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SOMETHING story really has nothing objectionable


This story really has nothing objectionable in it, I
think. So keep reading, if you want. Oh... there is
no sex (don't bother emailing me about that... I don't
care if you don't like it), so if you want a stroke
story, move on. If you do like it, let me know.

I also owe a debt to whoever wrote this song, and
Elton John, who recorded it.

This is reposted for someone special, and I hope he
likes it. I miss you.
"Something..." by Pami ( (M/F, rom,
no sex)

It was that song. THAT one. The one that reminded
her of him. The memories came flooding back.

It was the song. THAT one. Everytime he heard it, he
knew that he could have written it about her. He
allowed himself to remember.
"There was a time....I was everything and nothing all
in one....
And when you found me, I was feeling like a cloud
across the sun....
I need to tell you light up every second of
the day..
But in the moonlight, you just shine like a beacon on
the bay...."
She was new to town when they had met. It was kind of
a risk, a freak thing. She figured what the
heck...she knew almost no one in town. She was
lonely. She was nervous with her new job, that she
had moved 400 miles to take. She was tired of being
the sensible, stay-at-home, take-no-risks woman that
she had become. She wanted to break out of her
rut...take some on the edge a little
bit. She wanted to know, who WAS she?

He was unhappy with his life when they had met. He
was feeling like everything and everyone was pulling
him different directions, and he wasn't sure which way
he wanted to go. He wasn't quite sure who HE was
anymore. The inner him. Nothing was exciting,
thrilling, warm, tingly, just plain make-you-feel-
good. He was a husband, father, politician,
businessman, everything. But who WAS he?

And then she wandered into his life. She didn't care
about all of those titles. She wanted HIM. That
lonely guy inside. The one who was of no consequence
to anyone. She didn't want the man everyone else saw.
And he was enchanted. They talked endlessly.
Laughed. Giggled, even. Her eyes glowed when she was
with him, and his sparkled. They were like two halves
of a whole who had found where they belonged,
regardless of the barriers against them.
"And I can't explain,
but there is something about the way you look tonight,
takes my breath away,
its that feeling I get about you deep inside.
And I can't describe,
oh there's something about the way you look tonight,
takes my breath away,
the way you look tonight."
They spent stolen moments together. When he could
escape from the rest of the world and find a haven
with her. The night they had met was a cherished
memory for both of them. A balmy evening in the
summer. On the boardwalk, with the water nearby.
Having a few drinks. She got tipsy and laughed almost
too much. He was smiling with her, amazed that
someone could be so carefree and happy. It made him
feel good just to be with her. She was amazed to find
someone who actually thought the way she did...or even
thought ABOUT the things that she did. That they had
so many similar interests was almost uncanny. He
watched her eyes shine at him that night and when they
parted, he HAD to kiss her. She watched his eyes
twinkle at her that night and she prayed he would kiss
her. No raving beauty, she was contagiously ebullient.
And he wanted more. He was handsome, but he was
intelligent and witty as well. And she wanted
more. The kiss was 'nice'. Well, for her it was
electric. For him...surprisingly satisfying. And he
knew he had to see her more. And she couldn't contain
her feelings of contentment.

"With a smile,
you pull the deepest secrets from my heart
In all honesty,
I'm speechless and I don't know where to start."

As the affair heated up and became more serious, she
became almost obsessed with him. He was perfect.
Well, no, not perfect. She recognized faults in him.
But they made him more real...more human to her. She
loved him. He had somehow gotten past the barriers to
her heart that she had built over the years. Perhaps
it was the fact that he WAS married. There could be
no real future, just a present. So she didn't guard
against any future hurts. Big mistake.

He found himself in a similar predicament. She had
found him. The real him...the one he thought was gone
forever. No, she wasn't perfect, but she was close
enough for him. He confessed to her his hopes and the
dreams that he had shelved for years, since no one had
seemed to care about HIS needs. But she did. Her
teary confession that she had fallen in love with him
moved him more that he had thought possible. As the
relationship continued, he found himself dreaming
about a future with her. And he told her about it.
Big mistake.
"And I can't explain,
but there is something about the way you look tonight,
takes my breath away,
its that feeling I get about you deep inside

And I can't describe,
oh there's something about the way you look tonight,
takes my breath away,
the way you look tonight"
Unfortunately, the real world intruded on the small
island of paradise they created for each other. She
grew impatient with his obstacles to their
relationship. He grew irritated with her and the
seemingly unreasonable demands she began to make. He
lost his job...twice. She started to travel with her
job. Their paths diverged. She knew...he
knew...neither of them would ever find the same
feeling of belonging that they had felt with the

But every time that song started...they
remembered...there was certainly something about the
way they had looked that first night.


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