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SNDCSL06 thick belt tight On the front



This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you
are offended by graphic descriptions of natural and/or
unnatural sexual acts, if you are underage, or if this
type of material is illegal where you are, don't read
any further.

This is a fantasy. You will have to loosen your clench
on reality a little when you read it. This is a tale in
which physical acts and human responses are not limited
to, nor necessarily based in, reality. Some acts and
responses in this story may be physically impossible
and/or physiologically improbable.

Also, as is the case with most of the stories in this
newsgroup, all the women in this story are beautiful -
gorgeous, even. Gravity has not caused breasts to
droop nor have wrinkles creased unblemished faces. The
men (the leading men, at least) are hung like bulls.
They can get it up and keep it up often and at will.
In this special little fantasyland, there are no STDs,
morals, or unwanted pregnancies. Guilt is a four-
letter word. Most important of all, neither strength
of character, courage of convictions, nor moral belief
stand a chance against any erotic stimulus. This can
be as benign as an accidental glimpse of a bared ankle
or as stimulating as a whipping on the genitals.

For those of you who didn't understand the preceding
statements, GO AWAY!

This story is intended for the salacious entertainment
of consenting adults. Do not try to do any of the
things described in this story. You could injure
yourself or your partner, be arrested, or shot by her

If you are under 18 years of age, GO AWAY! This story will burn your eyeballs and fry your brain.

If material of a strong sexual nature is prohibited
where you are, GO AWAY!

By continuing, the reader accepts all responsibility
for any disgust, revulsion, jail sentences, or pleasure
that results from reading this story. If you don't, GO

You have been warned!

If you enjoy this story and feel the urge to post it on
a <free> site, at least give me (NightShade) credit for

So, stick your tongue firmly in your cheek and enjoy
the story!....:)



by NightShade
Chapter 51

The next day was Sally's first turn as the honored
guest at the meals. Her turn was not nearly as
traumatic as had been Nicole's the day before, and for
that I was thankful. I don't think I could have taken
many more days like that one. All that sex and

Not surprisingly, we got a later start than usual that
morning, and even for us there was a bit more open
affection shown. More touching, more shy smiles, more
open, blatant groping. Not by me, but OF me! I would
have felt cheap and used if I didn't enjoy it so much.

When the two girls came in, freshly scrubbed and lovely
as ever my lovers didn't let up. It seemed I had
turned them loose and they were out to keep me as
aroused as possible as much of the time as possible.
Anything was fair game, including using the nubile
bodies of their daughters to tease and taunt me. It
was a perverted variation of the "Look, but don't
touch" policy that only my beloved Sally, with her
wonderfully twisted mind, could have thought up.

I swore I would make it up to her later... When I was
tired of all the affection. Maybe then. Or not...

Their mischievous plan became evident when Nicole stood
up from her place at the table, moved behind Simone and
folded back her vest on the left side, fully baring her
ripening teenage breast. Her nipple wasn't erect, but
it didn't stay long in that relaxed state. From her
position behind Simone, Nicole bent and whispered into
her ear. At first, Simone shook her head in silent
protest, but then, blushing deeply, the three of us
watched in fascination as her hand stole slowly upwards
to cup and caress her own young breast. Her eyes
tightly closed, she touched herself gently to arousal.
With the teen's nipple fully engorged, Nicole then took
a glass of ice water from the table, and, with Sally,
Janey and I watching intently, poured a tiny dollop of
water onto the upper slope of that youthful mound.
Simone was not the only one around the table to gasp.

As if by design, that lucky drop rolled slowly down the
now heaving flesh of the gasping girl and, as had the
one the day before, clung tantalizingly trembling on
the tip of the turgid nipple.

Sally, with a clearly defiant grin back at me, took
Nicole up on her unspoken dare. She broke the rules
exactly as Nicole had the day before, leaning forward
and seductively capturing the droplet on her own
tongue, all without touching the girl's nipple. She
then transferred the savory nectar to my mouth. I
kissed her deeply in return.

At the end of Sally's kiss, when she was re-seated,
Simone started to pull her vest back in place covering
up her chest. I stopped her. "No, leave it. I think
I like it that way."

She blushed even more furiously, but obediently left
her breast bared to my gaze. As I had with the other
three at the breakfast meal, I turned the focus of my
attentions to Sally.

As we melted comfortably into our time together, the
others forgotten, I let her know over our link how
pleased I was with how well our `family' was coming
together. I let her know I knew it was her doing, that
the easy way we coexisted was due primarily to her
skill at keeping the peace. I didn't know you could
blush over the link, but she did. She was not used to
such honest praise. I don't recall what or where we
went together after that, but it was a joy just to be
with her. The other three women carefully minded their
own business, not wanting to repeat yesterday's
activities, and all three were very prompt when it came
for their turn for Head time.

Simone didn't hesitate to participate when her turn at
Head time came and she even seemed to enjoy it, relish
it. I questioned her carefully beforehand, making sure
she knew she didn't have to do it, but she just pecked
me on the cheek before engulfing the head of my cock as
if to say "Oh, Papa, I'm not a little girl anymore..."

God help me.

That night, Janey was sitting on my right, Nicole
across from me and Simone was seated on my left. As
she had with Simone, Nicole moved behind Janey after we
were all settled. Whether it was planned or not, Janey
had a short T-shirt on. Nicole reached down, grabbed
the lower hem and slowly pulled the abbreviated shirt up and then completely over Janey's head. The lovely
teen was naked from the waist up, her breasts clearly
visible above the table. And she was grinning like the
cat that had just caught the canary. Yup, a smiling
pussy. You've got to love them...

There is something particularly fascinating to men about watching a female disrobe or be disrobed,
voluntarily or otherwise, and I am no exception. My
breath caught in my throat as Janey's charms were
gradually bared to me, and, even though I had seen her
naked breasts before, I was struck once more by the
wonderment of their glorious beauty. It wasn't just
Janey's body that did that to me, although hers is
particularly spectacular. It was that simple sexy act
of uncovering that made it special. I felt Sally lean
into me at my side as she let me know it was OK to
appreciate her daughter's beauty. My hand was tangled
in her hair and I had no doubt she was reading my raw
feelings over our link through that close physical

Instead of water, tonight Nicole had a glass of red wine in her hand. Deftly she poured a small dribble on
Janey's chest. Sally moved forward smoothly and caught
the small amount of wine as it ran down and dripped off
Janey's teat. Sally seemed to take longer tonight to
collect the wine, as Nicole kept a steady rain of
droplets falling from her nipple. Janey was a little
short of breath by the time Sally finally transferred
the wine to my mouth.

It was an excellent vintage, even with the unusual

I expected Janey to put her shirt back on, but she
didn't. In fact, apparently I had opened the door for
the two girls to openly exhibit their lovely assets at
the table during mealtimes. It was really going to put
a crimp in eating in restaurants as a family...

During dinner Janey did an inordinate amount of
reaching and stretching, smooshing her breasts together
with her upper arms when she laughed and, believe it or
not, giggling. She also bounced up and down in her
seat excitedly at any little comment. She must have
practiced in a mirror all afternoon! Or maybe it was
just natural.

For my part, I sat back and enjoyed the show. Sally
was peaceful by my side, Nicole was confident in her
role and Simone was egging Janey on to more and more
exhibitionism with her witty stories. It was great.

That's pretty much how our `family life' went for the
next week or so. Perfectly normal, right?

Well, there was that one incident a couple of days

I was working in the garage, doing something manly.
Hell, who am I kidding? I was just trying to escape
for a minute or two and catch my breath. Those two
women were trying to fuck me to death, I swear. I
figured something greasy, dirty and oily with a lot of
banging - tools - might keep them at bay, so I was
hiding in the garage, straightening my workbench or
something. I heard footsteps coming, but I didn't
recognize the sounds until...


I didn't turn around immediately. I wish later I had,
but I really did have my hands full of something.
"Yes, Nicole?"

"Uh, Master, I wanted to ask you if this would be
appropriate for some of my Slave clothing. It was
something I had from..., well, from before, but I
thought it might be OK. Sally said to ask you first.
So, is this OK?"

I turned and looked at her. And dropped the fucking
tools I was carrying on my foot, but I didn't notice.
My total focus was on the vision standing before me.
Like I said, I wish I had turned earlier. I missed
several precious seconds of looking at her that I will
always regret. She was that lovely.

Nicole was wearing, barely, a corset. But not just any
corset. Black patent leather, shiny, gleaming, it set
off her coloring magnificently. Her waist must have
been tightened down about two to three inches at least,
but it may have been an illusion. It was tight anyway,
and her tits were forced up and over the demi-cups,
visible and available, as if offered on a plate.

She had a small wispy pair of thong underwear, also
black. The body of the corset did not cover her
private areas at all. She was wearing long stockings that clung to her thighs and she was teetering on
immensely high heels. It was hot, it was erotic, and I
wanted her. Bad. Now.


She pirouetted slowly, stopping when she faced me

"Face away from me."

She complied.

"Oh, God!" We stood in silence for a while. I
contemplated her ass. The black leather corset framed
and set it off perfectly. I felt myself want to ravage

"Lose the panties."

She yanked on them and they came away in her hand. It
didn't strike me until later how easily they had come
off. With my two women, I should have known by now,
but this whole thing had been planned.

"Can you bend over?"

"Yes, Master."

"Come over here and lean on the tool bench."

She started to come over to me.

"Wait. First walk over to the far post." I held my
breath as I watched her move sensuously across the
garage. It was almost too much.

"Now come over here."

Again she paraded over to me, the seductive smile on
her face told me she knew the effect she was having on

"Lean over the bench."

She placed her hands on the bench and leaned into it.

Using my hands, I gently moved her feet backwards away
from the bench, and then spread her legs wider apart.
I took my time doing this and felt up and down her
nylon-clad legs several times, breathing in her sexual
fragrances. It was heady stuff. With her feet so far
back, her balance was precarious, but I had no
intention of letting her fall.

I stepped up behind her and unzipped my pants. I
thrust into her dripping cunt in one easy motion and
then stopped. Supporting her with my cock, I took hold
of her hands and placed them over the cheeks of her

"Spread them for me, Nicole."

Resting her lovely head on the filthy workbench, she
sighed deeply as she complied. Having lubed myself
with her own juices, I pulled out of her and began
inserting my fat cock into her tight rear passage.

"Oh, Master! Yes! Take me. Make me your slave."

It was a long, slow and delicious ass fuck. I held
myself back until her legs were shaking in exhaustion.
Then I pulled her back away from the bench.

"Grab your ankles, Nicole"

She did, having little other choice. The high heels,
whether by accident or intent (I now suspect the
latter), placed her ass at just the right height for me
the plow solidly into her. The added angle when she
grabbed her ankles increased the pressure she was
feeling in her gut and she began squealing with every
thrust I made.

Firmly holding onto her flaring hips, I began pounding
and pounding relentlessly into her luscious ass.
Finally I spent and we stood there huffing and puffing
in the cool dusty air of the garage, now redolent with
the added fragrance of sex. Reluctantly I pulled out
of her and helped her to stand up. Embracing her, I
held her tightly to me until our hearts had returned to
a normal rate.

"So. Is it OK, Master?" she asked timidly.

I kissed her gently, feeling myself stir to life again.
"Yes. It is `OK'. But I should warn you. I will take
you like this every time you wear this particular
corset. It... it is special, fantastic. You are

She grinned impishly up at me. "Oh, good."

I looked at her questioningly.

"Sally's bathing suit bottoms, the ones you love for
her to wear, well, they don't fit me the same way. You
didn't even notice I was wearing them," she answered
innocently. "We had to find something I could wear so
you would Greek me, too. We know how much you like it
that way."

Then, with a light kiss on my cheek as if nothing
special had happened, she glided back out of the
garage, leaving my raging pecker waving in the wind.

I had just been had. Big time.

Chapter 52

Anyway, to go back a couple of chapters, that's how I
had known, when I announced the next family Day, that
it had been exactly eight days since Nicole and I had
returned from Washington, DC. I knew because Sally was
kneeling on my right, completing the second full
rotation of the women. Do the math! (Four women, two
turns each, come on, you can do it...) My hand was
resting on the back of Sally's neck and I felt her
sense of calm suddenly shattered by the thought of
another family Day.

Janey was the bare-chested daughter at this meal, her
usual preening and posing forgotten in her sudden
excitement. It had only been a week or so, but I knew
I would never quite get used to the view of her charms
- nor those of Simone - gracing the dining table. But
I suppose that into each of our lives a little hardship
must fall. If this was a burden I was to bear, well, I
suppose I could put up with it.

Almost as suddenly as I felt Sally's tension at the
anticipation of the events of the family Day, I felt
her overcome with a sense of dread, a sense of
isolation. I don't know how she knew what I had
planned, but somehow she knew it was to be a special
day for Nicole and Simone. Sally had never exhibited
the ability to pry into my mind like Simone could. I
guess it was just woman's intuition.

It was just as obvious, when I thought about it, that
Sally had not dug into my thoughts. If she had, she
would have known what I had planned for her that next

To ease her mind, and, surprisingly, Janey's sudden
anxious thoughts, I continued, "Tomorrow's family Day
will be for all of us. I have planned something
special for each one of you. And now, if you will
excuse me, I have a busy day ahead."

With that, grinning secretively, I went into my office
to finish the preparations for the next day. To be
honest, what I had planned for Sally was what concerned
me the most. I could only hope she would accept it.

Before, when I had announced a family Day, I had had
only two women trying to find out what was going on.
Now I had four, and it was nearly unbearable. Sally
wore her bikini bottoms and Nicole her corset, each
with the predictable results. But no information.
Simone and Janey both spent an extra shift at Head
Time, trying to listen in on my telephone calls or
perhaps bribe me with their services. I explained to
them that it wouldn't work, but they both did it
anyway. Janey did it because she still thought she
could change my mind, but Simone did it because I think
she was beginning to like the feel of my cock in her
mouth. Maybe too much. I would have to have a talk
with Nicole and Sally about her. She was growing up,
and fast.

The next morning came and with it came the usual
packages for Nicole, Simone and Janey, laid out on
their beds when they awoke. There was no package for
Sally, but I sent a reassuring message across the link
to her. I also ordered her to prepare a light
breakfast for the rest of us, but not for her. I also
clearly specified in my message - Hell, I ordered her
firmly - that she was to remain naked and barefoot
while doing it and to wear her slave collar.

I hadn't ordered her around much and it sparked just
the right amount of fear and anticipation in her. I
could tell she was moistening up already, the unknown a
large factor in her excitement.

Simone and Nicole came into my office for inspection.
Both had outfits similar to what Sally and Janey had
worn on that first family day, but without the baseball
caps or the baseball gloves. Their shorts were way too
short, as were the T-shirts. Simone had an amused
smile on her face, almost enjoying the cock-teasing
attire. Nicole, on the other hand, was horrified.

"Lawrence, you cannot expect me to wear this in public.
What will people think?"

I gazed at her in silence for a while, a small question
on my face, letting her think about what she had just
said. As the silence grew longer, it suddenly dawned
on her that it didn't matter what other people thought.
It only mattered what I, her Master, thought. I could
tell by the blanched color of her face the second she
realized what she had done.

"Come over here, Nicole," I said quietly.

She came to stand a few inches from my knee. They had
all learned not to hesitate to come when I asked. I
picked up a pair of scissors from my desk and
deliberately and carefully cut off another healthy
strip from the bottom of her T-shirt. When I was done,
she could not move without exposing her nipples.

"There! I think that should about do it. That is,
unless you have anything else you'd like to say?"

Her face had changed from ashen to flaming red, but she
said nothing.

Simone piped up, "Papa, I don't think I could bear to
wear this either!"

I looked at her in amused silence as she strode over to
my other side, her chest proudly thrust out, her
hardened nipples visible through the thin cloth.
Somehow, I didn't think she was nearly as embarrassed
as her mother. In fact, if the sense of laughter and
joy coming over the link was any indication, she was
thoroughly looking forward to vamping it up today.
Janey must have talked with her.

Regardless of her motivation, I solemnly and carefully
trimmed a little of the scarce fabric from the bottom
of her shirt as well. Then I swatted her on her cute
little bottom, sending her squealing back to her
mother's side, her lovely tits flashing in and out of
view the entire way.

"Today you both will act in a provocative manner. It
is what I wish."

"Janey said that they got to act like real sluts. Is
that what you want?" Simone asked.

"Close, but not quite. Don't proposition any men. Or
women. And don't get me arrested for pimping, OK?"

That brought a smile of relief from Nicole, who, I
finally realized, was actually concerned about how far
she was to go. That she had actually been ready to
prostitute herself for me if I wished it unnerved me
somehow, almost making me rethink the activities of the
day. Almost.

I sent them scampering and flouncing into the kitchen
for their breakfasts. I went in to see how Janey was
coming along, stopping first to retrieve something from
my safe.

Janey's outfit was loosely based on that of a chauffer.
Very loosely. OK. It was black and she had a cap.
There was a vest but no blouse, so most of her luscious
tits were exposed. It buttoned securely across her
upper tummy and forced her breasts together and upward
to emphasize their fullness. Not that they needed to
be emphasized, mind you, but she looked spectacular.
It was perfect.

Her shorts, cut high on the hip, were tight enough to
have been painted on, and the extra appliances sewn
into the crotch would be constant reminders of her
feminine anatomy throughout the day. They would
irritate and stimulate, but not overly arouse her. I
figured I would probably have to take additional
binding measures tonight to make sure she didn't rape
me or some other hapless male.

Black shiny leather boots came to above her mid-thigh,
leaving just a narrow band of soft sensitive flesh
between the tops of the boots and her crotch. The 4-
inch heels would make her tasks for the day a bit more
difficult, but I couldn't resist what they added to the

She looked up at me wryly as I entered her room. She
knew better than to complain or question me, but she
didn't look like she was uncomfortable. She was,
however, clearly puzzled and curious about what she
would be doing. As I looked her over, I saw she looked
like a cross between a chauffer and a dominatrix. Like
I said, perfect!

She was even more puzzled when I held out my hand and
she saw what I was carrying. It was her pistol, loaded
and ready to go.

"Where am I supposed to carry that?" she asked, just a
little sarcastically.

"Come here, and I'll show you."

Brazenly, the little vamp strutted over, her chest
thrust out, her tits all but spilling out of the tight
vest. When she stopped, she was so close her nipples
were brushing against my chest.

Without saying a word I reached around behind her.
Pulling up and back on the waistband of her tight
shorts, I slipped the little gun into the small of her
back. The bottom hem of the vest dipped down just
enough to cover that spot when she was standing, hiding
the pistol.

The extra bulk of the gun had the effect of tightening
her shorts even more than they were before, driving the
small devices in the crotch into extremely intimate
contact with her sensitized genitalia. I watched as
her eyes widened in alarm, then sort of glazed over as
she was unable to move away from the constant
irritation. She leaned into me, resting her forehead
on my chest as she gathered her wits about her once

While she was quiet, I sent her a picture of what I
wanted her to do today. She was to drive the limo for
the rest of us. I outlined the itinerary, much
abbreviated from what we had done the first family Day,
and the route she was to take.

When she was clear with that, I then sent her the next
part of her assignment. As the message sunk in, I felt
the link between us tighten as she suddenly focused all
her energies on what I was telling her. I kept my arms
loosely around her as she came to grips with what it
was I was telling her to do, but I could feel, more
than see, her grin as she understood. I don't know if
she ever knew the relief that I felt at receiving her

We went out to the kitchen together, her arm linked in
mine, but in a father/daughter kind of way. It felt
odd, us acting in a normal family way with her dressed
so erotically. One side of me wanted to protect her,
while at the same time another part of me, admittedly
lower down, wanted to ravish her. Yeah, it felt odd...

Janey wolfed down her breakfast standing up, her
thoughts focused on her tasks ahead. Then, with a
sudden, surprising move, even to me, she grabbed her
mother's wrist, twisted it up behind her back and force-
marched her down to the dungeon. Sally's package was
waiting for her down there.

Sally had given a short squeak of surprise, staring
over at me in brief terror before being whisked out of
the kitchen. Her terror was delicious, and she was
loving it. Janey knew her mother better than I did and
was improvising on my plans for her.

Nicole and Simone had started to react to Janey, but I
stopped them with a shake of my head. There was a
sudden quietness around the table after the other two
had gone out of the room, and I let it grow. They
weren't afraid for Sally. They knew me better than
that. They were curious, that's all, and I left them
to wonder.

After about 20 minutes, I ushered them into the living
room and told them to wait there. No peeking. It made
them even more curious, and I thoroughly enjoyed
keeping them in the dark. It was a rare enough
occurrence as it was.

Descending into the dungeon, I saw that Janey had
finished with Sally. I reached out to Sally over our
link, touching her tenderly. She moaned as she sensed
I was near, but it wasn't in pain. Sally was in

Sally's package had contained a special assortment of
strap, buckles, loops, twists, ties, and other sorts of
leather finery, especially and lovingly made by Amud
and Bala. Just for her, and just for this occasion.
Her lovely head, now encased in a form-fitting hood,
was tucked down tight between her knees. I knew she
couldn't do much more than moan, as her mouth was
completely filled with a gag, complete with Amud's
special sauce. Not that she was going to need it, but
it was a special day. Besides, I had had it run
through Gertie's labs. Harmless, but very powerful
stuff. Gertie, and a few other of the female lab
techs, were after me for the source, but that's another

Anyway, I now felt comfortable using the marinated

Sally's ankles were bound together and each calf was
bound to her thighs by two broad straps. Overkill, but
Sally was into this kind of thing. Another strap went
around her ankles and up over her lower back, keeping
her bent over double. Another passed behind her knees
and up over her shoulders.

Her arms were encased in that single leather glove she
loved to wear. I noticed Janey had laced it
particularly tight, forcing contact along her forearms
from her wrists to her elbows. Her arms were held
tightly to her back by the two straps that circled her
at her knees and ankles.

Crushed as they were, I inspected her tits. Per my
instructions, Janey had fitted them with two vibrating
nipple clamps. They weren't too tight or too loose.
Sally would be wearing them all day long and I didn't
want any permanent damage. A third tormenting gadget
was buried between her thighs, held in place by a
leather crotch thong.

The thong, in and of itself, was an ingenious torture
that Bala had described to me, through Amud, of course.
Made of course leather and embedded with a course grit
of sand, the twisted braids bit into and irritated the
tender flesh of her cunt. No amount of twisting or
moving on her part could relieve her. Even more
diabolical, the thong was marinated in the same sauce
as the gag. The more she lubricated herself as a
protection against the irritating sand, the more of the
sauce entered her system. And then she would become
even more aroused. A vicious circle.

A handle of sorts was fashioned between the two straps
that circled her body. Grinning over at Janey in
thanks, I picked up her mother like a suitcase and
hauled her out of the dungeon and up to the waiting
limo. The car had been delivered the night before, and
it was the most expensive part of the day's
preparations. I figured that both Janey and Simone,
when she was old enough to drive, could take turns
acting as chauffeurs, so I just bought the damn thing.
It was easier to get them to make all the special
modifications I had requested, like tie-down bolts,
hooks, etc. The windows were totally opaque from the
outside. It was our own private little world.

I deposited Sally and fastened her to three rings on
the floor. Two at her ankles and one clipped to a
short chain on her collar. She wasn't going anywhere.
I linked to her to see if she was doing all right. The
intensity of her feelings, amplified by her bondage,
startled me. She was like a powder keg of confusion,
fear, lust, arousal and happiness. Mostly happy. I
went in to get the others.

The scene I walked in on was almost as startling to me.
Janey had gone upstairs to wait with the others.
Apparently she was totally involved with her new
dominant role, and she had both Nicole and Simone at
her disposal. She was standing between them, one arm
around each and each small gloved hand was caressing a
lovely tit. Tweaking, pinching, squeezing them to a
fever pitch of arousal. Not that those two
particularly needed it, but they, too, were in
character and were really getting into it. It made me
wonder what went on when I wasn't there. Oh, the

On the way out, I held Janey back a little. "Hey,
Cricket?" I asked her, "I guess that was OK, but those
two are my responsibility today. Don't make my job any
harder for me than it is." I raised my eyebrows in a
silent plea. She paled, then grinned, realizing she
had just barely crossed the line, but not enough to
rile me.

"OK, Sensei. Sorry. But Simone could tell something
was up with Mom, so I was trying to distract her. And
Nicki is so easy to, well, she really wants to please
you. But you're right. I'll focus on my job and make
sure mom is OK." She walked a couple of steps. "And,


She leaned over and kissed my cheek, very much out of
character for the slutty attire she had on. "In case
you're too busy tonight, I just want to say `Thank you'
now for today. For me and Mom, since she can't say
anything. She's really happy. Really happy. And for
myself, I can't wait to wear this new outfit to

It took me a second to realize what she had said. "You
wouldn't...!" I burst out, before I figured she was
joking. Her delicious laughter told me I had been had,
once again. It was going to be a long, long day.

The owners of the country caf‚ had kindly asked me not
to repeat the performance of the first family Day. Not
that it had been bad for their business, mind you, just
the reverse. But they felt, in spite of the surge in
profits, that they had a certain reputation to uphold
as a `family' oriented establishment. I teasingly
argued that Sally and Janey were my family, but in the
end I had to agree that the rather large increase in
the number of single men eating there, while good for
business, could be a deterrent to other families,
especially those with teen-aged daughters. It seems
that the girls felt they got stared at when they ate
there, especially if they came in from a workout at the
gym next door. Of course, not all of them complained.

As a result, the trip to The Guild was considerably
shortened. At first, seeing Sally bound so tightly and
securely dampened Nicole and Simone's spirits. Then
the first couple of turns in the road set Sally to
writhing in orgasmic ecstasy and you could hear her
moaning, even through the gag and hood. I checked her
breathing, making sure her nose was clear, and I opened
the hole down the center of the gag a little wider. No
sense taking chances.

Nicole watched me carefully tending to Sally. "She is
not being punished, no?"

"No. In fact, she is rather content right now," I

She thought about it a minute. "Then today must be
very special, or I will be jealous," she said finally.
I swear, it almost sounded like a threat. Almost.

After tending to Sally, I sat back to enjoy the ride.
I put one arm around Nicole, the other around Simone.
Nicole I pulled to me and kissed her deeply, then I let
my hand wander freely over her readily accessible
charms. Strangely, she resisted my attentions briefly,
apparently concerned about Simone. I took care of that
by urging Simone's head down towards my lap. She took
about two seconds to figure out what I wanted and then
her hands tore open my slacks. She engulfed the head
of my prick and then proceeded to try to swallow the
entire length of it before I stopped her with a firm
handful of her hair.

"Just Head Time, Simone. Nothing more," I commanded.

She grumbled a little, but complied.

"Well?" I tossed to Nicole.

She pouted prettily. "Now I will be jealous for sure,

Laughing, I set about taking her mind off her troubles.
By the time we got to the first stop, she was much less
concerned about the privileges afforded the others. In
fact, I had never seen her look so deliciously
disheveled. I wasn't sure whether her shirt had shrunk
with all the petting we had been doing or if her
breasts had swollen, but as a result, nothing she did
would fully cover her nipples.

Finally, with a rueful glance up at me, she raised her
hands to meet my proffered ones, further exposing her

It was a beautiful sight to behold.

Chapter 53

I helped Nicole out of the car, giving her distraught
face a quick kiss on the tip of her nose. She took
that for the reassurance I had intended and, squaring
her shoulders, prepared to meet the day's events. Her
daughter, similarly aroused, bounced out of the car on
her own, her abbreviated shirt lodged well above her
nipples. Fortunately for the public, Janey had been
able to pull the limo up right in front of the first
shop and I ushered the two over exposed women right
inside in a matter of a few steps.

The corset maker was waiting for us and immediately
hung out her "Private Showing" sign. The hanging of
these signs was becoming popular, to the point you
needed to check on the availability of some of the more
popular shops. Knowing how expensive these private
showings were, I could understand the status they
afforded the "special" customers. Some of the artisans
accommodated the requests of some of their clients by
listing the name of the client on the signs, then, at
the close of the showing, presenting the sign to them,
properly framed for hanging.

I suppose for some that it was a status symbol of sorts
and that the signs would be hung in a visible place
with pride. For Nicole and Simone, I had requested
that the showings be anonymous and, to the relief of my
craftsmen, they happily complied.

I left Nicole and Simone in the capable hands of the
shopkeeper and her assistant. The two women, still in
a semi-erotic haze, were quickly divested of their
garments and as I left, were standing nude on the
casting stands. Simone was more alert than her mother was and stared wide-eyed at the restricting garments
tastefully arranged around the shop. Again, Janey's
tale of the first family Day gave her a clue as to what
was going on, and she winked gaily at me as I waved to
her on my way out.

I tapped on the window of the limo and motioned Janey
to get out and come over to me. "I want you to stand
out here during our stops. You need to do two things.
First, and most important, keep attuned to your mom and
make sure everything is going OK. Otherwise, just
stand here and be alert for anything unusual." I
patted her on the back, just over her gun, to let her
know I was serious. I was.

She looked at me wryly. "Can I pick up customers?"
referring to the fact she was dressed like a hooker.

"Only if they're worthy of you, Janey," I replied as I
climbed into the back of the limo. That comment set
her thinking, and I heard her muttering darkly over our
link when she realized that any `customer' would
automatically not be worthy of her, and besides, what
would the price of that sale be. A conundrum, for

The interior of the limo was dark and smelled like,
well, it was a great smell in that it was the odor of
my love's arousal. I reached out to Sally with my link
and sent her over the edge with a sustained climax. I
untied the end of her crotch thong and laid it down
between her ankles. Then, in one swift move, I buried
myself to the hilt in her dripping depths.

Sally was bound too tightly to arch her back in
reaction to my impaling her, but she tried. In her
mind she began a wail of ecstasy that lasted for
several minutes. When she was quieted down, I slipped
out of her cunt and put the tip of my rigid tool
against her nether hole. There was not even a moment's
hesitation on her part as she relaxed against the
impending invasion. Slowly, savoring every millimeter,
I sank into that tight orifice. Once imbedded fully, I
leaned over her, draping myself over her back. It was
a lot of weight on her, especially in her present
condition, but I wanted her to feel fully consumed by
me, surrounded, protected. I supported a little of my
weight with my hands and knees, but for the most part,
she supported me.

Sally seemed to respond to this mental bondage in much
the same way she responded to physical bondage. She
embraced it, welcomed it, staying quiet, waiting for me
to make the next move. That move was to use the
intimate and total contact between us to establish what
was the strongest link between us to date. Then we
`talked', as best I can describe it.

It wasn't something I would want to do often, as there
was no place to hide. There were no fancy words, no
euphemisms, no long pauses, no walking away. Our souls
were laid bare to one another as never before.

I also wouldn't trade that time for anything. I was
spending a lot of time with Nicole, and, truth be told,
I was terrified of losing Sally. I needed reassurance
from her that this relationship was what truly what she
wanted. I was frustrated, too, in that I couldn't yet
`connect' with Nicole. I was relieved in a way to find
that she couldn't sense her either, but it didn't make
me feel any better. We both knew that Nicole seemed to
perceive some impulses and send some signals out that
we could pick up on, but apparently she just didn't
recognize them for what they were.

We `talked' about Janey, too, who was intently
listening in on her link. For once, I didn't mind. I
felt she needed to know how I felt about her, how much
I loved her, how much I respected her and how relieved
I was that she had recovered. I also felt she needed
to know how unsure I was about our unusual family relationship and that I was fearful that the openness
of our living arrangement would backfire and harm her
or Simone or all of us.

The hour passed quickly and I reluctantly withdrew from
Sally's clasping anal embrace. I had prepared wet
towels for just this occasion and cleaned us both up,
replacing the crotch thong just before I exited the

Two very agitated women awaited me as I re-entered the
first shop. The craftsman and her assistant had had
instructions from me to keep the two in as aroused a
state as possible, but without allowing for any
release. They had apparently been very successful,
hence the agitated state. I had noticed the new
addition of several hanging ropes and quickly guessed
that the two had been `stabilized' after I had left,
for security purposes, you understand. Once helpless,
with their hands bound overhead, the two had been
helpless against the advances of the measurers.

Grinning, I took an elbow of each of my women and, with
a satisfied nod to the owner, escorted them out of the

Nicole and Simone looked like they needed a breather,
and, as were had the time, we walked to the next shop
in the next block. I waved Janey back into the car and
she followed after safely pulling into traffic.
Surprisingly, there was another parking spot directly
in front of this shop as well. I was beginning to see
a pattern here, but I was damned if I could figure out
how they arranged it, if that is what they were doing.
This was one of the busiest malls in the country and
parking spots were at a premium at any hour of the day.
To find two available spots directly in front of where
you were going, back to back, was too coincidental.

The second stop was for undergarments, those tiny
frilly kind that served only to inflame the male lust,
or female lust, as the case may be. This shop had the
same instructions as the previous one. The two were
stripped and bound before the intimate and very hand-on
process of measuring the two women began. Nicole
groaned in frustration as she relaxed into the bonds
supporting her. Simone, grinning at her mother, rolled
her eyes at me as I blew her a kiss before exiting. I
think she was beginning to see a pattern here, too, and
one that Janey had not warned her about. Hey! I had
to keep things interesting for such a young quick mind,
didn't I?

Janey was waiting by the car this time, a slightly
worried look on her face. When I got close enough she
grinned nervously at me, her eyes darting from me to
someone behind and too the side. She was shifting her
weight from one high heel to the other. One hand, her
right one, was behind her back, and I knew what was
back there. Suddenly, I recognized the stance she had
subtly shifted into. She had moved into a shooting
posture, ready to defend her helpless mother.

Now at full alert, I slowly moved my hand to my own
pistol, loosening it in the holster. Smoothly, I moved
to her, keeping off to one side so as not to block her
shot if she needed to shoot.

"What's up, Pumpkin?"

Janey was so intense on the situation she didn't even
react to that hated nickname. "There's a guy, 6 foot
plus, 220 or so hanging around that window two stores
down. He was at the last stop, too. He, well, he
looks out of place, Dad."

I used the mirror to look backwards down the street.
She was right. Jimmy did look out of place in front of
that dress shop. My sigh of relief must have been
audible to Janey, as she looked up at me quickly,
taking her eyes off her target.

"Its OK, Janey. That's your backup. Jimmy. He and I
have worked together before..., well, just before.
He's going to be pissed that you spotted him."

I quickly scanned the area. The other two `backups'
were in place. Janey saw me glance around.

"There're more?"

I nodded.

"The black guy?"

I nodded.

"The lady with the baby stroller?"

I looked at her in surprise. She had picked up on all
three. Maybe Jimmy wasn't going to be pissed. Maybe
Janey was just extra observant.

"You're going to have to tell me how you picked them

"Oh, the guys were easy! They were the only two who
didn't look at me when they came close to me or walked
by. They looked everywhere else, but not at me. I
mean, come on, Dad! Even you can't keep your eyes off
of me! It was almost the same with the lady, but she
was a little tougher. But I noticed that she looks
everywhere but at her baby."

"Very good! I'll pass that along."




"For what?"

"For making sure we would be OK. I mean, I know how to
shoot, but I never have. Anybody, I mean. I was
really worrying about it, too, that I might have to. I
wasn't sure if I could or not."

"You would have done the right thing, Janey. I know
you would have."

"Well, maybe. But I did find out one thing."

"What's that?"

"I'm pretty sure I could do it, I mean, if it meant
protecting mom or you. Nicki and Simmie, too. But..."

"But what?"

"I wouldn't have liked it. If I had to shoot someone,
I mean."

I softly kissed her on the forehead, regretting very
much the tiny bit of innocence she had just lost with
the realization that she could value one life above

"We never like it, Honey. Never."

Chapter 54

The rest of the shops went the same way. I would
deliver the girls to the shopkeeper then go back to the
limo to `talk' with Sally. Janey, and her backups,
kept watch.

At one point I asked Janey how much she had shared with
Simone about the first visit to The Guild. Had she
told her everything?

"Not exactly," was her reply.

"Meaning....?" I led her to reply.

"Meaning the Rosen's devices will probably come as a
shock to her."

Grinning at her devious omission, I asked, "Nicole?"

Grinning back, she answered, "Not a clue. mom and I
agreed. We wanted you to have to explain what you did
to them!"

Ahhh! I knew there was a hitch! Typical. But at
least there would be one surprise for Simone on this
day. One special one for Nicole, too, but that was

Amud and Bala greeted us warmly, the women openly
hugging each other. I stayed to watch this session,
having alerted Sally that she would be alone for the
next hour or so. It wasn't that I distrusted these
two. Rather, it was such a joy to watch Bala work on
the women. Her touch was so deft, so sure. I always
learned something new from her.

As before, she started with the younger woman.
Nicole's reaction to the hanging leather implements and
saddles was very similar to what Sally's had been, but
she didn't `zone out' the way Sally had. So as Simone
was measured, then hung and whipped to one thundering
orgasm after another, Nicole wandered the shop,
lovingly and longingly touching the sensuous leather

Bala was surprised at the explosive and repetitive
nature of Simone's orgasm. Through Amud, I explained
that the women had been primed for this all day long.
Winking knowingly at me, she then proceeded to draw
every ounce of sexual tension she could out of the
hanging girl. When she was unable to wring anymore
from her, they placed her limp, sated form in my arms.
D‚j… vu all over again.

Nicole stood quietly while she was measured, but
resisted a little to being strung up. A special
marinated gag calmed her, along with my command to her
to allow this. She still resisted, even with the drug,
and Bala had to work for a long time before Nicole
achieved a meager release.

On the way out, Amud pulled me to one side. "She is a
stubborn one, very strong inside. Special. Bala
wanted me to tell you."

I looked lovingly over at Nicole. "Yes, she is."

"No. Not the mother. The girl. Special, very special

"But Nicole was the one that resisted Bala today."

Amud made a motion to brush that aside as meaningless.
"Do not read too much into such things. Nicole very
much your woman. Very much in love with idea of her
Master being on other end of the whip. You leave her
with Bala for one week and she be singing good for her,

He nodded at Simone. "This one different. She can
help you with others. Strong and like both ends of
whip, but especially to give. But the little one needs
the hose soon." He blushed as he said this next part.
"We are aware of how you think, that she your daughter and that you cannot give her hose when she need it.
Bala..." he gulped, then looked back at her for
reassurance, " love said I should volunteer to
help. With the girl."

I looked at him in disbelief. Was he saying what I
thought? Did he just volunteer to fuck my Simone? I
asked him, pointblank.

He withered at my suggestion that he had anything
illicit in mind. "No, Lawrence! For training purposes
only. For good of the girl, only. Not my pleasure!
My beloved there every time! No pleasure for me at all
with my love there."

I don't think he realized how humorous what he said
was. But I backed down, apologized for doubting his
intent and told him I would think about his offer.
Secretly, I had been having similar thoughts about
Simone. Not that I would fuck her, but that she had a
tremendous need for cock that needed to be met soon.
She was becoming fixated on mine, and that was not

The jewelry store was next. When I picked them up,
Nicole was pensive and withdrawn and there was a tiny
drop of blood on the shirt over her left tit. I half
expected her to ask why she had been pierced in this
shop, but she just sat quietly as Janey pulled the car
into traffic and headed towards the exit.

Simone seemed relieved it was all over. Thus, she was
very surprised when the car pulled into yet another
conveniently located spot. Her curiosity grew as there
was no storefront along this section of the mall, just
the back ends of a lot of the other shops. Silently,
without explanation, I took them down that long
alleyway to the Rosen's clinic.

When I introduced the Dr.s Rosen to Nicole and Simone,
it was like old home week. I should have guessed they
knew each other, or at least of each other. Both
European, both intellectuals, that was a small
neighborhood. It turned out they had followed each
other's careers with mutual admiration. Of course,
Simone had read their scientific papers and wanted to
discuss them in depth, though the three doctors were a
little taken aback by her youthful appearance. I think
having Nicole in my `harem', as she put it, raised me
several levels in Dr. Rosen's estimation. She wasn't
sure about Simone, but she was clearly impressed by
what she saw.

When my girls were stripped and positioned on the
tables, I caught sight of Nicole's look just before she
went under from the anesthesia. She knew very well
what kind of research the Rosens had done. She may not
have known exactly what was going to happen, but she
was light-years ahead of what Sally had known. I
wasn't sure if that was going to make it harder or
easier to explain why I had had them implanted with
those particular devices. Ah, what the shit! I guess
I'd just have to burn that bridge when I came to it.

Dr. Wang took advantage of their appointment to do a
check-up and a tune-up on my own implants, sort of. I
didn't ask too many questions. It wasn't that I didn't
care. It's just that I had had so many things done to
me by so many doctors, I finally stopped asking. I
found it was better if I didn't know.

Apparently I was OK, as he grinned widely as he led me
to the door. I asked if I could use it right away, and
he nodded vigorously, speaking excitedly as he did,
which didn't help his diction. "The more the better,"
was all I could make out of his broken English. At
least, I hoped that's what he said.

I went out to the limo and fucked Sally. It kind of
surprised me, the intensity of the urge that rose
within me. I had been satisfying myself - and her -
all day long, several times, and that was usually
enough to keep my horniness in check. But there wasn't
another term for what I did to Sally right then. I
climbed on and threw her the meat, pounded her pussy.
I wasn't tender, I wasn't there for her pleasure,
although she did enjoy it. I used her cunt and
deposited what felt like a gallon of cum deep in her.

When I was done, I unplugged, still hard, still horny.
This time when we were finished, I cleaned up myself,
but left Sally dripping my jism on the carpet. I went
back into the clinic, thanked the Rosens and then
brusquely herded the two women back to the car. Both
were still under the influence of the anesthesia a
little, so the walk back to the limo was silent and

Simone climbed in the back first, stopping halfway in
as she took in the sight that greeted her. A red,
dripping and obviously well fucked cunt. She finished
getting into the limo without comment.

Nicole, when it was her turn to get in, gasped when she
saw Sally as I had left her. She immediately rushed to
her side, ready to give her aide. When I entered the
back of the limo, Nicole turned accusingly to me, ready
to attack should I make a move towards Sally. It was
only after the reassurances from Janey and Simone that
Sally was really OK that she somewhat sheepishly came
back to sit by my side. Even then, she was quiet.

I figured Nicole would ask me about the Rosen's devices
when she was ready, so I moved forward and cleaned up
Sally, taking up the time, allowing her to ask when she
was ready. I was a little chagrined I had left Sally
like that. I don't know what came over me, but I had
just felt like showing off. It was teenager macho
stuff, and a nagging little itch started in the back of
my mind.

I busied myself, ignoring my thoughts in that direction
and focused on Sally. I released her from some of her
bonds, massaging the stiffness from her sore muscles in
the process. When she could kneel upright, I removed
her hood, but I left the gag in her mouth. Still, the
dark interior of the car was almost too bright for her
eyes and she blinked until she had accommodated. Then
she looked up at me with a look of total love. I hoped
it would last. I was about to put it to the test, and
even with her reassurances, things don't always look
the same when you're confronted with the reality of
what was once just an idea.

Still kneeling, I turned to Nicole. I picked up her
hand and gently kissed her palm. Then I lifted her
abbreviated shirt up, exposing her breasts. I gently
kissed each in turn, focusing on her nipples, back and
forth until her body responded to the stimulus and her
nipples were throbbingly hard.

Deftly, with an unpracticed ease I pulled a small box
from my pocket and took a diamond heart from it. The
heart shaped diamond was exactly like the one I had
given Sally when I had proposed to her. I found the
pierced hole in her nipple the jewelers had placed
there earlier in the day, and slipped the fine wire
through it. The wire clipped securely onto the heart
and the diamond lay there on her heaving breast,
glinting and gleaming in the dim light. The glinting
light from Sally's heart matched it from across the cab
of the limo.

"Nicole, I... I..."

"Yes, Lawrence. My answer is `Yes.'"

I let her have the last word.

Chapter 55

Two short weeks later was another concert. The day of
the event, my ladies were pampered and primped, bathed,
massaged, coifed and coddled. I could sense the sexual
tensions building in Sally and Janey who had been
through this process before as well as in Nicole and
Simone. Those two seemed unprepared for the
luxuriousness of the treatments, thought I was sure
Sally and Janey had told them all about it.

In the afternoon, the driver of The Guild's delivery
van handed over a myriad of packages with all the usual
pomp and deference. I don't know if the girls were
more relieved or curious. Due to the recent fittings
of Nicole and Simone and the two additional outfits
that needed to be created, the craftsmen were a little
rushed to meet the deadline I had requested.

When the last beauty treatment was finished, the
equipment loaded and the vans gone, I sat in my office
with four kneeling very gorgeous, very horny females.
Three of them had their long hair perfectly braided in
a style that we all called the `slave braid,' a loose
French weave leaving a full tail of hair hanging
straight down the back. The remaining woman had her
hair elegantly down up on top of her head. All four
were in front of my desk, quietly fidgeting, anxious to
see what surprises were hidden in the golden boxes that
had been delivered. Concert nights were always
special, and they anticipated nothing different on this
one. I hoped not to disappoint them.

Taking Simone and Janey by the hands, I led them to
their room. Their boxes were laid out on their beds,
shining in the afternoon sunlight from the windows.
The girls' excitement was palpable. I took a soft cord
from my pocket. Turning Janey around to face away from
me, I loosely tied her hands behind her, more symbolic
than confining.

Leaning down to put my mouth close to her ear, I
whispered, "Are you ready for this?"

To her credit, she took her time before answering. She
knew what I was asking her to do, having witnessed the
bondage Sally had been in at prior concerts. This
would not be a `date' like before, but something new,
another step down an unknown path.

When she did answer, she simply said, "Yes," and then
quickly turned to give me a kiss on the cheek. Her
eyes were shiny with excitement.

Having Janey's cooperation was part one. Simone's
would be part two. I turned to the teenager, her eyes
wide with awe, fixated on the knot binding Janey's
hands. When I looked over at her, she gulped, then
presented her hands to me in a similar manner.

I gathered the girl in my arms and sat on the bed. I
deposited her on my lap, her short robe allowing her
bare bottom to caress my thigh. She was trembling,
more from fear than excitement.

"I sort of had something else in mind for you, Simone,
if that's all right with you."

She almost sobbed her relief.

"I'd like you to help me out tonight. As you know, I
will have both your mom and Sally to take care of. I'd
like you to be in charge of Janey. Think you can do
that?" I had said all of this quietly, so that Janey
could not hear us.

The idea of being in charge seemed to intrigue the
girl. "In charge? What would I have to do?"

"Oh, I think you have an idea. Make sure she is safe,
as she will be bound pretty tightly. Help her get
dressed. Make sure she behaves. Stuff like that."

"Oh." She thought about it a minute. "OK."

"Good girl. If you have any questions, I'll be right
there, too."

Part one and part two completed. I kissed her cheek as
I stood. I picked up a small box off of her bed. I
turned her around this time a slipped her necklace, a
silver diamond studded heart on a snug chain, around
her neck. Another similar box on Janey's bed held a
bejeweled slave collar. The difference in the two
styles was obvious and Janey's eye's widened as she
began to realize what the arrangement would be that

I stood to the side of the room for a few minutes as
Simone began Janey's preparations. The first thing she
did was to strip Janey of her robe, leaving her naked
but for the collar and the cord binding her hands.
Then, with deliberate movements, she stood behind the
bound girl and cupped both her breasts with her small
hands. Then she squeezed. She kept applying pressure
until Janey moaned softly. Releasing one of those
magnificent globes, Simone let one hand wander down to
brush the tightly cropped pubic hairs.

I watched in fascination as Simone proceeded to
establish her gentle but very definite dominance over
the older girl. It was done slowly and softly, yet
there was no questioning who was in charge. One
finger, then two were buried in the gasping girl's
dripping twat.

Just before Janey's knees buckled, Simone stopped her
stimulation with a suddenness that left Janey gasping.
With a confident grin over at me, Simone then began
ripping open the various boxes on Janey's bed,
flaunting a bit the fact that she got to open all the
boxes. I wondered whether I should have mentioned to
Simone that she would be on the other end one day soon,
with Janey in charge of her, but decided to let things
take their own course. It would be more fun that way.
For me, anyway.

I slipped out of the room to begin my own preparations
for the evening. As much as I wanted to stay and watch
- God, Janey was beautiful! - I had my own two beauties
to subdue.

Returning to my office, I retrieved the two remaining
lovelies and led them to our bedroom. Two stacks of
boxes on the bed, two lovely ladies. I made them
kneel, facing the boxes.

I took the small box from Nicole's stack, the only
difference in the two piles. It held her jeweled slave
collar, and as I fastened the secure clasp, Nicole
began to cry. At first I thought it was too tight, but
Sally signaled to me that her tears were just a release
of tension. This collar, my collar, was yet another
sign of my commitment to her and Nicole was overcome
with emotion.

Careful not to smudge her perfect makeup, I patted her
eyes and let her blow her nose with a tissue. Through
all of this, we didn't exchange one word.

I got Sally's collar from the safe and fastened it
around her slender neck. With that, the two women were
relieved of their robes. Taking a page from Simone's
book, I knelt behind each one in turn and possessively
fondled and aroused them. I didn't need to bind their
hands behind them. Instead, I just positioned their
hands behind their backs with wrists crossed and the
two obediently kept them there without aide. Nicole
came almost immediately, a deed that I reminded her
would be punished at the end of the evening. That
reminder seemed to excite her to yet another shuddering
orgasm. I felt it would be counterproductive to remind
her again, so I simply held her tightly until she
regained a semblance of calm.

Sally, while in no way stoic, allowed me to take her to
the edge of her climax, enjoying the build up of the
tension within both of us. I urged her on with my
fingers and tongue, but she maintained her control by a
tremendous effort. It wasn't until I asked her if she
really wanted to abandon her `sister' to be punished
alone that she allowed me to push her over the edge.
As often as I had witnessed it, I still could not
understand Sally's embracing of pain. I only hoped I
could keep both her and Nicole satisfied.

Their attire for the evening was deceptively simple but
very stringent. Essentially a corset, it incorporated
straps down the spine designed to fixate their arms
from elbow to wrist. A small pocket in the small of
the back captured and secured their hands. I had asked
that the pockets be moveable so that I could move them
up or down, thereby increasing the stress on the back
and shoulders. On this night I had moved them up a
notch and both women gasped as they realized the level
of discomfort they would have to endure for the

The corset itself was unforgiving. The stays were
stiff and unbending. When tied down, they cinched in
the waists an amazing 3 inches. The base of the corset
rested firmly on the pelvic girdle, pinched in the
waist and hugged the lower ribs tightly. The material
of the corset ended just above the bottom of the
breasts, but was so tight, that it forced the malleable
tissue up and together. A `Wonder-Bra' effect.
Breathing in this attire was possible, but not easy.
Bending was nearly impossible and not recommended.

There were as series of straps hanging from the upper
front of the corset. With these, I introduce an
element of tit-bondage, tightly tying that tender flesh
with a criss-cross of strands until their breast bulged
out between the straps like twin balloons forced
against a chain-link fence. It was lightly painful
and, at the same time, deliciously erotic. The
slightest touch on them brought moans from the women.

The last boxes contained leather boots custom fit to be
tight and to rise to meet in their crotches. They were
laced, not zipped, and I enjoyed tying and retying
those laces that ended just short of paradise. Of
course, with my big clumsy hands, the women were rubbed
extensively in a most intimate way. The boots had
extremely high heels, 5-6 inches, the highest they had
ever worn. The long heels resulted in their toes being
pointed almost straight down.

The Rosen's earrings and the vaginal and anal probes
completed the ensembles. I turned them on immediately
and then gave them the admonition not to cum unless I
allowed it. This was Nicole's first experience with
these diabolical devices and she was incapable of
preventing and then stopping her climax. I turned her
units down, leaving Sally's at the original level until
Nicole could again regain her composure, then edged
them up gradually until she was only barely in control.

I assisted the two bound women into the living room
where we met Simone and a very arouse, but subdued,
Janey. I had never seen her eyes so wild with passion
nor so desperate to cum. Janey was outfitted exactly
as her mother and Nicole, right down to the breast bondage. Simone had actually done her up tighter than
I had done with the other two, and I briefly considered
loosening it. A check with the teen over the link told
me not to bother.

I handed Simone the remote that controlled Janey's
devices and showed her how to use it. Janey's eyes
almost bugged out when she flicked it on, her orgasm
causing her tortured tit flesh to swell and further
tighten the already tight cords. Again, I checked her
over the link, with a repeated assurance that she was
OK and to let Simone handle her. I blinked at this
rebuff, but, seeing that Simone had `sensed' the
conversation, just grinned as she winked at me. She
would be just fine.

Simone, for her attire, was wearing a simple black
cocktail dress with thin straps. I knew that
underneath she, too, was wearing a corset, although not
nearly as constricting as the other three. Her sleek
shapely legs were sheathed in dusky silk stockings held
up with garters attached to the base of the corset.
Transparent panties held in her vaginal and anal
probes. The flimsy matching bra held the Rosen's bra
stimulators in place. She was the only one of the four
with those devices.

Simone's long dark hair was piled seductively up on top
of her head, baring her slender neck. She looked as
elegant as the most sophisticated uptown girl, yet
managed a cherubic innocence. The only discordant
thing was the nearly evil mischievous gleam in her
beautiful eyes. She fully intended to enjoy dominating
Janey tonight.

Again, I thought about reminding her that she would be
on the other end soon, but decided against it. I had a
feeling she was aware that that would happen, but
didn't care.

Three capes were draped and securely fastened on the
three slave-girls. I assisted Simone with her own
white ermine stole, which she wore as if she was born
wearing one. The remote for Janey's devices was
slipped securely under the wristband of her watch,
leaving her hands free.

Because all of the women were `busy' tonight, I had
arranged for the limo company to send over a driver.
Our own limo was used, and the same discreet young woman we had used before briskly opened the rear door
as we exited the house. Simone and I assisted Janey
and Nicole into the back of the car. Sally, practiced
in this situation, needed only a close eye and the
backup of the driver.

Sally and Nicole knelt on the soft carpet on each side
of me. Immediately, I loosed my cock and waited for
one or the other to attempt to take it in her mouth.
With her eyes closed with the effort of bending over,
Nicole was the first to reach it. In reward for her
efforts, I nudged her remote up a couple of notches.
As a result, she had a tremendous orgasm and she nearly
bit my cock, stopping from doing severe damage only
with a supreme effort. Feeling like a heartless
bastard, I gave her another reprimand and additional
punishment when we got home.

She bit me again, but that time she nipped me on
purpose. I swore to myself to show her no mercy.

Sally swayed gently with the movement of the car on the
highway. I motioned her closer and, releasing the
snaps of her cape, exposed her reddened deformed tits.
I found the nipples to be as hard as pebbles. As
Nicole tried to keep her head still on my cock, I
flicked and teased Sally's nipples, squeezing and
rolling them between my fingers. I saw her eyes roll
up in her head as she came hard, her breath coming is
ragged gasps. It was rare for her to cum from breast stimulation alone and I think it caught her by

Simone had not let Janey be idle during the ride. As
soon as she had seen what was going on with Sally and
Nicole, Simone had hiked up her skirt, pulled her
panties to one side and lowered Janey's head to her
slippery young cunt. Janey, being a lot more flexible
than the older women, did not have the trouble bending
and gave Simone no resistance.

Simone stiffened in a grunting orgasm when I switched
on her devices. The intensity of those intimate little
buggers was surprising and I don't think the women ever
did get used to the intense feelings they produced. At
least, they always seemed to be surprised by the onrush
of that first orgasm, even Sally and Janey. Maybe it
was just an indication that I wasn't overusing them.

After the anticipation and the lascivious preparations,
the concert was something of a letdown. The visiting
conductor was almost genius, and was almost brilliant.
Almost. Still, the pieces were by a composer I liked
and given my compliant companions, it was easy to be
forgiving of the performance. I kept Simone flopping
around in her chair like a fish on dry land, mostly to
give Janey a break. She was taking Janey to the very
edge of her limits way too soon and there was still
more to come. Janey gave me a look of combined thanks
and disgust. She understood on one level why I was
giving her a break, but on a gut level, she was
thoroughly immersed in this new experience and wished I
would kindly butt out.

Our limo did not have an opaque window between the
driver and the rear compartment. I hadn't felt it
would be necessary, intending for Janey and Simone to
do the driving. As a result, the young woman driving
us to and from the concert got an eye and ear full of
some rather unorthodox behavior that evening. I
noticed her eyeing us on the way to the concert hall.
On the way back, she almost crashed as all three capes
were lying carelessly on the carpeted deck. Three
nearly naked and obviously strictly bound women were
apparently too much for the girl, not to mention my
above average cock.

Beth, as we found out her name, recovered safely and
forced herself to focus on her job. That impressed me,
particularly when she approached me at the end of the
evening in our driveway. I had just climbed out of the
car after she had opened the door.


"Yes, uh, I'm sorry I don't know your name, miss."

"It's Beth, Sir. I just wanted to apologize for my
driving, Sir. It won't happen again."

"I should hope it wouldn't. But, no harm was done."

"Yes, Sir, uh, No, Sir..."

I could tell she was nervous. "Was there something
else? I won't report you, if that is what is bothering

She blushed, then blurted out, "Do they like, I mean,
they must, but, doesn't it, well, of course does, but,
well," she took a deep breath, then "Sir, would you do
that to me? I mean, not now, you're busy, of course,
but sometime...."

I stopped her with a finger to her lips. She was a
pretty young girl and would not have a problem finding
a man - or woman - willing to help her. I had my hands
full already.

"Are you interested in trying the bondage or me?"

"The bondage stuff, Sir," she answered immediately,
before, "Oh, but you, too."

Gee, thanks. Like I said, she was young. "Well, Beth,
I can't bring you into our family, but I may have
someone safe in mind for you, if you meet their
standards. Thank you for driving us. I'll contact you

With that, I turned and escorted four very curious
women into the house. I didn't really know anybody,
but in a flash of inspiration I `sensed' that Beth
would fit perfectly into another unorthodox family that
I saw evolving, or that I could encourage to evolve.
Time would tell if I was right but I wouldn't say
anything to anyone until I had a few more facts. Until
then, they could just wonder.

I had Sally and Nicole kneel on the floor in the
entryway while I escorted Janey and Simone to their
room once again. Once there, I reached under the bed
and slid out an apparatus of tubes, straps and pads.
Both girls watched closely as I assembled a simple but
sturdy frame. Helping Janey down on her knees onto the
pad at the base, I bent her from the waist over another
padded bar, bringing her mouth down to a latex penis
that fit perfectly into and filled her mouth. A simple
harness held her head firmly in place and two straps
behind her knees held her legs spread and firmly in
place. With her hands and arms still bound by the
corset, Janey wasn't going anywhere.

"Neat!" was all that Simone said, instantly seeing the
possibilities of Janey's position. Her luscious ass
high in the air, accessibility to one or both orifices,
Simone was already thinking along the intended lines.
There was just one more thing.

I pulled Simone to me as I sat down on the bed. I
reached down and retrieved yet another box out from
under the bed that I had hidden along with the
apparatus. With Simone facing me, I reached behind her
and unzipped her dress. With infinite care, I slipped
the narrow straps off her shoulders, watching her face
the entire time. I was alert for any sign of
resistance. Her flimsy bra was next, then her dainty
panties. Simone's breathing was becoming more erratic,
as was mine, I must admit. It was a novel experience,
undressing this seductive teenager, and I was not
immune to her charms. The only thing that stopped me
from dallying with her right then was the prior
engagement I had with her mother and Sally and I think
we both knew it.

From the box I removed a pair of leather pants. At
first she protested that the pants were inside out as I
slid them up her legs. She could see the protrusions,
or intrusions, that would have to fit up inside of her.
They weren't long, but they were thick. Persistently,
I slid the pants up to her crotch, then gently inserted
the front and rear phalluses into her. Then I cinched
the thick belt tight. On the front panel of the pants
was a bolt, and onto that I screwed a larger, longer
and thicker dildo. It clicked into place with a solid
snap. The final adjustments were made by repeatedly
squeezing two air bulbs secreted in the waistband of
the shorts. I watched her eyes widened as first the
front, then the rear probe swelled to fill her
completely and lock into place.

I took her hand and placed it on her `penis.' "Stroke

She did, and immediately moaned. The locking bolt was
connected by a solid metal scaffold to both the vaginal
and anal probes. The probes were locked in her own
canals so tightly that any movement of the dildo was
translated directly to her own genitals. The designers
had told me it was almost as good as the real thing,
but I wondered how they would know.

The last thing I took out of the box was a light riding
crop. Simone's eyes widened when she saw the whip and
immediately associated it with Janey's creamy ass. She
salivated as she accepted the supple leather instrument
from me.

Janey had three bright red stripes across her ass
before I could get out of the room. I felt her
explosive climax across the link and sensed her
relaxing into and under Simone's control. There was
already an instinctive trust between the two girls that
allowed Janey to let go and experience everything
Simone had for her to the fullest. I left them to
their frolicking, focused on my own responsibilities.

Two more tubular frames came from under our bed and
Sally and Nicole were secured in them in a relatively
short time. I fingered them in their exposed genital
areas for a long time, teasing them to a higher and
higher sexual pitch. Finally, when they were nearly
mad out of their minds, I stopped touching them.

Tonight I had decided upon a thick leather strap, one
that would leave their asses bruised if used with too
much force. I intended to get as close to that point
as possible and, if I slipped over the line a time or
two, well, they would heal. In time.

I started on Nicole, the first swat telegraphing the
serious intent of the evening. It sounded like a shot
in the suddenly tension-filled room. After ten hard
blows, I lowered my pants and plunged my rampant cock
deep within her without warning. Her clasping cuntal
walls spasmed, either in pain or orgasm, against my
sudden intrusion. I couldn't remember being this
aroused by disciplining the women before, and the
thought flitted though my mind that my behavior of late
had been much more aggressive than usual. But as I was
enveloped in the heat of her cunt, the thought passed
through without leaving much evidence of its being
thought, and I gave myself over to the enjoyment of
giving pain to my lovers.

I fucked Nicole roughly for a long time. She continued
to milk my cock, clasping and squeezing me as hard as I
was shoving into and out of her. Without intending to,
I found myself blowing my load suddenly deep within
her. With a surprised grunt, I yanked my still rigid
member from her. Raising my hand, I administered
another ten blows to her flaming ass, harder than the
first. Nicole continued to moan around the penis gag
throughout, her eyes closed in ecstasy.

Sally received the same treatment, the same roughness,
with the same curious arousal and the same surprising
ejaculation on my part. I wasn't losing control, not
with Dr. Wang's little gadgets. It just seemed that
the more pain I handed out, the stiffer and larger and
more aroused I became.

I became like an animal after fucking Sally, eventually
taking both women anally after giving them even more
severe beatings. They would be bruised in the morning,
but I was beyond caring about them. All that mattered
was this driving need, this obsession within me. Had I
been aware of what was going on, I probably would have
been worried, but as it was, I was totally self-

Finally exhausted, I released the two beaten women from
their bonds and collapsed into bed. There were no
endearments that night, no cuddling, no pillow talk.
Already softly snoring, I missed the cautious glances
the two women gave to each other over my sweat-dampened
chest and the secret satisfied smiles on their faces as
they too drifted off to a satisfied sleep.

They could worry about the future tomorrow.

Chapter 56

Breakfast the next morning was only a little late. I
had had to rouse the sleeping beauties, and they
weren't all that happy about it. We had been sitting
for only a few minutes, waiting for the last arrivals.
Simone slipped into the chair on my left, a satisfied
grin on her face. It resembled a smirk, but wasn't
quite as insolent. The reason for her satisfaction
became evident when Janey entered and moved to the
chair on my right. That was the chair that the girl with the exposed breasts sat in. Janey made as if to
protest to Simone, then, lowering her eyes, eased into
the chair. Her posture looked like she was hovering
over the seat, trying not to let her ass touch the
fabric of the cushion. I figure Simone had worked her
over pretty well the night before.

The real shock, however, came when Sally lifted Janey's
short T-shirt up and took it off. Those deliciously
creamy tits were emblazoned with angry red stripes,
along with her entire stomach.

"Lean forward and turn towards Sally." I spoke in a
deadly tone and she obeyed without hesitation.

The pattern of stripes on her back matched those on her
front, methodically even and expertly applied, almost
the work of an artist. That they had been laid down by
my innocent little girl shook me deeply, more than it
should have. She had an obvious talent for this, a
love of it, and I suddenly realized I was not prepared
for the competition nor the training of her.

"Stand up and show me your bottom, Janey," I said,
knowing even as I said it what we would see. I was
right. Flaming red lines, evenly spaced from the small
of her back to the tops of her thighs.

"Well, Simone, I hope you remember that you will be on
the receiving end next time. And that will be soon,
believe me." I emphasized "Soon" and the cocky look
she had in her eyes began to wilt. She was proud, and
rightly so, of the expert way she had handled the crop,
but it was a bit excessive. More than a bit. It was
exuberant, a celebration of whipping, beautiful in a
way, but uncalled for under the circumstances. I
wasn't sure how to proceed with this volatile minx
without crushing her spirit. Of course, I was a good
one to preach moderation with the whip, what with my
two women showing very visible bruises on their asses
and unable to sit without wincing for a couple of days.

"But, Papa! Does not the Holy Book tell us it is
better to give than to receive?" she asked with
deceptive innocence.

I wheeled on her and again saw her eyes dancing
merrily. She was enjoying this way too much. "Simone,
the Good Book says many things, almost all of which
have been, at some time or another, taken way out of
context, usually to excuse any number of excesses or
misdeeds. In this case I think you're stretching that
quote just a bit too much. However, to be fair, I
would like to continue this little discussion after
Janey has had her turn with the crop on your bottom -
and front - and then we'll see if you still think that
you would like to quote it."

I paused, looking over once again at the multihued skin
of Janey. Then, with a deadly serious voice, I said,
"I have a feeling that you will, but it will be from a
more balanced perspective, no?"

Simone blanched as she heard that last line. She
understood she was going to have the opportunity to
compare firsthand both the giving and the receiving of
such an extravagance of pain.

The remainder of the day was quiet, Simone and I being
the only mobile ones in the family, and for some
reason, she was avoiding me. Go figure!

The rest of that week and on into the next, everything
just seemed to come together. Sally was busy with the
new house and Nicole was being drafted to assist her
more and more. The basic architectural work was done,
and Sally insisted that Nicole put her own ideas into
the finishing touches. It was, as she said, going to
be `our' home. Of course, Sally didn't ask me for my
input. Like I always said, she was really smart...

In general, things were going really good for me for
once. Perfect, almost. Oh, a blip here and there, and
that vague sense of aggressiveness wouldn't go away.
All four of the women learned to stop asking for
`frivolous' punishments. They quickly found out that I
was entirely too willing to lay on the strap or to use
my hand on a quivering bare bottom. I had even taken
to disciplining Sally and Nicole on a regular basis,
seemingly on a whim, for my pleasure. I know my
behavior struck them as odd, no pun intended, but it
was something I couldn't shake. I needed to work off
this building aggression and their luscious bare
bottoms and backs were my preferred method. That they
didn't complain, well, I don't know what I would have
done if they had.

But in general, things were going great. I could tell
just how great they were by the rapidity with which the
whole thing turned to shit. It's a directly
proportional relationship, in my experience. The
better things are, the faster they go to Hell.

I didn't do anything wrong, really! I swear! I just
forgot what my Dad always told me about things and not
fixing them if they weren't broken. Really, all I was
trying to do was make things better. Honest!

Anyway, Sally announced that our new home would be
ready in four weeks. The carpet layers, painters and
other craftsmen were under pain of death to have it
done by that time. Listening to her describe the
hubbub and chaos of the renovation, I reminded myself
never to negotiate with that woman unless we were both
naked at the time. She was tough, and the house would
be finished exactly on schedule. Or else.

Her announcement set into motion a long formulated plan
of mine, and I immediately began making telephone calls
to a few select friends. That's not where I screwed

That happened the next day, that fateful day, a day
that will live in infamy, a day that would ... - well,
you get the idea.

I approached Nicole when she was coming in from the
grocery store. I knelt down in front of her and
offered up my collar to her with both hands. Somewhat
taken aback, she took the collar before she realized
what it was and read the note attached to it. The note
said simply, "Sally will help you."

I had bowed down with my head to the floor, so I did
not see what she did after that, but apparently Nicole
had tried to fit the collar on her own neck, then
around her waist before going to Sally. All I heard
was the clip-clip of her heels on the tile floor.

I couldn't make out the words that were said but I
heard Sally's voice, at first patiently explaining,
then asking, and finally pleading with Nicole. I did
hear very plainly Nicole's repeated protestations of
"NO!" and "I cannot do such a thing!" and "Absolutely
not! I don't need to do this."

That last one, and it was the last one, was
particularly hurtful to Sally, having been aimed at
what Nicole perceived had been a lack within Sally that
had forced me to submit to her in that first time. It
was about that time that I began to get a glimmer of
just how badly I had screwed up this time. I had not
only misjudged Nicole, I had managed to get Sally hurt at the same time. A clean sweep.

Still, even after I heard the front door slam
forcefully behind Nicole, I stayed in my kneeling
position. I don't know how long it was until I heard
the clip-clip of another set of heels on the floor.
They stopped right in front of me.

There was a long silence before she spoke, and I could
hear Sally choosing her words with the utmost care.
Not a good sign. Not a good sign at all.

"Well," she said softly, "you have really torn it this
time, Lar. How could you do such a ..." She stopped
herself. She knew why I had offered to submit to
Nicole and it hadn't been malicious on my part. But
she was right, even if she didn't say it. It had been
incredibly stupid. I should have talked to her about
it first.

She continued. "Nicole is gone, and I don't know if
she is coming back." Her voice was steady, but I could
hear her tears as they spattered on the tiles next to
my head. I could also sense the turmoil in her,
fearing that she had lost a friend, the ache of
Nicole's harsh words and most of all, the panic of not
knowing how to fix this mess or if it would work out in
the end.

Naturally, she blamed me. So did I. Sally dropped my
collar next to me on the floor and walked away. There
was a sound of finality to the `thud' as it hit and I
knew I was in deep shit, not only with Nicole, but
Sally, too.

First things first. I got up and spent the next two
days rebuilding my relationship with Sally. Not that
she was more important, it was simply that I knew where
she was. But in the backs of both our minds was the
notable absence of Nicole. It was amazing how much a
part of our relationship she had become. In fact, we
both wondered if we could have a relationship without
her. We found out in those two days that we could, but
that it wasn't the same. We both understood it was
better with her.

After two days Sally urged me to go find Nicole and
patch things between us as best I could, as she put it.
I was underwhelmed with her confidence in my abilities,
but even then she had more confidence in them than I

So it was with huge butterflies in my stomach that I
drove over to Nicole's apartment and knocked on her
door. I hadn't felt this nervous since, well, I think
I was 13 and her name was Mary Beth. She had laughed
at me when I had attempted a clumsy kiss and I hadn't
talked to another girl for 3 weeks, an eternity for a
young boy afflicted with raging hormone disease.

Nicole answered the door, looked at me silently and
walked back into her apartment, leaving the door open.
I took that to be an invitation to go in, so I did.

I had never been in her apartment before and, in the
long silence that ensued, I took the opportunity to
look around. Like Nicole, the apartment had class.
The furnishing were elegant, yet invited one to sit and
enjoy the comfort they offered. There were no
extraneous articles lying around, still there was the
impression that the occupants were active, multi-
faceted people.

Simone's room was not what I expected, but it gave me
an insight into her that I hadn't seen before. While
frilly and feminine, and showing the signs of a girl in
transition to womanhood, there was a distinctly
masculine thread. Or maybe `butch', although I tended
to shy away from that derogatory label. Whatever,
Simone was definitely destined to be a woman in charge,
on top.

I stopped outside of Nicole's bedroom, hesitant for
some reason to enter into her private sanctuary. I was
still standing there, looking in from the door, when I
felt Nicole's hand in mind. She urged me into the room
with her, then urged me to sit beside her on the bed.
It wasn't the place I would have chosen to begin our
talk, but it looked like that decision was taken from

We sat in silence for several moments, holding hands.
I was getting more and more nervous until, in my usual
tactful manner, I blurted out the first thing that came
into my mind. For those seeking guidance, be advised
that this is not a good thing to do. Usually.

"Nicole, do you love me?" By the way she reacted, she
apparently wasn't expecting that particular question.
Well, if nothing else, at least I could still surprise

"Yes, Lawrence. Yes, I do."

"Show me."

I unzipped my pants and hauled out my prick. Urging
her to her knees in front of me, I took her head in
both my hands and positioned her mouth at the tip.
Nicole closed her eyes and opened her mouth when she
was ready. I moved her head down so that the
mushroomed shaped head of my hardened cock was in her
mouth. He eyes flew open in surprise as I continued to
move her head down, allowing her to engulf more and
more of the shaft in her moist oral cavity. She had
expected the Head Time position and a lecture, I guess.
Or maybe an apology. Fuck it.

Her lips automatically closed around the stiff bar of
flesh and she increased the suction. Her tongue began
caressing my cock.

When I hit the back of her mouth, I eased her head back
up to the flare. When I moved it back down, I went a
little farther, forcing a bit of the swollen head down
her throat. Then again, up and a little farther down.
I kept a firm grip on her head, letting her know that I
was in charge. I moved her a little further down the
shaft each time until she indicated that she was at her
limits. Still I kept a firm grip on her head and I
pushed her just a little further on the next time, and
she accepted it, giving herself up to my desires. I
think it surprised her that she eventually was able to
take the entire length. It surprised me.

I fired a huge load down her throat, holding her nose
firmly against my pubic hair as I emptied my balls.
She had no choice but to swallow my offering.

When I was finished, Nicole sat quietly at my feet,
looking up at me with a mixture of fear and awe. She
was unsure of what was going to happen next. For sure
she hadn't expected this meeting to go like this.

I looked down at my prick, still rarin' to go.


Nicole leaned forward and allowed me to take her head
in my hands. This time I entwined my fingers in her
luxurious long hair, getting a solid grip, almost
cruel. I was firmly in charge again, she was merely a
receptacle for my seed. This move brought a fearful
glimmer to her eyes, but she closed them with only the
slightest flutter as she opened her mouth to accept me.

The second time was a repeat of the first, but she hit
bottom on the third stroke. The pace was slow and
steady, long strokes up and down as I jacked off into
her mouth. I was using her, and we both knew it. But
she surrendered herself to this abuse, willing to let
me make or break our relationship. It was touching,
but I didn't give a shit. I wanted to cum.

The long slow movements belied the sensations I was
feeling. Nicole's mouth was fantastic. Her tongue
action, the suction, the tightness, it was great. It
didn't take long for the second surge of ejaculate to
flood past her tonsils. She accepted this load with
the same equanimity as the first, and again sat back,
looking up at me. This time there was just a twinge of
pride in her gaze.

I was still hard. This was not surprising, as this had
been the pattern lately. It was convenient at a time
like this, but at other times it could be a real pain.
Looking down at myself, I simply nodded at it.

Nicole leaned forward once again and waited for me to
guide her again. Instead, I leaned back, using my
hands to brace myself behind me. She hesitated only
briefly, then engulfed me, hitting bottom on the first

She mimicked the pace of the first two blowjobs, using
long and slow up and down movements of her head.
Tentatively she brought her hands up to my groin and
cupped my still swollen testicles. It was with the
accurate realization that she would have a firm grasp
on my happiness that I urged her to continue by
widening my knees, giving her easier access to my
jewels. She immediately understood that she had
freedom to act as she pleased and both her hands and
her mouth began a concerted effort to bring me

I was going to blow too soon at this rate, so in an
effort to distract myself, I looked around the room. I
don't know what prompted me to look, but as I examined
them, I noticed signs of wear on the posts of the
headboard. Like something had been tied around them.

It was the wrong thing to see. I came, hard.

This time she had a smirk, almost, as she sat back,
although I think she was amazed at the volume of spunk she had had to swallow, especially after the size of
the two prior ejaculations.

I pointed out the wear on the bedposts. "Is this where
he tied you up?" referring to Gary.

She shook her head. "No. Nothing this private would
have satisfied him."

"What are these marks from then?"

I didn't think Nicole would ever blush when speaking of
sex, but she did now. "It's, uh, I, uh, sometimes..."

"Spit it out, Nicole."

Still bright red, she whispered, "I used to tie myself
up sometimes."

I thought about it. "Show me."

I thought she was going to refuse, but she went over to
a closet and pulled out an assortment of bondage
equipment. She started to put it on herself, but I
stopped her.

"Are you usually dressed when you do it?"

Sheepishly, but with a certain pride, she stripped,
taking a bit more wiggle and waggle than necessary to
accomplish the task. I didn't mind.

When she was nude, Nicole attached a short chain to the
footboard. The chain attached to the center of a long
spreader bar. The two rings at the ends of the bar
hooked onto the wide leather straps she had wrapped
around her ankles. Two more straps wrapped around her
wrists. Two ropes ending in hooks wound around the
posts of the headboard. These had made the marks I had
observed. The hooks fastened securely into the rings
on the wristband. Everything was pre-measured to make
the fit tight and uncomfortable. It would only be with
difficulty that she could manage to get herself free.

I watched her preparations silently, the stood by the
side of the bed looking down at her. She looked
delicious, helpless and I loved her.

"Is that it?"

"Sometimes I use things, uh, those penis things, dil-



"Anything else?"

She looked worried, afraid she had missed something
that I knew about. "No. Nothing else."

"Good." With that I leaned over and adjusted the
tension in the ropes binding her arms, pulling them
tight with no slack. There was now no way she could
release herself. She began trembling, not from fear,
but excitement, as I removed my own clothes. I added
some extra wiggles and waggles to my own strip show and
she was grinning widely as she watched the last sock
hit the floor.

I used the opportunity of her helplessness to re-
explore every inch of her luscious frame. Several
times I brought her to the edge of her climax,
increasing the sexual tensions within her to an almost
unbearable level. When I did bury myself within her,
her eyes rolled up into her head and she nearly
deafened me with her scream of release. I thought that
I should probably gag her the next time, if I wanted
not to go deaf.

What followed between us was a marathon fuck session.
After the first two trysts, I released her from her
bonds. When she was free, she attacked me
aggressively, pushing me on my back and riding me like
a cowgirl on a bronco. This one was for her pleasure
and she took a lot of it. From there it evolved into a
contest, two sexual predators intent on conquest, on
winning. I sensed this was going to take a long time
to finish, but it was something that we both needed.
She needed me to dominate her, but she was going to
fight me every wonderful inch of the way.

A quick telephone call to Sally informed her of the
situation, if not the details, and prompted the
delivery of food. Discretely, she did not look in on
us when she dropped off the supplies, but the stench of
sex must have pervaded the whole apartment. There
could have been no doubt of what was going on in
Nicole's bedroom.

Nicole and I fucked and sucked non-stop, with brief
breaks for the necessary biological needs of eating,
relieving and sleeping, with not much of the last. I
had not given it a thought when this began where it
might be going and it just kind of evolved between us,
a sexual contest of sorts. We tore into each other for
two days, but no one was keeping score. There would
only be a winner and a, well, non-winner. Several
times I would wake up from a catnap and find her busy
between my thighs, trying to coax a freebie from me,
trying to win.

There were no rules in this contest, thus no cheating.
Towards the end Nicole began rubbing her pelvis, now
rough with a two-day growth of stubble, against my
throbbing hard-on, trying to rub it raw. Of course,
she may have gotten that idea from the sudden whisker
rash on her thighs from my own beard when I ate her

Back and forth, neither of us giving quarter. In all
fairness, I was not using Dr. Wang's gadgets to cum or
to control my ejaculations. When Nicole excited me to
that point, I would spurt. She would gleefully clap
her hands like a little girl, expecting me to concede,
only to be delightfully disappointed and proceed on to
the next round. It appeared we were both insatiable.

Finally on the third day, I was on top of her, for once
in the Missionary Position, ready to slip into her
welcome depths once again. Nicole's hands came up to
my chest, pushing me away.

"Please, Master. No more." She had not referred to me
as `Master' the entire time. "Please. Please." Her
arms then reached around me and pulled me to her
tightly. I wondered where she got the strength. I was

She whispered softly into my ear. "Oh, Master. I had
not thought it possible, that one man, even you, could
give me more sex than I could take. I am sorry to fail
you, Master, but I cannot bear another climax. I fear
I would die. Forgive me. Forgive me."

I eased my weight down upon her slight frame, pressing
her into the firm mattress of her own bed. The sheets
and blankets had been long since tossed to the floor,
along with several dozen towels we had used to clean
ourselves. The room would need a serious cleaning.

"Nicole, my love. It is not my forgiveness you need to

She looked up at me with a puzzled look.

"What you said to Sally, about her needing me to submit
to her. That was not right, and you hurt her terribly
by saying that. What we did was not for her benefit.
She did not want to do it. She hated doing it, but I
needed it."

"Oh." Then, "Oh, Shit!" as she realized how she had
hurt Sally unthinkingly.

"Nicole, I made a mistake. I will make more, of that I
am certain. I need you to understand that I am not
perfect. If we are to live together as a family, all
of us together, we can't be running out whenever you're
mad or upset. Yes, you can leave to come here to get
away to think when you need to. But don't you dare
ever leave again with the intention of making me come
after you and bring you back. I can't have that.
There are too many of you for me to chase after," I
joked, taking a bit of the sting out of my admonition
of her.

"Yes, Master." Her answer said it all.

We stayed like that, falling asleep with me on top of
her. She made no complaint, even hugging me tightly to
keep me on top when I moved to ease the pressure of my
weight on her. She wanted the feeling of literally
being under me.

Later that afternoon, I carried Nicole out to my car,
as hers had mysteriously been returned to Sally's
house. I carried her into Sally's house as well, where
Sally immediately took over her care and recuperation.
I had no idea what she was doing, but I heard mutual
sobbing, along with several exclamations of disbelief
and wonder. Lots of giggling came down the hallway
from our bedroom, where the two were ensconced.

I was collapsed in the recliner in my office when Sally
finally stepped in.

I looked up at her. "Will she be OK?"

Sally came over to me and sat on the arm of the chair.
She then deliberately slid her wonderful ass into my
lap and wiggled more than necessary to get comfortable.
"In a couple of days. She's very tender, in, uh, a
couple spots. Until then, well, you'll just have to
settle for second best."

I jumped up, dumping her on the floor. She looked up
in shocked surprise.

"You will never be second." I was almost angry with
her and I think she realized she had tread on a touchy

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that."

I stood over her, half angry, half besotted with her
beauty. And totally aroused. It amazed even me.
Especially after the last two days.

I slowly lowered my pants and stepped out of them. I
looked down at her, a crazed glint in my eye.

"Sally, do you love me?"

She staggered back on the floor, recognizing where this
was headed.

"Yes, Larry. Yes, I do," she echoed what Nicole had

"Show me," I said, settling back down into my chair.

She let me take her head firmly between my hands before
we began.

It was long and slow.

Chapter 57

For the next two weeks the smell of seared flesh and
feminine squeals drifted up from the cellar. I had a
special project for Simone and Janey and they needed to
get it right the first time. I had my reasons. Sally
and Nicole, at first alarmed by the screams and the
smell, were kept at bay and in the dark. Simone and
Janey were sworn to absolute secrecy and, I'm proud to
say, they kept their word.

After the two teenagers had completed their practice
each day, I did my own. Again, I had my reasons for
getting this right the first time. When not practicing
in the cellar, working or keeping my two fianc‚es
sexually satisfied, and they were becoming as
insatiable as myself it seemed, I was busy setting up
the next family Day.

This one would be special, well, they all were, but
this one would be a one-of-a-kind special day. I made
several trips to The Guild by myself, bringing home
most of the packages myself and hiding them in the
garage, forgoing the usual delivery. I wanted this to
be a surprise.

Finally, after a very, very long two weeks, the morning
arrived. It was breakfast in bed for my two darlings,
cooked by two very able nubile and excited teenaged
assistants and myself. I took extra care with Sally
and Nicole's grooming that morning, shaving them
myself, bringing them to shuddering climaxes time and
again with my talented fingers. The vibrating razor,
unnecessary for that short length of stubble, was
liberally used as well, so I had a little help.
Nothing was too good for them today.

Janey and Simone helped me with their mothers' hair. I
could never quite get the knack of that French weave,
and, as Sally and Nicole saw that particular hairstyle
being applied, both got into a submissive state of
mind. They didn't know what was planned for today, but
they had been given their first clue.

I had laid out the teens' clothing in their rooms while
they were braiding hair. Coming back to the master
bath I told them that they were to kneel the women at
the end of the bed, go get dressed, then dress their
respective mothers in the outfits in the boxes on our
bed. Then they were to wait for the music. From there
they would have to follow my cues.

I got a couple of strange looks, but no questions. I
was a little surprised, but I guess they were getting
used to me and figured they would go along for the
ride. Besides, they had had fun before. Why not now?
Besides, what choice did they really have?

I dressed in the special attire I had for the day, and
walked barefoot into the living room just as the
doorbell rang. The first guests had arrived.

Thorny, our old family friend, stood at the door with
his wife, Margaret, and his daughter, Judith. I shook
his hand and hugged the two women. The women looked
radiant and not as hard-edged as I remember. Maybe it
was just the memory of the pain of bringing Judith's
possessive attentions to a gentle end that made me
mentally picture the mother and daughter as witches
with switchblades. Still, today they looked and acted
softer or something. Damn, if Judith had acted like
that back then, who knows...?

They had a dozen questions, most unspoken, again
uncharacteristic of these particular women. I saw both
women hesitate before speaking, looking to Thorny for
permission. What?!!! Nah, it couldn't be....

Whatever the case, Thorny seemed to be in charge, at
least for the moment, and he had the discretion not to
pester me with questions. Even as nervous as I was, I
still noticed that though the women were as mystified
as Thorny as to why they were here, they kept their
questions to themselves. I had only asked them to stop
by for a little get together, which was unusual as it
had been a long time since the last time.

Surprisingly, Judith did not linger over me, but stayed
glued to her father's side. I don't know if I was more
surprised or disappointed. Well, not disappointed,
but, well, you know. I wondered if I had lost my
appeal, or something for a brief moment, then
remembered my four devoted women in the next room.

Judith had never been one to be shy, just the opposite.
I raised my eyebrow at Thorny across the room and
nodded my head at Judith. Beaming with pride he put
his arm around her in a not-so-fatherly manner and
mimed "Rosen's Clinic" back at me. His wife saw his
action and just snuggled into his side, no evidence of
jealousy whatsoever. My God! I'd created a monster!

The next to arrive were Mac and CeCe. Mac was carrying
a battered aluminum briefcase, which he handed to me as
he came in.

"Ah, Gee, Mac. You shouldn't have," I joked.

He looked at me kind of funny, "I didn't. It's not
mine and CeCe said it isn't hers. It showed up with
you and Simone, so, here it is. And you're welcome, by
the way."

On the way by, he whispered to me, "Is she here?

God, he still had it bad for the young girl. It would
have been cute if he had been a teenager. He was
wearing her gold chain, too. I nodded that she was and
he went into the house grinning like a puppy. CeCe
wasn't happy, all of a sudden.

I stuck the briefcase in the hall closet and forgot
about it.

With Mac's arrival, the party took off. Not that he
was loud, but Mac was used to playing to audiences the
size of Yankee Stadium, so the living room with six
people in it was a little small. He took an instant
liking to Thorny and the two of them were swapping
stories like old friends. CeCe and Judith small talked
and seemed friendly, but it wasn't a mix that would
last long.

Bala and Amud arrived on the heels of the Rosens and
the Wangs. I hadn't met Dr. Wang's daughter before, so
it was a pleasure to meet Luci Wang. I immediately
sensed there was something about her that seemed
familiar. It struck me even as I saw her walking up
the path, something about the way she moved that raised
a flag of recognition. I knew that I had seen her, of
someone very much like her before, but given that I was
the host, and that the guests were just arriving, I put
any niggling suspicions I had in the back of my mind.
Regardless, she was an exceptionally striking lady.

Gertie and Marion, my sister, drove up together.
Somehow, the fact that they had connected to come over
together disturbed me. These two women held way too
much power and influence over me, and even though I
trusted each implicitly, I didn't trust them together.
Separation of powers, and all that. I had asked
Marion, specifically, to bring her judge's robe, but
not her seal of office. I wanted her to be officious,
but not official. She laughed and agreed.

Beth, the young curious limo driver was the last to
arrive. I nearly had to drag her into the living room
when she recognized, if not the people, the power in
the room. However, once she was introduced around, she
fit in easily. She and CeCe hit it off, as they both
did with Bala. It was good to see a plan come

Just as things were going along nicely, I got
everyone's attention, to catcalls - mainly from Mac and
Thorny - of `Where's the booze?' and `Where's the
food?' and other extraneous comments.

"Friends," I addressed them once the noise and heckling
had died down, "I've asked you here today to witness a
ceremony. Now, I could go on and on about it, but I
think it will be pretty self evident. You will notice
there are no chairs. I want you all to move about to
get the best view. I would ask that you keep any
comments quiet and not to interfere with the ceremony."

I should mention the room had been cleared of all
furniture with the exception of two bolsters and a
small table. The contents of the table were covered
with a small cloth.

After this mystifying opening monologue, I went to the
wall unit and pushed "Play" on the CD player. It was
queued up and ready and suddenly, with the first
opening notes, the purpose of the `ceremony' became

It was The Wedding March that came booming from the
speakers in the walls, down the halls and into the
bedroom where the four women had been anxiously waiting
for their cue.

If the music had electrified the small gathering, then
the appearance of my four beauties took that energy to
a geometrically higher level. Janey and Simone came
into the room first, leading their mothers by means of
white satin leashes attached to white leather collars,
although the collars were not yet visible to the
guests. In fact, because of the hooded robes they were
wearing, the only thing you could see of Sally and
Nicole were their bare feet and their very sheer
pantaloons, or harem pants.

Janey and Simone were blushing so much you would have
thought that they were the intended brides. I think,
however, that their outfits may have been the cause of
their embarrassment. These were the outfits that had
caused me the most trouble, getting the material just
right, then the fit. But it had been worth it. The
girls were walking wet dreams, the perfect counterpoint
to what I intended for this unusual bit of ceremony.

The material their body suits were made of was
translucent and when stretched, even lightly, became
almost transparent. Janey's outfit was a skin-tight
body suit in her shade of blue that looked as if it was
painted on her trim body. Simone's attire, in a
lightly silvered tone, was just as tight. The girls were as good as naked and had obviously looked at each
other and themselves. Thus the reason for the

But they carried themselves with pride and dignity,
following my silent directions as I pointed at the
bolsters to lead their mothers through the small
gathering. As the music faded, they helped the two
hooded figures kneel on the soft cushions. I indicated
they should stay by the side of the two women.

"Janey, will you speak for you mother?"

Grinning, she answered without hesitation, "Yes, I

Turning to Simone, I asked the same question. "Simone,
will you speak for your mother?"

Before answering, I saw her glance briefly at her
mother. A barely perceptible nod was followed by,
"Yes, I will."

I took off my robe, leaving me in what would best be
described as pajama bottoms, only without the gap in
the front. My arousal would be obvious enough without
it escaping through the nearest convenient opening.

I walked over to Sally and helped her to stand up. "Do
you agree to be dressed like your Master, Sally?"

I could see the alarm in Janey's eyes until she linked
with her mother. I had promised not to humiliate them
in public. I didn't intend to start now. Sally seemed
to sense that and sent her reassurances to Janey.

"She does."

With that, I reached over and loosened the silk belt
that was holding her hooded robe closed. Gently I
lifted her hood and slowly drew the robe away from her,
exposing her nakedness to the guests.

There was absolute silence as they saw my intended
bride. Well, except for Amud, who muttered a phrase
that, loosely translated, meant, `Praise Allah, I can
die a happy man.' He always had been obsessed with
Sally's tits.

I repeated the question to Nicole. Simone did not wait
for an answer, and immediately answered, "She does."

I removed Nicole's robe with all the reverence I had
Sally's. Her naked beauty was the rival and equal of

Mac muttered, `Holy Shit' in a voice that, for him, was
a whisper. In this small room, we all heard it and
joined in the laughter. He was right and it was a
happy occasion.

Sally and Nicole were silent because they were gagged.
Special marinated leather balls filled their mouths,
held daintily in place with white silk ribbons. White
leather cuffs linked their wrists behind their backs.
The white slave collars still had the leashes attached,
now hanging down and bisecting their naked breasts.
The low riding harem pants, transparent and white, made
it very apparent they wore nothing underneath.

The only other things they had on were the diamond
hearts I had given each of them, dangling from the
holes pierced through their left nipples. The sunlight
from the windows caught those carbon-based baubles and
sent the refracted rays dancing around the room as if
in celebration of the event.

They were the most beautiful pair of women I had ever
seen. And I was going to marry them both.

Moving to the small table I removed the covering.
Janey recognized the tools lying their first and
immediately understood what was going to happen. They
had been practicing with the damn things for two weeks.
I was surprised they hadn't put it together sooner.
Simone was not far behind and I think she almost balked
at what she thought she was going to have to do.

Thus, she was very relieved when I went up to Sally,
removed her heart from her nipple and placed it on a
chain that I then fastened around her neck. It nestled
in its new location in the valley between her tits.

"Sally, you are my love. Will you accept my mark?"

Janey answered, "She will. With all her love."

I glanced at the girl, ready to tell her not to ad-lib.
She just nodded at her mother and shrugged, an action,
I must add that sent chills down the spine of every
male and a few females present. By shrugging her
shoulders, she tightened the fabric along every nook
and cranny of her body and the material covering her
charms just disappeared. For the briefest of moments
she was delightfully exposed.

Taking the tool that had caused so many squeals in the
cellar, I fit it to Sally's left nipple and pulled the
trigger. The sterile needle knifed through the tender
flesh in the blink of an eye leaving another
perforation in her nipple, at cross purposes to the
original hole. The two tunnels now formed an `X.'

While my hands were still steady I retrieved a set of
rings from the table. One was a smaller diamond heart
circumscribed by a platinum loop. The other was an
emerald `L,' also circumscribed by a platinum loop.
These rings would be my mark, my sign of ownership, a
sign of her total surrender and commitment to me. I
slipped the two interlocking wires through the two

Then I took the second tool from the table. This was
the tool that had caused the smell of burning flesh, or
at least its predecessors had. Until I happened upon
this small laser welder, we had been singeing more than
hair with the butane and electric soldering irons. The
laser technique was still exceedingly hot and burned
like the dickens, but at least the damage to the
surrounding flesh was minimal. If you did it right.

I quickly soldered the ends of the rings together,
permanently affixing my mark onto Sally's nipple. The
practice paid off, as the welds were indistinguishable
from the rest of the wire loops.

When I turned to Nicole, I didn't need to ask the
question. She stepped forward and literally thrust her
tit at me. Smiling, I asked the question anyway and
Simone, relieved she wasn't going to have to use the
piercing tool, cheerfully agreed. I removed the large
diamond heart from her breast, put it around her neck,
and repeated the process of placing my mark on her as
well, using a sterile needle, of course.

Neither woman had flinched during the process. I only
hoped I could be so brave when my turn came, and, to
the surprise of Janey and Simone, my turn would come
sooner than they expected. Like, it was now.

Thinking the ceremony over, Janey had stepped back a
bit. She was not prepared for my next question.

"Sally, will you place your mark on me?"

Simone, closer to the small table, could see what was
still lying on it. I could see her shaking her head at
Janey, trying to tell her `No.' I guess she thought
that if Janey didn't do it, she wouldn't have to. She
was young.

But Janey wasn't looking in her direction, didn't see
the warning and, listening to her mother on her link,
said, "Yes, she will."

When I knelt on the bolster in front of Sally, Janey
looked at me blankly. I sent her a picture of the
piercing tool and the message, `Just like we

She realized way too late what I wanted her to do and
started to bolt. I think it was her mother talking to
her over their link that stopped her. I picked up on
some it, something about ruining her special day and
telling her grandchildren about it or something like
that. It sounded kind of threatening, to me.
Whatever, it did the trick and Janey reluctantly picked
up the piercing tool and plunged the needle at the
practiced angle through my left nipple. That sucker
hurt like Hell!

But that was nothing like the fire that burned in my
chest when Janey soldered the loop circumscribing the
emerald `S' for Sally. Janey had done it perfectly,
but still, I don't think guys were meant to go through
all that piercing stuff. Way too painful, and I don't
care if that doesn't sound macho or manly. Even now,
that fucker hurts when I think about it.

My eyes were watering and, wonder of wonders, I got to
do it all again for Nicole! Which Simone did for her
flawlessly - thank God for all that practice with those
pigs' ears - and I did and, No, I did not yelp, cry,
winch, moan or flinch. I did just about wet my pants,
but I escaped even that indignity by the narrowest of

With the ceremony over, I gathered the leashes of my
two brides and led the assembled guests to the back
terrace by the pool, where CeCe's catering company had,
unbeknownst to her, set up a small feast, complete with
open bar. The wait staff was long gone so there were
no strange eyes to feast upon the naked charms of my

Marion, seeing her moment, had slipped out of the room
and changed into her robe. When she came in, there
were gales of laughter. She looked for all the world
like a huge blob of cotton candy. The robe she had
chosen to wear was bright flamingo pink. Definitely
not official.

Grinning over at me, she held her arms up for silence.
"I think we all recognize what a momentous day this is.
Girls, there is one less eligible man out there, God
damn it, and, even though he is my baby brother, that
just makes it tougher for the rest of us."

Feminine voices called out "Hear! Hear!" and "You go,

"On the other hand, as his big sister, I have to take
some family pride in the fact that no single woman
could reel him in. Nope, not MY little brother.
Chauvinist pig that he is, girls, he feels he needs
two, count `em, two of us to keep him satisfied. As
usual, he's going to get his way, so I guess, if I have
to, as his big sister, I will give my blessings to this
heathen occasion."

The assembled guest clapped and cheered raucously at
her little speech. I thought it was a bit much.

"Seriously, Larry, it's about damn time! We're all
happy for you, Sally and Nicole. You never did do
things the way everybody else did, which is what makes
you special. All of you. Good luck..." she finished,
then said wryly as kind of an afterthought, "... you're
going to need it!"

Her upstaging finished she came over to the three of us
and hugged. Marion and my wives were all crying,
something that seems obligatory for women at weddings.
I guess men shouldn't make fun of women for crying at
weddings as we all have an instinctual gut reaction of
panic and horror on those same occasions. It just
isn't considered socially acceptable to run from the
church or courthouse screaming with shit in our

I took the leashes and tied one to each end of the
buffet table. I had asked to have a small space set
off by ribbons at each end and the two naked women now
stood in those special areas, erotic bookends on

Seeing what I had done with the women, Marion took it
upon herself to be the first to `kiss' the brides.
Going up first to Sally, she did a cheek to cheek with
her. I think she murmured something in her ear as
Sally nodded to her as they separated. Marion then
cupped Sally's left breast with her hand, ostensibly
examining the rings. I thought she took a little
longer than necessary to look at them, but that might
have just been me.

Marion then marched over to Nicole with a defiant step
and did the cheek to cheek thing with her, too. Nicole
also nodded and, if I thought she examined Sally's
rings for a long time, Marion really did take a long
time with Nicole's. When I asked her about that later,
she told me she thought she should take advantage of
the opportunity to cop a feel while she could. It
might never come again. That stunned me, as I had
never thought of my sister with other women, though a
couple of other pieces of the puzzle named `Marion'
fell into place if that were true. I put that thought
aside for a later time.

I walked around the terrace, mingling with the guests,
introducing those that hadn't met. Thorny found me and
pulled me aside.

"So, my boy, finally tying the knot, eh? Good, good.
Good to settle down, start a family..."

"Thorny, this is me you're talking to. Start a family?
Good God, man, I have two teenaged girls in the house!
I don't need more!"

"Oh, yes, that, that... Hmmm, well, I suppose."

The man was pre-occupied with something. He was acting
like a doddering old fool and that wasn't like him at
all. He was one of the sharpest legal minds on the
East Coast, even at his age. I took a stab.

"So, you took my advice and talked to the Rosen's about
the appointments. How did that work out?"

The light returned to his eyes, a gleam I hadn't seen
in years. He damn near looked young again. "Oh, son,
I'm sorry. I've been so busy, I've forgotten to thank
you. Best thing that ever happened. Should've done it
years ago."

I didn't remind him that it had only recently become
available. He continued.

"You know, Margaret and I have always been a little,
um, frisky, and, well, about a week or two after their
appointment, I happened to have her across my knee. In
the bedroom. Well, you know how it is. I playfully
swatted her bare behind and she froze. I thought I had
hit her too hard, but then she said `Harder, Thorny.
Do it again, harder.' I damn near shot off in my
shorts. I did and we had a night I had been dreaming
of for years. A real fantasy come true.

"That night changed our entire lives, son. She's over
my knee every night now, and two - three times a day.
She can't get enough. She even bought one of those
horse whip things, a crop or something for me to use on
her, and all kind of other fancy stuff..." He grinned
knowingly at me. "...but you know all about those
things, I see," nodding at my bound brides.

"So things have been pretty lively around the house

"Just the opposite, son! The little wife is as quite
and docile as a lamb. A whole new woman. Judith, too,
..." he stopped himself short, but he knew he had
slipped up.

"I've been meaning to ask you about her. She seems,
well, softer somehow. How did she take to the

Thorny pulled me farther away from the others and
looked around before speaking in a lower voice. "Don't
say anything about it to her, Lawrence, but she's the
same as her mother."

I raised my eyebrows at that, but kept quiet. I wanted
to see where he would go.

"She came in from another disastrous date one night.
She had screwed up yet another relationship. You
weren't the last, but you were the best. We know it
wasn't your fault, son, and we know now how hard it
must have been for you.

"Anyway, she was carrying on, wailing and screeching
about this and about that and, well, I had had it. I
hauled her ass over my knee, flipped up her little
skirt and whacked her a good one. Didn't even have to
lower those flimsy little panties of hers. She was as
good as naked. I just whacked her a good one.

"She stiffened out straight as a board, gave a little
squeal and shook for a minute or two. Then I'll be
damned if she didn't raise her tight little ass higher
and say `Do it again, Daddy. Please?' in a tiny little
girl's voice that made me hotter than a two-dollar
pistol. Holy Shit, Lawrence! She gave me a blowjob that night! She just kept saying `Thank you, Thank
you, Daddy.' She never called me `Daddy' before, mind
you, and it kept me hard as a rock. She noticed my,
um, condition and went down on her knees, undid my
pants and swallowed me. It was fantastic.

"Anyway, since then, she hasn't gone out on another
date, just stays home with mother and me. If mother isn't over my knee, she is. It may be her youth, but
she is more demanding than Mother."

"So, she's not a virgin anymore?" I ventured.

"Only in the technical sense, son. She prefers it up
the bottom, and I don't need an accident at my age, so
we do it that way. mother seems happy with that, helps
out all the time, keeps her occupied with that whip
thingy when I can't get it hard anymore. Damn it all,
they help each other get me ready, and if I can't,
well, I've caught them more than once doing each other.
That sure as Hell gets me hard. Damn, just thinkin'
about it does. Where are they? I could use a little
comfort, I think."

I noticed he'd lost a lot of weight. Must be all that
exercise. "Thorny, I'm glad you're happy, but I'd like
you to meet someone first. He works with the Rosens
and he can help you with that little problem."

With my arm around his shoulder, I guided him over and
introduced him to Dr. Wang. A quick word about setting
up an appointment for the Judge that had gotten him
into the U.S., and Dr. Wang's face lit up in
excitement. I moved on, leaving them chatting. Thorny
could get comforted later.

As I walked away, I felt a light touch on my bare arm.
I turned to face Luci Wang. She looked up at my face
intently, looking for something, like a sign of
recognition or something. I was beginning to get a bad
feeling around her, and I had survived a relatively
long time in a bad business by paying attention to
those feelings. She deliberately extended one long
slender finger at the rings on my chest and flicked
them with her fingernail. The pain shot straight to my
groin, and I think I grunted. The hairs on my neck
stood on end, as well. I was ready to fight, but I
didn't know why.

"Nice," she said. She continued to flick the rings
slowly back and forth and, as much as I wanted to stop
her and stop the pain, I seemed paralyzed by her
beauty, unable to move. She looked up at me finally
with her black liquid eyes.

"You have made my father a happy man."

"All I did was help him get his papers. They would
have come through eventually."

"Oh, that, too. Thanks. I was referring to his
implants and your last check-up. He was very excited
after your visit last month. You are the very first
man that he has seen that he could turn up. And an
American, too! Mostly you American men are all talk,
too soft to really get all the women you brag about."

"Wait a minute," I interrupted her diatribe, "you said
he turned them `up.' What did you mean by that?"

She looked surprised. "He didn't tell you?"

"I understood something about `the more, the better,'
but that was all I could make out."

Luci gave a quick laugh. "That's all you understood?
I thought your chinese was better than that. You

More hairs on the back of my neck went up. Very few
people, living that is, knew I spoke Chinese. The rest
were dead, mostly because I made them that way. Luci
Wang knew way too much about me and I didn't like it.
"My chinese is fine, thank you. He was speaking

That set her to giggling, a rather incongruous action
for the sophisticated facade she wore. "Oh, God. Now
I understand. Even I can't understand his En-grish,"
she mimicked.

"So what did you mean, he turned what `up?'"

She looked up at me with a knowing grin. "Been feeling
a bit horny, even driven to sex, lately? Obsessed with
it, the darker side of things? Been a bit more
aggressive, maybe? Although," she turned to look at my
wives, "I don't see any recent marks. The little
girls, maybe?"

I nodded as she went along, then shook my head at the
last question. "So, is this permanent, or what?

"Oh, that's the more, the better part. Poppy's
implants are quite sophisticated. He just adjusted it
to help you produce more testosterone. A lot more. As
you know, the way the body functions is that everything
is in balance, even. Another hormone or two normally
balances the effects of the testosterone. You will
make more of the balancing hormones, eventually. But
until then, you need to work off the excess build up.
Until it is balanced you will be more aggressive, mean,
even. Although you will still care about your
partners, it will be secondary to your own pleasure. I
must congratulate you as you must have been doing OK,
or you - or they - would be dead or severely injured by
now. Keeping the excess worked off will allow the
other hormones to build up and balance your system

"But why turn them up in the first place?"

She shrugged and quipped, "Because he can? Seriously,
I think it is for better performance, and not just
sexually. Testosterone has many effects on the human
body, not all of it sexual. You'll find that you're
faster, smarter, more alert, more attuned to your
surroundings, not to mention sexier to women. Your
pheromone production is way up, too, in case you
couldn't tell. There's not a limp nipple in the crowd!

"Even a little increase in the testosterone blood
levels makes a huge difference in your overall
performance, and you got bumped up a lot. Most people
don't know it, but it is also the male hormone that
seems to have the most to do with being sensitive,
although it is mostly attributed as a female trait. So
you may find that you are more sensitive, too."

(Author's note: The medical facts stated in the
preceding paragraphs, like the rest of this story, are
totally bullshit. But it sounds about right, doesn't
it guys?)

Well, that explained a lot. "What's the best way to
work off the aggressions?"

Again she shrugged. "Whatever works. Brutality, sex,
exercise, whatever. Mainly, if you can get the little
man hard from doing it, if it excites you, that's good.
But looking ahead to your honeymoon, you should be OK.
Just don't go on a long trip, unless you plan on
banging them from takeoff to landing in one of those
tiny little bathrooms on the planes. The other
passengers might object."

I ignored her sarcasm. "How long will this go on like

"You should be getting close. It's supposed to take
about a month or so. Theoretically, it should just
take one big final orgy - or trying to satisfy two
horny brides on their honeymoon - to bring your system
back into balance. Again, with what you're facing the
next couple of days or so, that shouldn't be a

"And after that? Will there be any side effects?"

"Oh, you should go back to pretty much normal, kind

"Kind of?"

Suddenly she got evasive. "Well, you may find you're a
little more aggressive, but, well, maybe not."

"That's not real helpful, Luci."

"Can't help it. You're the first human he's ever
turned up. But if it's any help, a couple of the dogs
actually survived for almost a year."


"Sorry, that was a bad joke. Really, you're the first,
so all we can offer are theories. Sorry."

At least she was honest. Some of the government
doctors that had worked on me hadn't been. Gertie was
an exception.

I looked around for the good doctor and found her
talking animatedly with the Rosens. I should have
known they would find each other. I walked over to see
how they were doing.

Gertie saw me coming. "I swear, Mr. Sampson, I swear,"
she started, shaking her head in amazement. "Do you
not know any normal people?"

"Define `normal,' Gertie," I grinned back. It was an
old argument.

"Screw you, you pervert!" she shot back. "You didn't
tell me you knew Helga and her daughters."

I almost retorted that she hadn't asked me, and she
hadn't, specifically, but I was still required to
report all significant contacts. I relied heavily on
the `significant' issue. Damn. How did this woman
always get me on the defensive so fast? "I told you
about Dr. Wang," I lamely responded.

"Hrumph!" she fumed. "The single most important
research team in female sexual mechanochemical
physiology, and you have them stuck in some back alley
orgasm factory. I should have known you would find a
way to commercialize their work and profit from it."
She was really furious.

"When I found them, they were starving. The academic
community, your community, Gertie, had shunned them,
turned them out without a dime. Screw you, too. And
for that matter, I don't make a fucking dime from them.
Go ahead. Ask them." I could be pissed, too.

That took her back, then grinning, she said, "Dr. Wang
said you would be a little feisty. Feeling better now
that you've beat up on a helpless old woman?"

Laughing sheepishly along with the small group, I told
her, "Gertie, you always make me feel better, but you
have never been helpless, and you're damn sure not old.
But I'm doing OK. Thanks for caring." I meant that
last part.

She pulled me aside. "I have been meaning to talk with
you about Simone."

"You're still going to be able to keep her for a couple
of days?" I interrupted. I thought I knew where she
was headed and I hoped to deter her. No such luck with
this woman.

"Of course. Nice try, though. No, I mean, don't you
think this is a bit much for such an impressionable
young lady. All this nudity and kinky stuff? Just
look at her - no, don't! She's stretching for that
baseball player again ..."

"That's Mac Washington. You met him at the hospital,
Gertie. I also believe you made a bet against him.
And lost."

"...I know who he is and I know he has a high school
crush on that girl. The poor man can't tie his shoes
when she's around, much less put a sentence together.
And you have her dressed like that! My God, Lawrence,
what will she think?"

"I don't know, Gertie. You tell me. You've spent a
lot of time with the young lady. What does she think?
Will this affect her adversely? Has it? Have I harmed

Gertie stopped short and glowered at me. "God damn
you, Mr. Sampson. You know very well that Simone is
one of the most perfectly well adjusted young ladies I
have ever met, and I have met quite a few. That is
what is so infuriating about you. I have had to throw
out more of my pet feminist theories as a result of
your successful, if highly unorthodox therapy of her,
if you can call it that. You have broken every rule in
the books, and I wrote a couple of them. I am so
frustrated with you and your goddamned sexual
obsessions that I am about ready to give up my work at
the Institute and focus full time on you."

I had a moment of very real terror. "Oh, FUCK no! Not
that, Gertie. Please." I had a sudden horrifying
vision of me being strapped under a huge microscope by
a heavily perfumed woman in a white lab coat.

"I do believe you mean that, Mr. Sampson. Just keep
that in mind, in your handling of her. She is very
special to me, mister, and I won't stand to see
anything untoward happen to her."

"Yes, ma'am. And Gertie?"


"Same here. When she's with you? You keep her safe,
too, OK?"

She paled slightly at the implied threat, but nodded
her agreement.

I saw CeCe standing next to Sally, and CeCe didn't look
happy. Again. When I looked over at Mac and Simone, I
could see why. Simone was still entertaining Mac,
winding him and unwinding him around her little finger.
God, she was good at that.

I walked over and stood behind CeCe. I put my arms
around her and held her lightly by her forearms.
Pulling her into me, I turned until we were both facing
Mac and Simone.

We watched them for a while, and it was quite a show.
Simone had total command of the man, something no
opposing pitcher had been able to achieve all season.
Mac was still on a tear and the ballparks were packed.
He had been a real draw and I was happy for my friend.
He and I were both concerned about the state of his
marriage, however, and CeCe's bad case of insecurity
and jealousy. I had spent long hours listening to him
as he tried to work out his relationship with CeCe. He
was at the end of his rope.

"Do you love him, CeCe?" I asked the trembling woman.
Sally was watching us closely, and I spoke loudly
enough for her to hear, too.

CeCe just nodded. As she did so, I felt, with a jolt,
the intensity of her feelings. The woman was so
jealous, so insecure, so out of balance that the fear
of losing Mac had reached schizophrenic proportions.
At first I was shocked, as CeCe was the first woman
outside of my family I with whom I had this strong of a
link. It helped me understand a lot about her, and I
was more confident in what I had planned. But it
wasn't going to be easy.

I turned us slightly. "CeCe? Watch Bala and Amud."
Bala and Amud were in conversation with Janey. Amud's
eyes never reached Janey's face, being riveted on her
chest. He, too, had finally noticed the striking
resemblance between mother and daughter.

"Do you see her hand?"

At first CeCe shook her head, then gasped as she
realized that Bala's hand was buried deep in Amud's
pants pocket.

"Do you think she's holding him back or encouraging
him?" Bala was laughing and smiling with Janey,
encouraging her to move in ways that stretched the
fabric of her body suit to transparency. When she was
successful, she would look lovingly up at Amud,
enjoying his enjoyment.

"She's egging Janey on, isn't she?"

CeCe nodded. "But, but they're married, aren't they?"

"Yes, and they love each other very much, but no more
than you and Mac do, I would wager." We watched them a
while longer. "Bala has discovered a secret. Would
you like to know what it is?"

"Y-y-yes," she stammered, not being able to tear her
eyes from the sight of Bala's hand calmly jacking Amud
off right there in front of us.

"Amud loves her."


"Amud loves her. That's the secret she discovered."

"I don't get it."

"Bala knows that it doesn't make any difference if Amud
looks at - or screws, for that matter - another woman.
He will still love her. Always. It's the same with
Mac. He loves you. Funny thing is, only you can make
him stop loving you."

"You're saying I should let MacArthur fuck around?"

"Would that change how he feels about you?"

"I don't know. I guess not."

"Right. But it would change how you feel about him,
wouldn't it."

"Well, yeah, I guess."

"Bala understands that. Those two are a team. If she
feels good, he feels good, and vice versa."

"So I should let MacArthur fuck around."

"No, CeCe, you're missing the point. I'm not saying
you should let him. I'm saying you should help him, if
that's what he wants."

"But..." I could sense the tears welling up in her
eyes as that strange new idea fought against years of
tradition and jealousy. I wondered if it would

"Look at Sally. She and I were perfect and then she
brought in Nicole. Now it is better. Ask her, if she
hasn't told you already. If she can do it, you can.
You know it."

"So you're telling me I should help him screw that

"Simone? No. Absolutely not. If you do, and he does,
you'll have to answer to me. No. Not her." I pulled
CeCe in a bit tighter. "CeCe, that's just a schoolboy
crush. They met under very traumatic conditions. He
was really just being nice, just being Mac, and she
charmed the socks of him. Believe me, I was there. He
never knew what hit him. I could almost say it wasn't
his fault, but he does fawn over her so, and it makes
her feel, well, giddy. She is as infatuated as he is,
but they both know it would be a terrible mistake to
consummate the relationship.

"I do have someone in mind for you two, though." I
turned us a couple of degrees. "Her."

"The waif?"

I laughed. "Yes. The young girl, Beth. She'd be
perfect for you. And I think she would appeal to Mac,
too. She's a student at the university in your city,
driving cars for a living. Hard working, cute,


"Yeah, well, she saw some things one night and
expressed an honest curiosity about them. You should
invite her for the weekend. In fact, tell her to come
with you. Who knows, you might even get to use some of
your special toys."

CeCe stiffened. "How..? Did MacArthur tell you about

I tightened my grip on her. "No, Mac didn't. I
guessed just now. And I am also guessing about you
using them on him, too. Believe me, CeCe, that's not
how to get him to do you. That is what you want, isn't
it?" I was still sort of guessing, but the impression
I got over the link was really strong.

"You bastard," she spit out quietly. "Sally said you
could do that sometimes. You're in there, in my head,
aren't you!"

"Am I right?"

"Yes, damn it! Yes!"

"So invite her home for the weekend, let him `help' you
train her. Let him get a taste for it. He'll come
around. I'll talk to him, too, if you want, give him
some encouragement."

"You'd do that? You really think that will work?"

"I don't know. A lot of it depends on you. You'd have
to share him with her. Could you do that? If it meant
saving your marriage?"

I let my arms completely encircle her and hugged her
tightly. "I love that man like my brother. I know you
are very special to him, the most important thing in
his life, even baseball. That makes you special to me.
I can't guarantee it, but I think it might work. Will
it be easy? No. Will it be interesting? You bet.
And just think of the alternative, CeCe. Your jealousy
will tear you two apart."

I kissed her on the cheek as I released her and turned
to Sally. I was totally unprepared for the huge hug
CeCe laid on me and just about fell over. She squeezed
me tightly, whispered `Thanks'. I watched as she made
a beeline for Beth.

I looked at Sally and she just shook her head. She had
heard the whole conversation. It was hard to laugh
with a gag in your mouth, and I don't think she quite
believed I had pulled it off. Well, we'd see.

"Did you have a link with CeCe, too, love? Is that why
you're such good friends?"

Sally's shocked look gave me my answer. She had not
linked with CeCe before or now and she had not picked
up on my link with her. Interesting. I wondered if
that had anything to do with the increased sensitivity
Luci Wang had mentioned.

I walked over to stand next to Nicole. Amud and Bala
came by to wish us happiness. I watched Bala eyeing
Nicole's naked breasts and it was a very lustful look.
She brazenly grinned at me when she saw I had caught
her looking and laughed.

"Lawrence, my friend," said Amud. "You have been
studying our ways, correct? I thought I noticed
several aspects of the royal wedding ceremony today,

I was pleased he had noticed. "Yes, and a few things
from some other of your ceremonies. I hope you don't

"On the contrary, my friend, we are honored." He
paused, and posed for effect. "The gags, though, they
are a nice touch. Gets the marriage off on the right

I burst out with a guffaw. I couldn't believe it!
Amud had made a joke, and in English! Amazing. Even
better, Bala didn't think it was funny. Oh, it was too

Simone dragged Gertie over, excited that she would be
spending the next few days with her. "Papa, how many
days can I stay with her?"

"Oh, I don't know. A couple. A week."

"Papa! I need to know how many pairs of panties to

"Why, Simone, you don't wear panties around here.
Don't tell me that mean woman makes you do things you
don't want to."

Simone drew herself up haughtily. "Gertrude treats me
like a lady. A lady wears panties." Then she giggled.
"But I am not sure I should leave you alone here. Are
you sure you don't want Janey and I here to bring you
food, water," she paused, "Oxygen?" What's this? Is
everyone a comedian now?

"Ooof! Just for that, I'll have Gertie take you
shopping for clothes."

Both women blanched at that idea and protested
vehemently as they backed away. It was apparently a
topic they studiously avoided. Curious.

Janey came out with a small overnight case. She had
changed her clothes and was headed out to stay with
Amud and Bala. Bala had expressed an interest in
continuing Janey's `education,' though that was not
really explained in detail. I had made it clear there
was to be no sex, at least not with Amud, at least not
yet. Bala had looked at me as if I was daft, loony.
`But of course not, Lawrence...'

I saw out the last of the guests, all of them wishing
us well. Marion was excited that we would be moving in
with her into the other half of the house. I think she
was more excited about it than we were, and we were
very excited.

The last couple drove off, and I noticed Beth's car was
still there. I grinned to myself. Good. She had gone
with CeCe and Mac. I sent up a quick prayer for them,
that this would work out. I hoped CeCe would take my
advice and go see the Rosens, too. With Mac and Beth.
I stood looking up at the afternoon sky, imagining my
thoughts wending through the clouds to heaven. Then I
sent one up for me, Sally and Nicole.

We were going to need it, too.

Chapter 58

The clean-up crew was due back at dusk, so I had plenty
of time to dally outside with my two brides. They were
still in their ribbon boxes, but by the shifting of
their feet, I could sense a bit of impatience building.
It was time to get on with the main event. I think if
they had known what I had planned, and what Luci Wang
had just told me, they might not be so eager.

I pulled up a lawn chair and sat in it, facing away
from them. The sun felt good on my face and bare
chest. It was that perfect kind of a day on the
Eastern Coast of the US, not too hot, not too damp,
just a slight breeze. Perfect. Too bad we only got
one or two a year, if that.

I thought hard about what had Luci had told me, and
added a bit of my own information to the mix. Gertie
was going to be pissed, or she should have been. That
puzzled me. I was her favorite guinea pig, and had all
kinds of special elixirs and potions poured into me
over the years, some the permanent effects. I was a
pharmaceutical nightmare. I couldn't ever take an
aspirin. Dr. Wang had told her about his procedure and
what he had done. She must have known or at least
guessed what the effects of that would be. Maybe it
would be OK. Or maybe Gertie really was a sadistic
bitch deep down.

Unable to come to a resolution, I got up. I noticed
both my wives had knelt down on the hard concrete. A
sensible thing to do and I grinned at them. Both lit
up at my attention and rose to their feet.

I figured their bladders were about ready to pop, so I
assisted them to the bathroom off the pool house.
Though we had done this many times, I still felt like
an intruder when they relieved themselves while bound.
I had to clean them, which I did carefully, but it was
an intimate procedure I never quite got used to.

I led them over to the chair I had been sitting in and
had them kneel again. I looked at them for a long time
and my love for each of them overwhelmed me. Their
trust in me, their confidence, their faith... I only
hoped I could measure up.

"Sally, Nicole," I began. Always a safe bet to begin
with their names, as long as you don't blank and call
them someone else. That's not good... "You may have
noticed during the ceremony that the word `love' was
not mentioned."

They both nodded, but didn't seem concerned.

"That was intentional. The public ceremony is to
demonstrate the commitment of each of us for the other.
Your willingness to participate, bound and gagged,
illustrated to the witnesses your position in this new
family, and your acceptance of it. I control this
family, I speak for this family.

"It is now that I will speak of my love for you, before
our bonding ceremony, which will be private. From this
moment on, I will never, or try to never speak of my
love of one or the other of you individually. To me,
in my heart, you are one woman, my wife. I love you
both equally and unconditionally. Not one more, not
one less, neither different from the other, though you
will not be treated the same.

"I understand that you are individuals, but you are as
one my wife, two parts of a whole. My loves, I thought
it would never be possible for me to be this happy, to
deserve such love or devotion from you. I promise you
that I will do my utmost to honor you, as one and as

Both women were weeping quietly. They weren't sad

I waited a minute just savoring the moment. Then I
related to them, along with all my fears, what I had
learned from Luci. How the unknown adjustment to Dr.
Wang's devices explained my behavior of late, and that
it might not change, even after my system balanced
itself, if it could at all. They learned some pretty
classified stuff about me that afternoon. Nicole was
listening to my words very intently, as she understood
this stuff. Sally was listening to my tone, catching
the drift of my fears by how I said what I was saying.
Both women were at times horrified and unmoved by what
I said.

There was another period of silence after my lengthy
explanation. Sensing that both women were OK with what
I had told them, I took hold of their leashes and led
them indoors. Both were a little mystified when,
instead of the bedroom, I led them to the dungeon.

Once inside, I closed and locked the door. We didn't
do that often, the door being heavy. But it did let
them know that we were not down here for a quickie
before bed. We were here for the duration.

"We are going to consummate our relationship here with
the rites of bonding. This ritual will last as long as
it takes, one minute or one week. I will know, you
will know when it is concluded.

"This ceremony establishes this family from this point
forward. You are bound, gagged and naked because it
pleases me. That will be the basis for this
relationship. I serve you, you please me." This was
not a question, nor was this a new idea to them. Sally
first, then Nicole had told me that this was the way
they wanted it. Not the part about me serving them,
that was my idea, but them here for my pleasure.

"You will not speak, even when not gagged, until this
ceremony is complete." Again, it was a command. No
options. "Any infraction will result in a serious and
immediate whipping. And, as you are now one to me,
both will suffer for the error of one." I wanted them
to be clear about this, so I flipped the switch that
illuminated the apparatus they hated most, the stocks.
This massive wooden block forced them to bend over and
blinded them from the intentions of the whip wielder.
The stocks were set up in tandem now, ready for the
both of them.

In fact, as they looked around, all the various
arrangements of frames and equipment were set up for
two at once. I methodically flipped up all the
switches, lighting up all the torture devices that
Sally, Nicole and I had accumulated over time, singly
and together. Then, one by one, I flipped them off,
seemingly at random until just one was lit up. I led
the two over to this one.

Two heavy vertical poles about six feet apart, two
heavy rings in each, one at ground level, the other
about eight feet up. Strong ropes hung from each ring,
the top ropes attached to a powerful winch. The center
of the floor between the poles was raised about eight
inches, like a dais.

Turning to the women, I slipped the flimsy pantaloons
off them. They stepped out of them and I tossed them
into the shadows. I unfastened their wrists. Before
beginning, I began to slip the `safe' signals we had
designed on their fingers. It was a simple gadget,
made of two contact electrodes and a small transmitter.
By slipping one over the thumb and the other over the
ring finger, a gagged sub could signal that her limits
had been reached by simply touching the two together.
When in contact, they set off an alarm in the dungeon,
letting the dom know immediately that the sub was in

I immediately ran into trouble with Sally. She refused
to let me put them on her fingers, and I was left
playing twenty questions with a gagged woman.

"You don't want them, Sally?"

No. She was shaking her head. God, that made her tits bounce!

"Why? Oh, shit. You can't answer that one, can you."

No. Another bouncing feast for the eyes. This time
she notice and shimmied, too.

"OK, let's get the big question out of the way. Do you
still want to continue with what I had planned? The
bonding ceremony?"

A big `Yes', from both women. They jiggled when they
nodded, all four of them. I was getting distracted.

"But you don't want a safe word?" Since it served the
same purpose, we called it the same thing.

Two big `No's. I almost lost my train of thought.

"It's going to be rough. I explained, or tried to,
that Dr. Wang's adjustment has made me more aggressive.
Do you understand?"


"And no safe word?"


"OK. Suit yourself."

I made them face each other, standing on the platform
between the posts. First I bound a right wrist to a
left wrist, then a left wrist to a right wrist using
some broad leather straps. Then I bound them together
at the elbows and just below the armpits, both around
the arms with one strap, and another around their
backs, crushing their tits together.

Each strap was pulled tight, then retightened. Due to
the differences in their height, I had Sally stand up
on tiptoe before I finally tightened the strap that
went under their armpits and circled their backs. A
thick belt went around their waist, helping hold her in
place level with Nicole. Their legs were similarly
bound at the ankles, knees and again just below the

I pulled down the two upper ropes and fastened them to
heavy rings in the wrist straps. I activated the winch
and their arms were lifted up and out, then their feet
left the floor. I secured their ankles to the ropes at
the bottom and pulled them tight.

My wives were tied, spread-eagled and suspended,
totally helpless. The sight of them hanging there
fired something in me and I felt a black curtain
slipping over my senses, like the fog creeps over the
San Francisco hills. I stood still for a long while
and relished the dark sense of power that came over me.
I was, at that moment, capable of inflicting great pain
and suffering on that hanging target and thoroughly
enjoying it. That lump of flesh held no more meaning
for me other that to be the recipient of my rage. And
that's about as close as I can describe it. A rage, of
sorts. Only without the evil intent. I guess I just
went a little crazy.

I beat them. I whipped them. I stepped up on the dais
and I fucked them. Whichever hole I hit first, I used
until I came. And they took it. Over and over. For
hours. Mercilessly, remorselessly, I vented my
aggressions on their supple flesh. Whips, crops, cats,
straps and paddles. I used them all.

I walked around and around them, flailing at them
endlessly. When my arm was tired, I picked a hole and
fucked. It didn't make any difference which hole or
which wife, they were one to me. After I had come in
them, regardless of their pleasure, I would begin

The room began to smell of sex, sweat and urine. I
would occasionally give them sips of water, and the
result was that they pissed where they hung. It was
part of the process.

I remember vaguely, when I switched them from being
tied front to front to being tied back to back, that
Nicole had another objection.

I had gotten them leather bras to protect their tits from my assault. Somehow, I guess I had known this was
going to happen, just not the extent of my punishments.
I remember screaming at them, explaining I didn't want
to rip out their nipples, rings and all. Nicole very
calmly went over to the first aid kit and got two band-
aids. She taped one to her left tit, then one to
Sally's. A fucking flimsy piece of tape.

We went through a whole box of Band-aids and half a
roll of electrician's tape I found down there. It
incensed me that they would defy me and so I focused on
their breasts.

Again, back to back, the women were whipped and fucked
as one. When I was done with the fronts of them, I put
them face to face again and started over. Then
switched again. I was relentless, driven, obsessed,

It was sometime during the second day that my hormones
slipped back into balance and my system stabilized. I
felt it. Sally sensed it. Even Nicole noticed a
redirection of my blows. It was odd, though. I still
felt the need to beat the shit out of them, well, not
really, but damn, it's hard to explain. I knew if I
hit them, it would make me feel good. I mean, really
good. But suddenly, that wasn't the whole point. Now,
I knew if I hurt them in the right way, that we would
both get enjoyment out of it.

We spent the rest of that day exploring our very
peculiar new sadomasochistic relationship. I was still
not entirely comfortable with the idea of hurting them
for pleasure, but they let me know, in their nonverbal
way, that this was what they wanted. If not all the
time, at least now.

It wasn't until they were soaking in the big Jacuzzi
off the bedroom that I took off their gags. Then I
sagged back, the `honeymoon' bonding ceremony

The girls' first reactions, their first free moves were
to embrace each other, weeping and hugging each other
for a long time. I sat, alone, but not really. When
they were done they turned to me.

"We've made a decision, Larry."

"About us and our relationship."

"She will be first wife."

"And she will be second."

It was like watching a ping-pong match. Back and forth
in perfect sync. And when had they decided this? And
practiced this routine? This didn't bode well for me.
They continued.

"It's for our own good."

"We know we are equal in your heart."

"But you only have one, well,.."


"So when you have to do one of us at a time,"

"Sally will go first,"

"Then Nicole."

This was too much. "Don't I get a say in this?"

They looked at each other then grinned. "Sure!"

"As long as you say you agree!"

They were grinning like idiots. They were right and
they knew it. Well, fuck, that's what you get for
marrying up, right?

"Anything else?" I asked.

Again they looked at each other.

"Yes, Lawrence. Master, Lover,"

"The wedding and the bonding ceremony,"

"It was perfect." They said this last phrase together,
in unison.

It was spooky.

Chapter 59

"It's not the same, Larry."

I looked up from the pile of papers that had
accumulated on my desk. I hadn't even noticed my twin
wives slip into the room. It had been a while since I
had had any time to devote to my work and I had been at
it since early that morning.
Sally's words were a welcome break, but then again, she
was always welcome.

The women still walked gingerly, as it had only been a
couple of days since the bonding. However, even in
that short time I had noticed several changes, both in
myself and in them. The first big difference I had
noticed, almost immediately, was that they had
connected somehow and were now on the same wavelength.
It was still unnerving when they alternated phrases
when talking.

The second was that, when they were together, they
almost always had contact with each other. And that
they rarely went anywhere alone although I didn't
notice them talking more to each other than usual. If
anything, they said less than before. Even when they
were sitting in bed reading the paper I would notice
that their toes or fingers touched silently, almost
casually. They weren't caressing touches, just
contact. They were holding hands now as they stood in
my office.

The third thing was that it seemed the stronger I got,
the more confident I was in the dominating role they
seemed to want of me, the more assertive they got.
Their announcement of first wife / second wife was only
the beginning. That's also the reason I found myself
walking around the house in the nude. They had decided
that they liked to watch me swinging free, as they
said. It was also why I was in my office working this
morning. They hadn't exactly told me to in so many
words, but, well, you get the idea.

It wasn't that they were usurping my authority. On the
contrary, by clearly defining the rules for them, so to
speak, I had given them the freedom to act
independently within those boundaries.

Of course, the fun began when they ran into a limit
and/or deliberately wanted to cross a line. The
ensuing negotiations were both painful and enjoyable to
all of us. I understood them well enough by now that I
knew they were going to seek out some rules to break,
so I intentionally made some absurd ones they could
fracture without cracking the infrastructure of our
marriage. It was in their natures both to submit as
well as to push the limits, and I did my best to
accommodate them.

I had also noticed some changes in myself, as well.
Some were subtle and some I was still coming to grips
with. Now that my system had balanced, I noticed I
required less sleep. Three hours of down time and I
was ready to go. However, the girls weren't and they
had kicked me out of the bedroom after the second night
of 3 A.M. sex. Oh, it wasn't that they weren't willing
and didn't readily submit to my pre-dawn desires and
demands, but the gentle snoring coming from your sex
partner while banging away took a lot away from the
experience. So I worked in my office from 3 A.M. until
breakfast. It was an arrangement that worked.

Another change was that I was more sure of what I
wanted, but what I found interesting was that what I
wanted had changed, too. I made better decisions,
faster, and communicated them in an authoritative
manner that left little to no doubt. Not just in
business, but sexually, too. I was more commanding and
demanding in the bedroom, leaving the women wide-eyed
and breathless at times. I know that sounds like a
clich‚, but it's true. They had always encouraged me
to be more assertive and somewhat rougher with them,
and they got their wishes fulfilled many times over. I
wasn't brutal, nor was it rape. Our sexual foreplay
was lasting longer and longer and leaving more and more
marks on them that would take days to disappear. Even
with that, they seemed eager to please, eager for more,
but mainly, just eager.

That did present, however, one of the changes in myself
that I was still coming to grips with. I had trouble
accepting a self-image of being that aggressive or that
macho. I wanted, I had been raised to think of myself
a gentle, sensitive person. I had always taken care to
be aware of my partner's needs. This was a whole new
wrinkle in the fabric of my character, and, for now at
least, it chafed a bit.

And yet I was more sensitive, too, in spite of being
more macho. Linking with Sally now was like hooking
into the PA system at Indianapolis Speedway, loud and
clear. I was even beginning to pick up on clues within
Nicole, though she seemed unaware of any link. I know
she still desperately wanted to experience it, but
there didn't seem to be any progress on her part. It
was just so much noise between us, like snow on the TV.

That was what Sally had been referring to, when she
walked into my office and had said it wasn't the same.

"We haven't linked, like, well, you and I have or
Janey." I noticed she didn't mention Simone. I
wondered if she hadn't linked with her, or if she was
just being tactful.

"Simone can do it, too," added Nicole, smiling shyly at
Sally. Nicole, like Sally, faced things head on. They
really were a lot alike.

"What is between us is different, more elemental, kind

"No words or pictures, Lawrence, we just sort of know."

"Especially when it is about you."

"Or us."

"But not about Janey."

"Or Simone."

"You're on your own there."


"We thought you'd like to know."

"We know it's been bothering you."

I sat, stunned. They were telepathic. Had to be. But
only on a limited scope, where it concerned the three
of us. I watched them pivot and walk out of the
office, still touching hands. They stopped just
outside the door.

"Oh, and Master?"


"Breakfast is ready."

Mealtimes had changed, too. First, at least with the
teenagers gone, we ate naked. The cushion by my chair
was gone, too, along with the chair. Another of their
unilateral decisions. My chair had been replaced by a
bench, wide enough for the three of us. We sat along
the long edge of the table, and two chairs were now
positioned across from us, presumably for Janey and
Simone when they returned.

Nicole and Sally, at the first meal, had placed just
one plate on the table in front of me along two forks,
of which they promptly took possession. The pile of
food on the plate had been prepared in bite-sized
pieces. They then proceeded to feed themselves and me.

I wasn't sure I liked it at first, but they were
insistent. They were kneeling on the bench on each
side of me and I wasn't sure what to do with my hands.
My first clue came when I felt a silky touch on my own
cock, which immediately rose to the occasion.

The women were carrying on as if nothing out of the
ordinary was going on, smiling and laughing, talking
over the plans for the day in that ping-pong system of
theirs. It slowly dawned on me that these two were
capable of multi-tasking, of doing more than one thing
at once. They could eat breakfast and stimulate me at
the same time, apparently without thinking, and still
plan the day's events. I also noticed that they didn't
consult me when making out the schedule. They also
seemed to understand that it was more difficult for me,
and I think of guys in general, to focus on more than
one thing at a time. I mean, I can walk and chew gum
at the same time, but food is another matter. They had
both experienced my loss of focus over a good steak for
everything but the meat in my mouth, naked nubile
teenager at the table or not. Hey! Trains of thought
were meant to be derailed, no?

I suddenly saw the reason for only two forks. Yes,
even the slowest among us, if led gently enough can
comprehend eventually. My hands were free and so were
two very conveniently placed delectable asses! Among
other things in the immediate area. There were also
some extremely delicate nipples within arms' reach.
And all I had to do was open my mouth and food, or a
sip of coffee, or an intimate kiss would follow. God,
I could get used to this!

Mealtimes would become an act of foreplay for us, even
with the girls present, and were normally followed by
one or both of my wives initiating an unusually
uninhibited bout of sex play. It wasn't always
intercourse, in fact, as time went on, they seemed to
prefer to present me with a stack of ropes, feathers,
massage oils, pussy whips or any number of other
implements of pain/pleasure and then let nature,
perverted as mine might have been, take its course.

Anyway, on those first mornings while the girls were
still gone, we were sort of feeling our way along, in
more than one sense of the word. When I first felt the
light touches along my stiffening shaft, I nearly
jumped off the bench. Sally and Nicole just kept
eating and feeding me as if nothing had happened. The
second feathery touches elicited a lesser response and
by the time we were finishing our coffee, I had caught
on. I had one finger buried in each of my wanton
women. It had been a long slow insertion into each,
not an abrupt jab, in keeping with their own slow
escalation of contact with me.

It was satisfying to see their ragged breathing and
their flushed cheeks. They were not entirely immune to
my ministrations, even if they pretended to ignore what
was going on with my hands. I did, however, learn to
be careful of which wife was holding the cup of hot
coffee over my lap before wiggling an imbedded finger
too much. The scornful look I got from Nicole after
causing her to spill a splash on my navel almost made
it seem as if it was my fault.

Janey was the first of the two teens to arrive back at
Sally's. With our focus on the impending move, we had
all stopped referring to Sally's house as `home.' We
were, for once, all still in bed, although I had
already put in several hours of work. My wives were
still in bed because the night before I had tied them

Before retiring, I had them kneel by the bed. "Hands!"
I had commanded and they promptly lifted their hands to
me, palm to palm. I produced two short soft cords and
tied their wrists together. It wasn't too tight, and a
little struggling would release them. In fact, I made
them practice getting loose a couple of times, so that
they would know they could, should there be an

I positioned Sally first, raising her hands over her
head and fastening them via a short chain to the
headboard. Nicole was positioned similarly, but they
were about 18 inches apart. Two other cords attached
to the footboard bound their ankle together and kept
them stretched out full length. With that done, I
crawled carefully between them. The feeling of sexual
tension was indescribable, both cuddling bound vixen
vying for my attentions. Both could have gotten free
at any time, without penalty, but that wouldn't have
been any fun.

Being tied the way they were allowed them to turn
toward or away from me and both immediately rolled in
my direction, lying a tempting breast each on my own
bare chest. However, neither could reach my cock, and
the light covering I had pulled up tented with my

That was the condition I was in as Janey bounced into
our room, as usual without knocking. Whether by
accident, which I doubt, or intent, she landed on my
groin, hard-on and all. Given that it was standing
almost as high as Mt. Everest, she really couldn't have
missed it.

The covering had worked down during the night to about
waist level, leaving a lot of skin exposed to her
examination. Which she did, after landing on my
crotch. She spent a long silent moment looking at her
mother's chest and arms, still blotchy with the marks
from our bonding ceremony. She lightly touched one of
the darker welts with a slender index finger.

Seeing her mother and Nicole were bound, but seemingly
OK, she got an impish smile on her face. I don't know
if she thought she was finally going to get to me or
what, but the little minx spread her legs on both sides
of me and moved down so that she was straddling my
groin. She then proceeded to make some very suggestive
motions, rubbing her crotch against mine. The only
thing between us was a thin sheet because, if I knew
Janey, she wasn't wearing panties.

Sally observed this behavior with a puzzling Mona Lisa
smile on her face. I leaned over to her and kissed her
lightly, bringing her gaze from Janey to me. I then
put my hands behind my head and watched the teenager,
neither encouraging her nor discouraging her.

What the two bound women did not see was the link
between Janey and I. I had learned not to project
pictures or words, as they could be intercepted. But
personal ideas, abstract thoughts, those seemed to be
received only by the person intended. That's what I
`sent' to Janey; all the love and adoration I had of
her as a daughter, the pride I had in her, fatherly
pride, and the love and devotion I had for her mother.
It made it clear that her actions, while appreciated,
were, from now on, inappropriate. Things had changed.

She slowly stopped her erotic rocking, tilting her head
at the flood of intense feelings I was sending her.
Not one, even those of my admiration for her beauty,
could be construed in any way as sexual. A tiny tear
formed in the corner of her eye as she stopped moving.

Slowly she collapsed between Sally and me, curling into
me like a small child. She sobbed in quiet
embarrassment for some time, using my chest to hold her


"Yes, Honey?" she answered from behind her.

"He doesn't play fair, does he?"

I could see Sally smile from behind the teary-eyed
girl. "I think, Janey, that my Master is trying to
tell you that some things have changed."

Janey's eyes popped open at the word `Master.' She
turned to her mother. "Mom...?" Her voice trailed off
as she and her mother touched over their link. "Oh,
God! Mom! I'm so happy for you." She wrapped her arms
around Sally as best she could and hugged her tightly.

Then she turned and hugged me. "I'm sorry, Dad. It
won't happen again." She raised herself up and looked
at me, suddenly very grown up. "You'll have to let
Simmie and me know what's OK and what's not now."

"I think," I said grinning at her, "and I am pretty
sure I can speak for your Mom, too, that you have
officially `graduated' from the Larry Sampson school
for delectable young girls. You're almost a grown
woman and we think you need to focus on moving on to
the next part of your life. This is our life, and you
are always welcome, don't misunderstand. This will be
your home, if not here, then always with us wherever we

"In terms of how you should act from now on, I think
that you should just follow your mother's and Nicole's
lead, same as before. Besides, I don't appear to have
too much to say about how things run around here."

"Oh," she quipped back, "at least that's the same!"

We all laughed and then Janey crawled over me to hug
Nicole, all without touching anything she shouldn't.

After the hugging was over, Janey once again settled in
between Sally and I, and immediately began fidgeting.
Sally looked up at me and rolled her eyes. We both had
seen this behavior before and it meant that there was
something on her mind. More accurately, Janey had made
a major decision and was wondering how to tell us. We
both knew when the fidgeting started, we didn't have
long to wait. It wasn't.

"Mom? Dad? That's kind of what I wanted to talk to
you about. My future and stuff. Oh, don't worry, I'm
going to finish High School and then go to college,
but..." She hesitated. "Bala has been telling me
about her country, culture and customs. I want to go

"I think it would be great for you to visit," Sally
started. I shook my head, stopping her. Janey didn't
want to visit. She wanted to go there. For good.

"Janey, Honey, it would all be so strange to you. For
being an ancient culture and very rich in traditions,
they really are quite primitive. Third world status is
a stretch for them."

"I know all that. Amud and Bala spent the last three
days telling me all the bad things that go on there.
Do you know they cut off the private parts of the young girls, Mom? At least in some of the villages. Just
because the men are afraid that they might be
promiscuous or get a little enjoyment from sex? Do you
know that 95% of the boys can read, but that Bala and
Leah, Amud's sister are probably the only two women in
the country that can?"

Janey's voice was rising in a passionate single-sided
debate. As she continued to rattle off the statistics
that Amud and Bala had used to try to dissuade her from
her commitment, I could feel the depths of her passion
and I knew this was not a High School fling.

The sudden aching of my heart surprised me and the
tears flowed freely and silently from my eyes. Every
father whose little girl grows up and goes away must
feel a similar loss. Janey didn't see the tears, but
Sally did and she realized what they meant.

Sally pulled her hands free from her bonds and engulfed
her daughter. Janey seemed surprised at the ferocity
of the hug and the tears and heartrending sobs. From
both of us.

We had lost our little girl, not to a young man and a
family, but to a cause and a whole country.

It hurt like Hell.

Chapter 60

Simone came back to Sally's laden with packages from
stores I had never heard of, but which I was sure,
given the quality of the tiny bags, were expensive.
Small boutiques with names like `le Petit Waif' and
such. Given the quantity, I was sure she had put a
serious dent in her Mom's credit cards. Nicole didn't
seem to mind, and surveyed the mound of merchandise
with a matter of fact calm, as if this type of
extravagant spree were a common occurrence. Like,
right. I should talk about extravagant. Maybe I was
just piqued that nothing she bought would fit me. Or
maybe I was simply astounded that she and Gertie had
actually managed to go shopping.

Simone distributed a couple of her purchases to Janey,
Nicole and Sally, gifts for them she had picked out for
them. I watched for a while, but when the lacy teddies
came out and other frilly things she had purchased for
herself, I felt uncomfortable, like I was intruding. I
went to my office to catch up on some more work and
pack a few more boxes for the move.

Simone's first indication that things were different
came at dinner. She came flouncing into the dining
room in a filmy negligee, more appropriate for a
seduction scene in an XXX-rated video than the dinner
table, although, in her defense, she was actually over
dressed for what had been considered acceptable prior
to this.

She got a funny look on her face when she saw the
change in the seating arrangements and Janey's jeans
and heavy T-shirt. And bra. Nicole and Sally were, as
usual, completely naked but for their collars and
nipple rings, so I would grant you, it would be

Sally and Nicole simply folded their hands and put them
in their laps. Janey saw them and followed suit. My
hands were already below the table, but not in my lap.
Simone slipped into her chair, the only one empty. No
one spoke for several minutes.

"That is a very pretty nightgown, Simone,"

"It would be a shame to soil it at the table."

"It might be better if you changed,"

"Into something like your sister is wearing."

"But you do look lovely."

It was almost funny to watch Simone's reaction to the
ping-pong style of speaking that Sally and Nicole had
developed. It took her a while, but she finally
realized that they had asked her to change clothes, and
even then, it took Janey to take her by the hand and
lead her into their room. The two returned dressed in
jeans and shirts. By the adjusting hitch Simone had
made walking in, I guessed that not only bras were
being worn, but panties as well.

Sally and Nicole bestowed brilliant smiles on their
decently clad daughters and dinner continued as if
nothing unusual had happened. I continued to be fed
and fondled and to fondle the two women as we had when
we were alone. Janey and Simone tried to ignore our
strange behavior, and for the most part, did a pretty
good job. It was only after a particularly malicious
fingering or nipple-tweak that I could get either
mother to lose her train of conversation or elicit a
giggle. Neither mother minded my attentions, either of
themselves or the other, and often rewarded my efforts
with seductive winks, a squeeze of my prick or a tongue
dualing kiss. The teens eventually stopped staring
when these things would occur.

The biggest change in the routine was the assignment of
cleanup duty. It was now the teens' responsibility to
do the dishes, clean the kitchen and then to
`disappear' for a while following dinner, as well as
all other meals. It almost raised an objection, but
faced with the unified front of all three of adults,
they wisely kept their own counsel.

That night, preparing my wives for bed, I sensed that
there was something disturbing them. "Hands," I
commanded and two pairs of wrists were produced.
Still, something was wrong. I waited, not tying them.

"Master? We would like to request something."

"Not to complain. Please do not misunderstand"

"We are exceedingly happy with all that you do."

"You know that something occurred between Sally and I."

"We, well, we find we need to touch."

"It is not necessary, and if it pleases you"

"To arrange us at night to prevent us touching"

"Then we will be pleased to please you."

"But, Master, it is better for us if we can touch."

"If it pleases you."

They stopped, and waited, their palms still together,
waiting for me. I knelt down in front of them, and
lifted each lowered head to look at me. There was no
fear or defiance in them. It was simply a request, but
only if I pleased.

As enjoyable as having them bound as they were last
night was, there were a hundred other possibilities. I
decided to go with one.

"I do not want this to be a punishment for you, but I
want you bound at night, as befits your status as my
slaves. I think, however, we can make a few

I had them kneel on the bed facing each other. Then,
with the soft cords I had used the night before I tied
their wrists together, right to left, left to right.
They were squealing in delight when they realized what
I was doing. I wasn't done yet.

I lay them down with their lower arms extended over
their heads. That pair of wrists I fastened to the
headboard. Then I bound their ankles together similar
to the way their wrists were, right to left, left to

It wasn't until I was finished that the two sobered.

"But Master?" began Nicole in a forlorn voice.

"Where will you sleep?"

Grinning, I stepped between them and had them move as
far apart as possible. They lifted their top set of
arms automatically and I settled down gently between
them, fitting my legs between the upper and lower sets
of theirs. It was tight and it was a bit uncomfortable
until we all learned to move the same way, but it was
glorious. I made sweet love to both of them that
night, the other wife an active participant riding my
back, loving and encouraging the greatest enjoyment
from the mating couple. It became our preferred
sleeping arrangement.

When I woke up, Sally and Nicole were in blissful
slumber. I untied their arms that were holding me in
and carefully extricated myself. I hoped they would
take that partial release as a sign they could finish
untying themselves when they awoke.

I had been in my office about half an hour when Simone
appeared at my side. I had never seen her wear such a
thick or covering nightdress, and she wore a robe over
that. Still, she was a lovely sight to see, except for
the look of concern on her face.

"Papa?" she asked hesitantly, "May I sit on your lap?"

"Of course, Simone." I pushed my chair back for her
and she climbed on. She seemed uncomfortable, as she
was sitting way down my thighs. I hauled her slight
frame up against me and her head finally nestled
against my chest.

"This is OK? Being this close?"

"Sure. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, I don't know. I thought maybe it was something I
had done, that you didn't want to see me anymore, but
Janey said it was her, too. Is it what Gertie said?
She was just teasing you, you know."

I held the little girl tightly to me, resting my chin
lightly on the top of her head. She was so tender, so
sensitive. Hell, they all were. As the tears fell
from my eyes, I sent her the same messages I had sent
to Janey; that I loved her so very much, like a Papa,
that I was proud of her, that I would always support
her in whatever way I could, that I only wanted what
was best for her. That things had changed, though, and
that this was now for the best. We had to move on, to
grow. She had to take what she had learned here and
start to face the world, to build her own life.

I don't know how long we sat there, father and
daughter, but it was a long time. She understood what
I had been trying to tell her, then began to convey to
me all the things that Gertie had told her and what she
had guessed and pieced together beyond that. I always
knew she was a smart girl, but this went way past 2 + 2
= 4. And she was frightened, not for herself, but for
me. She didn't know what or why, but she guessed a lot
of my life story, what I had done.

She took me back to the beach we had gone to that first
time so long ago. Our separate sandcastles had all
been moved together, one bulwark made up of all of our
individual sands, standing together, united against the
tides. She looked at the mounded sands that
represented our family with a sense of pride, of

Taking my hand we wandered through the castle, suddenly
in the dream very small in relation to it, like Alice
in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole. As we passed
by the multi-hued grains, the faces of our history, she
would stop and point to one or another of them, asking
me for that particular story, how this one had died,
why had I killed that one.

She seemed to know who those were, the various enemies
I had brought down. I realized then that I had been
telling her, all along, which ones they were by my own
fears that colored the grains.

We wept for the dead, Simone and I, friend and foe
alike, our tears mingling together with the waves,
washing and cleansing. The fear was still there, but
Simone had a way of healing, drawing out the pain. It
was her gift, her talent, and she was learning to use
it well.

Sally and Nicole found us asleep in my chair when they
came to get me for breakfast, Simone's head lying
comfortably on my chest with her hand holding mine, my
chin resting easily on her head. Nicole broke down and
cried and it wasn't until she haltingly explained that
that was the exact way she remembered her own Papa that
we knew she was happy for Simone, that she was finally
healed from her ordeal.

Moving day was an anticlimax. We got dressed, all of
us today, the movers came, the movers left. We got in
the cars and followed. We were home.

Sally and Nicole had been busy at the house a lot, but
they weren't they only ones who had done a little work
and preparation. This was an old house and had
originally had a stable attached, which my father had
converted into a huge garage. I had several cars
stored there that I had collected over the years, not
necessarily vintage collector cars, but ones I liked.

Leading the small caravan of cars around to the parking
area, I parked my BMW in front of a door marked with an
"L." There were other garage bays with letters on them
as well. An "M" for Marion, an "N" for Nicole, a "J"
for Janey and not one but two "S"s.

Going first to Sally, I handed her a garage door opener
and a car key. Her eyes glittering, she eagerly pushed
the button. The door smoothly slid open to reveal a
gleaming new Mercedes convertible coupe. Sally was
speechless. She had dreamed of this car for her whole
life, but had only made one reference to it early on in
our relationship. Before all of this mess with Janey
had started. But I had remembered and she knew I had
when she saw the car.

She turned, and the look she gave me told me I was
going to get lucky tonight and for a long time, not
that I wasn't already the luckiest man alive.

I handed Nicole the same things, an opener and a key.
This time the door opened to reveal the Buggatti. She
screamed, ran towards the car, then back towards me,
then back to the car. Finally she just stopped and
jumped up and down. Too bad she was wearing a shirt,
but still, the excitement in her eyes was worth the

"You'll have to do the maintenance yourself, Nicole.
My mechanics told me you do better work than they do."
Her eyes got wide with fear that I had found out that
she had been tinkering with my car when she and Sally
had come to ostensibly work on the house. Tinkering,
hell. She was a damn good mechanic, at least with the
Buggatti. It was about as finicky an engine as had
ever been designed, fantastic when running right, but
easily bungled. I had taken it out for a test drive
and the power had scared the living shit out of me. It
had never been running better.

"It's all yours," I said, smiling at her. "Besides,
you'll need a car to get to work."

Nicole looked devastated. I was sending her out to
look for a job. "Yes, Master." Her voice was

"Nicole, Helga Rosen asked me if you might consider
helping them with some of their research. They are
having some particularly tough problems... well, why
don't you go talk to her? It is up to you, though, if
you accept. I just thought you might like to get back
in the lab..."

At the mention of Helga Rosen, Nicole's feelings
flipped 180 degrees. I don't think she had even
thought about working with them, but it was a good fit,
and she knew it. "Oh, yes! Thank you, Master!"

I don't know if she was more excited about the Buggatti
or the Rosens. I guess it didn't make a difference. I
was getting luckier and luckier.

Janey jumped up and down even before I tossed her the
opener and keys. She had been wanting a car for so
long, dreaming of a `Beamer' or Jag or some such
outrageous expensive toy. Her door slid open to

"Daaaddy! That Mom's old car." You could hear the
disappointment in her voice. I mean, after a Mercedes
and a Buggatti, Hell, I'd expect something more, too.

I didn't say anything, just tossed the last package to
Simone, who wasn't even old enough to drive. She
wasn't expecting it and my missiles hit her stomach and
bounced to the ground. The jar of the impact activated
the opener, and her door opened on a pile of crates,
toolboxes, hoists, welding equipment and a set of
tires, among other assorted junk.

She looked over at me, a puzzled expression on her
face. Even Janey quit belly-aching about her car.
Only Nicole was smiling. She recognized the shipping

"Was my automobile in an accident?" she asked.

"No," I answered. "You can't drive yet."

"I know that, but that doesn't answer my question."

She'd been around Gertie too much. She wasn't easily
distracted. "Well, you can't drive yet, and that's not
a car. Yet. I figured by the time you're old enough
to drive, we should just about have that roadster put

"We...?" Simone asked wide-eyed. "As in, you and me?"

"Well, you, me and your Mom, I hope. I have a feeling
she can help us out a lot, if she's willing."

Nicole was beaming her response. This was how she had
learned mechanics and learned to love cars, from the
ground up, working side by side with her Papa. I was
giving her the opportunity to pass that along to her
daughter, as well as giving both of them the time with

"Hey! That's not fair. She gets a roadster?" Janey
was finally catching on.

I turned and leveled a sober look at her. "Yes. But
you can trade if you want..."

Mechanical things and Janey didn't get along. She
looked at the pile of boxes, then at the solid, well
running car in her bay. Then back at the boxes, then
back at her car. Sheepishly she grinned, and declined
the trade. Smart girl.

The transportation issues taken care of, we went in to
the disaster known euphemistically as `Moving day.'
Believe me, there is nothing moving about that day
unless you move it. One fucking box at a time. Oh,
sure, the movers get things close, but they still
manage to misplace 50 or so boxes, and it's never from
one room to the next, it's from the basement to the

When all is said and done, though, it was a pretty easy
move. No furniture, only clothes, personal items and
some books. Sally was keeping her furniture for her
own house, she said, but I really think it was just an
excuse to buy more things and spend more of my money.
Which she did exceptionally well, by the way.

She had outdone herself with the renovation. I didn't
recognize the place, with the exception of the ornate
and huge marble reception hall. The twin staircases
still wound up the sides to the balcony. The room off
the balcony was designed to be the focal point of our
family, our family room. It was the room that had been
my favorite growing up, with its windowed ceiling and
floor to ceiling windows. On clear nights I would lie
there and imagined I could see forever and ever.
Lightning storms were phenomenal.

Sally had taken that room and improved it. It was a
room that invited you to come in and sit down and be a
part of the household. Huge, man-sized pillows were
strewn about in conversational groupings, freestanding
fireplaces had been installed at either side, providing
a cheery dancing light and needed heat for those long
winter nights. The old single-paned windows were gone,
as was most of the wall, replaced by a modern highly
efficient glass covering. As this room spanned the
width between the two wings of the house, looking out
from these windows you could see the terraced gardens
below and a narrow slice of the universe framed by the
rooms on either side.

The ground floor in our wing was mostly kitchen,
breakfast nook, dining rooms, yes plural, and an
entertainment center. I raised my eyebrows at all of
the fancy, and expensive, electronic equipment,
especially as we used the crock-pot more than we did
the TV. Sally just smiled mysteriously, as if she knew
something I hadn't figured out yet. Well, it wouldn't
be the first time, so I kept quiet.

The bedrooms were on the second floor. I was surprised
that Janey and Simone were going to share, and that
there was only one bed, albeit huge. Again, I raised
my eyebrows in question, but the girls seemed to be
totally excited about rooming together. Must be a girl thing.

Our room, now that was a bedroom. You could hold a
monster-truck rally in that space and still have room
for spectators. OK, so it wasn't quite that cavernous,
but it was big. As was the bed, but not too big to
lose the three of us. Three walk-in closets and a
bathroom that defied belief.

As we were on the second floor, it wasn't possible to
put the Jacuzzi outside. So Sally had put it indoors,
in a room with a separate sauna and a steam room. I
shuddered to think of the energy bills to heat that
space. There was a door that joined this room with the
teen's room. I noticed that we could lock theirs, but
they couldn't lock ours. It was the little details
that fascinated me about Sally.

The focal point of our bathroom, however, was not the
Jacuzzi or sauna. It was the fully functional barber's
chair in the center of the floor. There was plenty of
room to move around it to any of the three sinks, the
commodes or the huge multi-head shower. I grinned as I
hefted the heavy strop hanging on the side of the
chair, imaging the sound of it snapping against a firm
naked ass. Sally and Nicole saw and moved closer
together, clasping hands. Strange, I didn't sense any
fear, only excitement.

There were three straight razors hanging in a little
rack on the back of the chair, sharp and ready for use
the next morning. The chair was bolted to the floor,
so even if all three of us were on it at the same time,
it wouldn't tip over. I had a feeling that we would be
late for breakfast tomorrow morning.

The rest of the floor was guestrooms, another entrance
to the family room I mentioned earlier and a room that
would best be described as a harem room. Sally had
copied CeCe's design for the inside of a tent and made
some improvements here and there.

I headed up the stairs to the third floor, but Sally
stopped me. With a quick glance at Nicole, and a deep
breath, Sally touched a hidden button in the wall of
our bedroom. Soft, minimal lighting switched on
automatically, illuminating an old spiral stone
staircase that went down and down. I hadn't remembered
this from when I was growing up and I tried to remember
whose room this had been. It would come to me.

The stairs led down to the lower cellar. That was two
levels below the ground floor. A veritable dungeon and
Sally had made the most of it. It was rough, solid and
completely outfitted with every type of bondage and
torture gadget you could think of. Well, at least that
I could think of. Even then, there were some new ideas
I hadn't thought of, too.

The two women stood side by side in the dimly lit room,
holding hands tightly. I didn't get what the problem
was, but they were nervous. Then I looked closer at
the equipment. A lot of it was used, and slightly old-
fashioned, kind of. It was old. But not that old. My
mind ran though the history of the house. And it hit

This stuff had belonged to my parents!

I sagged against the nearest pillar, stunned.


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