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SPANK hurt him look it


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This

Her little heart was thumping so hard, she was sure it could be
seen bumping against her ribcage. It was the first time she had been in
real trouble in her young life. Mrs. Stern told her to bend over the desk.
She saw the huge, meancing paddle in the old woman's hand...
Even twenty years later the same sensations washed over
Candy as her husband ordered her into the bedroom. It was old hat
now, but her first reaction was still to return to the dismay of her first
paddling. She had been spanked countless times since- it seemed she
began to seek it out after her first encounter- but every time the
heightened awareness of apprehension returned. And every time she
was breathless in anticipation of the punishment beginning.
Herb knew that. He had adjusted to his wife's passion. And he
played on her mounting anxeity by carefully delaying the first blow until
she was fairly shaking on the bed with her need.
This time it was a purely manufactured 'crime' that Candy had
committed without his knowledge and confessed to when there was no
other way he would discover it. Those were the most exciting. She was
seeking nothing more than animal pleasure and Herb knew that meant
he would be the recipient of her unrestrained lust when he was done.
He drew out displaying the collection of paddles and canes to
the utmost and then interrupted the long process of choosing by
preparing the target to his satisfaction. Because it was so 'treacherous'
for her to sin outside his presence, he would make this special.
He put her on 'the box' so her buttocks were elevated and her
feet were lifted off the floor. The narrow support did not reach farther
than her waist, so Candy was bent most provocatively over it. She
reported that she felt the most helpless when she was suspended in
mid-air in this fasion.
Herb adjusted her panties evenly at her knees and smoothed her
skirt down over her back and then went back to the toys. It was a
marvellous under-slung ass when Candy stood. It spread out smoothly
in profile and then curved in and back up to her legs in a heavy swoop
of luscious flesh. Displayed as it was pointing in the air, it was a pair of
high domes, taut, but pliable that seemed to call for the blow.
His fraternity paddle would forever be her favorite because of its
resemblance to the paddle of Mrs. Stern. Today he chose it to give
them both the best.
"You are indeed a beastly little girl and if you wish to act like a
beast, I shall treat you like one," he said in the highly stylized ritual they
had adopted.
The speech had the desired effect in bringing on a flush to her
cheeks, but seeing the paddle made her breath come in short gulps. She
was to be totally immersed in that seminal event and she feared her
heart might burst with the excitement.
Her hands had twisted the covers into whirlpool shapes even as
he took his position behind and a bit to the left of her. He could see the
deep pink of her inner lips and her vaginal secretions told him of the
arousal she had already achieved.
He grinned. He had to admit that his first hesitation in acting out
this scene was pure conditioning. He hadn't been taught to act this way.
But when he let himself admit it, there was quite the thrill in being the
master and having the leave to subjugate this object of his desire. It was
a rush of control to design and mete out punishment. It spoke to the
deeper control of having her fulfill any of his most wicked desires.
"OOWWWwwwwww!" she screeched as the paddle finally
began her mindless journey into the dark mists of her subconscious
The way her bottom blushed and then turned to prickle red as
he paddled her was a powerful aphrodisiac for him now.
"AHHRRReeeee!" she yelped as the second blow fell.
There was no play in him now. There were no feigned blows
and feigned reactions. This had to be for real. She was unfufilled if he
did not paddle her to tears. They both wanted him to hurt her. If there
was no real pain, there was no real release for her.
"No (sob) please... No more (snuffle)... I've learned my lesson,"
she began to plead at about the fifth stroke.
He hit her harder on the next. She wailed and said nothing as the
next fell with a resounding whack and she begged again. At 12 on to 15,
he got what he wanted.
"No! Oh No! Please Oh NO! Ohhhh!" she was only reacting in
distress to the continuing beating. There was no more bargaining, only a
woman overtaken by the broad, flat board punishing her glowing cheeks.
He gave her 20. It was quite a punishment, but she had named
her own crime. Her bottom hurt him to look on it. It was an uneven
landscape of reds and deeper red streaks and it quivered slightly as she
"Get up." he told her.
She knew the requirements. She held her skirt so it did not fall
down to cover her rosy ass and hobbled with her underwear still in
place around her knees to the corner. She looked so overwhelmed that
day that Herb nearly took up the birch rod and gaver her a few more
stripes as she stood with her well-spanked butt exposed.
But he was just as anxious to see what she would offer to thank
him for correcting her. She could kiss the paddle, but Herb much
preferred her kissing his member instead. He carefully took off his pants
to give her time to consider her situation and then sat down on the bed
with his erect penis probing the air.
"Have you learned your lesson?" he asked.
"Yes, sir," she answered.
A quick, correct answer meant he had done his job. She didn't
want any more. And that meant she badly wanted something else.
"Does you rear hurt?" he teased.
"Yes, sir, very much," she replied.
"It looks like it hurts," he told her, reminding her he was staring
at her exposed backside.
"It is very sore, sir," she answered.
"Are you very sorry you were a bad girl?" Herb asked, getting
back to the formula questions.
"Yes sir!" she said quick and loud, "I do not want to be bad
ever, ever again."
"Do you want to show me that you are very sorry?" he fished.
"Yes sir, I will do whatever you wish to show you I am sorry,"
she answered.
"Then come here my child," he said.
Her desire to be treated like a girl still disturbed him a little, but
he was ready to ignore that for the reward she gave him.
"Oh my!" she said in mock distress as she turned to face him,
"You're not going to use that big thing on me are you?"
She wanted to be the total child this time. That disappointed
Herb, who was hoping she had some exciting scene planned. But he had
some ideas of his own.
"Lay over my lap, young lady!" he ordered.
A look of real discomfort flashed over her face as she stumbled
forward and lay down over his legs. When he was really punishing her,
letting out his anger at something she had done, he put her over his knee
and paddled her. They found that it worked to relieve the tension
between them better than any discussion. And she found that he was
much more stern when he was releasing real anger and that those
spanking hurt worst of all.
But today he had other motives. As she lay across his lap, he
manuvered her until his cock nudged up in the sweet triangle formed by
her legs and belly meeting. Letting his hardness nuzzle in the tickle of her
bush kept it at full attention as he rubbed his hands over the warm meat
of her buttocks.
Candy squirmed uncomfortably against the prod, flinching with
every move in fear of the blow she felt was coming. She was distractred
from his real purpose. Even when his erection forced its way between
her thighs she was oblivious to his intent. Only when he pushed his
fingers between her thighs and parted her lower lips so his cock pressed
at the moist lips inside did she begin to understand.
"Now honey, I'm going to learn my lesson," Herb told her and
started the feared spanking.
It was not as she feared and as much as she could hope. Herb
was only playfully slapping her raw butt. It was hard enough to sting, but
not hard enough to make her cry out. It did make her butt jerk in
response and rub her wet pussy against Herb's hard cock.
Herb had come to appreciate this little treat. The faux paddling
suited his temper better than the full-bore paddling she had just received
and the bare hand was his instrument of choice. He liked the way her
cheeks wobbled as he slapped them just enough to put them in motion.
He like the feel of her pliant cheeks flopping as he molded them with the
swats of his hand.
And he very much liked rubbing his cock against her pussy as
she twitched and rubbed the moist slot up and down on it. It was a fine
chain of events his hand started by slapping down on the butt over his
lap. When she flinched, her thighs clamped him between them and
pressed his cock hard on her slit.
It had Herb wound to the limit of his spring. He had succeeded
in raising his need to at least the level of Candy's and he wasn't content
to delay its satisfaction by playing the game any more.
"Roll over!" he demanded.
He helped her turn her bottom down onto his lap and they
squirmed in concert to guide his cock up into her cunt. Side saddle was
perhaps the worst position in the world, but for now it was heaven to
push his cock into her warm confines. They made it the best it could be
with their collaboration to drive the most cock they could inside Candy.
It was still the game after all. The heat of her ass made it feel
like his cock was sinking so much deeper. Being taken on the same lap
that she had been bent over kept Candy floating in the half-sensed
feelings and satisfaction the flowed up from deep in her psyche.
But Herb was venturing into the unwelcome land of tittie torture
as Candy squirmed on his lap. It wasn't really his aim, but in the passion
of the moment, he had grabbed her at the top of her hip with one hand
and the other had found the convenient handle of a breast. He was using
those grips to lift her and pound her down on his lusting cock.
"Please baby," she whined as he mauled the sensitive breast,
"Flip me over and make me bark like a dog!"
She didn't want to ruin his momentum and even more she didn't
want to access his ire. She thought that offer would avoid a worse
punishment and give them both something they would find pleasant.
Herb was oblivious to her pain. He didn't even realize what he
was using to move her on his lap. Her tit had been the first thing he
grabbed. But he did like the idea of tossing her on the floor and doing
her doggy. The picture of her on her hands and knees shaking her tail
for him flashed in his mind and he pushed her roughly off his lap.
Candy landed awkwardly and quickly scrambled into position.
Her skirt had fallen with the motion and was draped over one glowing,
red cheek, but she was afraid to move to fix it. She never knew what
would set Herb off into another punishment. That was one of the things
she loved about him.
But Herb was too caught up in his own stream of consciousness
to think of her. He saw the skirt as a drape he could lift to expose that
object of his desire. He folded it back into place and gave her butt one
swat for balance. Then he shoved his cock into her.
It was not love that made Herb want to take her like this. It was
pure selfishness- though he appreciated her participation. He knelt tall
with his back straight and his arms reaching down to hold her in his
hands far away from his upper half. It was as if she was a fuck doll for
him- down there- only there for his cock to plunge into and give him the
warm wet that would get him off the best. She was reduced to the part
he was using and the nice warm, firm globes that his belly slapped into
as he drove his cock into her tight cunt.
Candy did not notice his distance- or rather, was wrapped up in
her own sensations of his prick swelling her cunt with fullness and didn't
care. The disembodied cock and the belly slapping her heated cheeks
was as good for her as it was for Herb.
They enjoyed their solitary fucks together: he taking, she being
taken. And then it was not enough for Herb. Candy was a good fuck-
tight and hot and receptive, but he was expecting more from her this
evening. The fine spanking he had given her called for more than a
doggy-style fuck on the floor of their bedroom.
He pulled his cock out of her to her groan of displeasure and
went back to sit on the bed.
"Get up- and this time keep your skirt in place," he ordered
The thrill of his tone partially replaced the loss of his cock for
Candy. She felt the tingle of danger as she reached back to hold her
skirt before she got to her feet and turned around to face him. Herb
leaned back onto his hands with his cock jutting out from between his
thighs. His hard cock glistened with her juices as it poked toward her.
"Now keep the skirt in place while you kneel down and blow
me," Herb ordered.
It was an awkward drop onto her knees without her hands to
steady her, but the feeling of loss of control only heightened the thrill
for Candy. She also felt the heat of being humbled like a servant and
knew that keeping her hands to the rear left her throat vulnerable to
his thrust if he chose to use her that way.
Herb fed on Candy's apprehension as she tentatively lowered
her mouth toward his rigid tool. This part of her kink worked for him
real well. He liked the sex slave fantasy as much as she liked to be
submitted to it.
Candy's size was the masterstroke of this position. Kneeling
straight up made her much too tall to reach his cock with her mouth and
sitting down on her heels made her too short. She was forced to hover
halfway between and strain to hold her position as she moved her mouth
up and down the length of his shaft.
Her discomfort didn't amuse Herb, but her wavering fragility did.
She swayed ever so slightly as her head bobbed in his lap and just
watching her precarious balance made Herb want to drive his prick into
her throat and tumble her over.
He restrained himself. He needed the feel of her sucking mouth
surrounding his cock more than the amusement. How special the sex
was had retreated in terms of importance as his climax approached.
Now all he wanted was the white stuff squirting out of the end of his
dick and Candy was doing a good job of encouraging that to happen.
When he came, he jerked involuntarily, but that wasn't what put
Candy into the moment of unbalance. That came from her own jerk of
surprise as the hot sperm splattered her tonsils. For Herb it was a
mistake of good fortune as her reaction to catch her balance forced his
spewing cock hard into the back of her throat.
Her instant hack was even more of a stimulation as the
invonlutary gurgle of air blew by his cock. She even struggled to regain
control in a most sexy way for his cock. But in the struggle she made a
She dropped the dress. It slid down over a buttcheek. It was
only a momentary lapse, but it caught Herb's attention. Bad girl.
He waited until she had regained her composure and then grinned
at her. She saw the smile and knew he wasn't done with her yet. Her
instantaneous reaction was annoyance. She had lost the momentum of
her sexy little fantasy and her butt was sending up the pain without the
excitement. She wasn't looking forward to taking another pounding on
her sore butt. But she looked up with a little girl look like a trooper.
"You dropped your skirt, you naughty girl," Herb started.
"I'm sorry," she said quickly, sounding truely pentitent.
"I don't think that being sorry is enough," Herb said sternly.
She tried to think of a way that she could beg off and stay in
character, but Herb beat her to the draw. He already had his fantasy in
"I see you have to learn to be proud of your duty to display the
fruits of your punishment. That is the proof of your repentatence. Now
get you ass up on this bed and be sure to keep your skirt out of the way,"
Herb reprimanded her.
Candy really didn't want another spanking. She didn't dawdle,
but she wasn't speedy in her performance of his instructions. And Herb
didn't like what he saw.
"Face up," he commanded, "You need to see me looking at your
privates to learn your lesson."
Candy hesitated in mid-crawl and stood up, turned around and
threw herself backwards on the bed. While she was holding her skirt up,
it was the only way to get in the position Herb demanded.
"Now lift your legs up," Herb told her, "All the way toward the
It was easier to hold them all the way up. Candy complied with
the growing hope he was not going to continue the paddling. Her hope
was answered as he reached down to play with the lips of her pussy.
"You have no reason to hide this," he said as he stroked the lips
wide open, "It's just an ordinary cunt like every other cunt. Look at it
get wet."
His fingers toyed at the entrance and then he inserted a finger.
"See it suck in that finger just like a cunt?" he badgered her, "See
how it tries to hold it inside."
"Look at that slut cunt get greedy," he teased as he added a
second finger.
He was fucking her strongly with the two fingers, plunging them
in and out of her wetness with wet sucking sounds. Then he added his
thumb to stroke her clitoris each time he stuffed her with his fingers and
Candy started climbing toward heaven.
"Look at the bitch get hot on those fingers. Show us your hungry
cunt. Show the world your hot little pussy. It's just a cunt like every
other horny little finger-sucking cunt," he rasped on as finger-fucked her
harder and faster.
It was only fair that she respond to his corner of their shared
fantasies. After all, he was making sure that she had a climax.
"No, please," she made mock protest. "That's a private place.
Don't let everyone see it!"
"Yes!" he hissed as his fingers flew faster in her gathering wetness,
"They all need to see your naughty cunt get its correction. They need to
see your rosy butt so they won't be bad girls like you. You have to show
them. You have to show what kind of a slut cunt you are!"
It was hard to keep up the facade as he roused her to climax, but
she groaned out once more as he brought her to the crest.
"Oh God nooooo! I'm so ashame-eeeeeed!" she screetched as
she came on his fucking fingers.
She waited, breathing hard in the wake of the orgasm, for his
normal voice to tell her the scene was over, but instead there was a
commotion she couldn't identify. Then her underwear was pulled roughly
down- or was it up- her legs and off.
Her cries had their effect. Then next instant he was between her
legs and on top of her and she felt his cock, hard and ready, probe at
her entrance. He bottomed out in one thrust and then he was fucking her
like a pillaging Viking.
"You fucking little slut," he growled at her as his cock hammered
inside her, "You're getting it now you little tease. This is what you get for
showing off your pussy, you bad girl."
Yes. They had come around the mountain in different directions
to meet here. Her feigned humiliation had heated his passion and now he
was making her feel deeply naughty all over again. Mrs. Stern be
damned! He was some faceless male teacher extracting the repentitance
with his sex organ instead of a board. She was a shameless tease being
forced to come through on her promises.
Together they were a carnival of fantasies swirling over the brute
reality of his cock ripping into her womb as hard as he could drive the
male stalk into her femininity. If it was pain, Candy was turning it to
pleasure in the same way as strokes from the paddle. If it was pain, it
was no more than Herb thought the slut deserved.
When he came, Herb filled her to the vision of chest-thumping
superiority over helpless cunt. As the hot seed spattered inside her,
Candy came again as the shame of being vanquished for her sins touched
her inner needs.
He lay on top of her until she could not breathe and then
responded to her struggles by rolling to the side. They lay there for long
moments after, letting the dreams complete and the reality slowly seep
back into consciousness.
"That was a good one," Herb finally said.
"Mmmmmm," Candy agreed.


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