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SMUGLER4 video monitor Her name was Zayla


by SupMario

Chapter Four

It had all started to go wrong when we went to the home of Scott's
parents. I had felt something really WRONG in that place but I
couldn't put my finger on it, so I kept it to myself. Then when I
was introduced to Mary, I didn't know what to think. Mary was my twin
sister who had died when I was very young. Some kind of accident,
I don't remember what. I don't think I ever DID know much about it,
as I was so little at the time. And now here she was, back from the
dead, it seemed. She was very friendly and bubbly, and we became
fast friends.

It wasn't until that night, when we were in Mary's bed that I began
to suspect that something was strange about her. Since I was born I've
had certain abilities that I like to keep to myself. My mother knew
about them and I think that maybe she had the same kind of abilities
too, though I'm not certain of that. For sure, Daddy didn't know, or
he never let on that he did, but looking back, I guess that he must
have, if mother did. Anyway, I can look into other people's heads
and see what they're thinking and feeling. But the weird thing was,
I couldn't sense *anything* from Mary, not a single thought or emotion,
nothing. I guess that right there should have tld me something, but at
the time, I just figured that maybe she had the same kind of powers
like me and we cancelled each other out somehow. It seemed reasonable
at the time, anyways.

So the next night when Mary tld me that she liked my long red hair so much, I was flattered and we set out to make her hair look like
mine. We had found this little hair machine in one of the big closets
that was supposed to make your hair do anything you wanted it to do.
It was some high-tech gadget that Mary figured out right away and
proceeded to make her hair look just like mine. We spent a good while
that evening dressing alike and when we pulled the swich on Scott that
evening while Mary pretended to be me and showed the new "Mary" off to
everyone, we all thought it was great fun.

If I had but known, I never would have agreed to it. That night, as
Mary and I were falling asleep in her bed, she climbed on top of me
and pinned me down to the bed. Her right pointing finger retracted
into her hand and a needle suringe came out! She injeected the stuff
into me and I immediately passed out. I awoke the next morning feeling
horrible and unable to speak. I saw Mary with Scott in the doorway
looking sadly at me. I wanted so desperately to call out to him and
tell him that it *I* was Carrie, not her!!!

When I heard Scott's mom tell them to go home, I weeped in frustration,
fearing for myself and Scoot as well. I didn't know what Mary had in
mind for him and I was scared. After Scott and Mary left, his "mother"
took on a drastic change as the medical team arrived. She shimmered for
a moment and then it was a man there, in her place. I remembered seeing
his face somewhere, but I didn't know where. The man told the medical
people to get me ready for transport and left the room.

They put me in some kind of weird harness and I passed out again. When
I woke up next, I was in a small dark cell, lying on a small bed. There
was a toilet and a sink on one wall and a blank vid screen on the other.
The third wall had some kind of locked door and the fourth wall had the
small bed attached. I was lying on the bed feeling lonely when the
vid screen lit up and a woman's face appeared on the monitor. It looked
just like my mother! She stared at me, looking kind of sad, then the screen
went blank once again. I didn't know what to think.

Boredom forced me to go back to sleep and I awoke an unknown amount of time
later with a tray of food by the bed and a small pitcher of water with a
small plastic cup next to it. I drank the water thirstily and then ate
the food and sat down again and got bored really fast. I closed my eyes
and tried to feel out any minds around me, but couldn't find any. It was
harder to do than if I was right beside someone. Staring into the person's
eyes helped a lot, it was like reading a book when I could look in their
eyes, but all alone, it was a lot harder.


A tall black haired woman stood in the corner of a small room watching a
video monitor. Her name was Zayla, and she had an agenda to keep.
On the screen was a small female child, alseep on a bed. The woman watched
the sleeping girl as she thought of the many things the child could do for
her and the organization.

I was entrigued when Shawkin told me that one of his teams had captured
the girl, as capturing a telepath is no small accomplishment. Of course
the girl was but a child, she would be easy to manipulate. I had the girl moved into the unused bedroom in my suite while she slept. I had put a
small chemical in the water she drank which assured me that she would sleep
for a few more hours before waking up without a single memory in her
confused little head. I had contemplated simply erasing her memories, but
that often did small amounts of bain damage, and I didn't want her harmed
in any way for the plans I had for her.


I woke up and found myself in a big bedroom lying in a huge bed that seemed
to swallow me up. I looked up and saw a dark haired woman looking at me
with concern on her face, sitting beside me on the bed, slowly stroking my
hair, making me feel nice. Was this my mother?

"Momma?" I asked tentatively.

"Yes dear, Mommy's here. How are you feeling? That was a nasty bung you
tok on your poor little head." She gently rubbed a small bump on my head,
which hurt a little, but not much. I slowly tried to sit up, but found
myself too weak. I tried to remember what I had been doing before the
accident, but I couldn't remember much of anything!

"Momma I can't seem to remember anything. What's wrong with me?" I asked,
scared now.

Momma just looked down at me and smiled. "It's okay dear, the doctor said
you might have some memory loss, but don't you worry," she took me into
her arms as her eyes teared up. "I won't let ever let anything happen to
my baby." She gently weeped as she held me tight against her and I cried a
little in sympathy too. I tri o peek in her mind, but found that my head
hurt whenever I tried it.

"Ow!!" I couldn't help blurting out when my head throbbed with sudden pain,
when I tried to use my mental abilities.

"What is it dear?" Momma asked me, almost talking right into my ear.

"I tried to peek in your head but my mind hurt realy bad when I tried it."
I looked up at her hopefully.

"The Doctor told me that might be a side effect, once I told him of your
abilities. Don't worry dear, I'll let you know when your mind is ready for
you to use your powers again. Promise me you won't try to use them again,
until I say so okay? I don't want you to hurt yourself. Okay honey?" She
smiled sweetly down at me, waiting for my answer.

"Okay, Momma. I promise." I snuggled down against her and gently fell
asleep, happy that I had such a loving mother. I felt her gently put me
down on the bed and pulled the covers up around me. I heard her tell me
to have pleasant dreams before I fella asleep conpletely.


I walked out of the bedroom, feeling pleased with myself, on several levels.

First of all, I had always wanted a daughter of my own, but nature had
deprived me of that little joy. No longer. Second of all, I just given the
finest performance of my life, and had made a complete mental scan of Carrie's
mind while I was in there. The drug we have given her would only suppress
he real memories for so long, so we had to fill her head with a comletely
fake existance before the drug's effect's wore off. So I had several months
to make her my loyal, loving daughter. I was interrupted by the young Commander Dravin coming out of the monitoring station.

"You really ought to win some sort of award after that praticular
performance. However DID you cry like that? I almost wept myself at one
point." He said with a big grin.

"Oh you never know what your capable of until your faced with a challenge.
I have a favor to ask of you as well. You are without a lover at the moment,
right?" He looked at me with an even bigger grin, raising one eyebrow.

"That all depends. You finally going to take me up on my offer and try me
out for size?" He said, grinning even wider, if possible.

"I don't need to try you out to know your size. For me you would be quite
unsatisfactory I'm afraid. But for an 11 year old, you'd be just purrfect,
as the cat would say. What do you say? Wanna try out my neice? I bet she's
REALLY tight." I grinned like a cat seeing his shocked expression.

"You want ME to fuck that pre-teen? That's disgusting! Why would you even
think such a thing?" He actually seemed a little agnry, but it focused more
on himself for admitting to himself that he WOULD fuck he child, then at me
for suggesting it.

"You forget, little man, that I can see right into your devious little mind.
I can see that you're turned on by the prospect. You see, she had been the
lover of a 29 year old male, and although she won't remember him, she will
miss his presence, the feel of his cock inside her. Those things her body
WILL miss, and I have to fill those gaps, and soon."

Frank Dravin gave the idea some thought and agreed. Maybe it would be a
step towards getting between Zayla's loins. For that, he was willing to do
almost anything, and she knew it well, he mused.

"Oh all right. I'll be the loving boyfriend. Just tell me what I've got to
do. Listen, I'll catch up with you later, there's a briefing I need to
attend on deck 27, see you later."

Zayla watched the young man depart and went back to her spacious quarters
to orchestrate the next big scene in her "daughter's" recovery. She smiled
evilly at the prospect. God, molding people's lives like clay always gave
her such a rush. It also made her horny as hell. She walked into her
bed chamber and pressed a button on a small panel by the bed and a large
masculine droid walked in the room from a hidden dorrway off to the side.

The droid came up to the bed and stopped, awaiting instructions. She had
gotten the thing as a cleaning droid but she had gotten special modifications
done on it so that it could service her more carnal needs, should he need
arise. And the need DID arise, quite often. She had found that few men could make lover to her as strongly and as rougly as her father had, so she
had programmed this droid to rape her whenever she felt like it. Pain was
a big part of it for her, and she loved every minute of it. She pressed
a very complicated sequence rapidly into the data pad and laid back on the
bed, waiting for her mechanical lover to ravish her.

The droid sudenly came to life, ripping her clothing off with lightning
speed and climbed on top of her and began alternating hitting her and
caressing her naked body. A panel opened up in the droid's groin and a
ten inch life-like penis came out, ready for action. It pinned Zayla down
and entered her swiftly. It began pistoning in and out of her love canal
with inhuman speed, artificial lubricant pouring from around its penis
to coat the insides of her cunt so that the quick fucking didn't rub her
cunt walls raw.

She quickly approached orgrasm and screamed out her joy as her cunt spasmed
around the artificial invader. The male droid was very strong and was
programmed to be VERY good at fucking, which it was. She had several orgasms
in quick succession and went limp, feling extremely satisfied. She reached
to her right and keyed in the sequence to make the droid stop its carnal
task, but it didn't respond, in fact, it began fucking her even harder, if
possible. She realized hat she was in trouble. The thing was out of
control! She keyed in the sequence to deactivate the droid and still didn't
get a sesponce from the thing. Suddenly a panel in the droid's chest opened
and a small video screen popped out along with a small hypo which went right
to her arm and sprayed something into her. The small screen lit up,
displaying simply "drug to make you ovulate immediately."

She didn't like the sound of that one bit. She fought with renewed vigor but
the droid pinned her arms above her head and kept them there. The small
screen lit up showing her the face of one of her biggest rivals, Captain
Giralls, who she had personally seen disgraced after he was caught stealing
from the organization. The small screen then showed one simple message, then
went blank. "I told you I'd get you, bitch." The small screen slid back
into the droid's chest and the panel closed behind it.

The droid suddenly stopped its assault on her cunt and pushed its cock all
the way inside her cunt and began spewing its cum into her now-ripe cunt.
She realized the implications. She was going to get pregnant by that
bastard and there wasn't a thing she could do about it! She had learned
long ago that having a child would most likely kill her because of some
birth defects and now she was being impregnated by that damn bastard, out
of some sick sense of revenge! The droid kept spewing what felt like
quarts of sperm into her stuffed cunt then stayed there, with its cock
buried in her cunt, forcing the cum to stay in her womb so that it would
have its maximum chance of getting her pregnant. God, I think I'm pregnant
already, she thought hysterically.

She stayed like that for hours, until she fell asleep, with the bulky droid
silently keeping its vigil inside her cunt, every hour spewing a fresh
load of sperm into her cunt. She awoke in the morning hearing a small
explosion. Her eyes jerked opened and she witnessed the droid
self-destructing at the other end of the room. She dove behind the other
side of her bed and called security. She quickly got dressed and went to
the medical center after filling the security team in on the details. She
entered the main sick bay and got the medical droid to check her out.

Luck seemed to be with her, she wasn't pregnant after all! She was so happy,
she hugged the medical droid. When she got back to her quarters, the
security team was busy analyzing what was left of the droid that had attacked
her. She walked over to the officer in charge, her face a mask of

"I want yo to find out who modified this droid and get me the current
where-abouts of Catain Frans Giralls, formerly of our organization. That
is all." She turned on her heels and left the room, walking swiftly down
the corridors towards her "daughter."

End of chapter four.


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