, she stood up momentarily
and took off first her shirt then her soaked panties and then laid down
on the other end of the couch and spread her legs for me. I crawled over
to her and laid down between her legs, out loins joining together easily.
I leaned down, putting my weight on my elbows and began thrusting my hips
as I hungrily kissed her. I licked her cheek and worked my way over to
her ear, kissing all the way, and took her tiny earlobe into my mouth
and gently sucked on it which made her give a small squeak of pleasure.
I muzzled her neck and gently kissed the hollow of her neck just
behind her jaw and she gave me another small squeak which made me happy
just hearing it. I continued thrusting my hard cock in and out of her
eager, tight cunt while I kissed her softly, our tongues entertwining
together in a duel of love.

Suddenly she arched her back and every muscle in her small body seemed
to tighten and then relax as she came in a thundering orgasm that seemed
to go on for ages. Her quivering cunt walls seemed to milk my creamy
seed straight from my balls as I erupted inside her belly, and then rolled
us over so that she was on top of me. I took the blanket, which had fallen
on the floor, and put it over the two of us and then drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke to find Carrie gone. I looked around and at
first the house sounded empty but then I heard sounds coming from the
kitchen and found Carrie and mom there, talking quietly.

"Good morning, son. Carrie and I were just talking about you." My mother offered me a cup of coffee, which I gladly accepted, sitting down at
the breakfast table next to Carrie and sipped the bitter brew while we
chatted about silly, unimportant things. I learned that Dad and Mary had
gone out again, this time to a doctor's appointment for Mary, who had been
experiencing strange stomach pains occasionally in the last week. mom said that she didn't think it was anything very serious, when she saw the
look of worry on Carrie's young face.

Carrie and I took a long walk later that morning, and I showed her some of
the local landmarks around the area. I showed her around the area and was
happy to see a few friends from long ago pop up here and there along the
way, some of which I hadn't seen since I was a child. Carrie took it all
in stride, enjoying every bit of my little tour. She beamed that big
smile of hers to everyone and especially me. We came back to my parent's
flat in mid-afternoon and I told them that we were planning on leaving
that evening, but my mom would have nothing of it. She insisted that we
stay a few more days for Carrie and Mary to get to know each other better,
and after talking it over with Carrie in private, we decided we could
stay as long as we needed to. We really didn't have any place we needed
to be, but I didn't want to just move in with my parents or anything.

We ate dinner that evening and then whole family sat down to watch
nature holo-vids which were pretty good. I made a mental note to myself
to buy some of them when I got home. Mary and Carrie disappeared in the
middle of it and didn't reappear for some time. When they did, it startled
both me and my parents. They had done something to Mary's hair and they
both looked EXACTLY alike now. They were wearing identical blue dresses
and I couldn't tell which was which at all. Finally, holding back a
giggle, one of them (which I assumed was Carrie) came over to me.

"How does she look? We found a hair-changing machine in the big closet
and used it to make her hair like mine. Doesn't it look just like mine?"
She looked up at me with eyes dancing with mischief and looked like she
was holding something back. I looked over at Mary who was giggling
softly, trying to keep from laughing outright. Suddenly, Carrie turned
around and pressed her lips to mine, kissing me gently, if eagerly. I
responded in kind and we kissed for a minute or two before I remembered
that my mom and Dad were right there watching us.

Carrie turned around and I hugged her from behind, placing my hands around
her tummy gently and we both looked over at Mary who had doubled over from
laughing so hard. Her infectious laughter caught on and soon we were all
laughing. Carrie went over to my mom and sat down while Mary came over to
me and dropped the bombshell. SHE was Carrie, and I had just kissed Mary!!

Both girls giggled triumphantly at tricking all of us and we all complimented
them on their ingenuity. I was just glad it hadn't gone any further than
a kiss. That would have been REALLY embarrassing, never mind the fact that
my parents would have witnessed the whole thing.

After that, the rest of the evening was rather uneventful, and by the time
I got to bed (on the couch that is) I was pretty tired from having
entertained two 11 year old tornadoes all evening. I laid back on the lumpy
couch and tried to get to sleep. I succeeded, and after an unknown amount
of time, I was awakened by the wonderful feeling of my hard cock being
sucked by a hot, eager mouth.

I opened my eyes and there was Carrie, leaning down by the couch by my
waist and urgently bopping her head up and down as she sucked me with
relish. She had tied her red hair up in a pony tail and it bobbed to
and fro as her head went up and down on my swollen limb of love.

As she continued her passionate work, I could feel my balls tighten and
then sweet release came over me and I blew my load into her young mouth.
She swallowed my offering eagerly, then came up with me onto the couch
and laid down with me where we fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning I woke up alone. Wondering where Carrie was, I went
into the kitchen but it was empty. I went to the bathroom and did my
business then went to Mary's bedroom where I finally heard voices.

Mom was leaning over Mary's bed looking down at Mary, who was in the bed.
Carrie was right next to her looking on at Mary with a worried expression
on her young face. When she saw me enter the room she ran over to me
and hugged me tight.

"Scott, Mary's really sick. She got real sick late last night and we
don't know what's wrong with her. Your mom has a medical team on the way
but we're really worried about her." Carrie cried softly into my chest,
still hugging me tightly. She was obviously worried about her sister.

My mother called me over to her and we talked a bit. She wanted me and
Carrie to go back home and let the medical droids do their work. They
had just arrived while we were talking and were already swarming around
the bed, prodding and poking Mary as they began their work.

We went back into the living room to talk.

"Scott, why don't you and Carrie go back home for now. I promise I'll
call you as soon as there's any word about her. Its going to get pretty
crowded around here as it is." I was about to protest but Carrie agreed
with my mother so we left, both worried. We retraced our steps and got
back to the landing pad and got in the ship and took off. I set the
course and we went back to my cabin... no our cabin and got on the
bed where Carrie completely broke down and cried in my arms, very worried
that she was going to lose her sister when she had just found her again.

We made it back home and I set us down in the hangar gently. We unpacked
the few things from the ship and went inside. Carrie was still pretty
upset and said she was going to bed. We were both tired from the trip
so we both got undressed and got in the bed and went to sleep.

I awoke suddenly feeling something was wrong. I looked around and found
Carrie missing. I looked in the bathroom but she wasn't there. She wasn't
in the kitchen or living room either but when I checked the den, I found
sensors going off from the terminal. Someone was trying to steal my ship!

I raced to the hangar after grabbing my blaster and found Carrie in the
cockpit trying to take off. I grabbed her and tried to get her to talk to
me but she pulled some kind of small blaster out of a pocket and started
shooting at me!! I dodged behind a bulkhead as her blaster fired rapidly
around me. She was a good shot with that thing.

I didn't want to hurt her so I set my blaster on stun and rolled to the
left and fired a quick shot at her point blank. She went down, but not
before scraping her leg on the pilot's chair. The astonishing thing was,
instead of blood, circuits and wires fell out of the whole in her leg.
She wasn't human, she was a droid!

I couldn't believe it. I felt around the hole in her leg and found that
her "skin" was nothing more than a rubber-like stuff that just looked and
felt like skin. I tore the stuff off and easily found her main circuits.
I took her out of the ship and into the diagnostics area where my equipment
was. I hooked her up to my diagnostic computer and her programming came
onto the screen. And then I received another shock.

This was Mary. She was designed to specifically draw me away from Carrie
and then escape or kill me if possible. She had been constructed just to
get me away from Carrie! I blasted the damn thing and tore off towards
my GX7 where I pried her for take-off then blasted my way out of the hangar
and poured every ounce of speed into getting back to my parent's home.

I nearly burned out the engines but I turned a several hour journey
into a 90 minute hop. I sat my ship down on the same landing pad that
I'd used before and ran the whole way to their place. I ran into the door
and found the place completely empty. No people, no furniture, no nothing.
I went into the bedroom which she had been in and found it just as empty.

I fell down onto my knees and cried "NOOOOOOOO!!!!" and cried like a baby.
Grief rose in me like a giant black cloud and threatened to consume my
very soul if I let it, but Carrie wasn't dead. No, whoever had gone to
all this trouble hadn't done it simply to kill her. I'd find her if I
had to comb the entire cosmos, system by bloody system!

End of chapter three.


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