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SOCCER1 hurt you you roll


The Soccer Fixture Part 1

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

The Soccer Fixture

Part 1
I don't know how I let myself get talked into doing this. Here I
was sitting in the rain watching a game of Soccer instead of
being at home, in the warm watching a Friday afternoon ball game.
Sandi, my daughter just happened to know how to twist me round
her little finger, especially when it comes to me doing things I
really don't like. Still, I thought, it was almost the last game
of the season, and having played their way into the regional
finals I suppose it was only fair that I should show how proud I
was of her achievement. As always every game comes to an end
sometime, and once the players had gone off to shower and change
all we had to do was attend the presentation ceremony. That's
when Sandi came into her own. In the full glare of flashing
cameras she walked up and proudly accepted the trophy as was her
right as captain of the winning team.

My problem was that I wasn't watching the trophy as she held it
up above her head for all to see. All I could see was the way her
nipples pressed against her t-shirt, and the strip of abdomen as
the hem was pulled out from the waistband of her sweats. For two
years I'd encouraged Sandi to train, spending hours with her
running and doing workouts in the gym. Apart from the fact she
was good at the game, she also enjoyed playing, and always set
her aims high. This season started with her conviction they could
win the championship and bring home the first trophy the school
had ever won at soccer. Sandi's enthusiasm and drive had got
through to the rest of the team, and after beating one of their
strongest rivals by a big margin early in the season, they were
well fired up for the rest. The only thing to spoil Sandi's day
was that she wasn't allowed to bring the trophy home with us.
That went with the teams coach to be displayed for all the school
to see. The drive back home was noisy, mainly due to the fact
Sandi had offered a lift to some of her friends that lived close
to us on the edge of town, and it would save the team bus a big
detour, getting the rest of the girls home a little quicker.
Having the space, and not going out of my way, I really couldn't
say no, and ended up very glad I hadn't even tried.

I don't know how many fathers have ever driven a group of sixteen
year old girls on a thirty mile trip when they're all hyped up
after winning a game of some sort. These I had with me soon
forgot I was even alive, let alone in the same vehicle they were
travelling in. I was astounded at the language they used, even
Sandi, who was normally careful what she said around me, let slip
a number of four letter words not usually used in polite
conversation. I could hardly believe the exploits some of the
girls boasted of, wondering how they found the time to do any
school work if the time they spent playing soccer was added to
the time they spent in the arms and cars, if not the beds of
their boyfriends. I did notice that Sandi was silent at this
point, and I hoped it was because she had nothing to boast about.
By the time I was dropping the last of the girls off outside
their homes I was struggling to control my burgeoning erection,
and ended up letting Sandi out of the car so she could open the
front door, while I put it away in the garage. By the time I got
indoors I'd managed to reduce my cock to reasonable proportions
so it wasn't too obvious.

Dinner was over quickly, and we cleared the kitchen between us,
then Sandi said "I'm going to have a nice soak in a bath daddy,
I'm aching all over from the game" a moment later and she was
gone, leaving me to sit down and try to catch up with the ball
game I'd missed. Almost an hour later I was joined by Sandi, who
had got straight into her night clothes, rather than dressing and
having to undress again in a while. "Daddy" "Yes my dear" I
replied, knowing from her tone she wanted something out of the
ordinary. "Daddy, I'm aching all over still, would you come and
give me a massage please." I hugged her tight to me, kissed her
on top of her head, the only place I could reach just then and
said "Of course I will darling, but can I just watch the end of
this game please, it hasn't got long to go." Sandi looked up at
me, smiled and said "OK daddy, but can you do my legs while we
sit here, they're what ache the most." A moment later and she was
laying across my lap, her thighs across mine and her t-shirt
nightie barely covering her buttocks. Resting my left hand on the
base of her spine I began to stroke my right up and down her
thighs, turn and turn about, all the time trying to watch the
game on TV. Doing both ensured I wasn't able to do either
properly, and because watching tv was easier to do than massage
her thighs properly that's what I ended up making a mess of.

At least I thought I'd made a mess of it. I'd been stroking my
hands up and down Sandi's thighs for some time, hearing her soft
moans of pleasure as I did it, so thinking I was doing something
right. Until that is, the game on tv ended, and I began to
concentrate of Sandi's thighs. As I looked down to watch what I
was doing I almost had a heart attack. I'd just moved my hand up
her thigh as far as it would go a few seconds before I looked
down. What I saw was my hand pressing against her pussy lips
which were visible between her open legs. I also felt, for the
first time, the moist patch on my hand where it had come into
contact with her sex a number of times. Quick as I could I pulled
the hem of her nightie down to cover her naked butt, then told
her to get off my lap.

Sandi struggled to roll over and sit up properly, and in doing so
gave me another good look at her fur covered pussy. In the end
she was able to sit with something resembling decorum and that's
when she looked at me and said "What's wrong daddy, you were
doing a wonderful job on my legs, they feel really relaxed now.
Will you do the rest of me before I go to bed please?" As I sat
there with a cushion on my lap, covering the bulge in my pants I
said softly "Well, yes darling, I will but you have to put on a
decent pair of panties first please. I don't want either of us to
be embarrassed, understand?" Sandi blushed prettily, nodded and
got up saying "Oh, OK daddy I'll go and do that now" she then
bounced out of the room leaving me to switch off the tv and
follow her to her bedroom. When I got there it was to find she
had covered her bedding with a large bath sheet we normally use
for changing on the beach, and was laying face down with just her
panties on. Sandi may have called them decent, I thought they
were pretty skimpy myself. At least they covered most of her
buttocks, and hopefully all of her pussy as well. I poured a
small pool of the baby oil into the palm of my hand, rubbed it
between them to warm it up a little then placed both palms on to
her shoulder blades where I began to gently massage her aching
shoulders, arms and back muscles. Replenishing the oil a couple
of times I worked my way down Sandi's body not pausing until I
reached the base of her spine. Sandi knew what was happening and
turned her head to look at me, smiled and speaking for the first
time said "Oh, don't be shy daddy, I know it's a long time since
you saw my bare butt, but it wont hurt you if you roll my panties
down so you can massage it for me, will it now?" I grinned
sheepishly at her and said "I suppose not darling, but I still
feel strange undressing you like this." "Don't be silly daddy"
she said again and the next thing I knew she was reaching down
and shoving the waistband of her panties down until they were
resting under the swelling of her firm rounded bottom cheeks. In
an effort to make sure I didn't get a look at anything that might
make me uncomfortable, i.e. her pussy, I turned round so I was
facing her feet and working the opposite way to that in which I'd
done her back.

I have to admit it felt really good as I gently squeezed my
fingers into the firm flesh of her wonderful butt cheeks. Sandi
enjoyed it too, if the sounds that issued from her were anything
to go by. In the end I had to stop, as I had no real excuse to
continue working on her just there. When I'd pulled her panties
back up Sandi sighed and murmured "Thanks daddy, that was
wonderful. I don't suppose you'd do my front for me too would
you?" I chuckled, gave her a firm swat on the butt and said "I
don't suppose so either Sandi my love, especially as you're
almost naked, very beautiful and desirable, and I'm only a normal
healthy male of the species. That isn't the sort of situation
fathers are supposed to get into with their teenage daughters, as
you're very well aware young lady." Sandi immediately rolled on
to her back, displaying her firm conical hard nipple tipped
breasts to me and said "Oh, Phooey daddy, showing you my breasts
isn't going to make you rape me is it. If I thought that daddy
darling, I'd have tried to do it along time ago." And this is
where one of our biggest problems was. Sandi has been after me to
pop her cherry from about six months after her mother has died.
I'd resisted all her efforts for almost two years now, even
getting her on the pill in the hope she might find a boy her own
age to do the deed for her. It hadn't worked, at least I don't
think it had, because she still came to me with the same proposal
every few weeks. Even the training regime I'd had her on hadn't
made any difference, in fact it made things worse as she'd turned
into a beautiful young woman with a really great body.

As I sat there looking down at her wonderful body she smiled up
at me and said "Well daddy, now you've had a good look don't you
think I'm worth making love to, or am I too young and scrawny for
your taste?" I smiled at her and then leaned forward and kissed
her tenderly on the lips. "You know that's not true darling,
you're far from scrawny, and at sixteen, you're the perfect age
to be loved. The thing is darling, no matter how many different
ways we look at this problem, I'm still your father, and you're
my daughter, and I have a duty to protect and nurture you. If I
did what you wanted I'd be failing in my duty as a father in that
I'd be exposing you to the spectre of mental as well as physical
abuse. Do you understand what I'm saying to you my love?" Sandi
lay there for a moment or two, her breasts lifting and falling as
she breathed deeply, I then saw tears beginning to roll down her
cheeks as she said softly "I understand daddy. It's because you
don't love me as much as you loved Mom. That's it isn't it?" I
bent down, scooped her into my arms and held her close to my
chest. As I rocked her back and forth trying to comfort her I
murmured softly "Don't say that please darling, you know it isn't
true. You know I love you as ,much as I ever did your mother, and
now you're all I have left to love. You know that's true don't
you my darling?" Sandi gave a long shuddering series of sobs then
raised her face to mine and said "I'm sorry daddy, of course I
know you love me. I just wish you'd show me how much some times.
Please daddy, please love me like you loved Mom."

Eventually Sandi calmed down and I helped her to get into bed,
this time almost not noticing her state of undress. I tucked her
in tight, bent over her and kissed her tenderly on the forehead,
on the nose then finally on the lips. "Goodnight Sandi darling,
I'll see you in the morning, OK?" She smiled up at me, put her
arms round my neck and pulled me down into a warm passionate kiss
then said "I'm sorry I was so silly daddy, please tell me you
forgive me?" I grinned at her, kissed her tenderly once more and
said "Of course I do darling, if there's anything to forgive."
She grinned once more, giggled then said "Well, OK daddy, forgive
me now and it can count against something I may do that needs
forgiving. How does that sound?" Happy to see her sounding her
usual bright self I nodded, "Well, OK darling, I forgive the next
thing you do that needs it. Satisfied?" "Yes daddy, thanks, and
please remember that I love you more than anything, OK?" with
that I wished her goodnight once more and left her on her own,
going downstairs to lock up and get myself ready for bed. It took
me some time to get to sleep, and my slumber didn't last as long
as I'd have liked.

I woke up in the middle of a dream where I was in bed with three
women, or I should say one woman and two teenage girls, all of
whom were having their way with me in the best possible way.
Seeing as this was one of my most regular fantasies I wasn't too
surprised. What did surprise me was that when I opened my eyes I
could still see nothing, but I felt as if I was being given a
pretty good blow job. It suddenly occurred to me I was wearing a
blindfold, but when I went to remove it I couldn't move my hands
which appeared to be tied to the top of the bed. 'Christ
almighty' I thought, 'I'm being raped'. 'Don't be so fucking
stupid' I said to myself 'Who the fuck rapes a thirty-five year
old guy in his own bed?' The next thing I knew whoever was
blowing me stopped, and I felt a pair of soft smooth legs
straddle my thighs and slowly shuffle up them until they were
resting just below my still hard throbbing penis. That's when I
decided to start struggling to free myself. It wasn't that I
actually objected to having sex this way, my wife and I used to
do this to each other quite often, and we really enjoyed it,
especially Carol, who used to have a number of strong orgasms
every time she was tied up. Had it not been for the fact my feet
were also tied to the bed I might have succeeded in freeing
myself. All that happened was that whoever it was sitting on my
hips grabbed my cock and placed the tip between her tight wet
pussy lips before starting to lower herself on to me. The humps
and squirms I was doing actually completed what she started and
before I could prevent myself from actually doing it, I found I'd
rammed my erection into her pussy. "Owww.. Damn that hurt daddy"
'DADDY!!' Then it hit me, it was Sandi!

"Sandi" I yelled "What the hell are you doing. Get this blindfold
off me and untie me, before I get really annoyed young lady!" To
be honest I didn't know what I was doing for a while, and said
the first things that came into my head. 1) I wanted to see what
was going on, and 2) I wanted to get my daughter off my hard
throbbing prick that seemed to be buried deep inside her virgin
vaginal passage. Before any of this happened I felt Sandi's soft
warm lips pressed to mine in a tender loving kiss I would have
loved to received under other circumstances. Then I felt her hard
nipple tipped breasts pressed against my naked chest, and
couldn't prevent my cock twitching as she moved them round and
round against my own nipples. Slowly Sandi pushed the blindfold
off my eyes and I found I was looking deep into hers that were
just a couple of inches away as she kissed me once more. I was
about to issue a tirade of verbal abuse at her when she smiled at
me, kissed me again and said "Daddy, before you say anything let
me have my say. Then I'll accept any punishment you may care to
prescribe, OK?" Gritting my teeth so I kept quiet I nodded, still
looking daggers at my daughter, the one person I'd never lost my
temper with in all of her sixteen years.

"First of all daddy, this is the thing I want you to forgive me
for, just like you promised last night. I give you my word I
didn't have this planned when you said that to me, it just
occurred to me afterwards that it was the perfect opportunity for
me to do something really wicked and not get into trouble.
Anyway, I decided that because I love you so much, and I have
good reason to know you love me, I thought I'd take full
advantage of a sort of 'Get put of Jail free' card to do
something I've wanted for so long." She paused for a moment while
she moved about a little and sat upright so I could see her
wonderful naked body that was still impaled on my throbbing
prick. "Daddy, I know it was wrong of me to do this, especially
in this way. But I've wanted you to be the one to take my
virginity for so long I just couldn't miss the chance of having
it happen. Besides that of course is the fact I want to have you
teach me all you know about making love, and I do mean making
love daddy darling, if I wanted to learn how to be fucked I'd
have gone to one of those disgusting jocks at school that are
always trying to get into my pants, especially after a soccer
match. That's not what I want daddy, I want to be able to enjoy
it like mom did, and I just thought you'd be the right person to
teach me." She smiled down at me than giggled, "Actually daddy, I
did it this way because I remembered how much you and mom used to
enjoy tying each other to the bed before making love, and I knew
how good it was for mom from the noise she used to make when she
had an orgasm."

Despite the situation I was in I couldn't help smiling at the
memory of those times, "God Sandi, I didn't realise you were
listening to us, your mother and I always tried to make sure you
were asleep before we started anything like that. It seems we
weren't quite as diligent as we thought we were." Sandi grinned
and bent down again to kiss me tenderly on the lips "Oh, don't
worry daddy, I used to pretend I was asleep every night until I
heard you starting, then I'd get out of bed and peep at you
through the keyhole if you'd closed the door. I have to admit you
used to leave the door open more times that not, and I got some
wonderful views of you making love." She giggled again, blushed,
then said "To be honest daddy, that's when I fell in love with
your wonderful penis. I used to have dreams about you pushing it
into my pussy and making me cum over and over again before you
filled me with your semen. It was my favourite masturbatory
fantasy for years."

I lay there, looking up into Sandi's face which was still
slightly flushed. My mind was in a whirl, and I wasn't quite
sure what I was going to do, I do know I had to get Sandi to
untie me, and soon. "OK baby, I think we have to discuss what had
happened. I'd prefer to do it as an equal, rather than in a
position where I might be coerced. How about you untie me, we
have a shower, then sit down like civilised people and talk this
thing out?" Sandi grinned down at me, then bent down, resting on
her elbows, a position that had her hard nipples brushing against
my hairy chest. "OK daddy, but we have to have a shower together,
and we have to sit side by side in bed, without any clothes on.
How does that sound for a bit of equality?" A bit one sided to be
honest darling, but so long as you promise there's to be no Hanky
Panky in the shower, then I'll agree." "No Hanky Panky daddy, I
promise, but we have to wash each other, all over, just to show
we can both behave ourselves" Sandi responded with a soft
chuckle. "But we dry ourselves" I said, "Otherwise it's going to
take too long and we'll never get started let alone finished, and
I'm going to want my breakfast before many hours have passed."
"Agreed" Sandi said with a smile, and she bent down once more and
sealed the pact with a soft warm tender kiss.

Sandi sat up once more, then she leaned back so she could reach
the ties holding my feet and undo them. Sounds simple, but it
made my cock jump when I saw the way she opened out her thighs
and stretched her abdomen. It was then that I saw for the first
time just how wonderful she looked without clothes. Her body was
so firm from all her fitness training, not an ounce of spare
padding anywhere, apart from her soft rounded mons, and that was
invitingly swollen and puffy, even with the soft downy triangle
that is all the was left of her pubic hair. It then occurred to
me that she kept her pussy shaved, and only had what I could see
above her mound. I also saw from this new angle that Sandi's
breasts kept their shape no matter what position her body was in,
there wasn't a jot of sag in them, and the only movement was when
she turned quickly, and then they just vibrated momentarily like
a balloon filled to bursting point with water.

When Sandi sat up again I was able to wriggle my ankles about,
and was doing so when she leaned forward to reach for the ties at
my wrists. This put her breasts right above my lips, and I was
sorely tempted to reach out with my tongue and flick her nipples
with the tip, but sanity prevailed, and I just took a deep breath
and held it until my hands were free and Sandi was wriggling back
on to my still hard cock. She sat there, her hands on her thighs,
her head held high and her chest pushed out, not at all ashamed
of what she'd done. I held my hands out to her, and she fell into
my arms, pressing her naked body once more against mine as she
suddenly started to sob into my shoulder. "I'm sorry daddy, I
know it was wrong of me, but I knew you wouldn't do it, no matter
how many times I asked. Please say you'll forgive me." What could
I do? I hugged her close, kissed her shoulder, the only part of
her I could get to, and said softly "Of course I do darling, I
did that last night, didn't I?" I held her close for a few
minutes, then said softly "Come on Sandi my love, we have to get
a shower before we start talking. Just remember our agreement, no
Hanky Panky, all right?" Sandi pushed herself half upright,
smiled down at me and said "Yes daddy, No Hanky Panky in the
shower." Moments later we were standing in the shower waiting for
the temperature to even out, before we took another new step in
our relationship.

As promised there was no messing about in the shower. Sandi
washed me down, pretty thoroughly, making quite sure she got to
ever nook and cranny of my body, and ensuring my still half hard
cock was well and truly scrubbed. I did the same for her, except
that she insisted that her back was to me when I washed her
front. This of course meant that I was forced to cup her breasts
in my hands to wash them, something she enjoyed almost as much as
I did, but she showed it, I forced myself not to. When it came to
having her groin washed Sandi tricked me again by bending over
and leaning her hands against the wall of the shower and
spreading her legs as far apart as she could. "Sandi darling" I
said, "This is as close to Hanky Panky as I'd like to come. If
you continue to do this I'm going to get the idea that you're
trying to seduce me into doing something you know I want to
resist." Sandi stood up, turned to face me, slipped her arms
round my neck and pressed her wet naked body close to mine, "Of
course I am daddy darling, you have to admit though I am keeping
within the rules we set down. Just." By then she had my semi
tumescent cock trapped between her thighs, and her lips pressed
tight to mine in another soft warm loving caress. I held her to
me for a moment longer then without warning gave her a sharp slap
on the bottom saying "Yes, well, I think it's time we dried off
and started our talk, don't you?" "Yes daddy" she said meekly,
and pressed her cheek against my chest before kissing both my
nipples prior to stepping out of the shower and handing me a
fresh towel.

When she was dried off Sandi wrapped her towel round her,
covering her only down to her hips, and leaving her pussy in full
view. She then came and kissed me saying "I'm going to make us
some tea daddy, you get into bed and I'll be with you in a couple
of minutes" she then turned and walked sexily out of the bathroom
and disappeared down stairs leaving me to my towel and my
thoughts. I'd been sitting up in bed for a few minutes when Sandi
came in carrying a tray of tea things. After placing the tray on
the nightstand she shucked off her towel, grinning at me as she
stood naked before me, then she busied herself pouring out two
cups of tea. She then climbed into bed beside me, pulled the
comforter up to her waist and said "Talk first daddy, or tea?"
"Both" I said "I can drink and listen, so can you." Sandi flashed
a smile at me, leaned over then passed me my tea cup from which I
took a first sip. I was able to watch what she was doing from the
corner of my eye, and I almost choked when I laughed at what I
saw. "What's this darling, a new use for a nice set of boobs like
yours?" I said with a chuckle, she'd placed her cup in her saucer
which was resting half on her hand and half on her firm breasts.
"Not really daddy" she said with a giggle, "I just wanted to get
you smiling before we start talking, that's all."

I placed my empty cup and saucer on my night stand, half turned
to face her and said "OK, lets talk" I said, "Lets talk about
what you did, and what it means to me. Before we go any further
please remember that I have already forgiven you for what you did
so you don't have to apologise for it any more, understood?" "Yes
daddy" said Sandi, suddenly looking a little shamefaced, but
still looking me in the eye. "Right then, what you did, as far as
the law was concerned was commit an act of rape on me. Do you
understand that?" "Yes daddy" she said softly. "I have also been
placed in a position where I could be considered to be in breach
of the law in a number of other ways. The first is being involved
in an incestuous relationship with you, having had sexual
intercourse, albeit it unwillingly. The second is that I could be
accused of abusing you physically by what went on in the shower a
few minutes ago, and before you say anything I agreed to do it,
you didn't force me into it. The simple fact is, it happened,
and, despite the fact I might have enjoyed every minute of it, I
was still doing wrong from start to finish." I looked at Sandi
and saw she had a soft sweet smile on her lips. "Sandi darling,
do you understand what I'm saying to you, and do you realise just
how serious the situation is right now?"

Sandi shuffled across the bed until her hip was touching mine,
and she could lay her head on my chest. She then looked up at me
and said "Daddy, would you put your arm round me please. I
promise not to take advantage of you until we're done talking."
I did as she asked, and she put her arm round my back as she felt
mine laying across her shoulder and my hand resting on her side
just above the swell of her left hip. What I didn't realise of
course was that this meant her right breast was pressed firmly
against the side of my chest, and the feeling of her hard nipple
pressing on my ribs started my cock swelling once more. "First of
daddy, I know I did wrong, and also that I did rape you. If you
think I should be punished for this, even if it means you
reporting me to the police, I'll understand, and I won't deny it
of I'm asked. What I don't understand I why you could be accused
of sexual abuse by having a shower with me, when I wouldn't be so
accused after raping you. It seems that the law really is 'A Ass'
as Mister Micawber said, if it works one way for you, and another
way for me. The thing is though daddy, all this is pretty
academic isn't it. You're not going to report me to the police
for raping you, and I'm not going to report you to Child Services
for having a shower with me. The thing we have to get sorted out
between us is, where do we go from here?"

I suddenly realised I'd been holding my breath all the time Sandi
had been speaking. I let it all out in a loud whoosh that took
her by surprise, then said "It took you long enough to come to
that conclusion Sandi my love. But you still haven't said where
you think we go from here. Before you do I want to have my say on
that subject, all right?" "Yes of course daddy" replied Sandi as
she snuggled up against me and slipped her free arm round my
front and hugged me tight. "OK, if it was just my decision I
would say that everything stops here and now. The actions taken
over the past couple of hours will never be mentioned again, you
will never appear in front of me anything less that fully
clothed, apart from swim wear which will be of a modest nature.
You will only ever kiss me on the cheek, and there will be no
talk of sex or sexual matters between us ever again. That way no
one will ever be able to accuse me of anything untoward regarding
you. How does that sound to you?"

Sandi surprised me by giggling, then said "Well daddy, at risk of
upsetting you by swearing I think it fucking well stinks. If
that's your starting position, I'll tell you mine. I'm no longer
a virgin, thanks to your wonderful manhood, and my planning. I
loved the feeling when I was being filled up by your hard hot
penis, and I want to feel it again and again. I want to make love
to you three or four times a day. I want you to fill me with your
semen as often as is possible, bearing in mind you have limits to
how many times you can cum in any given period of time. To be
honest daddy, I want you to get me pregnant when I finish
college, and I don't just mean once, I mean three or four times.
I want to sleep with you in this bed forever. In other words
daddy, I want to be your lover, not just your daughter. I want to
be your whore if that's the way you like me some times, but what
ever happens I want you to show me just how much you love me
every day of the year." She lifted her head to look at me from
under her eyebrows, then said "Of course daddy, we'll have to re-
negotiate if you should happen to get married again, perhaps even
including me in your lovemaking with your new wife."

I sat up, pulled my arm from round her shoulders, took hers in my
hands and pushed her away from me, finding she was sliding down
the bed until she lay on her back looking up at me. "Why you
utterly depraved child. Where on earth did you get ideas like
that from. What on earth have I done or said that would make you
think I'd get involved in that sort of sexual practice?" "OH,
don't be an old Fuddy Duddy daddy" she said with a giggle "And
try saying that after a couple of drinks" "Look daddy, can't we
negotiate on this. You asked too much of me. I've asked too much
of you, the sensible thing I'd for us to find the middle ground
where we both win. How about I don't insist on making love three
or four times a day, just twice, in the morning before I go to
school, and in the evening when we're cuddled up in bed ready to
go to sleep. Oh, I should add that me sleeping with you isn't up
for negotiation, that has to happen now I know how nice it feels
cuddling up to you like this." She paused for a minute that
grinned as she continued "How about if I don't insist on getting
pregnant too soon after I finish college, after all daddy, you
might be married again by then, and it might make things
difficult between me and my step mother."

"Sandi darling" I said "What happens if I don't agree to start
making love to you from now on. It seems to me you've tried
everything in your power to get me to agree to an incestuous
relationship. I'm just wondering what your fall back position
will be?" By now I was laying on my side, resting on my elbow
still looking down into Sandi's beautiful face. My decision was
already made, but I wanted to see just how far Sandi was prepared
to go in getting me to come round to her way of thinking. "I
don't have one daddy. I'll be honest with you, I haven't given
it any thought because I've been so sure I'd win this
discussion." "Hmm, well, how about you think about it now, and
tell me what you're going to do if I say no." Sandi closed her
eyes, and I saw her frowning as she concentrated on what she was
going to say. When she opened them again I thought I saw them
sparkle as she said "Well daddy, I'm not going to do anything,
not straight away. I suppose I'll get so horny one day I'll let
whatever guy in dating get his hands in my pants, and maybe even
let him go further still if I think he's worth it. What I'm not
going to do is say something stupid like I'll go and find the
first male I fancy and get him to fuck my brains out. That would
be so stupid, and I know it wouldn't make any difference to your
decision, would it?"

I smiled down at her, shook my head and said "Not one jot
darling, but it would have got you a good spanking for gross
stupidity." I then lowered my head, touched my lips to hers in as
sensuous and loving a kiss as I could manage, while at the same
time bringing my right hand up, placing it over her left breast
and gently caressing it before pinching her nipple between finger
and thumb and rolling it to and fro. Instantly her arms were
round my neck and our kiss began hard passionate and the longest
kiss we had shared between us. "Please make love to me daddy,
please darling, show me how good you made mom feel when she used
to scream in ecstasy night after night. Show me how I can be as
good as she was for you, now daddy please, nooooow.." Now she
knew what my decision was, and once committed to this course of
action I could see no reason to repress my feelings any longer.

As I lifted my lips from Sandi's I replaced them with the tip of
my index finger. "Shhhhh darling" I whispered "Keep as quiet as
you can for as long as you can. We don't want to wake the
neighbours. Just lay back and let me show you how much I love
you." She did as I said, closed her eyes and lay quite still as I
began to kiss her. Her eyes, her lips her chin and her throat,
all got touched by my lips as I worked my way down her upper
body. Across her chest from shoulder to shoulder with special
attention paid to that small indentation at the base of her
throat. As I got lower I lifted her arms above her head and
kissed under them finding a place she never knew existed, one of
her erogenous zones that made her gasp with pleasure the instant
my lips touched her tender skin. That it started to make her wet
between her legs, she told me much much later, when she was able
to talk properly. When I was done under her arms I moved back on
to her chest, working my way round it from side to side all
around the base of her firm breasts, above and below, scribing a
line of saliva between her firm conical mounds, trying so hard
not to touch them for the moment.

Sandi was gasping hard by the time I finally deliberately touched
her breasts, and even then it was only to rub my lips around the
base of each of them, occasionally flicking out the tip of my
tongue in an effort to get a taste of her soft smooth skin. The
moment I began to trace a figure of eight round both breasts with
my tongue is what made all the difference to Sandi. Her breathing
got shorter and deeper as I made my way up and round her
wonderful breasts, and eventually I could hold off no longer and
I had to take one nipple between my lips and start to gently suck
on it. In order that I treat them both equally I began to flick
the one I wasn't sucking on, with the side of my thumb while
Sandi wrapped her arms round my neck and held me in place until
she could contain herself no longer and simply exploded into the
most awesome climax she had ever experienced in her life. Quick
as I could I covered her lips with one hand, muffling if not
silencing her screams of ecstasy as her orgasm ripped up and down
her tender young frame, bouncing and rebounding all over her body
until finally she could take no more and she fell limply into a
sobbing faint beneath me.

I didn't lay there long with her in my arms waiting for her to
come round. I felt the texture of her skin change as I cupped one
breast in my hand while I gently stroked her cheek with the
other. As Sandi opened her eyes she gave a long shuddering sigh
then rolled on to her side and snuggled up close to me, slipping
her free arm over my chest before hugging me tight. "OH, WOW
daddy, that was simply awesome. I never knew I could have an
orgasm without something touching my pussy, let alone have one so
strong I'd actually faint. How long was I out?" I kissed her
tenderly on the forehead, "Oh, only about five minutes darling,
just long enough for you to have a rest after putting so much
effort into a simple orgasm." "Daddy, if that was a simple
orgasm, I can't wait to find out what a special one feels like."
We lay snuggled up like this for a few minutes then Sandi lifted
her head and said "Daddy, don't you think it's strange that I've
lost my virginity, and I've had the most awesome orgasm, and yet
all that's happened is that you have only ever touched my
breasts. What's it going to be like when you get your hands
inside my panties?" "Well Sandi darling, I think you've just
learned your first lesson. Making love is ninety five percent in
the thinking, and only five percent in the doing. It isn't what
you've got so much as the way you use it, understand?" "Yes, I
think so daddy" she replied softly.

"Now then, was that a rhetorical question darling, or were you
referring to a metaphorical pair of panties. If the first, I wont
bother to answer it. If it's the second, I guess we can soon find
out. All you have to do is roll on to your back and open those
lovely thighs of yours and I'll see what I can do for you."
Little more than a second later and Sandi was in position with
her hands behind her neck and a broad grin on her face. "Come on
daddy darling, I've been wanting you to do this for me for over
four years, please don't hand about now." I kissed her nearest
nipple, then said "Don't be so impatient darling, waiting helps
make things better when you finally get them, just relax and
leave things to me for a few moments" and with that I began to
trace a line with my fingertips from her breasts, down the centre
of her abdomen to the small triangle of soft downy fur left at
the top of her swollen puffy mons. The instant my fingers touched
her mound Sandi cried out with pleasure, and her hips humped up
at my hand. Gently I pressed my palm on her lower abdomen in an
effort to still her movements. When she was still once more I
continued with my downward movement until I was able to press my
long middle finger between the lips of her suddenly sopping wet
pussy lips and cover her hard swollen clit with the side of my
thumb. Once more Sandi exploded in orgasm, this time staying
awake so she could experience every second of it, that being the
reason it lasted so long. She didn't want it to end so she kept
on humping her hips up at my hand and making herself cum over and
over again against my finger and thumb.

All good things have to end sometime, and Sandi's orgasmic orgy
was no exception. After giving a loud shuddering sigh she flopped
back on the mattress mouth open as she gasped for breath, and
eyes closed as she recalled each and every paroxysm she
experienced from start to finish. It was there that I decided to
call it a night. I wrapped my arms round her, kissed her tenderly
and turned out the light as I whispered "Good night Sandi my
love, I think we can continue this discussion in the morning.
Right now I need some sleep, and so do you." "Yes daddy" she
replied sleepily, and she kissed me chest, put her arm over my
abdomen and sighed contentedly as she drifted off to sleep. I
soon followed, despite the fact my mind was in a whirl, and I was
still having difficulty trying to reconcile what I was doing with
my role as a father and protector.

Waking up next morning brought back so many memories. For a good
part of our married life Carol used to wake me up by playing with
my cock, very often I opened my eyes in the middle of a long slow
but very enjoyable blow job. It seems there was now evidence for
this propensity to be genetically based as Sandi was currently
head down under the covers working her magic on me. As soon as
she realised I was awake Sandi crawled back up the bed, kissed me
good morning and said "Blast; I wanted to make you cum before you
were properly awake. I guess I'll have to leave it until tomorrow
now." I chuckled as I hugged her tome then said "Don't bother
darling, your mother tried for more than ten years without
success. I'm too light a sleeper for it to happen. Mind you,
that's not to say you can't keep trying, it's still a very nice
way to wake up in a morning." Sandi giggled then she rolled on
top of me, her legs straddling my hips and my cock trapped
between our naked bodies. "Daddy, will you please make love to
me, only this time you have to come inside me. Last night was
really wonderful, and I had the best orgasm I ever experienced,
but it's not going to be proper love making until you fill me
with your semen."

I looked into her eyes, smiled as I took her cheeks between my
palms and said softly "Will you do it my way darling?" she nodded
"Yes daddy" she whispered, "You're the expert here after all."
"OK then, lay on your back, hands behind you head and I'll show
you how your mother used to enjoy it most, just remember not to
move your hands." Sandi bent her head and kissed me softly, "Did
Mom have her hands tied to the bed daddy?" I nodded "Yes darling,
but only the first time, after that she just pretended they were
tied so she could use them if she felt the need. She used to like
to guide my penis into her pussy when it was time. That took away
any thoughts of being forced to do it that being tied up might
have indicated." Suddenly I saw the same lust in Sandi's eyes
that Carol used to have, and could hear it when Sandi said
huskily "Can I do the same please daddy, I want to be to you what
Mom always was, even if I take forever learning how." I smiled
lovingly at my daughter, nodded and said "It would be my greatest
pleasure Sandi darling, to teach you all your mother learned."

A moment later and Sandi was laying on her back, her hands behind
her head and her legs as far apart as she could get them. I
rolled on to my side and began to kiss her as I had the previous
evening, getting the same result if her current breathing was
anything to go by. This time though I didn't linger on her
breasts too long, I wanted her orgasm to be brought on from an
entirely different place. Once I knew her nipples were hard and
throbbing I moved down her body, tracing a line of kisses from
the base of her sternum, over her firm well delineated Abs and
across her smooth, nicely padded hips. I passed my lips to and
fro across her hips, getting lower and lower each time, until I
was able to take a small patch of her trimmed pubic hair between
my teeth and nibble gently on it. As I pulled on her soft downy
fur patch I heard Sandi utter low groans, whether of pain or
pleasure I wasn't sure, but she didn't ask me to stop so I
didn't, until I was ready. That's when I did get a strong
reaction, when I moved my lips down between her thighs, finally
touching her hot swollen pussy lips for the first time in my
life. To be honest I almost fainted when I caught my first whiff
of her feminine aroma, and I had to rest my forehead on her hip
for a moment until I regained control over my senses.

"Don't stop daddy, please don't stop there I couldn't stand it if
you did" cried Sandi as she humped her hips up at my head as if
trying to wake me. That's almost what it felt like when I opened
my eyes and looked up at her beautiful face frame between her
firm young breasts. "Sorry darling" I said, "I was just enjoying
myself for a moment" then I bent and replaced my lips on her
pussy and slowly pressed my tongue into her tight almost virgin
slit and began to lap up as much of her vaginal emission as I
could. GOD, she tasted wonderful, almost the same as I remembered
her mother tasted, but a little sweeter and slightly less tangy,
but still the most wonderful taste I could imagine there being on
any woman. I was so intent on enjoying myself I almost forgot
what I was here for. Until that is I felt my head being squeezed
between a set of very strong thighs, and my mouth being mashed by
a very hard pubic bone. Sandi had been on a hair trigger, and
having her pussy licked like that had taken her over the top and
she'd exploded into orgasm almost as soon as I began to lick on
her hard pulsating clitty.

It took a moment or two, but as soon as Sandi's grip on my head
relaxed I climbed up her recumbent body and lay over her, resting
my weight on my knees and elbows. As I felt my cockhead touch her
sopping wet pussy lips I stopped, lowered my head and kissed her
tenderly on the lips, wriggling my cum soaked tongue into her
mouth and wiped it over hers. As she opened her eyes Sandi sucked
on her tongue, then wiped it round her lips before smiling and
saying "Is that what I taste like daddy?" I grinned and nodded,
"Yes darling, I think it's the most wonderful taste I know, but
many women don't like it." Sandi giggled, "Well, I do daddy, what
about Mom, did she often get a taste of her own pussy cum?" "As
often as she could my love, now, how about you put your hands to
good use, and show me the way to heaven?" with a pretty blush on
her cheeks Sandi thrust her hands between our bodies, took hold
of my hard throbbing penis with one, opened the lips of her pussy
with the other and gasped "Come into me please daddy, fill me up
with your manhood darling, make love to me like you did mom and
fill me with you hot sticky semen, please daddy, do it now, fuck
me daddy darling, fuck me as hard as you did Mom.."

I slipped my hands under her shoulders and held her tight, then
began to thrust my hips at hers, ramming my hard throbbing cock
in and out of her soft warm almost virgin body. Each time my hips
hit hers Sandi gave out a loud grunt of "YES!", and thrust
herself up at me as she tried to get me to penetrate her even
deeper that I was doing. On and on we rutted, and Sandi threw her
legs over my back, crossing her ankles to hold me tighter to her
as she sought more ways to get me deeper inside her with each
thrust, until the moment came when she suddenly went stiff, her
back arched and she once more exploded into a screaming crashing
orgasm that threatened to overload her senses once again. This
time though she held on to consciousness, and moments later I
thrust hard at her body, pressed my body against her and hugged
her tighter that ever as I climaxed inside her for the very first
time, flooding her womb with my hot creamy semen until it spewed
out between her tight clamped pussy lips, soaking her inner
thighs and began to pool beneath us on the bedding.

I don't know how long I lay on top of Sandi, but I suddenly felt
her beating a tattoo on my back as she cried softly "Get off me
daddy, I can't breath" I rolled over on to my back, listening to
Sandi giggling as my soft limp cock pulled out of her cum soaked
pussy with a slurping sound that made me smile as I remembered
the last time I'd heard it. "Oooeerr." I turned to face Sandi and
said "What's wrong darling?" Sandi struggled to sit upright,
threw back the comforter and looked down between her wide open
thighs, "God, daddy, I didn't realise sex could be quite so
messy. Look at the state of the bed." I chuckled as I rolled out
of bed, "Yu stay like that for a moment darling, I'll go and get
something to clean you up with." I returned with a washcloth and
a big towel, wiped Sandi pussy and thighs clean and patted her
dry, the lay the towel over the wet patch and told her to lay
down again. "We can change the bed later darling, right now I
want you snuggled up in my arms for a few minutes." I got in
beside her, lay down and opened my arms into which she threw
herself, and we were soon laying close, our lips pressed together
in our first ever post coital embrace.

When we finished kissing Sandi lay her head on my chest and gave
a huge sigh of contentment. She then lifted her head, grinned
wickedly and said "Lay quite still daddy, I want to try
something." The next thing I knew she was burrowing down the bed
until she was in the position in which I awoke that morning,
attached to my suddenly rejuvenated penis, this time cleaning it
with her lips and tongue. After a few minutes she returned to
laying on my chest, looked at me, licked her lips and said "Well,
now I know" "Know what Sandi my love?" I asked. "I know what our
mixed cum tastes like, and Melissa is completely wrong when she
says it tastes gross. I'm afraid I like it, and I'll bet mom did
too, didn't she daddy" I nodded, "Yes darling, she did. But how
come Melissa knows what cum tastes like?" Sandi burst out into a
loud laugh and looked at me as if I was an alien or something.
"Oh, didn't be so silly daddy. Do you realise I'm the last virgin
on the soccer team. All the others lost their cherries at least
two years ago, and Melissa lost hers when she was twelve. She had
a scare two years ago when she thought she was pregnant, so vowed
never to let a guy come inside her ever again, even if her was
wearing a condom. Now all she'll ever do is give her dates a blow
job, and then only if the eat her first. Believe me daddy, she
doesn't get many dates these days, it seems most guys at school
don't like to give what they expect to receive." She paused,
grinned at me and said "I guess I'm going to be one of the lucky
ones, aren't I daddy darling?"

My heart stopped for a moment, and I must have gone pale very
quickly because Sandi said "Are you OK daddy, you went all funny
for a moment?" I took a deep breath and said "Sandi, darling,
please promise me you will NEVER discuss what we're doing here,
with any of your friends. Not even so much as a hint that you
might be sexually active. You have to realise that what has
happened here this weekend is totally illegal, and could get me
put in prison for a very long time. Please darling, promise me."
Sandi put her 'serious' face on, looked me in the eye and said
"Daddy, please believe me, there is no way that I would ever put
you into such a situation. What we do at home is never going to
be discussed outside this house. I promise you my love, I'll
never put you at risk, I love you far too much. All right?" I
nodded and managed a smile, then a broader one as Sandi said "How
about we go and have a proper sexy shower, where we can dry each
other as well as do the washing bit. Then we must go and get
something to eat, I'm starving." When you consider the exercise
we'd had over the past few hours I suppose that was to be
expected, and to be honest I felt the same.

We had our shower, and the moment we were wet Sandi was on her
knees in front of me bringing me to a full erection with her lips
and tongue. As soon as I was hard and my cock was throbbing in
front of her Sandi giggled, stood up and said "Well, that was
simple enough, I guess Melissa was right about some things after
all." She then spent the rest of our time in the shower either
squeezing stroking and rubbing her body against my erection,
opening her thighs and allowing it to press against her warm wet
pussy lips when I pulled her back to my chest and washed (and
caressed) the front of her body. As I pressed her to me with my
soapy hands cupping her breasts Sandi spoiled the moment by
bursting out into a loud laugh and saying "Oooh, look daddy, I've
got something growing between my legs, is it a penis like yours?"
I chuckled into her ear and said "Very much like mine baby, but
not quite so long, I guess you better send it back and continue
to use mine when you feel the need." Sandi turned to face me,
slipped her arms round my back and hugged me tight. "Oh, believe
me daddy darling, I fully intend to do just that for as long as
I'm able, of that you can be quite certain."

That broke the mood, and I shut off the water, which was
beginning to get cold anyway, and we stepped out of the shower
and began drying each other. When this was done we walked hand in
hand to my bedroom where I was about to get dressed when Sandi
said "Could you wait a minute please daddy, there's something
I've wanted to do for simply ages, and now seems a good time to
do it." She then ran out of the bedroom, and came back a few
minutes later carrying a bundle of clothes which she dropped on
the bed, sitting down beside them. "OK daddy, you can carry on
getting dressed now, and I want to sit here and watch you if you
don't mind." I shook my head and grinned, then went on with
dressing, trying to forget that my daughter was sitting watching
every move I made. When I was done I turned to face her, and saw
that her face was flushed, almost as if she was getting aroused.
"Well, how was it for you Sandi darling?" I asked with a chuckle.
Sandi grinned sheepishly, "Sorry about that daddy, it's just a
fantasy I've had for some time, that I'd make love to you then
watch you get dressed. All that needs to happen now, is you have
to watch me do the same." She then stood up, dropped her towel to
the floor and reached for her panties.

Suddenly appearing to be shy Sandi turned her back to me, and I
soon saw she wasn't, shy I mean. After lifting each foot and
getting her panties up to her knees she bent over, opened her
legs as far as she could and began to slowly pull then up her
thighs, all the time giving me a wonderful view of her puffy,
glistening pussy lips, until the moment they were covered by the
fabric of her underwear. Needless to say I got another erection,
and it stayed hard all through Sandi's display, because that's
what it was, pure and simple an erotic show. One thing that kept
me hard for some time after Sandi was fully dressed was the fact
she didn't put a bra on, and I could see her hard nipples and
dark pink aureoles all day through the barely opaque fabric of
her blouse. Sandi stood in front of me as I sat on the edge of
the bed where she'd become a woman the previous evening, held out
her hand and said softly "Will you take me down for breakfast
please daddy. I'm dying of hunger, and need filling up, this time
with food."

Breakfast took a long time. Mainly because Sandi wouldn't let go
of me all the time I was trying to cook, almost getting spattered
with hot fat when I dropped the eggs in to fry. Eventually though
we had the kitchen cleared up and the dished in the machine and
carrying a cup of coffee each as we went to sit in the den for a
while. Being Saturday we were going to have to go and do some
shopping, mainly to get some food, as well as other things we
were running out of. I told Sandi this but she insisted we have a
chat before we went. When we were sitting on the sofa Sandi
finished her coffee first, then lay down, her head on my lap and
her legs over the arm. "Daddy" she said as she looked up into my
eyes, eyes I was having difficulty keeping off her for some
reason. "Yes Sandi my love" I responded. "Is lovemaking always as
messy as we were this morning. Melissa and some of the girls are
always talking about what it's like, but none of them have ever
said their boyfriends have made such a mess as that?"

I smiled down at her as I stroked her hair off her face, "Sandi
darling, I doubt you'll ever see quite so much as that ever
again. Mainly because I don't suppose you're going to let me
build up quite so much of a reserve as I had last night. You see
darling, it's been so long since I made love to anyone, and that
was just before your mother died, you got more that even I could
have expected to give you." I chuckled at the look on her face,
"Things can get messy even normally, especially if I have nowhere
to deposit my semen, all you have to do is remember to keep out
of the firing line or you're likely to get plastered in places
you might not expect, all right darling?" "Oooh, sounds like
something I might want to try daddy, can we do it tonight
please?" "No, you depraved child. Get up, we have some shopping
to do, and please remember to behave yourself when we're out in
public. I don't want people getting the wrong, or worse, the
right, idea about us."

Sandi sat demurely all through the short journey to the Mall we
were going to be shopping in. Even when we were walking round all
she did was slip her arm in mine and press herself against my
side. Until we met her best friend Sue, and her mother. We'd
known Sue and Jenny, her mother for a long time. I knew that
Jenny was a widow, having lost her husband in an industrial
accident shortly before Carol died. A short while later we were
all sitting having a drink, soda for the girls, coffee for Jenny
and I. "Daddy, can Sue and I go and look round the Mall while
you're in the supermarket, you know I don't like food shopping,
it's so boring?" "It's OK with me darling, if it's OK with Jenny,
just don't lose track of time, I don't want to have to sit in the
car waiting for you, OK?" "Thanks daddy, we wont be too long" and
she bent to kiss me lovingly on the cheek, Sue did the same for
Jenny and they almost ran out of the café heads locked together
chattering like a troop of monkeys as they disappeared into the

I most have looked pretty worried for a moment because Jenny got
my attention by saying "They are a worry at this age aren't they
Jack?" I turned my attention to Jenny, grinned sheepishly and
said "Sorry Jenny, I didn't think it showed. I just suddenly
realised that Sandi's a woman in everything but age, and was
wondering how I'm going to cope with boyfriends, Proms and all
the other things that are looming on the horizon." "Me too" said
Jenny softly, "I thought things were going so well up to the time
Steve died. Then I suddenly realised just how big a part of Sue's
life he really was. I guess it's true when people say you don't
know what you've got until it's gone." Jenny suddenly gave a soft
chuckle, grinned at me and said brightly "No sense in being
morbid, it doesn't get you anywhere. It's been nice seeing you
again Jack, now I really must go and finish my shopping and get
home to do some housework." We stood up and Jenny surprised me by
placing a quick kiss on my cheek, "Bye Jack, and all the very
best of luck with Sandi, you're going to need it before too
long." I said a final goodbye and turned my footsteps to the
supermarket where I stocked up on all the things we needed. I was
just finishing packing the bags into the trunk of the car when
Sandi came up and wrapped her arms round me. "There you are
daddy, I said I wasn't going to keep you waiting, can we go home
please darling, I need you to cuddle me and tell me you love me."

An hour later and we were doing what Sandi wanted. Everything was
put away and I had a cup of coffee in my hand as she came into
the den and sat on my lap. I finished my drink, put the cup down
and held out my arms, into which she instantly fell. "You know
daddy" she said softly "Until last night I didn't realise just
how much I loved you." She chuckled and wriggled herself against
my chest, "I knew I wanted you, of course. I've wanted you 'that'
way for a long time. I just hadn't realised how much me loving
you made me want you so much more." She looked up at me and said
"Am I making any sense at all daddy?" I smiled at her and nodded
"Of course you are my love, I've been able to understand
gibberish for many years, your mother used to speak it often
after we made love." This made Sandi laugh, then say, "Don't be
beastly daddy, I'm serious. It suddenly hit me this morning when
I was out with Sue that you've had no one to love you since mom
died, and that's why you had such a massive orgasm this morning,
because you suddenly had me to love the same way you loved Mom."

I held Sandi tight for a moment, then whispered "You're perfectly
correct darling, but things have changed now, and I have you to
love me just like your mother did, and I promise I'll always love
you, no matter what happens." We sat there cuddled up for some
time, then Sandi squirmed round so she was straddling my lap,
kissed me and said "Daddy, would you do what you said you would,
you know eat my pussy for me, right here on the sofa with my
clothes on. Then I want to give you a proper blow job so you
actually shoot your cum into my mouth. I'll never know if I like
it until I've tried it, will I?" I chuckled silently, "Well
darling, I have nothing against your plan, just remember though
it might get a bit messy, especially for you." Sandi smiled that
wicked smile and said !That's what I'm counting on daddy, believe
me, that's what I'm counting on."

When Sandi was off my lap I knelt on the floor, telling her to
lay full length on the sofa. As soon as she was there I placed my
lips on hers in a long soft passionate kiss at the same time
opening the top few buttons on her blouse and uncovering her
naked breasts. When they were free I began to play with her hard
nipples, stroking her breasts more and more as I felt them begin
to swell and get warm as her sexual flush took hold. When I began
to kiss her breasts and nipples I also started to lift the hem of
her skirt until it was up above her waistband. Then I quickly
moved down her body until I was in a position where I could
remove her panties. As I looked between her legs I suddenly
realised this was the first time I'd seen her pussy in broad
daylight. Last night it had always been dark, and even I the
shower that morning I only saw her fur covered mound, not the
whole of her lips and wide open slit. Whatever else her body
might be saying, her pussy was telling me she was ready for my
touch, and I marvelled once more at the wonderful aroma that came
from her aroused pussy as I slipped my hands under her butt and
began to draw down her panties.

Sandi lifted her butt to allow me to pull her underwear down over
her hips, and then she lifted her legs so I could slip them over
her thighs and eventually off her feet, to be discarded as she
slowly opened her thighs at the same time as she lowered them to
the sofa once more. With her knees bent and her feet a couple of
feet apart I had the most wonderful view of Sandi's pussy. Her
labia were swollen, and I could see the coral pink interior
glistening with her arousal. A tiny dribble of her juices ran
from the bottom of her slit and coated her tight anal pucker, and
I wiped it up with my fingertips then sucked them dry as I looked
up Sandi body into her hot lust filled eyes. Once more I covered
my fingertips with her juices, this time I sucked one clean and
smiled as I offered my other finger to Sandi. She nodded
vigorously and put out the tip of her tongue. I leaned up and
pressed my fingertip between her lips and she flicked it with her
tongue and sucked it hard, closing her eyes as she savoured the
taste of herself. I didn't wait to see what her reaction would
be. I recovered my finger and lowered my head between her thighs,
opening my mouth wide and covering as much of her pussy lips and
her slit as I possible could.

Once I'd given her pussy a good long suck I pulled back and
pressed my tongue between her now sopping wet lower lips making
long slow licks from her vaginal passage up to the top of her
slit, stopping just short of her clitoris. When I reached her
pulsating hooded nubbin I stopped and flicked the tip of my
tongue to and fro over it, making her hips jerk each time she
felt the contact of wet warm flesh against hard throbbing bud. As
I flicked and then began to suck at Sandi's clitty I decided it
was time for another first in her life. Very gently I pressed my
long middle finger into her oozing pussy and turned it over so I
could curl my finger underneath her pubic bone. Once there I
slowly moved my fingertip about as I searched for that tiny
little rough spot that if found can cause some women to lose
consciousness, their orgasm is so intense. I knew I'd found it
when Sandi screamed in ecstasy and began to buck her hips up and
down against my probing digit and my sucking lips, suddenly going
limp as a dishrag as she collapsed back on to the sofa cushions
gasping as she tried to regain her breath.

Very gently I laid Sandi's legs down, covered her loins with her
skirt and after lifting her head and shoulders sat down again
with then resting on my lap. Sue she lay there, her breasts
uncovered and her face bathed in perspiration I began to stroke
both, turn and turn about. I brushed her sweat soaked hair from
her face, then kissed her tenderly on the lips. While I used one
hand to stroke her cheeks and forehead I used the other one to
stroke and caress her breasts, occasionally rolling her nipples
between finger and thumb watching as they stiffened under my
ministrations. Eventually Sandi opened her eyes, looked up into
mine and smiled weakly, "Can you wait for yours please daddy, I
don't think I have the strength just now." She giggled softly,
shook her head and continued "I hope making love with you isn't
going to be like this every time daddy, I don't think I'd survive
too many orgasms like that one. The girls never told me it could
be like this. What did you do to me?" I shrugged my shoulders,
grinned and said "Oh, I was lucky enough to find what's called
your 'G' spot my love." Sandi looked perplexed, "What's that, and
where is it supposed to be, and why did you have to look for it,
isn't it always in the same place?"

"Well, to answer all those questions, it's a tiny place inside
you vaginal passage that if stimulated will increase your arousal
many times over. It's in a hard to reach place, almost as if it's
been hidden and made difficult to find. On some women it's quite
accessible, on others it's there but can't be found. It's
supposed to feel like a rough, almost ribbed piece of rubber
about the size of your little finger nail, although no one really
knows just how big they can get. I guess I was lucky finding
yours, I'll have to see if I can find it again pretty soon, wont
I?" Sandi lay there for a moment, her eyes closed and a smile on
her lips as she enjoyed me caressing her breasts. She then said
"Not too soon please daddy, I'd like to spend some time enjoying
you making love to me before to give me a knock out blow like

We stayed like this for some time. Sandi laying there, her blouse
open allowing me free access to her wonderful breasts, and, when
my other hand slipped down her body and began to move up her
skirt she allowed one leg to fall off the edge of the sofa, while
the other one bent at the knee and lay against the back of it.
This let her skirt fall back to her waist and allowed me freedom
to cup my hand over her mons and her still puffy pussy lips. Very
slowly I pressed my long middle finger between her lips and
allowed the tip to rest just at the entrance to her vaginal
passage, gently soaking in the trickle of orgasmic juices that
emanated from her. After a while I opened my eyes and looked down
into Sandi's beautiful face and gasped as I saw tears falling
over her cheeks. A moment later I had her in my arms, was kissing
them away as I asked "What's wrong darling, what have I done to
make you cry. I'm sorry if I hurt you my love, please tell me so
I don't so it ever again, please Sandi darling, tell me what's
wrong." I was in a panic, suddenly to find my baby crying like
this, and I thought desperately as I tried to find in me some
idea as to what I may have done to upset her enough to make her

Despite having her arms wrapped round my neck, Sandi somehow
managed to scramble up to straddle my lap. Once there she put her
hands on my shoulders and forced me back against the sofa, where
I heard her shouting at me to shut up and listen to her. When I
was silent Sandi placed her lips on mine in a soft sweet kiss,
then sat back, her hands still holding me against the sofa, and
said "Daddy, please stop being so silly. You've done nothing to
hurt me. There's nothing wrong with me. I know I was crying but
it was only because I was suddenly feeling so happy I couldn't
help myself." She took my face between her hands, kissed me again
and said in a soft quiet voice "They were tears of happiness
daddy darling, I'm not unhappy, I'm not hurt, I'm in love with
you, and I'm just so happy about it I'm likely to burst into
tears at the drop of a pair of panties, all right!" "Yes darling"
I replied, "But only because I love you beyond distraction, so
please try not to drop you panties too often, unless it's me
there to pick them up for you, OK?"

A few minutes later Sandi sat up and offered to fix me a sandwich
for lunch. As she stood in front of me doing up her blouse and
sorting her skirt out she stopped and said "Oh, before I forget
daddy. Can Sue come and sleep over tonight please. Her mom has to
work and wont be home 'til late." "Of course darling, but you
know the rule about this, even at your age, I insist her mom
calls me to say it's OK" "I'll do better than that daddy, I'll
call Sue now and she can get her mom to the phone, how's that
sound?" minutes later I was speaking to Jenny, and being assured
this was OK with her, "Just make sure she behaves Jack, and I
don't envy you having two of them under your feet, even if it is
just for one night." I was still chuckling when I out the phone
down and went into the kitchen where Sandi was getting some lunch
ready. "What's so funny daddy?" she asked, "Oh, nothing darling,
just the thought of how your plans have turned out now you've
invited Sue to stay the night, I guess everything will have to be
put on hold, wont it?" "Silly daddy, of course it will, but that
wont matter because you're in no state right now to give good
account of yourself, so all you have to do is keep your hands off
your merchandise until tomorrow, and with a bit of luck
everything will be all right by the time Sue goes home." I
stepped up behind her, slipped my arms round her and cupped her
breasts in my hands as I kissed her on the neck. "You've really
got this planned haven't you Sandi my love?" she nodded "Of
course I have daddy, right down to the last little detail. I just
don't know exactly how long it will take to complete, but I can
afford to wait, especially if I can have as much fun along the
way as I had this morning, that would make everything even more

It wasn't long before Sue was knocking on the door, and as soon
as she was inside Sandi whisked her up to her bedroom which they
would be sharing for the night, there to indulge in the magical
rites of teenage girls. I didn't see either of the until I called
them for dinner, and they came bounding down the stairs making
enough noise for a herd of Elephants, and I told them so. "That's
just what my mom keeps on saying Uncle Jack, and I still don't
believe either of you" said Sue with a laugh. We sat down and had
dinner, Sue and Sandi chatting almost every second, hardly giving
me a glance. When we were done the girls offered to clear up and
put the dishes in the machine while I was sent into the den with
a cup of coffee. I was sat there watching a ball game with the
sound turned down. This was because I was really thinking of what
had happened since this time the previous evening. I'd gone from
being a loving father, to a child abuser in a matter of hours.
Then magically I was turned into the luckiest man I the world
having a hot passionate lover who was also my beloved daughter.
Just how good could my life get I wondered.." "DADDY", Sandi
calling to me shattered my reverie, I opened my eyes, looked into
hers and said "Yes darling, you screamed. What can I do for you?"

Sandi and Sue giggled, Sandi sat on my lap and kissed me chastely
on the cheek and said "Sorry daddy, I thought you were asleep.
All I asked was could me and Sue come and have a cuddle with you
while you watch you game please?" I frowned at her, mainly
because this was so unlike her. The one thing Sandi hates is
Baseball, and she never sits with me when I'm watching it. It
suddenly occurred to me that this could be part of her 'plan',
starting to do ore things with me that I like. So be it, I was
prepared to go along with that, even if it meant having one of
her friends with us. At least Sandi wasn't going to be doing
anything to drastic while we weren't alone. "Of course you can
Sandi my love, just so long as you try to keep your noise down to
a dull roar. I don't want to miss too much of the game, OK?" "Yes
daddy" she said and slipped off my lap to sit beside me while Sue
sat on my other side. When I was sitting with my arm round Sandi
and I had Sue sitting upright on my other side Sandi reached up
and whispered in my ear "Daddy, would you put your arm round Sue
please darling, I think she'd like a cuddle. She hasn't got a
daddy to cuddle her like I have you know." I sighed and said
softly "Well OK darling, just this once."

I lifted my free arm said softly "Sue" and as soon as she turned
and saw what was happening she smiled at me and shuffled her hip
close to mine and laid her head on my chest the same as Sandi on
my other side. The instant Sue felt the weight of my arm on her
shoulders, and then my hand as it rested at her waist, I felt a
tremor ripple through her body and heard her soft sigh of
contentment. It wasn't long before Sandi did as I expected and
took hold of my hand and slowly brought it up to cover her
outermost breast. I moved it away, but she was insistent so I
conceded defeat and allowed it to stay where she wanted it, half
expecting Sue to show some sign that she'd noticed what was going
on. She didn't, but what she did do was move her own soft hands
across to hold mine as it lay on her abdomen. Once more she gave
a sigh, and it occurred to me that it was probably a long time
since she had an adult males hand this close to her, so I took a
chance and left things as they were.

Thankfully the girls stayed quiet all through the game, in fact I
found out that Sue actually drifted off to sleep for a while as
she lay snuggled up to me. Eventually the game was over and I
suddenly felt more tired that I had for a very long time. Giving
Sandi a gently squeeze of the breasts I was holding I said softly
"Come of Sandi darling, it's time for bed. I tired, and so are
you, so lets have you upstairs please." "Hmm yes daddy" replied
Sandi tiredly and she sat up, stretched her arms and yawned
widely. Sue was still laying in my arm so I gave her a little
shake, getting her to sit up and look around her as if she wasn't
quite sure where she was. "Oh, I'm sorry Uncle Jack" she said
softly "I didn't mean to be rude and fall asleep like that." I
chuckled, placed a quick peck on the top of her head and said
softly "Don't worry about it Sue darling, Sandi did the same
thing. I guess you were both bored with the game, weren't you?"
The tiniest of blushes hit Sue's cheeks, and I tried to put her
at her ease by hugging her to me, and it seemed to work as she
seemed much more relaxed after that.

While the girls went up to bed, I went round and secured the
house, switched the lights off and then made my way up to bed. I
was passing the girls room when Sandi called out to me. When I
went in I saw they were both in bed, went over to Sandi and sat
on the edge of her bed. "Yes darling, what can I do for you?" I
asked "Would you give me my usual kiss good night please daddy"
she said softly. I grinned, bent down and touched my lips to her
cheek as I whispered "Trying to get me a reputation are you
darling?" "No darling" she replied in a whisper, "But would you
do something special for me please. Would you tuck Sue in and
give her a little kiss good night. I'll tell you all about it in
the morning daddy, pretty please." I gave a sigh, saw it was
important to Sandi so nodded. I then went over to the bed Sue was
in, sat beside her and said "Would you like me to give you a kiss
goodnight Sue darling?" As she nodded her head I saw a tear form
in the corner of her eye. I lowered my head. Kissed away her tear
then placed a soft warm kiss on her equally soft warm lips. "Now
Susan my love, you must promise never to tell anyone I just
kissed you goodnight, or I might get into trouble, understood?"
Sue nodded vigorously "I promise Uncle Jack" she gasped and
closed her eyes and snuggled down as I bent and tucked the edge
of the comforter under the mattress.

It was some time during the night that I woke up with searchlight
burning my eyes out. When I eventually looked I saw it was just a
chink of light from a full moon crossing my face. I also found I
had a bladder full to bursting point. I really must try not to
drink so much coffee before bedtime. Yielding to the inevitable I
got out of bed and padded silently to the bathroom, released the
pressure and started back to bed. That's when I heard someone
sobbing uncontrollably, and just knew it had to be Sue as Sandi
had got over any sadness she might have felt from the past.
Quietly opening the door to the girls bedroom I stepped in and
found I was right, Sue was sobbing her heart out, but doing it on
Sandi's shoulder. I stood beside Sandi as she sat on the edge of
Sue's bed, "What's wrong baby?" I asked softly, Sandi looked up
at me and said "I think we opened a can of worms here daddy.
Kissing Sue goodnight like that stated her remembering her father
and I woke up when she started to cry. I don't know what to do
about it though daddy, can you see if you can get her to stop
please." I could hear the way Sandi's voice was breaking up as
she spoke so said "OK darling, get up, go and open up my bed and
get in while I bring Susan, OK?" "Yes daddy" she said and laid
Sue down and dashed to my bedroom. I bent down, slipped my arms
under Sue's body and scooped her up in my arms, then carried her
into my bedroom where I laid her in the middle of the bed, got in
beside her and pulled the comforter up to our necks.

As soon as I was laying down I put my arms round Sue, cuddled her
close and began to stroke her cheeks and temples until she calmed
down and stopped crying. When Sue was laying quietly in my arms
with her head resting in my shoulder I lay my head on hers and
said softly "Susan my love, is there anything I can do to help
with whatever it is that's troubling you?" Sue shook her head
slowly, "No Uncle Jack, I guess I was just being silly, crying
like that. I haven't done that since I was twelve" she replied.
"But what brought it on darling, was it me kissing you goodnight,
tucking you in, or what. If it's something I did or said I have
to know my dear so I don't do it again." Suddenly Sandi put her
lips close to Sue's ear and said in a loud whisper "For crying
out loud Sue tell him, or I will. You can't go on like this,
someone has to know." "Has to know what" I said firmly, "Come on
Sue, if there's something going on that's causing you problems
you have to tell someone, if only for your own sake. Are you
being bullied or something?"

"Oh, god, if it were only that simple" cried Sue, and buried her
face in my shoulder and started to cry once more. I allowed her
to cry herself out, then lifted her face up with a finger under
her chin, looked her in the eye and said "Susan my dear, it
sounds to me as if you're in trouble. How about I call your
mother and you tell her what it is that's worrying you. She is
the proper person to speak to you know." Sue shook her head,
"Please, don't tell Mom, I think it would kill her if she knew. I
can't tell anyone. No one can help me.." and she burst into
tears, this time hiding her head under the covers. Once more I
allowed her to stop in her own time, but when she was finally
quiet it was because she had actually cried her self into a
fitful sleep, her head on my chest, one arm thrown over my
abdomen and her body pressed close to my side. "Sandi my love" I
said softly "Would you like to tell me what's going on here. I
get the idea Sue's in some trouble that she's told you about, but
seems to think no one can help her with, not even her mother."
Sandi looked at me, then averted her eyes, "I can't daddy. I
promised Sue I'd never tell anyone unless she said it was OK. I
know she's in a lot of trouble, and I really do want to help her.
I just can't break my promise though. Not yet. Please don't make
me daddy." I reached over, stroked her cheek and said softly "Of
course not darling, I'd never make you break a promise,
especially not to a friend in trouble. Just try to get her to let
me help if I can darling, that's all I ask."

I drifted off to sleep once more and woke some time later to find
myself sandwiched between the girls. Sandi had moved over to lay
beside me during the night and was cuddled up nicely with her arm
laying over my chest and her head on my shoulder. As soon as I
stirred Sandi shuffled up the bed and gave me a long soft loving
kiss then said softly "Good morning daddy darling, did you sleep
well. I did, and I think Sue didn't do too bad either, did you
babe?" I turned my head and looked straight into Sue's eyes,
suddenly realising that she would just have seen Sandi and I
kissing like lovers and not father and daughter. Sue smiled wanly
at me, nodded then said softly "I'm sorry I was such a baby last
night. I don't make a habit of crying like a baby. Please don't
tell my Mom, especially don't tell her I slept with you most of
the night. She'd have a baby if she knew that." When we finished
laughing, and I assured Sue the last person I'd tell would be her
mother, Sandi sat up and said "Sue, you promised!" Sue looked
sheepishly at Sandi, nodded and said "OK, I know. Uncle Jack, I
want to tell you what's wrong, I promised Sandi I would when we
talked while you were asleep. But can we do it after breakfast. I
don't feel comfortable doing it in bed?" before I could respond
Sandi giggled and said "I do" then rolled out of bed and dashed
to the bathroom to be first in the shower leaving me to lay there
shaking my head as Sue looked at me in astonishment. It occurred
to me that more had been said than I would have wanted discussed.

Breakfast was soon over and while the girls cleaned up the
kitchen I took a cup of tea into the den and sat on the sofa
reading my paper. Eventually they came in and Sandi sat on the
sofa beside me while Sue stood in front of me, her knees touching
mine. "Daddy, can Sue sit on your lap while she talks please.
She'll feel more comfortable that way." I looked up at Sue smiled
and nodded. A moment later she was sat on my lap, her arms round
my chest and her head resting on my shoulder. I stroked her
temple, smoothed her hair off her face and said "OK Sue my love,
what's your problem?" Sue took a deep breath, squeezed me tightly
with her arms and said "My daddy died three years ago in an
industrial accident as you know. What no one in this town knows
is that it was in a machine shop in prison." Sue paused,
expecting me to react to this statement, but I just stroked her
temple and nodded softly against the top of her head. "Daddy was
in prison because he was caught forcing a twelve year old girl to
have sex. mom caught him and called the police when she realised
he was raping me." I could feel Sue's tears as they soaked into
my shirt. I just stroked her cheek and said softly "Shhhhh
darling, just rest for a minute. Do you want a tissue or
something?" Sue giggled softly "No thanks, I'm alright really,
I've had years to think about this, I just never talked to anyone
about it before."

I placed a soft sweet kiss on her forehead and said "Just take
your time. If you want to stop all you have to do is say, I'll
understand. Is that why you and Jenny moved here, to get away
from your father?" Sue nodded, "Everyone knew about us because of
the trial. As soon as he was sent to prison mom sold the house
and moved us here where no one know us and we can try to forget
what happened." I held her quietly for a while then said "But
something else is happening isn't it?" Sue nodded. "Can you tell
me what it is?" I responded. "Dads brother Fred keeps coming
round and telling us dad didn't do it. You see what no one but
Mom and me knows is that Uncle Fred was helping my father rape
me. Dad offered to plead guilty if we said nothing about his
brother. mom was so upset she agreed. Now Fred's starting to
scare us every chance he gets." "Look Sue why don't you tell me
all about it, when it started, what happened and with whom, then
we'll see if we can do something about what's happening right
now. How does that sound?"

Once Sue started to talk it all flowed out. From the day her
breasts started to make themselves obvious her father began to
hit on her in various subtle ways. Whenever Jenny was out of
sight Sue's father would be looking for ways to touch her up. In
the beginning Sue wasn't too bothered. It seemed like fun, and
she almost enjoyed it. Then one day during the summer vacation
her father walked into her bedroom when she was getting dressed
and made her stand naked in front of him for what seemed ages.
Sue didn't enjoy this very much and told her father so. "Just get
used to it baby, because you're going to be doing it a lot more
in the future." From then on Sue got more and more frightened,
even telling her mother what was happening. Unfortunately Jenny
didn't believe her, putting it down to the active imagination of
a pubescent girl. Things got even worse for Sue when her father
brought his brother Fred into his little games and Sue suddenly
found she was being touched and fondled while being held down on
the bed, naked and frightened out of her mind. Things came to a
head one day when Jenny was sent home because there was a bomb
scare in her office building. As she opened the front door she
heard low screams from the bedrooms and dashed upstairs to see
what was going on.

What Jenny saw almost sent her mad. Her daughter was laid out on
her bed, a blood soaked towel between her legs and her brother in
law about to shove his big hard cock into Sue's tiny bleeding
vagina. Jenny picked up the only thing she could lay her hands
on, an upright chair sitting my the door, and smashed in into
Fred's face. This destroyed the chair and also did a lot of
damage to Fred's face too, breaking his nose and almost blinding
him as the chair splintered with the force of the blow. Jenny's
husband went over to his brother to see if he was OK while Jenny
dashed downstairs to call the police. By the time they came Fred
had disappeared leaving his brother to face the music. When all
the counselling and investigation was complete Sue's father
pleaded guilty to raping his daughter and was sent to prison for
six years. When he died the prison authorities investigated the
incident but came to no firm conclusion, no one was talking if it
was some sort of retribution by criminals on one of the most
hated of all prisoners, child rapists.

Things had been getting back to normal until the past couple of
weeks when Sue had seen her uncle Fred at the mall and he had
approached her telling her that he and her father didn't do
anything and she should tell the police she had lied about
everything. Sue paused and gave a soft shuddering sigh as I
tenderly stroked her temple, "Have you told your mother?" I asked
gently. Sue shook her head "I can't, if she did believe me, which
I doubt, it would just make thing worse for her, and I don't want
that to happen. It's been so hard trying to make a new life here,
now this is happening. God.. I hate men, why are they all so
vicious. Why can't I find one that's kind and gentle." Sue sat
where she was and I could see she was really angry with the
world, then she saw that Sandi was sitting beside us and was
laughing behind her hand. "What's so funny Sandi" said Sue
harshly, "I thought you were my friend and wanted to help me, not
laugh at me." Sandi just sat there still laughing but looking
from Sue's face up to mine and back, over and over again. All of
a sudden Sue realised what she was doing, looked up at me and
grinned ruefully "Oh, god, I'm sorry Uncle Jack, I didn't mean
you. You're not vicious and mean, honestly I didn't mean to say
that.." I leaned down, kissed her on the forehead and said "Mean
what Sue, that I'm not a man, or that I'm not a vicious one. I
can be pretty mean you know, you ask Sandi about the time I made
her do the dishes by hand once because she was a naughty girl.
She suffered with dishpan hands for ages afterwards. Well, at
least five minutes."

Sue giggled nervously, "Well, OK, I admit I was over generalising
a bit, but it still makes me nervous being near men when I'm on
my own. And I guess you're also right about me telling mom about
what's happening, but I don't want her to get worried about me
again otherwise she'll ground me for my own protection and I'll
never get out and see anybody but her." I sat Sue upright, "How
about if we invite her over for lunch. We can get her well fed
and with a couple of drinks inside her, then you can tell her all
about Fred, and what he's doing to you. I think I've got an idea
of how to get him to back off, but I'd have to have your mothers
permission before I tried it." Sue looked a little unsure, but
after a few minutes she took my hands in hers, looked me in the
eye and said "OK Uncle Jack, I guess I can trust you not to do
anything to hurt me." I smiled at her and said in a whisper "And
what makes you think that Susan?" She giggled, "Not much, but the
fact I spent most of the night in bed with you without you so
much as touching me did give me a slight indication you might be
trustworthy." I grinned at her, "Oh, don't blame me for that
Susan, don't forget Sandi was there too, so you did have some
protection." This made both of them giggle, and I got up and went
into the hallway to phone Jenny and ask her to come over and have
lunch with us.

As I wouldn't tell Jenny why we wanted her here she thought the
worst and come over immediately. The first thing she asked was if
Sue was all right, and calmed down when I assured her that her
daughter was just fine. To prove it I called up the stairs for
the girls to come done and join us in the den. When they were
sitting down opposite Jenny and I, I said "Jenny my dear I have
some good news, some bad news and possibly some even worse news.
What I want you to do is promise me you'll sit still and listen
to everything I have to say before you start screaming at me and
trying to batter me to death with my own furniture. Will you do
that please?" Jenny looked at me as if I was mad, then turned to
Sue and said "What's going on Susan, has something happened that
I should know about?" Sue knelt in front of her mother, held her
hands and said "Please Mom, please listen to everything before
you do or say anything. I promise you'll only make things worse
if you lose your temper while Uncle Jack is telling you what's
happened." Jenny turned to me and said "OK Jack, I'll listen to
what you have to say. I don't like the conditions, but I'll do as
you ask."

"OK Jenny, first of all you know Sue has a thing about getting
too close to adult males don't you?" Jenny just nodded. I held
out one hand to Sue and she came and sat on my lap, put her arms
round me neck and placed a quick kiss on my cheek. I tapped her
on the thigh and she smiled at my and her mother and went back to
sit beside Sandi. Jenny looked from Sue to me then shrugged her
shoulders "So, you're her best friends father, maybe she doesn't
see you as a threat." I nodded "Yes, well, I should also tell you
up front that Sue spent most of last night in bed with me and
Sandi." "WHAT!!" "Mom, please shut up and let him finish, you
promised" yelled Sue as she stood up in front of Jenny again.
Jenny closed her mouth tight and I could she was grinding her
teeth ready to rip my throat out. Sue sat back on my lap, looked
at her mother and said "Mom, Uncle Jack woke up and heard me
crying. Sandi was trying to comfort me but it wasn't until Uncle
Jack picked me up and laid me beside him in his bed that I
stopped. Sandi was there as well, and nothing, I repeat NOTHING
happened, except I went to sleep with his arms round me. This
morning I told him all about what happened to me, and what
happened to daddy in prison." Sue stopped speaking when she saw
the tears in her mothers eyes. I shoved Sue gently off my lap,
shifted across the sofa and took Jenny in my arms as she began to
sob uncontrollably against my shoulder.

Continued in part 2

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