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SO DIRTY hurt too damned much yelped


So Dirty
by Couture

(MF, Strapon)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2002 Couture


It had started innocently enough. I had always
fantasized about my wife taking more control in bed,
and when she asked if she could tie me up, I jumped at
the chance. She got some of my old ties out of the
closet and tied me spread-eagled to the bed. Then
instead of mounting me, she blindfolded me. That was
okay, not what I expected, but a nice touch. At last
my wish was granted, but it seemed like I had
forgotten something. Something fairly important.

Like I said, I had always fantasized about my wife
taking control. I just never imagined she would be so
good at it. She teased me relentlessly, sucking me to
hardness and then sliding her juicy sex over my chest
and back to my mouth for me to service her, all the
while pinching my nipples or slapping my cock against
my stomach.

"Please Mistress, I need to cum. I need it really
bad." I wasn't sure when I had started calling her
Mistress during the night's games, but it seemed much
easier now that I had started.

"Mmmmm. . . Is Her horny? Does Her want to be

I didn't even have time to wonder about her change in
tone or in what she called me, for there was an
intrusion where there ought not have been one. She
was worming a lubricated finger into my tightly
clenched arse, something no one had ever done before.

"No-uh-huh," I grunted, trying to stop her, but it was
too late. She pushed the probing digit home and then
began pushing it in and out of my arsehole. The more
she did it, the more I realized it wasn't as bad as I
first thought. I felt full and on every out stroke it
felt dangerously like I was using the bathroom, but
once I got over that, it actually felt kind of nice.
Hell, who was I kidding, it felt really damned good.

"Her likes it doesn't she?" my wife asked.

I was hard to admit, but I nodded my head. "Yes . .

She withdrew her fingers. I prayed she would do it
again and masturbate me at the same time. But
instead, I heard her squeeze out some more lube and
tease the entrance to my arse again.

"Does Her want two fingers in her ass?" she asked.

I had never heard my wife talk dirty before. Except
for the few times she was close to orgasm and would
tell me to fuck her cunt. Even then, she would
hesitate, as if she were scared to be saying such a
naughty word. This new attitude of hers was totally
unexpected. After years of being the adventurous one,
it was a big change to suddenly be the one whose
boundaries were being pushed. It was erotic, yes, but
it was also scary.

"Yes," I answered.

"Say, yes Her does, Mistress."

Why did she keep calling me Her? It must be some sort
of role-play. It was scary and discomforting, but not
so much as to quell my need for release.

"Yes, Her does, Mistress," I said.

She pushed her fingers into me. Before I felt full
and it was a little weird, but this time, it was like
I was being stretched . . . widened. And when she
started to fuck me, I could hear the wet sounds of her
lubricated fingers entering me. It made me feel a
little dirty. I knew somehow that I had given up
something more than my anal virginity, but the feeling
of control I had when I was with her.

I tried my best to stop my body from reacting, tried
to stop the grunts and moans that wanted to come out
of my mouth, tried to stop the thrusting of my hips
and the widening of my legs, but it was useless.

"Such a slut. Her loves it, doesn't her? Her loves
being fucked in her arse. Her loves being *used*."

"Yes," I admitted, not able to stop myself from
getting into it, accepting the role, and opening
myself to her fingers. Before long, I was pushing
back against her. "Her loves it. Her wants to cum,"
I begged.

My wife held her fingers still and I continued to move
against her as best I could despite my bonds. I knew
what I was doing. I was admitting that I wanted it.
That she wasn't forcing me. And I didn't care.

"Her loves it. My slut loves it in her dirty ass,
doesn't her?"

"Yes, Her does."

She felt of my cock. "Her is so hard. Her is such a
slut for loving this. I bet Her wants to cum very

"Mmmm-" I moaned. "Her wants to cum really bad."

"But would Her do anything to cum, hmmmm?" she asked.

"ANYTHING!" I moaned.

"Anything?" she asked. "Is Her sure?"

"Yes," I was almost breathless. "Her is very sure."

"Would Her let Mistress's lover fuck her? Would Her
let us to it right here with Her in the room?"

Whoa, that was pretty confusing. I was my wife's
lover, wasn't I? And the house was empty, wasn't it?
A game. . . it had to be.

"Yes, Mistress," I replied.

She got up from the bed, leaving the room and me still
wanting. I heard the muffled sound of talking. There
couldn't be anyone else. I was sure the house was
empty. But if it was empty, then who was she talking
to? I wished I wasn't blindfolded.

The room suddenly became very cold and the game didn't
feel so much like a game anymore. My helplessness and
the situation I was in finally struck home.

The door opened and I did my best to close my legs in
an attempt to protect whatever modesty I had left.

"Here she is," my wife said. "The one I told you
about. The slut that likes to get arse fucked."

It dawned on me what I had forgotten earlier - a safe
word. I didn't have one. My wife had mentioned
fucking her lover, but from the things she was saying,
I could be the one getting fucked.

I broke. Even if it was a game, it had gotten too
intense. I tugged at my bonds. "Honey," I implored
her. I couldn't breathe. Tears flowed and were
absorbed by the tie covering my eyes.

"Shhhh," she said, stroking me, reassuring me. "Is
Her scared?"

"Yes," I admitted. I could breathe a little easier,
but I was still shivering.

Thankfully, my wife removed my blindfold. I looked
around the room. There was no one else there.

"Better?" she asked.

"Yes," I sighed in relief.

"Good," she said, as she got on the bed and straddled
my face. But her sex was out of my reach. She spread
the moist lips of her sex and slipped a finger inside,
fucking herself, taunting me, teasing me, asking me
how bad Her wanted it. Then she held her sex open and
lowered herself to my waiting mouth.

However, when I tried to kiss her and give her
pleasure, she pulled away, giggling.

"See," she said to no one in particular. "I told you
she was a slut. My own little pussy slave."

She pushed a wet finger in my mouth. It was soaked
with her flavor. I sucked it clean as she pushed it
in and out my lips. "Yes, Her is *my* pussy slave,
isn't she?" she asked me, as if talking to a baby.

"I am- I mean Her is your pussy slave, Mistress," I

"Her is turning her Mistress on and Her is making
Mistress want her lover's big fat cock." My wife
reached back. I was expecting to feel her hand wrap
around my cock and masturbate me while I pleasured
her, but instead when her hand returned, it held
something I never knew she had - a dildo!

And not just any dildo either. It was large. Much
larger than my cock and it was black. She kissed it,
then rubbed it between her breasts, and finally slid
it back and forth between the lips of her sex.

"God, I can't wait to feel your big fat cock in my
pussy," she said, then put the dildo to my lips.
"Suck my lover's cock slut. Make him hard for your

I looked up at my wife's eyes, half expecting to see a
smirk. A smirk that would have killed me, but it
wasn't there. Instead her eyes were half-lidded with

I opened my lips and took it in, tasting latex and the
musk of her sex. She pumped it in and out of my mouth
for a few minutes and over my lips while I kissed it.
"Her is Mistress's cock slut too, isn't she?"

I couldn't answer, but the dildo in my mouth spoke

"He's ready now, don't be greedy little slut." she
said, taking it from my mouth. "I'm going to let Her
loose now. Is Her going to be a good little pussy
slave for her Mistress?"

"Yes, Mistress," I answered, as she undid my bonds.

"Just remember that THAT," she said, pointing at my
cock, "Belongs to me."

When I was free, she moved me to the middle of the
bed, still on my back. Once there, she mounted my
face and then reaching behind herself, and pushed the
dildo into her sex.

"Oh God," she gasped, as she pushed it home. "What a
cock. Ugh-ugh-so goddamn big."

I felt momentarily jealous - yes, jealous over an
inanimate object. From my vantage, I could see that
it was stretching her and filling her in a way I never
could. I tried not to let it bother me as I attacked
her clit with my tongue with renewed enthusiasm.

"See," she said, talking to her imaginary lover.
"See, I told you the little slut wanted to watch while
you fucked me. Oh love, your cock is so big and feels
so good. You're gonna make me cum - gonna make me cum
all over her face."

She cried out in pleasure and her body tightened. She
pressed her sex against my mouth with crushing force,
as she ground against me. "Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck."

She pulled the dildo from her sex, and covered my
mouth with the opening of her sex. "Taste my cum-
drink it," she ordered.

While I drank from her well, she pumped my cock. As I
bucked my hips in response, I felt the dildo pressing
against my arse.

"Spread your legs slut. Give yourself to my lover,"
my wife demanded.

I wasn't ready for this and it was going too far.

"Do it slut," she said. Her voice brooked no

I spread my legs. Not only was I being called a slut,
I felt like one as well. She pushed the dildo against
my arsehole, trying to force it in. It wouldn't go.
I tried to relax. I tried to bear it, but it was just
too damn big and hurt too damned much. I yelped each
time she pushed.

"He's too big for Her, isn't he?" she asked
sympathetically. "He's too big a man for her dirty
little arse."

I nodded, relieved. My arsehole still burned.

"Say it!" she demanded.

When I wanted my wife to take control, I didn't plan
on this. She was supposed to tie me up and then do
what I wanted her to do. Instead, she was making me
do what *she* wanted to do and say what *she* wanted
me to say.

"He's - he's too big," God it was difficult to say. I
almost had rather fucked it than admit this, but I
knew there was no way I could take it. "He's too big
for my dirty ass."

Thankfully, she put the dildo down and pushed her
fingers against my puckered hole. They slipped in
easily. I groaned in response.

"But Her likes Mistress's fingers, doesn't she? Her
needs to spread her legs more and hold them out of
Mistress's way."

"Yes, Her likes that much better." I did as she said,
placing my hands behind my knees and pulling my legs
to my chest.

"More," she said. "Give it up to me."

I pulled back harder. My arse left the bed. I could
easily watch as she pumped my cock with one hand and
buggered my arse with the other.

"Oh yes, that's it. Give it up to me." She looked
down at me as if she owned me. "It's all mine, isn't

"Ugh-yes," I grunted.

"Does Her feel like a slut?" she asked. "Does Her
feel like *my* slut?"

I did feel like a slut. No self-respecting man would
be in the position I was in. Worse, I loved it.
"Yes," I grunted in response. Was it my imagination or
was my voice higher pitched.

"Yes, Her looks like a slut and Her even sounds like a
slut. How could she not feel like a slut?" she said,
and I moaned in response. "You want it don't you
slut. Her is gonna give me all her cum, isn't she? Oh
yes, her wants to cum so bad, but what would Her do to
cum?" She said, letting go of my cock and rolling my
swollen balls in her hand, while continuing to probe
my arsehole.

"Anything," I answered and meant it. My balls felt
like they would burst.

"Would Her drink her Mistress's lover's cum? Would
Her clean his dirty cock?"

"Yes! Please - anything, please just let me cum."

"Then moan for me slut."

"Ugh, oh yes!" I cried in response.

She held my cock at the base and blew against the
underside, teasing me. "Slut's don't moan like that
do they? And Her did say she was my slut, didn't

"Yes. Yes . . . Her is . . . your slut," I answered
and was rewarded with a tiny kiss on the head of my
cock. I steeled myself inside. Could I really do
this? What would my wife think of me when I did?
What would our relationship be like later?

I couldn't help it. "Mmmmmm-" I moaned softly. It
wasn't a masculine moan. It was a long ways from it.
It was the mewling moan of a woman. The kind I had
heard, not from my wife, but from watching sex tapes.

She rewarded me by sucking the head of my cock in her
mouth and then popping it back out. "That's better,
but Her can do better than that, can't she?"

I could feel the cum boiling inside me. "Mmmmm-
uuhhhhh" I groaned louder.

She pulled her mouth from my cock with a smack. "Yes,
that's it. That's the kind of sound a slut makes.
That's the kind of sound Mistress wants to hear, but
Mistress wants more before she lets her slave cum.
She wants the whole package."

The whole package? What did she want? It was so
difficult to think. My body was on fire. I was
desperate to cum. I thought back to some of the porno
tapes I used to watch. Which girl was the best?
Which did I think was the biggest slut? What did she

I remembered the tape and I remembered the girl, a
skinny blonde. She looked like she was being killed
as she was fucked, but she gave as good as she got.
She spread her legs and pulled them back with every
thrust. She bit her lip, she played with her nipples,
she sucked her finger. She talked dirty. She was a

But, dear Lord, could I do that? Was I even sure it
was what my Mistress - I mean my wife wanted? I
prayed it was.

"Mmmmmm-fuck me. Give it to me hard." I pulled my
legs back, giving myself to her, and bit my lower lip.
I hoped it was what she wanted. If it wasn't I just
made the biggest fool of myself.

I felt her add another finger to the two she already
buggering my arsehole with and she sucked my cock back
in her mouth. It *was* what she wanted.

And I discovered I give it to her. It was easy once I
started. I pinched my nipples. I bit my lip. I
pushed myself on her fingers. I talked dirty.

Oh God, I hate to admit it, but I even squealed.

She pumped her mouth up and down my cock in short
strokes that kept in time with the fingers pumping my
arse. Up and down, in and out, with me crying on each

"Ugh-Ugh-Ugh-Oh God- mmmmmmmmmm-cummmminggg!" I

My balls spasmed, pumping out hot cum, and my cries
were smothered by her sex, as she lowered herself on
me once more. It felt like my very soul was escaping
in powerful bursts from my dick and it all being
sucked into the vacuum of her mouth. When it was
over, I was weakened, dazed, and lay strewn out over
the bed like a wrinkled sheet.

She moved up my body and straddled me, kneeling over
me, and trapping my arms beneath her knees. She
smiled, her eyes gleamed with power and lust. My cum
gleamed from between her lips against the smeared red
of her lipstick.

She picked up the dildo and placed it beneath her
mouth. Her smile turned wicked as her lips pursed and
my cum leaked from her mouth in a long strand, landing
on the black cock and running down its length.

"Suck it baby. Let my lover cum in your mouth."

I didn't want to do it. I probably would have been
eager a few moments ago, even when I said I would.
But now I was no longer turned on. I was satisfied
and the game should be over. I didn't want to play

"Her promised, didn't she?"

My semen was already pulling away from the head of the
cock, forming a long strand toward my lips. It was
going to hit me anyway wasn't it? Then what would I
look like with cum all over my face?

I opened my mouth. The string of semen entered.

"Yes. . . " my wife hissed, her eyes on fire. "Yes,
that's it. Let my lover cum in your mouth . . . but
don't swallow - not yet."

My wife pushed the cock between my lips. I could
taste the bitter flavor of my semen against the latex
flavor of the cock. It wasn't the first time I had
ever tasted it. But having a mouthful of semen
sticking between my teeth and coating the rubber dildo
was a far cry from accidentally tasting my spendings
from my wife's lips after I received a blowjob.

My wife's hand went to her crotch, fingers spun about
her clit. "God, you are so hot, my little pussy
slave!" she groaned. "So dirty. Little slut."

She pumped the dildo in and out my mouth. "You're
gonna make me cum again," she gasped, pulling the
dildo from my mouth and casting it aside. "Open your
mouth. Open it Cumslut and let me see it - let me see
my lover's cum."

I opened my mouth and rolled the semen around on my
tongue. My wife stiffened, her pelvis pumped as she
orgasmed. She clutched me with her arms and legs,
holding me tightly. She kissed me hungrily and we
passed my semen back and forth, swapping it.

She collapsed on top of me and didn't move. I
couldn't either. Our two bodies tangled together like
some sort of sweaty jigsaw puzzle. I was exhausted
and I ached. But it was a good ache.

I wondered about what had happened and how this would
affect our relationship. It was awesome; I had never
cum like that before in my life. I wondered what if
it had been a real lover. Would I still have enjoyed
it? I wondered if she would want to do it again. I
was wondering about a lot of things.

My wife pulled her head from my chest. "Wow," she

It was the understatement of the year, but I felt a
lot more sure of myself.

"Wow is right." I answered.

She smiled, not a wicked smile like before, but
slightly playful and if it wasn't my imagination,
maybe a little bashful as well. "Do you think that
maybe next time we can see if my lover has a friend he
can bring along, maybe someone who is a teensy bit
smaller for you."

It was amazing how she could say things that could
mean any number of things. But whatever she meant, I
knew the answer. "That would be nice," I answered.

"Mmmmm. . ." she kissed me again. "So dirty."


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