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SNILL sucking him in She controlled the


S'Nill on the Rooftop {Redman} {MF sci-fi}
(c) December 2000
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S'Nill on the Rooftop
by Redman
S'Nill sniffed the air. It was thick and cool in her
nostrils. The scents of the man-city filled her,
painting vivid pictures in her mind of everything
around her. From the rooftop, she could look down to
the quiet streets. The darkness hid nothing from eyes
that were so well adapted to the moonlight. Her acute
ears heard everything: the breeze against the roofs,
the scurrying vermin, and the snoring of the sleepers.

The heat was still on her. The last man had dampened
the fire; the next would sate her and then she could
be gone. She dreaded every moment here. It was her own
special curse, but she had suffered with it for so
long now that it was hard to remember a time when she
did not feel the heat for these man-things. Sometimes
she wondered if her people still survived, still lived
in the world where she had been cast out so long ago.

The blood of the last man was still on her claws. As
she sniffed the air and tried to decide in which
direction she would go, her raspy tongue came forth to
lick the gore from between her claws and from the fur
of her hands. She didn't like to kill them, but as she
had rode him in her passion, he had not been gentle.
Her nipples still ached from how he had twisted them.
While the heat was on her, she had permitted it. After
she had gotten her taste of him, he had paid the

To the east, three houses down, she could hear the
sound of one sleeper, young and virile from the timbre
of his breathing. It was just what she needed, one
last man to mount and mate and then she could be gone
into the hills.

She scurried, swift and silent along the rooftops. She
leapt easily across the alleyway. With the cape and
soft leggings, even if she had been seen she would
have been taken for one of them. Only by close
examination could they tell the difference and few
that noticed were allowed to survive.

As she settled on the rooftop above her prey, the soft
light hair along her back and on her belly began to
stand on end. Even before she became conscious of it,
S'Nill's instincts knew she was not alone on the

As she whirled, her keen eyes saw him in the shadows.
He was dressed in black, even as she, and
preternaturally quiet. Her claws unsheathed and she
went automatically into a low, defensive stance.

"Hold now," she heard the shadowed figure say evenly.
"No call for violence here. There's plenty loot for
all, unless murder is your game. Either way, let's be
professional here."

The burglar came into the light just enough for S'Nill
to see the pistol in one hand and the knife in the
other. When he saw that she had noticed his weapons,
he retreated into what he thought were shadows again.
Clever man, this one and, indeed, professional. All
the more not to be too worried about his weapons.

S'Nill liked the scent of him. Now that she was
downwind, she could smell his masculine odor. The heat
in her stirred. Her nostrils flared and the moisture
between her legs began to flow. The fur along her
belly and on her breasts began to lie down and her
glands began to pour out the scent that drew them to

"So, which of us will move along? You, or me?" the
shadow asked.

"Perhaps we should share," S'Nill purred seductively.

"A woman?" the shadow queried, amazed. "You must be
new here, though from the way you moved from roof to
roof, you're not a novice. Will you be staying long?"

"I travel quite a bit," S'Nill whispered with a
beguiling sigh.

The figure stepped away from the shadows. S'Nill moved
so that the light would emphasize her feminine
outline: her breasts and the flare of her hips.
Perhaps, if the moon were just right, he might see
that she was naked under the cape, except for the
leggings that only came to mid-thigh.

S'Nill could see his own nostrils flare, could hear
his heart began to beat faster. She was beginning to
affect him. The heat in her flared higher. She was
very near the point where she must have him or kill
him. He was a handsome man. S'Nill hoped she wouldn't
have to kill him.

"Perhaps we can come to some agreement," S'Nill
murmured as she drew nearer.

As he began to smell her, as her scent began to work
on him, he lowered his weapons. S'Nill watched them
waver until she was very close. She could smell him
better too. As much as her scent affected him, his
affected her too. The heat became a bonfire, blazing
through her middle, burning her alive from the inside.

S'Nill fell to her knees before him, pressed her face
shamelessly into his groin. He groaned as her cheek
made contact with his covered penis. His musk was
thicker there. The soft pads of her fingers found the
fastenings and she released him into the night. The
fragrance of his masculinity flooded over her, almost
overwhelming her. She moved closer, nuzzled him
against her cheek, and ran her tongue along the
underside, deep at the base of his root.

He moaned and wavered. S'Nill reached forward her
strong hands along his thighs and buttocks and held
him up. She reached out with her tongue and guided his
firm flesh into her mouth, engulfing him in her
warmth. Instinctively his hips began to move. She
encouraged him, moved with him. Her moist lips drew
him in. Her tongue slavered the shaft. Her velvety
throat invited him deeper. By this time, S'Nill was
sure his mind was so fogged that he would give her

She considered allowing him to finish like this. His
seed would warm her belly. She hungered for it and
ingesting his essence might quench the heat. But, in
order to be sure, she really wanted him between her
thighs. Only with his firm, hard shaft between her
legs could her fervor be truly satisfied.

As she leaned backward, S'Nill pulled him down with
her, down between her thighs. With her hand she guided
the soft, velvet head into her. With one claw, she
ripped the buttons from his shirt so that her breasts
could feel his hard muscled chest.

She spurred his backside with her heals, using the
hard muscles of her legs to push him deeper into her.
Her long tongue snaked into his ear, tasting it. Her
hands underneath his shirt alternated between urging
him on and scratching and scoring his back.

S'Nill was an inferno. The heat was ravaging her,
making her almost senseless with the need to rut, to
mate with this strong man. She could snap him like a
twig with her powerful legs. Her teeth could rip into
his neck in moments. Her claws could blind him in
seconds. Even so, the conflagration that burned within
her made her helpless with passion as he stabbed
himself into her.

His strong hands stroked the fur of her breast; his
fingers rolled the still-tender nipples. Everywhere he
touched inflamed her more. His mouth, his lips, his
tongue burned her. She fed her flesh to the fire,
welcomed the flames into her bosom. There, on the
roof, her soul was ablaze and his penis was the tinder
that kindled her pyre, his hips were the bellows that
stoked her.

S'Nill felt his tension. She could sense him gathering
his hips, each thrust becoming more centered, more
intense. His back arched and his balls had become
tight knots that slammed against her. She could smell
his pores opening, flooding her senses with his sweat
and his musk, intoxicating her with the pungent
bouquet of his arousal.

S'Nill pushed back against him, working hard for her
own sexual release. The head of his penis was hard
inside her, battering the doors of her womb with each
thrust, hammering her into the rooftop with each jab.
Her sex opened up fully, as only her species could,
sucking him in. She controlled the pressure around him
consciously, working the muscles around his cock like
a human woman would her hand. Grasping him, releasing
him, and grasping him again.

She was open, she was ready, she was urging him on --
and still he held back. As she climaxed, S'Nill opened
her throat and wailed in a keening pitch that humans
could only sense and not hear. Her unheard ululation
rippled down his spine and triggered his own release.
He flooded her with warm, delicious seed triggering
deeper, more satisfying spasms within S'Nill. Her
channel clutched him, milked him, and coaxed him into
giving more than ever before. As their coupling
reached its dizzying height, his tantalizing, warm
semen smothered the fire within her. Her heat
dissipated quickly into the night, leaving only a
smoldering warmth within her.

S'Nill reveled in the sensation of satiation. No man
had touched her so fully in ages, perhaps centuries.
She would definitely let this one live, if only that
she could track him down later and use him as her need

Lying engorged for too long, she didn't notice until
too late either the hypodermic sting into her neck or
the chemical-smelling cloth over her nose. How had he
hid that smell from her? Before she could even
unsheathe her claws, her body became gripped in a numb
paralysis. She looked up in panic, into the deep, dark
pools of his eyes.

"Be still my pet!" he said soothingly. "I've hunted
you for a long time." His hands stroked her fur-
covered breasts. Even in her numb state, his hands
felt warm.

"You're going to love what I have planned, but first I
have to tame you, my love."


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