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SNDCSL02 thick leather strap the end



This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you
are offended by graphic descriptions of natural and/or
unnatural sexual acts, if you are underage, or if this
type of material is illegal where you are, don't read
any further.

This is a fantasy. You will have to loosen your clench
on reality a little when you read it. This is a tale in
which physical acts and human responses are not limited
to, nor necessarily based in, reality. Some acts and
responses in this story may be physically impossible
and/or physiologically improbable.

Also, as is the case with most of the stories in this
newsgroup, all the women in this story are beautiful -
gorgeous, even. Gravity has not caused breasts to
droop nor have wrinkles creased unblemished faces. The
men (the leading men, at least) are hung like bulls.
They can get it up and keep it up often and at will.
In this special little fantasyland, there are no STDs,
morals, or unwanted pregnancies. Guilt is a four-
letter word. Most important of all, neither strength
of character, courage of convictions, nor moral belief
stand a chance against any erotic stimulus. This can
be as benign as an accidental glimpse of a bared ankle
or as stimulating as a whipping on the genitals.

For those of you who didn't understand the preceding
statements, GO AWAY!

This story is intended for the salacious entertainment
of consenting adults. Do not try to do any of the
things described in this story. You could injure
yourself or your partner, be arrested, or shot by her

If you are under 18 years of age, GO AWAY! This story will burn your eyeballs and fry your brain.

If material of a strong sexual nature is prohibited
where you are, GO AWAY!

By continuing, the reader accepts all responsibility
for any disgust, revulsion, jail sentences, or pleasure
that results from reading this story. If you don't, GO

You have been warned!

If you enjoy this story and feel the urge to post it on
a <free> site, at least give me (NightShade) credit for

So, stick your tongue firmly in your cheek and enjoy
the story!....:)



by NightShade
Chapter 11

The woman next to Amud did not offer her hand. I did
not extend mine. She stood two feet behind and to the
side of her husband throughout the introduction, her
eyes to the floor.

He said something I didn't understand, and I was
rewarded with a blinding smile from the eyes of the
woman as she looked up for the first time. Her eyes
were all that was visible of her face, just above her
'Arabian Nights" veil. Most interesting.

Amud spoke to her and she replied in a firm clear
voice. I didn't understand a word.

"Shall we do the fresh one or the happy one first?" her
husband interpreted for her.

"Are those her words or are you interpreting her

"I am sorry if I have offended you, Mr. Sampson, sir.
Please forgive me. I will attempt to make her words
better in English."

I laughed. She was a most perceptive person, from her
descriptions of two women she had never before met. Her
apt descriptions confirmed the intelligence I had seen
in those flashing eyes. Yes, she understood 'these
things' very well, as I wager the young man did as
well. I would have to talk with him a bit more. I was
also curious about what she thought.

"No, Amud. I am very pleased with the words she uses
and the way you said them. They are very perceptive.
You have reason to be very proud of your wife."

He beamed at her as I said this, interpreting my words
to her. She blushed scarlet under the veil at receiving
a compliment from another man. I continued when he had

"Amud, I would like to ask you to do something. I am
not very familiar with your culture or of 'these
things'. If it is allowed, please ask your wife to
speak freely, commenting as she goes through the
measuring process. I would like you to translate what
she says literally. If you do not know a word, use a
word picture, or describe what it does. I would like to
ask questions of her as we go along, as well. Would
that be allowed?"

He thought about it, chewing it over. He then asked his
wife. The discussion was somewhat heated. I wasn't sure
who won.

"It is unusual request from strange man. At home, at
old home, it would not be allowed for strange man to
talk to wife or for him to have to hear worthless
prattle from her ugly mouth, even through interpreter.
But this is America, our new home. We must learn new
ways of new home. Such things are not forbidden by Holy
Book. We... excuse please, I will allow it." Ah Ha! His
wife had won!

"Wonderful! Then do the fresh one first. I want the
happy one to enjoy herself as long as she can."

He relayed the information to his wife. She bowed
deeply to him, and waited for his signal to rise. She
turned to me and started to bow, but stopped. She
looked over at him for direction in this new situation.
He said something to her that was apparently permission
for her to speak, as she spoke and gestured at me.

"My wife wishes to thank you for this opportunity, but
says it is dangerous to bow to untrained stallion, most
likely get head kicked in. Please forgive her ugly
mouth, Mr. Sampson, sir!"

He was clearly embarrassed by her description of me,
though, in a way, I was pleased. But then I thought
that the term 'stallion' might mean something different
to her than the picture of raw male power it brought to
my mind. Either way, I had asked for it and I would
take it. I told him as much, and begged him to continue
without apologizing for her. I would take no offense,
as I was sure none was intended. He nodded.

We followed along as she led Janey into a side room. I
stood at the door where I could keep an eye on Sally,
who stayed behind in the showroom. There was a table
off to one side. I ran my hand over the assortment of
leather objects, all made with exquisite craftsmanship.
I picked up a supple whip to admire the handiwork.

I looked up as a sharp command from the woman that was
addressed to Janey, who had been standing off to one
side, looking bored. The woman's change of personality
was surprising, as suddenly, when speaking to Janey,
she was in command.

"Please to remove clothing, young lady."

I raised my eyebrow questioningly at him. He lowered
his eyes in apology.


Janey looked over at me questioningly, bringing a
tirade from the woman, pointing her finger at her own

"You look me. I say what is, now! Yes?"

She moved to place herself between Janey and I, and
stood very close to her face, fixing her with her eyes.
I saw the fear in Janey's expression suddenly vanish as
she watched the woman. Later she said she did not see
any bad things in them, just excitement and laughter.

Janey shed her clothing without another protest, even
going so far as to fold them neatly in a pile to one

Pulling out a tape measure, the foreign woman began
measuring Janey in minute detail. Each finger was
measured for length and diameter, exact distances
between her wrist and elbows, elbows and underarm, and
so on. The woman would measure and write down a
measurement on a clipboard. She worked in silence for a
while, moving Janey's limbs as necessary.

When she was through with her torso and limbs, she
began measuring Janey's head. She took every possible
measure around, across, mouth opened, mouth closed,
turning left and right, and tipped forward and back.
She picked up a series of several metal bars and rings.
She put one bar after the other into Janey's mouth
until she was satisfied she had the largest size that
would fit. With Janey's mouth still open, she used her
index finger to touch the soft palate in the back of
her mouth. Janey gagged at the touch.

"You must be tougher to swallow long, fat hoses, fresh
one. Not good to bite off hose of Master.

She put the metal pieces back on the table, and
addressed Janey.

"Make points!"

Janey, to her credit, addressed her, and not me. Amud
translated for his wife.

"Points? Make what points? I don't understand."

She stepped back as if stunned. Turning to her husband,
she made a wild gesture and said something. He pointed
at me, and shrugged.

His wife turned to me and started talking slowly, as if
to an idiot. Her husband's eyes grew wide with fear. I
looked at him expectantly, silently ordering him to

"You lazy worm! You bring me stupid cow to make
trouble. Waste of time to train this late. Better to
sell to house for sailors. Eeii! May your hose drop off
before you make more worthless babies. This one's
training not even started. How can you expect her to
sing for Gods, if she can not do things babies learn?
Eeii. Tell her, 'make points!' Tell her, 'make dew!'
Maybe she do for you!"

"I apologize for my ignorance. We..." I gestured to
myself and the two girls "...are new to 'these things'
and have a lot to learn. Please explain to us what you
mean. What are points? What is dew? Don't be afraid of
insulting us, and please do not despise us. This is not
a part of our culture, but we wish to learn. Please,
help us."

She stood there with a look of disbelief on her face.

"Your words say one thing, and when I see your stupid
face and this worthless cow, I believe you. But then I
hear the happy one sing, and I think you lying. You do
know some things."


"Are you deaf as well as stupid? Listen to her with
your ears, your heart and your worthless hose."

I turned to watch Sally. Her hands were now extended
far over her head, and she had knotted the hanging
leather straps in loops through which she slipped her
wrists. The short T-shirt was clear above her breasts,
which were as firm and taut as I had ever seen them.
Her shorts were on the ground beneath her as her feet
hung above the ground by several inches. The smooth
side of the saddle against which she leaned caught her
right at the juncture of her thighs. She was slowly
rocking her hips in a forward and back motion, rubbing
her mound against the saddle. There was a large wet
stain on the leather.

As it got quiet in the room and I concentrated, I could
hear the faint sounds of her moaning, but nothing else.
I turned questioningly to the impatient woman.

"You not hear her? She is not good, but she is
singing." She made a sound, making fun of the moans
coming from Sally. "Need much practice, but she has
nice voice."

"You will need to teach us as children. She, uh, likes
to sing. She needs to sing better."

The woman gave an exasperated sigh.

"Eeii. Children in my father's house know more. OK.
Listen close."

She stepped around behind Janey who had been standing
quietly. The woman reached around the girl and lightly
touched her fingers to the tips of her breasts. Janey
flinched as if shocked.

"Hey! Stop that! Ouch! Larry, make her stop. I don't
want this anymore."

The small woman immediately released the girl. She went
over to the table and picked up a leather item. She
turned and addressed me.

"Noisy cow. We use old horse hose stuffed with dung at
home. Now just use this for quietness. OK?"

She held up a penis gag and gestured at Janey. The
girl's eyes widened at the size of the gag. I nodded to
the woman to continue.

"Laaarryy! NO! Please, I'll be qui...mmmff."

Her protests were silenced as the gag slid home and was
fastened behind her neck.

"There. Keeps silence in tent. If young cow not good,
can use in bottom hole before make quiet. Once, twice,
maybe, she learn quietness."

Janey's eyes bulged as she realized the woman might
have used this as a butt plug in someone else before
putting it in her mouth. From her position behind
Janey, I could see the twinkle in the woman's eye. I
could have sworn she winked at me, as well, but I
didn't know if her culture allowed that.

I also noted that with all her protests, Janey had not
made one step to flee, or to move towards me for
protection. If she had, I would have stopped everything

"Relax, Janey. I told you it would be very intimate and
personal. Don't fight her, OK? Just enjoy."

She tensed slightly as the woman again cupped her
breasts from behind and massaged her nipples to
erection, but then relaxed as the woman's expert touch
aroused her passions quickly. Janey's breath quickened
and became irregular. The woman stepped away from the
panting girl.

"Points. Points are here."

Her hand wandered down to the soft downy hair covering
Janey's pussy. Her hand moved slightly, and then a
single slim finger disappeared between the tight folds.

"Dew is here. EEEE! Here is also point!"

She went swiftly over to Sally and gently felt between
her legs, without disturbing her trance-like state.
Returning, she spoke directly to her husband, speaking
excitedly. She then turned and bowed deeply to me while
he spoke.

"My worthless wife apologizes for bad names she said
about you. You are brave man, to have two women with
all points in house. Your hose must be truly strong.
You are brave and foolish. But I help teach you to make
sing without hose. Save hose for making babies. Not too
late if cows have third point."

I had heard of the practice of clitorectomy - female
circumcision - still occurring in some countries, but
thought it was outlawed. Apparently it was not. I asked
Amud about it.

"Old men burn off lower point of young brides. Take
life out of bride, but old men can then have many
brides. They no fight, they no care."

He turned defiant, as if remembering an old argument.

"I not an old man. I leave home. One bride, all

He appeared to be challenging me to contradict his
decision. He had left his family, his home and his
country for the love he had for his wife. I bowed as
deeply as I could to him.

"No! No, Mr. Sampson, I am worthless son of
sheepherder. No bow."

I stood back up. "Amud, that may have been what you
were before. What I see now is a brave man with a pure
heart and a true gift. Not just your craft. You have
the rare gift of true love for your wife, and a rare
wife, a treasure. It is for that I bow to you."

He was thoughtful for a moment, considering what I
said. He nodded once, as if agreeing with what I had
said, and then spoke to his wife. I don't know what was
said, but from that point on, she was much less
critical, more instructive.

Chapter 12

"We finish now with fresh one, OK? Come, stand here."

The woman led Janey over to a spot in the middle of the
floor. She moved behind her and cupped Janey's breasts,
massaging them for sometime, murmuring soothingly in
her ear. Janey responded to the gentle touch and the
hypnotic sounds and was soon gasping for air through
her nose, her mouth still gagged.

The woman brought her swiftly to the edge and with an
instinctive skill, never letting her go over. Janey's
eyes soon lost their focus and her facial features
slackened. I didn't know if she was lost in erotic
sensations or if the woman had hypnotized her. It was
incredible to watch. I wanted to learn how do it, too.

The woman let go of Janey and took up her tape measure.
She took a circumference measure of each of the dazed
girl's swollen tits, at the base, the mid-point and at
the nipple. Amud's wife made a small mark with a pen on
Janey's breastbone and measured how far below this mark
on the sternum the center of the erect nipple was. It
was a measure of the sag of her breasts.

The woman took one of Janey's arms and raised it over
her head. A thick leather strap at the end of a hanging
tether was quickly wrapped around the docile girl's
wrist. The other arm followed. With both arms raised
overhead, the woman again measured the distance from
the sternum mark to her nipples. This was a measure of
the lift in her breasts caused by raising her arms.

The last measure the small woman made with the tape was
the length of the erect nipples. She turned to me.

"She bring good price, if want to sell. I buy for Amud.
You name price, I pay, no haggle."

When I looked shocked, she laughed. It was a low
chuckle, sensuous and musical.

"Good man." She smiled, almost sadly, and added, "But
not knowing will hurt them one day. You must learn,
too, and soon." I was baffled by her statements. Amud
made no attempt to clarify them.

That said she moved back to Janey's side. "See here,
touchy milk sacs, firm, like good cheese, size of
prized oranges. Will take whip well, make sing like
angel. Very nice match with rest of carcass. Fresh one
has three-ring points, most cows only one ring. Points
are good firmness, stay hard long time. See? Still
hard! I touch not since start. If you want I show you
make holes for first rings. I use fresh needle. No
charge extra."

She was talking about piercing Janey's nipples with not
one, but three pairs of rings. As much as that
intrigued me - hell, I got rock hard thinking about it
- I had promised her she would not be harmed. Piercing
would have to be her informed choice, not this way. I
thanked the woman, but told her we would do that later,
not this visit. She almost looked disappointed, like I
had wussed out.

She then took one of Janey's ankles and lifted it
straight forward and up. The higher she lifted without
resistance, the more excited she got. They didn't have
cheerleaders in the old country, apparently. Janey's
foot pointed straight up in a vertical split.

"EEE. You sure no training? Impossible!"

The first leg was lowered and the other leg's
flexibility was tested with the same results. Then she
fastened a long strap hanging from the ceiling around
Janey's ankle and lifted her leg out and up so that it
was parallel to the ground. The other leg followed.
Janey was hanging suspended from her wrists and ankles.
Her head tipped slowly back as her breathing quickened

Amud's wife then spread the outstretched legs as far
apart as they would go without forcing. With Janey's
private areas fully exposed in this position she took
her hand and used it to measure the length of the slit,
how far it spread, and, with her slender finger, poked
up inside her pussy the entire length. This activity
had an effect on the hanging girl and she began moaning
through the gag.

"Fresh one almost sing. Like mother, need practice.
Lucky man." She paused. "Sorry bad man take flower of
Fresh one. But no hurt left, here or in head. She still
tight for long nights use with hose. Good as goat path,
uh, back hole for long time." Amud had apparently told
her the story of Janey's attack. Her evaluation of
Janey's prognosis comforted me in a way the doctor's
evaluations hadn't. Her assessment of Janey seemed more
holistic, more practical. It was definitely less

She looked longingly at Janey's hanging form. Then
turned to me.

"Fresh one done. Now Happy one?"

"Wait. Before you let her down..."

I hesitated, thinking hard. This wasn't planned, but
Janey was still in a euphoric state. I needed to know
what had done it.

"...why is she so aroused? What did you do to make her
like that?"

Amud grinned at me and answered for his wife.

"We soak gag in special sauce. Make new bride sing
easy. Bride want sing more. Fresh one not need much.
Almost ready to sing now."

My look of alarm at the news of their drugging Janey
without my knowledge or permission must have frightened
him. He hurried on. "Sauce used in my country for
centuries. Here, too, by many people. Is all natural,
medicine, not bad drug like brown shit my people grow
in poppy fields. It not last long, not make you want
more. I make myself, in kitchen." He lowered his voice.
"Use on my own precious beloved for special, uh,
things. On self, too, for learning.

"So sorry, not know you not use sauce. Please forgive.
Only use to help sing."

Oh, well, spilt milk, and it didn't appear to be
addictive. Something that effective would never get
past FDA anyway...

I gestured at Janey with the whip I had picked up

"Could you make her sing now?"


I dropped the whip. The screaming woman came over and
picked it up. She handed it back, fire in her eyes.

"Cruel master use cannon to smash fly. This big stick
for Happy One. Make her sing for Gods all night, maybe
two if master know good tricks. Fresh One not ready yet
for big stick. Later. Year, maybe more, maybe less.
Then use big stick." She paused, thinking. "Please

She turned to Amud and spoke more sharply to him than I
had heard her address him until now. His eyes grew
wide, but he kept silent. Only once did he begin to
object, but his wife gently, but firmly, overrode his
objection. She turned and left the room.

"Mr. Sampson, sir. My wife wishes me to explain of a
special tradition in my country. It is only used on
certain occasions. And only in, uh, intimate times. It
brings women very close. Normally only done by family."
He paused, swallowing a large chunk of pride. "My wife never address me such in front of no one. Not family.
Not strangers. Strong feelings for Fresh one, Happy
one, too. She say she can help her hurt in head go
away, in heart, too.

"My wife act like new woman today. I wanted her change
long time for new home. But now not know if I like.
Feel strange."

His eyes were still wide, as he watched his wife re-
enter the room. She held a long strip of thin leather
in her hand. As he saw what it was, he choked on a
dying protest. Her defiant glare stopped it before he
could say it.

"She will make the Fresh one sing in the tradition of
the Princess. A Princess only touched by finest
material. The strip of leather she have in hand called
a 'Princess Thong.'

"This thong has a special place in our culture. When
daughter betrothed, she take long leather strips and
soak in brine many months. She then place one in her
private place to soak for one month before ceremony. It
painful for women..."

He blushed in embarrassment

"...but effective way to stop making of the baby." He
grinned involuntarily, as he added, "Bride also stay
tight as first time, even after many babies."

His wife was making knots in the long strip along its
entire length, about an inch apart. She pulled them
tight with her teeth. Amud continued.

"Thong takes 6 months to prepare. It must stay moist
with dew and warm, so bride keep in her at all times
except when husband wishes to use her parts.

"When thong is completely supple like linen but very
strong, bride present it to husband. For such a gift of
herself to him, her husband must give gift of her
choosing. Of course, gift settled when betrothed.
Normal gift chosen is she-goat."

His wife was about half way through knotting the thong.
He looked at her lovingly.

"My wife chose gift of baby, which I would give her
without thong." He explained, "You must understand, Mr.
Sampson, I, we wish to have big family, but do not wish
to be forced to return home as paupers. Many babies are
expensive. My wife fertile for many more years. Her
choice of gift was her way of letting me decide when we
start family."

I looked puzzled. I had followed most of this strange
custom, but this logic escaped me.

"A bride must present thong before special gift chosen
can be given. Ever. No thong. No gift. No baby for my
wife. My wife has started 6 thongs. Each time one near
finish, I, uh, take and hide it. She starts again.
Brine hurts bride, but less than poverty.

"As long as I alert and can capture the thong, I
control when we make babies. It is game, as is all
life. She is very good player, very tricky, very smart.
I see now she much better than I at this game."

This was a momentous admission and a compliment about a
woman to a stranger on top of that.

He explained. "Thongs have value. Much value. Because
of pain, many brides do not wish to make for selves. So
they buy from other women. The closer to completion,
the more value. That thong she has is best of all
thongs I have stolen. Is only two, maybe three days
from finish. I almost lose.

"It was thong I had hidden best. If she knows this one,
she knows all."

He looked at me in shame and bewilderment.

"She ordered me - ordered! - to tell you what she
doing. She never talked to me like that before. And how
am I to control this woman, when she let me win? If she
wins from low position, what will become of us here in
America as more equal? How will I win then, if she is
so smart now?"

I sympathized with this befuddled young husband. He had
just learned he was only along for the ride in his
relationship. And he was the horse, not the rider.
Fortunately, his rider was a loving intelligent woman
who loved him very much. I moved over and clapped my
arm around his shoulder, sort of fatherly, sort of like
a comrade in arms. He flinched, but did not pull away
from the familiarity of my touch.

"Welcome to the club, Amud. I learned long ago that men are never in control, when it comes to women. They only
let us think we are, sometimes. Be thankful for her
love for you. Be sure to respect her and love her. It's
the only way to survive with them."

He grinned ruefully and nodded his agreement.

His wife was almost ready to begin.

Chapter 13

Amud and I watched from one side as his wife completed
her preparations. Before she started, she removed the
gag from Janey's mouth. She brought it to me and said
something as she reverently placed it in my hands.

"This is gift for you for the Fresh one. It will help
her want to sing. Now, I want to show you how to begin
good song."

She turned and walked to the gently swaying form. She
ran her hands softly over Janey's firm young body,
touching every square centimeter of her skin from head
to toe. The thong was wound around her right hand like
tape on a boxer's hands. She brought the supple leather
to every part of Janey. Soft sounds came from the woman
working on the young girl, a crooning from a mother to
her child.

Amud whispered his comments as we observed this ritual:
"This is traditional preparation of Princess for
wedding night. This is done every night for one month
before nuptials. By time of wedding night, she so ready
for her husband, she go willingly to bed of fattest,
ugly groom." He looked at me with a grin. "All
princesses dream of handsome prince, but never enough
to go around, especially ones with political
connections or money. Ritual can be continued after
first preparation wears off to ensure an heir."

His face clouded as he continued. "I have been
privileged to see this only once before, when my
beloved prepared my sister for wedding night with Adar.
Him camel dung merchant. Lea, my sister was prepared
for two months before her wedding. It was not long
enough. Much screaming when he was revealed to her at
ceremony. Maybe help if he bathed, but he is stubborn
man. She not been heard from since she passed behind
her flap in his tent." With a pained look he continued.
"That is her only refuge. As long as she stays behind
flap, he may not touch her or command her. But if she
comes out, he has promised to take her third point -
with his teeth, rotten though they are. My beloved was
very close to Lea. Tried to make her accept her Fate.
It crushed her that she failed her only friend.

"This is the first time she use skills since that time.
See how she move hands over tender flesh. See glow that
come to surface after hands pass over. They say leather
of thong is magic that is a power in it. I believe it
is power and magic of wielder. My beloved is the best."

After a thoughtful pause, he added. "My beloved not
fail my sister. Adar is ugliest man in empire. He
desired my sister's hand for years, since she was seven
years old. My father refused him. Adar set up crooked
gambling game at bazaar. Had he shown his face, my
father would have not played. But Adar used friend of
my father's to lure him to table. He lost everything.
Adar came in and picked up notes my father sign. He
gave my father a choice: daughter or poverty.

"Pride is terrible sin. My father reasoned if we in
poverty, my sister be prostitute. It is better to be
bride, yes? Last words she said to father, not in
anger, were she would rather have babies making honest
living than make sons for Adar. My father is grieving,
empty shell, sitting in tent alone. He has not called a
wife to his tent in three years. They laugh at him
behind his back.

"Maybe poverty is not so bad." The thong was now
hanging loose from one hand, doubled over with the two
ends free. There were no knots in the last 6 to 8
inches of each end of the strap, leaving the leather
flat. These twin flat strips were slapped gently over
the reddened skin, increasing the flow of blood to the
surface. "Ah, this is favorite part. This is where body
of princess becomes confused, believing pain is
pleasure. See dew forming, and points standing, begging
my beloved to strike them."

Amud's wife swung the free ends in a figure '8', making
rapid fire 'slap-slap' sounds as she covered Janey's
body with a deeper red glow from the gentle whipping.
She would switch hands often, never missing a beat,
like a prizefighter training on a speed bag. With each
successive pass over Janey's ruddy flesh, the strikes
became a little harder. Then harder still.

"Now comes final part. She sings for my beloved, a cry
to the gods for her groom." With a flick of her hands,
the thong reversed itself and she was now holding on to
the free ends, leaving the knotted double strand to
strike Janey. The blows were hard now, and I could see
beads of perspiration dotting the skin above the
woman's veil. Her arm never slowed. The sounds changed
to a 'snap-snap' as the knots struck. After a few
strikes, she was satisfied Janey was ready. She started
the final phases of the ritual.

A sound as clear as a note from a flute emanated from
the bowed frame of the teen. She had been hanging in a
more-or-less sitting position before. Now, as the knots
beat down on her nipples and pussy, she arched up, legs
and arms outstretched, into a curved bow.

"Oh God! Larry!" I felt a hand slip into mine and
squeeze tight. I turned slightly to see Sally staring
at her daughter's ongoing climax. She had come in as
Amud's wife had begun the final phase.

The blows to her sensitive areas came at the same rate
as the ones prior, keeping her climax going and going
and going. It was only when her strength was gone that
the bound teen collapsed in her bonds. She was sound

Sally tugged at my sleeve. "Larry, I want..."

I placed a finger to her lips to keep her quiet.

"Larry, I want..." She was more insistent this time,
and louder.

Again I shushed her, but this time I turned to Amud and
held up the gag that had been used on Janey with a
questioning look. He shook his head, looked over the
items on the table, and pointed to another one. I
picked it up and slipped it in her mouth before she
could say another word. I didn't know if it was laden
with the special drug or not.

As I tied it behind her neck, I placed a kiss on her
gagged mouth. Strangely, that seemed to please her. She
knelt gracefully on the floor beside me and watched as
Amud's talented wife continued with Janey's song.

The thong was now held in both hands, one end in each.
Using long strokes, the thong was passed over each
erect nipple in several directions. Each knot jarred
the sensitive flesh as the thong brushed by it,
shocking the unconscious brain of the teen. An
ululating sound filled the small room. Amud gasped.
"This is called 'Ecstasy of True Princess.' I have only
heard whispers of it before. Only most sensual females
are receptive to it. I have heard there is one more
step on ladder of... Oh, yes! Watch and listen!"

The thong was slipped between the spread legs of the
singing girl. Bala had one hand in front of Janey and
one behind her ass. The hard knots of the thong were
pulled back and forth over her overheated clitoris and
anus. The notes we heard rose as the speed of the thong

I was still entranced with the haunting sounds coming
from the hanging girl when I realized the woman was
standing before me, holding the thong out to me to
accept. Before taking it, I bowed deeply to her, and
said simply, "I am honored by your gifts."

When I looked up, Amud was beaming at her with pride.

I held Janey in my arms as she was released. She was
resting comfortably, relaxed. Her blonde head rested on
my shoulder. I could hear a contented purring, very
feline. As I held her, she nuzzled into my shirt and
vibrated as aftershocks of her experience rippled
through her body. A heavy sigh followed.

Amud's wife came over to Sally and held out her hand to
her. Sally looked up at me and I nodded my assent for
her to go with the dark woman. She rose from her knees
as gracefully as she had gone down, stripped off her
remaining items of clothing, and waited for the woman's
next command. The drug from the saturated gag was
beginning to have its effect on her as I could see a
glazed, haunted look in her eyes as she looked
longingly at the leather straps and cuffs hanging from
the ceiling. Her desire for the confinement offered by
them was palpable.

I held the quieting teenager as Amud and I observed
Sally's measurement session. Her session followed
pretty much what Janey's had been before, though I
thought there was much more touching by his wife this
time. The gag stayed in place until she had to place
the metal bar and rings in her mouth. I later learned
these were sizing bits for bridle and o-ring gags.

Sally allowed her wrists to be secured over her head.
Amud's wife used a bar about 3 feet long to do this,
securing a wrist at each end. The spreader bar hung
from the ceiling by a single rope attached to the
center of the bar. Sally could be spun around without
untying her simply by hoisting her up off her feet and
giving her a push.

After the flexion of her legs was confirmed to be only
slightly less that her daughter's, her ankles were
attached to each end of another bar, spreading them
about the same width as her hands. She was not spread
wide as Janey had been, but she was open. The upper bar
was raised until Sally's lean body was stretched tight.

The dark woman's eyes danced as she picked up the whip
I had been handling before. Amud translated. "Happy one
sing now? I know late, but not take long. She very
ready. I do quick, but very good. I no leave mark, like
some master. Yes?"

"Yes. But there is no hurry."

"Wise master takes time for important things. Singing
important." She offered me the whip. "You make sing? I
am happy to teach, or to hold Fresh one."

I smiled at her offer and shook my head 'No.'

She wasted no time. The first stroke fell across the
front of Sally's thighs. The second fell quickly after
the first, landing just slightly higher. The sounds of
the whipping echoed like gunshots in the small room,
but there was little evidence of the strokes on her
fair skin. The whip fell quickly up and down, each
stroke slightly closer to her center.

When there was a single stroke before her sensitive
pussy would be the target, the woman changed hands and
began to make a checkerboard of stripes on the skin of
her flat stomach. These blows were harder, as the marks
were easily visible, but by the time the last ones were
laid down, the first ones had already faded.

I had assumed Sally would begin her song with the first
stroke, so I was surprised that there was no sound. I
could feel Janey stirring in my arms, and as I looked
down, she turned her head to observe her mother being
whipped. She watched as the whip was worked up and down
both arms, extending the transient marks into her
mother's sensitive armpits.

As Sally was re-positioned with her back to us, Janey
reached up and pulled my ear close to her mouth.

"Mom is getting ready to explode. I can feel it clear
over here. That lady is really good." She kissed my
cheek gently, "Did you like my song, Larry? I sang it
for you."

"I liked it so well, I may have you sing it every
night," I teased her, squeezing tight. I was pleased at
her deep blush.

Sally's whipping continued with the soft soles of her
feet and worked up to the base of her neck without
stop. Her flesh was a cherry red, but no one mark was
visible more than another. With all this, she had still
not climaxed. I was beginning to feel the tension
within her myself. I think we were all being carried
along the building crest of the tsunami, looking for a
shore to crash upon.

With a smooth move, Sally was turned to face us once
more. Holding the whip like a dueling sword, Amud's
wife pointed the quivering tip of the whip at one of
Sally's straining nipples. There was a pause, as a
conductor lets the anticipation build in silence before
the final notes of a concert. Then the tip of baton
moved with a flick of her wrist, beating a rapid tattoo
on the sensitive flesh.

Sally's voice erupted in a scream, so different from
Janey's that I was frightened for her. Amud's wife,
however, seemed determined to draw it out even more as
she switched to the other nipple. The sound crescendoed
in the room as the speed of the flagellating tip
increased its rhythm. The tip lingered over her nipple
until the dark woman was satisfied she could extract no

Amud, Janey and I all held our breath as we watched the
tormenting tip drop to point directly at the splayed
dripping crotch. Sally, even in her delirious state
tried to thrust her groin towards the tip, urging,
begging for the final contact. Janey tightened her grip
around my neck and shuddered with a gasp. The link, or
whatever they enjoyed between them, had allowed her to
share in her mother's climax.

The tip dropped lower and then flashed up and in with a
jarring intensity. Sally's voice was silenced at this
seemingly vicious attack on her most sensitive of
areas. Amud's hand caught my arm as I charged forward
to protect her. He simply nodded at her, asking me
without words to trust his whip-wielding wife. It was
hard to do.

A second and third blow fell on the exposed tender
cunt. Then the tip of the whip found its final target.
With a sigh, Sally released the tension that had been
building. Had I not seen it, I would not have believed
that the quietness of her climax was mega-times the
intensity of her violent ones. Janey was stiff in my
arms, lost in her own climax, the feelings she got from
her mom over their link having overwhelmed her.

Then it was over.

Chapter 14

After a surprisingly short rest, both girls regained
their perkiness of before, and we prepared to leave. As
we left, the three women embraced each other tenderly.
I looked at Amud and smiled, holding out my hand. He
took both of mine in his in a sign of friendship.

"Would you and your wife consider visiting us sometime?
There are so many questions I have, so much I have to
learn." I paused, a little embarrassed at my
admissions. "Sally is so far ahead of me. I do not want
to lose her."

He grinned broadly. "I, uh, we would be proud to visit.
My wife has no one to talk to here. This is her first
journey from our home in many months. It is hard to
keep our customs in this open land. Yes, we would be
most pleased."

We exchanged addresses, and found that his house was
surprisingly close to ours. His anticipation of the
visit was palpable, and we set the date for one week
later, dinner. I told him I would call him to make sure
we complied with all the necessary customs to make his
visit to our home comfortable. When he looked
surprised, I told him I would not want to place him in
a position where he or his wife would be offended or
insulted by something offered or done. He seemed amused
and amazed at that concept.

The next stop on the afternoon's itinerary was several
blocks away, and after an invigorating walk, the two
vixens were back in full form. Worse, if I was any
judge. There was not a single passerby who was not
flashed by twin high beams peeking out from under those
short tops, male and female alike. I was beginning to
wonder if we would make it to the next shop without
being attacked.

I loosened the retaining safety strap on the holster of
the pistol in the small of my back, just in case. I had
not told Sally of the gun. I had never brought it into
her house, but always kept it in the car. We had not
discussed guns, and I didn't know how she felt about
them. It was her house, after all and I wasn't about to
bring it in without discussing it first. But after the
way breakfast had gone, I figured I was better prepared
than unprepared. I had quietly slipped the gun out from
under the driver's seat after breakfast.

The crowds thinned out and were completely gone as we
turned the last corner. We made our way without
incident to an unmarked door for the next appointment.
We stepped into a plain entry way and then down a long
hall to a small shop in the back of the deep building.
The silence grew as we drew closer to a heavy door.

"Will a boogie-man jump out at us behind the door?"

I grinned and then yelled "BOOOO" while jumping
sideways. Both my companions screamed satisfactorily,
and then fell on me, beating me ineffectively with
their clenched fists. We were still laughing and play-
fighting - with me losing - when the door swung
silently open.

"So, you're finally here. Only ten minutes late. Better
than I expected, given the ambitious schedule you had."
A tall woman stood in the open doorway, looking down
her nose at us regally. She addressed us in short,
clipped sentences in accented English. Her gray-blonde
hair was pulled back into a severe bun. She looked
slowly back and forth between the two skimpily dressed
women in the hall, examining them in turn, finally
settling on Janey. "So, she came too. That is good."

Turning away from the entrance, she simply said,

Confronted with this daunting woman, the girls were
silent for once and we followed her through a small
empty waiting room and continued into a room populated
with clinical equipment. Two identical exam tables were
set up, side by side. Each station was 'manned' by a
younger version of the blonde woman standing in
readiness beside it.

The older woman turned to us. "I am Dr. Rosen. These
are my daughters, Dr. Rosen and Dr. Rosen." She allowed
herself a small smile as she saw the confusion and
amusement on our faces.

Janey handled it the best, as she immediately stuck out
her hand and said first to the elder lady, "Nice to
meetcha, Dr. Rosen." She went over to the nearest
daughter, "Nice to meetcha, Dr. Rosen," and then to the
second daughter, "Nice to meetcha, too, Dr., uh, sorry,
I didn't catch your name...?" The shocked look on the
second daughter's face was priceless and brought a
tremendous guffaw from her mother.

With that, the ice was broken and we all relaxed with a
good laugh. I made introductions and Sally and Janey
learned the women's names were Helga, Inga, and Uta, in
that order. And that the mother preferred "Dr. Rosen."

"Very good Miss Janey, not many people can top our
introduction. I enjoyed the laugh." Businesslike once
more, Dr. Rosen continued, "Now. Janey, you will go
with Uta. Sally, you go with Inga. I will supervise.
You, Mr. Sampson, may watch. But in silence, please."

An interesting attitude for a shopkeeper, but the good
Dr. Rosen was used to having her way. She was also one
of very few experts I could have turned to for the
particular help I sought. I stayed quiet and out of the
way as I watched the two lab-coated women efficiently
strip my charges, help them up onto the two exam
tables, fit their legs in the stirrups, and strap down
their legs and arms. Their legs were spread wide, much
wider than necessary for a simple exam. Then again,
this was not going to be a simple exam.

I caught each of their concerned looks and nodded
reassuringly just as the gas masks descended and they
were instructed to count backwards from 100. Neither
made it past 97.

Dr. Helga Rosen's specialty was the study of female
arousal. Rather than just studying how it happened,
however, she wanted to be able make it happen on
command, to control it. Over the course of her
lifetime, she had developed and invented a wide variety
of electronic and pharmaceutical methods of achieving
it, most of which made the commercially available sex
toys look laughable in comparison. I was tempted to
tell her of Amud's sauce, but declined, deciding to
save it for a later visit.

I had discovered the three Dr. Rosens on a trip to
Norway. After much persuasion, I convinced them that
the need for their services was greater in America than
in their homeland. It took some doing, transferring
medical degrees between countries and getting visas,
but they had eventually arrived with a trunk full of
clothes and their heads full of ideas.

The boutique atmosphere of The Guild attracted
thousands of frustrated rich women, many of whom found
their way to the small waiting room we had passed
through. Business had been slow for about a week. Then
word of mouth started the phones ringing. The three Dr.
Rosens had not slowed down since. It had been a
tremendous favor to me to get this time scheduled for
Sally and Janey on such short notice, but they were
appreciative of my efforts and support, including a
couple of talks with Judge Hawthorne to facilitate
their paperwork when they arrived.

I wondered briefly how the Judge's wife and daughter would react to the good doctors' handiwork. If there
were women immune to orgasm, I imagine it would have to
be one or both of those two. Time would tell. He had
mentioned at the restaurant something about looking for
some 'major changes' in a few months. He hadn't
specified work, but his wife obviously thought so.
Maybe I should talk with Dr. Rosen and set up a visit
for the two Hawthorn women. I would also suggest a few
modifications to their normal procedure.

But, for now, my two treasures were about to become the
most recent recipients of an accumulated 30 years of
research and experience on inducing the female orgasm.
I hoped we all would benefit.

Sally was into bondage. That was painfully obvious to
me. I, on the other hand, had been hooked on technical
gadgets since I discovered I could attach a motor with
an offset gear to a chair and give my sister a thrill.
My sister was older than I, and a whole lot smarter, as
attested by her current lofty position as a Federal
judge. The only way I thought I could compete with her
was to keep her distracted. I later found out - she
told me, out of pity, I think - that only the first
time I used the motor had it been a surprise. She had
watched me building the contraption in our small
apartment, and my childish manipulations to get her to
sit on that particular wooden chair in the kitchen had
been painfully transparent. She knew I wasn't mean
enough - or brave enough - to hurt her or shock her, so
she let herself be manipulated into the seat.

You could have heard the on/off switch in the next
apartment when it went off, and there was a distinct
smell of burning insulation as the motor kicked in. The
chair just about rattled across the floor, but the
effect on her was a surprise, a pleasant surprise. Very
pleasant for her. She patiently, eagerly suffered
through my modifications, sometimes sitting for hours
in that noisy vibrating chair until the downstairs
neighbor would complain. She admitted she thoroughly
enjoyed most of the revisions, and admitted adding some
acting and sound effects to encourage me.

My technical skills improved as I grew older, but never
came close to what the Rosens could do. I had never had
the courage to try my handiwork on anyone other than my
sister, and we had never done anything more sexual with
each other than that. My plans and designs were the
stuff of fantasies and week-long wet dreams. Never in
my life had I dreamed my fantasies could be real.

I had promised Sally and Janey they wouldn't be hurt,
and they wouldn't. There would be no scarring, no marks
and no pain. But there would be some tiny additions to
their bodies that weren't there before their visit. If
things worked out, they would never know they were
there. Until I set them off.

The Rosen's specialty was small stimulators that could
be slipped into or onto a woman's body and controlled,
either via a computer chip program or a sophisticated
remote control or by simple physical pressure on the
device. The miniaturization of their products would
have made the Japanese envious. Each unit was custom
fit and was individually tuned to the woman's body.

I watched as Inga and Uta taped electrodes to the
sedated girls. The first step of the process was to
find the most receptive areas, the erogenous zones, of
the woman. Each woman had her own individual 'hot
spots'. When found, they could be fitted with the
appropriate device. The 'hot spots' were located by
giving a series of stimuli, electric shocks, to various
areas and then measuring the brain patterns via
electrodes placed over the sexual pleasure centers in
the brain.

The location process was begun in the two, and
immediately there was a commotion in the lab. Inga
would stimulate Sally, and Uta would record a response
in Janey. The link that they kept referring to between
the mother and daughter was measurable and real.

The Rosen's, all three of them, were astounded. They
made some hushed comments to each other, and, at my
suggestion, moved the exam tables as far apart as
possible. There was still some interference between the
girls, but they were able to finish the necessary

The second step was to make castings of the intimate
areas of their bodies, inside, as well as outside. A
pliable material was injected into the mouth, vagina and rectum of each and carefully molded around their
aroused clits and breasts. The material hardened and
retained the impressions of every nook and cranny of
the cavities. A vibrator made from one of these
impressions would fit neatly up inside and would hardly
be perceptible until activated.

The third step was to make measurements of the maximum
size that could be accommodated in each of the cavities
without injury. This is usually larger than most women
think, and smaller than men fantasize. By determining
it clinically, with the women sedated and relaxed, the
damage to their clients was kept to a minimum while
satisfying the fantasies of their male counterparts.

The external units designed by the Rosens were both
mechanical and electrical, with more and more
accomplished with electricity. Vibrations were nice,
providing tactile feelings that could be felt by both
parties. Shocks directly to the sexually receptive
areas, however, created a much wider variety of
possible stimuli and allowed for a greater range of
intensity all with a very small device. I elected to go
with the smallest devices, all electric.

The larger units, designed to stretch without damaging,
started as smaller, soft units that could be expanded
after insertion. They used heat and cold as well as
electricity, motion and vibration to stimulate the
tissues. The Clinic's female clients called these
devices 'diabolical,' and quite addictive. Most had
never before been as filled during a sexual event. Word
of mouth had made the 'cunt-busters' one of the most
popular purchases in The Guild.

The implanted biochemical units were complicated, but
were the result of an accidental discovery by Inga. She
had discovered a naturally occurring substance in the
blood that amplified the sexual experience. It worked
in both men and women, but better in women. After
several years of trials, they had developed a tiny
device that would collect and store the naturally
occurring substance from the person's own blood. This
resulted in reservoirs of the stimulant that could be
called upon at will. There was enough of the chemical
stored in one device to keep a woman in orgasm for
about three days. Continuously.

The small devices, as originally designed, were
activated by pressure. That meant they needed to be
located just under the skin over the pubic bone of the
woman. When pounding a penis, dildo or fingers into a
woman during coitus, the partner would compress the
small device and the chemical would be released,
providing the woman with a thrilling and long climax.

The Rosens had had relative success in Norway, and that
was where I had found them. They incorporated my idea
of a remote release into the biochemical devices,
allowing the woman to experience a totally unexpected
thrill at someone else's choosing, as well as having
the stimulant released by pressure. The devices, now
resembling small, flexible micro-tubes of soft plastic,
could now be placed anywhere in the body. The location
of the device in any area turned that body part into a
highly sensitive erogenous zone.

When implanted into a woman's body, it was entirely
undetectable by touch or mammography. Self-sustaining,
it filtered the small amounts of the woman's own
chemical sex-enhancer from her blood and stored it
until it received a signal or pressure. It was released
in tiny amounts that would just enhance or jumpstart
the erotic experience, but not leave the woman a
blithering idiot. Even if it malfunctioned and all the
reserve was dumped at once, it would only give the
woman the best thrill of her life - for a few days.
That was a side effect they felt they could live with.
Production of the tiny tubes was begun.

Sales in America took off. Some women came in by
themselves. Most were referred, or brought in by the
men in their lives. Some were scheduled by desperate
males without their knowledge, like the Hawthorne women
would probably be. After about a week, the time it took
the tubes to completely load up, the women were hornier
and enjoying sex as never before. Their partners were
reaping benefits too.

The implants for Sally and Janey went in without a
hitch. As they were reviving, Helga pulled me to one

"Mr. Sampson, you are familiar with our research, so I
don't need to explain it to you. We have made some, uh,
interesting discoveries in your, uh, friends."

"Dr. Rosen," I interrupted, "I do believe you are
nervous." I smiled. "Please. Relax. Tell me straight

She looked at the floor for a while, the stared me
right in the eye, and blushed. "We, uh, I, uh, Oh,
dear." She sat down behind her desk. I began to be
slightly fearful of what they had found.

"We ran some additional tests. You may have noticed the
excitement between Inga and Uta when we first started."
I nodded. I had noticed, but Sally and Janey had caused
a lot of excitement everywhere they had gone today.
"Your friends, are you, uh, intimate?"

"Yes, with the mother." I decided not to mention the
situation with Janey.

"Oh. And the beautiful little girl, does she have a
sexual outlet?"

I looked puzzled.

"A boyfriend. A stud. A dildo. Anything?"

"Uh, no. I explained to you over the telephone what had
happened to her. Why is this important? Dr. Rosen, you
are beginning to frighten me."

She smiled and gave a little laugh. "No, no, no. Do not
be frightened. I predict you are going to be too tired
to be frightened. Your friends' blood tests were at the
maximum for natural production of the natural sex-
enhancer. It is almost as if they do not need the
devices. I would suspect they are extremely sexual
women, no?

"You will be a busy man, Mr. Sampson, both from
servicing the mother and hiding the daughter from every
male in the city. If you do service both of them - do
not blush, it is common in many countries for fathers
to teach their daughters - you will need some help.

"I have, in my work, come across several researchers
working on the same area, but in men. One such
colleague, Dr. Wang, - yes, unfortunate in his line of
research, but his whole name is even more so. Dr. Long
Wang. Anyway, Dr. Wang's work and ours here have
coincided. Combining his surgical techniques with the
sex-enhancer can give a man the ability to become erect
at will, as often as he wishes, without interfering
with his natural response to sexual stimuli. If
something excited him before, it will still excite him.
But now, every time he wishes. And the act may go to
ejaculation each time, if not interrupted, of course.

"Like I said, Mr. Sampson, if you are helping out both
of these beautiful and sensuous women..." she tapered
off, then, finally, came to the point, "Dr. Wang is
coming next week. I could arrange to have things taken
care of. It is quick, in and out in an hour, and as
painless as the women's procedure, or so they say. You
would be, uh, functional almost by the end of the day
and definitely by the next morning." She shrugged. It
wasn't her area and she didn't know everything. But she
did know other things.

Always suspicious, I asked, "And Dr. Wang? What does he

"Dr. Wang has had difficulty getting his credentials
recognized in this country. Many other colleagues have
made promises to help him, taken much money and done
nothing. He would like you to arrange for him as you
did for us, and also for his daughter."

"Before or after the implant surgery?"

"Surgery first, credentials second. We are your proof.
He will teach me the surgery and assist me until he is
legal." She grinned at me. "I want no more talks with
your Judge Hawthorne.

I gave it a second. "Set it up for a week from

"Good." She wrote down the appointment in her book, as
did I in mine. "Oh, I was meaning to ask you. Does the
good judge have family named Miriam and Judith? Two
persons by these names are scheduled next month. I
wanted to make sure this was not a setup by the
Christian Coalition or Moral Majority. They are such a
nuisance, these hypocrites."

I was surprised the women had visits scheduled. It
probably wasn't a trap, just a 'fact finding' mission.
I reassured her that it was not a setup - or at least,
wouldn't be by the time it happened. I told her I would
have the Judge sign all the necessary papers for their
surgery without the woman's consent or knowledge. I
also told her I thought the good judge would appreciate
a few perverse twists in the placement of the implants.
I had pretty much figured out that he had always
fantasized about spanking his wife - and possibly his
daughter. A few well-placed implants would assure him
of a willing target, the second time if not the first.

During the time I had been claimed by Judith as her
escort, he had encouraged me several times to 'take
control of her' and tan her bottom. By locating some of
the tubes around the broad posteriors of the two women,
the chemical would be released upon swatting, giving
them a thrill if - no, make that when they were
spanked. They could be spanked for a long time and
often. And never know what hit them, other than his
bare hand. Dr. Rosen asked if perhaps the judge would
enjoy it if a device were placed around the anal
sphincter. Entry by a solid object into that tight
cavity would create enough pressure to release the
sexual enhancer. Laughing, we made our way to the
waiting room to meet the four women.

Dr. Rosen coolly shook my hand as we entered the
waiting room, passing me the small remote controls
tuned to each girl's devices. One was labeled "S," the
other "J." With a stone face, she informed me that the
particular modification she had suggested for the other
two patients had been implemented in each of the two
girls, as well as all of the others I had discussed
with her. Both of them would enjoy butt-fucking to the
fullest, as well as many other activities. She wryly
commented that she sincerely hoped I was up to it. Pun

I was in a slight state of shock as we left the waiting

Chapter 15

My only thought as we made our way to the last shop
was, 'How am I going to last 10 days to Thursday of
next week and Dr. Wang?' Thank God the reservoirs took
a week or so to fill up.

The last shop was intended as a safety measure just in
case either of the two prior shops had bombed. I guided
the energetically bouncing cockteasers into the
discreet, but very expensive, jewelry store. The
fittings here were simpler, but just as personal.

They took the ring sizes of each finger and toe, and
measured the waist, neck, and forehead sizes. The
female clerk then simply lifted their shirts up and
measured the nipples relaxed and erect, as well as the
distance between them. Noticing Sally's pierced nipple,
she cleaned it and checked if it was patent. It was.
The clerk also measured the thickness of the flaps
around their navels, and skillfully stimulated the
clitoris of each girl and measured the length and
breadth. cunt lips were measured as well. Both women,
as well as the clerk, were breathing raggedly by the
end of the measurements. It seemed to me the clerk had
enjoyed - and drawn out - the session. Janey was
slightly shaken, more by her response to the woman,
than was Sally. Janey had yet to learn to simply enjoy
the pleasure received from sexual stimulation, whether
from a man or a woman.

After things calmed down a bit, we went into a private
showroom. Colors were discussed, and skin tones were
matched against color charts. For being so similar in
appearance to Sally, I was surprised to learn that
different colors and stones brought out Janey's
highlights. Janey favored rubies and red colors, while
Sally was absolutely stunning in emeralds and greens.
They also had different tastes in jewelry, though
equally expensive. Each picked out a favorite bracelet.
I selected a necklace with rubies and one with
emeralds, and we left.

After what had happened so far today, dinner was
surprisingly uneventful. Apparently, the expensive
trinkets bought me some good behavior by my lovelies,
as there were no arrests for indecent exposure in the
exclusive restaurant. The owners had waived the dress
code for us as I had rented a modest banquet room out
of sight of the main customer area. I had warned the
maitre de that my guests might be underdressed for his
establishment and, after seeing them, he rolled his
eyes. He was also very apologetic

"Mr. Sampson, forgive me. When you asked for, no,
insisted upon female service personnel for this
evening, I misunderstood your intentions. Oye! Now I
understand. My waiters would break every dish in the
house tripping over their tongues if they were to serve
these two magnificent ladies. Please, come this way
down the back hall. I appreciate your discretion in

As he walked away, leaving us in a sumptuous room, all
three of us heard him mutter, "Lucky bastard. Some guys have all the luck." Our laughter met the arriving
service personnel, all attractive young women, all in
very revealing attire. He had misunderstood. I wore a
shit-eating grin all through the meal. Only got kicked
twice under the table, too. One of the serving wenches
had tits "out to here", but her top didn't quite reach
that far...

Dinner was light fare. We still had the ball game to go
to. I left an overgenerous tip as Sally glared at me in
mock-rage. At least, I hoped it was a put-on.

The conversation in the car to the park was sparse, but
not strained. Sally, I think, was still trying to
figure out what had happened at the Rosen's clinic. Of
the two of them, she was the most in tune with her
body. She knew something was different, but wasn't sure
exactly what it was. Janey didn't seem to notice

I had arranged for us to have box seats at the game,
right above the dugout on the first base line. Sally
and Janey loved it. As a cheerleader, I think it was
the first game Janey had been to in a long time that
she didn't have to stand with her back to the action.

It was an exciting game, and the two of them got lost
in the suspense and action of a good hard fought
contest. They were jumping up and down excitedly, not
with the intent to tease, as they had most of the day,
but simply for joy. Their intentions did not lessen the
effects of their bouncing boobs on the rest of the
fans, however, or the players.

By the end of the fifth inning, there were only a
handful of spectators left in the stands as you looked
from our seats on the first base line over across third
base. It looked as if the stands were practically
empty, but there was still a substantial roar. All of
the fans had gradually wandered around behind and to
the sides of our box for a better view of the show the
short shirts and tight shorts were providing. The fans
began to cheer more for the show than the game, with
the loudest cheers coming at times of no apparent
action on the field. The players were puzzled at what
was going on, until they were in the field and could
get a look at my two dates.

At the seventh inning stretch, I bought hot dogs,
peanuts and drinks, beer for Sally and me, soda for
Janey. The peanuts were salty, and the dogs thick with
mustard and kraut, just the way I like them. Two beers
apiece didn't quite slacken the thirst, and by the
bottom of the ninth, I bought a third beer apiece, and
another soda for Janey.

I drank down the top third of my beer and watched the
opposing pitcher strike out the first batter. Two runs
were all that separated the two teams, and when the
second batter walked, the excitement in the stadium
grew. They were at the top of their batting order. We
were all on our feet, waiting, watching...

"Yuck! How can you guys drink this stuff?"

I turned to watch Janey with my beer to her nose,
smelling the brew.

"Janey, don't!"

Too late. She took a deep breath, then chugged a big
swig of the drink, wrinkling her nose like taking
terrible tasting medicine. She caught my eye out of the
corner of hers, and turned and stared defiantly over
the rim of the cup. Ten dagger-like fingernails
imbedded themselves in my arm. I think Sally was trying
to get my attention. She would have to wait, as Janey
had all of mine at the moment.

"Janey, I asked you to stop, not to drink that. You are
still underage."

"So? Who's going to care?"

Quietly I said to her, "I care." Ten sharp pains in my
arm. "Your mother cares, too, a lot!" I looked at her
for a minute, weighing the options available to me in
this public arena. I copped out. "Janey, we will
discuss this later."

She caught the seriousness in my voice, and maybe just
a glimmer of the murderous look in her mother's eye.
But youth, as they say, is wasted on the young. She
turned back to the game, and in the blink of an eye,
was caught back up in it as if nothing had happened.

As it was, she may have been the deciding factor in the
game. The visitors were two runs ahead and one out away
from winning. There was a man on third and the tying
run was on first. The star of the home team, Mac
Washington, hitless for the night, was at bat. Janey,
always one to root for the home team, leaped out of her
seat and stood on her chair, yelling and waving both
hands over her head. The tremendous roar of approval
for her unconscious titty show came right in the middle
of the pitcher's delivery. Whether that had something
to do with it, or whether the pitcher was just tired
isn't clear, but the pitch hung up in the strike zone.
Mac swung for all he was worth and the ball left the
park. The home team had won.

We hung around after the game for a while, then made
our way to the home team locker room. The fans that
were still there, most of them actually, cheered the
two blondes and we left.

Chapter 16

We wandered around underneath the stadium and made our
way under the concrete mass through a maze of corridors
until we got to the one special door I was looking for.
I knocked on the Clubhouse door and the guard opened
it. He greeted me with a big smile and a slap on the
back. He was sort of deaf and spoke very loud.

"Lar, good to see you, guy! You don't come around much
anymore. Coach said you'd be here tonight, though. Come
on in, come in!" He waved me in. He totally ignored the
two girls, something they weren't used to, especially
today. It was if he didn't even see them. I think they
were shocked. I could tell by their faces they were
pissed at being ignored by a man this close to them.
Sally was trying to figure out how the guard knew me so
well, even though her reasoning was going on under a
slight beer-induced haze. Three beers affected her more
than me.

As we entered the Clubhouse, the guard shouted, "Hey
guys, look who's here!"

We entered the open room to shouts of "Larry," "Lar,"
"Sampson" and one heartfelt "You lucky bastard," which
brought a lot of laughs. There must have been a
shortage of towels that night, as most of the guys were
naked and hanging limp but only for a short time. The
sight of Sally and Janey took care of that.

Janey - Sally, too - stood and gawked. I don't know
exactly which scenarios would be in a list of women's
fantasies, but I was pretty sure this would probably be
one of them for most women: twenty-five young healthy
guys on display, naked in the locker-room. Janey was
the first to recover.

"Hi, guys. I'm Janey. Great game! Yeaaaaaa!"

Almost as one they shouted "Hi, Janey!" back at her as
if this sort of visit occurred after every game. I knew
it didn't. She had taken to jumping up and down as she
congratulated them. Sally, not to be outdone by her
daughter, imitated Janey's routine. The cheer following
Sally's performance was louder. I didn't think it was

"WHAT'S ALL THE RUCUS OUT HERE?" I would know that
foghorn voice anywhere. It still haunted my dreams.

A man as big as his voice barreled out into the room,
caught sight of me and came straight over. The guys got
out of his way. The lucky ones anyway

"So, have you decided to come back and play for me? We
still got your uniform hanging in the locker, same one.
Just say the word, fella." As much as we both knew it
would never happen, he still tried to get me back to
play ball for him. It felt good to be wanted.

I just grinned at him and pulled him into a hug. He
loved it, but put up a good fight.

"So, are you going to introduce me or do I have to get
their names from the labels on their diapers? Shit,
man! When did you start robbing cradles? Or did your
Sis get a law passed that says two 12s are as good as a

The guys nearby were holding their sides. I was biting
my lip. He was playing it loose, getting in several
good shots, while I had to be on my best behavior. I
introduced Sally and Janey to my former coach and he
shook hands with each one. I was surprised he shook
them so gently, without causing their shirts to rise.
Knowing him, that took tremendous effort. It also
showed me the respect he had for me.

"So, which one of you do I have to thank for that home
run that won the game?"

Sally and I nodded at Janey. Janey, however, turned and
pointed across the steamy room at Mac Washington and
said, "Him!"

After the laughter died down, Coach said, "Well, little
lady, you have just earned yourself a season ticket to
all the home games." Cheers from the players. He looked
over at me. "But you will have to pay double to get
in." More jeers than cheers, but it was all in fun.

After all the preliminary blustering, he lowered his
voice and pulled Sally and I into conversation off to
one side. I stood where I could keep an eye on the room
and Janey.

"Shit, Larry! When you said they were good looking, I
thought you meant like Judith. These two are fuckin'
beautiful!" Remembering Sally standing there, he
actually reddened. "Sorry, ma'am, please excuse my
French." I knew he was more worried about the effect
the two of them would have on some of the guys and
whether they could control themselves. He wasn't the
only one who was worried. I knew most of the guys and
trusted them. Some of them, however, were new. No risk,
no gain, I kept telling myself. Maybe someday it would
actually be true...

Sally's musical laughter set him at ease, and she
relaxed as she realized this, too, was a planned event.
Her eyes lit up as she figured out she was seeing a
part of my history she did not have a clue existed. We
had never talked about sports and stuff.

"Damn, I don't know if some of the guys, 'specially the
single ones, are gonna make it with the all that, that,
that..." he looked at Sally, lost for words.

"... cunt? Ass? Tits? Pussy?" she helped, laughing at
his embarrassment. Her eyes were following Janey around
the room as well. The teen was wandering around the
room, laughing and talking to naked men as if she did
it every day. She seemed to be remembering every play
each player had made. She was encouraged to re-enact -
with vigor, no less - all the best plays. I noticed
most of those seemed to involve some kind of action
that brought her hands over her head and her shirt up
almost to her chin. I hoped she wouldn't want to do
this after every game.

He roared with laughter. "Damn straight! Her - and you,
missus - walkin' round here with all that tit and ass
showin' may cause some of the boys to forget that
they're gentlemen. And I even had them whack it off
three times before the game."

"I'm sure they'll behave themselves." I was praying
like the dickens that they would. Most of the guys 'dickens' were raised to heaven by Janey's antics, even
as we watched. I watched as Janey walked up to Mac. He
and I had played together in college and then here in
Triple A. I was sorry he had never made it to the
majors. If he ever got there, they would see how good
he was.

Mac and I still kept in contact regularly, Hell, we
were best friends, but I had not warned him about this,
as I had the coach. Mac eyed me across the room and I
winked at him. From his glare, I knew I would hear
about this for a long time. I wondered if he would tell
his wife. She was the jealous type. Nice, but jealous.

We watched Janey chat with him for a while and then
hand him a Sharpie marker.

"Where did she get that?" I whispered to Sally. I knew
she didn't have any pockets.

"Don't know. I'll go find out."

Mac looked flustered for a moment, then took the pen,
trying not to drop the towel held strategically over
his groin. I couldn't tell, but it looked like he was
very, very erect. I knew he was embarrassed as hell.
His personal equipment gave credence to the myth that
black males have big cocks. He was well endowed, and
very shy about it. He had hardly dated the entire time
I had played ball with him, and not for lack of
available or willing women. Handsome and smart, he made
a fine catch. Now, he just looked flustered, wondering
where to put his hands.

We saw him looking for a piece of paper to write on,
and Janey shook her head 'No' as she pointed to her
shirt. His face was a tortured affair. He tried to
write without touching her, but she would have none of
that. She grabbed his hand and pressed the pen firmly
into the cloth, and her tit. The pressure with which
she pushed down on his hand made her breast sag. He
looked at me for a second, gave me a wry 'Fuck You'
look and placed his other hand under Janey's soft tit
flesh to hold it up.

The towel he was holding in that hand, covering his
groin, fell to the floor. I could hear Janey's gasp
even from where I was across the noisy room. His ebony
cock was proudly standing there and she was devouring
it with her eyes. I thought I saw her begin to reach
for it, but he deftly shifted it away from her. He
always did have some smooth moves. I think he also
tried to distract her by rubbing his thumb over her
nipple, but that may have been an accident. Sure,
that's it. It must have been...

Just as he finished signing his name over her right
breast, Sally walked up and presented her chest for
signing. She said something to him and the big man grinned. His letters were larger this time, his name
scrawled across both her boobs. He gently held the
bottom of each soft orb in turn as he signed his
autograph across their tops. From her shivering
reactions, I figured he had stroked a couple more
nipples in the signing process.

Sally took the pen from him and slipped it down the
crease in her tight shorts, saying something to him as
she did. I have never seen an erection fall so fast as
his did then. Sally said something else, laughed and
kissed him on the cheek, and I saw him give her a small
smile of apology. As she gently guided Janey back
towards me, holding her firmly by the arm, Mac grinned
over and gave me a big 'OK' sign. I knew he meant
Sally, and not just for her tits. He and I talked all
the time. He knew what she meant to me. I just wish his
cock hadn't been so glad to meet her, too. But a near
naked lady in the locker room was too much of an
invitation. I couldn't blame him really.

"We're going to miss him 'round here."

I looked at the Coach in surprise. I hadn't heard they
were letting him go. Something wasn't right.

"That's where I was when you come in. New York was on
the phone. They finally listened to me and are going to
give him his shot at the 'Bigs'. He gets to replace
that guy, whats-his-face third baseman that tore a
muscle yesterday. Mac'll do good. He's ready."

I couldn't have agreed more.

We said our good-byes to a chorus of cheers and
catcalls. All in all, the guys had behaved themselves
admirably, under the circumstances. The parking lot was
deserted as we walked to my car.

As I reflected, my girls had also behaved quite well,
under the circumstances.

Chapter 17

"Hey, Janey!"


"Here. Catch!" I tossed her my car keys.

"Really? You'll let me drive your Beemer? Really? Oh,
shit! I can't! I don't have my driver's permit with

"Here. Catch again!" I called out. I tossed her a thin
leather billfold. She opened it up and found her brand
new learner's permit inside. "Never leave home without

"Here, catch this one," came from Sally as she wound
herself around me. We were deep into a serious kiss
when I felt some serious pressure on my nuts. Her hand
was grabbing me. I think she wanted my attention. She
got it.

"Hey, dear? Uh, that's, uh, a little tight, isn't it?"

"Not nearly tight enough, Mister 'I'm in fucking charge
today.' My daughter has beer to drink less than an hour
ago and now she's going to drive? What in the Hell are
you thinking?"

"I am aware of that. But we, you and I, have had much
more to drink than she had. But you're right. I'm
sorry. I should have been better prepared."

"God damn fucking right, you should have. And you're
also right, too, damn you. I can't drive, and you
shouldn't. Janey will have to. But we're not finished
discussing this, Mister. Not by a long ways."

Somehow, I had figured that out already. At least when
we parted she didn't tear anything off my body.

Janey had been adjusting the mirrors and the driver's
seat during our little passion play, so when we climbed
in, she was all ready to go. Even the radio stations
had been changed and she was busily re-programming the
buttons for the ride home. I checked her preparations,
turned down the volume about 70% and nodded. "Let's go

She carefully started the car, pulled out of the lot
and headed for the highway. She only asked for
directions once. I was impressed. She had been paying
attention after all. She handled herself and the
powerful car with a confidence that belied her
inexperience. Being Sally's daughter, I should have
expected as much.

Sally stuck her bare feet up between the seats and onto
my lap. Her groans of pleasure and delight as I
massaged her tired toes soon turned to soft snores. It
had been a long day and one too many beers, I guess.
Janey and I rode along in silence for a time.

I saw Janey check the mirror several times, looking to
see if her mom was asleep.

"Larry?" she asked softly.


"You know she loves you, don't you?"

I let it hang there, not knowing where she was going.

She continued. "She knew the first time she met you
that you were the one, that you were special. So did I.
When she came home that night, she was different, kind
of. Better. It was like she didn't have this big hole inside her.

"I asked her what had happened to her and she laughed.
I hadn't heard her that happy, well, ever, I don't
think. And she was sooo excited. She told me she had
met some guy at that stupid party and that he had blown
the easiest and best fuck of his life by asking her to
marry him.

"Don't get mad, Larry. She meant it nicer than it
sounds. She was really, really happy you wanted her for
permanent. That's why she teases you so much by playing
hard to get."

It was quiet, then "Thank you for making her happy."

"She makes me happy, too, Janey. Sometimes I think I
would almost die without her in my life."

"I know. That's why I don't want to mess it up."

I didn't say anything. I wanted to let her go at her
own pace. "Mom told me I could have sex with you if I
wanted. That you would teach me things and make me feel
good about it after, well, you know, what happened and

She looked over at me quickly, then back to the road
ahead of us. Shyly I heard, "Do you want to teach me?"

"If that's what you want." I was on dangerous ground

She was quiet for a long time. I didn't interrupt her.
"I, uh, oh Gosh this is embarrassing! Um, yeah, Larry."

"Yeah what?" I knew, or thought I did, what she was
referring to.

"Yeah, I want you to, uh, teach me and stuff."

"...and 'stuff?' What 'stuff?'"

"God! mom said you could be difficult! Geeze! OK. I
want to be your little sex toy. Happy?"


"No? Huh?"

"No, I am not happy. And 'No', you will not be my
little sex toy."

"But, but..."

"Janey, your mom asked me to help you feel better about
sex. She told me to do whatever it took to do that. I
agreed, but only if you were willing. Do you

"Yeah. No, not really."

"Janey, are you willing to let me help you?"

"Duh! That's what I've been saying!"

"Do you also understand that I am scared shitless that
if I mess up by either helping you too much or not
enough that I could lose your Mom?"

"You'd have to really screw up badly, Larry. She
really, really loves you."

"More than she loves you, her daughter?"

Janey was silent for a minute. "Oh. Yeah. I see."

We drove a bit longer in silence. I think she was
beginning to appreciate the delicate position I was in.
I forgot she was a teenager. She was thinking about
only one thing. Sex.

"So, Larry? Are you going to fuck me?"

I just about choked on my complacency. "I don't know.
We'll have to see when we get there."

"You don't want to?"

Damn these women and their questions. Don't they know
any easy ones? Like, what's Plank's Constant, or why
are coins round, or do dogs think? Did I want to fuck
her? Give me a break!

"Yes, Janey I want to. I want to very much. But..."

"There's always a 'but,' isn't there?"

"... but I don't know it I will, if we will. Right now,
I'd have to say we probably will. But I don't know."

"Oh, goody!" She sounded truly happy, like a kid with a
lollipop. Whoa! Bad image. I flashed back on the mental
image of her kneeling between my knees. I was jerked
back to reality by her next question.

"So if it's OK if I do it with you, can I do it with
other people?"

"Are you asking me if it's OK if you fuck around? Or
did you have someone particular in mind?"

"Well, kind of, that black guy on the baseball team.
Mac? Would it be OK with him? You know him, right? What
about with him?"

I just about burst out laughing. His ego would never
let go of this one. "Well, yeah, I know him pretty
well. And he is a great guy. I couldn't think of anyone
I would rather have you fuck around with, or marry, for
that matter. You have a good eye. You probably picked
the best one in the room. But, I think his new wife might have something to say about it, if you know what
I mean."

"Oh. I didn't know he was married."

"Almost two years, now. I was supposed to be best man at his wedding, but I was, uh, out of the country. She
wouldn't reschedule, but that's OK. Coach stood in for

It was quiet for a long time. Somehow I didn't think
she was done.

"Larry, what was today about?"

"What do you mean?"

"The clothes and stuff. Why"

"You didn't like the clothes I picked out?"

"Oh, yeah, they're cool. But, well, I would never wear
things like this in public, especially where someone I
knew would see me. Mom, neither."

"How did the clothes make you feel?"

"Kind of sexy. No, really sexy, but cheap. Slutty,

"And how you did the two of you behave today?"

"Pretty slutty, I guess. I'm sorry if we embarrassed
you. But isn't that what you wanted? Didn't you want us
to act that way?"

I laughed. "Well, I hadn't imagined you would get into
it as much as you did, but, in a way, that makes it
better. Yes, I did want you to act kind of slutty
today. Never again, mind you, or at least not in
public, but it was OK today."

Now she laughed. "It was kind of fun, but it wasn't me,
you know, and for sure, never again in public. But,
didn't you like it?"

"I loved it, a lot! So did everyone else who was
fortunate enough to see you, too. That was the whole

She looked puzzled in the darkened interior of the car.
I let her think about it for a while.

"I don't get it. Nothing happened."

"Exactly!" She still looked puzzled. "Janey, if you can
look and act like you did today and have not one single
man attack you, or even threaten you or hassle you,
what does that tell you about what should happen when
you act the way you normally do?"

A pained look crossed her face as she was suddenly
reminded of the attack. "But, Steven..."

"Yes. Steven. Steven did it. You did nothing to make
him do what he did. You are not responsible for what
happened to you. That's what today was all about."

Tears trickled down her cheeks and I eased myself into
position to grab the wheel. I thought she was going to
collapse, or worse, relapse into her depression. I
envisioned her turning head-on into an oncoming truck
to end it all.

"You did all of this for me? Planned the whole day,
arranged with all those people?"

"Well, I didn't have anything to do with the fans at
the game, but, yes. I did it so you could see how real
men, most of them just average guys, react to a
beautiful woman."

"They did react, didn't they?" She grinned over at me.
"Did you see Mac's thing? Wow! It was almost as big as

"The guys were excited, yes, aroused by your flaunting.
And they controlled themselves. There was no doubt you
aroused them, was there? And you teased them, too,
daring them to do something, didn't you?"



"OK, OK! I get it already."

I settled back in the seat.

"Thanks, Larry. I do feel better. I won't forget this."

Over the first hurdle, on to the next...

Chapter 18

We got home late that night and I carried my sleeping
beauty from the back seat into the house. I laid her
down on our bed and then turned my attentions to deal
with the one big problem left. As I left the room, I
remembered my pistol was still stuck in my waistband. I
removed it and placed it under my blazer, out of sight.
I would take it out to the car after I finished with

I went to my office at the end of the hall and got one
of the unpacked boxes I had brought from my apartment
when I moved in with Sally. After a quick stop in the
living room, I hauled the box down to Janey's room. I
knocked on the doorframe, the door being open, as


"We still have one more issue to discuss, young lady."

Her woeful look with those big puppy dog eyes told me
she had been hoping I would have forgotten it. She knew
what I was going to talk about and she knew she wasn't
going to like it. "Oh. Yeah. Uh, sorry about that?"

Damn, she was good. That last little wistful apology
almost did in my resolve. But there were serious issues
at stake here, not the least of which was the
consumption of alcohol by a minor. I took a deep breath
and plowed onward.

"I'm afraid 'Sorry' won't do, this time. You need to
understand that when we are outside of this house, you
cannot break the law, period. As long as you are a
minor, you must behave within the limits set for you,
both by society and by your mom and, now, me. Sometimes
you will be allowed to push some of those limits like
you did today. You and Sally had all the freedom that
you wanted to behave as cockteasers. I didn't object to
anything you did, however outrageous. But the beer was
off limits and I made that clear. What you did was over
the line. You understand that, right?"

She nodded, silent.

"Now, about your punishment... I thought about spanking
you for it, but we would both probably enjoy that way
too much for that to be considered a real


"...then I thought about grounding you, but you're
moping around here all the time anyway. So, what I want
you to do is to pick out ten books from this box." I
dropped it on her desk. "Then, along with this one
other book I picked out, I want you to read them and
write a three-page book report on each one of them by
next Monday night at the latest. Agreed?"

She nodded, relieved that there would be no pain

"Oh. Read this one last. This is the one I picked out
especially for you to read. It's one of your Mom's
favorites." I handed her a small, well-read paperback.

"OK, I guess." She was getting off light, and we both
knew it. But it was the thought that counted, I
guessed. She had crossed the line and she acknowledged
I had the right to remind her of it. Actually, I felt
pretty darn good about how it had gone.

Janey stopped me on my way out the door. "Larry, as
long as you're going to act like one, can I call you
`Dad' sometimes?"

I grinned and nodded at her. I didn't trust my voice to
speak. I had tears in my eyes as I walked back to
Sally's bedroom. I had a knot in my throat and wasn't
paying much attention as I walked back down the hall to
our room. I anticipated a quick trip to the car and
then to bed. If I was lucky, Sally would wake up,
forgive me, and I would get lucky. Otherwise, we'd just
get up late tomorrow morning.

I reached under my blazer for my gun. Just as the
realization was sinking in that it wasn't there, I
heard the distinctive sounds of a round being chambered
in the large caliber automatic.

"Looking for something, big fella?" It was said
jokingly, but I wasn't' laughing.

I didn't move. Not a muscle. I didn't even breathe.

"This isn't funny, is it."

"No." I waited a second. "Sally, is the gun pointed at


"Sal, I want you to listen very carefully. Move very
slowly and point the gun out the window."


"Now put it down very gently on the bed." I heard her
moving as she turned to put it down.


The sound of the gunshot filled the house. I waited for
what seemed like an eternity for that certain sickening
feeling of pain, the thud you hear when the bullet
strikes your flesh, then the crunch of the bone, the
slamming impact as the speeding lead projectile
penetrates the tissue, deforms and dissipates all its
energy on the internal organs.

That moment of waiting seemed to last forever. But
nothing happened. The bullet had missed me. Spinning, I
saw Sally with a ghastly look on her face, horrified,
but no blood. The gun had discharged as she placed it
on the bed. The kick had thrown it from her hand,
fortunately without ripping off a finger. There was a
large hole in the center of mattress and the smell of
cordite filled the room.

I picked up the gun and flicked the safety back on.

"I didn't know the safety was off." The little voice of
a scared little girl whimpered.

Of all of the stupid things to say, that was probably
the stupidest, but the truest, as well. I bit my tongue
so I wouldn't speak what I was thinking. I checked my
crotch and the floor for a wet spot, instead. I was
still shaking.

"Is it safe to come out now?" Janey's quivering voice
came down the hall.

"NO! Oh hell! Yes, Honey, everything's OK, but go to
bed. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Mom. Goodnight...Larry."

I put the gun in the nightstand and crawled into bed.

"Are you mad at me?"

I thought about it. "No. Not really. Scared shitless,
but I'm not mad at you. Sorry about the gun. I
shouldn't have brought it into the house at all. My

"No. I know better than to play with unfamiliar guns. I
haven't ever seen one like yours. My fault." I didn't

Sally snuggled up against me and reached around me to
fondle my limpness. "You were scared, weren't you?" I
didn't respond as usual to her magical touch. Like I
said before, self-preservation and all...


She fondled me gently for a while longer, eventually
having the predicable effect. Then reaching lower and
grabbing my balls, she applied some pressure, more than
playful pressure. I sensed she wanted my attention.

"We have some unfinished business."

"Uh-huh," I forced out between clenched teeth.

"You were in charge today, and Janey drank beer. Then
you let her drive. I was willing to trust you, up to a
point. So you got lucky and everything turned out OK.
Well, better than OK, pretty good, actually. But I
think you need a reminder about just how much
responsibility it is to be in charge, especially in
charge of a teenaged girl, especially when that girl is
my daughter!"

I waited for her verdict. She was going to be the
judge, jury and executioner, what with her hand firmly
grasping my nuts. "There will be no action for this
puppy for - how long does Janey have to read those
books? Six days? Agreed?

I shook my head and got a firmer squeeze of my nuts in

"Wait!" I gasped. "Before you do some real damage, I am
not refusing to accept the consequences for what
happened today. I was responsible, and allowed
something to slip through the cracks. What I disagree
with is that I don't like using sex, or no sex,
actually, as a punishment. I don't think its right." I
paused waiting for her response. Nothing. She was not
in a negotiating mood.

"But if that's what you want," she nodded her head
against my back, "then you'll be on the same
restrictions for the same length of time for playing
with my gun. My other gun."

"Oh." Silence. "Well, fair's fair, I guess."

"It's going to be a long six days."

"What's the matter, don't you think you can do it?"

"Oh, I can do it, no sweat. I was just worried about
you, babe." She hated to be called that.

For that I got a punch in the ribs. "Want to make a bet
on it?"

"No thanks. I cherish everything I have too much. I'm
afraid of what I might lose."

"Silly man, don't you know you'll never get rid of me?"

"No, I didn't. But it's nice to know how you feel about
me. Goodnight sweetie."

"Goodnight. 'Dad.'"

"Geeze, what did you do, listen at the door?"

"Uh-huh. I'm a Mom, remember? It's in my job
description. 'Night!"


Chapter 19

The next morning Janey bounced into the kitchen, full
of energy and noise. She was greeted by the sullen
expressions of two horny adults who knew they weren't
going to be getting satisfaction for another 5 long
nights. It didn't deter her or dampen her obvious
energy in the slightest. She was wearing, if you could
call it that, one of the wispiest, sheerest short
nightgowns I had ever seen her wear, and nothing else.
A blind man could have seen her she was so exposed.

It didn't do anything to relieve my hard-on. It did
even less when she came over and sat on my lap,
directly on my stiff cock. She wiggled around until the
tip slipped out of my pajama bottoms and up between her
firm thighs.

"Good Morning, Dad. Sleep well?"

I eyed her suspiciously. Just as I thought, she was
grinning impishly. I grunted and focused on not raping
her right there on the granola and yogurt.

"I'm sorry if I got you in trouble. Really, I am. Is
there anything I can do to make it better?" She wiggled
her firm ass suggestively on my cock. It slipped a
little further between her thighs. Her seductive and
sexy actions belied the innocent expression on her
face. She knew exactly what she was doing and the
effect she was having on me.

"It's all right, Honey. I'll survive. But," I lifted
her up and off my lap, "this definitely isn't going to
help me survive."

"I know. I just couldn't help it. I borrowed one of
Mom's sexy things to tease you." She posed obscenely
for me. "Don't you think mom would look hot in this,
Dad? Huh? How about like this?" She bent over facing
away from me. "Or maybe like this?" She cleared the
dishes from in front of me and hopped up on the table.
She spread her legs wide, dipped a finger in the butter
and slicked up her cunt lips. "Oooh, I bet it would go
in so smoooooth."

In desperation I stood up and went to the refrigerator.
There, I got a pitcher of ice water and calmly poured
half of it over her head. She sat on the table stunned,
sputtering. The thin material of her gown clung like a
second skin to her near naked body, giving me serious
second thoughts about the wisdom of my actions. I don't
recall ever seeing anything so God Damned sexy as she
looked right then. The second half of the pitcher I
poured down the front of my pajama bottoms. It was the
best relief I could imagine, and for the first time I
could remember since I had seen them in their short T-
shirts and tight shorts the morning before, I was not
achingly erect.

"Go get dressed, Janey, you'll catch cold running
around all wet like that."

She glared at me then burst out laughing. "I was just
trying to make it even. Mom's taking it worse than you

I looked over at Sally, surprised. Then I noticed the
red eyes and the puffy lids, signs of a sleepless
night. She gave me a wan smile.

She nodded at the pitcher of ice water. "Nice move. I
wondered how you'd get out of it. She was determined to
break you. For my sake, even if it meant having sex
with you. Though I don't think the little scamp would
have particularly minded doing it, at that. I'll have
to remember that trick with the water. Messy, though."
She nodded her head towards the corner. "Mop's in

I looked over to Janey. "No fair taking sides, kid.
This is between your mom and me, OK?"

"OK. Sorry." She dripped out of the kitchen.

I turned back to the corner, headed for the mop and
bucket. "Sally, did she mean, 'Sorry,' as in Mom, I'm
sorry it didn't work, or as in Larry, I'm sorry I
teased you?"

"Hell if I know. But if you hadn't dumped water on her,
I was about ready to jump her bones."


"Hey, if it feels good..."

"No cheating. Agreed?"

Her agreement was a long time coming. But she gave her
word very reluctantly.

The week passed. And passed. And passed again. It
seemed to have gone by several times over. And then it
was the next day. Friday lasted a week. Saturday lasted
two weeks. Saturday night we couldn't even be in the
same room, none of the three of us. Fortunately, it was
a big house. I slept on the couch, until Sally came out
and said it was worse being miserable alone than being
miserable together. We agreed not to hold any
grumpiness against each other, given the circumstances.
However, I knew my limits. I wouldn't go in to the
bedroom. She slept with me on the couch. That was

Sunday I had several calls to make to arrange for the
visit of Amud and his wife. We spent a leisurely time
on the telephone, and by the time we were finished, the
evening had been arranged. I hoped Sally would be
pleased. I also made several calls to arrange the next
"Family Day." I wasn't sure Sally would like the next
special day's events. But it had to be done and it
wouldn't kill her.

Monday I got up early, took an icy cold shower, and
went to my office down the hall. There I closed the
door and got to work. At ten o'clock the door to the
office slammed open. Sally stood there gesticulating,
clearly exasperated. It was almost comical. Her mouth
was moving, but she said nothing. Not a word. At
eleven, it was the same. At twelve thirty she burst in.

"What in the Hell did you give that girl to read. I am
going crazy."

A distinct giggle came from Janey's room.

"What's she reading, one of your filthy books?"

I thought back to the books in the box. Ooops.
"Actually, it's one of yours. I gave her your copy of
'The story of O' that I found in the library stuck
behind the encyclopedias."

"Oh, great! Just fucking great! Well, young lady," she
yelled down the hallway, "it doesn't take that long to
read the damn book!"

"I'm memorizing the good parts. There are a lot of
them, ya' know," came laughing reply from the closed

"Well, keep both hands on the book, damn it. You're
driving me crazy!"

A musical tinkling came back at her. "Sooorrrry."

The office door slammed shut. I wondered how the house
stayed intact with the amount of slamming and banging I
heard for the rest of the afternoon. Dinner was two
slices of bread and a piece of cheese. And ice water. I
considered soaking my dick in it.

That night we both went to bed and slept as far apart
as possible. The seconds ticked by an hour apart.


I had apparently dozed off. My alarm went off at 11:59.
One minute to Tuesday. I had set it to the Atomic Clock
in Boulder, CO. I was taking no chances on cheating.


Her alarm went off seconds later.

We lay there, letting the last 30 seconds of Hell end.

"NOW, Damn it. Fuck me, Larry. Please?"

I rolled over on top of her nude body. My iron hard
prick rested between her thighs riding up onto her
stomach. This was not going to be a finesse fuck.
Neither of us had the need - or the patience - for
that. This was going to be a race to the finish, two,
three strokes tops. I cocked my hips, moving the
throbbing head of my cock to nudge against her swollen
cunt. I was all set to go, but first, I wanted to
extract a simple promise...

"Sal, give me your word we'll never do this again,"
referring to the enforced celibacy. I pressed forward
so that the tip split her lips open just slightly.

"Lar, give me your fucking cock, or we'll never do this
again." She emphasized her words with thrusts of her
hips, trying to force more of my cock into her.

Leaning heavily on my elbows, I placed my hands on her
chest and pressed her down onto the mattress. As she
couldn't slide any lower without ripping her tits off
her chest, she was foiled in her attempts to impale
herself on me. But I did move to allow the whole of my
cock head to slip inside her. The hot, tight lips of
her pussy closed around the corona. I swear it was
trying to suck me in. I tried again.

"Sal, I'm serious. This has been the hardest week of my
life. Please promise me. Never again will we withhold
sex as a punishment."

"I don't give a shit how hard you have been. It hasn't
been easy for me, either. And giving Janey that book
was a low blow, dirty. I only care that you're hard
now. Now shut up and fuck me. Or pull out and let me do

I didn't pull out. I didn't go in. I stayed very still
and kept her pinned to the bed. What had begun as a
frenzied fuck, a race to the finish, had become a
contest of wills. There suddenly seemed to be a whole
lot more at stake here than I had imagined. Why is that
always the case when it comes to women and sex?

I felt her first contractions begin as a light flutter
and then her pussy clamped down on the head of my cock.
If cunts had teeth, you could have called me Ichabod. I
knew I had to do something but the only thing I could
do was to focus on not coming myself. I centered
myself, remembering something a martial arts sensei had
told me years ago when I took karate in high school. I
emptied my mind and imagined a fist, tight around the
neck of my cock. I willed myself not to cum, squeezing
that fist tighter and tighter, blocking the egress of
the ejaculate.

I heard a gasp from Sally. It brought me back from
wherever I had been in my mind. I was afraid I had hurt her. I opened my eyes to find her looking up at me, a
startled look in her eyes. Her face was wet, as if she
had been crying, or more likely, I had been. As I
became more aware, I felt that my whole body was
drenched in sweat. Her face was covered in my sweat
that had dripped down off my face above hers.

I looked down at my hands that had been holding onto
her soft breasts, fearful of the damage I had done to
them. They were a good inch off her chest. She was not
pinned to the mattress, yet she had not moved down my

"OK, Uncle. You win. I promise we will never again
withhold sex from each other in anger or punishment.
Now," she looked up at me with concern, "if you're OK,
can we do it now?"

"Yes, Love." I shoved into her as gently as I could,
but it still felt like a yard engine shuttling freight
cars in a rail yard. She came in two strokes. I heard a
cry from underneath me, and an echo in the doorway.
Turning my head, I saw Janey standing in the door,
trembling, sharing the force of her mother's orgasm. As
it subsided, I called her over to the bed. She needed
to be held.

They came three more times before I let go of the fist
around my cock. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, really.
The next two orgasms they experienced were one on top
of the other. It was the last one that took a while.
The immediate edge was off and she made me work for
this one. When I came, I flooded her.

"Oh, God, Sally. I'm cumming. I'm cummmmmming."

"Yes. Yessss, oh yess. OH GOD! Are you pissing in me?
What's going on? Oh. Oh. I'm cumming too, you bastard.

I hadn't peed in a bed since I was three. Even at camp.
I didn't this time either. It was all cum. It had
sprayed into her for a good 10 to 15 seconds. Not like
a series of pulses. More like a fire hose. Second
mattress in a week we would have to replace. The
furniture guys were going to love me. Maybe I could get
a quantity discount.

Later, resting, we three snuggled. It was different,
but great, having two blonde heads on my chest. They
were both very still. Finally, Janey piped up,

"What the heck was that, a car wreck? Remind me not to
take marriage counseling from you two."

I looked over at Sally. "What does she mean, a car

Sally tilted her head up to look at me. "You are much
more of a man than I gave you credit for, Larry
Sampson," she started quietly. "You know I have always
prided myself on my strength, my will. But I am an
amateur compared to you." I must have looked confused.

"You remember the ice water you dumped on her last
week? And then you dumped it on yourself? Janey and I
were both about to lose it that first morning. There
was so much sexual tension in the air, and it was
acting like an amplifier. Or maybe it was because you
were there, too, adding your tension, your male tension
to the mix that made it worse. Anyway, we were this
close to jumping you. Seriously. Fuck the bet, fuck the
punishment, and fuck the agreement. After only one day,
we were going crazy. Then, when the water hit you, we
both felt something inside of us, too, and we knew
there was a link to you. One strong enough we could
hang onto, to make us stronger. To help us get through
this last week."

Janey piped up and continued, "Remember those nights
after the attack, when you sat with me? I knew you were
there. At first it felt strange, having someone else
other than mom on the link, but I didn't realize until
now that that's how I knew you were there. It wasn't
that strong at first, but I could feel the good in you.
You didn't try to come inside my head and get at me
like the doctors were doing. You just sat there, night
after night, showing me the way out, waiting for me
when I was ready. Then that last night, you kind of
fell asleep and the link got really strong. When I
reached out and touched your hand, I could, well, talk
to you, sort of. It's hard to explain. But even then,
in your imagination or your dreams you didn't think of
me in a scary way. All you could think of was how many
great and wonderful things I would do. And you really
liked that blue suit," she finished, teasing me gently.

Sally picked up the explanation. "But it's not just
that. Janey and I have found that our link is stronger
when you are around, like you're an amplifier, or
something. Not all the time, but when you are feeling a
simple emotion, like anger or love, or when you're
really focused, the effect you have can be really

"Like now, I was just beginning to orgasm - Janey, too
- when it was sucked out of me, I mean us. It just went
away. I don't know how I know, but you drained that
energy from us. I can't fight that kind of strength,
the kind you have in you. If you were any other man, I
would be afraid for my life. As it is, I'm not sure."

"I see, a car wreck." I thought a minute. "Sally, why
did you fight me on giving your word? We both know it
isn't good for us to do that. Why resist?"

"I've never not been in control. I've always had to be
the person in control sexually. Except when, well, you
know... Having to rely on you for the strength to do
something I have been capable of doing all my life
hurt. I got mad, angry at you, even though I was the
one who was weak. I just wanted, needed to have it on
my terms."

"Sally, you know I would never dream of hurting you. I
didn't even know what was going on, what I was doing. I
was just trying to be strong for you, to prove to you
that I was worthy of your love and trust. I didn't mean
to frighten you or ridicule you. Please, forgive me. If
I suck anything else out of you, please, tell me to
stop. Unless," and I broke into my Marx Brother's
voice, "of course, I'm busy between your legs...."

"Eeewww, gross" and "Oh, Larry, not in front of Janey"
comments were accompanied by twin elbow in my sides.

As we drifted off I reminded the girls that the next
day was going to be another family Day. I got mixed
reviews, but nothing that really indicated trouble. The
two petite blondes snuggled into me, two hands slipped
down and cradled my cock. Not to elicit a response,
although there was a predictable one, but more in a
cuddly way. I decided not to object, and closed my

It was the first good night's sleep we had had in a

Chapter 20

The next morning I rousted the two sleeping beauties
out of bed at 6:30; late for me, early for them. We had
a lot of work to do today, and that called for an early

Janey was in good spirits, but Sally resented the time
away from my cock. She felt I owed it to her. I felt
differently. You don't make up for things lost due to
discipline. Else, why bother? If you're going to get it
later, why bother keeping it from you now. That was one
reason I didn't like to use sex as a tool of
discipline, at least the withholding of it as a
punishment. Actually, I think she just woke up in a
piss-poor mood. She had a bad case of the grumpies, but
tough shit.

After a light breakfast, granola and yogurt, juice and
coffee, I bundled the two dwarfs, Happy and Grumpy and
both Sleepy, into the Jeep and headed to the 'back 40'.

Sally's property extended a couple of miles back into
the rolling hills. There was one spot in particular I
had in mind, a miniature box canyon not too far back. I
loaded shovels and burlap sacks into the back of the
Jeep, along with a basket lunch I had prepared the
night before and some other supplies. Sally grumbled
when she saw the lunch basket, as that told her this
was not going to be a short drive in the country. In
other words, no fucking for at least five hours. She
was not a happy camper.

Janey had been so excited to go into her room to see
what attire I had picked out for them. Her disappointed
face was priceless as she and Sally emerged in sturdy
Levi jeans, suitably tight, of course, heavy work
shirts, leather gloves, boots, a baseball cap and worst
of all, underwear. Not the frilly kind, but sturdy
cotton panties and heavy duty sports bras. No flashing
today. I just smiled, and told Janey I thought she
looked nice in those clothes. I was telling her the
truth, and she knew it. It helped.

We bounced overland in the Jeep to the canyon I had in
mind. I unloaded the shovels and sacks and divided them
into three piles. I demonstrated how to fill the sacks
with sand from the nearby dry creek bed and tie them
off. It isn't difficult, but after the first two or
three, it becomes monotonous. Then it's just plain
backbreaking work. There were a couple of hundred bags
to fill.

Janey and I finished our sacks at about the same time.
I was more than a little surprised that she kept up
with me. I was carrying the filled sacks over to
another spot close by and was stacking them in a wall
about waist high or a bit higher. It got hotter as the
sun rose, and I took my shirt off, as did Janey. She
smiled at me as I slowly appreciated her sweat-soaked
sports bra that fit snuggly around her firm chest. She
was openly appreciating my bare chest, as well. I keep
in shape, but it was still nice to be admired by
someone that young and firm.

We were leaning on our shovels, resting, waiting for
Grumpy to get a move on, when the rebellion started. It
had been apparent that Sally wasn't keeping up and now
she wasn't working at all. Her gloves were off, and she
was staring at us defiantly. Staring at me, anyway.

"Are you going to finish those, Sally? We're about done

"Are you going to make me? Why the fuck are we doing
this, anyway? If you're done, you can do these. I'm
tired. I want to go home."

"Sally, just because I'm in charge today doesn't mean
you can act like a little kid. That was last week. This
week we're doing something different, OK?"

"Screw you, Mister 'I'm-in-charge.' I wanted to stay in
bed and make love today, but, nooooo, you had to be in
charge. Well, I don't like it, and you can't make me.
I'm horny, I'm angry, I'm tired. Three strikes and I'm
out of here."

She stood there, daring me to do something. So I did.

I walked over to her smiling, and took her into my
arms, hugging her. She gave a little sob and grabbed me
around my waist. I turned her by the shoulder and
walked her a ways away from where we were standing over
to the stacks of filled sandbags. We stood there,
facing into the canyon, listening to the quiet. I
didn't know what to say. I was pissed, but I waited
until my anger was under control.

I tugged her around in front of me, so that we were
both facing the same way, her back nestled into my
front. Spooning, standing up. I slowly began a major
campaign on her breasts, building gradually, squeezing
and pinching, to good effect. When my hands undid her
Levi's there was no resistance left in her. She didn't
even look around for Janey.

As soon as her white cotton panties cleared her hips I
bent her forward over the sandbags. Her boots left the
ground by a couple of inches and I stripped the pants
down over the boots, but not off. That would take too
much time. After grabbing and simply ripping her
panties off, I moved her feet as far apart as I could
and then gave them purchase on the lower tier of bags.

I lowered my zipper and released my swollen cock from
confinement. I dipped it in the slit of her cunt,
teasing her. Seriously, I had no intention of going
that route after her insolent behavior. Her tight
little asshole was just looking at me, begging for some
attention. Besides, the little devices the Rosen's had
implanted around it should have been loaded with the
sexual enhancer by now.

Without warning, I aimed and pressed home the head of
my cock.

"NOOONOOOONOOOO. Larry, please, not there. OH GOD, It's
too big, I'm not ready. OHH Larry
OOOOOEEEEEIIIIiiSSHHIITT. What's happening to me?
OHHHHh yyyeesss!"

I figured the little suckers that had been implanted at
the clinic had just kicked in. Thank you, Drs. Rosen.
Sally clamped her anal sphincter down hard on my cock
and nearly snapped it off. It took lot of effort, on
both our parts, but I finally buried the full length of
my shaft in her rear canal. She screamed like a banshee
each time she felt my heart beat. She could feel the
pulse in her tightly stretched anal ring, and just that
small amount of added pressure pumped a little more of
the sexual enhancer into her system. She just kept
going higher and higher and higher. There was no limit
to the altitude on this rocket, and the first stage
still had a lot of fuel to burn.

It was one of the noisiest fucks we had ever had. Part
way through, Janey came up behind me and reached around
me to hold my chest, her chest against by bare back.
Every time her mother would climax, she would dig her
fingernails into my pectoral muscles. Since Sally came
nearly every time the pressure on the anal sphincter
changed, I was a mass of scratches by the time we were
finished. Janey's hand wandered down to where I joined
her mother. I don't know if she was aware I had taken
Sally anally or not, but as she felt the juncture and
realized the port of entry was farther south than she
was expecting, I heard her suck in her breath.

I slowly moved my body forward, driving myself back
into the dark recesses of that clasping hole. Janey's
hand was trapped between our sweating bodies. I stayed
buried until I felt her hand leave my body and venture
to Sally's. Her fingers moved lightly over the vacant
cunt and finally found her mother's center. Janey
caressed the excitable button to its fullest height and
then flicked it incessantly with her agile fingers
while I plowed the back forty. Together we gave Sally
the orgasmic experience of her life to that moment.

I felt a small hand cup my balls from behind and gently
massage them. A slight push, and a thumb penetrated my
own asshole. I had done this before and knew what was
coming. I started spewing my seed deep into Sally as
the thumb fucked my ass and pressed on my prostate.

When my cock lost its stiffness, I pulled out of Sally
with a slight sucking sound. I cleaned her up with her
torn panties, and handed them to Janey to wipe her
hand. Then I wiped myself off and zipped up. While we
waited for Sally to come back to us, Janey took a towel
and went to a nearby stream for some water.

When Sally did move, she pulled her pants up sans
panties, tucked her shirt in and turned around. She
kept her head bowed and kind of leaned into my
scratched chest. When she spoke, there was a tinge of
awe in her hurt voice.

"Was that you? Did you make me cum like that? What's
happening to me? It's never been like that before!"

I held her tight. As much as I wanted to take the
credit, I said, "I think you can thank the Rosen Clinic
for that."

"Janey too?"


"God, when she discovers how good it is up the ass,
we'll never have grandchildren."

She then turned to go, but stopped. "Larry? About what
happened just now? The sex was great, and I deserved to
get it up the ass the way I was behaving and all, but,
well, it still hurt me in here." She pointed to her
chest. "I don't like to feel like that."

I knew what she meant. Something had come between us,
but I didn't know what it was, or what to do about it,
but it was there and it was serious. Keeping her head
bowed, she turned and went back to work on her sacks,
completing them in short order.

I stacked up the sacks to form a protective barrier for
anyone standing behind it. I got a large wooden box
from the Jeep and set it on top of the barrier. From
the box I took two smaller, polished wooden boxes and
placed one in front of each of them.

Curiosity finally got to them and they opened the
beautiful mahogany boxes to reveal compact, but lethal
9mm pistols. We went through a very thorough course on
gun handling, gun safety, loading, aiming, carrying,
and so on. There wasn't a live round to be found in any
of the supplies in front of them, however. I was taking
no chances.

They were good students. When I was convinced they were
ready, which was long after they thought they were, I
got another box from the Jeep and produced safety
goggles and ear protectors. Then we loaded the guns one
at a time with real bullets. One would shoot, the other
would watch. Then they would switch. There was only one
gun loaded at a time, and it was always pointed down

A 9mm is normally a big gun for a woman, but I thought
they could handle it. Both had excellent hand and arm
strength. The particular model I selected is downsized
in the grip, and had been designed to be used as a
backup weapon for cops. It was light and sturdy. If
they ever needed to use it, the 8 rounds it carried
were going to be enough.

For the finale of the morning, I produced two man-
shaped targets and said the winner got their choice of
seats for the event of the afternoon. Janey turned out
to be the better marksman. At first, she objected to
shooting at silhouettes of human figures. Sally held up
her hand to stop her from shooting, walked down to the
target, and in big lipstick letters, wrote 'Steven'
across the figure.

I was shocked at what she had done. Janey just got
quiet, as she realized, suddenly, just how serious this
was. Her next 8 shots tore the crotch out of the
target. Everything after that landed in the chest. I
made a mental note not to get her angry with me. When
she was mad, she was cold-blooded and an excellent
shot. I wondered if I should have armed them at all.

On the next target, Sally was hitting very close to her
daughter's score, and with a couple of good shots on
the two remaining rounds, could win. Janey held up her
hand to stop the shooting, went down to the target and
scrawled 'Larry' on the silhouette and drew an
oversized phallus at the crotch. She proudly strutted
back, thinking she had shaken her mother and that she
would retain the highest score.

Sally stared at the target for the longest time, and
then slowly laid her gun on the sacks, conceding
defeat, an unfamiliar sad and hurt look in her eye.

It was an uneasy moment for all of us. Sometimes it
just doesn't pay to win.



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