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This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you
are offended by graphic descriptions of natural and/or
unnatural sexual acts, if you are underage, or if this
type of material is illegal where you are, don't read
any further.

This is a fantasy. You will have to loosen your clench
on reality a little when you read it. This is a tale in
which physical acts and human responses are not limited
to, nor necessarily based in, reality. Some acts and
responses in this story may be physically impossible
and/or physiologically improbable.

Also, as is the case with most of the stories in this
newsgroup, all the women in this story are beautiful -
gorgeous, even. Gravity has not caused breasts to
droop nor have wrinkles creased unblemished faces. The
men (the leading men, at least) are hung like bulls.
They can get it up and keep it up often and at will.
In this special little fantasyland, there are no STDs,
morals, or unwanted pregnancies. Guilt is a four-
letter word. Most important of all, neither strength
of character, courage of convictions, nor moral belief
stand a chance against any erotic stimulus. This can
be as benign as an accidental glimpse of a bared ankle
or as stimulating as a whipping on the genitals.

For those of you who didn't understand the preceding
statements, GO AWAY!

This story is intended for the salacious entertainment
of consenting adults. Do not try to do any of the
things described in this story. You could injure
yourself or your partner, be arrested, or shot by her

If you are under 18 years of age, GO AWAY! This story will burn your eyeballs and fry your brain.

If material of a strong sexual nature is prohibited
where you are, GO AWAY!

By continuing, the reader accepts all responsibility
for any disgust, revulsion, jail sentences, or pleasure
that results from reading this story. If you don't, GO

You have been warned!

If you enjoy this story and feel the urge to post it on
a <free> site, at least give me (NightShade) credit for

So, stick your tongue firmly in your cheek and enjoy
the story!....:)



by NightShade
Chapter 41

In typical Washington fashion, the round robin of
social events was designed just like a cutthroat style
athletic competition, where everyone tries to screw
everyone else in order to advance to the next round.
Yet all the time smiling and nodding as if enjoying
themselves. I suppose some people could actually enjoy
it, but it seemed a bit bloodthirsty to me. It was,
however, apparently the system the people inside the
Beltway were most comfortable with. I figured screwing
other people was the only way they knew how to do

The format for the competition was that the first big
bash would be for everybody. From that event, a
selected few would advance to another, more exclusive
event the next night. The larger group, the losers,
who would never know of the more exclusive function,
attended a formal dinner scheduled the next evening.
They would return home the following morning, fat,
happy and none the wiser. They just might be active
voters, after all.

At the exclusive function, the cattle would again be
judged and from this event, even fewer couples would be
selected for the next level, this one with lofty
personages who, although technically called public
servants, never seemed to find time for either the
public nor to serve.

The winners of the judging at that semi-final event got
to mingle in the same atmosphere with the highest of
the land, the President and First Lady and their guests
of honor, usually heads of state or Nobel Prize
winners. From the gene pool selected for this
particular cattle drive that Nicole and I were
attending, it was obviously not anticipated that there
would be any winners for the grand prize, but rules are
rules, so there was an outside chance of a winner.

Scoring at the first big bash was varied and was based
on pretty much what you would expect for a beauty
contest. Could they walk upright, was their fly
closed, was there any spinach stuck between their
teeth? Bonus points were given for complete sentences,
the more consecutive sentences strung together, the
better. Humorous anecdotes received a huge bonus,
unless they were old ones everyone knew or were
obscene. A well-told titillating off-color story scored extremely high, however.

The scoring at the each successive level was a
magnitude tougher than at the previous level, as was
the determination for the grand prize tougher still.
One had to be careful not to appear more intelligent or
debonair than the guests of honor, those with whom one
was being allowed to hobnob at each particular soiree,
while still appearing interesting and post-Cro-Magnon.

Nicole took to this atmosphere like crabgrass to my
lawn in spring. Probably 99.9% of the people there had
no clue what was going on. Nicole not only figured it
out, she spotted the scorers. I had never seen her so
vitalized, so challenged, so French. This was her
element. Apparently they taught this stuff in
kindergarten in her country. Her countrymen and
countrywomen had invented this little game that was
being played all around us. She went after it like it
was matter of national pride to win the gold medal.

Within ten minutes of entering the ballroom, she tugged
me urgently to one side, out of earshot of the other
guests. "Lawrence, you did not tell me. What is the

I looked at her only slightly less blank than I was
still bedazzled by her beauty. When she saw I truly
didn't know what was going on, she succinctly and
patiently explained the contest, the rules as played in
the French aristocracy, and again demanded to know what
the prize was.

Still without a clue, she finally asked who was
important, who was in town? A president, a king or

I wracked my brain, sifting though the news I had
heard, both on the public news stations and what I had
heard through the Agency grapevine while I had been
there for my physical. I had heard some disturbing
news while I was there related to Gary, but nothing
about an alert for a bigwig being in town. I told her
no one. Then I asked her if Gertie had mentioned
anything to her the day before. That brought her up
short. She had known the answer all along.

"Oh, dearest Lawrence, we must win! Gertie said she
was meeting with some scientists in town and that the
president was seeing them later in the week."

Good old Gertie. She always seemed to know everything.
I asked Nicole, "So. Who are they?"

She looked at me as if I was a stupid child. "Does it
matter? We must win!"

Well, excuuuuse me!

We slipped back into the general hubbub of the
ballroom, but now, as I looked, I could see the gentle
manipulation and orchestration of the flow of the
attendees. We were being gently herded as lambs to the
slaughter so that all the players moved by the
unobtrusive outposts of the scorers. Nicole allowed us
to be moved along, but she positioned us at a point for
optimum advantage as we came in range of each station.

It happened so quickly, I had to pinch myself. A witty
quip to me, a fairytale laugh, and we were by the
judges, who were lurking like hunters in a duck blind.
Maximum points. Timing was everything in this event.
Now I was the one who was terrified. This meant so
much to Nicole, and I didn't want to blow it. She
seemed to sense my dismay and looked up at me.

"Lawrence, do not worry. Just relax and enjoy it.
This part is women's work."

The twinkle in her eyes was all the reassurance I
needed. I had a sudden urge to pick my nose, however,
which I resisted by putting my itching finger in the
small of Nicole's back, along with the rest of my hand.
She took this a sign I would follow her lead, and
Nicole was off to the races. We must win!

We made the rounds of the scorers for about 90 minutes,
then she pulled me off to the side, out of the fray.
Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes shining brightly.

"Why are we out here, Nicole? Are you feeling OK?" I
had to admit this was kind of fun. The cotillion had a
style of combat all it's own, with all the feints,
attacks and counter-attacks of a major battle.
Something told me it was not always bloodless, either,
with this much emotion at stake.

"Ah, Lawrence, so much fun I have not had in a long
time. Thank you for bringing me. But we must not, as
you say, run up the score. We have made it to the next
round. See that horrid lady with the blue hair?"
Nicole was referring to the hostess of the event and
she was being kind in her description of the old bitch.
Her silvery hair did seem to have a bluish tint to it.
"She is giving the portly gentleman his instructions.
He should be, yes, he has seen us." She looked up at
me, delightfully pleading. "We can stay an extra
night, no? I, I can help with the hotel bill,

What man could refuse such a request? I gave her
another kiss on her hand, bowing to her and her wishes
as I did so. I kept my eyes on hers as I bowed, then
lowered them to get a close up look at her exposed
cleavage. She noticed my close inspection of her bust
and moved slightly to give me a better view. I swear
she inhaled and held it to maximize their size and
shape for me. My eyes flicked back up to hers, and I
winked, a bit lasciviously. Her flush now extended
across the upper slopes of those luscious breasts I had
just ogled. She lowered her eyes from mine, then
closed them in happiness.

The portly gentleman, a long term Congressman whose
effectiveness in the House had been inversely
proportional to the length of his stay in office,
cleared his throat to get our attention. I instantly
took a dislike to this pompous lecher. He spoke to me,
but never raised his eyes above the level of Nicole's
chest. Gritting my teeth, I graciously accepted the
invitation to a formal cocktail party at the house of a
corporate magnate the following evening. I assured him
we would not mind altering our plans and inquired if we
would get to see more of him the next night. He
indicated he and his lovely wife, the blue-haired cow,
would be hosting the scheduled dinner party for the
others attending, so unfortunately we would not see him
there. Ah, yes. The losers.

When he was gone, Nicole said it would be OK to leave
now, if I wished. It was not a great distance to the
hotel and I asked if she would like to walk. She
laughed like a schoolgirl and nodded excitedly.

The evening was a delight, a warm early Spring evening,
the cherry blossoms just beginning to appear. There
was a hint of moisture on the grass as we strolled
through the park-like grounds of the nation's capital.
Nicole slipped off her shoes and went barefoot in the
grass. I carried her dainty heels for her, enjoying
the simple pleasure of her company.

"You were jealous, Lawrence."

"What do you mean?"

"When that fat man stared at my breasts. You were

I noticed he had gone from portly to fat, now that we
had made the second round.

I started to bluster a protest, but she stopped me.
"It is nice of you to care, to want to protect me. It
feels nice. But do not be jealous of the looks. It is
the way of men and women. Did you not notice when you
looked just before he did, how I helped you, encouraged
you to look? Did you not notice I enjoyed your looking
at me?"

I nodded my head that I had.

"And did you see me helping him? I did not, but you
did not notice, did you? You were too busy grinding
your teeth or clenching your fists, no?"

I admitted she was right, on all accounts.

She took my hand and held it in hers as we walked
along, fingers intertwined. She pulled back when she
realized she had initiated the contact, but I held her
hand fast in mine. It felt right. It fit right. She

Later that night we lay in bed together. She had come
to bed in a frilly nightgown. It was incredibly sexy
and I took great delight in removing it from her body.
I wanted her naked, and naked she remained. She sat
trembling as I caressed her, then laid her back on the
pillows. I snuggled in behind her spoon fashion and
held her, loving the feel of skin on skin.

Nicole was antsy and kept shifting. I understood she
was nervous and I just held her, not making any moves
to penetrate her or arouse her further. Still she

"Uh, Lawrence, Sally has told me of this position, that
you favor it for the cuddling time. I did not believe
her. This is not the right time, is it?" she asked

"The right time for what?" as if I didn't know what she

"You will not take me tonight. Correct, no?"

"Correct, yes."

"I, I cannot say I am not disappointed, my love, but I
will wait if I have to. However, this position, with
your wonderful equipment poised right at my entrance,
well, it excites me too much to sleep. I am always
waiting for your powerful thrust into me and I cannot
bear the wait. Please, may I?"

With that, she flipped over to face me, so that we were
both on our sides facing one another. With a gentle
touch from her, I lifted one leg to allow her to insert
one of hers between mine. She slipped her arm under
mine, trapping her close to my body, even in sleep.
Her breasts pressed tantalizingly against my chest and
my cock rested against the inner thigh of her lower
leg. Our faces were almost touching and the sweet
moist smell of her breath filled my nostrils. I felt
her hand travel up my back and soon her fingers were
entwined in my hair. I nearly shot off.

"This is much better, is it not, my Lawrence?"

I was at a loss. "Where, uh, where am I supposed to
put my hand, Nicole?" waving my free hand in the air.

She giggled. "Why, wherever you wish, Master! Can you
not reach everything better this way?" She tilted her
head back in mock surrender. "I am yours to cuddle, oh
my wonderful master!"

I took her up on it. Several hours later, we slipped
off to sleep in the same position, much more familiar
with each other's bodies.

Chapter 42

I woke up looking into the sparkling blue eyes of a
beautiful woman. She had been lying there quietly for
some time, waiting for her Master to awaken. I leaned
down, even with morning breath, and kissed her. The
desperateness of her response stirred my blood, but I
held off taking her then and there, regardless of my
obvious desire for her. I had found that anticipation
is a wonderful thing, and it worked both ways. It
wasn't the right time. But soon.

We lay in bed for a while talking until the urgencies
of the morning forced us into the bathroom. She wanted
to wear her robe to cover that glorious body, but I
refused her all covering. Although she had been naked
in my presence before, this time she was shy and
vulnerable. I helped her into the shower and she cried
softly as I gently washed her body. It wasn't from
sadness, but rather it was a release of the emotions we
were both feeling. It was a time of intimacy for us
that surpassed the playfulness of the night before.

As she took the washcloth from me, she traced the scars
along my body. Some were faint, old reminders of dead
enemies. One was fresh, still red and livid from a
knife wound. When she had cleaned all of me but my
erect member, she looked up at me questioningly. She
had cum several times the night before by my hand, but
I had not allowed her to touch me. This time I did
nothing to stop her. She shyly touched my hardened
prick and looked up. I again did nothing.

Slowly she sank to her knees, both hands now holding my
stiff cock. She explored the length and thickness of
me as if she had never seen a male member before. She
looked up once more as she began stoking me, arousing
me to climax. I did not stop her. I wouldn't have
even if I had been coherent enough to think straight.

Her hand job technique took my breath away. It was
novel to me, different from Sally's or Janey's. I had
had my share of hand jobs before, but none quite like
this. I can't exactly explain it but it seemed as if
she were using just the tips of her fingers and a lot
of fingernail to lightly scrape along the sensitized
skin. Her other hand teased the coronal rim with
feather touches. I can't say for sure, as my eyes were
shut tight, the feelings incredible.

She caught my cum in her face, moving into the line of
fire intentionally. While I was gasping, trying to
catch my breath from that indescribable experience, she
daintily wiped a glob of my cream that had collected on
her chin onto her finger and then touched it to the tip
of her tongue. Seeing she had my rapt attention, she
swirled her tongue around the end of her finger,
sucking it in a manner so sexy, I remained as hard as I
had been before. I didn't have to tap into Dr. Wang's
gadgets, either. She was simply incredible and laughed
delightedly when she saw that I had remained hard for

Leading me by my prick, Nicole guided me out of the
shower. We dried each other, then just held one
another. It was intimate, but not sexual. We simply
enjoyed the closeness of each other, the feel of her
skin on mine, her ear against my chest listening to my
heart. I enjoyed the incredible softness of the skin
of her ass cheeks, tickling her lightly as I ran my
fingers over her body. With a soft sigh, we separated,
kissed lightly and I left her to her preparations for
the day.

She dressed casually and I must have looked
disappointed as she asked if something was wrong with
the way that she was dressed. I told her no, only that
I missed seeing her naked body. She melted into my
arms, hiding her blushing face in my chest. When she
looked up, I kissed away the tiny tears of happiness in
the corners of her eyes and we went out for the day.

Nicole had not seen the new house, and since Simone was
there, we rented a car and slipped up to my old stomping grounds. She gasped in wonderment as we drove
past the open gate. It was like a park inside the
walls. The trees my father had planted all those years
ago were maturing nicely and it was a validation of his
planning that they fit in so well with the rest of the
landscaping. Nicole was delighted at every turn,
exclaiming at this arrangement, then the next.

Turning the last corner of the drive, the house loomed
suddenly in front of us. Nicole was, for once,
speechless. The house was an edifice worthy of the
architect of the palace at Versailles. It was totally
functionless, entirely ostentatious and on such a scale
as to defy any attempt at imitation. It had but one
purpose and that was to impress the Hell out of anyone
who saw it. It worked. It had given my father the
home court advantage in more than one deal that had
taken place out on the back lawn.

Sally ran out of the house when she saw the car appear.
I expected her to greet me first, but she hugged Nicole
fiercely not me, then led her into the house deep in
whispered conversation. When Sally did greet me, it
was with a glorious hug.

"You cad!" she whispered into my ear. "You're seducing
her! I should have known you would make her fall in
love with you first. I apologize for doubting you."

I hugged her back just as joyfully. "What? You were

I felt her nod against my chest. She really cared
about Nicole. It made me feel glad that she did.

Marion and Simone were out on the grounds, exploring.
Sally was expecting another contractor to arrive at any
moment, so I gave Nicole the tour. We saw the
renovations well underway in parts of the house. The
kitchen had been completely torn out. I grinned. It
had always been an awkward place. Best just to start
over. I winced as I thought how much it would cost,
but things at work were going well. It wasn't a big

Nicole knew immediately that the salon had been a
special place to me. She looked up at the tremendous
expanse of glass that went from the floor to the high
ceiling two stories above. Her fingers tightened on my
arm in a reassuring squeeze. She loved this place,

Her biggest squeal of joy came, however, in the garage.
My father had converted the old carriage house into a
monster garage. I had had the opportunity to collect a
few cars that had caught my eye here and there and I
had them stored here. I was not in Jay Leno's league,
by any means, but I had a couple of nice machines.

Nicole's delighted outburst came when she saw the
centerpiece of my collection, a Bugatti roadster.
Nicole explained to me that her Papa had raced this
exact same model in a Monte Carlo race. He had loved
that car and kept it in racing condition even after he
had stopped racing. It was his second joy, after

"But, why, Lawrence, do you not drive this wonderful
machine? It is such a waste to let it sit here, where
no one enjoys it. Machines such as this were meant to
be driven!"

"Nicole, I love this car but I cannot handle it right
now. It just isn't the right time, and I don't have
the right skills to make it fly as it should. Someday
the time will be right, and I, or someone else will
come along who can drive this car properly. Then,
well, then we'll drive it until the wheels fall off."

She looked at me in horror at the thought of the wheels
falling off that wonderful car. "That is an
expression, no? The wheels fall off?"

I laughed. "Yes, it is an expression. It means that I
would use it to its fullest capacity, until it was all
used up, but in a good way."

She gave a sigh of relief, "Oh, good. But with this
car that is many, many years away, before the wheels
fall off!"

Simone and Marion were just back from their exploring
and joined us in the garage. Marion had a bloom to her
cheeks that I hadn't seen in many years, making her
look much younger. Simone had that effect on people.
Mother and daughter hugged and I hugged Marion. I even
got a peck on the cheek from Simone, with a quick
"Thank you for making Mama happy." What man could ask
for more?

Nicole and I needed to get back to Washington for the
next round of competition, but she was reluctant to
leave the beautiful machine. It was interesting to see
her torn between two loves, the love of the car and the
love of the battle.

The battle won. This time.

Chapter 43

The second round of the festivities were held in the
disguise of a cocktail party. The venue was a large
mansion on a slight rise overlooking the Potomac River.
The competition was tougher this time, as more of the
contestants had an idea of what was going on. None,
however, had the social skills to match Nicole's. She
tittered and blinked her way into the hearts of the
most hardened judges within the first thirty minutes of
the evening. If we, meaning I, didn't blow it for the
remainder of the evening, we were a shoe-in for the
next event. I managed to smile appropriately and not
stare at all the exposed flesh that was being flaunted.
This group was definitely selected from the younger and
firmer crowd.

Nicole noticed my discomfort and the way I would
continually look away from an attractive set of tits that were on display under my nose. Other than hers.

"Lawrence, it is OK to look. In fact, it is expected.
If you do not, they will think you do not like them, or
perhaps that you do not like women in general. You
must caress the women with your eyes, seduce them as
you have done to me, my lover. Make magic with them.
`Look but don't touch' is what you say, no? It is
expected. Why do you think we wear clothes like this,
to please each other? No, my handsome man, it is to
attract the male. So be attracted, it is permitted."

What? I'm supposed to argue with that? I looked. It
became a game to let the women know I was going to
look, then look lingeringly, longingly, then grin
wickedly as I tried to convey all of the evil and
delicious things I would do to them given the chance.
Hypothetically, of course. I swear a couple of them
orgasmed as we did our imaginary copulations.

Nicole had to rescue me from one ardent belle. I had
noticed this blonde woman shifting her bodice to expose
more and more of her somewhat mediocre tits to my view,
if any set of well-displayed knockers could ever be
called mediocre. I was, however, taking home a set
that far surpassed what she was blatantly offering me.
We had made the eye sex twice now, and she was moving
in for the kill. I figured that any touching would
disqualify us from the competition, as there were no
discrete nooks, libraries, coat rooms or bed rooms
available for that kind of thing.

Nicole saw my predicament and watched for a while in
obvious delight as I squirmed. I'll admit, the blonde lady was pretty good as she maneuvered me into as
secluded a corner as could be found. How Nicole
managed to spill a full glass of red wine over the
woman's left shoulder while coming from the other
direction I'll never know. Perhaps one day she'll
teach me that trick, as it worked to perfection. The
lady wheeled, the seduction forgotten, loudly blaming
an innocent bloke who was standing behind her,
coincidentally holding an empty wineglass. Hysterical
shrieking also seemed to be grounds for
disqualification from the competition as was wearing a

About three couples were discretely pulled aside into a
separate library. We were all invited to attend a
simple dinner the following evening as the guests of
the senior US senator from my home state. I didn't
think it was the proper time to tell the senile SOB
what I really thought of him and his politics. I would
tell him with my vote. I graciously accepted his kind
invitation for Nicole and myself.

Later that evening Nicole lifted her mouth off my cock.
"You did not like this man, the senator?"

I was dumbfounded. Here I was doing my best to suck
the life out of her via her cunt, and doing a pretty
good job, too, I might add, and she was thinking about
the old lard ass? I dumped her off me. She landed
with a surprised squeak on the floor.

"Something has upset you, Master. I can tell."

She took the hand I offered her and I helped her back
into bed. We got into the position she had shown me
the night before. She started to play with me and I
gently but firmly locked her arm under mine, holding it
against my ribs.

There was a little fright in her eyes as I looked into
them. She was off balance, unsure what she had done
wrong. I leaned in and kissed her forehead letting her
know that I was not angry. Still, the frightened look
was very becoming on her. Just a little.

"You wanted to ask me something. About the senator?" I
suggested quietly.

"Yes, but it was not that important. Just a passing
thought. We were doing the `69', and were not
finished, no?" she hinted. "You are most talented,

"Obviously not talented enough, if you can interrupt
what we were doing to ask about some stupid senator,
mon Cheri."

"Ah, yes. The ego thing Sally warned me about."

"Sally what?!!!" I exclaimed. She nearly ended up on
the floor again.

"Do not be upset, Master. She warned me that you are
very focused in your sex play. She said you would give
everything you have to pleasure your woman and she was
right. You are very good. It is a pride thing with
you to make us thunder inside, that your ego makes you
work so hard to please us.

"Do not misunderstand. It is a rare gift. It is even
more wonderful to be the recipient of such a gift and
talent as you have. But if I do not divert my mind
from the feelings you give to me with your tongue and
fingers, I cannot focus on your pleasure. I do not
wish to bite your equipment and I have had to think of
many things tonight, dearest Lawrence, to keep from
forgetting you in my ecstasy."

"You expect me to believe that?" I asked

"No. But Sally said to try."

I laughed. "Are you going to tell me what the real
reason is?"

She looked at me intensely, boring into my eyes with
hers as if trying to ascertain if I could handle the
truth. Apparently I could.

"Lawrence, men are different from women. I mean in
other ways, not like that. I am desperately trying not
to fall in love with you, but I am losing. Understand
please, each time you make me thunder inside, I love
you more. It is too fast, this tumbling of my
emotions. I am uncertain of your intentions, if you
will accept me. Yes, you love me as a woman, but will
you accept me as your slave, as you have done with
Sally? It is a bigger commitment than marriage.

"So I think of chores, changing diapers, anything
distasteful to take my mind from the pleasure you give
to me."

"And the senator was the most distasteful thing you
could think of?"

"Yes, by far."

"Well, to answer your original question, I agree."

We lay in silence for some time.

"Nicole, if you feel this is going too fast, I'll slow
down. I'm sorry to have frightened you."

"Ah, Master, Sally knows you so well. I am a little
jealous. She said you would say that, too. It is not
your fault, or problem, this fear I have. Do you not
know how much I want this to work, how much I love you
already? We know, Sally and I, what it is we are
asking of you. It is me who does not want to frighten
you away."

With that, she pulled her arm free and moved down my
body. I let her capture my cock with her mouth and
satisfy the hunger she had to make me cum. The second
time took her longer, but she was determined. When I
still remained hard, she groaned and started in again a
third time. I lifted her off and brought her face back
to mine.

I kissed her salty lips, a mixture of sweat, tears and
my own cum. "Enough, Nicole. You won't frighten me
off. The concept of one woman is frightening enough,
and two is terrifying. But I trust Sally. I'm
beginning to trust you. I like you, I like what I have
learned of you the last few days."

I held her tight to me until we drifted off. She
wasn't the only one who was scared.

Chapter 44

In the morning shower, I made it thunder for her again.
She held my head against her as she came time after
time from my tongue and fingers. It was a statement of
her trust in me. It scared the shit out of me.

We spent the day in bed reading, touching, and talking.
Well, not much reading. Or talking, either for that
matter. We found each other's special spots, those
areas that did certain things to us. I still did not
penetrate her, and she accepted that it would happen in
my time. It was a major step for her in her acceptance
of me as her true master.

That evening's dinner saw us seated across and apart
from one another. We were both on trial tonight. She
may have gotten us this far, but from here on out, we
were in it together. She would glance down the long
table at me from time to time and flash me her
wonderful smile. She was not worried. I relaxed and
enjoyed the dinner, the conversation and the company.
Well, the food was OK, anyway.

We left the dinner without an invitation. I could tell
she was disappointed, but she refused to allow anyone
the satisfaction of seeing just how much it had meant
to her. That night, when she came to our bed in the
hotel room, she knelt beside me rather than lying down.
She was offering me something.

She had a collar, one of Sally's old ones if I didn't
miss my bet. The medallion was missing, but I
recognized the workmanship.

"You know that if I put that on you, there will be no
sex tonight?" I asked her.

She nodded. "Yes, Master. Sally told me..."

"Damn it, woman! Is there anything you two haven't
discussed?" I demanded.

"I don't think so, Master, not when it concerns you.
We both love you very much. You are the most important
thing to us, even more than our daughters in many ways.
Of course we talk about you, how to please you, how you
will react to this and that. She has said you would
not take me the first time under the collar. I accept
that, but you may if you wish to take me this way. I-I-
I need this tonight, Master. Forgive me for being so

I took the collar from her shaking hands. I locked it
around her throat. It was a bit tighter than it had
been on Sally, but apparently they had tried it out.
She didn't gasp or choke.

I sat up in the bed, propped up against the headboard.
I spread my legs. I nodded at my groin. "Head Time,"
was all I said.

The room lit up with her smile. She locked her hands
behind her back, one hand holding the other wrist
tightly. She bowed before me and swallowed just the
head of my cock into her mouth.

With her in position - and quiet - I began talking to
her. I told her my thoughts and dreams, what I
envisioned our life becoming. I told her where I
thought the problems would be and what I was planning
on doing to prevent them. I talked of my clients,
listing them by name so she would become familiar with

Once or twice she started to rise to address some
issue. I held her head firmly in place. She realized
she was to listen. I was telling her things I had
never told anyone, not even Sally. I felt the tears
washing over the base of my cock. At first I thought
my forcing her to stay in that position hurt her. I
reached out with my senses to touch her.

I hadn't been able to do that with her much. It was as
if she didn't have much to sense, like her sense was
hibernating, hidden inside. This time, whether it was
because we were touching or because she was more open
to me, I could feel her better. I sensed that her
tears were tears of joy and satisfaction. I was
trusting her with my dreams. They were shared between
us, and no one else. She would treasure them forever.

I kept her at Head Time for a long time. I was sure
her mouth ached, but she never broke. When I took her
off she thanked me for allowing her the honor. Nicole
remained kneeling between my legs, her head bowed down
touching the mattress. She needed more. I reached out
with my sense to her and found her open and waiting for
me. I sensed her better than ever before.

I saw what she needed, as if she had drawn me a
picture. I bound her hands behind her back using one
of my ties. I tied her ankles the same way. I
positioned her across the foot of the large bed, her
head where my feet would go. I gagged her with my last

I could see the glowing aura around her now. This was
what she wanted, to be possessed, to be bound and used.
It released her as nothing else.

I slipped my feet under her head so that she could use
my ankles for a pillow. Not the softest body part, by
far, but she wasn't concerned with comfort. I lay back
and shut my eyes, listening to her soft moans, letting
her sing me to sleep with them. She was not in pain,
but was experiencing a tremendous release of built up
tensions, fears and frustrations. I had accepted her,
bound her as if I owned her and had put her in a place
of submission. She felt wanted, needed and loved.

I woke to the quiet, but insistent knocking on the
hotel door. I looked at the clock. 6:00 AM. God! Who
could be this inconsiderate?

I threw open the door to reveal not only myself, but
the freshly scrubbed face of a White House intern.
Believe me, they are not all as ugly or fat as Monica.
This one was a slender girl, probably 18 years of age,
of African-American descent. She was a cute girl, and
at the moment her eyes were fixed on the sight of my
hard cock.

Suddenly remembering her task, she offered me a silver
tray that held a sealed envelope. My name was embossed
across the front and the flap was sealed with the
Presidential Seal. The hand written card inside
invited me and a guest (vetted, of course) to be in
attendance at a presidential reception this evening.
It was signed by the President.

The intern had remained standing in the doorway,
waiting for a reply. She had gumption, this one, and I
immediately liked her. She had fastened her gaze on a
sconce on the far wall behind me and had not wavered
from that stare. I told her we would be honored
attend. She told me a limo would pick us up at 6:00
sharp in the lobby.

With one more lingering look at my cock she turned to
go. Just as she turned, I caught her eye and winked.
She grinned, shook her head in disbelief, and said,
"They'd never believe me if I told them. Nobody gets
this lucky." A generous laugh, and she shut the door.
I felt flattered.

Nicole was waiting where I had left her. She couldn't
really go anywhere tied the way she was. I sat down on
the bed, holding the envelope and invitation where she
couldn't see. With a little effort, I lifted her and
laid her across my lap in a spanking position. She
realized what I was doing and began a mock struggle,
doing more rubbing against my cock and elevating her
ass than trying to get away.

The first firm swat of that ass felt glorious. I think
we both groaned in delight. After the second swat, I
laid the envelope in front of her face so she could
read my name. After a couple more swats, I flipped it
over so she could see the waxed seal. It wasn't until
she read the note, though, that she realized we had won
the grand prize. Her ass was a rosy red when I stopped
swatting her. She didn't care.

When I released her she flew into my arms, sobbing
happily. I'm not sure if it was the spanking, the
bondage or the invitation that made her so aggressive
in the shower that morning, but I didn't care. I let
her thank me all she wanted. It was great.

After our shower, Nicole was a snake-ball of nervous
tension. She couldn't even eat. Getting there was the
prize, getting asked back was the ultimate. I didn't
have access to the services I would have normally used
for Sally and Janey, so I asked Nicole if she would
allow me to help her relax. She misunderstood and
immediately her hand went to my crotch, grabbing my
prick. Her face was a study in puzzlement as I tried
to explain that's not what I meant.

Again, I asked her if I could help her. She nodded,
unsure of what I had planned. First, I drew her a hot
bath, using all the oils and fragrances the hotel
provided. I helped her disrobe, always a joy, and step
into the hot steaming water. Although she had just
gotten out of the shower, she relished the idea of a
hot bath. I told her to wait, then called room
service. It was a long call.

Soon, breakfast arrived. I served to her in the
bathroom what I hoped was a typical French breakfast of
croissants, marmalade, and steaming coffee. In the
meantime, the rest of my order arrived and was set up
in the other room.

When she came out of the tub, I dried her. She tried
to protest, but I stopped her with a soft kiss. It was
hard for her, I think, but she let me. I wrapped her
in a heated robe, then led her to the other room. The
robe came back off as I helped her up onto a massage

She sighed in obvious pleasure as I rubbed the scented
oils into her skin. I wasn't an expert by any means,
but I knew enough to be very effective. She was almost
numb when I slipped her over onto her back.

As I touched her erogenous zones, I could feel the
tensions building up inside her. Using my sensing
skills, I teased her ever higher, in imperceptibly
small steps. I had all day for this and I was going to
help her relax.

I touched her clit lightly, then flicked it back and
forth. She deflated like a toy balloon. All the
tension and anxiety flooded out of her with that
release. I lifted her limp body in my arms and carried
her back to the bath. The recycle feature of that spa
had kept the water temperature high. This time I got
in the tub behind her and held her head above the
surface as we soaked.

She slept for some time, floating in a blissfully
relaxed state. I enjoyed holding her quiet body,
keeping her safe. She rolled over in my arms, still
slippery from the massage oils.

"Thank you, Lawrence. Master. You are a strange and
wonderful man. I only hope I will not disappoint you,
tonight or ever."

"I doubt that you ever will, Nicole. You are very

She spent the remainder of the afternoon in the hotel
beauty salon. I told her she didn't need it, but she
insisted. I don't know what she paid, but when I saw
her later, it had been worth it. She looked fabulous.

As she was finishing her preparations, I slipped up
behind her. I unlocked the old leather collar and put
a jeweled choker around her neck. I had been able to
slip out while she was in the salon.

"I will replace this later with one like Sally's, but
for now, know you are mine. My command to you tonight
is to be the most outstanding woman ever to impress the
President or his guests. If you have any questions,
look to me. I will decide for you."

Her hand reached up to touch the choker. I watched in
the mirror as she caressed it lightly with her fingers.
My cock was jealous of that touch. I felt a wonderful
sense coming from her. She was happy. Wonderfully,
gloriously happy. She would do her utmost to please me
tonight, and always.

I wondered at the increase in my sensitivity to her
link. I would have to talk with Sally about this. I
also wondered what Gertie would say about all this link
stuff. I would probably end up dissected on a lab
table if I told her about it. Still, it seemed that as
Nicole opened up a little and became more comfortable
with me I could sense her better. When I thought back,
pretty much the same thing had happened with Sally and
Janey. Now, with Nicole, it happened sooner because I
was aware of it and didn't pass it off as indigestion
or something.

The limo was waiting as we exited the elevators at
exactly 6:00. A hush fell over the lobby of this busy
hotel as an angel passed through it. I was blessed. I
got to accompany her. She had on a red velvet dress
that was held up more by imagination than any physical
law. My choker was her only adornment, other than her
charm, beauty, intelligence and the palpable gaze of
any man fortunate enough to glimpse her. I had
wondered why she had insisted on carrying her wrap.
Now I knew. She was just testing the hardware.

She squeezed my hand as sat in the back of the car.

"A little. You testing me or the effects of that
dress, Madame?"

"I am glad you are not blindly jealous, Lawrence. A
little bit is good, it heats the bed at night, no? Too
much, well, it is not good. I saw you watching the men in the hotel. Look at me next time, it will help ease
some of hard feelings you have for the men who look at
me. And who enjoy it more than you think they should."

It was going to be hard to share her, but she was
confident I could. I would do my damnedest.

Chapter 45

The limo took us to an airfield. A White House
helicopter was waiting and airlifted us on the short
ride to our destination. Nicole was looking around in
concern as the city disappeared behind us. My
reassuring smile did not ease it.

"Where, where are we going? I cannot see the monuments

"I think we are headed to Camp David. The President
was reported to be staying there this week."

"A camp? Mon Dieu! I have overdressed."

"My darling Nicole, there is no way anyone could accuse
you of being overdressed in that gown!" I laughed at
her. She did not appreciate the humor.

The helicopter settled down on a wide expanse of lawn.
In deference to Nicole's perfect hair, the marine
corporal let the blades spin down completely before he
opened the door. She favored the corporal with an
enticing view of her assets. I received an undeserved
crisp salute as I exited the helicopter.

"At ease, corporal."

"That would be difficult at the moment, sir. I'm at
attention all over," he quipped back.

I shot him an amazed look.

He grinned and finished with an emphatic, "Thank you,
sir!" I had the feeling he really was thankful. Maybe
this sharing thing could work out after all.

It proved to be a night of predictability as well as
one of surprises. It was predictable in that Nicole
wowed the other guests with her charm and her beauty.
It was almost comical when one of them, a French
physicist who had won the Nobel Prize a few years back,
recognized and remembered Nicole from her time at the
University. Apparently her admirers had long memories.

"Mademoiselle Nicole! What an honor to see you again!"
came an accented shout across the room.

Nicole stiffened in recognition and muttered "Merde"
under her breath before slipping a charming smile on
her face and going out to meet the man. I was dragged
along as an insurance policy, her arm tightly linked in

"Mon Dieu, how you have grown! And what a beauty you
have become! Gaston!" he called to his colleague,
"come and meet Nicole Le Brech, a student of mine from
the University."

Loudly the two old distinguished gentlemen reminisced
with Nicole, much of the time in French. Lusting after
her young body had not stopped the professors from
encouraging her academically. The physicist had
actually followed her career and knew she held several

I was highly entertained. On several fronts. First,
it became obvious that the people who had vetted Nicole
had no idea who she really was. They must have cleared
her based on my relationship with her, which was a huge
no-no. It felt good they were so confident in my
abilities, but heads were going to roll on this one.

Second, the President and First Lady were left
floundering like us common folk as they found their
information on her was sorely inadequate. They didn't
know she spoke French, they didn't even know she was
French, they didn't know she was a Ph.D., they didn't
know she knew the guests of honor, they didn't know
shit. I could see their eyes glaze over as the tightly
scripted evening they had planned went out the window.

Third, Nicole was begging me, pleading to me with her
eyes to rescue her. She would glance over and I would
give her the most `I'm not jealous' look I could
manage. She finally caught on that I was teasing her
and started to glare at me in anger. I simply reached
up and touched a finger to my neck, reminding her of
her collar. Her eyes widened as I nodded at the two
scientists. She understood. She had been too worried
to charm them.

That changed almost immediately. She deftly took
charge and began directing the conversation down less
technical paths, and doing it in English. Finally, she
had them relating ribald anecdotes of French University
politics that had everybody in stitches. I noticed it
was she that had initially mentioned a particularly
memorable tale from her time at the University and had
asked her professor to relate the story, as she
couldn't quite remember all of it.

She slipped away from the enthralled crowd gathered
around the two storytellers and came back to my side.
Looking up at me she said, "Thank you, Master, for
reminding me of my place."

The First Lady, a notorious champion of women's rights,
had been standing directly behind Nicole as she had
addressed me. She had come over to speak with Nicole
and had heard Nicole refer to me as `Master.' From her
thunderous countenance, I couldn't tell which direction
this was going to go. The First Lady gave me a
murderous glance, which I ignored. I understood it was
at my own peril to do so.

"That was nicely done, Miss Le Brech. Nicely done." I
think she meant it as a compliment.

Nicole, back in her element, turned on her charm. The
First Lady gave me another black glance as she took
Nicole with her into her own private area of influence.
I wandered the room, mingling with the guests.

So far, like I said, it had been pretty predictable.
The first surprise of the evening came when Gertie
showed up at my side.

"Gertie! I didn't know you came to these things."

"I don't. This is the first time I've been here in 10
years. They always ask me to the scientific and
medical shindigs, but I never come. When they called
to chat about you, for me to clear you, well, I
mentioned it might be a good idea if I was here, too,
just in case. They were more than happy to let me come

"Just in case of what?" I asked suspiciously.

"Oh, nothing. Well, nothing much. Oh, Hell, you know
how it is. You say this, and then you say that and
suddenly they think that maybe some of those drugs we
gave you way back then might flare up at any moment,
especially in times of stress...."

"Gertie, you didn't! Is that why I have a shadow?" I
nodded to my right, indicating a husky fellow who had
been ghosting me all evening.

"Yep. Him, too," she grinned, indicating the other one
I had pegged as security on me. "The little guy has a
tranquilizer gun full of some of the most amazing
stuff. You'd love it! Sure you don't want to flip
out? Just a little? I've been dying for a chance to
try this new mixture out on a human. The rats we
tested just kind of lay there and flopped around. It's
most entertaining."

Her eyes glittered in glee and she was enjoying herself
way too much. Careful not to show too much emotion, I
shook my head. "So why are you here, really?"

"Honestly? I wouldn't have missed this for the world.
You are a very important man to me. I wouldn't want
anything to happen to you now, after all I have
invested in you. By the way, there were some
interesting results on your physical. You haven't had
any, uh, unreported surgery or, uh, um, implants have

I blushed and the guy went for the tranquilizer gun.
Not wanting to get carted out of the room, I
immediately went into my relaxation techniques I had
learned to control my special senses. My breathing
slowed and my heart rate moderated as I sought the
quiet of that inner place. Instinctively I thought of
the beach and the sandcastles. It worked better than
it ever had before.

"Most impressive, Mr. Sampson. Most impressive! You
may have to come and teach us your technique for that.
I have never seen you exhibit such self control."
Gertie's eyes were like flashing diamonds, she was so

Reluctantly, I told her about Dr. Wang. She was pissed
I had omitted it in the reports, but said she
understood. She was very interested in the Rosens'
work, and not just from a scientific perspective I

"Oh, Gertie. By the way, I met an interesting young woman this morning."

Gertie rolled her eyes. In her opinion, I was always
meeting `interesting' young women.

"Seriously, Gertie. I think you'd like her for the

That got her attention. Mostly she held the opinion
that I recruited the women for my own little programs.
It wasn't true, but it always seemed that there was at
least one broken heart after one of my missions.

"She's bright, recovers from shock fairly fast, has a
sense of humor... You'd like her."

"What exactly was the shock she recovered from?"

"Oh, well, uh, I opened the door a little to widely."

"How wide?"

"I threw it all the way open. She was knocking on it.
It was 6:00 in the morning. I was pissed. And naked."

"And she saw...?"




"She didn't run screaming from the hotel? She didn't

I shook my head. "She even made a joke about the

"Damn. I like her all ready. Where can I find her?"

Even though I didn't know here name, I described the
young White House intern to her. I could tell that
Gertie would make sure they would meet. Accidentally,
of course. Gertie would want to make her own
assessment of the girl.

I looked up just as the second surprise of the evening
came walking over. I had never seen Marion looking so
lovely. She greeted Gertie warmly, then turned to me.

"Finally made it to the big time, huh, little brother?"

"You're a regular here, too, I take it?"

"Oh, no! This is the first time I've been here in
about 5 years."

Where had I heard that line before? "Let me guess.
When they called to ask you about me, you suggested it
might be a good idea if you were here to ease the way,
lessen the stress?"

She looked at me in astonishment that I had guessed it
right the first time. I simply pointed at Gertie.
"You two should talk." I walked away with my two
shadows, shaking my head.

The evening went late. Nicole had never been allowed
to leave the First Lady's side since she had first
retrieved her from mine. Nicole had captivated her and
her collection of ass-kissing old biddies she
surrounded herself with. I saw her touch the collar
occasionally, look over at me for reassurance and then
smile inwardly. I saw the First Lady observe these
silent communications between us. She didn't like
them, but was clearly puzzled by our relationship and
Nicole's obvious intelligence.

With the reputation I had with security and with a guy
with the loaded tranquilizer gun watching my back, I
avoided any movement towards the President, so he and I
didn't speak at all that evening. I really didn't want
to try out that happy juice Gertie had so thoughtfully
supplied to them. I'm sure they were greatly
distressed when the First Lady announced to security
and to us simultaneously that she had invited Nicole
and I to spend the night at Camp David. It was much
too late to return to the city.

We were shown to a comfortable room in one of the
buildings scattered around the grounds. I hadn't been
at Camp David before and it was dark, so I had no
accurate sense of distance between the buildings or who
was staying where. I think it was a compromise the
First Lady had made with security that we were kept
distant from all the other guests and the First Family.

That was fine with me. It was the right time. I was
going try to make the wheels fall off of Nicole, so to
speak. Nicole opened the door to our cabin and entered
in front of me. I thanked our guide/guard and closed
and locked the door. I noticed a distressed looking
housekeeping staff member hurrying in our direction as
I closed the door. I heard the guard and housekeeping
talking outside, then it was quiet.

I pulled Nicole to me and kissed her. Urgently.
Passionately. I think she knew. It was time. I had
sent her that message over the link earlier this
evening and kept repeating it. It was time. It was
time. She bowed her head to let me undo her collar.
Even in her excitement she remained a submissive. I
could feel her trembling.

"You may take me with my collar or without, Master. It
makes no difference to me, wearing the collar. You are
my Master. You will take me as my Master. Not because
you want to, but because I want you to." She looked up
at me, not defiantly, but with respect and love. It
was a true statement from her. She wanted me to know.

I found the magic button that kept her dress on and she
was naked. She had not been able to wear even panties with that dress, it was so revealing.

I took her standing the first time, her back to the
wall. I discovered Nicole was very vocal and very loud
when she came. She did so often that first time
together, many times in French. I was glad we were so
far away from the others. She screamed "Master, my
Master" over and over, along with the usual incoherent
noises, begging for it harder, deeper, now, now, now,
damn it, NOW!!!!

We eventually made it to the bed, but it took a while.
There was the time in the chair, then once on the desk,
twice on the sofa, and several times in front of the
fireplace on the bearskin rug. It was a great rug. I
was using Dr. Wang's gadgetry to stay hard for her.
She was insatiable, as well, and delirious, and loudly
and repeatedly grateful for each and every time I made
her thunder inside.

We collapsed face to face in a sated heap, but only
after she had me take her from behind, spoon-fashion.
It really was her favorite position, but there were
several others that were close runners up. We tried as
many of them as we could before slipping off to
dreamland together.

A quiet persistent knocking woke me. At first I
wondered who would be getting us up this early. It was
barely daylight. Then it occurred to me that it was a
woodpecker outside the cabin window. I got up and shut
it, and went back to sleep and thought nothing more of

We were eating breakfast alone in the common area of
the main lodge when the First Lady came in. Her open
hostility towards me was missing this morning, but
there was still an odd look from her in my direction.
If I didn't know better, I would say it was one of awe
or admiration. She neatly hustled Nicole off on a
personal tour of the First Family's quarters.

I figured I needed more coffee to get the ol' heart
pumping and started to get up.

"Sit down, Son, I'll get you a refill."

I knew that voice. Every American knew that voice. I
jumped up to attention as the President came over to
the table carrying a couple of steaming mugs with him.
I wasn't particularly standing because I respected him.
I did respect the Office, and it was a Hell of a tough
job, but, in my opinion, this President's policies had
not proven to be the most prudent course for the
nation. I was standing at attention because I wanted
to make an easy target for security. Maybe they would
only wound me if they had a body shot. I waited for
the visceral sound of a bullet hitting my flesh. I had
heard it before. It was not something you forget.

"Relax, Son. I sent them away."

"Uh, sure, Mr. President." Brilliant.

He sat there toying with his mug for a while. "I don't
know where to begin, Son, but the First Lady has given
me my instructions. Best just to jump in, right?"

Sure. When you're the President, I suppose whatever
you want is best. I hadn't the foggiest notion what
was going on.

"That was some performance you gave last night, you and
the Missus."

This was getting weirder and weirder. "Uh, I'm not
sure what you mean. Last night?"

"Sure. In the cabin. You must have, er, pardon the
crudeness, um, thrown the meat to your friend for,
what? Two? Two and a half hours?"


"Come on, Son. The entire camp heard you and her doing
the nasty."

"What? Was the room bugged?"

The President suddenly realized I was totally clueless
as to what he was talking about. Just then an aide
hustled in quietly and gave him an update, whispering
in his ear. Again that disconcerting look of awe at me
before the aide left.

"Oh, dear. Son, it seems we owe you and Miss Le Brech
an apology. Apparently housekeeping was airing your
room out for you and you arrived too soon. The windows
of your cabin were wide open all night last night. The
position of that cabin is such that your open windows
were facing the entire populated part of the camp.
Being down in the dell like it is, well, it's kind of
like an amphitheater. Your voices carried clearly to
the whole camp. We, uh, we thought you knew."

The awful realization of what had happened hit me. My
tender moments with Nicole were gossip fodder. It
suddenly became very important to find her.

The President seemed to anticipate my concern. He knew
a lot about scandals "Son, not one word of this will
leave here. It never has, yet. You may find yourself
a national hero in France, though." He grinned at me
as he relayed the humorous conversation he had had with
the two Frenchmen as they had departed earlier that
morning. They claimed more than partial credit on
behalf of France for my performance, as Nicole had
obviously inspired me to greater and greater heights of
passion with her beauty. And she was French, after

I shook my head. I couldn't believe it.

"Uh, Son, I know this is a touchy subject. I'll admit
I'm having a Hell of a time seeing your medical file,
and I'm the fucking commander-in-chief. I know you
worked for us for a while, but it seems your entire
career and medical file is beyond even my security
clearance. I didn't think that was possible. But,
seriously son, can you tell me, is this something we
did to you? To make you be able to last so long?"

Suddenly it became clear. I started chuckling, then
laughing outright. I fell on the floor. It didn't
help my credibility with him at all, but by this time
it was pretty well shot anyway.

"You mean... Are you trying to tell me that the First
Lady sent you to find out how I can keep it up so
long?" I laughed from the floor.

"Son! Keep your voice down. But, yes, that's exactly
the reason I'm here."

I calmed down. It took a while, but I climbed back
into the chair I had fallen out of. "Can I ask you a
personal question, sir?"

He looked dubious. He nodded.

"Does the First Lady get there every time?"

"Get...? Oh. Well, Son, no, I guess not. No one does
every time, do they?" He almost sounded wistful.

"Would you like her to?"

"Every time?" He sounded almost wistful. Maybe the
guy was human after all.

I nodded.

"God, yes! I'd give my left nut for that!"

"It won't cost you that. Let me tell you about a
little private clinic I found. Does amazing things for
couples. men and women. I have a pretty good
connection with them. I can set up a visit. Just name
the date and time. I'll even pay for it."

He looked at me suspiciously. "This place on the

"You can check with Dr. Schwartz. I think she is going
to inspect the clinic herself. You know her?" I
grinned when I thought of that meeting. Gertie would
be squirming in her own juices as the President grilled
her on the clinic. Especially if Gertie indulged in
the procedure herself, which she would if I knew her.
Scientific research, my ass. I wished I could be a fly
on the wall for that conversation.

He nodded. He'd check. "How come you'd pay for it.
You don't like me or my politics. I checked you out."
At least they'd gotten that right.

I looked him straight in the eye. "Well, Mr.
President, speaking as a taxpayer, if I can get you to
spend more time with your lovely First Lady flat on her
back, maybe you'll get off ours."

He looked stunned, the burst out laughing.

Nicole and the First Lady came back in just then.
Nicole came over and sat down next to me. "Lawrence,
the First Lady asked me if it was like last night with
you every time we made love." She looked me, her blue
eyes twinkling. "I told her it was like that every
single time we did it. Wouldn't you agree?"

I could see the disbelief on their faces change to
incredulous belief as I solemnly agreed with Nicole.
"Yes, dearest. It has been like that every single
time." I didn't bother to tell them there had only
been a single time. Didn't seem important, somehow...

We finished our breakfasts in an awkward silence. I
could tell they wanted to ask us more about our
relationship, especially the First Lady. But it was
too personal, too soon, and too public. It would have
to wait for later. Or never, if I had my choice.

We received a standing ovation from the Camp David
staff as we walked to the waiting helicopter. The
entire staff had assembled to see us off, together with
the President and First Lady. They had all either
heard our performance the night before or heard of it
from those who had. This tribute to us was just their
way of letting us know we had been special guests, who
would be long remembered. It was an honor kind of
thing with them. The staff of Camp David never leaked
a word of what went on out there in the woods, ever.
This was all they would ever say or do.

The same marine corporal who had delivered us the night
before greeted us as we strapped in our seats. I don't
think he understood what was so funny that we were in
hysterics all the way back to the airfield. It wasn't
the normal response to an evening at Camp David.

Nicole got her other wish, too. We had been invited

Chapter 46

To say I had their undivided attention when I announced
that a `Family Day' would be held the following day
would be a bit of an understatement. Two of the four
pairs of gorgeous eyes riveted on me were full of
curiosity. Apparently, I had hit upon the one topic
Sally and Janey had failed to discuss ad nausea with
Nicole and Simone. The other two pairs of eyes, more
familiar with these special days, had glints of
excitement and glee twinkling in them.

It had been about a week - eight days, exactly - since
Nicole and I had returned from our trip to Washington,
DC. While not entirely seamless, our family life since
our return had been almost blissful, at least compared
to the tension-riddled existence we had suffered
before. It still brought me sorrow to think of all the
pain and suffering my pride had caused those I loved.
My girls never let me dwell on that time; in fact, they
chided me for taking the blame for the trouble. And as
for our family life, I now ate my meals with one
proudly preening bare chested teenager sitting on my
right, and another beautiful woman bound and kneeling
by side. Yeah, sure, normal.

Upon our return, there were some changes to our
lifestyle that were necessary. After the expected
homecoming intimacies were thoroughly and exhaustively
completed, we, or more accurately, Sally realized we
suddenly had one more person than we had chairs at the
dining table. Prior to this time, Nicole, as the
property of Sally, had always served the meals, thus
freeing up a chair. With Nicole's status now changed
to equal that of Sally, the whole paradigm had changed.

Sally, in her usual adroit manner, impeccable timing
and with her attention to detail, mentioned this to me
on the first night of my return, timing her comments
precisely at that point when Nicole was busy trying to
swallow my rampant cock whole.

"Master?" came the soft voice from above. She was
sitting on my face, and I was delightfully busy.

"Yes, Love?" My words were somewhat muffled as I was
speaking into the juncture of two perfectly formed

"How would you like the seating arrangements to be
handled at breakfast?"

Now, I don't know about you, but hearing that question
while having your cock masterfully swallowed by a
beautiful woman would be disconcerting to most men.
Imagine how I felt, for the second time as I was rudely
interrupted as I was, at the exact time Sally asked me
that question, trying to swab her tonsils by sticking
my tongue as far up her cunt as possible.

Apparently this was something that was really bothering
her. Now it was bothering me. She had skillfully
dumped this domestic problem in my lap. My two imps
suddenly found themselves rudely dumped onto the floor
beside our bed. It was, however, no more rude than the
timing of Sally's question, in my estimation.


My wonderfully naked nubile wenches scampered to the
foot of the bed and assumed a submissive pose,
kneeling, heads bowed, hands resting on their thighs
palms up. There was no giggling, no sideward glances
to one another. I caught a whiff of fear from Sally
over our link.


I let them stew while I thought about the problem that
she had presented me. Then I had a flash of
inspiration. I hoped. Speaking to Sally, I gave her
my instructions. They were simple, but the
preparations would keep her up all night. I invited
Nicole to re-join me in our bed and we let Sally
quietly slip out to her tasks.

The following morning I sensed a lot of tension in the
kitchen. As I had specified, placed next to my chair
was a cushion. Sally had used the middle section of
the couch from the living room, but that would have to
be changed. It was inevitable that there would be some
spillage, and the fabric of the couch wouldn't stand up
to the abuse it was bound to take. I tersely informed
Sally of the inadequacy of the current arrangements,
but that they would suffice for this morning. When she
heard that it would be OK for this morning, she sighed
in relief.

Sally sat across from me, Janey on my left, Nicole on
my right. Simone had not yet made her appearance, and
I could tell that the other three women were very
nervous about what would happen to Simone that morning.
They could tell something was up, but not one of them
had an idea of what it might be.

Good. I was beginning to enjoy keeping them off
balance. It happened so rarely with these minxes.
There were too many of them and too smart for me.

"Sen- Sensei?" came a timid voice from hallway. I
grinned at the name she used for me. Janey had shared
with Simone as well as Sally had with Nicole.

"Yes, Simone?"

"May I enter?"

"But, of course!"

I turned in my chair and caught my breath. Simone, as
requested, was clad in Slave clothes. Sally had taken
a set of Janey's Slave clothes and modified them to fit
the younger girl. I had seen Simone naked before so
her lovely assets were no surprise. However, in this
charged environment and in that outfit, there was an
almost overpowering allure to her natural beauty and
youth. I stared at her in silence as she walked over
to the cushion and knelt gracefully beside my chair.

The fear, no, the panic in the young girl was palpable.
This was understandable, given her recent trauma. I
tried not take it too personally, though I found it
becoming tiresome that I kept having to prove myself
over and over. I had done this before with Janey, the
careful nurturing back to a more even emotional
balance, and now I was going to have to do it with

Understand, I didn't begrudge the task, in fact, I
actually enjoyed it. But I guess I just didn't fully
comprehend how fragile these creatures were, how
insecure in their own beauty and intelligence. And
they say men's egos are fragile! Anyway, helping
Simone was part of what this morning was about,
although none of them knew that.

Simone had set her plate of food beside mine when she
knelt down. As I had requested, the food on her plate
was cut into bite-sized pieces of foods she liked. She
had chosen grapes and squares of cheese, with a mound
of Ritzr crackers on the side. I smiled to myself.

Leaning over in my chair, I used the convenient straps
on the back of Simone's skirt to fasten her wrists
behind her back. A glare at Sally stifled any further
protestations after her first instinctual "OH!" I made
it clear over the link that I would not tolerate any
interference this morning. Both Sally and Janey paled
at my warning, and, I noted with interest, that Nicole
seemed to have caught a bit of the warning, as well.

Careful not to touch Simone, I let my link open up to
her. I reached into her and took us to our beach. It
was a struggle, at first, as she was full of terror and
fought me, out of fear. The calming rhythm of the
waves, the lonesome calling of the sea gulls and the
endless beaches soon soothed her panic though, and she
joined me there freely.

We had a picnic on the beach, just Simone and me. I
could sense her wonderment at the peacefulness we found
there. We both knew we were not alone, as we could see
the others at the table with us. Yet we had never been
more alone in our special place as we were that

That first morning as we walked the beach, I let Simone
ask any question she wanted of me, about the faces that
made up the sands in my castle and the memories that
went with them. As she wandered around my sandcastle,
she would point to first one or the other and I would
open up and allow her to see the memories I had of this
one and that one. Some of my memories frightened her,
as they did me, even now. In my more private life, I
had experienced many moments of violence and the worst
of human depravity, all carefully condoned by the
government and the authorities. I still maintained a
thick mental file of more than my share of personal
terrors that often woke me up nights.

As Simone began to see the patterns of my life, the
lights and the darks, she would look up at me when she
would see the darkened face of a former, usually dead,
adversary. Then, with exceeding tenderness she would
touch the sand around it with her long, slender fingers
and somehow take some of the pain or terror associated
with that memory from me. It was amazing, and a
totally unexpected development. Simone, this little
girl who had known so much pain and violence, this waif
who still cried out in anguish and terror in her sleep,
was drawing out the festering anguish I had been
repressing and living with for years!

On the surface, Simone and I simply sat and ate our
breakfasts, I feeding Simone a bite now and again.
Detached from what was going on between Simone and I, I
watched first Janey, then Sally relax. They may not
have known exactly what was happening, but they quickly
figured out that Simone was not going to be punished or
humiliated or any other such drivel. In fact, as I
expected, there was more than a little jealousy on
their parts. They realized that this time of intimacy
between Simone and I was special, and they didn't
really like it that she got to go first. Nicole,
sensing their relaxation, also eased her worries for
her daughter.

I had instructed Sally that the rotation of the person
on the cushion was to go Simone, Janey, Nicole, and
then Sally. Every day, one of them was to be on the
cushion. That person was also exempted from `Head
Time' during the day, as well. That was another reason
I had wanted to start with Simone. She had not quite
adjusted to me as yet and I thought another day without
having to face that particular task might help her

That evening at dinner, Simone was not nearly as
fearful as she had been earlier. In fact, she was
eager to take her place at my side. To her surprise,
and that of the others, I held a normal conversation
with the other three women at the table. Every time
Simone would try to take part in the conversations, I
would lay a gentle finger on her lips, smile down at
her, and shake my head. It was not done harshly, just
in a manner that let her know that she was an observer
and not a participant at this meal. Not a punishment,
just a new situation for her.

When Janey's turn came the next day, she eagerly knelt
down at my side. I don't know what she was expecting,
but it was obvious she had thought I had taken Simone
down a path of sexual bliss the morning before. At
least, that's where she seemed determined to go. I
managed to focus her boundless energies on other, less
prurient topics, much to her passing disappointment.
As I had done with Simone, I opened up the link between
us and let her know I would answer any questions she
might have. When she found she had access to my past
and all my memories, as I had let Simone have, she
timidly looked around inside and then looked up at me
in sadness and shook her head. Apparently Janey had
fully accepted who I was in her life and didn't need
the reassurances that Simone needed. We moved on.

Realizing she did not have the same needs as Simone, I
took us back to our own shared times together. I
relived the now infamous wrestling match, letting her
see the pride I felt at her perseverance and flat out
guts. We re-visited the bike ride on the beach, the
baseball game and the wild day we had then. She let me
see how much she had enjoyed that day, and even though
she had been terribly embarrassed at how she had
dressed and behaved then, how much it had helped her
get over her fear of men. We went over good times and
touched on the bad times, too. She let me see a little
of what she had felt that night with Steven. Not much,
but a little. It was still raw underneath, but

That evening at dinner I did not have to remind Janey
once to remain silent. She simply leaned her head on
my leg and luxuriated in the sense of touching. She
was literally purring and I was beginning to question
whether I had misnamed her. `Kitty' might have been a
more appropriate name for her than `Cricket', what with
her present behavior.

After I had fed her all the food on her plate, I kept
my hand on the nape of her neck, stroking it lightly.
Her purring intensified slowly and I wasn't paying that
much attention to her. The conversation was
particularly engrossing that night, with a much more
relaxed Simone leading us on a hilarious journey
through the peccadilloes of the French court of Louis
XIV. The way she told it, it almost sounded as if she
had first hand knowledge of the old lecher. It seems I
wasn't the first man to have a small harem.

The sudden blinding flash of Janey's orgasm that passed
across the link surprised all of us, including Janey, I
think. Nicole caught a sense of it as well, it was so
powerful. I was about to reprimand Janey for touching
herself without permission when I remembered that her
hands were tied behind her. When she finally finished
shaking and trembling, she slumped down on the cushion,

Alarmed, I was beside her in a flash. I didn't quite
understand or appreciate the incongruity of Sally's
helpless giggling at a time when I was panicked until I
heard the soft snoring of a young girl, sound asleep.
I hadn't checked the link, as she had. Sally knew
Janey was OK, and was really enjoying the floorshow I
was giving her, so full of concern. I gave Sally an un-
amused, but wry glare as I carried the somnolent girl up to her own bed. Janey stayed asleep until the next
morning, and even then, grinningly protested that she
had not known it was coming, pun intended.

Chapter 47

The next day Nicole was the honored guest at the table.
Bluntly put, I was dreading this day. I had wracked my
brain for a way to deal with her and her seeming
inability to tap into her link. I had seen a few
encouraging signs in the last few days, but it was
nowhere strong enough for me to link up with her. I
knew it wasn't. I had tried. Even attempting to hook
up to her with my prick buried deep within her while
she climaxed had only managed an imperceptible - to her
- blip on the radar. Sally had just about jumped out
of the bed at the pulse she felt when I tried that.
Apparently Nicole's system, screwed up as it was, acted
as an amplifier. Sally was wobbly for a couple of days
trying to shake off the intensity of that aborted

I discovered I was not the only one worried that
morning. All of the women were tense. Even though
they all knew nothing bad would happen to Nicole, the
other three of them were aware that she could not
`talk' to me as they did. Nicole was not stupid,
either. She knew there was something special going on
among the rest of us, and that she was the odd man out.

I had no idea how devastating that was to her until
that morning. All her life she had fought against
being left out, excluded. We all do, to some extent, I
suppose, but Nicole had never had the luxury of
assuming the acceptance of her classmates or of her own
age group. She had always been advanced in school,
challenging and eclipsing those older than she.
Inevitably, some of them had closed ranks against her
socially so that she was isolated, both from those in
her class and those of her own age group.

When I reached out to her with my link and probed her
mind as she knelt beside my chair, I literally jumped
back as if I had been shocked by a bare electrical
wire. My reaction was visible to the others, I was so
stunned by what I had sensed in Nicole. She was a
boiling cauldron of terror, panic, intelligence,
determination and a force of Will I had never
encountered in anyone before. All of this was stirred
and twisted around her compelling and conflicting need
to be submissive. I was amazed that her mind had not
snapped with all the tumult she was feeling.

I knew I was going to have to do something to calm her.
I briefly consider a Spock "mind-meld" but that was
hokey even on Star Trek. Besides, I had left my pointy
ears in my other pants. The silence at the table told
me the others were watching, and the increasing panic I
sensed in Nicole told me my time was quickly running
out. I heard and then focused on the tick-tock tick-
tock of the wall clock, and it was suddenly clear.

I reached out with my hand and touched her silky hair.
I focused on the softness and beauty of each strand as
I felt it. I then touched her ear, focusing on its
delicate features and beauty, the smoothness of the
skin and the tiny cilia that covered it. My fingers
traced lightly over her temples, then down her cheeks
to her jaw.

By the time I reached her parted lips, reveling in
their full softness, her trembling had lessened
considerably. I helped her to focus on my touch as
best I could, trying to relay to her in a very basic
tactile way what I felt about each particular feature
as I touched her. I don't know if she understood, but
after a while, she had settled down enough so that I
could proceed to the next phase.

Taking my cue from the rhythm of the clock, I began a
hypnotic pulsing of energy across the link. I was
focused on Nicole, but as I glanced up around the
table, I noticed by the glassy-eyed stares that there
were at least two eavesdroppers. Sally's blush of
embarrassment told me she wanted to know what was going
on, too, but hadn't gotten caught by the hypnotic
trance I had put Nicole into. The two youngsters were
not so lucky and I was definitely not pleased.

I sent a quick message to Sally over the link, a
picture of what I wanted, and ended with an emphatic
`NOW!' She grinned maliciously across the table at me
and set to her task. I quickly re-focused my total
attentions on Nicole.

Now that Nicole was `at rest,' it was easier for me to
link up to her. I resisted any urge to dig into her
past or to leave post-hypnotic suggestions. It
wouldn't have been right. I did initiate a
conversation with her, kind of. It was basic and
elemental, mostly images and ideas. The blackness of
her terrors was constantly roiling beneath the calm
surface, and I could sense the delicate and intricate
balance she maintained. Again, I marveled at the raw
strength in this woman.

I must have let a bit more of that wonder slip through
to her than I intended, as suddenly I felt a light
begin to shine in her. It was as if she was responding
to that pure adoration. I focused on that, sending
reassuring messages to her, elemental, basic, even
sexual at times. Her light grew stronger and stronger,
as if it was craving, starving for emotional energy.

I didn't realize how long we had been sitting there,
just the two of us. When I came to my senses, it was
close to lunchtime. Nicole's and my breakfasts were
still in front of us untouched. Nicole was noticeably
calmer now. We still could not link up, but I felt
that tremendous strides had been made that morning. I
slowly brought her out of her trance, coaxing and
encouraging her to join me.

We sat together quietly, peacefully as I fed her from
her plate of morsels and ate my own cold breakfast.
Then I went to attend to our two nosey daughters.

Sally was standing watch outside the dungeon with an
amused smile on her face. The two girls had been led,
still in a hypnotic trance, down to the dungeon,
stripped naked and bound. I never left anyone bound
unwatched. Too many bad things could happen, and,
deserving as they were of punishment for snooping, they
did not deserve to have anything disastrous happen.

My two young charges were bent over two of the padded
trestles, their feet spread wide and bound fast, their
hands tied outstretched horizontally in front of them,
over their bowed heads. Four luscious, not quiet ripe
tits hung deliciously below them, swaying slightly with
each fearful breath they took. Their asses,
breathtakingly taut, pointed up at a slight angle as if
begging to be attended to.

They had come out of their trance as soon as they had
been bound in place. They had both seen the dungeon
before but neither had ever experienced it quite like
this, never as the `victim,' so to speak. They knew
they were in deep shit, and neither was looking forward
to my appearance.

I stood outside the door holding Sally in my arms. It
was rare anymore that we had a chance to just touch and
we both relaxed into the familiar comfort of each
other's body. As we stood there silently watching the
nervous movements of the girls, I felt Nicole slip up
behind me, pressing her near naked body into mine.

She had followed me downstairs and seemed to sense the
essence of the moment. Not wanting to be left out and
not wanting to intrude, she rested her head on my back,
quietly waiting for a sign of acceptance or rejection
from me. I leaned back into her, letting her know she
was welcome. Immediately, her slender hand slipped
between Sally's body and mine. It found my semi-hard
cock and stroked it lightly, bringing me to full
hardness. With a deft move, I suddenly found myself
encased in Sally's moist and receptive body. As Sally
rhythmically squeezed and relaxed against my hardness,
I slipped fully into her. When I was fully seated we
continued to stand, gazing at their delightfully bound

"They were there, in my head with us, weren't they?"
Nicole murmured to me quietly.

Shocked, but pleased that she had noticed their
presence with her link, I nodded.

"Is this their first punishment?" she asked further.

Again I nodded.

"Must I administer the punishments, Master?" I heard
her ask timidly.

Somehow, even though it would have been fitting, as it
was her special time the two had intruded into, I
didn't think it would be right. I paused for several
seconds before I shook my head lightly. "Not their
first time. I have to do this." I turned my head to
look her in the eye. "Do you understand?"

After a slight sigh of relief, she leaned forward with
a mischievous grin and spoke to Sally. "You were
right. He does like them young."

Sally's sudden guffaw at her impertinent remark finally
alerted the girls to our presence, and they tried
desperately to look over their shoulders to see what
was happening and who was there. The frantic twisting
made their creamy buttocks churn in such a sexy manner,
I was suddenly glad their mothers were both there. I
wasn't sure I could have resisted the luscious
temptations staring me in the face.

Unplugging from Sally, quite reluctantly, I went over
to the rack of equipment and selected a long leather
belt. It was delicately soft and deceptively
effective, quite appropriate for these two virgin
asses, backs and their long slender thighs. I
approached the two trembling teens from the side, my
rampant cock pointing right at their panting, parted
lips. It was almost too much. I shook myself and got
down to the task at hand.

"Tell me why you're here."

The two teens glanced at each other. Janey answered.
"We snooped."

"Was that a nice thing to do?"

Simone answered this one. "No, Sensei."

"This punishment is not part of our special bondage
relationship, Simone. This is a family matter and I
will punish you as your father for going where you
don't belong. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Dad," and "Yes, Papa" came in unison from the two
now even more terrified teens. There would be no
pleasurable side to this punishment, not if it was
being given by a parent. Almost immediately, the tears
and wails one would expect to hear erupted from the
two. Biting my tongue to keep from laughing, I quickly
stepped behind the girls so they couldn't see me
shaking with laughter. It was too precious.

Not wanting to keep them howling without a good
stimulus, I quickly laid four solid stripes on each of
the proffered asses. There was a sudden moment of
stunned silence, then Nicole, Sally and I were
assaulted with a caterwauling of unprecedented
intensity. I think they had actually expected not to
feel any real pain. Surprise, surprise.

I kept up the spanking until both their bottoms were a
rosy shade of pink. I could almost feel the heat
rising off of them. Still not wanting to trust myself
with them helplessly tied and positioned so perfectly
for fucking, I instructed Sally and Nicole to rub the
soothing ointments into their inflamed flesh. I really
wanted to do it myself, but realized I would probably
regret it later if I did. Sighing with resignation or
longing - I wasn't quite sure myself - I watched the
two mothers tend to their chastised cubs, soothing and
cooing to them, quieting their sobs, drying their
tears. It was down right fucking domestic.

When released, both naughty nymphs flew into my arms,
begging my forgiveness, swearing it would never happen
again, and please, never to spank them again. Had it
not been for the link and the overwhelming sexual need
I sensed in the two, I might have almost bought it. As
it was, they were both rubbing their keyed-up tight
little bodies against mine, both trying to climax while
pretending to apologize. I guessed the acorns hadn't
fallen too far from the trees, if that light spanking
had aroused these two so easily. I would have to watch
my step with them in the future.

"I think you both need to apologize to Nicole. It was
her time you intruded into. What do you think?"

Reluctantly the two girls pulled away from me. Janey
even sneaked a glance up at me and, when she saw my
shit-eating grin, knew they had been caught out.
Again. She paled until I winked my forgiveness at her,
then she, too, fled to Nicole's side. Nicole let them
both grovel for a respectable period of time before she
was mollified, then sent them to their room. As they
left, we barely contained our laughter as they scurried
upstairs. In a very short time, Sally and I felt the
first of a multitude of orgasmic spasms flood our link.
The girls had apparently found an outlet with each

Chapter 48

Still standing in the dungeon, Nicole glanced at Sally.
They seemed to come to some sort of unspoken agreement,
because as if one, the two were standing nude before


"Yes, Sally."

"Uh, if you're not too tired, and since we're all here,
and, well, would you do that to us, too?"

"You would dare ask your Master for a punishment?" I
asked her darkly.

Quickly backtracking, she stuttered and stammered, "Uh,
well, uh, no, uh, well, not exactly, M-m-master. We,
uh, we weren't thinking quite of a p-p-punishment,

"Well, I was. It has been quite a while since I've
enjoyed the feel of the lash against your hot asses,
and, truth be told, those two girls of yours have got
me hotter than I like. I think I would like to take it
out on you two." I stared at them sternly. "Assume
the position they were in."

My ladies blanched at my words and my tone, but
obediently bent over the trestles recently vacated by
their daughters. I fastened their ankles wide apart.
Before I bound their hands, I stood each one up in
turn, kissed them deeply, and then gagged them.
Sally's eyes grew wide and moist when I fastened her
gag. Quickly I loosened it and held her close.

"Too tight, lover?" I asked her.

She shook her head. "Just too perfect, Master. You
are too kind to me."

Refastening her gag, I kissed her on her forehead, then
bent her over and tied her hands out in front of her.
I couldn't resist fondling those tremendous hanging
globes, and Sally was soon squirming in her bonds, her
juices dripping down her legs.

Nicole had observed my preparation of Sally and tried
to devour me when I kissed her. I pulled back from her
with a questioning look.

"Do not be gentle with me, Master. It is not

That was all she said. I gagged her and tied her over
the padded bar of the trestle. I mauled her breasts roughly and, when her moans of pleasure reassured me of
her acceptance of the pain, I decided to add one more
twisted piece of equipment to the afternoon's session.

I went to the rack and got four shorter leather straps
and two cords. The leather straps were fastened around
the bases of the four lovely hanging tits and pulled
tight. They were tight enough to prevent the outflow
of a lot of the blood, causing the orbs to swell to an
abnormal hardness. The grossly distended nipples
looked almost inflamed. Clamps on the ends of the
cords were attached to those sensitive buds, causing
the moans from the two women to intensify greatly. The
cords had been looped through rings in the floor, and
by pulling one end of the cord and re-tying it, I could
increase the downward pull of the nipple clamps until
the swollen breasts were tightly and painfully drawn
toward the floor. Any movement translated into intense
pain for my two lovers.

I picked the soft leather belt I had used on their
daughters and stepped behind them. It was a sight to
behold. Two alabaster asses, begging for the lash. I

I had a lot of pent up emotions and feelings, and I
took it out on those luscious moons. I don't know how
long I lashed, first one, then the other, back and
forth, back and forth. I sensed Sally cum first, then
Nicole, then they came together, as if they were
synchronizing their orgasms. I released the clamps on
their nipples, and they screamed in blissful agony into
the gags. The soft leather belt bit into their chests
soon after, giving them little respite from the pain.
They were not hard blows, but the swollen tissues were
extremely sensitive. I sensed the pending explosions
building in them both and quickly moved behind them.
Using one hand on each glorious butt, I swatted them
hard until they came together once more, a thunderous
climax of pain and pleasure.

Not finished with them yet, I stepped behind Nicole. I
moistened my pillar of stone in her flowing juices then
placed the tip at her clenched rosebud. I had never
taken her this way, and, although she had seen me take
Sally anally, she had never encouraged me to take her
this way.

I felt her tense at the first touch. Then, with a
heart-wrenching sob, she pushed herself back as best
she could. I didn't understand, but I didn't sense any
fear or terror from her, either. Slowly, I pushed
forward, entering the hot cavern of her rectum. It was
obvious she was tight and I was almost too big. She
slumped as the waves of pain consumed her. I started
to pull out, but she clamped down hard on my cock. It
must have been intensely painful for her, but I held
still. Slowly she tried to thrust herself back towards
me, urging me into her a little at a time. I thought
she was going to hurt herself, but she kept urging
herself back on my rigid cock.

When I hit bottom, I felt as if I had died and gone to
heaven, if heaven is ass-fucking. I mean, Sally's ass
is wonderful, and, well, I have to be real careful
here, but this first time with Nicole was every bit as
wonderful as that first time in Sally's ass. Just no
bathing suit. As I felt her acceptance of me, I slowly
pulled out of that clasping hole, then just as slowly
drilled back into the murky depths.

Nicole had relaxed by then and the initial pain of my
impalement was subsiding. Make no mistake, I was big,
her asshole was small. It hurt her. I knew it, and
her acceptance of this act was a special gift to me. I
knew, and I think she did too, that this would only be
the first of many anal delights we would enact
together. Each would hurt her, just as they hurt Sally, but I knew she would soon eagerly seek to please
me in this way.

As she relaxed I increased the speed of my strokes into
that clutching orifice. With all of the prior stimulus
with the teens, I figured I wouldn't last long, and I
didn't. I lay gasping, sprawled over her sweaty
striped back, having spent myself deep within her
bowels. I could still feel her trembling from the post-
coital orgasms coursing through her. I tenderly
caressed her hanging tits, tweaking her nipples to coax
a final spasm or two from her exhausted body.

Thanks to the miracle devices of Dr. Wang, I was as
hard when I pulled out as I had been when I first
plundered her ass. As much as I would have loved to
stay there and let it marinate in her steamy heat, I
had one more ass to poke.

Sally, knowing what was coming, was open and relaxed as
I presented the tip of my shit-soiled cock to her anus.
With a lunge, I sank in balls deep on the first stroke.
Only it wasn't into her ass. With a slight shift at
the last moment, I buried myself into her steaming
cunt. I could hear her moan of disappointment and
ecstasy even through the gag. The enhancer from those
tiny devices embedded in her kicked in and Sally
drifted off on a sexual odyssey, sending out her joy
and love to me over her link. I plowed on into her
until I deposited a load in her as well.

All in all, not a bad half-day's work.

Chapter 49

We stayed in the dungeon for the better part of the
afternoon. Sally was a bit jealous of the attention I
was paying Nicole's ass. I took her there three more
times until she was too sore to sit. Sally got some of
my attention, too, but I used my time with her to try
out some of the stranger pieces of equipment arranged
around our special playroom. After I released her, I
would slowly caress and touch her, seducing her to
place her wrist or ankle or neck or whatever into the
appropriate position. Then I would gently fasten the
convenient strap or cuff or lock. It was a long drawn
out process and it excited her to be taken so
teasingly. When she was totally immobilized and I had
tortured and teased her to a hyper-horny pitch of
arousal, I would return to Nicole, still bent over in
front on the tressel and take my pleasure with her
`sister,' as they had begun referring to each other.

Sally was nearly crazed with desire when I finally took
her. She was hanging by her ankles, upside down, her
head just inches off the floor. I pointed my tireless
weapon down into her gaping cunt and fucked her brains
out. Later she said what I had done to her was
inhumane and cruel and when could we do it again?

We cleaned up for dinner and were sitting, waiting
patiently for the girls to come down for dinner. About
15 minutes after they had been called, the two drifted
in. I immediately smelled the results of their own
afternoon's sexual activities. As they sat down, I
noticed their hair was mussed, even to having strands
stuck together with an unspecified bodily fluid or two.
There were also other signs of arousal evident in their
appearance: swollen nipples, puffy lips and a general
overall glowing blush. I sniffed loudly, obviously
displeased. Janey tossed me a defiant glance, unusual
for her, but it was an attitude I couldn't allow to
pass unchallenged.

"Girls, you're late and you smell like delinquent
teenagers after a hot date."

Janey got that look in her eyes. She was determined to
win this one.

I turned to Simone. If I could break the team up, I
figured Janey wouldn't be so sure she could win this
one. "Simone, did you enjoy the punishment you
received from me this morning?"

"No, Papa. It was not enjoyable."

"Well, although we do have a somewhat unusual lifestyle
in our home, and, while I am pleased that you two are
getting along so well now, I insist that you keep your
activities to yourselves, private. I expect you to
remove all the traces of your activities that you can
before you mingle with the rest of the household or
anyone else who happens to be in our house. It is not
polite, it is not acceptable, and that type of behavior
will be punished. Severely"

Simone had paled at this speech I delivered at her.

"Is that understood?" I was almost bellowing now.

"Y-y-yes, Papa!"

"Good. You have 5 minutes to clean up and get back
here. For every minute longer, you will receive 10
lashes. Now, MOVE!"

Like a shot, Simone was gone from her chair and headed
for the shower in their room. Janey didn't move.

I calmly placed my watch on the table and started the
timer. At 30 seconds she began to fidget. At 45
seconds I looked at her questioningly. We all heard
the shower start in their room.

At 1 minute, I said, "I will not be giving you the next
punishment, Janey. In fact, I won't even be there to
observe you getting it."

The implication of that took a second to sink in, and
then she paled. The memory of her mother beating on
Nicole must have flashed through her mind, and she
wasn't ready to go through that. She bolted for the

Sally was pale, paralyzed at the end of the table.
"Master, I cannot punish my daughter. Please, I cannot
do that. I never have raised a hand against her and,
well, I-I..." Sally tailed off, tears running down her
cheeks as she gazed softly at Nicole. The memory was
still fresh in her mind, too.

"I will not ask you to..."

Sally sagged visibly, but Nicole, still silent, grunted
in protest. It was the only noise she dared to make in
her position of honored guest.

..., you will punish Simone, and Nicole will punish
Janey. You will both be present for the punishments,
to make sure everything is within acceptable limits.
If you don't like to do give punishments, then make
sure your daughters don't ever want to go through it
again after this one. That is the point of the whole
thing anyway, isn't it?"

God, I loved to surprise them. There was no protest
they could make. It was right, just and fair. And
they hated it.

We sat in silence. The water shut off, and I heard
panicked squeals as the girls looked for some
appropriate clean clothing to wear. Time was passing
quickly and by the time Simone arrived, breathless and
flushed, she was 3 minutes overdue. She saw the clock
and cried out. Thirty lashes!

Janey, trying to save time, hadn't dried off as well as
Simone, but with her later start, was lagging far
behind the younger girl. She had chosen to wear one of
her Slave outfits, one with a vest. The front panels
of the vest had clung to her damp skin and were folded
back, exposing her entire chest. She, too, was huffing
and puffing as she slipped into her seat at 9 minutes,
30 seconds. There would be 45 lashes for her and she
looked at her mother in terror.

The silence continued as I looked at the two girls, no
one else daring to speak. Janey's hair was wet and
slicked back, as was Simone's. The water that seeped
onto Janey's shoulders had no clothe the absorb it. As
I glared in mock anger at the two delinquents, I was
distracted by a drop of water that slowly ran down from
Janey's neck, down the upper slope of her left breast and, as luck would have it, formed drop that hung off
the tip of her erect nipple. Trembling with every beat
of her heart, threatening to fall at any moment.

As I watched that sensuous drop run its course, my
expression must have changed. My gaze was suddenly
transfixed on that delicate drop, and it just continued
to hang there, as did my stare.

With a grace that belied the pain she must have been
feeling in her ass, Nicole leaned forward and touched
the tip of her tongue to that hanging droplet.
Turning, her eyes laughing at me, her tongue still
extended, she offered her mouth to mine.

I swear, I could taste Janey on that drop mingled in
her kiss and it nearly broke my resolve. I suddenly
wanted to have sex with that young girl more than ever

I looked into Nicole's mocking eyes. Technically, she
had not broken the speaking rule, but, in my eyes, she
had broken the spirit of the arrangement. I took her
jaw firmly in my hand and held her so we were face to

"Ah, mon Cheri. I thank you for the kiss, but now is
not the time. As much as I thank you, I feel I must
remind you later of your place."

Her eyes glittered in anticipation. We both understood
how much she enjoyed the pain, and that she had just
earned a special session, to be arranged later. I
released her jaw and as she relaxed back onto the
cushion, she sat down a little harder than she
intended. She cried out in pain.

"Mama! What is the matter!"

Nicole, recovering quickly, just shook her head.

"Mama! Tell me, what is wrong? You are in pain!"
Simone was now at her mother's side. For the first
time, she noticed the marks left by the straps that had
bound her breasts, and the faint, but definite marks
left by the belt on the parts of her back and stomach
that were exposed. Simone glared up at me and started
to tense, as if to attack me.

"Ssshhh! Hush, my child. It is nothing."

"But you are in pain!"

"Yes. And it is a wonderful pain. My Master was most
energetic this afternoon as he took me for the first
time in the manner of the Greeks. He, no, we both
enjoyed his taking of me, my daughter. He may not know
this, but today he made me his, as he took me for
himself. One day, perhaps, you will understand. Do
not be angry with my Master. It is his right."

Nicole looked up at me, looking for my response to her
breaking her silence. As I had established with Sally,
their daughters' safety and well being always came
first, regardless. I nodded my forgiveness to her, and
touched my fingers to her lips with a soft smile. I
think she was almost disappointed I didn't tack on any
additional black marks.

After that, dinner was anticlimactic. We tried a
couple of times to banter about this or that, but the
four of them were all preoccupied with the punishments
that would happen after dinner.

Without a word, the table was cleared and the dishes
done. Then, as if a signal had been given, the four of
them disappeared down the stairs.

It seemed forever before the subdued teens presented
themselves to me as I sat waiting in my office. Their
eyes were still puffy and red, but the sniffles and
tears had stopped. Both girls dropped on their knees,
one on each side of my chair. I noticed their mothers
standing outside the door and I signaled them into the
room with us. Heads bowed, the girls waited for me to

I didn't. Finally, Simone broke.


I turned slightly to her. "Yes?"

"Please. Forgive me for being inconsiderate of my
family members."

"Have you learned your lesson?"

"Yes, Papa. And, Papa?"


"I did not enjoy being punished by Sally. But it was
better than Mama. Thank you."

"I forgive you." I thought a while. "Simone?"

"Yes, Papa?"

"Show me your bottom."

Turning around and bending over with her head to the
floor, she showed me her ass by flipping up her short
skirt. She was not wearing panties. There was not a
mark on it.

"I don't think it could have been that bad, Simone.
There isn't a mark on your bottom."

"Oh. Sally didn't punish me there. We discussed it,
and our bottoms you love so much are reserved for you
when you punish us."

"Oh, are they now? Well, thank you, I think. If she
didn't punish you there, where did she do it?

Slowly Simone raised up and shrugged off her Slave
vest. Her back was covered with a series of deep red stripes, from the base of her neck to the small of her
back. It looked like she had lain for a long time on a
cheap lawn chair. I looked up in shock at Sally.
Nicole reached over and took Sally's hand in a sign of
solidarity. Well, I had told them to make the girls not want to go through it again.

Janey was still kneeling and, from her occasional
snuffles, I feared she was going to rebel against my
authority. I waited patiently, but with growing
anxiety. Suddenly, the dam broke. She launched
herself at me, burying her head in my lap.

"Oh, Daddy! I'm so, so sorry. It was all my fault. I
kept Simmie tied down upstairs so she couldn't clean
up. She wanted to and was getting frantic. I kept
teasing her and, and , well, doing things to her to
make her stinky and she didn't seem to really mind
after a while. I was so mad at you. I don't know why,
but, but, well, I'm sorry. So sorry."

With that, she dissolved in a torrent of tears,
throwing her arms tightly around my waist. I let her
cry for a while, heart-wrenching sobs, stroking her
soft hair lightly. As her sobs lessened, I loosened
her grip on me. I urged her to turn around, which she
did awkwardly, still on her knees.

"Show me."

She shrugged off her vest, baring her back. I was a
little surprised she didn't flip up her short skirt and
show me her bare butt, but I guess she was being very
serious. I cringed as I saw the number of deep red stripes that marred her normally flawless back. There
were no breaks in the skin, but a few had welted and
looked angry.

I threw another angry look, this time at Nicole. Once
again, Sally moved slightly to protect her `sister.' I
couldn't fight both of them, and, in spite of the
visible wounds, they were within their limits that I
had set for them. I still didn't like it.

I put a hand each on the teens' necks, well above the
punished area. "I forgive you both. I expect both of
you to behave as young ladies from now on. Respect
each other, respect your mothers, and respect others.
That's all I ask. Agreed?"

"Yes, Dad." "Yes, Papa."

"Now. Go to bed. I'll see you in the morning." It
was still early, but I had things to deal with.
Namely, their mothers.

Again I was surprised as they scampered off, still
topless, without a protest.

Silence filled my office like a heavy fog.

Chapter 50

I looked up at the two women standing in my office.
They were close together, holding hands, ready to take
whatever I was going to decide.

"Come here."

As one, they came around my desk, separating at the
last minute so that one was kneeling on each side of
me. Gently, I reached down to each one and assisted
them to sit on my lap, one on each leg. As they
settled in, somewhat gingerly and unsure of what to
expect, I broke down and cried.

I cried for the pain the two girls had gone through. I
cried for the pain I had made their mothers inflict on
them. My gentle lovers had been forced to enforce my
cruel discipline. It had been the right thing to do,
but it still hurt.

As they felt the sorrow and remorse I was feeling,
they, too, began to cry, helping me to grieve. We sat
together, holding one another, supporting one another,
loving one another. A fucking Kodak moment, if there
ever was one.

Finally, our tears and sobs lessened and stopped.
Kleenex appeared and, to a chorus of honking that would
have made a flock of geese proud, we cleaned ourselves
up. I sat, one hand cupping one tit of Sally, the
other hand cupping the tit of Nicole. They were still
a little nervous at my anger and my unpredictability
right at that moment, especially with all that had gone
on that day. I toyed with their nipples, squeezing and
fondling the pliant globes until their breathing became
more shallow and rapid. Sally was squirming on my
thigh and Nicole rested her head on my shoulder.
Neither had touched my hardness, waiting for my
permission. I decided not to give it.

I urged them up and, rising, we went to our bedroom.
There, I stripped them both and positioned them on the
bed in an obvious manner. Then, I went over to the
chair, pulled it up to the side of the bed and sat in
it. Sally and Nicole lay there like frozen slabs of
beef, neither moving.


"What!" I was not in the mood to tolerate any nonsense
from them and the tone of my voice said as much.

"What do you want us to do?"

"What does it look like? You're face is in Nicole's
cunt, her face is in yours. You figure it out."


"Have you ever done it with a woman before?" I knew
she had. I had pictures.

Sally nodded.

"Nicole?" I wasn't sure about her, but Europeans are
much more liberal, in general about the homosexual thing.

She nodded, as well.


"We've never done each other, Master."

"You don't want to?"

"No... Yes. OH!" Sally was frustrated and
frightened. "Master, are you angry with us?"

I thought for a while about that one. No, I wasn't
angry with them. I was disappointed in myself. But I
was not angry with them.


"Thank you, Master."

With that, both dove into the juicy morsels staring
them in the face. Soon, they were writhing and
moaning, totally ignoring my presence, yet still giving
me a show that most men would only be able to fantasize
about. It was an honest show, too, as I could tell
from the building orgasms I could sense over the link.

So engrossed was I in the show that I didn't realize
that there were suddenly two more lithe bodies sitting
with me, again one on each knee. Both the girls were
totally nude and, as I began to protest, I felt two
tiny hands pull open my robe and grasp my throbbing
cock in unison. The other two hands each held a finger
to my lips, silencing me.

"Please, Sensei. Let us help you," came the soft voice
whispered into my ear.

So I sat there in that over-stuffed chair, watching two
beautiful women make Sapphic love to each other while
two naked teenagers softly and expertly stoked my
rampant rod, teasing me to a hardness and desire I
didn't know I could achieve. Slowly their hands moved
up and down, in unison, each stroke causing their firm
young tits to press into my arms. I vaguely wondered
where they had gotten the experience to do this so
well, but quickly realized that I didn't want to know.

I kept a firm grip on the arms of the chair, although I
didn't feel nearly as tempted to fuck them now as I had
earlier in the day. Somehow, this was different. As
my stiffness thickened and my heart rate increased,
Janey bent her head and put her mouth over the tip of
my cock. Like the frog that got a kiss from the fairy-
tale princess, it magically turned into a fountain,
showering the inside of her mouth with cream. I
watched in a dream as Simone tapped her `sister' on the
shoulder and replaced Janey's mouth with her own,
catching my spunk as it shot out of me. My own
fountain of youth, so to speak.

The two on the bed kept on with their activities,
apparently insatiable now that they had started on each
other. I had to admit they looked good together,
particularly like this. It calmed me to watch their
erotic show in a perverse way. There was no jealousy,
no insecurity in their actions. They truly loved each
other it seemed and enjoyed showing each other exactly
how much.

The two girls sat with me a while longer, lightly
touching me. I was surprised at Simone's boldness and
participation in what they had done, but it didn't
surprise me when they leaned over the top of me and
kissed each other. Watching their mothers make love
was an erotic stimulus that these two couldn't resist.
Shortly thereafter, I felt them give me kisses
goodnight on the top of my head, then slip off to their
own room. I didn't think there would be much actual
sleeping that night in either room

When I woke with a start, I was still sitting in the
chair. Sally and Nicole were wrapped in a tight
embrace, spoon fashion now, but sound asleep. Nicole
was in front, and I carefully slipped in behind Sally,
slipping my revived member easily between her thighs as
I snuggled up tight against her butt. There was more
than enough lubrication.

"Oh, Master. Please, not there. It is too sore," came
a mumbled half-asleep protest.

I guess I had poked into Nicole's sore bottom on the
other side. I shifted my aim slightly and felt the
familiar tightness of Sally's cunt grip my shaft. Her
low moan of sexual gratification thrilled me to my
core. I placed my arm over hers, flexed once or twice
and went back to sleep.

It had been a hell of a day.


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