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SPIKE men have died this she


She stroked the shaft of the dildo, running her fingers in between the
knobbles and spikes covering the shaft right up to the top, where a tapered
steel spike glittered coldly. "Women have died on this?" she asked him.
He nodded solemnly. "Willingly?" "Of course." He smiled. "But why?" "Who
knows? Somehow they just seem to want it. It's almost like they have to
know how far, how deep they can let it go. Maybe they want to die. Maybe
they don't mean to...maybe they just keep fucking away until they die..."
"How many?" "Not many," he shrugged, "three of mine. Five for Jim...he
does this too." "How do you get women to do it though?" she frowned. "We
show them the dildo. They want to try it and then...well they just don't
stop." "How do you do it," she asked, her breath faster now, nipples
hardening perceptibly under her flimsy top. "We grease it up really well,
position it for her and, well, she just does the rest. Some girls like to
get on their hands and knees, push back. Others like to slowly lower
themselves from above. It's a bit personal I guess." "This would never fit
in me..." he laughed at that. "It would. It always does." "But...but
how?" she asked doubtfully. A good question really since the dildo was a
good two inches wide and the spikes made it another inch wider again. And
there was a foot and a half of steel and rubber before the support at the
bottom. Surely no woman could fuck herself all the way down to the rubber
seat? "Well, the spike at the top pierces the cervix first and then the lets the shaft through into your abdominal cavity..." He saw her
shiver at the thought, running her hands over her bare midriff, eyes fixed
on the gleaming spike. "And then you just fuck it and it tears its way
through whatever gets in its way. The spike at the top makes a hole and
then the shaft just shreds its way through you." She closed her eyes and
moaned softly. "Do you want to try it?" he asked. Her eyes flew open.
"Of course not!" she snapped, "I just..." "Of course, you don't have to
fuck it all the way," he said quickly, "we could lube it up, let you fuck
it just a little. The spikes don't do any real damage, just the one at the
top. The others are just used to...supplement the main spike...but only
when you let it rip you," he added hastily. He could see she was thinking
about it and he knew how aroused she was. It always happened this way.
They would just try it a little and then...somehow they could never seem to
stop. "Ok," she whispered and he grinned. He had her now. "Strip for me
baby," he whispered and she did, slowly, grinding her body for him. Her
breasts, full and firm jiggled as she pulled her top over her head. She
was so perfect, a wonderful hourglass figure, perky breasts and a tight
ass. Her belly was a gentle female curve, her pubic hair no more than a
small stripe down the front. She waited for him, watched while he came and
stood before her, cupping her breasts, massaging her nipples. She sighed
gently, relaxing into his arms, kissing him deeply. "Are you going to fuck
me?" she whispered. "No baby...I just want to watch. We can fuck
afterwards." She nodded then and stood, waiting while he got the special
cream, rubbed it all up and down the shaft, coating the spikes evenly...the
more lubricant the longer she would last because even if his little bitch
didn't know it, he did. There was no way she was getting off that dildo
once she got on. "How do you want to take it?" he asked. "Leave it
upright," she replied, "I want to watch myself while I do I don't
go down to far." He laughed, "You'll know when it gets to the dangerous
point. You'll feel the tip prick you way up inside. But this is the best
way I think." He stepped back then, touched her briefly between her legs to
measure her arousal...completely dripping... and then he sat back down and
waited. It wasn't long. She approached the dildo and then spread her
legs, the point just brushing the hairs at the entrance to her twat. She
rubbed her aching slit, back and forth, back and forth for a few moments.
At last her fingers parted the pink flesh and she began to lower herself,
letting the steel disappear slowly inside. Steve knew that he wouldn't see
that steel again until he lifted her corpse back off the monster cock.

She groaned in pleasure as she came to the widest part of the dildo and
started to fuck slowly. She closed her eyes, one hand on her left nipple,
the other busy between her legs. He saw her legs spread a little more and
knew what was happening. The semi hard spikes and nobbles on the shaft
were massaging deep into her most tender places. She was rapidly
forgetting that dangerous spike at the top...her pleasure was rising and
that was all she cared about. Her hips began to roll and she slid down a
little further. There was about eight inches in her now and he knew that
the tip of the spike was getting close...there...the little slut gasped,
eyes wide as she felt it against her cervix. There was confusion and pain
in her eyes that belied the struggle going on inside. She wanted...needed
more, but that would mean serious pain, maybe even death. But there was an
itching in her cunt now, a burning need and she knew that she wasn't going
to stop, even before she made a conscious decision to keep going, she knew
what was going to happen. She yelped as the steel spike slid deep into her
womb and her breath accelerated, she was panting like a bitch in heat now,
eyes wide, hips rolling faster. A thin trickle of blood slid down the
shaft, but she took no notice. Another four or five inches slid into her
and then the spike was at the other side of her womb, the wider part of the
dildo at the base of the spike was now at her ruined cervix. Again there
was a moment of hesitation and he took the chance to tell her what was
happening. "You've punctured your cervix now and in a moment the wider
part of the dildo will enter your womb. As you fuck the smaller spikes
down the side will start to shred your meat, turning your womb into mince.
Just a little more and that thing will be in your guts. You could stop
now...a hospital could save your life..." She nodded, her face a mask of
concentration. She let her body weight come down on the dildo and she fell
a couple of inches. Tears poured down her cheeks. It was well and truly
inside her now. She began to fuck now, working her way down the shaft
slowly, rising and falling a little at a time. Inside the shaft of the
dildo had turned her vagina to mince meat, but she still had a clitoris and
she rubbed it madly. The lower she fucked, the hotter she got. She could
feel the shaft all the way up inside her now, pressing up oddly against her
stomach. Her eyes were closed and her head back, legs spread wide, feet
planted far apart. With a little gasp she stopped fucking and let herself
slide the last two inches down to the seat. She opened her eyes then and
stared at him, grinding her clit against the seat, hands sliding over her
tight stomach, rubbing at the shaft deep inside. "What...what now?" He
stood and came to her, looking down into her sweet pain-filled eyes, a rich
chocolate brown in a pale, pale face. "'re going to die. That's
a fact. I mean even if you could live you've got no
cunt...nothing. But you're not going to die for a while yet. So we just
make sure you're strapped in," he said, cuffing her ankles to the floor,
"and then you can put on a show for me." "A show?" "Uh huh. Here, let me
show you." He wheeled out a trolley with a device on it and parked it
behind her. He pulled wires over her shoulders, wires with big needles on
the end. "These go here," he said, pushing them through her nipples and
making her scream. "This goes here," he said producing a small clip with a
wire attached and snapping it onto her clitoris and producing more screams
as her world went red. "And finally...." She couldn't see what he was
doing but she knew as soon as she felt the coldness at the entrance to her
ass what was going to happen. She cried out as he rammed the steel plug
home, bucking on the dildo as much as she could. "Oh God...Oh
Master...why?" she begged, her eyes filling with tears. He sat down in
front of her again and admired her. She was beautiful like this, tortured,
dying, all for him. "Because you chose to die, slut, not me. You fucked
that thing knowing the consequences and I figure it may as well be worth it
for me too. You do want to go out pleasing me don't you?" She stared down
at her pierced nipples, the blood pooling beneath her, the realisation
coming to her. "Yes...I do want to please you. Fry me, Master."

And then the room went white as electric pain flooded through her
nipples, clit, ass and cunt. Her body went wild, heaving in pain, rising
and falling as far as the chains would let her, fucking the cock inside
her. She felt the pain rise and knew that her Master was gradually
increasing the shocks, snuffing her slowly. Her body sweated, her cunt bled and slowly, slowly, her flesh began to cook. She thought she was
crazy when she smelt the wonderful smell of roasting meat, but knew that
the truth was that it was her flesh cooking. She was exhausted and aching
all over, a deep ache in her muscles as well as the sharp stabbing pain of
the electricity. She wanted it to stop but she knew there was only one
way...and she was edging closer to it every second.

Her breasts were on fire now. She felt one final orgasm blast through
her and then, to her horror, she felt the clip fall from her clit...she no
longer had a clit, it had been burned away. She stared at Steve, gurgling
softly and saw him smile and then with one final jolt the darkness closed
in and she was gone.


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