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SOCCER2 sucked hard pulling into


The Soccer Fixture Part 2

By Davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

The Soccer Fixture
Part 2
By Davidb234

When Jenny was all cried out I brushed the hair off her face,
took her face between my hands and said "Jenny, it wasn't your
fault you know. There was no way you could have known he was
doing those things to Sue, even when she tried to tell you about
it." I lifted her chin then continued, "That's what's been eating
at you all this time, isn't it?" Jenny nodded, "How did you know
that?" "Because I blamed myself for Carol's death for a long
time, before I suddenly realised there was nothing I could have
done to prevent it. It's the same with you. Even if you'd
believed what Sue told you they would have denied it, and found
some other way to carry on abusing her." Jenny looked at me,
frowned and said "They?" I nodded "That's where the even worse
news comes in. Sue's told me she's being stalked by your brother
in law Fred. He waits for her at the mall and tells her it's all
her fault and that her father didn't do anything." This shocked
Jenny and she turned to Sue and said "Is this true baby?" Sue
nodded "Yes Mom, I didn't want to tell you because I thought it
might upset you but Uncle Jack made me see it's the best thing to
do, besides he says he has an idea how to get rid of uncle Fred."

"I don't know if it will work" I said as Jenny turned back to me,
"But I think I can get him to stop if I can just get to have a
couple of minutes chat with him. That's why I'd like Sue to come
to the mall with me next Saturday and point him out. I'll do the
rest, and Sue won't be in any danger, I promise." Almost
reluctantly Jenny nodded her agreement, then Sandi stood up and
said "Daddy, me and Sue are going to make lunch, is there
anything special you want?" I shook my head "No darling, I don't
think so, unless Jenny has a preference of what sandwiches she
likes." Jenny shook her head, and the girls bounced out and went
to the kitchen leaving me alone with Jenny. As soon as the door
was closed Jenny lay her head on the back of the sofa, closed her
eyes and gave a long sigh. "You feeling all right Jenny?" I asked
she turned her head and looked at me, "To be honest Jack, I don't
know how I feel. I've just had you tell me Sue slept with you
most of the night, and I'm not screaming for the police. Then you
tell me my daughters being stalked by her uncle, and I still
don't scream 'Cops'." She sat up and turned to face me, "And to
cap it all, I feel better in myself, than I have since the day my
husband was committed to prison. I don't know how you managed all
that in twenty four hours Jack, but I'm glad you did."

"Just circumstances Jenny, I have to admit I was worried about
your reaction to me taking Sue into my bed. I know I had Sandi
there, but she wouldn't have been able to stay awake all night if
I had intended to do anything to Susan." Jenny looked at me, then
gave me the broadest grin I'd ever seen. "For crying out loud
Jack, how did you manage to keep you hands to yourself sandwiched
between a couple of teenage girls?" I sighed, shook my head and
replied "To be honest Jenny, it was probably the hardest thing I
ever had to do in my life, and I don't know if I'd be able to do
it again without succumbing to temptation. It's a good job
neither of them got any ideas of taking their situation any
further. I might just have done something I'd have regretted for
the rest of my life." Jenny looked at me for a moment then she
dropped her head in her hands and gasped "Oh, god, I've just
thought of something."

"What's that Jenny, not another problem with Fred?" She shook her
head slowly, "Worse than that Jack. Now Sue's getting over her
reluctance to be near men, I'm scared she's going to allow
herself to be talked in to becoming promiscuous. I know she's on
the pill, but that's just a precaution. I don't want her to use
it as a reason to start playing the field." I took her hands in
mine, "Oh, I don't think that's going to happen Jenny, at least
not for a long time. Sue's still got a lot to forget, things that
are buried deep in her subconscious that won't surface until
something triggers a memory. All we can do is hope someone's
there to help her cope with whatever it is." By now Jenny was
relaxing against my chest, and she jumped upright when the door
opened and the girls came in with a tray of sandwiches and cups
of tea for all of us.

Once lunch was over the girls went up to Sandi's bedroom leaving
Jenny and I alone in the den. I lay back against the cushions and
Jenny soon followed me, and very soon she was laying against my
with my arm round her shoulder. We just sat there talking, and
bit by bit she told me all about her and Sue, and how hard it had
been for them to come to terms with what happened. It was Sue
getting interested in and beginning to excel at, soccer that
started to make thing a little easier, and Jenny hadn't even
noticed that Sue was a little more subdued the past couple of
weeks while she'd been stalked by her uncle. "That's what makes
me feel bad right now Jack. That I didn't notice anything was
wrong. It feels like we're drifting apart, not speaking, not
doing things together like we used to. And I still blame myself
for what happened with her father." As Jenny started to sob
quietly I lifted her up, turned her round so she was facing me
and pulled her into my arms, allowing her to cry herself out on
my shoulder. I held her as tight as I could, hoping she wasn't
going to recognise the hard swelling that suddenly appeared in my
pants. As she wept I rocked her back and forth gently shushing
quietly in her ear until she gave a final shuddering sigh and
relaxed against my chest.

When Jenny was completely quiet I laid her gently across my lap,
her head on a cushion and her feet over the arm of the sofa. As
she lay there with her eyes closed I looked down at her and
smiled softly, then placed one hand on her abdomen and the other
one I used to brush her hair off her face. When Jenny opened her
eyes I saw a strange look in them and wondered if I'd done
something to upset her. I soon found out I hadn't. Without
breaking her gaze into my eyes Jenny took hold of my hand and
moved it firmly up to her breast, where she held it tight,
curling her fingers over mine as she showed me what she wanted me
to do. As I cupped my hand over her firm breast I said softly
"Are you sure about this Jenny, you don't owe me anything you
know?" she gave a tiny shake of her head, smiled and said "Would
you please kiss me as well Jack?" I lowered my head until my lips
were inches away from hers and whispered "The pleasure will be
all mine Jenny my dear" and went that final couple of inches to
press my lips to hers in a long slow warm kiss that seemed to go
on for ever.

When I finally sat up again Jenny blushed bright red and gasped
"God I haven't done that for almost four years. I'd almost
forgotten what it feel like to be kissed, and when you touched my
breast I thought I was going to cum." She giggled like a
schoolgirl, then said "Now that would have been embarrassing,
especially with Sue in the house. I hate to think what she'd have
said if she knew I had an orgasm on your sofa." We stayed like
this for some time, then I gave Jenny a firm pat on the tummy and
said "I have to move Jenny my love, otherwise we're not going to
get any dinner." I bent down once more, kissed her tenderly and
helped her sit up so I could get off the sofa. "Can I come and
help you please Jack?" she asked as she stood up beside me. I
nodded and slipped my arm round her waist giving her a hug. "I
can think of nothing that would give me greater pleasure right
now" I said. Jenny then surprised me by kissing me on the cheek
and saying softly "I can Jack darling, but now isn't the time, or
the place."

The girls came down shortly after Jenny and I got dinner started
and Sandi came and sat on my lap as I sat at the kitchen table.
"Hello" I said "What do you want young lady, I know that look."
Sandi giggled and kissed me tenderly on the lips, forgetting our
rule about when we have company. "Well daddy, as we're going to
the mall quite early next Saturday, wouldn't it be an idea if Sue
slept over on Friday night, then we wouldn't have to go and fetch
her from home. And if she's sleeping over on Friday she might as
well stay until Sunday, or even Monday as school finishes next
week." I patted her gently on the thigh, "That's all very well
Sandi my love, but did you think to ask Jenny if it was alright.
If Sue sleeps over all weekend it's going to mean that her mother
will be alone for the same length of time." Sandi sighed, then
look appealingly at Jenny. "Sorry Jenny, I didn't think about
that. Daddies always doing this to me. Will it be OK for Sue to
sleep over on Friday at least please?" Jenny nodded straight
away, "I don't see why not Sandi, as for the rest of the weekend,
lets see what happens during the week shall we. Who knows, Sue
might get herself grounded for the rest of the vacation if she
doesn't behave herself." The fact Jenny was smiling told us that
she was joking, and the girls smiled along with her.

Once dinner was over the girls loaded the dishwasher whilst Jenny
and I went and sat together in the den. When the girls joined us
Jenny said "Jack, could I impose on you please?" I nodded,
"What's the problem, and how can I help?" I responded. "Well, I
just remembered that the week the girls go to their soccer camp
this year I'm going to be away. I wont be back until late Sunday,
when they're due back on Saturday morning. Would it be possible
for you to have Sue stay over until I get back please?" I smiled
as I agreed to do this, and the girls cheered like little girls
when they realised they were going to be together for a bit
longer. Shortly after this Jenny got up and said they had to go.
At the door she offered herself up for me to kiss her, which I
did, tenderly on the lips. Then Sue came up to me and did the
same, except she put one hand behind my neck and pulled me firmly
into her kiss. Jenny smiled, shook her head and said nothing,
which surprised me, they then walked down the driveway and got
into Jenny's car and drove home.
Almost before they were out of sight Sandi was climbing all over
me telling me how horny she was having been denied my company in
bed for a whole day and night. I locked up, then as Sandi was
still following me round, I scoped her up into my arms and
carried her up to my bedroom where I dropped her on the bed
saying "Strip wench. I want you naked by the time I return" I
then went to the bathroom and had a very rapid shower returning
to my room still drying myself with my towel. As ordered Sandi
was naked, but she wasn't laying down as I expected, she was on
her hands and knees, her thighs open and her swollen pussy lips
glistening with their coating of her slick lube juices. I climbed
up on the bed behind her and slowly crawled to where she knelt
and bent my head between her firm rounded buttocks where I took a
long slow swipe at her sopping wet pussy with the flat of my
tongue. The way Sandi trembled told me she almost came, and so
did I, but I managed to hold on until I could kneel behind her.

Knowing I wasn't going to last too long I cupped my hand over her
hot wet swollen pussy and stroked it firmly, pressing my
fingertips on her hard swollen clitoral bud, and stroking them
along her slit each time I moved my hand back and forth. "Noooo..
daddy, not like that! She cried, "I want you inside me now
darling, please daddy fuck me, give me your cock and fill me with
your cum please daddy don't make me wait any longer I need it
nooooow.." I took my cockhead in my hand, placed it at the
entrance to her tight wet vaginal passage and pressed forward
groaning with pleasure as I felt her tight canal squeezing me as
it slowly engulfed my hard throbbing manhood. As I felt my coarse
pubic hair pressed against her soft smooth buttocks I stopped for
a moment, then I leaned forward and stretched out my left hand so
I could cup one breast in it, using my right hand to find her
hard pulsating clitoral bud and begin to twiddle it between my
index and middle fingers. Whatever happened I had to keep still
or I'd have shot my lot before Sandi was ready to cum. As it
happened I didn't have to wait long, as without warning she
arched her back and screamed out in ecstasy as her orgasm
exploded inside her.

That's all I needed; I released her breast and clitty, knelt
upright and gave three hard thrusts at her butt, then cried out
loud that I was cumming. This was more than enough for Sandi; as
she felt my hard cock swell in her vaginal passage and my hot
semen surge deep into her womb she cried out, and her body jerked
and quivered as she came once more, this time falling forwards on
to the bed, pulling herself off my slowly shrinking penis. Almost
totally spent I sat back on my heels gasping for breath for some
time before I was able to stagger to the bathroom and get
washcloth and towel so I could clean us both up sufficiently to
enable us to sleep at least partially cum free. Fortunately I
remember to set the alarm so we woke up in time next morning,
allowing Sandi to get to school, and me to appear at work with
some idea of what was going on.

We didn't hear from Jenny through the week. Sandi saw Sue at
school but the previous weekends happenings weren't discussed at
all. It was almost as if it never happened. When Friday came
around though Jenny dropped Sue off giving me a hug and an almost
chaste kiss, before saying goodnight and driving back home. The
girls spent most of the evening in Sandi's bedroom, only coming
out when I called them down for our evening meal. As usual they
did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen leaving me to watch my
Friday night ball game. When the game was over I got up. Secured
the first floor as was my habit, and made my way up to bed. I had
my usual shower then went to go back to my bedroom when I decided
to make sure the girls were all right. I knocked on the door,
Sandi called for me to come in and I found them in bed already. I
went over to Sandi and bent down, kissing her goodnight, she
smiled lovingly at me and whispered "Sue too daddy?" I nodded,
went over to where Sue lay looking intently at me, smiled and
bent over to kiss her tenderly on the lips. "Goodnight Sue, sweet
dreams" I said softly, she smiled and whispered "Goodnight Uncle
Jack, and thanks."

Once I was in bed I lay unable to sleep for some time. I was just
drifting off when the door opened and Sandi crept in, closely
followed by Sue. Almost silently the door was closed, and I felt
the two of them slowly climb into bed each side of me and
delicately cuddle up close, pulling the comforter up to their
chins as they settled down. I allowed them to relax for a few
minutes then said quietly "Nice try girls, but next time make
sure I'm asleep" they both screamed and sat up before starting to
scramble out of bed. "Hold it both of you" I said firmly, they
stopped moving and I sat up put my arms out to the and said "Come
here, the pair of you. I want to say something." Sandi was soon
sitting close to me, her arm round my back and her head on my
shoulder. Sue seemed a little more reluctant until Sandi said
"Come on Sue, daddies not mad, I can tell."

I chuckled, "Maybe not with Sue, but that's not to say I'm not
going to have words with you, young lady. I'm quite sure this was
your idea, wasn't it?" Sandi nodded "Yes daddy" she said. "Why?"
Sandi took a deep breath, "We'll daddy, Sue liked sleeping next
to you so much last weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to
try it again tonight. I guess I wasn't quite as clever as I
thought I was?" I shook my head. "No my dear, you weren't, did
you ever consider just asking me if you could do it?" Sandi
grinned ruefully, shook her head then giggled, "Daddy, could Sue
and I come and sleep with you tonight please." I looked at Sue,
smiled and said "Well Sue, is that what you want?" she blushed,
nodded her head once and looked down at her hands. I slid down
the bed and said "Come on then, but you have to promise to
behave. I don't know what I'm going to tell Jenny this time. At
least I had an excuse last week." Sue sat still just as she was
about to lay down, looked at me and cried "Wahhhh.." she then
slid down the bed, snuggled up to me and said softly "There you
are Uncle Jack, just tell her I was crying again before I got
into bed with you."

That got the pair of them laughing, and they were still at it by
the time they were both snuggled up close to my chest. By now my
hand was laying on Sue's waist, so I decided to take a chance. I
quickly moved my hand off Sue's waist and brought it down as hard
as I could on her bottom. Considering I was handicapped by the
bed clothes I wasn't able to deal too hard a blow, what did
happed was I got a bigger shock than she did. My hand connected
with bare flesh rather than a pair of panties as I expected. Sue
wasn't wearing anything under her nightie, which had ridden up to
her waist as she shimmied down the bed. My hand came off Sue's
bottom as if it was red hot, and I replaced it on her side just
above her waist. It also happened that my cock sprang to
attention as Sandi found out because she was just sliding her
hand under the waistband of my shorts. "Susan, would you please
pull your nightie down darling, I don't want anything untoward to
happen. OK my love?" She kissed me tenderly on the chest, then
used her uppermost hand to cover her bottom, and the front of her
thighs. "There we are Uncle Jack, all covered up" she gave a sigh
then said "It doesn't feel quite the same now though, I was
really enjoying feeling naughty by having my bottom all bare."

By now Sandi had a good grasp on my hard throbbing cock, and I
could see no way to tell her to remove her hand without letting
Sue know what was going on. I therefore decided to leave things
as they were and hope that I could get to sleep without anything
else happening. Thankfully I did, and I woke up to the sound of
the alarm with Sandi's hand where it was the previous night. This
time though things didn't quite go as I'd have liked. I was just
coming to with the wonderful feeling of Sandi holding my slowly
swelling penis when I felt another hand moving towards it. It was
Sue's, obviously and before I could do or say anything she was
covering what she thought was going to be my cock, but was
actually her friends hand. Sue's gasp was quite loud enough to
let Sandi know what was happening, and as Sue snatched her hand
back Sue raised her self up on her elbow, grinned at her friend
and said "Sorry Sue, I guess I beat you to it this morning,
you'll have to get up very early to beat me at that game."

"But you were holding your dads penis" gasped Sue, suddenly
blushing as she realised how she knew. Sandi grinned as she
nodded "I know, I do it all the time." And before I could say
anything Sandi leaned over, kissed me in a most undaughterly
fashion and said "Good morning daddy, I guess you know that Sue's
rumbled us. I'm sorry darling, but she caught me when she tried
to do the same thing, get a feel of your wonderful manhood." I
nodded, "Yes I know darling, I felt her hand moving that way. I
almost stopped her, but wanted to see how far she would go." I
looked at Sue, saw she was close to tears of shame and hugged her
to me. "Don't dry darling, that's supposed to be you excuse for
getting into bed with me, not getting out. Look, I'm not mad at
you, I suppose it's only natural for you to be curious. Come and
lay down with me and lets talk about it for a few minutes." I
slid down the bed again and the girls followed me.

"Now, first off Sue, I suppose you realise by now that Sandi and
I are very close?" Sue nodded, "I thought there was something,
but I still don't know what, except you do touch, hug and kiss
rather a lot." Sandi laughed, "Sorry Sue darling, I'm not
laughing at you, honest. Yes we are very close. To be honest, and
this is the biggest secret of all, daddy and I sleep together
most all the time. It's only when we have someone over that we
don't, which is why I said I'd help you get into bed with him
last night." "Oh, god, how did it start, did he do what my father
did to me?" It was my turn to laugh, "Not really" said Sandi with
a grin at me, "To be honest Sue, I did to daddy what your daddy
did to you. Only I had to tie him to the bed and blindfold him."
Sue stared wide eyed at Sandi and me, the Sandi said "Look Sue, I
hope this doesn't upset you or anything. I know your daddy hurt
you a lot the first time he raped you. With me and daddy, I ended
up sitting on his penis while he tried to throw me off." She
paused for a moment to see how Sue was taking this, then
continued "To be honest Sue babe, it did hurt, but not for long.
Once I had all of daddy inside me I just waited until the pain
went then suddenly I began to feel really wonderful all over.
Every bit of me seemed to tingle, and when I started to move I
went all squidgy inside. Then I had the most wonderful orgasm
ever." By now Sandi's eyes were closed as she relived her first
time, but I could see Sue was looking more than a little bit sad.

Sandi opened her eyes, saw how Sue was looking and leaned over to
kiss me. She then said quietly "Will you lay still for a few
minutes please daddy?" I gave her a wink on Sue's blind side and
lay back while Sandi laid her head on my chest and reached across
my abdomen. She took hold of Sue's hand firmly and brought it
down to my groin where she placed it over my still half hard
cock. While Sue let her hand remain in place Sandi began to push
my shorts down over my hips. I lifted my butt up to help her and
she hissed at Sue to do her side. Eventually I was effectively
naked, and once more Sandi took hold of Sue's hand and this time
placed it on my naked and very swollen cock. Sue's gasp told me
this was a first for her, and Sandi smiled wickedly as she ducked
her head under the covers and told Sue to do the same. Together
they moved down my recumbent body, Sue following every move her
friend made as she explored unknown territory for the very first
time. "Sandi" I groaned softly so as not to scare Sue, "Yes
daddy?" she replied "Don't be too energetic there please, I don't
think I can holdout very long this morning." Sandi giggled, then
I heard some whispering and knew immediately what was going to

I was right, Sandi sat up, pulling the covers off us, and telling
Sue to watch out, as my cock gave a jerk and Sandi began to move
her hand up and down it's length a little faster than before.
Seconds later Sue got her first sight of a male orgasm in the
open air as my cum spewed out in a fountain, covering Sandi's
hand, my abdomen and finally forming a small puddle between my
legs. Sue was speechless, until Sandi grinned at her and licked
her hand clean before lowering her head and sucking on the head
of my cock to clean it of any semen left behind. "SANDI" gasped
Sue, "That's gross" but Sandi just grinned, licked her lips and
said softly "How do you know, I didn't think you'd ever tasted it
before." "Stop arguing girls" I said as I sat up. "Susan, I guess
you now know enough to have me put behind bars the same as your
father was. Before you report us though, please remember that
Sandi has never been forced to do anything. Everything we do
together is always because we both want it to happen. I would
never force any girl or woman to do anything they didn't want to
do. That includes what you and Sandi just did. Do you understand
what I'm saying?"

Sue blushed prettily, then she nodded "Yes Uncle Jack, I
understand. And please believe me when I say I wouldn't ever
think about reporting you for what you and Sandi do. I just wish
I could do the same things with my father." She stopped, grimaced
then said "I just realised I did do some things with him didn't
I. I just didn't get the chance to enjoy them like Sandi does."
"Try not to be in too much of a hurry Susan my love" I said as I
rolled off the bed to go get a shower. "Things you have to wait
for really are all the better in the end." By the time I was done
in the shower Sandi had made my bed and the two of them were
waiting to follow me. As I came out of the bathroom Sandi said
"Of course Sue, we don't usually wait like this. We try to save
water by showering together." I laughed, "Come on Sandi darling,
you now we don't save water, doing that. We like it too much and
end up having the water go cold on us." I'd come to the
conclusion that as Sue knew what she did there was no sense
trying to hide anything at all. If we did get busted it would all
come out anyway. When the girls were done I had breakfast ready
and it wasn't long before we were on our way to the mall to set
our trap for Sue's uncle Fred.

The girls and I spent some time walking round the mall before
finally Sue was approached by a guy about my height but with a
good deal more flab about him. As we'd arranged Sue dropped her
bag, and picked it up with her other hand before telling her
uncle to leave her alone, and running off to meet Sandi who was
just a few yards away. Having done what he came for Fred walked
slowly back to the parking lot and I saw him open the doors with
his electronic key and slowly sit in the drivers seat. Before he
knew what was happening I had the passenger door open and was
sitting beside him, my hand in my coat pocket being pushed out as
if I was hold a gun of some sort. "What the fuck are you doing"
yelled Fred as I turned to face him. "To be honest Fred, I'm a
guy that's trying to save your life" I said, "I want you to
listen to what I say, and believe I mean every single word, OK?"
"Not fucking likely" he replied harshly, "Get out before I call
the cops." "Please, be my guest Fred, there's nothing I'd like
better than to have the cops come and pick us both up. You know
they'd take you in with me to sort this out don't you?" before he
could respond I smiled and ruffled his hair with my hand. As I
thought, I managed to pick up a few loose hairs from his head and
surprised him by ostentatiously putting them in my top pocket.
"What the fuck did you do that for?" he asked, suddenly

"Well Fred, did you know that scientists these days can get DNA
from Dinosaurs?" He shook his head, "Oh, yes, even things that
are millions of years old still have DNA that can be identified.
How then do you think those scientists would get on with samples
that are only a few years old, or even a few months. Don't you
think they could get some very good readings?" he nodded, then
shrugged his shoulders, "So what. Why would anyone want my DNA,
and what's it got to do with you?" "Think Fred. Think about a
certain blood and semen stained towel. Think about a young girl
being raped by her uncle and father. Think what happened to the
father when he went to prison. They tell me that child abusers
either stay in solitary confinement, or end up wishing they were
dead. Is that what you want Fred. Do you want to go to prison the
same as your brother did?" I paused for a moment to let things
sink into his befuddled brain. "How did you know that?" he
gasped. "Fred, don't worry about how I know, just be assured I do
know, and I have all the evidence I need to send you to prison
the same as your brother did, understood?"

He nodded dumbly, then asked quietly "How much do you want?" I
shook my head, "Oh, Fred, so mercenary, I don't want money my
friend, I have more than enough for my needs. No friend, what I
want is never to see you in this city again, and for you never to
approach your niece at any time. You do remember your niece,
don't you Fred? You know, the victim, the little girl you and
your brother couldn't keep your filthy hands off. It's quite
simple Fred, Keep away forever, or go to prison and risk never
coming out alive. How does that sound for a choice of
lifestyles?" Again he nodded in silence, and I turned to get out
of the car, then turned back to face him, "Oh, by the way Fred,
seeing as I own this mall, I already have copies of your photo
being handed out to the security staff. They'll see it every time
they come on shift so there's no chance of them forgetting what
you look like. They have orders to detain you any way they can,
and they know you're a child abuser, so they won't be too gentle
with you before they hand you over to the police. Just thought
I'd give you a little more incentive to stay away." With that I
backed out of the car and slammed the door to.

I walked slowly over to the entrance to the tunnel leading to the
mall and stood there waiting until he drove away. I have to admit
he looked pretty shaken, and I really hoped he believed half of
what I'd said to him. If he did, there was a fair chance I was
going to win this one. Eventually he started his engine, and
drove slowly out of his parking space, looking intently at me as
I stood quite still watching him every inch of the way. Suddenly
he was gone. I heaved a huge sigh of relief and turned and walked
back to the mall to see what the girls were doing.
I hadn't taken two steps out of the tunnel before I was pounced
upon by the girls. It took me a few minutes to get them to be
quiet, and then only by dragging them to a café and making them
sit down with a drink. Slowly and very quietly I explained what
I'd said. I told them the threats I'd made, pointing out that
most of them were pretty empty on their own. It was only if
everything I said to him was done, would any of it be effective.
"The bottom line girls, is that I think I convinced him to leave
Sue alone. All we can do now is hope and wait 'til next Saturday
to see if her comes back for some more of the same." "We can't
come back next week daddy" said Sandi, "We're going to soccer
camp on the Friday afternoon." "Never mind darling, I'll come and
keep a look out for him. All you have to do is enjoy yourself
while you're away." With our drinks finished we got up and slowly
made our way back to the car, and I drove home as quickly as I
could so I could get the girls to relax and forgetting about what
had happened.

I was successful in that when we had finished our lunch Sue came
into the den, sat herself on my lap and slipped her arms round my
neck before pressing her lips to mine in a really hot passionate
kiss. When she eventually broke off Sue blushed as she looked at
me, "That was to say thank you for everything you've done for me.
Especially what happened this morning before we got up. I want to
apologise for trying to take advantage of you when I thought you
were sleep. That was wrong of me. Especially as you'd already
told us to ask if we wanted anything. I guess I'm not used to
having anyone like you around." She averted her eyes for a moment
as she sought for the words she needed. "Would you be able to
help me learn what a kind, gentle loving man can do for a young
innocent girl like me please Uncle Jack?" I took her cheeks
between my hands, kissed her tenderly and said "Well, it's not
often I get an offer like that Susan my love. And normally I
wouldn't think twice before accepting it. This time however I
feel I must." Her look of disappointment really hit me where it
hurts. "The only thing I will say is I'll do it if your mother
says it's OK. But I must be there when you ask her so there's no
cheating, agreed?" to be honest I think Sue would have agreed
with anything if there was a chance of getting her way. As it was
she did go a little further than even I asked when Jenny came
round for dinner a little later.

We were sitting in the den, and I was telling Jenny every detail
of what happened with my meeting with her brother in law. When I
was done Jenny fell back against the sofa cushions, heaved a deep
sigh of relief and said "Thank you Jack, I don't know how I'll
ever be able to repay you for what you've done today." I picked
up one of her hands, kissed it tenderly and said softly "It was
nothing, really Jenny, nothing at all." Just then the girls came
in, Sandi sat in an arm chair opposite the sofa where Jenny and I
were sitting and Sue came an dropped to her knees in front of her
mother. Before she started to speak Sue gave me a very intense
look, smiled at me then faced Jenny. "Mom" she said softly "you
know when we had some of our talks during the week. I promised
I'd behave myself when I was invited to sleep over with Sandi and
Uncle Jack." Jenny nodded, "Yes Sue darling, I remember." Before
Sue said anything else I suddenly realised she was going to
confess everything. I guess I must have turned a little pale,
because Sue looked at me smiled and gave the tiniest shake of her

"Well Mom. I'm afraid I wasn't quite as well behaved as I think I
should have been. You see, last night I talked Sandi into helping
me sneak into Uncle Jack's bed again" Jenny was about to say
something but I placed my hand on her thigh and gave it a
squeeze, to silence her for a moment. She took the hint and sat
back again, this time leaning against me as well as the sofa. Sue
looked straight at Jenny, "I know I shouldn't have done it Mom,
especially as it didn't work because he wasn't asleep when we
tried it. The thing is, I'd felt so warm and safe last week when
I did it, it was the first night I didn't have any bad dreams. It
was the same last night. You see, Uncle Jack said all I had to do
was ask, and he would probably have said yes. So I did. And he
did. And I went to sleep and didn't have my usual nightmares."

"What happened to you when you were in bed" asked Jenny and I
could see she was trying hard not to laugh. Sue blushed, hung her
head and said "I got my bare bottom slapped" Jenny sat up, looked
at me and frowned. Before I could say anything Sue said "Don't
blame Uncle Jack Mom. It was my fault. You see, I didn't have any
panties on because I wanted to see what it felt like being a bit
naughty like that. Anyway when I got into bed my nightie got
pushed up to my waist and when Uncle Jack put his arm round me to
cuddle me he touched my bare bottom. The next thing I knew he
spanked me once and told me to pull my nightie down. The he went
back to cuddling me again, and that's when I fell asleep again."
Jenny closed her eyes for a moment, the she looked at Sue and
said softly "It seems to me darling that you are going to get
into bed with Uncle Jack once too often. Seeing as he's only
human, you might find he ends up doing something you might just
regret. I think it's time you stopped sleeping over Sue my love.
I'd hate to see you hurt again."

I know it took a lot for Jenny to say that with me sitting beside
her, and I showed her what I thought of it by slipping my arms
round her and hugging her tight to me. I was about to say
something to Jenny when Sue took hold of her mothers hands. "I
know what you mean Mom, and that's what I want to ask you. I know
you only want to protect me, and I love you for that. This
afternoon I asked Uncle Jack if he would teach me what it's like
to make love to a kind gentle caring man. He said no, not unless
I ask you first." This made Jenny sit up and take notice. She
almost jumped off the sofa, but for my arms being round her,
hugging her to me. "Please tell me you're joking Susan" she said.
Sue shook her head, "Sorry Mom, I'm very serious. Most girls my
age are about to have sex for the first time. For some of them
it's not very good. For some it's really wonderful" here she
glanced at Sandi, who grinned. "The thing is Mom, my first time
was a nightmare, and I would really like to see what it could
have been like if the person doing it to me was kind and gentle.
Instead of mean vicious and rough."

Jenny looked at me for a moment then said "What about you Jack,
how do you figure in this?" I held up my hands, "Hey, look,
remember I'm the one that refused without a second thought. I'm
also the one that told Sue she should speak to you about it. I'm
not going to tell you how you should bring up your daughter, I
have enough problems with one of my own." This got a giggle from
Sandi and Sue, and a funny look from Jenny at the same time.
"Sandi" I said suddenly, "Yes daddy" she replied, "Why don't you
take Sue into the kitchen and see if you can do something
creative for dinner. I think Jenny needs a little time to think."
"Right ho" she replied and the two of them almost galloped out of
the room, leaving Jenny and me alone once more. I moved to the
end of the sofa, put a cushion on my lap and said "Come and lay
down for a minute Jenny, you might be able to think a bit better
if you're relaxed."

When Jenny was laying down I stroked her forehead, pushed her
hair out of her eyes and said "How about I give you a little
massage like I did last week?" Jenny grinned and seconds later
she had her blouse open and was pulling my hand inside it to
cover one of her naked breasts. "Hmmm, I see you came prepared
this time" I said, "If we carry on like this I'm thinking I might
find you're not wearing any panties, and might get ideas popping
up in my head." "I wish you would Jack, what you did last week
almost made me go out and find someone to have a one night stand
with, I was so horny when I got home. Thank god common sense
prevailed, and I reverted to using my whirring friend again." I
smiled, bent down and kissed her tenderly on the lips, then
pushed my luck by lifting her blouse to one side and touching my
lips to her right nipple. The instant I made contact Jenny
grabbed my hair and pulled me down hard against her breast,
mashing her nipple against my mouth as she cried out for me to
suck her hard. It was with some difficulty I got my hair back,
and her breast from out of my mouth.

I then took hold of Jenny's hands, pressed them to her sides and
once more lowered my lips to her breasts, moving her blouse to
one side with my chin before clamping my lips to her nipples turn
and turn about until she went rigid and cried out in ecstasy as
her climax hit her like a freight train. I managed to release her
arms in time to cover her mouth with one hand in an effort to at
least muffle her cries of pleasure. I wasn't completely
successful because no sooner had I sat up and got her breasts
covered up the door burst open and the girls came crashing in.
"What's wrong Mom" asked Sue as she stood over her mother who was
laying on my lap gasping for breath. Jenny opened her eyes and
said in as normal a voice as she could manage, "Oh, nothing
darling, Uncle Jack just took me by surprise with something
that's all. Don't worry darling, I'll be ready next time and
won't make so much noise."

"You sure you're OK Mom" pressed Sue, "You look a bit flushed,
like you'd been having a workout in the gym or something." Jenny
grinned up at her daughter, smiled and said "No, honestly
darling, I'm fine. I just need to have a bit of a rest. You go
back to what you were doing with Sandi." That's when I noticed
the wide grin on Sandi's face, and guessed what had happened.
"Come on Sue, lets leave them doing whatever adults do. We still
didn't get finished ourselves" then she took hold of Sue's hand
and dragged her out of the room, giving me a smile and a wink as
she closed the door behind her. As the door closed Jenny looked
up at me, sighed and went limp with relief. "Damn, that was close
Jack, it's a good job they didn't realise what had happened, I'd
have been so embarrassed." I chuckled, "Well, at least one of
them didn't realise what was going on" I said, "I'm quite sure
Sandi did if her grin was anything to go by." Jenny blushed
bright red, "How on earth would she know something like that
Jack." Then a thought struck her, "Sandi isn't sexually active is
she Jack?" I nodded, convinced that lying wasn't the best thing
right now, especially as I had my hands on Jenny's naked breast
once more.

"You seen pretty casual about knowing your daughter is having sex
with someone Jack. I don't suppose you know who her partner is,
do you?" Again I nodded "Yes Jenny, I know, and have done right
from the beginning" I replied, trying hard not to allow a grin to
show on my face. "But don't you want to stop it?" Jenny asked
with a frown, "I'd have thought you'd have tried to do that when
you first found out." I shook my head, "I can't see any reason to
stop her just yet" I replied, "I know she's safe, and that she's
also very much loved, and that she will never be harmed in any
way. Why should I take that away from her?" Jenny looked up at
me, then said "Where on earth did she find someone like that in
this town. All the boys I've ever seen appear to be incapable of
treating a girl like that. It's almost as if you were looking
after her... " she suddenly stopped speaking and lay there, her
mouth and eyes wide open. "God. It's you isn't it Jack. You're
having sex with your daughter. And Sue knows about it. And that's
why she wants me to let you do the same thing to her..."

As Jenny lay there, seemingly too stunned to speak, I removed my
hand from her firm warm breast, took hold of her shoulders and
lifted her to a sitting position, laying her against the back of
the sofa. I covered her breasts, doing up one button so her
blouse didn't fall open and got to my feet. "Stay there a minute
please Jenny, Don't move or try to say anything until I get back,
all right?" she nodded silently and watched me as I walked out of
the room. I went directly to the kitchen, sat down and asked
Sandi to come and sit beside me. Sue stood by the sink where
they'd been washing vegetables and listened as I said to darlings
"Sandi my love, Jenny has suddenly realised what is going on
between us. Would you feel OK about going and explaining just
what happened and why. I'll understand if you don't want to
darling, but I do feel that it's the best thing for all of us
right now." Sandi sat on my lap, kissed me passionately and said
"Daddy, I'm not in the least bit ashamed of what I did. I just
don't want you to get onto trouble. Now that Jenny knows, it
doesn't matter, because she can't make any more trouble by
knowing the whole truth. Yes daddy, I'll go and tell her, but
you'll have to finish making dinner." A moment later she was gone
leaving me and Sue to finish preparing our evening meal.

"Uncle Jack" said Sue softly, when we were alone, "I haven't
messed things up for you and Sandi have I?" I smiled, put my arm
round her and hugged her to me. "No darling, I think your mother
would have cottoned on to what was happening sooner or later, it
just might stop her allowing you to sleep over in the future.
Lets just see what happens when Sandi has had her chat." Between
us we finished making dinner, and while we waited for the Lasagne
to finish browning we laid the table then sat down in the kitchen
with a glass of wine for me and a soda for Susan. Just as the
timer went, the kitchen door opened and Sandi and Jenny came in,
hand in hand. Sandi went to the oven and Jenny came over to me,
slipped her arms round my neck and pulled me into a hard hot
passionate kiss like I'd not had for many, many years. "Lets eat
Jack darling, I'm starved" said Jenny as she pressed her body
close to mine, then she turned to the table and sat down as Sandi
placed the dish of Lasagne on the table.

When dinner was over and Jenny and I had a cup of coffee each,
she asked that we go into the den to talk while the girls finish
cleaning the kitchen up. When we were sat down side by side on
the sofa Jenny turned to look at me and said "I know it's not the
right way things are done Jack darling, but I don't suppose you
would consider marrying me, would you?" I sat there completely
stunned. "What.." I started to ask if she was serious, or
something like that, but she stopped me. "I'm sorry Jack, I guess
I shouldn't have been quite so blunt. It's just that I couldn't
think of a simpler way of saying it." She leaned over and kissed
me, this time softly and sweetly, then shuffled up close and
slipped her arms round my waist as she laid her head on my
shoulder. "Look Jack darling, let me explain what happened when
Sandi came in here a little while ago."


Jenny was still sat where I'd placed her before walking out to
fetch Sandi. When Sandi came into the den she went and sat beside
Jenny with one leg tucked under her, and facing her friends
mother. "Jenny, daddy's asked me to come and tell you everything
that happened because knowing what you do, you could get us both
in a great deal of trouble that he above all, does not deserve. I
will do everything in my power to prevent him going to prison for
loving me, because he is nothing like Sue's father was, and
doesn't deserve to be treated the in the same way. This is what
happened.." and she told Jenny, in minute detail, everything we
had ever done, from the moment she had 'raped' me, right up to
what she and Sue had done to me the previous weekend. Jenny
stayed completely silent, until Sandi dropped her final
bombshell. "What ever else daddy is Jenny, you have to admit he
is a gentle, considerate lover. Look how much you enjoyed him
bringing you to orgasm this afternoon. Sue didn't know what had
happened, but I did, because daddies done it to me so many times,
and on this sofa." She giggled softly "I bet daddy didn't even
touch you anywhere but on your breasts" she said with a smile,
"What did her do, suck your nipples, or nibble them 'til you
came?" "He did both actually" said Jenny with a smile of

Jenny laid her head back on the sofa cushion, closed her eyes and
said in a tremulous voice, "God, I wish I'd had a husband like
that. I wouldn't even be worried if he had been having sex with
Sue, at least she'd have been enjoying it like you do." Sandi
chuckled "I bet you'd have even been tempted to join in wouldn't
you?" she said softly. Jenny nodded, then opened her eyes and
gasped "NO!! of course not, that's a real perverted thing to say
Sandi, as if I'd have wanted to have sex with my own daughter."
Sandi laughed softly "Oh, I didn't mean that Jenny, just that it
would have been really sexy to share your husband with your
daughter. Watching her learn how to make love from someone kind
and gentle and considerate." She gave a deep sigh, "I know I
wouldn't have minded sharing daddy with my Mom. I know just how
much she loved him, and I'm sure she would approve of what he's
doing for me right now." Sandi sat there for a moment, her eyes
closed, until a tear of sadness trickled down her cheek. The she
opened her eyes, sat upright, brushed away her tears and said
"You know Jenny, daddy is available, and I know he really hates
being a lone parent, as I'm sure you do, and these days it's a
bit old fashioned to expect a man to know what he really needs."

"Oh, I don't know Sandi darling. It isn't that I don't like your
father, I do. In fact I like him a lot, and he has got really
nice hands." Sandi giggled, put her lips to Jenny's ear and
whispered "The rest of him isn't too bad either." Jenny giggled
like a schoolgirl as she raised her eyebrows and said softly
"Really?" Sandi nodded, "I know he's the only man I've ever
known, in fact he's the only man I want to know in that way. But
I have read stories and seen pictures, and I know daddy isn't as
large as some of the ones I've seen, but he does know how to make
a girl feel good." She giggled again as she saw the look on
Jenny's face, "Well, isn't it true that it isn't what he's got,
it's the way he uses it?" Jenny blushed, smiled and nodded. "So
I've heard Sandi my love, but I don't know because my husband had
plenty, but still didn't know how to use it. Certainly he never
made me feel as good as your father did just using his hands and
lips." She paused for a moment then said softly "Would you really
want me to come between you and your father Sandi my love, I
would hate it if it made you unhappy."

Sandi laughed "Jenny darling, so long as you only come between us
in bed, I wouldn't mind at all. In fact I just thought it would
be really advantageous all of us living together, Sue would get
as much loving sex as she wanted, and no one need know anything
about it as we'd all be one loving family." Jenny frowned for a
moment, then said "Sandi darling, I'd never consider marrying
someone, even someone like your father, just so Susan could have
a good sex life." "Oh, don't be so touchy Jenny" replied Sandi,
"I didn't say that was a reason, I said it would be an
advantage." Jenny laid her head back, closed her eyes and sat
there thinking, a frown marring her countenance. After a few
minutes Sandi reached out and took one of Jenny's hands in her
own and squeezed it gently "Penny for your thoughts Jenny" she
said softly. Jenny opened her eyes, smiled at Sandi and said "Oh,
I was just thinking how weird it was, me sitting here discussing
her sex life with her father, with my daughters best friend, and
at the same time seriously considering taking up on her
suggestion I ask her father to marry me. Sandi darling, are you
really serious in wanting me as a step-mother?" Sandi looked
serious for a moment, all vestiges of a smile wiped off her face.
"if I tell you a deep secret Jenny, would you promise never to
tell anyone?" Jenny nodded, "Of course I will darling, I give you
my word."

Sandi looked down at her hands, then after a moment back up to
Jenny and said "I hope this doesn't make you change your mind
Jenny, but what I did with daddy, and getting him to take Sue to
bed those times. It was all part of my plan to get you and him
together. I've been trying for almost two years to fix you up
with him, but never had any luck. Making daddy have sex with me
was the final resort, if this fails I'm going to give up and have
him all to myself for as long as I can keep him."


I sat there, even more stunned that I was when Jenny proposed to
me. "The thing is Jack darling, I know I may be pushing things a
little bit, but I have one condition to marrying you. I have to
have the approval of my daughter." "Do you think she might not
want me for a step-father?" I asked. Jenny shook her head, "I
doubt that my love, I'm quite sure she'd jump at the chance. No,
I'm talking about approval of your ability to get her to enjoy
the simple act of making love. I can't see any sense in us having
a great sex life, which I'm certain we would have, if Sue wasn't
able to live with that sort of thing happening all around her.
After all Sandi's already told me she wants to share you with me,
in and out of the bedroom. I'd just like to think that my own
daughter could at least live with that, if not actually join in."
she grinned wickedly at me, "Do you reckon you're up to a
challenge like that?" I sat there for a moment, my mind reeling
as I tried to sort things out, then I took a deep breath and said
"Let me get this straight in my own mind Jenny, I'm being given
the following choices. 1) Continue to have a sexual relationship
with my almost insatiable daughter. Or 2) have sex with your
daughter, with your approval, and blessing, and if she enjoys
herself enough I get to marry you and have sex with all three of
you, in groups of two three or four, as the whim takes us?"

Jenny thought about it for a moment, then she smiled and nodded
"That's about it Jack darling, how lucky do you feel. Think you
can convince Susan you can make her enjoy what her father and
Uncle made her hate?" By now Jenny was back where she was before
dinner, laid out on the sofa, her shoulders on my lap and her
feet over the arm. As I slipped my hand inside her open blouse
and cupped her breast again I said "Jenny darling, there is one
thing that worries my slightly about all this, I haven't heard
anyone say anything about love." She smiled up at me and said
softly "Jack darling, if I didn't feel something for you do you
really think your hand would be where it is now, especially when
you consider what I've already been through with one husband?" I
grinned and shook my head, "I guess not" I said softly. "Besides
that" Jenny continued, if I hadn't wanted things to happen do you
think I'd have come into this house today like this.." and she
looked down at her feet. I followed her look and saw she'd got
her knees bent right up, and that her skirt had fallen right down
her thighs and was resting on her hips. I also saw she had no
underwear on, and that her pussy was very swollen and was
glistening with her orgasmic juices.

"Hmm.." I murmured, "I see you really did want me to get some
ideas." Jenny nodded, "Yes Jack darling, the trouble is, I've got
to say no right now. It wouldn't be fair of me to jump your bones
now I've set you the task of proving to Susan that sex is
something good, not something evil. Jack darling, I do love you.
I've known it since last week, and I've felt it for a long time,
I just never thought you even knew I existed." With a good deal
of difficulty I helped Jenny to sit up, and sort her clothing out
before she sat on my lap and put her arms round my chest as she
laid her head on my shoulder. "Jack darling, if you think what I
said about Susan is too much, I'll still ask you to marry me,
because I do love you, even if you don't feel anything for me. I
won't marry you for the sake of my daughter, that would be a
stupid thing to do, and wouldn't be fair to any of us, but I
would marry you for love, and love alone."

I put a finger under her chin, lifted her face and placed a
tender loving kiss on her lips. I then said slowly "I'm sorry
darling.." and immediately saw her face drop, and a tear appear
in the corner of her eye. I kissed the tear away and continued,
"As I was saying, I'm sorry Jenny my love, but you're not allowed
by International law to take back a challenge. Once one has been
made, it has to be carried out. The only thing that really needs
to be discussed is whether you need to act as umpire, or if Sue's
word will be sufficient proof of success or failure?" When at
last I managed to get Jenny to calm down I gently pushed her off
my lap, laying her against the back of the sofa. "Right Jenny
darling, how about you and Sue sleep over tonight. You can either
sleep in her bed, while I have her in mine. Or you and her can
join me so you can make sure I don't do anything she wouldn't
like. Which would you prefer?"

"I think it might be an idea to see what Sue thinks of all this
Jack darling" Jenny said softly, "And what about Sandi, won't she
be jealous if she's left out of things?" I shook my head "I doubt
it Jenny my love, but we shaln't know unless we ask them, will we
now?" Jenny shook her head, then came and sat on my lap again,
laying her head on my shoulder. "Damn it Jack, I'm so nervous.
It's worse than telling my mom I'd lost my virginity when she saw
the bloodstains in my panties and knew I wasn't due for my period
for a week." She lifted her head, looked at me lovingly then
pressed her lips to mine in a soft warm loving kiss that seemed
to last for hours. It wasn't that long, just long enough for the
girls to come into the den and be able to stand there for some
minutes watching. "What are you doing Mom?" asked Sue when we
finally surfaced. Jenny grinned at her daughter, "Well darling,
it's something called kissing. I'm sure you'll learn all about it
soon enough, just take my word for it, it feels really nice when
you do it with someone special. Why don't you ask Sandi, I'm sure
she can tell you what it feels like."

"MOM!.. I know what kissing is, I meant what are you doing
sitting on Uncle Jack's lap kissing him?" Jenny smiled at Sue,
"Why darling, you're not jealous are you?" Sue blushed, then said
with a giggle "Damned right I am." Jenny then slipped off my lap,
and pulled Sue down to sit beside her, "Look Susan my love, Uncle
Jack has just asked me to marry him.." Jenny was silenced as
Sandi screamed, leapt across the room and jumped on me, kissing
me in her very best undaughterly manner. Sue just sat there
totally stunned, not knowing whether to laugh or cry with joy.
Jenny grinned, "There is a problem though darling, I've made one
condition Jack has to fulfil before I'll finally agree." "What's
that Mom" Sue responded "I think it sounds a bit silly to make
conditions when you get an offer like that" she said with a grin.
Jenny smiled "Well, I told him that I'd only marry him if he can
get you to enjoy making love, and not be frightened of allowing
him to do what your father forced on you." "When?" asked Sue as
she looked at Jenny then me, her eyes flashing with anticipation.
Jenny shrugged her shoulders "As soon as you like darling, Uncle
Jack has suggested we sleep over tonight. I was wondering how you
would want to do it?" Sue giggled "As quick as possible please
Mom" she replied.

Jenny squeezed Sue's hand gently "will you be alright on your own
darling, or would you feel safer if Sandi or I were with you?"
"Mom, that's positively perverted, wanting to watch your daughter
have sex with your future husband. You'll be wanting to make it
an orgy next, with Sandi joining in as well." "Oooh Goody, that's
sound like a good idea to me" said Sandi with a laugh, and Sue
grinned and nodded her head vigorously, "And me, but not tonight"
she turned back to Jenny and said "Mom, I'll be OK on my own. To
be honest I don't think I could do it with an audience. It'll be
bad enough knowing you're in the next room, listening. Having you
watching would really make it hard to enjoy myself." Jenny
smiled, nodded then said "Well OK darling, just as you like, I
have to admit I was looking forward to being with you though."
Sue giggled, then came and sat on my lap, putting her arms round
my neck and saying "Is it true, that if I say I enjoyed it,
you're going to marry Mom?" I nodded, "Yes Sue darling, it's all
down to you telling your mother everything is just fine." Sue
grinned, turned to Jenny and said "Mom, everything is just fine,
so you can marry Uncle Jack, OK?" Jenny chuckled "Oh, thank you
darling, that's means so much to me. Seeing as you now don't need
to sleep with Uncle Jack tonight, that means I can. In that case,
Goodnight girls, we'll see you on Monday morning but not too

When the ensuing riot had calmed down I sat with Sue on my lap,
Jenny beside me and Sandi curled up in an arm chair trying hard
not to burst out laughing at the way Sue had almost screwed
herself by being clever. "Look ladies, here's what I suggest we
do" I said, "First of all so that Jenny knows Sue's going to be
OK, Sue has to have a safe word that will make me stop whatever
I'm doing. It has to be something that would never normally be
said no matter how hot things get. How about the word 'Monkey'?
that's about as obscure as anything." Sue giggled and Jenny
laughed, but in the end it was agreed. "Right, next, as we're not
going to have an audience, how about Sue and I have a shower, and
Jenny and Sandi can help dry us off afterwards." "Only if I get
to dry you daddy" said Sandi quick as a flash. "Not fair, that's
nepotism" said Jenny, "Besides it's going to be the only chance I
have to get my hands on him before he ravishes and despoils my
baby. I want to see what he's going to be using, and make sure
it's working properly." Sandi chuckled, grinned at Jenny and said
"Oh, believe me Jenny, it's in full working order, I make sure of
that." In the end they agreed that Jenny would dry me, and Sandi
would do the same for Sue, but not 'til after Sue and I had
showered together.

It seemed almost surreal when we got to the bathroom. Apart from
it being a little crowded, undressing Sue and having her undress
me, while my daughter and Sue's mother were watching made it a
little difficult for me to show the signs of arousal I'd
expected. Fortunately it didn't last, and when we stepped under
the shower, hand in hand Sue giggled when she looked down and saw
what was preceding us. As soon as we were under the shower Sue
forgot about our audience and turned to me and put her arms round
my waist, pressing her naked body to mine and opening her thighs
so my hard throbbing cock slipped between them. In a flash she'd
brought her legs together and was rubbing herself against my
erection as I felt tiny quivers running over her body as she
rapidly brought herself to a quick quivering climax. As I stood
there with Sue in my arms I glanced over to where Sandi and Jenny
were standing, and saw Jenny looking on in astonishment at what
she'd just witnessed. When I felt Sue beginning to move in my
arms I looked down and said "Feeling better now Sue darling?" she
giggled and nodded "Really wonderful Uncle Jack, that was the
best orgasm I ever had." While she rested her head on my chest I
whispered to her what we would be doing and felt her giggles as
she nodded her agreement.

After a moment I let go of Sue and turned to face the wall of the
shower. I put my hands flat on the tiles and bent down Sue could
reach all of me and waited for her to do her thing. Slowly and
deliberately Sue soaped up my back and arms, rubbing me all over
as she got a decent lather going. She then spent some time
rubbing her hands over every inch that was covered in suds. .
when my back was done she knelt down and did the same for the
backs of my legs from my butt to my ankles. Sue then used the
shower head to rinse me off, telling me to stand up and turn
round when she was done. I did as I was told and almost without a
pause Sue soaped up my chest and abdomen, completely ignoring my
hard throbbing erection despite the fact it was knocking against
her as she rubbed her hands all over my chest. When my upper body
was done Sue knelt down and did my legs and hips. That's when I
heard gasps from outside the shower, and glanced to where Jenny
was now sitting in a chair, with Sandi on her lap. What happened
next took everyone my surprise, especially me as it wasn't part
of the plan I'd outlined to Sue. She'd done washing my legs, and
was still kneeling in front of me when she took my erect penis in
her hands and began to stroke them up and down it's throbbing
length. This was Jenny's first indication that Sue wasn't
actually scared of an erect male sex organ, despite what had
happened to her so many years ago. Sue then surprised her mother
even more by using the shower head to rinse my cock and her hands
free of soap, then open her mouth wide and engulf my cock in her
warm wet maw.

After a few minutes showing off by moving her head back and
forth, and finally putting out her tongue and licking my cock all
over, giving special attention to my glans, Sue stood up, looked
up into my eyes and said in a sultry voice "My turn now Uncle
Jack" she then turned to face the wall and took up the same
position I started in. If the sight Jenny and Sandi got looked as
good as it felt to me, I'm surprised neither of them stripped off
to join us in the shower. As I soaped up Sue's back I had to get
close to her butt and lean over her. this meant that my cock just
happened to slip between her thighs and rub up against her now
swollen and very juicy pussy lips. I felt it with my cock and
when I knelt down behind her to start on her legs I also smelt
her arousal as I looked lustfully at her wet swollen labia.
Before I covered her in soap I leaned forward and placed my
pursed lips on her pussy, pressing my tongue between them and
lapping up her free flowing juices. Sue was so aroused by now,
not just with stimulation, but with a good deal of anticipation
too, that the instant my tongue entered her body she cried out as
another tiny orgasm exploded inside her. As soon as she'd done
shaking I quickly kissed each of her firm rounded buttock cheeks
and continued to was the rest of the backs of her legs.

When I was done with her legs I stood up and gently lifted Sue to
stand close to me, her freshly washed back pressed tight to my
front, and with my hard erection pressed between her buttocks and
against her moist swollen vagina. As Sue slowly wriggled her hips
around I soaped up my hands and began to rub them over her arms
and upper chest as I held myself between her and the beat of the
shower jet. This enabled me to keep my hands and her skin as
slick as possible, especially useful when I finally cupped my
well lathered hands over her firm conical, hard nipple topped
breasts. The long low groan of ecstasy that issued from between
Sue's lips was echoed by Sandi and Jenny, who were still sitting
enrapt in what was happening in front of them. Slowly and gently
I caressed Sue's breasts, occasionally squeezing them gently and
frequently pinching and rolling her hard pulsating nipple between
finger and thumb, or flicking then with the sides of my thumbs or
my finger nails. All in all what I did was more than enough to
take Sue over the top once more, and she was soon collapsing
against my body and into my supporting arms as she exploded into
a screaming crashing orgasm that threatened to blow her into

Fortunately Sue managed to keep some control of her senses, even
if she was still being held upright only by having my arms round
her. When at last Sue could stand on her own I hugged her from
behind and soaped my hand up again whispering that I wasn't quite
finished washing her. As she relaxed against me I slipped my
soapy hands down in front of her and cupped then against her
inner thighs, then, one by one over her hot swollen pussy. The
instant my finger touched her clit, as one was bound to Sue froze
for a moment then her hips and thighs began to quiver as she
started to climax once again. This time I went one step further
and placed my free hand between her butt cheeks and pressed my
middle finger quickly past her sphincter and into her anal canal
as far as it would go. As this was on Sandi's and Jenny's blind
side they had no idea why Sue suddenly screamed and went into a
paroxysm of orgasmic ecstasy just from having me touch her
between the legs. This time was too much for Sue, and after a few
seconds of her climax she collapsed in silence and lay in a heap
on the floor of the shower. In a flash Jenny was there, and I
quickly shut off the water so she didn't get too wet as she knelt
beside her daughter trying to get her to speak to her despite the
obvious fact Sue had passed out.

Fortunately Sue opened her eyes in just a couple of minutes, and
she looked into her mothers eyes and gasped "What happened Mom, I
thought I was having a shower, now I'm laying down, all cold and
wet... Oh, God, I had an orgasm didn't I?" I bent down, lifted
Sue to her feet and hugged her to me, "Yes Sue my love, you had
an orgasm, was it a good one?" I said as I helped her to step out
of the shower and into the towel that Sandi was holding up for
her. Sue smiled lustfully at me, "Which one Uncle Jack, I seem to
remember having them over and over again. Every time you started
to do something to me in a different place or position I had an
orgasm. what are you trying to do to me, make sure I'm too tired
when we get into bed so mom came have her turn tonight?" I
grinned and shook my head, pausing for a moment to allow Jenny to
gently dry between my thighs. "Of course not darling, I just
thought you might like to see how much fun you can have before
you go to bed with someone." Sue giggled, then looked at Sandi
and said softly "Has he done this to you Sandi?" Sandi grinned
and nodded, "Too right, but not so many times all in one go. I
don't think I could take quite that much before sleeping with
him, not unless I knew I don't have to get up in the morning."

By now I was dried off, and stood there waiting for Sandi to
finish with Sue, when I felt a hand gently grasping hold of my
now semi erect penis. As it was hidden by the towel Jenny still
held round my waist I knew it had to be her, and turned to look
at her. Jenny sat there on the chair, her head resting on my hip
and her eyes tight closed as she gently played with my suddenly
stiffening penis. I gently stroked her cheek and pressed her head
against my hip, then said "Right I think we're nice and dry now,
don't you Susan" she nodded and Jenny sat upright, giving herself
a shake a she stood up beside me. Sue and Sandi started to walk
out of the bathroom, but Jenny held me back, stood in front of me
and said in a husky voice "Jack darling, that was the most
intensely erotic thing I've ever seen in my life. If you don't do
exactly the same to me in the next few days I'm going to castrate
you so no other woman ever gets the chance again, understand me?"
I kissed her tenderly and whispered "I assume you'll want an
audience, will the girls do, or do you want some of your friends
to buy tickets?" Jenny chuckled, punched me on the chest and said
softly "Bastard. Of course the girls will do, I'm sure they'll
insist on it when they know what's going to happen."

When I stepped into the passage I saw Sue and Sandi standing
there chatting quietly. Sue looked up at me, smiled shyly as I
approached, and Sandi gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and
stepped out of my way. I scooped Sue up into my arms and was
about to step into the bedroom when Jenny came up to us, kissed
Sue on the cheek and whispered "Have a nice time darling, I know
I would if it was me." I then stepped into my bedroom, kicked the
door shut with my heel and walked over to the bed, placing Sue
down gently and climbing in beside her. The instant I was laying
down Sue climbed on top of me and lay with her full length on me,
her legs falling outside mine as she wriggled her hips in an
effort to get my cock to stand up between her thighs and rub
against her pussy lips. "Uncle Jack" she said softly, "Can I ask
you something that's really, really weird?" I nodded as I stroked
my hands up and down her back, from her shoulders to as far down
as I could reach, "Of course you can Sue my love" I replied.
"Well, I know it may sound pretty weird, especially after what my
father did to me, but can I call you daddy please, I mean before
you and mom get married?" I reached up and kissed her tenderly on
her soft warm lips, smiled lovingly at and said "Susan my love,
if that's what you want to do, then I'd be only too happy for you
to do it. Can I just make a suggestion though my dear. That is to
tell your mom you want to do it before she hears you actually
call me that. It might be less of a shock for her you know." *

Sue grinned, nodded and said "Yes daddy, I'll do it as soon as I
see her in the morning. Now will you show me how Sandi first made
love to you please daddy, because I think that's the way I want
to do it for my first time with you too." "What, didn't Sandi
explain it in enough detail darling?" I asked with a grin. Sue
blushed prettily then said "Well yes daddy, but there wasn't
anything for me to practice on then, now I've got this.." and she
slipped her hand between our bodies and held tight to my hard
throbbing cock, ".. I think I'll soon get the hang of it if you
give me some pointers." With that she got up on to her knees,
straddling my hips and moved about until she was directly over
the head of my erection being held in her soft warm fingers.
After giving me a lustful grin Sue bent down so she could look
between her thighs, placed her free hand on my chest and watched
herself as she placed the tip on my cockhead between her sopping
wet and very swollen, pussy lips. Once in place Sue began to move
her hips to and fro, all the time holding my cock as still as she
could, until finally she stopped with the glans positioned at the
entrance to her vaginal canal. As she dropped her hips a fraction
she looked me in the eyes, showing me that the tears that filled
hers were about to overflow, and said "Daddy, I'm doing this with
you because I want to. My real daddy made me scream with pain
when he did it, I want you to make me scream with joy" and with
her eyes screwed up tight she lowered herself onto my erection,
and in a single motion engulfed my manhood and sat firmly down on
my pubic bone.

After a moment or two Sue opened her eyes, allowing the tears to
trickle down her flushed cheeks, looked down at me and let go of
the breath she was holding in a huge 'whoosh'. I reached up and
took hold of her hands, "You OK Sue darling?" I asked softly. She
nodded her head, "God, yes daddy, I feel really wonderful, so..
so FULL, I never knew I had so much empty space inside me until
you filled me up" she closed her eyes as she began to move her
hips around then grinned as she gave a trial clench of her
internal muscles. "Oh, jeez, that feels so good, having you penis
to hold on to like that." She opened her eyes suddenly and said
"I'm not hurting you an I daddy, when I do that with my insides?"
and she gave another twitch of her newfound bodily function." "No
Susan my love, you're not hurting me doping that. What you will
do though is make me cum early if you do it at the wrong time, I
guess that's something you're going to have to learn by trial and
error, isn't it?" She opened her eyes wide as she realised whit I
was suggesting, "You mean we can do this again?" I smiled and
nodded "Of course we can darling, just so long as your mother
doesn't object, we can do it as often as my poor old body will
allow. Don't forget I might have Sandi and your mother to make
love with too."

This made Sue giggle helplessly, and she laid her head on my
chest while she tried to compose herself. After a moment she put
her hands on my chest and said "Daddy, will you please caress my
breasts while I try to make us both have an orgasm please?" and
she bent her head as she began to concentrate on bringing herself
off as she sat on my cock for the first time. Considering all
that we'd already done, it took Sue quite a long time to bring
herself to a pretty decent orgasm, and I suspected it was because
her previous experience was still getting in the way, no matter
what she may have said. In the end she did collapse on to my
chest, gasping for breath as she recovered from the climax she
reached. I allowed Sue to rest for a few minutes then I gently
rolled her off me and on to her back beside me. When she was
comfortable I tenderly brushed the hair from her face, leaned
over and kissed her sweetly and said "Everything OK Sue my love?"
she smiled, nodded and said "Yes daddy, I'm fine" and closed her

I hugged her tight to me, kissed her tenderly on the lips and
laid my head on the pillow. I then placed one hand over her left
breast and began to gently palpate it, occasionally flicking the
nipple with the side of my thumb. "I guess you found that a
little disappointing, didn't you Susan my love?" I asked gently.
She nodded, her eyes still closed, "Yes daddy, I just can't work
out why. I did everything Sandi told me to, and felt really
wonderful when you played with my titties. I just didn't have an
orgasm like I expected." That's when I started to laugh, and it
was some time before Sue could get any sense out of me. In the
end I calmed down, and turned on to my side so I was facing her
and said "I'm sorry Susan, I wasn't laughing at you, just at what
you just said." I leaned over and kissed her, "Tell me darling,
did you count how many orgasms you had when we were in the shower
together?" she shook her head. "Well, I think it was six, but it
may have been more, because some of them may have been two or
three all rolled into one. Your mother has threatened to castrate
me if I don't do the same for her this weekend, even if it means
you and Sandi stand there and watch. Susan my love, most women
would give anything to have six orgasms in one week, let alone in
an hour or so. It's no wonder you couldn't manage another one
huge one just now. Remember the last one you had made you pass
out, it was so powerful."

I kissed Sue tenderly, sat up against the headboard of the bed
with my knees bent and told Sue to come and sit on me, straddling
my hips and facing me. When she was in position I took hold of
her hands and said softly "Susan darling, I want you to think
about what we did in the shower. Had you ever done anything like
that before?" she smiled and shook her head, "No daddy, believe
me I'd remember if I had." "So, everything was new experience for
you?" she nodded. "OK, what about what we just did here in bed,
was what happened totally new?" She closed her eyes and shook her
head, and I took her hands in mine and brought them up to my lips
and kissed them tenderly. "I'm sorry if I made you remember
something painful Susan my love, I just wanted you to think about
what I'm going to say." She opened her eyes, and I could see they
were full of tears. "Look at it this way darling, in the shower
you didn't have any memories to compare what was happening to you
with, did you?" she shook her head. "But when my penis was inside
you, I'll bet you suddenly remembered what was happening the last
time you felt the same thing, didn't you?" Sue nodded again, and
the tears started to roll down her cheeks. "What I want you to
try to remember Susan my love, is that making love is mainly
about what happens in your mind. I don't think you will ever
forget what your father did to you, it was so awful. What you
have to try to do, and it won't be easy, is to tell yourself that
before it was bad, but now, the person you're with loves you and
everything that is happening is good. It will take a long time,
but sooner or later what happened will be a long forgotten memory
that will never stop you enjoying yourself ever again."

Sue opened her eyes, smiled wanly at me and leaned forward to
give me a soft warm kiss, then lay her head on my chest for a few
moments. When she finally sat up she said "Can we lay down and
have a cuddle please daddy?" I nodded and slid down the bed,
taking her with me, then rolling her off to lay beside me, her
naked body pressing up against my side as she lay her head on my
chest again and wrapped her uppermost leg across my thigh. A few
minutes later and she was snoring softly as she slept, and I soon
followed her into the arms of Morpheus. When I awoke it was to
find Sue laying full length on me again with my morning erection
clamped between her firm young thighs as she gently moved her
hips up and down, rubbing my cockshaft against her slit. "Hmmm..
that's nice" she murmured as I began to stroke my hands round her
firm buttocks, occasionally squeezing them hard with my
fingertips. "So is what you're doing darling" I whispered, but
there is something I want to show you before we get invaded by
curious eavesdroppers" and I gently rolled her on to her back and
laid her out so I could get to all of her that I needed to.

"Now Sue darling, just lay quite still and try not to make a
sound" I said softly, and immediately dropped my head so I could
take her nipples between my lips and gently suck and nibble them,
turn and turn about. The one I wasn't suckling I played with,
with finger and thumb, until I felt her begin to quiver with
pleasure as she got closer and closer to a climax. Slowly I eased
off my stimulating of her breasts and began to move my lips
further down her body. Over her chest, down her abdomen, and then
I was over her firm pussy mound and it's soft covering of downy
pubic fur. By now I was facing her feet and managed to get my
elbows between her knees so I didn't lose my ears. Very slowly I
moved my mouth down her hot swollen pussy lips, flicking at her
hard pulsating clitty as I passed it for a moment, and finally
down to the lube oozing entrance to her vaginal passage. As I
pressed my lips to her and flicked at her opening with my tongue
I brought one hand up and wiped my middle finger in the flow of
pussy juice, making sure it was well and truly lubed up. I then
moved my head up a little and sought out her rigid swollen nubbin
with my lips.

As soon as I found it I sucked hard, pulling it into my mouth
when I trapped it between my upper teeth and my firm moist
tongue, moving it from side to side, and almost sawing at her
clitoral bud with my upper incisors. As Sue began to move in time
with my tonguing I touched my moist middle finger to her tight
puckered rose hole and in a single stroke pressed it two knuckled
deep into her anal canal. Almost immediately Sue went rigid, her
body arched and she screamed out loud as she exploded into the
most awesome climax she'd ever experienced, ending up a shaking
quivering mass of female flesh beneath me even before Jenny and
Sandi could come bursting into the bedroom to see what was

Jenny and Sandi were sitting each side of Sue when I returned
from the bathroom where I'd gone and relieved the pressure on my
bladder and got myself cleaned up quickly in the shower. I
climbed on the bed and sat beside Jenny, slipping my arm round
her and kissing her tenderly. Sandi took Sue to the bathroom to
get herself cleaned up and that's when Jenny scrambled round
and sat straddling my lap. "Jack darling" she said softly, "Sue
and I had a chat while you were in the bathroom, and she told me
how her memories stopped her enjoying making love as much as she
thought she would." She paused and leaned forward to kiss me
tenderly on the lips, the continued in a quiet voice "The thing
is darling, would you think it too gross if Sandi and I were
there to try to help Sue feel more relaxed?" I took her cheeks
between my hands, gave her a tender loving kiss and said "Jenny
my darling, I'll do anything to help Sue enjoy making love, all
you have to do is ask." A few minutes later and Jenny had told me
what she'd been thinking about, then left me on my own while she
went and fetched the girls.

I was laying in the centre of the bed when the door opened. I
gasped in surprise when I saw the three of them walk through the
door together and stand at the foot of the bed looking at me with
wide smiles on their faces. All three were naked, the first time
I'd seem all of them in this state of undress, and I immediately
got a nice big erection. This made Sue gasp softly "WOW, it
wasn't that big last time I saw it Mom" she said. "Same goes for
me baby" replied Jenny as they began to crawl up the bed on hands
and knees. "Oh, believe me, it's the way I like it" said Sandi as
she followed the other two as they slowly reached my hips, where
they all stopped. Without a further word to me Jenny lay down on
my right side, her back to me and her body across my abdomen so
she was resting on her elbow on my other side. Sue lay on her
stomach, her elbows between my thighs and her head resting on my
inner thigh. Sandi lay on my left side, her cheek resting on my
hip and her fingertips gently stroking the inside of my left
thigh. Jenny then began to give the girls a brief lecture in male
anatomy, despite knowing that Sue and Sandi had already gained
some practical knowledge on the subject a week or so earlier.
This time though Jenny was somewhat surprised when Sue suddenly
said "Daddies going to cum any second, I can feel it" and she
stopped stroking her hand up and down my steel hard shaft.
"Goody" gasped Sandi and before anyone could do or say anything
she dropped her open mouth over my throbbing cockhead and began
to suck as hard as she could.

When at last I stopped jerking my hips Sandi slid her mouth off
my cock, sucking hard all the time. She then scrambled to her
knees, looked at Sandi and Jenny, grinned through tight clenched
lips and reached out to put one hand behind Jenny's neck and
pull her into a soft sweet kiss. Moments later and Jenny was
pulling back from her daughters lips, and we could all see the
thin ropes of my cum that connected their mouths still. Sue then
turned to Sandi, opened her mouth so Sandi could see the puddle
of cum that Sue still had beneath her tongue, then leaned forward
to meet Sandi's lips half way. It was some minutes before the two
girls had finished sharing my semen between them, quite long
enough for me to have relaxed with Jenny laying beside me. While
the girls were still locked in their erotic kiss Jenny whispered
"God, I never thought I'd ever do anything like that Jack
darling, and certainly not with my own daughter" she then giggled
softly "But you know what my love, I really enjoyed it,
especially the taste of your cum on my baby's tongue."

When the girls were finally done they both sat back on their
heels looking down at where Jenny and I were laying in each
others arms watching every move they were making. "Mom" said Sue
softy "Would you come and help me make love to my new daddy
please?" Jenny smiled sweetly up at her daughter, "Of course I
will darling, you know I'm always willing to help you with any
problems you might have." Sue giggled, looked down at my now
almost completely lips cock and said "I think that's my biggest
problem right now Mom", then Sandi chuckled from behind Sue and
said in a loud whisper "Looks to me like a pretty small problem
right now sis. Why don't I see if I can help" and a moment later
her lips were engulfing my flaccid penis and she was trying her
best to remove my balls from my scrotum via my cock." It didn't
take long for me to rise to the occasion, and Sandi was soon
sitting up again and saying "There we are Sue darling, all nice
and hard, and really raring to go." Sue turned to Sandi, smiled
and kissed her sweetly "Thanks sister to be, I'll do the same for
you one day" she then began to shuffle up my thighs until she
was hovering above my hard throbbing penis.

"Here, let me help with that Sue darling" said Jenny softly, and
she grasped the base of my shaft in her soft warm hand and held
it still while Sue slowly lowered herself until she was in
contact with the head of my throbbing manhood. "Thanks Mom"
gasped Sue as she felt the head of my cock slip into her still
tight vaginal passage. Slowly Sue slid herself down my shaft,
pausing as she made brief contact with her mothers hand, and
smiling at Jenny as she released my cock and allowed Sue to
finish her downward motion and finally sit on my hips, her soft
downy pubic fur mingling with mine. Sue sat there for a few
moments, her eyes closed and a soft sweet smile on her lips. I
also felt her clenching her vaginal muscles on my cockshaft as it
filled her passage to capacity, and wriggle her hips slightly as
my cockhead scraped against the mouth of her cervix. Slowly Sue
opened her eyes and looked down to see her mothers arm under my
neck, her head on my shoulder and her eyes firmly fixed on Sue's
face to see if she was in any way uncomfortable with what was
happening. "You OK baby?" asked Jenny softly, Sue smiled, nodded
and said "Oh, yes Mom, this feels wonderful" and she closed her
eyes again as she began to move her hips to and fro against my
pubic bone.

I reached up and took hold of Sue's hands in mine as Jenny placed
one hand on Sue's thigh, gently stroking it as Sue moved ever
more quickly on my erection. I then felt Sandi straddling my
thighs and positioning herself behind Sue, and moving close
behind her friend. As Sue began to move faster and faster against
the friction of my hard throbbing penis that was embedded deep
inside her young body Jenny and I watched in amazement as Sandi
hands slowly moved round Sue's abdomen, then up her body until
the were cupped over Sue firm young breasts. This brought a ld
gasp of pleasure from Sue, and she threw her head back, opened
her mouth and gave a loud cry as Sandi began to tweak and roll
her nipples between finger and thumb. Suddenly, without any
warning Sue went quite still for just a moment, then she cried
out as she was overtaken by a screaming crashing orgasm that
started at the centre of her ecstasy then exploded outwards in
waves over the whole of her body. Moments later and Sue was
silent, as she slowly collapsed like a balloon deflating in slow
motion, falling forwards on to my chest assisted by my grip on
her hands, and Sandi clutching her chest as she gently lowered
Sue to lay on me.

After a few moments Jenny whispered for me to lift my hips up. As
I did she and Sandi moved Sue's legs so they were laid out
alongside mine rather than being bent under her. We lay like this
for some time, Jenny Sandi and I gently stroking whatever parts
of Sue's naked body we could make contact with. After a while Sue
began to stir, and her legs and arms started to twitch and soft
moans issued from her lips as she moved softly against my body.
"You OK baby?" asked Jenny softly, her lips close to Sue's ear.
"Mmmm... Wonderful Mom, what happened to me?" Jenny chuckled
softly "Well, darling, the general consensus of opinion is, you
came like a freight train. What did it feel like to you?" Sue
frowned for a moment, then smiled, Like I exploded, then like I
was floating on a big fluffy cloud, then like I was all squishy
like a melting ice-cream with a big hard pole holding me up." She
then wriggled her hips, opened her eyes and giggled as she said
"Well, at least one part of it's right. I can still feel the big
hard pole holding me up." Sue then arched her back, looked me in
the eye and slipped her hands behind my neck. With a heave she
pulled herself up my body, grinning when she felt my cock being
pulled from her sopping wet pussy, then she pressed her soft warm
moist lips to mine in a long soft passionate kiss. When she
pulled away she smiled lovingly at me and said in a soft voice
"Thank you daddy, that was as wonderful as I wanted it to be the
first time. You were right darling, as soon as I knew I was with
someone that loved me everything would be alright. Knowing that
Mom was there made me realise nothing bad was going to happen,
just like you said." She kissed me once more then said "Now daddy
darling, will you get on top of me and fill me with all that
wonderful cum you still have waiting for me."

I grinned at her, placed one hand round her back and the other
over her firm rounded butt and with a heave rolled the two of us
over so I was laying between her wide open thighs, resting my
weight on my knees and elbows. As I went to slip a hand between
us to guide my cock to her love tunnel I grinned as I felt a soft
warm hand beat me to it. A moment later my cockhead was slipping
back into Sue's tight vaginal passage as Sandi leaned over,
kissed me on the back of my neck and whispered "Away you go
daddy, it's all yours this time." The position was made unanimous
when Jenny leaned over, kissed me on the cheek and stroked my
back as she said softly "Please Jack darling, show my baby how
much you love her. Fill her up with your wonderful hot sticky
cum, make her scream again as she cums hard on your hard hot
prick. Show her what it's like to be fucked my a man that loves
her.." "Oh, fuck me daddy, please darling, fuck me fuck me fuck
me, fuck me daddy Pleeeaasseeee.." cried Susan as I pounded hard
at her pussy, making her firm tits bounce up and down each time
the force of my stroke travelled up her firm young body. Over and
over again I humped at Sue's willing pubic bone, my hard
throbbing cock thrusting in and out of her tight grasping pussy
lips, bringing a loud grunt from her with every stroke, until at
last she once more arched her back, went stiff a Sue aboard and
screamed out loud as another massive orgasm exploded inside her.
Seconds later I was also crying out as I began to shoot a massive
amount of hot creamy semen deep into her tender young vaginal

As the first of the wads of cum splashed against the mouth of her
cervix Sue went silent, her eyes opened and she screamed out
"YES..YES..YES..YES..! then she went limp under me as she
collapsed into another faint, silencing all her cries of
pleasure and replacing them with gasps as she fought for air once
more. It was some time before Sue woke up. By then I'd rolled off
her, Jenny and Sandi had cleaned her up so she wasn't laying in a
puddle of our mixed cum, and I'd been for a shower with Jenny
where she'd spent most of the time thanking me for fucking her
daughter senseless. She actually didn't put it quite like that,
mentioning the fact that she believed Sue could make love with at
least one person without thinking about what happened to her when
she was a few years younger. Jenny and I were almost fully
dressed by the time Sue regained her senses. I kissed her
lovingly when she threw herself into my arms, giving her a pat on
the butt and telling her to go and have a shower with Sandi, then
come down to the kitchen where we would all have an early lunch.

I was sitting with a cup of coffee while Jenny made up a finger
buffet for us all to pick at, when the girls came down, this time
fully dressed. Well almost! Sue came over and sat on my lap, put
her arms round my neck and pulled me into a hot passionate kiss.
"Thank you for everything daddy, that was simply the most
marvellous thing I ever experienced in my whole life. Will I be
able to go to bed with you again soon please, I want to make sure
it wasn't a fluke first time." This made Sandi and Jenny laugh,
especially when I said seriously "Well Sue darling, when I'm
married to your mother I think you'll have to make all you
appointments through her, so I think it best if you start doing
it now, don't you?" Sue looked at me, for a moment to see if I
was pulling her leg, she then nodded, kissed me lightly on the
lips and slipped off my lap to go and stand in front of her
mother. "Mom, will it be OK for me to make love to daddy soon
please. And can I still do it when you and him are married?"
Jenny smiled down at her baby daughter, smiled sweetly and said
"Well Sue my love, what with me, you and Sandi, I think the best
thing we can do is work out a fixture list so we all get a fair
share of daddy, and he still gets some time off for good
behaviour, don't you?"

The End
Until next season.
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